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  1. @montanari haha pretty much! the radar is still apparently on and high alert! hahahaa ive been going to sleep not aware of rocker's schedule, but still waking up! LOL since that fansign and totally forgot about the other one, but i woke up just in time and saw pics everywhere! LOL yeah, thats what i was dreading to see...his afro being chopped off! lol broccoli man is gone! haha its so sad for jjy though. he really did love the hair and seemed so proud to show it off and was pleased with his photoshoots for the album, only to have it shaved off and changed. i dont understand the fans! they like him as being carefree and in control of his own life, but all of a sudden they demand and expect him to change his hairstyle for them. you see, i wouldnt know all of that! i dont follow his friends! i only follow two of them, who are in the rockbands. LOL then junho! just the very close circle of friends i actually am familiar with. hehehe haha i think he doesnt really post much about his cars or anything like that, bec i think hes more simple minded than we think. i think he's not the type to show off materialistic things. even his parents..they live so humbly and simple minded. i think he just loves music and being happy! no need for too much extravagance or luxury to be shown. from what i observe! LOL i doubt it! she knows im into jrock and oor is one of my favorite and she didnt even know them until i mentioned about it. LOL considering theyre the most famous band in japan! so i think its a hopeless case here..i think she can still stick to jjy's solo albums! ohh i think youre right! it was probably those little circle candies that one of the fans gave! i think might have been the one from hongkong. lol those gifts are just so jjy influenced! this fandom is just so awesome! hahaha we're all screwballs like him! hahaha i think that pineapple was the best one for laughs! gotta hand it to that fan! she/he is daebak! LOL his hello is so cute! Hello! i wonder if ill be able to attend one his fansign events or concerts or whatnot?! lol everything if its possible! hahaha
  2. this one is cute! lol nomnomnom? cto
  3. @montanari awww i know my friend! true! everyone would want one or drive one even for a few mins! lol OMO! i woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. hahaha i automatically checked ig to see whats up with jjy! hahaha and there i saw his new hairdo! lol i will surely miss the fro as well. he looked too adorable in it. but hes nice enough to cut his hair for his fans! LOL buddha style! hes so funny! always dissing himself, but in a very cute way! so cute with the baby! ayayay! lol ooops mah bad! you really are the walking jjy dictionary! i didnt know that! i just saw the army color looking jeep so i just assumed it was! lol jeeps are nice as well even if its 8x less expensive than benz g class. lol they both devalue as time goes by. hahahaa but i guess the quality and longevity would be way better for benz g class i guess youre also an observant! hehehe it might be the japanese in him! lol yeah, i would think so too! nah, my friend likes ballads and doesnt even listen to jrock! so i dont think ill be able to convert her to become a rocker! lol i think liking jjy and his voice would be good enough! i know he lives in an apt/condo! haha just saying he might need a wine cellar soon with the way its going! LOL if not a wine store! just an exaggeration u know. lol! i enjoy watching pokemon more than playing pokemon go! ahhaha really? a physical album will be released? i want to know if theres any site where we can order this! LOL i have to own this album also! hehehe cto back to looking like a cute little innocent boy! lol cto cto a vid when he was talking about his hair! lol
  4. @montanari you're welcome! haha who doesnt is the right q! LOL i surely would like a few sportscars myself! nice nice...hahaha benz are a classic anyway! i think he also has a jeep, right? lol yep! i think he would rather use his inspirations for his music. but i think doodling around would keep his mind calm and relaxed. shutting his brain down and be free of thoughts when he needs to reset! i noticed those differences! LOL! but they do look alike sideways though. hahaha i hope he will have some japanese songs as well or an album to release! LOL that would be awesome! then he can be more popular in japan! that way the japanese people would pay more attention to him! i like the way he speaks and sing in japanese too, so it would be cool! i think i might have actually influenced a japanese friend in japan. lol i sent her a few of his songs and she was like now, i know why you like him! hahaha now, i like him too. shes not into rock songs, but she will definitely enjoy his solo albums. im working hard on this jjy fandom to get bigger! LOL he needs to have a wine cellar at his house soon! he surely loves his alcohol! haha yep! babies are too cute! lol i like it if they wear those cute anime outfits! they have more swag! lol! imagine a squirtle running around!! hahahaha! or a bunch of them with those pokemon outfits! wouldnt it be fun to try to catch them all!!! hahahaha! i know! lol he went all over the place to catch pokemons! it was the same with my sis. hahaha we were traveling and trying to catch some, but we got to s korea and it wasnt available! that was a big bummer. now that they allowed it, its not even a big deal for us anymore. oh well... ohhh this 3 chinese songs as additions to his album is cool! i want to own this album as well! i wonder where we can purchase this? lol trying to spend money for intl shipping again...haha! ohhh 1n2d would be interesting with those friends again! hahaha our rocker's bday is coming up! hes going to be 28, finally! hehehe
  5. @montanari the 2nd vid, i already translated on jjyaustralia's comments! but here is the more detailed one! they were just asking where he used to live or where does he have memories in japan. he said he lived in shinnakano in tokyo. where did you go and did you like it there? he said yes, i like shin nakano station! LOL! i lived near the station. i went around shin nakano/station, near shinjuku (pointing where shinjuku is from shin nakano in an invisible map) lol then both he and the host just said shin nakano! nakano, ikkeburo (pointing places/positions of where those places are located if u were to look at a map) shibuya, roppongi, and even mentioned okinawa! LOL which is too far and an island not even in the mainland! LOL then the host just points and motion, no stop! dont go or dont leave..come back to shin nakano! LOL! then everyone just laughed! the guy in blue said..oh my this is so funny! also one of my favorite clip! theyre just hilarious to the bones! i think thats it!
