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  1. I so looove this pic! There's a healthy glow about her already! SHS being a good student, I think she'll learn fast! First she played a violinist, then she played a soprano with fabulous period costumes, and now? We know what this girl's fantasies have always been from childhood don't we?! I wonder if Lee Dong-Gun can also do some ballet. Sounds like Do Ji-Won does have dance background.
  2. Thanks @jakey09 for asking and @immorethant for the full clip link! The IG post is just 2 seconds at the 4:19 mark. I didn't realize before but this is a treasure trove into her past and what makes her THE Shin Hye-Sun today! Read on - we're in for a treat! Yes some time ago on this thread I quoted this video, as an example of how she 'failed' at her first chance at radio - because she couldn't keep a straight face to deliver any lines. After that she went thru PowerVocals training and taught herself to control her vocal delivery much more professionally. I didn't pay much attention to the content back then, but here's the gist of what's going on. On her first radio appearance ever, she is introduced at 00:50 as 'most beauty assistant' by the host. She and Park Yoo-Han (in assistant fashion editor Joon-Ho role?) were so nervous they both giggled like crazy telling how neither slept well because of their nerves. Her filmography is introduced by the 2:00 mark, and for mention of her special accomplishment, the host brings up this: 2:05 모든 연극과 학생이라면 꿈꿀만한... (for any theater major student to dream/desire of...) 2:07 입시에 굉장히 중요한... (SHS says, "very important for entrance exam resume") 2008 젊은 연극제 전국 청소년 ... ( Year 2008 National Young / Youth Theater Festival ) ( listen carefully, she says, not just a big competition but ) 독백대회 금상 수상! ( Solo/soliloquy/monologue competition gold medal winner! ) The host repeats, 독백 (monologue!) (but has the connotation of rambling to oneself, poking fun at her), saying : Caption: 독백 웬만큼 열학에 미치지*** 않고서야 못하죠 ("Unless you are sufficiently crazy*** about this role, not something one can do"). [Side note - my favorite moment - 미치지 - meecheejee - crazy ] Shin Hye-Sun just can't stop laughing because the host who knows the lines is quoting from the monologue, like "I don' now what I am doing!". To which SHS covering her mouth points to her and says, "that's the way I was doing it..." Host: "Otherwise you have to sit down squatting and start from that position... to get a prize, you see..." 2:43 mark, she asks, "What role acting did you do?" 2:48 - SHS: "Yes I remember that time. In a work called 시련, 애비게일 role, ..." (the she stutters to get the rest of it out). Host helps her out at 3:00 - "Deserted by a man..." 3:04 - SHS: "Yes, that's right. She tries to cling onto him. Tries to seduce him..." Host: Please do that for us once 3:10 - SHS: breaks down laughing in embarrassment, "안되요!" ("I can't do it...") After the commercial break at 3:30, the host asks for the Monologue now. Are we curious what that monologue role was from?? (queue drum roll @immorethant or @kokkuri33). It's Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible", and her monologue role was that of Abigail. Here's the split second dialog she says at the 4:19 mark: Abigail:"존 프럭터 - 당신은 종마처럼 땀흘렸어요" - then she breaks down into laughter and can't go on. English: "John Proctor, you were sweating like a stallion..." LoL! Here's part of the transcript I found in English. It's quite fascinating to me that for her national contest winning role, she played this sexually overcharged and repressed Abigail. Sign of things to come, was it? If you think this was just fun and play, I think it was a pretty major accomplishment for her and her art high school, and probably a real motivating event in her pursuit of her destiny as THE Actress we all adore, oori Shin Hae-Sun (Hye-Sun)! To show you what I mean, you can see these very recent links for casting for Abigail and Mary Warren roles for the Crucible play - the winners had to overcome 250:1 competition! Perhaps the knowledge of SHS' success in this at her young age went onto influence this role as a coveted one, some 10 years later? That was fun! I am so happy I know this about her now. Should update her accolades list on the front page top too! Now onto other news... I agree with @jakey09 completely. Even for a few second clip, I would love to see her do an actual ballet move that we can be wowed by. After all, one of the perks of being an actress is to get a chance to immerse oneself in the role, to try and see what it feels like to be an actual ballerina, and so in a real sense she 'needs' these lessons, maybe get tossed far into a spin move by her teacher, Mike Wajosky (you should check out his IG page I posted in the DOLthread). So I am completely ecstatic that Mike the teacher couldn't resist posting his selfie with oori Goddess - I hope it's the START of many happy days of her experiencing ballet