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  1. @digi223 glad to know we have the same opinion on this matter. They both need to collect each other and.... *I'll leave the rest to the other shipper's imagination* lol
  2. Oh. WOW!!! LSG why are you being like this again? Dear Oh Haet-nim Kindly come and collect your man. He is being super rude again. Sincerely 503 shippers.
  3. I agree with you. Beauty isn't just looks but also a person's heart and personality. Btw you are an amazing writer my friend, your fanfic brought me to tears and even though I love Hwayugi I never cried while watching it.
  4. Finally finished making another one. Still not good at editing though. Lol but hey who can blame me for wanting to keep using ep18 kiss Scenes.
  5. This video is so beautiful yet so damn heart breaking. T_T Have I already Posted this one before?? Well, I don't really remember, so I'll just post it. it's a very beautiful video with amazing editing and song.
  6. @digi223 awww.. OMG that GIF is so cute. I was gonna post about that too, OYS ranking 34 in 55 most beautiful Asian women. Lol. She deserves it, she is so damn pretty.
  7. @madinked really?? You must be going to meet him then right?? Give full details after you come back from the FM please. You are so lucky that you are getting to meet LSG. Maybe our Yeppoon unni did suggest that to him. So I finally updated my fanfiction... After like forever. https://my.w.tt/Akr41wEa6M
  8. A really amazing video of our OTP and thanks @digi223 for finding these clues for us to analyse. You are doing great.