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  1. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari lol the ugly duckling becomes a swan my friend! then swan princess became a swan! haha u know the drill! im a visual! lol if you start describing with words, my brain automatically process images that connects and picture it with the words or details! lol haha so its difficult to actually avoid not visualizing words of what u just said about cooking those birds! yeah, its DR music! lol theres too many audio files for just one ost or 1n2d song! haha remember im sticking to the idea i want to believe in! lol yes, many many chicken feet were tricked that night! hahaha yeah, i think hes very amused with insta story lately! hahaha he enjoys coming up with captions and stories behind every seafoods or food he encounters! LOL why not? ahahaha its amusing and its like a brain cells stimulant for the fans! ahhaha try to figure out what hes trying to tell us! hahaha like its some kind of puzzle and guessing games or whatnot... yeah, those fans are so lucky receiving those gift pouches with candies and his signature! i would want one of those too! i cant wait to attned one of those events someday in the future!!! he slayed during his concerts!!! haha loved the rocker outfit with those glasses and his red guitar the most and then his little dances with the recent one! so adorable...ayayay! lol no insta story update after his concert last night...he must be tired! hehehe lol i wonder if he will ever post fruits? maybe pinapple is too predictable for everyone and its probably not in season? hahaha we shall see whats the next insta update! lol its like a freaking series with cliffhangers! suspense?
  2. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari yes, i know thats why i dont even want to think about pigeons being cooked... i was trying to stay away from visulizing it and you just had to do that. my poor head! lol same as ducks...haha oh swan princess...ottoke? hahaha id like to believe he was working on DR's songs and had it recorded! its auido file and that pi pi sounds like its entry, songs coming in? songs recording? yay! lol idc..im sticking to this! yes, we were lucky last night! haha two insta updates for us! lOl thats his bait right there! hahahaha take his hand and he will devour it! ahhahaha dangerous! like that would be possible for us to do? hes so tall and a guy at that...we cant possibly drag him ourselves! hahaha but if i had a teleportation machine, id probably use it on him! hahahaha he should be happy it exists and he would forget about that kidnapping part! LOL LOL!
  3. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari annyeong! well, i dont think the pigeon sounds appetizing to him in the first place. in a lot of countries..lol those are just pets or just birds that are left outdoor in their natural habitat. im sure he got shocked at that thought of having those birds being eaten and cooked that way. lol i cant even think of ducks being eaten eventhough in other countries those are just normal food what more with pigeons! i took care of those birds when i was younger! hahaha scary thoughts *erasing these thoughts now* he has no insta updates lately. hes been very very quiet! its almost scary quiet! lol! yep, hes very amusing indeed! the stuff he says are just so random! gotta love the guy even more! his concerts are coming up soon! lol wish i could be there! awww! he will just be in my thoughts while im away... i would love to have teleportation machine as well! hahaha ill also kidnap him like how he kidnapped his friends!!!!! Pwaahaha!
  4. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari lol he can go do evening hiking or jogging too u know! im not giving that idea just yet! hahaha the world is very unpredictable and so are humans! lol the casette player isnt a problem. hahaha those things are still around and they're also coming back! hahaha im hoping for DR concert this year, so i can fly to sk! LOL then i can finally rock n roll with dr songs! yay! hoping for this to happen soon! if not, i hope he gets invited to kconla this year as well. Make that both! lol lol he's finally done with his meandyou insta series! now, its the veggies series reminiscing the good ol fro days! LOL i wonder whats next? fruits? ahahhaaha i think i read somewhere maybe itll be pineapple next as what the fan said! LOL jjy has a fansign event tonight again! those fans are so lucky indeed while we intl fans can only watch in amazement and full of jealousy! LOL! then tomorrow, he has another one! i also need this teleportation machine! hahahahaha
  5. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari hahaha who knows? hes been saying his health is his priority now during his interviews. lol hiking and walking might be something hes reconsidering now! LOL never say never! hahaha yeah, i also dont care if hes skinny as long as hes healthy and he keeps his vocals in good condition as well too. i cant wait for that, my friend! DR needs to do more music and spread it to the world! lol i hope ill make it to their concerts someday soon! lol! nope, those things are not easy to chew on at all! hahaha but he loves his fishes, so i guess hes dealing with it! hopefully hes taking good care of his teeth these days too! LOL that is afterall his future dream! awwww thats so nice! his fans are so sweet! i love the casette tapes! those are pretty gnarly!!!! lol not so much on the lighters...lol that will keep pushing him to smoke some more and for a longer periods of time until he rans out of spare! hahaha mic? hmmm maybe he will sing at his own place with it! LOL i dont think hes gonna use it during his concert? hahahaha he has his own way for those things...but who knows? cant read his mind, so we can only guess. LOL you (sashimi fish) in sauce this time? LOL where is he going with this seafoods? hahahaha his way of promoting his meandyou song isnt typical! well, when was he ever typical? ahahaha i guess his typical jjy self. i wonder whats you for the next insta update? hahaha fish in the soup?
