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  1. From Dramabeans javabeans Strong Woman Do Bong-soon: Aw, it’s over. This drama was a constant pick-me-up for the past two months, and I’ll miss this awesome couple lighting up the screen and putting a silly smile on my face. I loved the romance so much that when I see interviews with the actors where they both laugh off their chemistry and talk about the romance as fictional, I want to clap my hands over my ears and go, “La la la la la, let me have my fantasy! Take your reality out of here!” girlfriday Strong Woman Do Bong-soon: It would’ve been really nice to see Bong-soon take on her role as a superhero earlier in the series, but I’m satisfied that she embraced her strength, found her purpose, rescued her prince, and got her happily ever after and then some. I really needed that triple-sugarcoated ending to help ease the pain of letting this drama go. I’ll do it… I’ll let go… someday… tineybeanie Currently recapping: Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People Strong Woman Do Bong-soon: I guess Bong-soon kinda redeemed herself at the end, but still it makes me sad to think about the hours I spent drooling over all the promo posters and teasers, and dreaming about Ji-soo’s third painful-but-delicious noona romance (that never actually came to fruition). Gah, I spent so much time in front of my laptop, fast-forwarding through all the boring bits, rewinding once I got to the end in order to comb through it again to find something redeemable, only to realize there were no interesting parts. Its not just us. The recappers r having a hard tym letting go of SWDBS n MinminBongbong.
  2. Episode ratings for JTBC drama Man to Man Date Episode Nielsen Korea (%) TNmS (%) Nationwide Seoul 2017-04-21 01 4.055 4.808 -
  3. Finally done watchin ep 1 n 2 back to back Such a very easy watch and the 1 h breeze by really fast. An eye opener for me is that Ji Eun is very natural, she inhabits her character effortlessly n does not feel like an idol actress or being green. Definitely keeping an eye out for her. That n Sung Hoon seems to b in his element with this type of role Now Yoo Mi is a very interesting character in that they wrote her to be pretty mediocre in a lot of things. shes neither unattractive or super beautiful. But she caught CJW eye. And her grewing up under her sexually uninhibited mother whose equally infamous career choice clearly impacted YM's character and also skewed her perception of dating, sex and relationships. Shes already tugging on my hearstrings They also wrote their rendezvous tastefully.. In that we could gather from all their previous encounter they both picked up tidbits regarding the character of the person before deciding to spend the night together. In fact first 40 mins already serve to show you that when YM nodded her consent to move on to 3rd base, she knows roughly the kind of man JW is In their first encounter he had remembered her. His simple "You called for help" and "Are you alright?" moved her. Then he gallantly wrapped her in his jacket. Not to mention she is attracted to him and gets flusterred whenever he comes close n gaze at her intently. Im also gathering that their first kiss probably electrify both parties too. So much that YM uncharacteristically pulls him in for the follow up kiss. The first 2 episodes felt like a novel leapt onto the screen. It has some typical romance storyline but so far it also has depth and both YM and JW sparked when they r on screen together. Im also loving that both has been given focus and not too much time wasted on side characters. Could this be a beauty of 12 eps? Im happily on board MSR ship and am eager to watch how JW would come to know more abt YM, what makes her the way she is .. That she didnt meant to insult him. Runaway n call it a 1 night stand.... And if how n when he helps her find her true self, the self that she is consistently burying by over compensating. It would be very satisfying to see her emotional growth n to be happy and satisfied rather than cowed n embarassed, to be liberated n yet confident in herself, in her skin and in her relationship. I hope the show would do well in this aspect..fingers crossed.
