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  1. I so love this pic of hers. From https://www.instagram.com/p/BvOuIrfJbxb/ And this is just too cute to pass up. New IGers in SHS fan club every day!
  2. Quoted from the other room - page 5 baby! Ohh my. Her first Unboxing video is Soooo adorable! She talks the whole time in 'banmal' (as if to a close friend). And comes with 2 straps! And it's all purpose and perfect for meeting friends or hanging out on campus... She's really peddling her wares too, completely adorable! I gotta update the first page with the arch-angel, her Sun-Bae (senior) at YNK, too.
  3. 'Dan, Only Love' Script Reading Revealed, Shin Hye-Sun * Kim Myung-Soo 'Glowing Fantasy Chemie' From https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000079887&lfrom=twitter 'Dan, Only Love' Script Reading Revealed, Shin Hye-Sun * Kim Myung-Soo 'Glowing Fantasy Chemie' Posted 2019.03.22 AM 9:04 [NewsN Kim Myeong-Mee reporting] Heart-fluttering scene of "Dan, Only Love" script reading revealed. Coming this May 15th in its first broadcast, KBS 2TV's new W/Th drama 'Dan, Only Love' (Writ Choi Yoon-Kyo/Dir Lee Jung-Seob/Prod Victory Contents & Monster Union), is an unpredictable, fantastic, heavenly romance portraying the story between icy ('toxic','caustic') ballerina Lee Yeon-Seo (by Shin Hye-Sun) without a hint of love [in her heart] and happy-go-lucky trouble-maker angel Dan (by Kim Myung-Soo). Feasts of dances to saturate our family room (theaters), ballerina and an angel's brilliant ('blindingly bright') meeting foretelling, is gathering our interest. On January 18th on location at KBS, at the script reading for 'Dan, Only Love' were Shin Hye-Sun, Kim Myung-Soo, Lee Dong-Gun, Kim Bo-Mi, Do Ji-Won, Kim In-Kwon, etc., actors and director Lee Jung-Seob, writer Choi Yoon-Gyo, the entire cast appeared. The actors, already deep in their characters, showed off energetic acting already resembling an actual shoot, drawing our gaze. First off, Shin Hye-Sun painted the prickly and formidable ballerina 'Lee Yeon-Seo' with colors as only she could have. Shin Hye-Sun, who had come with total preparation of the character, immersed herself immediately into the action, raising anticipation for her fresh ballerina transformation. Kim Myung-Soo, appearing as a happy-go-lucky trouble-maker angel 'Kim Dan' (he has a last name! LoL!), abruptly rising out of his seat to carry out his acting, heated up the location. Capturing the not-yet-ripe angel Dan's appearance with his overflowing raw emotions, was a preview of his fervent acting in the drama. In fact, Shin Hye-Sun and Kim Myung-Soo's fresh collaboration in 'Dan, Only Love' is a particular point of anticipation. The two thespians painted with fantastic chemistry the meeting of ballerina 'Lee Yeon-Seo' spewing cold venomous speech versus angel 'Dan', full of curiosity. Raising anticipation from the very first moment of their synergy ('breathing'), how this meeting of Shin Hye-Sun and Kim Myung-Soo's will unfold on screen is indeed drawing our focus. Lee Dong-Gun is artistic director of the ballet company, 'Ji Kang-Woo' (or Gang-Woo), showing off his charisma. In the story Ji Gang-Woo is a possessor of unequaled artistic sensibility ('discernment'). Lee Dong-Gun, with the foundation of solid acting skills, painted a picture of an attractive grown man and an artist. Too, the transformation of Kim Bo-Mi, from actual ballerina background, is drawing our interest. In the story Kim Bo-Mi will take on the role of 'Geum Ni-Na', a ballerina who feels an inexplicable ('peculiar') sense of rivalry from Shin Hye-Sun. With outstanding ballet skills and experienced (grounded/stable) acting, we can forecast her solid 'eye-imprints' from the viewers. Neither can we leave out premiere actors Do Ji-Won and Kim In-Kwon's presence. Do Ji-Won is taking on ballet company 'CEO' Choi Young-Ja's role. Choi Young-Ja is a character overflowing with ambition who will stop at nothing for prospering of her company. Kim In-Kwon, appearing as the arch-angel 'Who' (Hoo), will create with Kim Myung-Soo the senior-junior angel chemistry in the story. The story full of synergy of actors full of dramatic abilities, is increasing our degree of anticipation (immersion). Most of all on this day, at 'Dan, Only Love' script