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  1. Wow Gd finally meets the kidnapper. Hes at the yard. N he oso rem hes d witness. Guys i hav to stop streamin. My husband will kill me if i cant get up at 5am later. Hav a bus to catch. Leave u guys to watch d sweet scene later. Nim happy to lose d bet if they kiss this ep. Annyeong..
  2. Wrong shes still there. Listening in. She also sees MH omma talking overly haopy on yhe phone 2Nd brother has to forcefully remove appa. MH is angry. Threw one of the pillows away. bS witnesses all this
  3. Omo omma is in avenge mode. Coming into the thugs ward. MH appa n 2nd brother is oso there in MH room BS is at the door sees them lingers awhile then close the door n steps away
  4. I still din notice justnow till u mention. I avoided looking at his scenes. Now we now reason of his long hair n bend head when talking Ots gangster boss at hospital visiting his minions
  5. Uggh my happiness is short lived. Cause immediately the next scene is GD ex showing up at the hospital. bk suprise to see her n she flashed him a. Bright smile. They walk in the garden then sat down to talk
  6. Hmm its all dark aft that. By dark i mean on the kidnapper n the case. Sigh each tym d dude gives me d creeps. Finally back to MH at the hospital. BS arrives as d nurse is doing his dressing
  7. Haha they r all here to see d saviour n their son in law. Omma appa and KS.
  8. MH is also deep in thought. Of his guardian angel. GD comes in. Thk hes asking for confirmation? He goes back out to sit. N BK walks past sees him n sat down to talk. Omo do u thk BK will tell him BS likes him?
  9. Since im wayching on mute. Cause i din bring mt earpiece. I dont hav a clue what MH said to BS at the hospital. She left d place. Secretary came. Then theres a dumbfounded GD. Who thks back to the past. Now all the clues of her strength came back to him. The broken pipe. The bend monkey bar. Winning tug of war.
  10. There r at ER. BS eyes only on MH. GD looks at her distraught face Shes keeping vigil neside him. Hands in prayer. He wakes and looks at her.
  11. Omo MH is faster n holds BS as the dude attacks. He falls down in Bs arms. Bleedinf. GD disarms d guy BS places her hand over his wound. She starys to cry. Then sob
  12. GD arrives too. Funny eunf. He stands there to see instead of rushing to intervene. N BS lifts four men at one go. gD jaw dropped Now theres only big boss left. His right hand is trembling
  13. Omo the look of recognition as he sees her in side way profile. Her hair bellowing n her hood fell backwards both in d present n the past. BS looks totally smexy
  14. MH arrived first yay. He stands transfixed looking at BS fight...
  15. Omy gosh. My fingers forgot to type as im watching. I just wan to mention how awessome at a tym like this as she fights she recalls her training with MH. So awesome our BS in pink hoodie.