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  1. 3 hours ago, fashiondream said:

    So nice to see you here. But   I am so confused by your comment- what event are they presenting or am I misunderstanding you?? It would be so wonderful to see them together again. In any case, it’s so nice to see they still follow each other on IG with both of them who don’t follow that many people, relatively speaking. He is supposed to begin a new drama pretty soon, something I really looking forward to. Even though I love that he’s become a regular on I Live Alone, I still love him most in his dramas.


    24 minutes ago, immorethant said:

    Good news ! You can watch 'E-daily Cultural Awards' on Vlive on Feb 26 from 5pm KST. :scream: (but the real ceremony will begin at 7 pm) so I just hope it will be broadcast from start to end.



    There you go, from of our busybee fangirls on SHS thread.



  2. 9 minutes ago, immorethant said:

    LOL :D ... probably will take me a while.

    You seem to have taken it seriously enough.B)

    At stake? Your promotion as Ninja Minion - Ni-minion or Ja-minion - your choice. And we the forum shall bequeath upon Thee the title of imwaymorethan007 from your current plain old morethan007. Your choice. :phew:

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  3. 20 minutes ago, jakey09 said:

    What are the chances she will go though? Do you have to be promoting something in order to go or they can invite guests randomly? 

    Chances of her going to "Knowing Bros" is fairly high this year - especially if she doesn't go alone, but with L during or near the end of "Dan..." especially if the show has high ratings. That show wants anyone who's 'hot' - Sung Hoon went there almost 2 years ago already I think - and Sung Hoon is also host to the other variety program "I Live Alone". I don't watch that program nor many other variety programs, but they can be quite funny - Shin Hye-Sun can't go on that if she still lives with her grandma and parents, LoL. ;)


    PS. @Ni Wen top of new page pics girl !! We are forgetting our minion wayz!! :naughty:



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  4. 5 hours ago, Ni Wen said:


    Dear google translate: is she really gonna dance? :joy:

    LoL, this was an article possibly written by someone like Chris Johnson from that Rumor Has It episode - someone with a chip on her shoulder and wanted to hype up the event with lots of big words - no wonder you guys are confused. To show how difficult Korean is to translate when someone does that, I quote in Korean and translate so you can see why google got its panties in a twist.:crazy: LoL




    ‘스타’를 만나다

    또 다른 백미는 대중문화계에서 활발하게 활동하는 인기스타들과의 만남이다. 중량감 있는 중견배우는 물>론 최근 기량을 꽃피우고 있는 핫스타가 한꺼번에 ‘이데일리 문화대상’의 시상자로 나서 눈길을 끈다. 배>우 이영은은 연극부문 심사위원이자 선배인 배우 남명렬과 함께 연극 최우수상을 시상한다. 트로트가수 설
    하윤은 클래식부문 시상을 맡았다. 배우 신혜선은 무용부문에 나선다. 특히 신혜선은 발레리나로 출연하는
     드라마 ‘단 하나의 사랑’을 준비하고 있어 감흥이 남다르다. 이밖에 가수 박정민이 국악부문을, 배우 온>주완이 뮤지컬부문을, 가수 윤지성이 콘서트부문을 시상하며 ‘이데일리 문화대상’의 의미를 더할 예정이다
    . 특별상인 공로상과 프런티어상에는 배우 성훈과 박혜수, 걸그룹 AOA의 혜정이 나서 축하와 감동을 동시>에 전하기로 했다.


    Meet the 'Stars'

    Yet another highlight (to watch) is the appearance of ('meeting with') the popular stars currently most active in pop (mass) culture.

    Heavy-weights with gravitas of course and 'hot stars' recently showing off their talents too, on 'E-Daily Culture Big Awards' will appear as presenters and grab your attention.

    Actress Lee Young-Eun is presenter for the acting portion, and together with senior actor Nam Myung-Ryeol will present the top excellence acting prize.

    Trot (뽕작, old style songs) singer Seol Ha-Yoon will take the classic(al) music awards presentation.