reading, (contemporary) professional ballerinas also participated, adding to the specialness of the occasion - drawing attention to the thorough preparation for a work that is complete as a ballet drama. Modern dancer Choi Soo-Jin, well known for her 'Dancing 9', as the one in charge of delivering the beautiful stage of 'Dan, Only Love', was present as choreography director on site and drew attention. A script reading over 4 hours in length, yet without a hint of tiredness as each was immersed in their individual parts. Shin Hye-Sun, Kim Myung-Soo, Lee Dong-Gun, Kim Bo-Mi, Do Ji-Won, Kim In-Kwon, etc., the actors confirmed their synergies, and director Lee Jung-Seob led the effort with detailed orchestration. 'Dan, Only Love', from its very first day of work showing off fervent energy and immersion so brilliantly thus, just how fantastic a drama will be unfolded (for us) is adding to our anticipation. NewsN, Kim Myeong-Mee -> -> EDIT Just have to add that I love the pic above - Shin Hye-Sun looks so happy and chill, so content to be where she is (this way way back 2 months ago already).
  4. Do Ji-Won with some familiar friends. Will the two more mature gentlemen be in this drama too? One was Yoon Shim-Duk's financier in Hymn of Death. Will he continue a role of an 'uncle fan' to the ballerina(s)? Inquiring minds want to, nay, demand to know!
  5. Since you ask, here's my take. You should be quite proud of your effort, @immorethant. That paragraph is full of idioms that are not easy. 아니나 다를까 - Just as I had suspected 쭉쭉 크더라 - Growing by leaps and bounds 친구 - Friend, but older people can refer to younger ones this way, like 'that fellow' or 'that bloke' 분발해야될, 분발하다 - Not an idiom, but something like 'tighten my belt and rise up again' 너스레를 떨었다 - Kind of exaggerated or over-did it on the story telling or action. EDIT! Yes after reading the more senior actress' praise of her, adding to you guys' thoughts. It's clear to me that an actor's reputation among people who know her and work with her are much more important than among fans, who in general don't know what she's like to work with in person in a business full of egos and drama queens (although she literally is a queen of dramas now, ha ha). In all my reading and translating her interviews and articles about her, there have been these consistent observations pointed out in most articles - that 신혜선 is prettier in person than even on screen, that she's cheerful and outgoing on the set even after long hours, that somehow finds the energy to show genuine concern for the littlest on the staff, and that she's a joy to work with for everyone. I think having started so small and gone through a long period of no-name status, perhaps she had moments when she said to herself, "if I'm ever in the lead actress position, I will treat everyone well with respect and set a positive tone on the set so that they can all be encouraged to do their best" - because she knew what a littlest show of kindness to the staff by the big name stars meant when she was just a nobody. That's a kind of character and leadership that many artists and entertainers aren't very good at. But it's an attribute I so admire about her and something that keeps me a real and growing fan of hers each week even after 3 years! And we've come to trust that she's working really hard, especially when she's not very visible because she's devoting herself to not just the roles she's playing, but also looking out for those around her on the set that are partly her 'responsibility' to show care and love for. This is what will make her go far and be even more loved by all fans the world over. Of that I am certain.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/BvPQlPyAYES/ Sweet! This is Secret Forest script! From Episode 7, about 30 minute mark. One of my favorite scenes of the whole story, between Hwang Shi-Mok and Young Eun-Soo (when she comes to visit him at night). The parts in parentheses are the comments for the actors to use. Such intensity on screen from such simple lines on paper. What an actor. What an Actress, Shin Hye-Sun!! the one and only! Thanks @immorethant Just love that Carlin clip in HD. My fav is this one where she squats (she's a great squatter) and nuzzles her purse like it's her sweet smelling baby or something.
