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  1. Am i the only one who was swooning with the way KMY said "okay"? i could repeat those scenes where he said that word so many times. For me his "okay" is one of memorable lines after "then teach me"
  2. @Mau_Cherry We already on episode 8 but we got little detail about KMY's back story and until now we got nothing about YJK's story If it's like the case as you said, does that mean they're registered as a family member? If they do i think knetz will critism it too, because i once ever read an article that in south korea even you didn't have blood related but you're registered as a family member it's still taboo if you have romatic relationship. I ever watched drama Sweet Stranger and Me and it had bad ratings because the story about stepfather who falls in love with his stepdaughter. Knetz bashing the story
  3. Hi everyone! I'm so hooked into this drama. SIG and JSM's acting never disappoint me. I mesmerized by SIG's eyes, his eyes speak a lot of emotions. After reading all of your thought and some of you share story of the original j dorama story, i wanna share my thought too As far as i know, Tvn didn't brave enough to take the risk. Like My Mister's case, production team change the plot after knetz critcism about age gap and the character in that drama who was a married man.they turn down loveline among the leads. Somehow, i have a bad feeling about how they will end this drama. I think they will end it with the sad one. So far, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is my best drama in 2018
  4. I think they did the kiss step by step i mean first kiss it was just lips locking, second kiss their lips partially open and maybe next kiss we'll get a hot one. Pd-nim and writer-nim save the best for the last But one thing that i most regret is we have to wait another week to see the next episode
  5. @meechuttso and they will move to the mountain lived happily ever after there I wonder what kind of payment that jak doo wants
  6. Maybe we'll see this on next week's episode. HSJ wears same clothes like last scene of ep 18 Credit to owner
  7. interview on section tv MBC Part 2 Credit to mbcentertainment
  8. I mesmerized by how good OJD observe people he even knows eric was feeling embrassed by seeing eric rubs eyebrow. Such a good observer
  9. @nunuloh84 when i saw that picture suddenly i remember what HSJ said before their separation " you can protect me if you're OJD not OH"
  10. I'm focussing on OJD's left hand (or i should call him OH now) Cr to owner
  11. I wish PDnim wouldn't mind to enlighten us about what happend after the kiss