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  1. @kissmeStarlight hehehe yes...its the chinese ver! lol i do love the korean ver too, but im excited to check this chinese ver as well. LOL i want to hear how good his chinese some more! hahaha! wo ai ni! LOL! it would be nice to have him sing sympathy in english too! japanese would also be nice! ahahahaha maybe just all the languages! his voice is too sexy whatever language he sings! yes! 4 more days to go! i really hope..we will see him with his hyungs and no more kbs teasers LOL! no idea about his mv or album release date! lol but ive been telling our friend @montanari feb 1st! the closest and the fastest day of that month! Hehehehe
  2. @montanari haha yes, i agree! i finally got to watch the subbed ep of 1n2d! hahaha thanks for those posts! he does look so damn sexy! LOL rockin the "ramen" fro! i believe, hes still digging his hairdo right now. its staying for a while. i cant wait to see and hear his new song! why is feb taking so long? haha yes, good combo indeed! LOL but honestly, even if its just jjy walking around some empty room or blank screen, it would still be considered beautiful! hahaha found a post in ig again! i guess some taiwan jjy fans will be happy about seeing this chinese ver MV on their screen! im gonna wait on that chinese full vid too! ahh who knows..maybe they'll ask for a concert there too! yah! jjy and dr, lets make it big outside sk sooooon!!! cto
  3. @montanari ok im back! LOL no longer lost in thoughts and words, bec of that pic! wahaha oohh thats true! lol we are going to see the those beautiful scenery , but more so with the beautiful guy in that lovely island! OMO! i got all excited again! haha! i realy do hope rock is really back! LOL! i really miss the 90's jam! Haha! hahaha beatles may sound outdated, but we wont have all these rock bands were listening to now if it werent for them i was just saying dr's music is like them in sound, bec theyre not hard metal rock you know. LOL! maybe he did trim it? either that or he got it even more permed so it got kinkier? LOL! so its not as fluffy as it used to be? who knows?! wow! jinjja?! joo hyuk came too? wow! they surely have some genuine and sincere love for their maknae! thats awesome!! im glad that he has them around! im sure it helped a lot. yeah! kbs teased us big time! LOL! but i was also surprised of jjy's screen time! i was expecting towards the end only! hahaha but i totally lost it when he showed up so soon! hahaha his reaction in the beginning...about his mission! LOL! then laughed that laugh! btw, he seems like he was catching something, coz he keeps clearing his throat. that climb took some effort for that boy! but he made it to the top and it was beautiful! i wish i can go hike that mountain too! hehehehe cant wait for next week's ep! thanks for those beautiful photos!
  4. @kissmeStarlight lol! not your cup of tea huh? he does look super handsome when he has that kind of hairstyle.. but change is also good! @montanari @traveljunkie84 andi love it! he definitely looks like a rocker in that picture! LOL even my non rocker friends thinks so too! hehehe he looks so sexy and that sex appeal is oozing! @asti_g_mei awesome news!!! glad hes getting all the support!
  5. @montanari heol daebak!!! LOL he looks so cool in those! hehehehe OMO! OMO! the hair photo weve been waiting for, my friend!!! so sexy!!!! hahahahaha plus the glasses! waahh im speechless! lol let me collect my thoughts! hahahaaha annyeong!!
  6. @kissmeStarlight Hahaha! Thanks thanks my friend! Rock n roll with those tissues last night or what? Lucky you, you have a lovely unnie to translate for u! I didnt catch every word, but heard enough to get the gist of what was going on! Hahaha! Like when jjy said, lets go! Jesus Christ! Seems like junho is desperately missing the maknae like us! He kept mentioning jjy. watching livestreaming in the US will turn me into a JJY raccoon eyes! btw, fighting!! we'll probably get more updates of his mv and album before next week! more photos?