and dance and all its enthrallment with the very best coaches and helpers. (And I'm also happy to see that she must've rested enough to not look so alarmingly skinny like she did at the awards couple of weeks ago - so good student Shin Hae-Sun listened to my motherly advice too!) Finally, I'm even more ecstatic about these pics of oori Baby. It's almost like she's Shin Hye-Sun, 2.0. Look at those abs. The chiseled angles, making her look more 'athletic'. Even in her last week Carlyn photo shoots in her black dress, her upper arms are much more toned (at least in the pics, I hope they're real and not touched up to make her look that way), and it goes with her more brooding role, of an independent lawyer who left her mom and town long ago to make it on her own (in the movie Innocent of course), or the 'icy princess / heiress' who's not happy with the hand that fate has dealt her in the coming role, Lee Yeon-Seo, in Dan Only Love. I think this is all intentional, and she being in cow-mode, is still working diligently to mold herself to bring about a kind of transformation we've come to expect but still await with baited breath to see how much more she can surprise us with! But I notice her transformation, and I LIKE it so far. I hope this is coupled with good rest and diet and is nothing less than a real glow that exudes from within from a healthy body and a truly happy spirit in her state of 'flow'. I really do.
  3. This little girl, 'Seo-Hyeon' (her real name) will play Lee Yeon-Seo child role - posted by one who will play her mom. EDIT And don't forget her sugar plum fairy friends!
  4. 대박!! @immorethant ! Thank you sweetie. You're the best! This cries for a.... I think this one goes on the first page. I'm having too much fun with you guys - besides, @immorethant's doing all the work! LoL, after this Kerastase pic, we're like, "Yeon-Doo Whoo??" Mmmm, sounds like a new frontier to explore for me, thanks Sweetie. Oh, you probably haven't met @kokkuri33 - is into 104 eps - 52-episode weekend drama split up into 30-minute segments for high ratings purposes can get you to 104 - it's grueling, but if she tries it again, I would watch every minute this time. Where's your 104-page letter to YNK, @kokkuri33? I thought you are holed up in a cave to finish that? LoL these are funny. #케라스타즈 #내가빛나는순간 #여신오일#엘릭서얼팀 #Kerastase #MyShiningMoment #GoddessOil #ElixirUltim Goddess-Oil sounds sexy - cold-pressed, oozing from a Goddess....
  5. LoL, I wonder if she would ever tell us what her favorite anime characters are. This one's too good to pass up. The doodlers come out when she bores us with silence. But I like to think she's taking my motherly advice and sleeping 18 hours each day, watching manga and eating lots of fatty food.
  6. Thanks you. I hope that KBM will maximize this rare opportunity for her and bring it! Her ballet coach Mike Wajoski's post is funny. ('Wajoski' probably a punny name, 와줘-ski, meaning 'come to me'-ski.) The IG post comments: Thank you @immorethant A slightly better pic - she'll be the head of the ballet troupe, Choi Young-Ja, a woman with endless greed for wealth and status, who, when all that she is clutching onto is at risk, fights to keep it. Do Ji-Won's joining is bringing attention to 'Dan Only Love', about an icy (''독한' = 'hard core', 'strong', 'pungent', 'venomous') ballerina Lee Yeon-Seo (Shin Hye-Sun) without a hint of love, and happy-go-lucky troublemaker angel Dan (Kim Myung-Soo)'s unpredictable, fantastical, heavenly romance piece. (DJW) has appeared in .... skip
  7. Hola all you SUNshine minions! First of all, I really think I can retire now. Look at all these ones crazy (미친) @immorethant is doing every day 10x a day! So much good stuff. Google translate's getting better too.LoL, just look at this gif. I bet that kiss wasn't just sweet. Probably pretty salty too - maybe YSJ also helped lick some of it off her upper lips too. Yeewy. Your GIFs are the best @immorethant - you're talented but even more, you're dedicated too - to leaving no stone unturned in search of all her juiciest and gooeyest oori-baby scenes. Thank you - I want to take just a bit of credit for your inspirations, but you're going to go far in life with your Hae-Sundoodles! The previous page 128 is maybe a first - I didn't post a single time on that page. I'm soo happy! Check back more often, too, @mylovekge or you'll be overwhelmed with all the pages of meaty (and some bone-skinny) content. There's more minions every day! And a belated welcome, @Fuu The Girl ! Is that prounounced like Pho (Fuh) or Foo?? This is good! This is a good start! And welcome, @roseyyyy and thank you for the pretty video clip! Yes, however, my motherly concern for her says she needs to stay away from work and sleep for another week and eat much much more! She's still too skinny. Now that we see the 'Innocent' pics and comments, I see why she's so skinny. But she'll bounce back plump and ready to rock!