  6. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari his mind is indeed different, but its fun and super cool! lol i happen to like this personality he has! hahahaa dont we all? lol! who knows?! hahaha he probably wasnt digging those pictures anyway! LOL not very rocker like or just plain it aint cool! haha lol whatever it is, he doesnt even need to go to the gym! i think he can just go hiking and jog to work out his leg muscles! hahaha hahaha i dont think hes really made up his mind about exercising 100%! hahaha probably just a spur of the moment idea and just to kill time. i really hope its DR's album! lol ost is ok, but id rather have rock songs to listen to! im in need of those in my system! hahaha im also hoping for DR's concert by the end of this year! OMO! id love to attend one! yeah, i saw that 24 something mins vid from jjang something! lol then there were a few more vcrs where he was calling out numbers who won his gifts! it was hilarious, bec he was also acting out the possible reactions of the winners! LOL! he was so on point! gotta love this guys idea for sure! hahahaa nice! diary of his seafood! hahahaha that made me chuckle! LOL i think hes saying its he and the fish, and he and the squid LOL meandyou...he has no one, so its his fish and squid instead? whatever it might be...hahaha he's still active, right? LOL being awake so late and thinking about squid and fishes! who knows..it might be a shrimp next!
  7. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari my thoughts exactly! its probably all of the above! LOL you know how he is! haha he always does things we cannot really comprehend, but we still just accept and understand! ahhaha the stuff that goes through his head is something we wont ever figure out! he deleted it maybe bec there were too many people telling him to brush his teeth well and perhaps saying things like dont smoke anymore? LOl or maybe he just doesnt like how his hair looks! ahhaha who knows? i saw that vid post! my jjy radar was on around 2am and found that shocking gym session! LOL! i dont think he wanted anyone to post or take any pics of him and spread it in social media! he commented in one of those pics above, he said that it was just a concept! also...my thoughts...maybe he didnt want to have any issues about that kick he had landed on his friend! LOL or it could also be bec he didnt want to be pressured to exercise! LOL again, who knows? all i can say is....im happy hes been active in ig! ohh ohhh! that insta update!!! now that you mentioned about the studio! LOL hes probably working on DR's music! ahhahaha im already high just thinking about this possibility! im telling you after seeing him with his guitar and jammin during his concerts! i was just so happy and excited! LOL rock music pls come back to us!
  8. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari of course! i wouldnt miss it for the world! hahaha i didnt even sleep til almost 5am and woke up an hr later too! LOL! still super hyped about it! it was BEAUTIFUL! a little bit of everything, from his ballad songs, osts and dr's songs! perfect! this would have made my entire year if i were there in the flesh! LOL i cant wait for the full fancam vids too! lol who knows? LOL maybe a few bites to commemorate his bday? he really needs to work on those smoking habits of his and brushing his teeth regularly! lol yep! see, there you go! lol he had more reasons to transfer to that agency! it has worked out to his advantage! i also enjoyed watching those vcr! lol it is so joonyoungie! heres another one! lol i found this super entertaining and cute! i think he didnt want to block the vcr screen and what better way to do it?! LOL jjy style entrance! cto
  9. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari true! lol at least it got there! No idea, but itll be something we shall look forward to! i hope he will do an awesome style again! gotta have the rockstar concept! i prefer to write it in full too! LOL but if i just want to tease our co-jungbras...then i shall use this shortcut! hahaha we are the jungbras! say it loud and proud! it does follow the korean time, but it needs to coincide with the local time! hehehe coz you know korea time is either ahead or behind! it will be 2am here on a saturday! i actually requested to work afternoon shift for it! LOL bec i want to watch it live and be up at 2am and until it finishes! hahaha! well, he was eating those heart shaped chocolates during that japanese show and most likely had a taste of his cakes during his days and perhaps even tasted some of his vday chocolates as well from fans! yep! well, his ceo should be cool about it! hahaha he caught a big fish..actually he didnt..the fish came to him! LOL yep! im sure it opened his eyes to the world and made him realize that not everyones fortunate like he is. it built his character for sure! guys!!! guri and poca on march 3rd!! yumi's radio guest is none other than our rocker!!! cant wait to see them together! cto
  10. @maria1983 haha! you know ill always remain the same no matter how long ive been away from this planet! LOL still thinking about those angry abs! im sure they will shower at some point in the prison cell! LOL! they cant just be stuck inside the prison and sit around behind bars! hahaha after beating each other in the mud, they must take a shower chingu!! its the rules! lol krw oppa is indeed still the fish in the sushi chinguya! hahaha hes too darn obsess with fishing! LOL he must find me soon, so we can make sushi together!