  6. @montanari his niece is so cute and chubby! lol she will look cute dressed as pikachu! if you dont look closely, you can indeed mistaken his brother for jjy. but their eyebrows are curved differently and their ears! hahaha LOL he still cant get away from pokemon even if he says hes done with pokemon go! hehehe aww hes back! i guess just in time for 1n2d filming! saw that fragile tag on his luggage! lol sake and wine?
  7. @montanari the first vid, they were talking about what he likes to receive as a romantic gesture. they asked what he likes to receive. he said, chocolates? host corrected not that kind of gifts, (i guess gifts in general not for vday presents.) he somehow misunderstood that part and said flowers thinking himself as the giver. haha so the host was like..ahh man like you, likes flowers? so he motioned no, no, not for me. correcting the host! but then they gestured (i think the host also translated for him what kind of presents would make him happy. **the word to receive is confusing in japanese. if you have someone to receive a present from you is another word and if you are receiving from someone is also another word! but it just means receiving! but you still have to use the correct ones base on whos giving and receiving. confusing right? lol so its understandable why our rocker got confused! then they asked if he likes animations & mangas. he said animes and mangas are good! and the host asked if he likes sneakers. he said no, he doesnt like sneakers! hahahah i dont know what he was trying to motion with his hands after that. heart and i guess handing the key to a sportscar! i just understood sportscar? LOL **on another clip** i saw what must have been the continuation! LOL it was sportscar! hhaha he said i love it! (using the word love for people instead of the casual word use for people and things!) he must really love this idea of someone giving him a sportscar as his present! i dont blame him! hahaha i hope thats right! LOL theyre all talking at the same time, so its hard for me to make out the words theyre actually saying! ill get back to the other vids. at work now, so cant really listen or watch for me to translate! haha
  8. @montanari yay! i finally got in! LOL had to use safari instead of my soompi app! thanks for the suggestion. anyhow, my japanese is just basic and very limited. kanji is the most difficult part, so im only familiar with the basic ones. i have no practice! haha i can understand more than i can speak. LOL! i used to have plenty of time studying languages, but now work occupies my time hahaha yep! he likes animes/mangas, so i think he tries that japanese way of speaking, which is cool! he sounds like a real life anime! hahaha japanese sounds the same with not much high or low pitch or intonation! thats why even if theyre mad, they still sound calm! lol they just raise their voice! yes! he fits perfectly with them! i think one of the hosts is also a comedian! hahaha well, you know how jjy is! haha he makes everyone go with his flow even without trying! well, it takes some time to learn the right way of drawing faces. LOL he only started with the basic ones, starting from the beginning. i also took drawing and painting for beginners before. it took us a while to get to that lesson. hahaha but hey, he can always try and do it on his own, right? we shall see in the future. i think he also needs to be inspired to draw and have the feeling of wanting to draw, bec usually if it lacks that, it doesnt turn out well. ahhaha speaking from my own experience. LOL yes! DR's album will be something for us to look forward to! yay! hahaha i guess his type does change! hes also maturing too. who knows? hahaha! but i think the height and legs part remains to be the same. hahahaha i have no idea! lol but the song feels like it could be related to his songs in that new album! one part says, "you dont have me inside, but im filled with you." "you got me twisted" hahaha sounds familiar right? hahaahha psycho? and all those break up songs put together! awww how cute! LOL i would definitely do the same with my kids if ever! hahahaha i want to dress kids as goku/gohan of dragon ball z whether theyre a boy or a girl! hahahaha i think its just me though, bec i also prefer to dress or wear samurai clothes than a kimono for geisha! LOL!!! its just too bada$$ like that! then wield a samurai sword! ok, ill try my best to translate as much i can! LOL sometimes i cant hear too well, but ill do my best! fighting! let me go watch it now! hahahaha
  9. haaha i double recorded the recorded vid from twitter guys, bec i thought youd guys would love to see jjy on this! this is also one of my fave. jjyaustralia posted it for here is the link! cto
  10. i also saw this screen shot of some of the questions written on that white board. here are some of those qs! 1. Where in Japan did you make memories? Nakano, Tokyo 2. Which was the best place overseas? Paris, France 3. What was your childhood dream? Pokemon master 4. If you had one wish what would it be? To master japanese 5. The 3 best dishes youre good at making Risotto, shabushabu, tonkatsu then questions 6-9 were the ones i translated above and that link also did the same! hehehe so i will translate the last q, which is 10. 10. What is the best (no.1) Valentine memory? Today is the best (no.1) memory, bec of my appearance on this show! i also saw a link somewhere in twitter! lol i dont know how to copy that link here, but he just said he's waiting for his chocolates from his fans! he sounded so funny and cute on it too! LOL thats all folks!!