  8. You are getting way crazy @immorethant If SHS ever visits here she's going to say, "oh boy, all these pics of me that even I haven't seen before!". But I am relieved that "Innocent" shooting is done. Thanks for all the updates, and especially her old pics with Lee TaeHwan from 2015! Strict orders to Shin Hye-Sun from this fan of hers - "Take a week, no, take 2 weeks OFF, 혜선씨, sleep 16 hours minimum every day, and eat about 7000 Calories of fatty foods!" I want your cheeks back! You can't lose your plump cheeks!
  9. Now meet the choreographer and trainer for upto 30 dancers in the production, 최수진 (Choi Soo-Jin , or soojinchoi, no relation to mr sunshine ), of the Seoul Ballet Theater . https://www.youtube.com/user/ouo8622/featured (her channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0MZ9kP75qFpfPfVi5wK3GQ (her Vlog channel 댄싱쀼 with another dancer) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seIwU4COU-A (sorry this won't embed) In this vlog she mentions at 3:12 that she's going to '단하나의사랑' drama first training session.Then after the session at around 5:24 on her way home she tells she is relieved that it's going better than she had feared. This is going to be quite a production. Maybe we'll see some cameos from dancers like 나대한 - from her IG: https://www.instagram.com/soojinchoidance/
  10. Agreed. Duly noted on the first post on page 1, but can't change the name on the thread now. Thank you @jakey09. Thanks @Ni Wen I reposted your stuff in the DoL thread with some comments. He did. That ceremony was quite underwhelming, and I guess we fell for the hype. It's hard to put on a great award ceremony, but this one was crazy how they don't even introduce the names of the nominees, just a 2-second flash each on the screen. I think I heard someone say the awards were $500 (and LoL the KFC coupons - so the winners can go enjoy fried chicken and beer afterwards). Yes, I'm afraid you're right. She has lost more weight and she did look tired. Enough to make me pray she's staying healthy. That coupled with her not posting much or making appearances does make you worry if she's enjoying herself or personally struggling at the moment. Oori Hae-Sun-ssi FIGHTING!!! @titania1000 !! So good to hear from you, and to read your long thoughtful post again. Yes. I agree with many of your points - looking back on 2018, I think this short 3 eps had a greater impact than 30b17 for me, personally - and visually it was just amazing to watch on a big screen - her nuanced expressions were at another level in the role, and with all its imperfections in the story and the production, the role was still tailor made for SHS. So I hope she does more work with great cinematography and big emotional range this year too - she belongs on big screens.
  11. Thanks to @Ni Wen for posting these in SHS thread first. The Catholic church building is in a town called 합덕 ( map ) about an hour or so South of Seoul in another province, and not too far from where Innocent is (was?) being filmed. If I had to venture a guess, SHS shoot was there. The second pic by the camera crew was from 수륙해안도로 ( map ), which is much farther South near Busan - I would guess that Kim Myung-Soo (L) was there for the opening scene of the drama - described by the IG poster (camera crew?) as '갱얼쥐쏟아져나오는행복한씬' - "a happy scene overflowing with ???" on a day that is '날씨좋고 바람좋고 햇빛좋고 액쎤!' - "Great weather, cool breeze, warm sun, Action!" Maybe with aerial cinematography with drones and angels flying over the beautiful tourist island town. And @immorethant for finding this one. Wow!