    Actress Shin Hye-Sun will step forth to take the dance portion. [ Presentation! Not dance! ]
    In particular as Shin Hye-Sun is preparing to appear as a ballerina in the drama 'Dan Only One Love', 'arousal of inspiration' is exceptional.:wub::w00t::wub:

    Besides this, singer Park Jung-Min takes on Korean instrumentals, actor On Joo-Wan the musicals, and singer Yoon Ji-Sung presenting the concert(event)s, plans to add to the significance of the 'E-Daily Culture Big Awards'.

    Special prizes '(Lifetime) Achievement Award' and 'Frontier Awards', actors Sung Hoon (!!!) and Park Hye-Soo, girl group AOA's Hye-Jung will step up to present congratulatory notes and feels.


    Yay!! Shin Hye Sun and Sung Hoon on the same stage as Presenters!!!


    Thanks you @Ni Wen for making me take another look at that article! Our prayers are answered!! Sangmin-Yeontae - THE Yeon-Sang COUPLE were listening - they've been waiting to sneak up on us, just when we may have given up hope! :w00t:




    On 2/20/2019 at 6:10 AM, jakey09 said:

    Recently I’m addicted to Tiffany Young’s Lips on Lips & every time I hear that song it reminds me of Hye Sun! :joy: Maybe something to do with her sexy biting habit. If anybody wanting to make MV on Hye Sun ... they can use that song! I swear that song is so her! :yum:

    Hmm, I had no idea Tiffany became solo Tiffany Young - does have some possibilities, but needs someone with way above average skillz - @immorethant get to it, girl! On the double!!


    No, more like, your next scavenger hunt assignment, agent morethan007, should you choose to take it, "find Shin Hye-Sun's sexy kiss or near lip-on-lip footages and gifyphy to the grinding rhythm of that track".


    This message will self destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....:phew::ph34r:

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  5. 12 hours ago, immorethant said:


    @meechuttso  She did lots of bowing, didn't she ?  


    Below are my top favorite bows of our well-mannered and humble 'Shin Hye Sun'

    (the ranking is my subjective preference :P). 

    @immorethant you are way more eager to please than even my mom's puppy. I feel so powerful - I mention something, and there it is! You've nailed it - and much faster and comprehensively than I could have imagined - although with you, my expectation is going up more and more it's so high now, some day you won't please me with mere high efforts, LoL.


    tumblr_ojsmt3RUZa1valxs7o1_400.gif Here's one from the classical era of SHS's career, LoL.:innocent:


    7 hours ago, jakey09 said:

    I wish she goes to Knowing Brothers. Alone. It would be a funny episode. 

    It would be funny. The episode would be called, "Knowing Bros' Bowing Sistar".

    Except as you might know, the guest celebs use Banmal (반말, colloquial non-honorifics) to the older hosts becoz they're supposed to all be classmates. It would be funny if she was the first guest who's habitually using honorifics and can't get herself to 'lower her speech'. I'd pay good money to see that - but most of her fans hate Seo Jang-Hoon the tall guy being matched up with Oori-Baby (from Ugly Offspring - where she bowed, banged her forehead but got the grand prize from @immorethant for her performance just now).:dizzy:


    2 hours ago, immorethant said:

    After I read again , I think SHS will be award presenter (시상자로는 배우)

    Yes, I'm looking forward to this - she has more fun that way. Maybe she's getting ready to rub shoulders with these awardees for more 'cultural' works and performances. Any sight of her, really, would be a sight for our SORE eyes that have not beheld her in so long.




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  6. 15 hours ago, immorethant said:

    I don't know how can I thank you enough for this. I hope these gifs can tell how grateful and happy I am right now.  :kiss_wink::blush: :relaxed::innocent:

    Since we now know that she's known as the 'Polite Actress' , or 'Well-mannered Actress' in the industry, for your next scavenger hunt, @immorethant you can collect or make gifs of her bowing? There are many good ones. B) We can all guess what @kokkuri33 would put at the top of that list. :phew:


    7 hours ago, Ni Wen said:

    How can I ever thank @meechuttso for this translation! Like what I said I already felt happy just listening to them saying her name, now that I read the translated parts I'm on cloud nine!