  7. @yuzupooh yes, he did sound a little bit different. well, maybe bec it was too cold, spur of the moment, snow all over, doing the climbing without his hyungs? LOL he does look even sexier....especially without the beanie. LOL the sexy look of a hobo eating his kimbap! thank goodness hes back! i still beg to differ! haha i have to remind you BSB and Nsync didnt start big in the US. they had to venture outside first. Not much US resume to their names. i believe Nsync promoted in germany first and Bsb went all over as well. In Asian countries they mostly performed at the malls, not big stages. they werent recognized in the US at all in the beginning, so i dont believe you have to have this home advantage for your resume. DR still does have a lot more mountains (ahem) to climb, either in SK or outside it, if they are planning to go big. lOl for now, we shall just support them! whatever makes JJY&DR happy. ive almost forgotten...its still up to JJY if hes up for this kind of challenge! lol were getting ahead of ourselves again!! HAHA! ive also been a long time OOR fan!! LOL from their niche syndrome album to ambitions. P.S thanks to the post! lol awesome awesome! stayed up until 3am for livestreaming, but it kept losing the signal? no idea...but gamsa!!! @anniems oor was in a couple of warped tours and one rockfest last year. yes, they can continue to join rockfest or be invited to kcon again as a group! they do need to get expose! @montanari im hoping for this to happen like its my bday wish! LOL! this is how much i want to see this MV sooner! hahaha i just follow a few of them, so i can check out rocker's face and updates! LOL yes, oor had to make a lot of changes with their sound to accommodate the US audiences. their previous albums were more jrock compare to their present sound. lol a lot calmer and sorta shed a little bit of their jrock feel. But they're still great! LOL i think i have to buy the japanese ver album again too, bec i feel that, that version is better than the all english one? hahaha! maybe bec in japanese words/lyrics...the feelings are conveyed or emoted more? whatever..maybe its just me! yes, i love DR's first album! they do have that artic monkey's vibe and 2nd album..maybe a little bit of kooks. well...hahahaha...i think this is obvious! our rocker is into their wouldnt be surprised if he was influenced and inspired by them. DR has more of the the beatles, rolling stone vibe? i think more than metallica etc. didnt he say he loves those awesome type of rock, but he cant do it that way? just remembered it from where he was asked what guitar he prefers. yes, they really do need to try it outside! hey, who knows...seems like rock music is slowly coming back alive here in the US. lol he looks so handsome in that pic! that hairdo is still making a lot of appearances! thank goodness! hahaha jjy gotta be himself and do everything contrary to what the knetz wants! LOL props! props! more and more reason to love this guy! JJY vs the world indeed. LOL KBS did! hahaha probably want some kinda suspense and build up emotion for this special reunion! hey, at least we know..maknae and the hyungs already met each other before this aired! LOL! what scenarios shall we come up with this time? LOL they all went to drink and talked after the shoot? hugged and smiled at each other like little gradeschoolers? @traveljunkie84 chinguya!!! lol yes, we are happy campers! couldnt stop grinning in front of phones! LOL had two of them on at the same to screenshot and one to watch! hahahaha! madlove for the maknae! fangirling time here we come!!!!! hugging and jumping with you my friend!!! @kissmeStarlight giving u tissues my friend! hes back! hes back! lol! yay!!! happy jjy new year to all! wish us more 1n2d appearances until jjy gets tired of it! lol! favorite photos! lol jjy and his hobo style hairdo and pink bagpack! drinks his water like a boss!
  8. @yuzupooh lol youre also an oorer? haha that song is also my jam. AND YES, toru is hot more so upclose! hahaha they have madskills and sound even more awesome live! i believe JJY also likes OOR! LOL! it was during his ulzzang days when his room was raided on and they were checking his computer and he had OOR songs downloaded perhaps its also one of the reasons why he went to that ansan valley rock festival 2015 where OOR was one of the performers?! lol just my wishful thinking again...but its 50/50? it is pretty tough for DR, isnt it? BUT im not going to give this dream up for them! LOL they've already performed in who knows what can happen! they still have plenty of time! besides even if OOR is big in japan, they still had to start from the beginning here in the US...just being opener to main rock bands. i was a witness to this for 3-4years. LOL no one really knew them ( beginning acts gets less attention and less audiences/smaller crowd) and they would just walk around without any security guarding them (which was my luck) as opposed to how they were treated in japan where no one can practically get anywhere near them. in a way they were sorta nobody when they started here. not what you would envision for someone whos so big in asia, right? i think its safe to say..DR also have that chance whether they're popular in their own country or not. LOL its really up to how well they will be receive here in the US. they just need one big break and im sure things will eventually fall into place. Not going to put any doubts on this no matter how impossible it may seem to other people! our job as jjy i-fans need to promote them as well! LOL it makes a lot of difference..if no one in SK will do it, we will! bec i dont believe that you have to be popular in your own country to make it big outside. (ex: US boybands in the 90's; bsb, nsync) fighting! Happy JJY New Year Day guys!!! enjoy your fireworks! LOL
