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  1. Where are you now Chingu? We miss you in our NamJi thread. Hopefully you are doing well

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    2. songsongdiehard


      Have you watched any drama yet? I haven't...my niece was telling me about this robot drama but I don't have the urge to do so yet. Hopefully soon. I'm sure we will be all be back jumping for joy after he gets out and most especially if they pick up where they left off :tongue: God Bless!!

    3. sharreb


      hee i mention briefly in our chatroom. I did watch some dramas inc the robot drama - but im not up to date. when i have tym i watch some. I also watch a bit of C dramas too.

      yup we are looking forward to when he gets out and when jihyunnie finishes school. haha and if and when i hear news of a new celebrity couple. In january we had lee joon joon so min being confirmed. haha so im still hopeful

    4. songsongdiehard


      what does your gut tell you about NamJi? Me, I think Wook was really attracted to Hyuni but kinda careful because of age gap. Also, she just transitioned to mature roles with SP so I think that's where Wook is more considerate as far as Hyuni goes. On her end, I think she felt it. She knew or knows it but also being warned by people around her or controlling herself because she knows enough showbiz that she does not want to be hurt. This is why I am so hooked... it's a love story that we don't know how is going to end. I think when their paths cross or have a sitdown talk, they will seriously pursue it. I think Wook will.