    Although this was such a great program where 8 people sit around praising her for 20 minutes that I would have translated it even if they told me not to, it still feels good to hear again, thanks and appreciation, maybe becoz SHS herself, her story is such a wonderful thing, and in a way we're all learning to be a bit more grateful as we read her stories and see what drives this admirable woman - so a simple act of saying thank you and sharing, it feels like we're all being little bit like her, soaking up some of her positive energy and wishing our best for one another in this little but warm place here.:wub:


    9 hours ago, jakey09 said:

    I’m glad she fought/waited for MGL. Even though people go gaga over her last show more I feel, but even with me ... after watching everything ... it’s MGL who I keep going back to as well! ...


    but there’s something really special about MGL. 

    Yes @jakey09 you've come to a good place at a great time. I appreciate all your thoughts and viewpoints becoz it reminds me of 2016 when I first got so curious about her too during 5-children, how under-appreciated she was but how refreshing she was in every way to my ears and eyes the more I read about her. And we may not all agree on everything here - if you look back a year you can find ample evidence of my challenges with MGL too, but there's no denying that our Actress is someone who is very bright, knows what she's getting into, is always willing to work hard (cow-mode) and still has much more she wants to express as an artist.

    Whether one drama or 3 dramas (or movies) a year, I would like to think that over her long and illustrious career, all these steps she's taking now we can look back on and see how she couldn't have done better becoz she's always doing her very best and leaving the rest to (the drama-gods or whatever you want to put here). That's what I admire about this actress the more I learn about her.

    Although the facts were all known to those of us who have been on this thread, it was just super heart-warming to watch in the format of that program (Rumor Has It) where they take turns discussing a pre-scripted exposition and analysis of what it is about her that we are all drawn to. They covered all the bases, and so I don't have much else to add - it was just great to nod along and notice everyone else notice the little things we've all been noticing all along. :phew:B):wub:


    18 hours ago, meechuttso said:

    13:32   CJ - (quoting a Korean proverb): 될성부른 나무는 떡잎부터 알아본다 it is said. "A tree that will grow tall, you can tell from the very first leaf". (Others: ooh aah - (impressed by his wisdom and knowledge of Korean sayings)).

    13:38   CJ: Shin Hye-Sun, too, would be included in this instance? (laughs)

    One of my faaaavorite moments of the program. I love this Chris Johnson guy, whom I've never heard of before - but even with a bit of accent his command of the Korean was quite impressive, and it made you pay attention to what he was saying more - he's a fan. She's still so young, especially as an actress since her debut was quite late, but it's a really nice time of 'intermission' to reflect on not just Shin Hye-Sun's brilliant acting, but the actress the person herself and her deep and courageous story of her quite exemplary character from the 'no-name' phase of her development. A great tribute, and I feel positively honored to be able to share such a heart-warming story with all my Chingoos here!



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  7. 20 hours ago, jakey09 said:

    Btw, does anybody know how far Hye Sun’s scene is in The Violent Prosecutor? Everybody talks about it ... don’t feel like watching the whole movie!

    I had no inclination to watch it either, but after watching the whole thing, a recommend! I think KDW is definitely something to rage over if you were his fan and wanted him to save his lips for you only - he's so fine in a way that's different from other k-drama male leads. He really grew on me - I wouldn't mind, 'Nonviolent Bookkeeper' - the sequel (he goes back to the 'electoral district chapter bookkeeper' - SHS - to make amends for his scoundrel past, then falls for her all over again, LoL).:crazy:

    19 hours ago, immorethant said:

    Apart from legendary KDW kissing scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2Y6zamR-tE) , she had just one another short scene here after that kiss.

    I so love that gif of her in a panic the morning after - wonder if they all found out she was the leak source.

    19 hours ago, immorethant said:

    That's all for our SHS's appearance. 

