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  1. Agreed with @myhaneul, the Malaysian crowd were chanting Song Joong Ki, SOJISUB and Hwang Jung Ming name. Don't think they expected this from us..... The amount of energy flow from the left to the right and top to the bottom...
  2. This is so far the best respond from our One and Only @ KL Press Conference on the 10 Aug 2017. One of the journalist shouted SoJisub Saranghe....see what was his reaction... The language of love is powerful - NADO...saranghe.
  3. The Star Tour to Malaysia.....was amazing. First timer for the BI Director and casts to visit Malaysia. I guess they didn't expected such a big crowd. The Pavilion KL is situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I was first few 50 fans to be there say 10-ish...waiting patiently and to secure a good view. Unfortunately, after lunch the crowd started building. The weather was hot and humid but no one gonna missed this opportunity to catch all the Oppas . By 5pm....the crowd gather and thronged all the way to the streets. Police forces were there to control the traffic as well as the crowd. Here are some photos from our of the dear friends who is managing the IG : sojisub_malaysia. Thanks to her hard work and long hours of waiting with us. Different fans categories ranging from young, teenager, working class and even mom and guys were there to catch the Oppas. Here they come after the final wait....@ 7.25pm. All of us were tired but it didn't stopped any of us from catching the glimpse of Oppas.
  4. Thanks for sharing again....He definitely bagged the title "SO Handsome"....each picture of him just gets better. Especially man in suits...definitely the kinda of style i like most.....Happy Friday and have a good weekend ahead.
  5. Wow...he is looking more cool and very dashing....gosh i just realised another new tattoo (just between the wordings Let's have fun and love life)...looks like flower petals or am i wrong?
  6. I feel the same as well @myhaneul for our Jisub ssi....i am hoping for some sparks since the filming timing took about 6mths and there were ample time to build a good relationship. Let's pray for him to be able to find happiness in whatever he endeavours. He is definitely young at heart and sweet too. Here's another picture shared on IG (sorry everyone i know that shipping is not allowed by please let this go once). On the other hand, yesterday Jisub ssi announced at one of the movie theatre that fans can expect to see him in both Movie and Drama next year... Wow i can't wait for this come. This is definitely his Year... Thank God for looking after him.
  7. Very stylish by our Jisub ssi...Man of Today in Hugo Boss during the CGV Star Live Talk. Credit : IG An another in Christian Dior....worn during the Movie Media Premier VIP Event. They both looked good in slim ties but nonetheless polka dot is always my favourite
  8. Fans of Singapore and Malaysia.....our Hero is coming to town. The dates have been confirmed 8th Aug - Singapore and 9th Aug - Malaysia. Definitely not a drill... Let's welcome our One and Only with warm love and loud bang. Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, Song Joong Ki and director Ryoo Seung-wan will be in Kuala Lumpur for the The Battleship Island Star Tour. The Battleship Island tells the story of how three men come up with plan to escape a forced labour camp in Hashima Island in Nagasaki, Japan with hundreds of other captives during the Japanese colonial era.
  9. more pictures coming up....Happy Monday
  10. We are meeting you almost everyday ..Can't denied that as always he is handsome and charming.....even without words ... He continues to shine in our hearts. *Fighting Jisub ssi..*
  11. i remembered you too cos i read the thread from Pg 1 till today . Welcome back and do continue to contribute to make this place a lively thread . Our love for him continues to grow
  12. He is looking better each year ... can't wait for Battleship to launch.
  13. Shared by our Korean unnie on IG. Thanks for sharing....our SJS never failed to impress his fans with his gentle loving heart. Gosh....i am totally head over heels.... I realised that he recognised his fans if he has made direct eye contact. Such a sweet namja.
  14. Totally agreed....calling him Jisub Oppa rather than Ahjussi... . Even children loves him. Lucky fans waited and managed to catch a glimpse of our SJS before the Showcase @ 51k.
  15. Our Jisub ssi...was sighted 3 days ago catching up with his hyung Song Seung Heon in a restaurant. Really missed our Namja. Awaits for next week for more updates