  2. Thankyou @athena22 for the tag chingu.. Annyeong. Yes i read this casting news on another website. I was shock but oso super happy. I thk taking this project is a very good decision on PHS part. As with US tv series remake im always apprehensive.. But the dynamics on Suits was so good.. And now its with JDG... Im definitely staying tune wjenwhen it airs
  3. I love this song fr Ed Sheeran And i cant shout loud enough that Ji Chang wook and Nam Ji Hyun are perfect for each other. This one is for all Nam Ji lovers who believes. U know who u r. Mianhe chingu. Im late. Happy belated birthday @pauliza may each new day be brighter n more meaningful than the one before.
  4. Hee. He falls on cushion. Haha i just like looking at the smiles n laughters on their faces @riririru
  5. For JCW . SP is special, memorable and "hard to let go". So probably the biggest regret is the drama ended. And he made too many memories And shared too many fluttery moments And they smiled and laughed too much And he loves his costar too much on set In this screenshot. Its in the bts. We rem during practise he leaned in real close n jihyun moved backwards. Look at above 2images. The camera didnt move. Use the white window sills to judge their movement. When she moved/tilted backward..her oppa actually followed and move closer to her before belatedly easing up and did the jokin motion. The term you guys coined.. Human magnet is so true. Haha thats all i have for today. My goodies on a rainy day.
  6. I did the math. 900mails/15min is equivalent to 60mails/min which means only 1second per mail.. Tell me how does one read this fast. Even Spencer Reid couldnt do that. The guy hes being kind n nice. But it did be good if fans can be considerate and think for him. Hes in the army, Let the guy breathe, dont expect him to cont his fanservice. Gahh its good you guys r resharing the kiss gifs. I needed it. I stop wondering whose. All i know is they r takin turns n giving their all
  7. Lol his face expressions r really funny This is when rehearsing. Hes already puckering up..tsk tsk This is when PD said bonghee should be the one taking off his jacket.. And the thought of jihyun undressing him.. Keke. Goes bak to remind me of the scene where she takes off his tie And this almost like she's kissing side of his face and hes happily burrowed on the inside of her shoulders. And i bet jihyun smells nice. Kekek and yup @attriste it seems to become a tendency of his to Namedrop Jihyun when it wasnt necessary to.
  8. Come to thk of it. Its 15days n half a month since jcw enter military. At that tym we strive to meet page 914 and we met that goal. 15days later the forum has moved 100pages. Really daebak. @malaya oh chingu u put it almost poetically. A beautiful para that aft i finish reading it, i went back to read it twice. K k k i like all the interesting thgs regarding jcw's 8 years. Actually my rational thought was hes putting his frame of timing to 8 years ago. Where he got his first male lead in Smile Donghae. He was in the industry for 10 years but it was musical, n small roles. But still its quite significant to me for him to say he waited for jihyun. The question was a serious, and straight forward one. It was suppose to be him n his personal filmography. But the answer that pop out from him seem so random and totally out of left field. But then i thk again maybe it isnt so random. If her name pops out, she must have lingered in his consciousness n subconsciousness. Even if he meant it in jest. Its just so cute of him to involve her in his answer. He could hav joked about sth else. He could hav said waited to do a romcom with ctj. Then they both candidly talk about meeting at d saloon. It was like watchin a drama of their realife unfold during press conference. Anyway the reasons u guys give is way more fun than my rational one.
  9. Thank you guys. I m glad it turned out ok and u guys love it. Thanks for the quotes and shoutouts @pauliza @MoonlightSerenade @kyrajijin @JIJI-MyObssesion @masthu @lovethatlook @songsongdiehard @lizzywizzy. And @Buldok when i come back home all tired out from work, i open the forum and see ur beautiful posts, they made me happy. Thank q so much. Seeing all the slowmo pics, the bts, the conference.. Sometimes i felt We r jus scratching the surface when it comes to this couple. Even till today u guys pick up new stuff. Whether its a caressing action that njh does consciously or subconsciously. A lift at the corner of jcw mouth looking like he wants to smile n laugh. If you ask 10 unbiased person, chances are 10 out of 10 will tell you: mutual attraction. Mutual affection. Because those smiling eyes.. They cant hide them. I just love how they look at each other (on and off screen). I can just stare at the stills of them staring and smiling at each other all day.
  10. This BTS fmv is possible coz of soompiers on this NamJi shipper thread Thanks to @MoonlightSerenade who came up with it and the awesome song choice. (by the way did u noe Taeyang himself posted her cover on his ig). Major credits to original singer n the awesome voice (Ysabelle) of the cover version. I hope i do ur song choice justice..fingers crossed. The clip is mainly 95% screenshots. Some of the images are from @Buldok @taonaka @Loyal_ss520 and i may have missed some.. If i did, advance apologies.. Let me know n will add the credits under clip description. Note if i use bts clips SBS blocks me on copyright laws sp i couldnt use them.. Only squeeze a 6sec kissing one. And my trusted video making app doesnt allow gifs so i couldnt use the wonderful gifs shared on this thread either. I initially thought to finish and post it to celebrate page1000 with ya all. Either im too slow or you guys are too fast I also wanna dedicate to those positive shippers who injected a lot of light into the thread. The first on that long list is @pauliza Thankyou chingu for sharing sth so private with us. Your sense of strength is very commendable and i thk ur doc gave the best advice. I aways preach laughter is the best medicine and happiness is always a choice. As with all mv making process, i find i gain alot doing it. Not just the satisfaction of the end product, but the process of accumulating material. It made me comb thru bits n pieces. A few of the screenshots i went back to youtube clips. And thoroughly enjoy rewatchin bts. The poster shooting. The press conference. It only reaffirmed my belief in them. Rooted in one thing that was very evident n very obvious. Happiness. They constantly have the smiley reflection of each other in their eyes They make each other very happy ..and in that process they made us very happy witnessing them.. So here's to all of us. Lets journey patiently and safely, towards 2019 and beyond ..until their "walk down the aisle" song plays..
  11. I have missed Jihyun. No new post from her but shes on ig. Liking soop boss post. I thk a soop actor is on Temperature of love? Cause that post is a trailer i thk. Credit wondersgal
  12. I love it the way he folded his arms over to pull her in as if she could be any closer. Under that thin blanket the silhouette of their lower body.. Theres no polite distance. As with their kisses and hugs, the spooning is never half measure.
  13. Ohh wow didnt noe dayrock is so mismanaged Haha is this a rhetorical question. Lol i only rem them for the foodtruck, the blue theme birthday party for wookie.
  14. Waa u guys r fast. Cant believe i miss out on 1000page. Bravo u guys Thankyou for coming out n joining here and telling us your Jiscovery experience and sharing all the factors that gave u goosebumps. Theres no better saying that theirs is a journey worth waiting for. And its a waiting thats made easier by going it through together with like minds on this thread. And lets always love them individually and together.
  15. Lol i thk im flooding the thread with my multi post. I finally have tym to spazz tonyt. But truly my last post. @songsongdiehard agreed. No one is stopping him/her creating their own shipper thread. U hav ur own free will to ship whoever you wanna ship but u need to be in the right place to do ur shipping. Enuf with that For fun reverse slow mo kiss gifs Happy weekend peeps