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  1. The scriptwriter for this version is the same writer as the 1994 version, whom I believe is a fan of Zhou Zhiruo. The 1994 version was known for the emotional aspects of the drama in which there are many romantic scenes between Zhao Min and Zhang Wuji that are not in the book, like what you're seeing now in the trailer when people dont recognized a particular scene when compared with the 2001 or 2003 version. That's cause it's following closely to the 1994 one. However, I believe he will give respect to both roles equally to which he has done in the past. Zhao Min is arguably the most popular female character in Jin Yong's novel, with Huang Ruong following closely behind. Pretty sure the writer knows this, he will try to do it justice. I think he just really wants to make her transition from good to evil very transparent which is why the earlier episodes is keen on her innocence. I believe we will get more character development of Zhao Min and her family near the end when hers and Zhang Wuji's relationship becomes a problem for her family and his leadership role as Ming sect. But so far I'm liking what they're doing for Zhao Min's character. This is the most playful I've seen of Zhao Min and I really like it.
  2. Oh usually the baidu summary usually just copy/paste the sunmary of the plot of the book, which this is based on. It's editable like wiki so not very reliable. The new revision of the book has that kind of ending, but i dont think the show will.
  3. I really like this version of Zhao Min. She's super funny and playful. Zhang Wuji's reaction to her personality is so entertaining to me. Her putting her hand on his chest in the dudgeon and pretending to hold his hand in the preview. It's really quite a switch from when she can really be ruthless and then suddenly becomes playful. She disarms Zhang Wuji easily with her words and confidence. So far, I'm enjoying the show. It's starting to pick up for me.
  4. Omg thank you so much. http://f.us.sinaimg.cn/004vPLmGlx07sflByPle01041200SXJU0E010.mp4?label=mp4_hd&template=852x480.20.0&Expires=1552566728&ssig=7mByYWnQO%2F&KID=unistore,video
  5. Can anyone type out what the each character said in the new trailer of the second half of the drama about the love triangle between three main characters? Greatly appreciated. Looks really interesting but had no idea what they said.
  6. All these talks of past car accidents....I feel like there will be one near the end.
  7. Tae Hee asked to speak to him outside to see if he's acting this way because of his DNA secret. He told her to just say it there but she didn't anyway. Tae Hee is still so loyal that she doesn't expose him even though he's doing this to her. And it's interesting how Tae Hee knows that even though these are his best friends, yet deep down she knows Shi Hyun never told them his DNA test.
  8. Tae Hee said she would never forgive the person that caused her accident. But the person who caused the accident is no longer alive. Sins of the mother is not sins of the son. Tae Hee would have never blamed him. Shi Hyun didn't think this through tbh
  9. I've heard from online that Joy was originally casted as Soo Ji and then they switched her character to Tae Hee. Maybe the director knows that Joy can play a badass girl so they decided to keep her character nice till Shi Hyun betrays her then bam! Bad girl status. Lol we'll see. I kinda love this kind of angst. It's makes me look forward to watch.
  10. Lots to discuss. I love how Shi Hyun and Tae Hee now have each other's number as their passcode even though Tae Hee would still like him to knock and she'll decide whether to let him in or not (what a queen). The parallels are so transparent. Remember in ep 2 where Soo Ji has a nervous breakdown and bleed profusely over broken glass and Shi Hyun had to comfort her? He was calm and collected. Well now Tae Hee dodged a ball for him and got a tiny cut and he told her that if she does that again he'll cry. He cares for her so much over a tiny cut versus when Soo Ji was bleeding more out of her hand. That was satisfying to see. And despite the fact that I think Soo Ji and Shi Hyun are toxic together, I liked the conversation they had this episode. You can see the vibe between them has changed. Shi Hyun tells her he's going to try hard to make something of his life (because of Tae Hee) and Soo Ji gives him a weird look. I feel like Shi Hyun is free of any emotional baggage he had towards her now that he knows what to classify the type of love he feels for her: friendship and childhood upbringing. Of course the problem is still there, but he feels more free. The trio slowly letting go of their toxic friendship and letting other people into their lives. Shi Hyun letting Tae Hee into his heart, finally becoming a priority (as seen by Shi Hyun putting the marshmallows in the cabinet, signifying that Tae Hee taking priority over Soo Ji in his heart since Tae Hee doesn't like it while Soo Ji does). Soo Ji developing a real friendship with the heiress girl. Se Joo also developing a friendship with Tae Hee's friend. I just think how amazing that Tae Hee, someone who is completely unaware of the bet, shook the trio's friendship to its core which stemmed from the fact that Shi Hyun can't seem to let her go. Also I think it's completely ironic that the trio set out to hurt this girl, yet it seems she's the only one happy in her own little world. Shi Hyun worried about her finding out. Soo Ji worried about her mom. Se Joo still trying to win Soo Ji's affection. Tae Hee is the only one happy. That's karma.
  11. I think it's because Joy had to go to Japan so today's episode had less of her. The scene where they filmed days ago is already being aired so it's safe to say they're pretty tight on time for filming.
  12. That wouldn't make sense b/c the game is done when they broke up. I think the translation might be a bit off.
  13. In the preview Se Joo mentions about a kiss disappointing Soo Ji. I'm confused who did she see kiss? Tae Hee's mom and Shi Hyun's dad or Tae Hee and Shi Hyun? If it's Tae Hee and Shi Hyun, how did she see them kiss at the convience store? Or is there an upcoming kiss?
  14. There is a stark difference between Tae Hee and Soo Ji that I love. Tae Hee learns to let go of something she believes is not hers. Soo Ji doesn't want to let go of something she knows is clearly not hers. "When you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If not, it was never meant to be." A quote that explains Tae Hee and Soo Ji perfectly. Something both has to learn
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