  7. Actress Lee Ye-Na, KBS 2TV 'Dan Only Love' Casting Confirmed... to work with Shin Hye-Sun , Kim My ung-Soo source source Lee Ye-Na will play the role of ballerina 'Hwang Jung-Eun'. Jung-Eun had been a promising soloist but due to pregnancy and childbirth took a 6-month leave to recover - she's a character who's now hard at work to return as a ballerina. Proud and not likely to show her weakness easily, she can appear cold, but when one gets to know her, she has a rational approach to life and possesses an upright disposition. In the story, Lee Ye-Na aims for a believable portrayal of Jung-Eun's struggles in the face of reality and thus to earn viewers' sympathies. Her youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUgTFy24Y72jhVJPiKkY3XQ
  8. I so looove this pic! There's a healthy glow about her already! SHS being a good student, I think she'll learn fast! First she played a violinist, then she played a soprano with fabulous period costumes, and now? We know what this girl's fantasies have always been from childhood don't we?! I wonder if Lee Dong-Gun can also do some ballet. Sounds like Do Ji-Won does have dance background.
  9. Thanks @jakey09 for asking and @immorethant for the full clip link! The IG post is just 2 seconds at the 4:19 mark. I didn't realize before but this is a treasure trove into her past and what makes her THE Shin Hye-Sun today! Read on - we're in for a treat! Yes some time ago on this thread I quoted this video, as an example of how she 'failed' at her first chance at radio - because she couldn't keep a straight face to deliver any lines. After that she went thru PowerVocals training and taught herself to control her vocal delivery much more professionally. I didn't pay much attention to the content back then, but here's the gist of what's going on. On her first radio appearance ever, she is introduced at 00:50 as 'most beauty assistant' by the host. She and Park Yoo-Han (in assistant fashion editor Joon-Ho role?) were so nervous they both giggled like crazy telling how neither slept well because of their nerves. Her filmography is introduced by the 2:00 mark, and for mention of her special accomplishment, the host brings up this: 2:05 모든 연극과 학생이라면 꿈꿀만한... (for any theater major student to dream/desire of...) 2:07 입시에 굉장히 중요한... (SHS says, "very important for entrance exam resume") 2008 젊은 연극제 전국 청소년 ... ( Year 2008 National Young / Youth Theater Festival ) ( listen carefully, she says, not just a big competition but ) 독백대회 금상 수상! ( Solo/soliloquy/monologue competition gold medal winner! ) The host repeats, 독백 (monologue!) (but has the connotation of rambling to oneself, poking fun at her), saying : Caption: 독백 웬만큼 열학에 미치지*** 않고서야 못하죠 ("Unless you are sufficiently crazy*** about this role, not something one can do"). [Side note - my favorite moment - 미치지 - meecheejee - crazy ] Shin Hye-Sun just can't stop laughing because the host who knows the lines is quoting from the monologue, like "I don' now what I am doing!". To which SHS covering her mouth points to her and says, "that's the way I was doing it..." Host: "Otherwise you have to sit down squatting and start from that position... to get a prize, you see..." 2:43 mark, she asks, "What role acting did you do?" 2:48 - SHS: "Yes I remember that time. In a work called 시련, 애비게일 role, ..." (the she stutters to get the rest of it out). Host helps her out at 3:00 - "Deserted by a man..." 3:04 - SHS: "Yes, that's right. She tries to cling onto him. Tries to seduce him..." Host: Please do that for us once 3:10 - SHS: breaks down laughing in embarrassment, "안되요!" ("I can't do it...") After the commercial break at 3:30, the host asks for the Monologue now. Are we curious what that monologue role was from?? (queue drum roll @immorethant or @kokkuri33). It's Arthur Miller's play, "The Crucible", and her monologue role was that of Abigail. Here's the split second dialog she says at the 4:19 mark: Abigail:"존 프럭터 - 당신은 종마처럼 땀흘렸어요" - then she breaks down into laughter and can't go on. English: "John Proctor, you were sweating like a stallion..." LoL! Here's part of the transcript I found in English. It's quite fascinating to me that for her national contest winning role, she played this