    Yes, but @immorethant sweetie, you from the first time you joined here (not long ago), have a knack for creating and nailing the gifs I always wanted to do but was too lazy or busy - I don't think anyone's ever done a gif of that scene - but I watched that scene over and over becoz, well becoz we're SHS fan-addicts - it's like the back story of what happened from which you can write a whole new movie script. And however millisecond short, SHS has mastered the art of making that moment count on screen - perhaps just out of sheer necessity, as you've been reading from her difficult start in the business, where she maybe had one single one-line scene out of a whole drama mini-series. She had to get tough! She had to get good! Adversity made oori-baby what she is today!

    So in that sense I treasure the 'other scene' from VP that nobody talks about - it's 100% SHS and she just nails it like nobody else could have. :phew:



    21 hours ago, Ni Wen said:

    Thanks @meechuttso for being our trusty translator as always. That's why your minions here love you more than anyone :heart:  ... other than SHS :lol: 

    My mommy taught me to always share. :rolleyes: Multiply my joy! :w00t::w00t:



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  8. 00:10   MegaTrend star Shin Hye-Sun - there was a dark period in her past.

    01:10   New face - Chris Johnson from California...

    02:08   Today's topic/theme is "After long time of efforts, those stars who are finally shining brightly."

    02:15   If you consider a 'hot' star, not only in the present but each nitty gritty event in the past also gets attention.

    02:21   "Come-From-Behind (Life) Stars' Untold (secret) Stories"

    02:28   The very first star, although it hasn't yet been a month in the new year (2018), chosen one of the most anticipated stars of 2018.

    02:35   To give some  hints, "#Mega-Trend Actress"? "#Nation's Daughter-In-Law" "Kang Dong-Won Kiss Girl"

    02:50   Bald guy (gay) - "this (KDW), of this I'm truly envious." 이거는 정말부럽네요 (laughs)
    02:55   Many must be thinking that way, wouldn't they? Woman who kissed Kang Dong-Won - what could that be about?

    03:00   Who is she? Yes, current K(BS) in My Golden Life, cast in Seo Ji-An role, Shin Hye-Sun-ssi.

    03:15   5 years after her debut, she has been awarded a deeply meaningful prize, you watched the ceremondy didn't you?
    03:20   Claiming the long-standing drama female actor Excellence Prize (2017), just like the name of the drama itself, she is an actress who's running in her Golden Life right now.

    03:30   Shin Hye-Sun-ssi while receiving the Excellence Prize cried much, you see, and what made her deserving of the prize was that in 2016 through "Five Children" she was nominated for Newbie prize, Supporting actress prize, and Best couple prize, but did not receive a single one.

    03:40   Voices: Oh really? Is that so?

    03:43   (We all) Thought she'd receive, but at least this year for sure she would unconditionally get it - why? because MGL exceeded 40% (ratings, 43.2% shown) and last month, on the Korean drama actor brand recognition chart she rose to Number 1, in the drama genre as the Cinderella, meteoric rise....

    04:00   Red lady: Correct. As you have stated, the drama itself exceeding 40%, epic ("w/o precedent and not to be surpassed") ratings attained, and getting it up to that level, that Shin Hye-Sun-ssi's role was huge has been evaluated and duly noted.
    04:15   Looking forward to the past year-end awards, certainly, "상 하나는 받을 것 같다" (she would get One prize at least)... there was no way that it won't happen.  Others: of course....

    04:25   Red lady: And even after having received the award, she didn't have much time to enjoy the happy moment, they say - because they are still in the middle of shooting, you know? There was a celebratory party scheduled after the ceremony, but the very next morning there was a MGL shooting schedule...
    04:40   (SHS looking sad in the cold, not sure if practicing acting scene or sad in real life from the cold and the hardship)
    04:42   They couldn't enjoy the party and everyone just had to go home.

    04:50   And in the case of MGL, because virtually every scene SHS appears, so her screen time was so much that she wasn't in a situation to think about anything else, it is told.
     [@meechuttso - Wow, imagine how hard it must've been, really, makes me appreciate our Shin Hye-Sun's heroic effort all the more.]

    04:55   Caption - Shin Hye-Sun - only focused on the drama (work).