  11. sorry my japanese is rusty and very basic, so please bear with me! im going to translate as much as i could understand. hahaha 1q: what kind of woman is your type or what is your ideal type? a: long curly hair? 160cm? haha not sure whatelse he said in korean. it looks like he was motioning/pointing at his legs? maybe something to do with that! ahhahaa couldnt comprehend it, so let me get back to you guys on this. 2q: what is the/your best praise/compliment? a: i dont know. (could also mean i dont understand) incredible or i dont know. not sure with what he said. then at the end he just said, nothing! haha it went like this, wakaranai, shinjireranai desu or was it shiranai desu, and nai, nai desu. 3q: what are you currently obsessed with? a: game. computer game. 4q: which talented celebrities are you close (friends) with? a: ftisland's joonghoon, cnblue's jonghyun and big bang's seungri. cto
  12. @montanari i also want to see all the other sketches he did. if ever he did more! hahaha but i think he only took 3 session for drawing lessons though. i dont think he went as far as learning how to draw faces and sceneries yet. But he is a natural indeed! if he keeps it up and takes it more seriously, he can be quite good at this! he has a knack for art. he is just multitalented creature! yes, very likely we will get DR album by the end of this year! high chances! woohoo! i cant wait! im glad hes taking it easy this year. he should enjoy his life outside the biz. i bet that break made him miss his old life and freedom too. yep! 1n2d are just like what he said they are, Family! awww! i wonder why its taking a while! lol i was expecting to receive mine maybe 3wks after, but got it within 2wks! hehehe hahaha that dancing vid is actually michael jackson's black and white during kconla. i think our friend jjyaustralia just used it and had bts' danger song put in. hehehehe yep, bts and jjy had some interactions before and he probably likes the lyrics of danger. maybe his lovelife relates to it now. hahahaa danger danger! its a pretty crazy and complicated feelings and emotions from what i read in that bts music vid sub. cto lol! that vid is also cool! the guys' affirmation/emphasis with the da at the end here again! hahaha i love his husky, straight face with that yakuza tone of voice. hahahaa the way he says da & na, sounds very demanding! his tough persona is at it again!
  13. @anniems thanks a lot for the very detailed translation! haha i actually picked up a little bit of those chinese when he randomly chose 3! haha rocker is just too darn adorable! @montanari hahaha let me just say, i was cracking up with his japanese attempts! haha and i thought he knew how to use ore (very casual form of i, for a guy) he freaking used kore (meaning this) haha! LOL! the way he spoke too was like a yakuza/luffy way! he was just randomly throwing japanese words in there! greeted nicely at first! then...i like you. afterwards he repeated i like you, so i want to see you, bec what? (i think he couldnt figure out whatelse to say) so he said, his stomach is full! lol then said bec i like you again! i think he also said bec bf (kareshi), but changed it to cute. bec you're cute, so i like you! please come see me! hahahaha LOL! then they just said..please watch han ryu! 2nd take was even funnier! this one is when he used kore instead of ore! LOL this jung joon young instead of i am jung joon young! btw, i love when he says da at the end! (its an emphasis that men uses and also very casual) he sounds like a yakuza! 2nd sentence he said, im rich!! LOL! then the host corrected him there with ore. but he still said, this is full stomach! as opposed to saying, my stomach is full. ore (kore for jjy) can be omitted in this sentence and it just means, my stomach is full! japanese was difficult. (supposed to be is) he made a slight mistake on the term and tense for muzukashii (difficult), but understandable! jjy's version: muzukashita *muzukashikatta or muzukashideshita (past tense) i hope this helps!! cto
  14. rocker friends! lol my jjy gifts arrived today! wahhhh OMO OMO! lovely pictures! fantastic!!! hahaha i got my poster too! i love the black and white concept and they added a few colored photos as well. its super jjang! cto
  15. awww defcon hyung is so sweet! lol they really do treat him like a baby brother! just look at that! they just cater to him, so he stays happy. awwwww....hes like a cute little innocent boy wanting to play and be pushed around the ice. cto