  4. "Kyung Shim" enjoying Bali Vid by Choi Hong Won who also posted a pic of her Hope PBY is relaxing at a spa or getting a balinese massage. Hope she recuperates well. And "Heeji" ig update Thankyou for all who posted the stills jtbc released. They r really lavishing us with alot of stills. Perhaps they know fans of the show needed sth for the first friday without SWDBS episode
  5. Friday feels vy odd indeed with no live streaming tonyt. Interesting that jtbc still release bts stills.
  6. Park Hyung Sik Shares Which Actor Played A Role In His Decision To Sign With New Agency C. Oh April 20, 2017 Tweet182 S Park Hyung Sik, who recently wrapped up his successful run in the role of gaming company CEO Ahn Min Hyuk in the popular JTBC drama “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” revealed in an interview who influenced his decision to sign with his new agency. A few weeks ago, it was officially announced that Park Hyung Sik signed a contract with United Artists Agency(UAA), which houses star actors likeYoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo. Although the actor received a great number of love calls from various agencies, he explained, “I am now just beginning [my career as an actor]. As I moved agencies, I thought my first venture into this part of the industry was the most important and I wanted [to sign on with] an agency that would carefully consider every step in my career. UAA did a lot to meet my wishes, which is why I came to the decision to the join UAA.” The actor also expressed that fellow actors Yoo Ah In and Song Hye Kyo also played a role in his decision, especially actor Yoo Ah In. Park Hyung Sik explained, “I have been a fan of Yoo Ah In’s for a long time. Every time I watched one of his films, I would think to myself, ‘How does he act like that?’ and greatly admired his acting abilities. I felt that I would be able to learn and improve a lot as an actor, just by observing. Due to the fact that Park Hyung Sik has had a full schedule since the completion of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” he has not had time to have a welcome party and has not met Yoo Ah In or Song Hye Kyo yet. The actor stated, “I’m both very nervous and very excited [to meet them].” Meanwhile, Park Bo Young revealed in a recent interview why staff members believed she and Park Hyung Sik were actually dating and Park Hyung Sik also lent his voice to the OST of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” which ended its run with impressive viewer ratings.
  7. Yonhap Interview) 'Acting helped me tap inner self': Park Hyung-sik 2017-04-21 11:44 Normal FontLarge Font By Chang Dong-woo and Lee Jeong-hyun SEOUL, April 21 (Yonhap) -- Park Hyung-sik of K-pop group ZE:A said Friday that his newfound success in acting has helped him search his inner self as both an artist and a person. "I stumbled upon the question 'Who am I' when going through the mechanical motions as an idol musician. But later (through acting), the time came when I was able to seek my sense of inner self," Park said during an interview with Yonhap News Agency in southern Seoul. The star, who recently appeared in JTBC's hit show "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" explained he learned it was "important to maintain a sense of one's self after passing through that phase in life."Singer-musician Park Hyung-sik poses for the camera during an interview with Yonhap News Agency on April 21, 2017, in southern Seoul. (Yonhap) "I think I'm in a stable phase now. My mind isn't wandering any longer." Idol singers have been dipping their toes in acting for quite some time, but Park is inarguably one of the standout stars among his peers. Following his music debut in 2010 through ZE:A, the 27-year-old has built up a formidable TV drama resume starting with "Nine: Nine Time Travels" in 2013 to "Do Bong-soon," which recently ended to critical and commercial success. Park said he felt as if his acting matured from KBS 2TV's period series "Hwarang," where he played the young King Jinheung during the Silla Kingdom (57 B.C.- A.D. 935). "Before I had difficulty expressing what I had in my head. But since 'Hwarang,' I've got the feeling that I'm moving forward from my past experiences." "Do Bong-soon" was Park's first main lead in a TV show. Obviously, much of the show's success was hanging on his performance. Park said he heavily relied on fellow lead actress Park Bo-young psychologically. "During script readings, Park's presence was really huge for me," Park said, adding, "Bo-young was like a teacher to me." "We became close personally, but I was also amazed by her acting. I learned a lot from her." Park's work in "Do Bong-soon" earned him the nickname "king of romcom." The star said he wants to try out other genres too. "I'm pondering trying something with a strong melodramatic story. I also want to act in a show in which close male buddies cuss at each other and get into trouble," Park laughed.Singer-musician Park Hyung-sik poses for the camera during an interview with Yonhap News Agency on April 21, 2017, in southern Seoul. (Yonhap)
  8. Wow its just as @BloodOrange pointed out that jacket is very expensive. So okay for admiring only.. Lol Nix Korea posted on their ig. Jisoo wearing their jeans While this outfit that i admired on BS/PBY is affordable
  9. Omo how can we be so happy just seeing pictures of them. Testament to how much we love the cast of SWDBS. Now patiently waiting to see PBY airport fashion Its great to see them carefree n happy. Rewarding to have fun on set and get great reviews for their acting. I kp wondering who the hell styled Jisoo's hair. The guy is more handsome than this.. Meanwhile PHS hair styling is so spot on n youthful. He looks like 18. And that baseball jacket. Whatever brand it is im sure ppl took notice. He looks great in it
  10. Haha im reading ur analysis before ive watch this drama. Im so happy to see u here too. And saw some familiar names too. Hope @sakura2016 and @ferily @sebastian27 @supergal99 among others, is here to stay too. I like Sung Hoon vy much in his Cute character in a weekend drama. I was afraid it will b awfully cliche like Noble my love. But im encouraged by the reviews here and i thk the drama deserved a bit more attention. Will b back aft i watch this. Just that last couple of days i couldnt click play button for any kdramas, suffering fr SWDBS withdrawals. Hee yes @triplem i heard its more Something about 1% which was a drama i love n enjoy vy much. And u r most welcome @sakura2016 yes thats his voice n im pleasantly surprise they did a duet for the drama. She has vocals thats gentle on the ears. Just never imagined Sung Hoon singing. An athlete, a model, a dj, an actor n now singing too.
