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  1. Thankyou @ilwoo_aein for the stills. It means She Chose To Stay with him JW if you cant see with ur eyes please see with your heart; when u needed somone shes here for you. Now only if u can be that bit braver for her n for yourself
  2. Another on point observation. She wants to b in the centre of it. What peevs me the most was does she not thk EH hurts n bleeds like the rest of them. When she launches into him ignoring her, i was wondering is she human. N now u mention she made EH into a third wheel. She must hav known EH feels sth for her hence they cheated together. Such a Yoko Ono. I was the same. I was so mad but then aft reading other povs i calmed down. JW really is not in the right head space yet, and has been really dawdling to clear out the past. Ya he would go from being a awesome boss to a lousy bf. But hes a much beter man than that n he doesnt see it, thanks to the awful ex. We all see it but he doesnt. He doesnt realise his dad would be vy proud of him. N thk instead he let him down cries for him. Yes true, DA approach is totally screwed up. N they made JW dad pay for wanting to uncover the truth, or perhaps his dad already uncovered that truth n they stopped him from revealing it. I oso could see that in my head. The way BH looks at EH ..n then later speaks freely to him. She accepted him even though she hates cheaters n she could also tell he sincerely wants to stah beside JW, hence the joking laughing EH that he potrays to stay in proximity. The most one sided bromance from appearance. But truth is JW loves him vy much thats y he doesnt really cut him out.
  3. Gosh if hes undercover that would b quite a loop. But half the fun is in guessing n theorizing. But his gaze is as u say he relishes it n at the same time its condescending when he knows he still has the upperhand Wa thats a big wish. Im more to the idea that the real culprits were victims of a crime where the real criminals were not punished n slipped through the cracks of the law thanks to the DA and corrupted ppl up the justice system Haha im opposite i wanna reach out to my screen n give both BH and JW a hug n tell them its alright to circle round a bit. But dont take too long JW. Kee im on ur boat too #equallyhopelesslyromantic I agree to a certain point n oso disagree. I thk she loves him from the start, she said i will confess my love in ep3. But aft he said abt illfate etc, she retracted her wish of saying aloud her feelings. But like u point out how shes pushed to face her feelings once more cause of YJ n looking at his empty desk, she was really worried he would go back to YJ; was afraid he wouldnt come home; she couldnt hold it in anymore n confessed she likes him. She totally sees him as his rock, his guardian angel and now wants him to be more And so true their exs seems to b cut from the same mold- full of themselves, confident in themselves, self centred n cheaters
  4. Thankyou @andy78 for d recaps. Glad to know u r watchin live. Glad to read more about more team work. Im not feelin well n just got out of bed. B back to comment when i watch the subs. Happy to see more ppl coming to the thread n liking the show. I thk theres lots of potential for it to b better n the vigilante team to rock our world. @bedifferent @chicann7 @UnniSarah @chelleshawol welcome n hope to hear more fr u all
  5. Hee can they compromise n hav a 2.5min instead? I get ur point. Its not fair n ur approach is an all or nothin at all. But i thk BH has alot of empathy n an even deeper well of love. Will b interestin what she decides in that split second when i was watching the preview i have a feeling that he tried to frame Bonghee too, but thank God it didnt happened. i want to know what will happen if he happens to drive Bonghee home (let say Jiwook didnt come and intercept their meeting). will he harm her? or he just want to know where she lives? too many questions In that scene CSI scares me because he was so offhand n unperturbed to be speaking to BH on the phone in front of a dead body at crime scene. N not just unremorseful, n calculative n turnin on the tv n leavin the message on the potrait. At this point there more questions than answers Wow gd theory @bonuibonui @Ainee Etp @bebebisous33 but the witneses that they kill dont fall into the criteria? I thk they or him tend to stalk the person befoee killing. I wonder at one point EBH was on their list. N on their radar. But they ultimately stopped comin at her aft JW interference? Or she doesnt meet the criteria - a real cheater n -someone who will impede in their mission (since csi guy found out BH never sae the face of the murderer n couldnt even come up with a composite sketch) Yes EH treats BH in a friendly platonic matter, hes still nursing his unrequited love for YJ. While it was nice to see JW jealous, i dont really wish for them to pretend; thats a gray area of lying. And i dont want EH to lie or BH to lie for that matter. I agree to BH eventually leaving the house.. I say eventually cause i do like cohabilitation hijinks n fun n meals n conversation over d table.. It'd b nice if she can find her feet again but financially it was hard on her.. And i still question her safety. I still wonder the reason they stop comin aft her was cause shes now under JW protection or shes taken off the list for now