    04:57   Truly from last year and into this year continuing, is reigning with the very highest of popularity, it seems, and what do you think Shin Hye-Sun-ssi's appeal/charm/attractiveness??
    05:00   "신헤선의 매력은 무엇일까?"

    05:10   MC: I saw her in the ceremony, and ... compared to what I saw in the drama, she seems very, ... high-class image.
    Caption - "드라마보다 굉장히 고급스러운 이미지"

    05:20   She's tall too....

    05:25   I've watched many of her appearances all along, and her metamorphosis for each character happens and acts very naturally.

    05:40   Bald Hong Sun-Chuck - Me, she's not your protypical ideal of beauty, I have heard. (e.g., Kim Tae-Hee or Song Hye-Kyo). You know, those considered to be the most standard definition of beauty - such a beauty she doesn't seem to be, but she has charms ('is attractive').

    05:53   Caption - Shin Hye-Sun who has the charms to make people fall for her - "사람을 빠져들게 하는 매력이 있는 신혜선"

    05:58   When you watch this actress, while she does not possess the most vibrant colors, yet whatever colors you put over her, fit/suit her well - that type of actress... Shin Hye-Sun-ssi's very big strength, it seems.

    06:08   For those who've done a lot of remodeling (i.e., pastic surgery), their roles get confused(?) but because she hasn't done much, you can build up any different kinds of (roles) on (her face), it feels.

    06:17   That is true too, but when we watch female actresses, one angle is whether she has the innocent beauty (청순미) or not. That those who have the innocent beauty are the ones who go on to become top stars - this is their basic (foundational) appeal, I think.

    06:28   Shin Hye-Sun-ssi, among them, has the innocent appeal, and is showing it to us.

    06:34   Yellow/orange lady: I had done an interview with her once, and I had only seen her on screen and then got to do this interview with her - soon as I saw her I held her hand and said, "you are 10,000x more beatiful (pretty) in real life." "실물이 일만 배는 예뻐요."

    06:45   When I said, "you are 10000 times more pretty in real life", in fact, that could be construed kind of as a not such a polite thing to say, right, but Shin Hye-Sun-ssi, smiling, as if joking, "I hear that sentiment often".

    06:53   Dude in red: Similar to me. (implying that he hears that he's more handsome in real life often) (laughs)

    06:57   MC: Don't they say they don't recognize you in real life??

    07:00   Chris Johnson from Cali - From what I can see, what is very attractive (about SHS) for me, she seems very pure (순수해 보여).

    Voice:  You watch the drama?

    07:05   CJ: Yes, I watch the drama intently. Personally I much like Mak-Jang type dramas.

    07:15   Female MC: Have you seen me much then? [ I guess she's a daily morning drama - mak-jang-fest star? ]

    07:20   Is she much Mak-Jang?

    07:25   MC: No she's not makjang, does makjang drama... CJ: Mak-jang professional....

    07:30   CJ: The content of this drama, is a bit mak-jang-ish. In America they have dramas too, but this is the kind of stuff that can only happen in Korean dramas. Yes, unbelievab... unimaginable scenarios come out. Very novel too and totally engrossing.

    Voice:  Enough for even Chris to acknowledge. Caption - Even to an American new and interesting.

    07:52   Shin Hye-Sun-ssi, as you know, in MGL, is really in the middle of her 'drama work of a lifetime'. There truly are many praises from all corners, and while she has her natural acting abilities, there is also much she herself honed and refined ('ground and sharpened').
    08:04   As for me, I am one of the people who really loves Shin Hye-Sun-ssi's voice.

    4 scenes by SHS - 1. I am not Oppa's little sister. 2. Every day I wanted to die - it a world where my effort alone isn't enough. 3. I like you. Yes I like you I said I like you.  4. How can I not be mindful of you, you beggarly son-of-a...!!

    08:18   And in order to properly get hold of the tone of her voice, previously she received vocal training*** and spent much effort trying to find the right tones that match (different scenes) well.
    ***Somewhere you can see my post on this thread about PowerVocal instagram post.