  12. While she makes herself extra-ordinarily precious to her fans (grumpy grumpy now becoz of this), she seems generous enough with the paparazzis, no? Can't blame her. A girl's gotta make a living.... @immorethant can we assume that every time she was walking thru the airport she was dreaming of doing a blind person's role? From March 2018 airport clip and the LA trip one right after 30b17, we might be getting a glimpse of what she might look like in Dan Only Love - will she sport a cane as a blind former ballerina, or not?? Go to bed early, @jakey09 , like right now, and rise early. Her name is spelled 신혜선. 혜 is pronounced like, 'Heh, Heh, Heh' (laugh). You must realize that when SHS first debuted, in 2012 (when School 2013 was shot), she had not survived a single audition to getting cast in anything - this was literally her first work. She did not have an agent at the time. The role in School 2013 did not have a name - in fact, the role's name was Shin Hye Sun (the cheapskate creators of the program thought it too expensive to spend a minute to give her role a name? Or perhaps it was better becoz she got to use her real name in the end and any mention of her name in the credits would have been 100% more publicity from the 0.001% exposure she was getting at the time). But she, not having an agent and probably not having studied English beyond what was taught in her high school, most likely just spelled it the best way she knew how - and to her ears or level of knowledge of English there was no standard or precedent way of spelling that sound - and the same or nearly the same sound can be spelled with 혜 or 헤 or 해. 헤 is virtually never used, and 해 isn't either, in a name (the word 해 means the sun), but that would be the syllable most closely spelled as Hae, not Hye. So she's stuck with her own way of spelling it, Shin Hae Sun - and you can see that she clearly uses it in all her autograph signings to this day. So If we were to respect her wish for spelling her own name, we should use Hae, but if you do a search, only the drama 'Forever Young' shot in Vietnam (and her voice dubbed over in Vietnamese) is listed with that version of her name spelling - everything else is Hye. So there. I hope that clears up your confusion, as you go off to a deep sleep, @jakey09
  13. Oh my... @immorethant I need to update my front page with some or all or your gifs. SHS thread has entered a new age! Speechless. Stupendous. Astounding.
  14. I want to take a moment to Thank @immorethant and holler one more time for her just Krrrazy prodigious output lately. First the collage of SHS hairs, two of them becoz there are so many. Then her thoughtful baseball gifs presents to us all - so gorgeous, and the best ever created in the history of baseball gifs. You should do more embeds of gifs in text frames I say. And then this last flood of oldie clips, many of which even I haven't seen. In all of the gifs and vid clips, there occurs a continuing theme of Shin Hye-Sun's bowing (now countless) and being Miss 'polite'. Thanks to @immorethant's fabulous and timeless artwork, I am now inspired to dub Shin Hye-Sun, the Polite-tician doing her Polite-tition (repetitive bowing).
  15. Yes, @Ni Wen a very great find! According to his IG, https://www.instagram.com/mike_wajoski/ He is a 'soloist for Korean National Ballet' and certainly the consultant. His e-BalletshopTV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMBeNAIo6HBD-xCSTpBJBlw/videos has great content that looks exciting. As for Kim Bomi, she's not too well known, yet, so: https://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/김보미_(1987년) She was in 'Somehow18' (2018 webdrama, when SHS was 'Still17', LoL). Here in the interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfQ6BmFvZEM at around 2min mark she says she was focused on 'ballet and diet only' at that age. She got noticed as a Miss Korea wanna-be in popular 2011 movie, Sunny as she explains her filmography here on OnePoint with host who was her brother role from My Husband Oh Jak-Doo (which was my healing drama a year ago from the trauma drauma MGL) KBM is also famous as Chun Song-Hee's assistant in 'My Love from the Stars'. Twitter https://twitter.com/bbomi0515 IG https://www.instagram.com/bbomi0515/ Here she is, looking ready for Dan Only Love, her biggest role to date. Check out her 3 latest IG posts. She shows off her ballerina workouts and declares herself 'Shin Hye-Sun's rival' in the role, and she's nervous about her first big role, which is that of a good, nice (not evil) Ballerina character, hinting at some dark side to SHS character, which I am personally looking forward to. More reasons to get excited!!
  16. This is precious!! Thank you @immorethant ! Just want this at top of page so we can show off some more our muse! And now add one oldie but prettie I haven't seen us post here.
  17. Does he play the guitar or the ukulele?
  18. There you go, from of our busybee fangirls on SHS thread.
  19. You seem to have taken it seriously enough. At stake? Your promotion as Ninja Minion - Ni-minion or Ja-minion - your choice. And we the forum shall bequeath upon Thee the title of imwaymorethan007 from your current plain old morethan007. Your choice.
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