sexually overcharged and repressed Abigail. Sign of things to come, was it? If you think this was just fun and play, I think it was a pretty major accomplishment for her and her art high school, and probably a real motivating event in her pursuit of her destiny as THE Actress we all adore, oori Shin Hae-Sun (Hye-Sun)! To show you what I mean, you can see these very recent links for casting for Abigail and Mary Warren roles for the Crucible play - the winners had to overcome 250:1 competition! Perhaps the knowledge of SHS' success in this at her young age went onto influence this role as a coveted one, some 10 years later? That was fun! I am so happy I know this about her now. Should update her accolades list on the front page top too! Now onto other news... I agree with @jakey09 completely. Even for a few second clip, I would love to see her do an actual ballet move that we can be wowed by. After all, one of the perks of being an actress is to get a chance to immerse oneself in the role, to try and see what it feels like to be an actual ballerina, and so in a real sense she 'needs' these lessons, maybe get tossed far into a spin move by her teacher, Mike Wajosky (you should check out his IG page I posted in the DOLthread). So I am completely ecstatic that Mike the teacher couldn't resist posting his selfie with oori Goddess - I hope it's the START of many happy days of her experiencing ballet and dance and all its enthrallment with the very best coaches and helpers. (And I'm also happy to see that she must've rested enough to not look so alarmingly skinny like she did at the awards couple of weeks ago - so good student Shin Hae-Sun listened to my motherly advice too!) Finally, I'm even more ecstatic about these pics of oori Baby. It's almost like she's Shin Hye-Sun, 2.0. Look at those abs. The chiseled angles, making her look more 'athletic'. Even in her last week Carlyn photo shoots in her black dress, her upper arms are much more toned (at least in the pics, I hope they're real and not touched up to make her look that way), and it goes with her more brooding role, of an independent lawyer who left her mom and town long ago to make it on her own (in the movie Innocent of course), or the 'icy princess / heiress' who's not happy with the hand that fate has dealt her in the coming role, Lee Yeon-Seo, in Dan Only Love. I think this is all intentional, and she being in cow-mode, is still working diligently to mold herself to bring about a kind of transformation we've come to expect but still await with baited breath to see how much more she can surprise us with! But I notice her transformation, and I LIKE it so far. I hope this is coupled with good rest and diet and is nothing less than a real glow that exudes from within from a healthy body and a truly happy spirit in her state of 'flow'. I really do.
  10. This little girl, 'Seo-Hyeon' (her real name) will play Lee Yeon-Seo child role - posted by one who will play her mom. EDIT And don't forget her sugar plum fairy friends!
  11. 대박!! @immorethant ! Thank you sweetie. You're the best! This cries for a.... I think this one goes on the first page. I'm having too much fun with you guys - besides, @immorethant's doing all the work! LoL, after this Kerastase pic, we're like, "Yeon-Doo Whoo??" Mmmm, sounds like a new frontier to explore for me, thanks Sweetie. Oh, you probably haven't met @kokkuri33 - is into 104 eps - 52-episode weekend drama split up into 30-minute segments for high ratings purposes can get you to 104 - it's grueling, but if she tries it again, I would watch every minute this time. Where's your 104-page letter to YNK, @kokkuri33? I thought you are holed up in a cave to finish that? LoL these are funny. #케라스타즈 #내가빛나는순간 #여신오일#엘릭서얼팀 #Kerastase #MyShiningMoment #GoddessOil #ElixirUltim Goddess-Oil sounds sexy - cold-pressed, oozing from a Goddess....
  12. LoL, I wonder if she would ever tell us what her favorite anime characters are. This one's too good to pass up. The doodlers come out when she bores us with silence. But I like to think she's taking my motherly advice and sleeping 18 hours each day, watching manga and eating lots of fatty food.
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