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  1. The movie "Be With You' by Son Ye Jin was nominated for best Actress right? Is it suppose to be weird that SYJ and JHI attended the award holding hands together? They seemed to represent the Pretty Noona drama instead of themselves individually.
  2. During the press conference, JHI mentioned there was a scene where he had hard time maintaining eye contact with SYJ because that was the time they had their first skinship. Does anyone know which scene he was referring to? Or has that scene appeared yet?
  3. If I am not wrong, in Korea they count by their Korean age (like how Chinese count their age), which means at birth they are considered 1 yr old. So HJW would hv crossed her 40th birthday last yr already....so culturally, that may bear more significance to her.
  4. Ok fine. Can we not make this into a debate please? It gets kind of tiring having to defend things that are freely shared from the heart..Each shipper is entitled to their own views about things...there is no right or wrong because we will never know until it happens or not happen.... plus, we can never fully agree with each other because our views are shaped by our experiences, our assumptions and how we see things should rightly progress......let's just respect each other in this area and keep this a friendly place.
  5. I don't think the discussion was about if he saw marriage as the end goal but the possibility of us seeing a wedding SOON? Most of us wanted a June/Oct 2018 wedding don't we? Of course, if they think that they want to wait couple more years , it is entirely up to them. But for shippers, it will be a hard long time with lots of doubts to manage and faith to keep...just saying.
  6. Given their short dating period (maybe only 2+ months?) , I can understand why MH pulled the distraction stunt and chooses to date secretly......so as to protect their budding relationship. I can tell that he really likes her, however, one thing remain unsure for me....is, whether he is ready for marriage commitment soon? To love someone is one thing, to marry that someone requires another huge level of certainty and commitment...Plus, the obstacles he mentioned that he needed to overcome, has he overcome them already? Or how far is he from overcoming them all? I will know that the day of announcement is near when he stops being secretive and stops all these distraction tactics...but just let things come out naturally on their own...there is nothing shameful to hide, is there? If wedding is indeed going to be this yr (or in a few months' time), It is time to desensitise his fans and start give strong hints to the those who are watching, so when it happens, people won't be too surprised..and hence less resistance. If I am not seeing anything concrete soon but have to look for small hints everywhere, playing detective all the time, rather than reading clearly from his ig, then my faith of seeing a 2018 wedding will start to waver for sure.
  7. Recent interviews he called her sunbaenim...in earlier press con, he called her noona.
  8. Song Song announced in July that they were in r/s and getting married in Oct, so that was 4 months they had to do wedding preparation. If JW announces during Fanmeet in Mar and wedding is to be in June, they only have 3 months, I believe that would be too rush for them. (Unless it is a small private ceremony without involving too many people. ) To have Wedding in June, ideally announcement will need to be made soon (like within 1 or 2 months from now)...else, if she chooses to announce it later during fanmeet in March, then they will have 6 months (and not in great rush) for Oct's wedding prep. I think we can narrow down to these two dates...either 28 June or 23 Oct to be their wedding dates should it happen this yr..
  9. Since they are going to do dvd commentary tgr, wouldnt it be funny to hv a dating couple commenting on their lovey dovey scenes? so maybe have to wait until after dvd release then they announce? Wah...then we may be looking at after May...so long. Another possible timing would be during jw’s fan meeting in March. we have a few possible timings for the announcement, but please not let it be beyond June, they wont be in time for 2018 and she cannot wait for another yr.
  10. Is anyone going to their fan meeting (Feb, Mar)? If so, please ask them point blank if they are dating? LOL
  11. I really don't think that they are dating under radar if they were dining with each other's friends openly, their dating relationship must not be a secret to good friends and families...if something that they don't try very hard to hide, surely it won't be too hard for dispatch to find out too...make sense? Perhaps dispatch just chose to reveal G-Dragon's dating news but keep MinWon's until later...Or they haven't met the 3 photo-evidence target before they could release the news.