  6. Found it chingu @sakura2016 its a vy pretty short clip but enuf to know jus the mention of army makes him chock up Hee n for the hungry @hmseen Meanwhile i jus rewatch the preview again.. I cant help it
  7. Aikks sorry to hear that teacher; i thk once upon a time i wrote nonsense when i dont know the answer. I thk my Physical Chem lecturer had a hard tym markin my papers; i got summoned to d office. Thanks for shedding some light. Rather than just YJ, i had forgotten his self pledge n how now a lawyer goes against his belief to put criminals behind bars. Potentially setting a killer free n one BH believes in.. Hmm the general consensus is the guy isnt as innocent as he looks but he might not b d actual murderer ryt. So in some ways BH isnt completely wrong; putting him to jail didnt actually solve the murder n d case. Personally i thk its good to give ppl the benefit of the doubt; im not saying i like BH being naive n overidentifyin with the defendant. At the same i can imagine her having a hard time; her nature is actually kind n she hopes to help her clients; but helping a guilty client esp one like this.. Ahh JiBong. Get it now. Yes i know its tough on BH. But that lil piece of heaven its heaven for both JE and us to watch. Hee BH can count it as a stolen 5mins to b remembered I know what u mean. The push pull before getting together is both entertainin n eventful. I love that part. N although i feel sorry for BH, i dont mind if they take d tym before finally be together. But JW he's already attentive n kind n thoughtful to BH now whose a housemate, a member of humanity and a hostage. Imagine if shes his gal...eeks already makes me squee... N then i imagine ppl at the office esp Mr Kang and Senior .. Me too. I really felt this was a vy good project for him. He finally gets to do a rom com. N im happy this is his last work pre enlistment. I was sad when i saw in the interview JCW teared up when talk of army came up. The rest of the cast knows too its hard for him. Let me try to dig up tje interview. It has eng subs too. Thankyou.. I love him in glasses since Healer. So handsome n adorbs.. Hard for a guy to nail both. I admit she has a strong heart because I'd have a heart attach if he looked at me like this!! Thanks again for the gifs. It makes me look at the preview yet again.. I ran out of how many tyms i did. To have his eyes suddenly open n look at u. Such a charged moment. N he didnt wan it to end when she moved to leave. Aigoo. Not just 5mins. The guy looks like he needs a hug
  8. I know that song n i love it. Its totally a great fit I did try fmv makin but i use a freebie software n my skills arent that good. I love alot of aurorarain mvs. You can chk out her YT page. She did alot for Scarlet Heart but i dont know if she has soompi account or not. Theres another person who did great mvs n share her work here on soompi but the name wont pop ip in my head. Yes we r all lamenting why Wednesday is so far away. To a point i even tot how nice if its a Mon Tue drama or if we could skip 2 days. Hopefully the shorter working hours starting tomoro helps my dad move faster. For now back to replaying the preview n picking another ep to rewatch
  9. Hee the students might get better grade in your better mood? lol. Kidding. But i really chuckle reading ur post. I was tempted to tag u in a post to ask for any insight u have based on preview. U generally do post episode. But my head is filled with scenes from the preview..1. Wondering what happend to lead to the scene that JW uncharacteristically seek for BH's comfort n presence. 2. Whether BH would cave in for that 5mins esp considering what she said in the opening of the theme. Im leaning more on her staying. I came off rewatching ep 5,6. Instead of marathoning another drama that ive fallen behind. Haha so many ppl doin rewatchin. Wednesday is so far away. Good point on the parallelism. YJ character again is quick on prosecuting ppl. I keep wondering whats the precursor to that Stay with me for 5mins scene. He looks vulnerable n tired. Makes me curious what happened. That was a super huge step. First tym hes seeking for comfort n company. I like to thk he knows shes someone he can count on n lean on. Love the screencaps of his stare. I need to stare at them some more Thats a great word to describe. Bulldozer n she really has chip off a lot of that ice and wall ard JW I hope she stays. I know BH is tough n diff from usual female lead. I hope she caves just because i felt its rare JW voices aloud his need for somebody; he looks like he really needed the 5mins. Whats the JIBing virus by the way im curious And me too, i cant conc on other drama, i find myself hard to divide my head. N has been a tad slower in other dramas on my plate Haha that abbreviation.. Lol. N yes im at a point that NJH is EBH. Any others wont do. Im really liking her comedic timing, nothing feels forced n BH comes out special different direct somtyns unapologetic. Not only is it easy to see why JW likes n eventually loves her; ive developed a girl crush on her character myself.
