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  1. Ahh i forgot we also have this to look forward to He did sing 101 reasons at the show i thk?
  2. Haha hyunnie was MIA and no reporterd sighting of her. Her name hastag in ig didnt return any finds yday. We only know she was briefly on ig. Haha Yup hes PROLONGING, RELISHING, SAVOURING holding her in bed. Haha i love bis facial expression in this part of thr bts. Haha gd job chingu Now that he spend alot of tym with his dog. Maybe aft vlive today, it would be vacation with the mummy Meanwhile ninja dating hyunnie i hope..
  3. Omg this is long.. I end up quoting too many ppl She puts on her best schoolgal behavior. But her giggles totally betrayed that cool And thats a very good summary. It was vy educational. Provocational kind of education. Lol Ikr. Totally comes back to bite him. 180change yo. Only true love can do this to a man reduced to a crazed n bumbling idiot. He did trip over his words during his SP commentary in Jiscovery. N he did smile and laugh like a silly boy on live tv talking abt her. Nope he hasnt. Hes only 24. Theres alot of actors 26-27 who hasnt gone too. I thk most tries to go at 28. Wookie is really late pushing to past his 30s to go. But im glad, cause to thk we might not have him for SP. Then JiJi wouldnt happen and we wouldnt happen. He has plenty of shirtless scenes in k2 but not in the same frame with Y. I thk k2 kisses were more chaste. I could be wrong but i thk only 2 kissing scene the entire drama. I thk @stucked wrote a brilliant post on sig/jcw diff based on what they meant to her. But i have no idea its buried in page what. I only rem shes attracted to jcw but not sig. Haha i kind of thk this 'technical' talk is good for interview material. N u can term tongue sword fighting as technical i guess. Plus if its just for the camera, then theres no need to vacuum kiss her til his philtrum folded (and that looks dirty instead of pretty) and fold her ears or thrust his pelvic forwards. I can go on. Suffice to say when they kiss they look like making out for real.. So mucn pd-nim thks they look dirty too. And hey i thk thats a compliment Brilliant gif. Who needs telescope when we have u. Def cami. I thk she takes care of gap in the upper body And he takes care of gap in the lower body They always complete each other. Haha il say jcw ? In the recent kiss gifs our squad shared. Look at his starting the vacuum action when poor gal is still trying to throw the basket away. He couldn't wait...
  4. Haha gd mornin. As with evy morning i get good wakeup call from byeontae squad.. Much brow raising. Aww thanks @riririru for d translation. Her parents are so cool. Shes also said before her parents never push her or forbid her in acting. They let her decide if she wants to do it. Back then she wanted to do it, her mom steps in to be her manager. Shes raise with both love and confidence in wonder she turns out so amazing. So i saw this post on ig. Jcw might look like this may 2019
  5. @ehead i totally dig the science behind the kisses. But while passionate kisses r heady, i find hugs more moving n intimate of a diff nature with out JiJi couple, both their kisses and hugs are so on-the-money omg u r so right. He exerted much force holding her to him that his biceps bulged. The man is ready for action. And allow me to steal ur gif @jijibong I always thought he was gonna kiss her hand. It looks like he fought the urge to do so. Hey the previous post should have been my last. Im dragging my feet n dont wanna leave the thread mama duty n slp calls. Nytz
  6. So im lil lazy going back to screenshot so will substitute with this awsome gif set by notenoughdrama tumblr “Dirty but pretty gaze n hold u lovingly" This reminded me a couple of things - JCW said when he gazed at njh in the drama.. He was doin it naturally... Hes naturally shooting hearts at her, gal doesnt have a chance - JCW said in bts of first kiss.. He suggested to director to hold njh lovingly. N then u see from kiss 1 onwards all the hugs that follow, its 101% enveloping her, treasuring the person in his arms. His hugs are so award-worthy. - just as u guys mention they FIT so well: 1. Physically. He wanted a 160cm gal. He got it. 2. She wanted playful and mature. Hes it 3. Her hands fit so well in his. 4. Their personalities fit. They made each other happier n brighter. 5. When they hug. They look picture perfect together. N he loves using her shoulder as chin rest. He doesnt mind hunching over to do that. 6. Last but not least, mutual attraction. N hey its midnyt n tym to go make milk for my boy. Gd nyt peeps. Lets hav a good happy party with jcw tomoro. N lets c if any updates from hyunnie. Might be a cookie day!
  7. Chingu @mangoicy checked for us. She DIDNT unlike it. Her like is still there. I thk theres a glitch in our ig app. So hence the misinformation. I have also edited my post. Bwahahha thats why i said we need telescope microscope whatever to chk out if shes wearing a slip or just her bra. K k k the things we r interested in.. *shakes head. @valleryrose always dear, always for educational purposes. I thk im a lil high today but my husband cant entertain me. He has an imp group raid thg ongoing. Poor lonely me. Thank goodness i hav u guys to unleash n share some pervy thoughts with
  8. Hee but thin slips r thin. But really do u thk she's wearing a slip? Cause this white blouse, the front part she wear that blue thing that ties around at her back. Where's the telescope n microscope when i need one. And talking about a slip. She wore a silky slip in their bed scene ryt. Judging on how much hes fanning himself n later on enjoys nuzzling her. Me thks he likes holding her with just a slip between them Omg when that happens the world would tremble n shake. N the oppaarmies would come charging tooo..
