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  1. It's been a few days since the red carpet showcase but i love this video of our girl...she's so kind and sweet to her crying fan
  2. Our girl is so gorgeous today!!!! I love her outfit so much,she exudes elagence and so pretty I'm glad she's happy and bubbly during the fan interactions (I'm speechless on kdw's outfit,i'm not good in fashion but.....oh never mind)
  3. I like this part of the video, so sweet I will be on 55% dating and 45% not I'm a bit biased on the dating side 'cause i like someone manly for uri Hyojoo and KDW definitely that kind of guy. First time i heard abt their projects together i was like "Oh i like this guy for her." What makes me sad at this moment is that this "scandal thing" would make them hesitant to go for more personal relationship (if there's any) and eventually makes them grow apart. I just hope that since they are already mature enough,they are going ignore the netizens outburst and be happy together. I'm not a risk-taker person so i will reserve 45% of me doubting of them being an item But whoever makes her happy and takes care and love her,i will definitely support them together I'm happy to hear more CF for our hyojoo. Snatched all of them girl
  4. OMG so it's confirmed that it is definitely Hyojoo but they just happen to meet together with other friends in a jap resto Hyojoo unnie when will you give us a good news regarding your lovelife? Pardon my excitement,i know this is not the right time for a dating news for her,but as a long time fan, hearing dating news for her makes me happy. I just hope that if that time comes,it will come out in a nice way and the netizens (esp. knetz) will accept it with happiness All the best for the Inrang film,fighting https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/08/kang-dong-won-han-hyo-joo-deny-dating-rumors/
  5. I don't mind the dress but i like her looks here, much better than Inrang press con. She looks happier and gorgeous Wow nice if there's a photoshoot other than this event,can't wait to see it Hope she will be livelier for the next promo of Inrang.
  6. More BTS for the movie Is this okay to release?
  7. Knowing how dedicated and passionate she is in every role she takes, i believe she will do well in this movie She really love challenging her acting skills, that's what i love her the most, her diversity in acting.
  8. Omg bts...she has shooting scenelove it and Is that a kiss scene?(the one where she pass over the window) Love their interaction already..seems like Hyojoo will make us bawl our eyes out in this movie...anticipation arising can't wait to watch the whole movie.
  9. Hello to all hyolics, it's been a while since i visited this site...i miss reading contents about uri Hyojoo Thanks for all your updates,i'm excited for inrang and upon reading all you comments/opinions i'm more hyped for the movie and also for the interactions of the casts during promo period. I felt romantically excited for tuna-whale nowadays I refrain myself for shipping (although i participated briefly w/ the other ship before) 'cause it makes me addicted, that's why i'm just be a casual fan for their ship Whoever makes Hyo happy, i will support her. Fighting for the Inrang movie! Few more days 'til we see our girl in vids/pics
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