  11. HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Secret Romance" Episode 1 2017/04/17 | 3330 views | Permalink | Jin-wook (played by Sung Hoon) is a playboy and a bit of a jerk. The first we see of the guy, he takes over a party and then walks back his sexiness with a rather ridiculous sounding excuse. As mean and selfish as Jin-wook seems at first glance, we do find out by the end that the excuse is actually evidence of Jin-wook's secret good side. Which is fortunate, since up until that point, we frequently see Jin-wook get in trouble for stuff that's not actually his fault, yet never does he seem all that sympathetic. Meanwhile, Yoo-mi (played by Song Ji-eun) is the kind of person who comes to a nightclub dressed like an accountant and makes a fool of herself whenever she lets go of her inhibitions. The rest of the time, Yoo-mi is exceptionally clumsy. We see little evidence of Yoo-mi being a particularly good person, although we do at least feel sorry for her. Yoo-mi's mother Mi-hee (played by Nam Gi-ae) is...a piece of work, I'll tell you that much. More than any of the characters, though, the real person of interest in "My Secret Romance"is director Kang Cheol-woo. He made "Something About 1% - 2016" last year a drama which, much like "My Secret Romance", was incredibly archetypal. "Something About 1% - 2016" also had a rich jerk and an antisocial (if disproportionately cute) nerd. The one night stand element is reminiscent of "Fated to Love You", and even the secret corporate heir trope is reminiscent of...lots of dramas really. So what does Kang Cheol-woo add that's different? Well, mostly he focuses a lot on scenes that don't involve dialogue. Musical montages, complicated camerawork, and disproportionate emphasis on awkward moments all work to make "My Secret Romance" seem, on the superficial level anyway, to be quite stylish. This helps "My Secret Romance" feel more like a movie than a drama with its particular emphasis on physical, rather than emotional humor. But for all that "My Secret Romance" is nonetheless still a very obviously classically clichéd South Korean romantic comedy drama. The main accomplishment so far is that I can at least understand why it's on OCN- "My Secret Romance" is clearly making an effort to be a cool, hip romantic comedy for young people. Whether it's actually succeeding is a bit more difficult to say. At minimum I'm not being actively annoyed, and I am at least mildly curious as to what's going to happen next. Review by William Schwartz "My Secret Romance" is directed by Kang Cheol-woo, written by Kim Ha-na-I and Kim Yeong-woon and features Sung Hoon, Song Ji-eun, Kim Jae-young and Jeong Da-so _______________________________________________ the parts i liked from 1% of anything included the drawings, glad to see it in Secret Romance
  12. With lyrics english translation..hav a look @quockhanh45 at youtube vid posted by Emilia Song Ji Eung & Sung Hoon – Same (똑 같아요) My Secret Romance OST popgasa What do you think is the same? Love is the same When we meet, we go kong kong kong When we brush our teeth, kong kong kong kong When we’re apart, it’s an even bigger kong What else is the same with you and me? I wanna know you Not your blood type or sign But the real you The you that no one else knows Will you tell me? Starting from your first memory Except your first lie and first love I wanna know everything What do you think is different? Two minus one is one but Me without you is not one at all When I see you, my heart trembles When I miss you, my heart rings I wanna be your one and only I wanna know you Not your blood type or sign But the real you The you that no one else knows Will you tell me? Starting from your first memory Except your first lie and first love I wanna know everything My sign is the star of scars I’m shy, lonely and irritable I always think alone and get hurt alone, a coward Will you read me? Not my blood type or sign But the real me The me that no one else knows I’ll tell you Starting from my first memory Except my first lie and first love I’ll tell you everything And post from Sung Hoon's Instagram And from secret's Ji Eun