    08:28   And the viewers, shall I call it strict(?) advertisement? The kind of advertisement that requires too highly refined or sophisticated feminine appearance that doesn't fit the current character's role, if one were to shoot CF with that look, there would be a sense of disconnect ('alienation'?), so she would forego the opportunity at big profit and focus solely on the character role, and she will do advertisements at a later time.

    08:53   While Shin Hye-Sun-ssi is making this much of an effort, but in fact she wasn't the first choice for the role....

    09:05   There were on the list of actresses those with more experience who could command more attention, viewership, etc., but the fact that this is a 50-episode ... passed ... and SHS had seized upon that opportunity.

    09:30   And another actress who was on the list could have passed because this was a weekend drama, thinking mini-series would be the path to the top-stardom. But the fact is if you are cast as the lead actress in a KBS weekend drama, then from there it's truly fast-track to the top as an actress.

    09:58   And we had told you that Shin Hye-Sun-ssi herself was not the first choice for MGL, well actually she had already been offered the lead in another really well known drama, so actually, I was in preparation to write that story, but the manger had blocked me - to tell you the truth right now, (SHS agency) called to say that "there is another drama which she can start on, but that she is keeping an eye on MGL (casting situation), that she badly wanted to get into MGL, and in fact if she can get into MGL, she would let go of everything else." So frankly she was waiting.

    10:35   So our company (representing MGL casting) wrote her a letter to tell her that she has won the casting, and at the time Shin Hye-Sun-ssi, too, had been very much nervous because if MGL hadn't worked out she could have gone to another role, but that she would always be sad about that missed opportunity.

    10:50   MC: Because (SHS) wanted to do "My Golden Life"...

    10:55   Because she had so badly wanted to do the MGL, all the more she seems to have poured everything into this work.

    11:05   Among moms too, recently, everyone wants to have her as their daughter-in-law. And my mom asked me about her but I didn't know much about her and couldn't reply, so I looked her up.

    11:15   Many people thought Shin Hye-Sun, immediately after her debut, became a hot star, but to her there was an unfulfilled wish about her debut. This was 2012 work released as 'School 2013', and she had a very small role in which there may or may not be 1 line of dialog in all the episodes.

    11:40   When she received her Excellence Prize, (because of such an experience) she may have teared up all the more we think, and "from the same broadcast station (KBS) that she could receive an award like this, emotions were new (unexpected), I didn't think such a day would come," she had expressed also.

    11:55   From college on she really worked hard going to auditions. But the problem was she would not get past the paper submissions, and she would not even have opportunity for auditions. When her friends told her she had audtioned a 100 times and it's too hard, from SHS's situation, even getting rejected would be nice, if only she were to be even given a chance to fail, was her wish.

    12:25   Therefore, whatever she does, there is a bit of a feeling of 'desperation' ('간절함'), for Shin Hye-Sun-ssi.

    12:30   So how did she get cast in School 2013 then?

    12:33   First off, the chance at the audition itself, was an extremely difficult process she says. She went to the audition, and noticed that the other hopefuls all had had long hair. Slightly permed long hair look. How she could be noticed by the judges, the producers, she struggled with that question briefly, then realized, ah, I should get a short cut.
    12:55   That was a very precious long hair she had grown, since this isn't the only work she would try, and yet she cut it very short and went. If this wasn't going to work out she may have to grow it again, but... at any rate she was cast in this work. Even after his debut for some time there was sporadic work not being able work as much as she wished.

    13:20   Right now, when she keeps getting these drama love calls, in this present moment she feels she must be very grateful for, and without ceasing, she will continue to work.

    13:32   CJ - (quoting a Korean proverb): 될성부른 나무는 떡잎부터 알아본다 it is said. "A tree that will grow tall, you can tell from the very first leaf". (Others: ooh aah - (impressed by his wisdom and knowledge of Korean sayings)).

    13:38   CJ: Shin Hye-Sun, too, would be included in this instance? (laughs)

    13:42   Red lady: For Kim Woo-Bin, Lee Jong-Suk interview I went to the 'School 2013' shooting scene. And even back then, Shin Hye-Sun-ssi, was working without an agent. So she was taking care of all the arrangements, received messages, drove herself to the shooting location.