  9. @montanari Haha yeah! I was typing something then you posted! Hahaha i know! I was also waiting for him to sing a little bit of it for some teaser! Oh well...hehehe Hey, why not?! LOL maybe theyre already done and just need to edit and finalize everything! Its only the 15th. We still have two weeks and a half. Wishful thinking again... hahaha good thing you can keep up with all the posts! I have some fan accounts that i follow! LOL takes me forever to click like for all of them and they usually post the same pics! So its a but difficult for me to follow more than i can handle. ill leave that to you, my friend! Yep, OOR started last year. They had made an english ver of their album already, but i think this new one is an official US album. Theyve also tried different things with their new label. From what i remembered last year, they were under feldman? Then they changed to something else. They also made some changes before they got to where they are now. Im really hoping DR will do this too! If OOR can make it, then they surely can too! You and i have the same mind! I was also thinking we should let his agency know about this! Haha! the struggle is real for us! We're always coming up with some kind of scenarios whenever we see something about jjy! LOL whats next? He was supposed to meet us, so he rushed to where we are?! Im glad he really is silently protesting against those afro permed kinky hairdo haters. LOL he's proud of his hair for sure! He still keeps it outside work! Go boy! I still dont see what they find so unpleasant about it. ~Shrugs~ lol he looks so cute with that hair and u can see his whole face! Asian jimi hendrix!
  10. hey guys...just saw this in ig! hehehe cto @montanari hahaha at the same time! LOL hey there!
  11. @anniems yes!! im also stoked!!! Happy JJY New Year my friend! lol count down will start soon! hehehe yay! high five! so excited too! yes, im in LA! hahaha YES! haha i will see them on the 21st! haha its my 4th time actually. LOL can u tell im a big fan?
  12. @asti_g_mei Yes! Hahaha the "officially" word is a done deal!! LOL counting the hours here! I have about 6hrs to go? We shall all enjoy this episode! OMO! Im getting all high & excited again! Hahaha after this, we have all weekend to watch our rocker while we wait for his MV and album release! It's almost Happy JJY New Year to me and to everyone here!!! LOL rock n roll!
  13. @montanari oh i know! thats what i was hoping for in that ceci event! LOL but we didnt get any preview! just his hair and his crazy self! february does seem so far away, doesnt it? LOL like i would be on the 1st!!! you're such a sweetheart for sharing! lol i am so bad at celebs names, so i dont have any clues about them unless i see their face first! then i'll remember i know them! LOL yes! lol no idea about the whole music scene...although i just found out OOR have been promoted by all the western rockbands and did some collaboration for their US release. I really feel that rock is coming alive here! maybe its time for the rockers to make some noise again! yes, i think it would be really interesting for them to try this rock camp! itd be amazing to see them jam it out with those famous old school rockers! i agree with you. we will be seeing that hair a lot more. its going to stay! i like it a lot! LOL i dont know why, but i really think it matches his personality so much! hahahaha wow! he was by himself? no assistant or manager? i guess he was in a rush or maybe still avoiding to be seen. LOL but he would still stand out coz his fro is already an attention grabber! who knows?! hahaha maybe his friend whos picking him up is waiting outside!? LOL
  14. lets support and buy his album guys!!! fighting!! cto
  15. @montanari waaahhh! i think it really is "cry." deng! we're gonna need some tissues. i cant wait either, my friend! feels like forever! ive been counting the days! ayayay! i even got lucky, coz i ended up being off this sunday! feels like its a holiday to me! hahaha ohh what short clip? LOL you know everything!! hehehe this is like JJY news 24/7 wow! she's so lucky! hahaha my eyes automatically goes to his head and check to see if his hair is still the same! hes so beautiful! what a gorgeous creature! thanks for the post. hahahaa see what i mean about not being aware of the new music scene now! LOL i just have my old school rock band songs playing all the time including our rocker's music. LOL they just play over and over for more than 2 years now. i dont even know who or what is new. im more updated with the music in sk/japan than i am here. yes, its a recent thing. i think that rock music camp will be held in april? i dont know the full details, but seems like everyones welcome to participate. yeah, i believe its gonna be somewhere in hollywood. participants gets to jam, write, record & perform live with those music artists or get advice from them. i think itd be awesome if DR or JJY goes! haha! yes, learn and get some acknowledgement from those great rock musicians and then sign them in! hahahaha this is what i really want! i dont doubt our rocker will impress them!