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  1. I do wonder. I actually felt she does love him with her heart. We see her concern for him. See how happy she is with him. We see how she's actually capable of acting like a child, being petulant and all with him... But her mind wouldn't trust him fully knowing full well that she has everything to lose...
  2. So she was pretty much just given to her when she got married? Was she actually the one who granny asked to guard ML's place when ML was heartbroken earlier from QH's mom action?
  3. It seems like she just calls him whatever she likes! I still don't really know what she should call him actually. What should she be calling him anyway? And GTY calls her my little fox..and now he's gonna get a white fluffy sheep skin and drape on her so she looks like a docile lamb!
  4. Her answer is so correct it hurts him I feel. He probably knows she's still cautious with him. But she does really care for him and his well-being and genuinely care for Rong'er, and he knows that too. I concur! I've never seen her so happy before. Even when she was down after being scolded by SH, GTY has the ability to lift her up and make her laugh again. That's so heartwarming
  5. Actually, who's Nanny Cui? The lady who woke ML up on the morning after marriage, and then she came to rush her when 5th aunt was here to visit. She called ML 'miss' so I assume she followed her from Sheng Family. But I don't think she was serving ML before she got married? She seems strict, but clearly on ML's side, cautioning her about the 5th aunt and all. I also thought it's funny that ML is such a sleepy head, and always overslept or sleeping in, and sooo cute to see GTY spoiling her, letting her sleep in and not having to wake up, following customs, to greet the elders etc. Especially when Nanny Cui keeps asking ML to wake up, and she kept saying "but GTY said I can sleep some more!"
  6. Clearly the bro doesn't know how much effort GTY put in to marry his wife. And he would have no idea what an ally ML is to have. Don't you dare touch ML. Tsk tsk
  7. XiaoTao, Danju, CuWei - love them all. XiaoTao has been with ML the longest, since she was young, before the mom's death. That's why she's the one that ML involved in her revenge I reckon. Also the most loyal. Danju was sent by Granny later to care for ML. Seems a bit smarter than XiaoTao. Totally rocked in EP 42 during the "interview" process. Lol. ML taught them both well. Cuiwei was the last sent to her also by grandma, when she established her own courtyard back home. Most senior of the 3. And dang, she rocks too! Loved the way they handled the servant spies. We can see a very different approach taken compared to how she got rid of the spies last time. Such imposing manner, go for offence from the very beginning. Established her foothold in the manor, I don't think anyone would dare to challenge that now... I'm in awe with her coolness. Calm as cucumber. Sharp as a tack.
  8. GTY and ML looks absolutely adorable as a married couple. And as much as ML is holding back from him, she's actually opened up a lot more to him than she did to anyone else (granny always in exception list). It's cute to see they truly care for each other. I also thought it was really apt that they change the ending theme to the one sang by ZLY-FSF on the episode they got married. I actually like their version better.
  9. Trailer no 4. Viki, towards the end. He actually said "when I should have explained I didn't. When I should have done something, I didn't. Can I not just save her once?" (If my understanding is right)
  10. I'm with @ForgottenSoulx and @sava2sava on SH. I don't necessarily think he's a bad person. He's probably a good official, and a good "ambassador" of Sheng, taking care of the family honor and all. But he was never a good father. When ML's mom passed, he didn't do anything. We can put that to no evidence. But clearly he would know that it is at those times ML is most vulnerable and needed her dad the most? He was never there.. During the first incident where the girls crashed into the outer courtyard, he chose to punish RL and ML, favouring Molan although ML also spoke and said it was MoLan's fault - favouritism. Unjust. During both the incident with MoLan's scandal and Rulan's scandal, he had no issues sacrificing ML. He only commented that ML is a good child because she has never given him trouble, and has helped him avoid MoLan's trouble early on. Molan gotaway pretty easy for hurting ML. And I'm not sure if that's what ML wanted. You can see there were occasions what she showed disappointment with the dad. She even told GTY if only her dad was like him, then perhaps she wouldn't be suffering in silence all these years. Had the dad dotes on her, perhaps she didn't need to live as the "flawless" sixth miss of sheng, playing dumb and always in daze. Because if she gets into trouble, the dad would help. But she had to because she knows the dad would not take her side when things go wrong.
  11. QH was saying he wants to save ML to someone, in one of the trailer? He mentioned something along the line of "when I should have explained, I didn't. When I should have ....(I didn't understand), I also didn't. So can't I save her for once?"
  12. Technically possible because she has given birth to 4 children...but I think another chingu said it's fake? That they actually get a happy ending. So I'm happy.
  13. In her life, everything has a price. GTY is treating her so well, not asking for anything in return. In his view, her acceptance of him and his children and her foresight is the best thing she gave him. In her view, she hasn't earned it. And it makes her anxious. Whatever that is not earned, is never her's to begin with. She probably felt like she's on borrowed happiness. Fleeting, and it will go away... But I thought in the trailer, he was actually trying to save her when he saw GTY/ML Manor getting burned down?....