  13. I had a hard time sorting my head and finding the right words to post on the thread. Like i m feeling lost suddenly. Hee unconsciously been so invested in SWDBS and its hard to put it down Its unexpected that my parting post will be on Jisoo's In Guk Doo. Guk Doo's character was one that i had the most conflicting feelings and opinions about. Before the show started the sypnopsis has me expecting alot. Ep1 to 5, i was disappointed in GukDoo. Its not that i want second lead syndrome but his character left me wanting. I dont mind his clipped, brisk response but i had low tolerance when he keep raising his volume, shouting like BS is 3. It made BS seem smaller n more vulnerable. I sense more impatient tolerance of him for his weak friend. Rather than sweet concern for his school crush. Im not sure if its the writing or what But when he told his ex not to feel sorry and of his crush. Then the shy smile while he was pickin her a pendant to the crest fallen him when his confession was stuck in his chest. And the him walking off woth slumped shoulders and the lonely back sitting on the steps..still rem vividly Although we got a form of closure for GukDoo in ep16.. He finally was able to let BS know she was the cosmos flower he was talkin about in school. I just felt very sad, not just for him but also for her who was wishing for him to see her. Not knowing he had a thing for her but his hints werent straight to the point enough for BS. And for GD who was too near sighted to see BS had a major crush for him. It was not just timing. It was two people who couldnt get on the same page. For me it was if Guk Doo had a lil more courage.. Courage to say his feelings even if the odds arent good. Courage for taking that lil step .. So unfortunately GD needs to live with the What ifs Thankyou for the very many avengers n contributors on this thread. Thankyou for the tags @bebebisous33 @nonski @Era Ferawati I enjoyed many many posts from all of you even if its somtyms silently reading not commenting. So many post from stills bts gossips caps n analysis and translations and strips specialist @Ahpheng @penelop3 @briseis @stroppyse @ferily @Kasmic @leekyuphii @bongsoonie @libra22 @lingx2 @Mings30 @Jafstar @supergal99 @crispachu @blissfullyblessed @papersky09 @jellybellymonster @ytblssfan @dimples21 @windywind @turtle0217 @xscalsve @blueroses87 @fibdib @fanie586 And many more That im sorry i missed. For the Singaporean n bali chingus. Happy stalking Until more new updates. And also hope PBY wins Baeksang this May. Annyeong
  14. Annyeong you guys Park Hyung Sik Park Bo Young and Ji Soo.. Amazing leads. I pray for continuous success in the acting careers for all 3. I need more Park Bo Young in drama. She should consider doin a melo. And may the drama gods pair PHS and PBY again. And Jisoo to lead a drama n get the girl You guys look so good together on screen. This image of you two at the wedding scene.. Its beauty and the beau.
  15. Il be honest and say although i enjoy the finale, Its not my favorite episode. Theres alot of cute, and also given a fandom hall of fame ending with cherry blossom proposal, wedding and twin girls. Its cotton candy episode. With the exception of the thoughtful conversation with appa n the sombre closure with gd, today's episode doesnt pack a punch like yesterday. Its jovial and good watch but not emotional or breath taking, heart consuming the way i felt in some earlier episodes. Il probably do another post tomorow to recap the episodes i love n the scenes i want to commit to heart I want to take the time to express my many thanks for all the ppl who contributed screencaps gifs recaps n translation. U guys make watching raw fun. Until i find a drama that makes me want to watch it raw as it broadcast. Its a temp goodbye from live party