  11. @maria1983 @berries812 @ploy1234 @reddevil92 and to all my krw oppa sisters, annyeong chingus!! my gosh!!! im excited to see the prison!! ive been seeing a lot of pictures and promotions all over ig! i cant wait to find out when itll be out in the theater here at ktown!! lol we are krw oppa deprived! lucky you @reddevil92! you got to see oppa upclose and even got starstrucked! hahaha i would also forget my own name and forget that i can hear and speak! LOL! those beautiful and gorgeous pictures everywhere are charging my "braining cells" hahaha! @maria1983 chinguya! how are you? i miss talking to you guys about our krw planet! any news on what drama hes taking on next? how about the revival movie? i guess that will probably follow after the release of the prison! LOL i can really see the sunflower vibe on that movie, the prison! oppa looks so cool! hahaha theyre gonna have fights and bawls! LOL take those prison uniforms off! ahahaha mudfight!
  12. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari im happy for you!! lol that took a lonnnnggg time! lol yep!!! he was wearing a nose ring indeed! lol he had to do the whole shebang if he was gonna flaunt his dreads! i know! some of the pics are faded or blurry. I also wanted to see it more clearly! lol oh well, its still a good concept! im just waiting for DR's album! im ready to rock and roll this time around and headbang! haha yes, i signed up! i wanted to sign up on the day it was announce, but it wasnt available in my area. lol it was technically only the 20th, so i had to wait til the 21st on my time zone! we are the jungbras! LOL line of bras designed by jjy! i like that clause he put in! he knows what he wants and how to get it. its expected from someone like him though. i dont think theres anything that will contain that wild and free spirit he has. he will always find a way to bend it to his rules! finally! hes actually concern about his teeth again! LOL i guess eating too much cake and chocolates gave him toothache that forced him to visit the dentist! hahaha he also needs to quit smoking soon! hahahha save those teeth for his beautiful smile! hahaha ive been trying to turn off my jjy alarm and just rest a bit before that live concert! LOL im just gonna ignore looking at my phone to check for anything on ig! haha struggling! intl fangirling is hard with all that time difference! yeah! ive been spending big bucks since that album came out! who knows what else theyre going to offer! more merch! ahhaahaha maybe sell signed albums? lol darn!! hahaha or some more jjy dolls...we are in trouble! i think ill have to take it easy for now! hahaha i still need to save up for my travel plans! LOL heres a few qs that were translated for us! like i said...jjy is more than what meets the eye! cto
  13. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @anniems thanks a lot my friend!!!! hahaha i cant believe i actually signed up, but feels nice to know i belong to this awesome fandom! i heard that chinese version! its pretty nice! thanks for sharing! i have yet to listen to the full chinese version of amy!
  14. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari im officially a JUNGBRAHIMOVIC girl!! hahaha i signed up for it on his bday, my time zone! LOL! i shall consider it JJY's gift! haha i need to work hard and earn more in case theres more stuff i gotta buy! lol all for the love is this rockstar! Lucky you! only 30,000 won added! Hahahaha mine is 50,300 won! oh wells... haha i thought the same! LOL Jung's line of bras! LOL! gotta hand it to his agency though! they really do cater to his requests, which is great! i think its bec hes been moving around a lot and always adjusting and adapting to his environment and was sorta forced to become independent and work different jobs while he was still young. i think thats why now, hes gotten that freedom and trying to make up for the youthfulness he missed out on! besides you're never too old to act like a kid! i happen to think people like these are wiser and value their lives more even with simplest things in life! ohhh great! i guess the filming wont fall on those shows! nice! lol cant have him missing in 1n2d! he has just gotten back! fighting my friend!! lol dont worry! youll graduate soon and make more money! then your pocket will be deeper and full of money to spend on jjy things!
  15. Jung Joon Young(정준영)

    @montanari haha yes! hes very satisfied with it! LOL it must have been included in his lifelong dreams to be called jungbrahimovic! hehehe now, he has something to call his own even if it didnt become his own name! yeah! i dont get that either! lol they should rethink this through! im still very disappointed with fans who are acting like they're his loyal supporters, but contradicts it with their actions! better change the topic, before i get annoyed again! hahaha i guess it is kinda a pain in the neck to type those long names and unfamiliar combination! but we can never forget to spell jungbra! LOL yeah...i guess he's still like a little boy who will never grow up! lol he's peter pan indisguise! hahaha ohj btw, jjy will be in the busan festival this 22nd of april! i guess that was added to his schedule! how nice!! he's probably going to miss 1n2d filming for this one? seems like its a weekend! im hoping he will get invited here soon too! LOL have you tried signing up for this fanclub yet? lol jjyaustralia posted the prices of membership for each countries! hahaha mine is one of the most expensive ones, bec of the shipping fee! hahahaa 50,000 something won would be added to it! this is like buying those albums all over again! LOL! being an intl fans is a struggle indeed! cto