  9. Ahh yes thats him. I read the name offhandedly n didnt memorise it. But its so odd that my ig messed up.. It only says hyunniie liked 2 post. It totally disappeared for me. Thanks for letting me know. Stupid ig app acting up. Il go back to edit my post. Sorry if i confuse anyone K k k thats how it seemed to me. N i love it that she discloses to the world he made her heart flutter. Can u imagine the grin on his face when he reads it?
  10. JCW worries about burdening the people he loves. He said that about leavin his dog with his mum, that his house is on lease n needs to be settled, n to deal with his accounts n d bank. I felt he was really sincere about it when he said "dont want her to worry about him". It was more than just a guy trying to be manly. He also worried about her feeling pressured to visit him, so he then jokes not to visit him. So like u pointed out, he cares about her feelings, wants to protect her n tries to be the one shouldering the pressure. Ahhh doesnt that make u melt. Gahh if this is indeed the case hes really sweet to jihyunie I owez tot they r communicating. Jihyun keep saying il ask oppa next tym. I lost count how many tyms she said that U know 100% cotton ryt. I have a couple of those blouse like the one hyunnie wears. Its breathable and thin cotton. She can totally feel the heat from his palms. Honey. U r in love.. In love with JiJi. But now u also know the signs of falling n being in love when ur future partner appears Haha oops. Its always hot watching both the ep and the bts. But the bts is hotter. Imagine if sbs catch didnt censor n edit n cut out so much of real footage.. I thk we would be all scorched alive. Perhaps it would be rated 18+
  11. So i was going back to thr 55min bts.. N i didnt find the dirty but pretty bts Which i wanted to go back to do a collage since jh says its her fav.. Then i got sidetrack with kiss no.3 making. N then this screenshot came up I just realise its PELVIC TO PELVIC Look at his body angle he leaned n pressed into her. Theres alot of primal and sensuality in his moves. And i dont thk a usual gentleman kissing a young costar would be like the above? Can i say hes really in A Rawwwwrrr mode? Ooo uri jihyunnie is on ig. Just liked kyw post, kbs volume up n colleague fr soop.
  12. I thk jh doesnt seem to view her previous oppa costars as "guys that u would consider". She just gives me the vibe that shes friendly but there to treat them professionally and get the acting done. I saw her at RM and thats how she is. She pats KJK at the back to console him aft they lost the game. Shes friendly and quick to laugh. But she always gives out the signal "Let's be friends" and the underlying meaning "Just friends". And men are actually good at picking up those vibes from gals (acc to my husband). Which is why although i love all her chemistry with her costars before SP, i never once tot to ship her with any of them. I only tot ahh she should reunite with this and this actor because their onscreen chemistry is good and never she should date this and this. Until JCW and SP Her behaviour although subtle is diff with JCW. She doesnt pull away when he engages her in all their bts. I thk she got trapped in his eyes.. Its like an arresting moment seeing urself reflected in his eyes. And they have so many moments of that.. Either in rehearsals or just talking I thk in kiss1 she looks like she forgot to breathe during kissing. While in kiss 3 it looks like he was the one who forgot to breathe cause he was busy feasting Haha HJW & PSH (both r actually actresses i like but r stiff n vy reserved when filming kiss scenes) and married women like HGI and KTH. Love this! Love u for this post chingu!
  13. Hehe n the heart fluttering moments Scenes where its casual..Or scenes where there daily-talking.. Problem is jihyun u had "alot of conversations" with your oppa bts. Thats similar to "daily talking". And u were both laughing so much goofing around together..i take that as meaning "happy". Thats almost like saying evy moment spend talking to JCW is a heart-fluttering moment..
  14. Haha im sorry i thk i brought down the mood a lil by sharing the reality of korean military. - although they need permission, its still allowed. If one is serious in visiting him, they could call him ahead to tell him shes visiting n he can schedule it for her. So optimistic it can be done. So cheer up chingus. - she would need to bring a dozen boxes of pizza n chicken. Since all food that she gives him has to be shared with his future squad members. N men and their big appetite. She really needs to bring ALOT of food. Although the article was written in 2009 ive read comments there n elsewhere that korean army has not changed much over the years. - we only need to pray JCW for: > getting into a good base..that has good facilities > have a good sergeant leader that does not have bully traits > wins soccer matches.. Cause that i read helps out a lot in the army. > stays in good health all 21 months.. Then all wil be well. He would come out all tanned n muscled n tougher n manlier. N hungry for his hyunnie. So cheer up guys!
  15. Thanks again chinguya. Hee just as we suspect the aegyo scene is a very natural scene. Even NJH points out that it was a "realistic" him. So njw in that scene was just JCW being JCW. Jihyun's admission of heart fluttering scenes. That's saying evytime their eyes meet her heart flutters. Thats also saying every scene she spends with him is heart-fluttering. Because every scene they have a lot of eye contact. She has NEVER said such things with her previous costars and she had a lot of eye contact with all of them. They NEVER moved her. The way JCW did. Lastly she's moved when the gaze is appreciative. I actually really like the way jiwook or was it changwook oppa looks at her in that scene.. It was proud and patiently waiting for her to explain. And the hug that follows was also... Sigh fuzzies in my tummy..