    14:08   So in that classroom, all the actors are gathered together, and as you come and go you can see how each one is cared for by each agency, and really, a situation where you can't help but compare one against the other,....

    14:25   Shin Hye-Sun-ssi was forthrightly (꿋꿋하게, not discouraged or cowering) going back and forth alone, sitting quietly by herself and looking at her script, (again) uprightly (꿋꿋하게) and with much effort who carried on her acting, is what remains in my memory, but frankly

    14:35   Among the staff, because she was such a quiet person, couldn't say that she was someone that caught your eyes.
    14:40   Whether this kid could succeed later, we had even worried about, but watching her do so very well like this, everyone is totally surprised I am told.

    14:50   CJ: Without any inferiority complex, just being faithful to the task at hand... there's a reason why it's turned out like this (this well).
    14:58   Red shirt dude: "He (CJ) keeps using difficult vocab words."

    15:10   I was able to hear her story from the manager who chose Shin Hye-Sun-ssi, and this CEO at the time when he first saw her was a casting director then.

    15:30   As a casting director you meet many actors from many agencies of course, and he says among them that Shin Hye-Sun stood out slightly as being independent. First off her face was pretty, and tallish, had 'possibilities', but her desire to work (hard) seemed unique and special.

    15:42   So the casting director told her, at some point in the future I will be doing manager work again, and when I set up my company would you come work with me?, he requested. And truly as almost by miracle, at the time that the casting director was setting up the company, Shin Hye-Sun herself was looking for an talent agency, too.

    16:00   SHS: CEO-nim, can you please take me? "대표님 저와 함께 해주시겠어요?"

    16:02   MC: It was fate wasn't it.

    16:05   Those congratulating her from all around because this was the first time she started receiving managment from a real legitimate talent agency. Because of that, everyone working together in a real family-like atmosphere.

    16:20   Within 4 or 5 years after debut she has succeeded - from a small role debut to weekend lead role top prize in 5 years... it's enough to make one tear up, and it feels like it has taken some time, she's not a newbie.

    16:35   Each year she did 2~3 (drama) work steadily. You know of them.

    16:43   First off, Cho Seung-Woo, Bae Doo-Na's "Secret Forest".

    16:48   Jeon Ji-Hyeon, Lee Min-Ho's "Legend of the Blue Sea".

    16:52   Park Bo-Young's "Oh My Ghostess". She kept building up her filmography.

    16:58   She appeared, but she doesn't remain big in your memory, right?

    17:00   Ironically, when she began to receive attention was a single role without a dialog

    17:10   The movie "Violent Prosecutor".  Voices: "She was in that?"

    17:20   Actually VP recorded nearly 10 million viewers.

    17:28   Kang Dong-Won-ssi the woman who kissed him.
    17:44   But imagine. When you say Kang Dong-Won, ... although many actresses, no kiss scenes....

    18:00   And that kiss scene, was hot and well done. So SHS's nickname - "KDW's Kiss Girl"

    18:13   Guest host in white - For this role I, too, had auditioned.
    Everyone - For reals?? !!! Wow!!

    18:20   MC: Should have done it.

    18:25   Of course I wanted to do it too. I even knew at the time that it's with Kang Dong-Won.

    18:35   MC: Because she looks elegant and sheik....
    18:40   I am? Really? [MC tries to make her feel better by telling her she looked too hot to be a clerk, unlike SHS.]
    18:50   Her white fur like a 'hip hop swag' wrapper.

    18:53   MC: Didn't work out?
    18:54   No it didn't. Watching the movie (clapping her hands), that should have been me. (LoL!)
    19:00   MC: You must try your best at everything.
    19:09   Of course I tried my best - it's Kang Dong-Won-ssi. Caption - For sure next time.

    19:15   But what makes Shin Hye-Sun's heart race is another man.
    19:25   In her grade school, watching 'Autumn Tale', she had a crush on Won Bin (oppa).
    19:35   To meet Won Bin (oppa) I must become an actress, she resolved.

    19:40   What made today's Shin Hye-Sun-ssi - can be said, is Won Bin.

