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  1. ji sub Strangely there are tickets left for the FM in Seoul - R categories. If you're still interested and there's still time left for both 29 April and 30 April..... Go for it...
  2. 20 years of no regrets with So Ji Sub - The actor maintained that there's nothing in his life he would change even if he were given the chance to. So Ji Sub made his long-awaited return to Singapore for his TWENTY: The Moment tour after almost three years, following his previous fan meeting in Singapore in August 2014. Greeting an enthusiastic audience at the MES Theatre at Mediacorp shortly after 6pm, the 39-year-old first dived head-first into a talk segment, during which he was probed on a variety of topics, including his curious statement of preferring to shoot a bed scene rather than a kiss scene with an actress that he was meeting for the first time. Clarifying with a chuckle that “bed scenes are not among my favourite kinds of scenes to film,” the actor explained that while it would be awkward going straight into such an intense scene, it’s also a good way to build up the chemistry with his co-star so that they would have an easier time filming after. Unlike some celebrities, Ji Sub had no qualms revealing the grittier side of his past, where he shared that he “never believed in Santa Claus” and used to cry when other children asked him what he got for Christmas – his parents rarely went out shopping with him, even on special occasions. He also discussed his past as a competitive swimmer, and let on that he spent over a decade training for the sport. He became a model “because he needed the money,” and acting roles soon followed. The rest, as they say, is history. Find out more :
  3. Several lucky fans were fortunate to catch our Prince @ 51k, Credit IG Taken : 12 April 2017 by Taiwan Fan seeking his autography. another on the 14 April 2017...lookslike our Prince has been very busy upon returning to Seoul...
  4. here's the group photo....i wasn't lucky enough to be next to our SJS... Well...he looks the same on every Group picture.. cr. IG
  5. Yes..our SJS did shared that he was considering either a movie or drama from 3rd quarter onwards. Looks like this it is....Wow after 16 years they finally met up again. I did watched the Delicious Proposal but back then it wasn't one of the popular ones. I didn't quite like the story line overall...MISA was the one that caught my attention from his old dramas. All the best to our SJS...
  6. My question wasn't chosen...the emcee picked the very general question that if you're a fan of SJS you already know the answers. I felt that the emcee in Singapore did not prepare well for his FM but nevertheless we are there for our One and Only Jisub ssi . I forgot to share that while he was rapping, I thought that he saw me and he threw a ball directly where i was standing cos everyone was right in front with their phones trying to catch his pictures. Unfortunately i wasn't tall enough to grab it...(must be my imagination)...
  7. yeh...myhaneul. I was in one of the group pictures. The promoters will send the photo over within 2 weeks via email. Sadly i didn't get a chance to stand next to him as they were rushing everyone off the stage to prepare for the next batch. The moment the shots were taken, we were all asked to leave the stage and the security ushered Jisub ssi off the stage.
  8. Hi....I'm back after the SJS fever from Singapore. I don't have much pictures to photobomb here but i would like to share my experience...It was really amazing seeing our Prince in person for the 1st time. SJS dressed up smart casual in light green jacket and trouser with a matching white t-shirt. OMG....when he appeared on stage no words can expressed. He was really good looking despite the travelling and short rest. He shared some of his personal items on the screen - watches and hats that he owned on screen. There were many Thai unnies (about 30) of them hopped from Indonesia to Singapore to catch a glimpse of him. I was happy to have met them there. Really felt the love of SJS when he speaks and he shared one part that i felt his sadness. He said that he never believed in Santa Claus and he didn't received any gift at all. Till now he doesn't have the practice to give out gifts during that time. I felt the emptiness in him when he shared that part . We told him we love him and will continue to support him. Soul Dive and SJS did their performance on the 2nd part. They invited the audience to come forward to the stage despite where they were seated to join the party. I thoroughly enjoyed the party...unfortunately i have not taken many photos as i was very GLUED to him the entire time are some that my bestie managed to capture for me... Yes...i got an opportunity to take the group picture. this was the message board that we put and was hoping he would picked mine up. I noticed that he had 2 new tattoos and my question to him was to share the story behind the 2 new tattoos. Unfortunately it wasn't picked up. This was taken when he was singing Go Boy.... Till then, i shall prepare for the next league to Seoul his finale hoping to see more of him.
  9. Wow! you must have paid a BOMB cos i checked previously it was twice the price. Nevertheless, it is worth catching our One and Only. Our tickets were just "R" seats.... see you there.....but first let me catch him in Singapore. Just a few days left....counting down...
  10. yeh...myhanuel...can't wait for SJSTWFC to photo bomb the social media. looking forward to see what's in store for everyone. Sojisub ssi....*fighting*
  11. Just 10 DAYS MORE to meet So Ji Sub Oppa! Don't miss your chance to meet the Master's Sun & Oh My Venus Star at his So Ji Sub 2017 Fan Meeting Tour Twenty: The Moment in Singapore on 9 April. 50 additional group photo passes to be won for Cat 1 ticket purchases made by 3 April 2017! Limited Cat 1 tickets left, so get your tickets now: Ppali...ppali....get your chance to see our One and Only.
  12. Wow...the adrenaline is building thru IG....there were quite a number of japanese fans hopping from one venue to another just to catch the One n Only. I've made some friends thru IG and there are quite a number hopping from Indonesia to Singapore. Even though the performance were more or less the same, it is never enough to see him once. I hope Jisub ssi....get plenty of rest after Japan trip. There's going to be another storm this weekend in Taipeh. Taiwan fans loves him and they have been preparing for this special. Let's wait and see what they have in store for him. All the best to him and lots of love and hugs for him. sharing another from IG ....our Jisub ssi throwing out his signatory balls to
  13. Adding to myhanuel collections of Marie Claire... still Hot!!!! What do you think?
  14. It's so fun.....and sweet of him to specially make a perfume as a gift to his fan. Bet it's Peach scented
  15. Wow....all that postings on IG shared by fans during the FM Kobe....awwww.... Arrival with group Soul Dive. Credit : IG youmysun0308 SoLoveOrange Fan Venue @ Kobe..Portopia Hall Ending of the 1st Session in GANZI WHITE then...2nd Session in GANZI BLACK Hope our ONE and ONLY had plenty of fun yesterday nite.