  10. In the preview when Bong Hee said: If you ask me not to like you then you can't be nice to me. You have to help me. I feel this is said as much for herself as it is for JW. In ep 5,6: BH voiceover: Its torture if the person you love does not love you back. But maybe it's worse if someone you dont want loves you and forces you to love. So she put out a direct request to JW not to be so nice to her so as not to make her continue like him. At the same time her not liking him would also be less burdensome for JW. When she confesses: I like you. I like you Mr Noh I felt she really downplayed her emotions. She was putting out the most basic of her feelings. Its so simple as she is. Her real feelings is alot deeper than that. In ep5 BH voice over: Sometimes love begins before you are even aware of it. Like the wind breeze and raindrops, it soaks into you slowly before you knew it. And before i know it, he was already in my heart. And i just want to point out - wind breeze ~ check / - raindrops ~ check / The thg is it soaked into BH; and it also soak into JW. Its too late for him
  11. I thk i need to abuse my replay button for the preview. Those eyes JW. U r making sure BH womt refuse you the 5 mins.. Cute cute bromance in real life
  12. Waa an early gift. Thank q sbs. That preview makes me so hopeful. Thanks @ilwoo_aein @onlysb1 for d preview. And thanks @parisonheaven @sia3 for translation. Haha i lost count the many tyms we say shes courageous n brave. She totally rocks. Major gal crush on her. And the actress playing her Its too bad some netizens dont see what we see @triplem i have been a fan of Nam Ji Hyun since What Happens to my family. Shes always so effortless in character n i feel she brings alot of brightness to her roles. And i feel her chemistry evy tym with her partners. I was ecstatic when they got her for this drama even though she was 3rd choice. No offense to the other 2 actress who were great n had some wonderful roles n dramas in their previous work but i actually prefer NJH as EBH. haha vy convenient in deed. I had a hard tym remembering her name at first n its definitely a preference n selective memory
  13. Sharing this recap from Thoughtsramble The writer comments touches JCW eyes n gaze which i agree..n i quote "While writing this recap, I remembered why Ji Chang Wook is so popular with the secret agent roles. I’ve forgotten his eyes. His brooding eyes, that hints at mystery and worry beneath them. Just look at this!!" And this recap from Suspicious Partner Episode 10 Recap KJT (aka kjtamuser) 17 hours ago Suspicious Partner Episode 10 “Yes, but I’d like to talk in person” (part 2) Recap
  14. Keyword: Team Bonds (yay what i sign up for n what i anticipate for tomorrow). By the way @nonski i had trouble digging up ur post giving 101 guideline to watch MBC; could u kindly share again; r u not watching this drama?) Lee Si Young, Kim Seul Gi, And SHINee’s Key To Form Team Bonds At Their Secret Lair On Next Episode Of “Lookout” G. Lee May 27, 2017 MBC’s newest action drama, “Lookout,” revealed new stills showingLee Si Young, Kim Seul Gi, and SHINee’s Key meeting as a team for the first time and starting to form bonds. The stills are interesting because they show the team bonds slowly forming. In the first picture, Jo Su Ji (Lee Si Young) is holding a knife to Gong Kyung Soo’s (Key’s) neck because she doesn’t trust him, and Gong Kyung Soo is petrified. However, in the later stills, the two look much more at ease and seem to be working on something big. Another notable reveal in these stills is that Seo Bo Mi (Kim Seul Gi) appears to be watching them through a CCTV camera and Go Kyung Soo looks like he is about to say something very important. It will be interesting to find out the trio is up to, and how their relationships will pan out in the future. MBC’s “Lookout” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.
  15. Ya we r all waiting for that JW. Nope u didnt miss it. We r guessing they caught up to live shooting so theres no preview. Some shows give out still and clips one or two days before the episode. We will b lucky if sbs gives us sth monday or tuesday... Omo i can picture that scene in my head. Previously i imagined them playing together before as kids. Wonder when they will show us flashbacks of young JCW and EBH. Ive gone to rewatch the last 2eps justnow. Call me obsess. I really like this scene.this is just who he is, observant, nice and respectful. Sharing from Haya