    19:48   It's common when an entertainer becomes famous, you hear that they changed.
    19:54   Is there something you reporters hear regarding Shin Hye-Sun-ssi?

    19:55   Baldy: Your shoulder a bit more square when you walk??

    20:00   Red Lady: She greets (everyone) really well. And when asked her close friend, says so far she's still very polite (well-mannered).

    20:15   And after MGL, about 10 new projects (offers) have come in. So she's looking at those, and ad spots, too, many offers have been coming in now, and even as so many (love calls) coming in, she's not changed at all (yet), and as the 'polite actress' she is known for still.
    20:40   The manager says that frankly lugging around SHS's profile and trying to convince (sell) was very difficult. But now, if he stays put people call him so much and "Hye-Sun is the one feeding me" (making him rich).

    21:00   I asked the CF agency how much her CF revenue is, and he tells me, "hit a goldmine" (or 'motherlode!').

    21:09   Shin Hye-Sun is 2018's most hot actress.

    21:14   If you look at her CF so far, you have what, Pizza, Ginseng-sucking, now things have changed. Because in her Seo JiAn role, with her 20's-30's women's most desired outfits, expected to get many offers from fashion and apparel.

    21:33   Compared to now, 5-fold, upto 20-fold increase in her price is possible.





    This episode was such apt tribute to our great Actress, the star of this humble but loving thread - the incomparable Shin Hye Sun !!  :innocent:

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  9. 11 hours ago, immorethant said:

    This video is a part from 'Channel A' program '풍문쇼 (Rumor has it)' which broadcast today (Feb 18) mentioned SHS (however, it's beyond my ability to translate, sorry :P )

    A great find, @immorethant ! Although it's put out by Channel-A official youtube channel, there're virtually zero hits - but to us minions here, it's a happy treasure clip. :wub:


    10 hours ago, jakey09 said:

    ^ Do we have any translators here who can translate that for us? 


    From the more recent link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRKQuwgEjsE


    Heard it thru the Grapevine*** (or Heard it thru the Rustling Wind)


    M1:     Seems all of a sudden I've noticed her on TV somehow.


    F1:     Many people feel that way because SHS-ssi, last year, thru MGL, hit DaeBak...


    Voice:  Yes...


    F1:     and after that continued (연이어서 - back to back) thru SBS 30b17 to score big hits, and so among people hailed as the 'New Weekend Queen', has been numbered as one actress who can lead very high ratings.
                Because of that in people's minds, (she is) bit of a Cinderella figure.


    Voice:  Yes...


    F1:     "Is she not a Cinderella type actress, rising all at once", but in fact, 2012 thru KBS and debuted in 2013, after about 5 years of no-name existence, is a actress with solid fundamentals, you can say.


    Voice: Yes...


    00:52   At first, there was a special motivation that caused her to become an actress...


    00:58   In a moment...


    01:02   Isn't SHS-ssi a new actress?


    (all repeat of first 52 seconds)


    01:52   SHS-ssi, originally... had a reason for wanting to become an entertainer (smirks)


    01:58   In grade school, watched "Autumn Tale" and


    02:00   "Want to meet Won Bin oppa" was ... (the reason). If not for Won Bin, we wouldn't have Shin Hye-Sun-ssi, you see.


    02:10   (Gay bald guy - Hong Sun-Chuck) Debut sounds just like mine. For me it was from wanting to meet Jang Dong-Gun that I wanted to become a celebrity. (laughs)


    02:15   You met him?


    HSC:     Of course, we're close.


    02:18   (Pop-up guy) First of all, for an actor, you have to seize upon the chance well. MGL, to put it frankly, not to Shin Hye-Sun but to another actress the role went, but she didn't take it.


    Voice:   Oh is that so?....


    02:26   The male lead is Park Shi-Hoo-ssi, right? After PSH-ssi's unseemly incident this was his come-back work  following that, so it wasn't a work that actresses would easilypick up.


    02:37   To a comparatively unknown newbie Shin Hye-Sun the opportunity came, and she seized upon it and after that with her acting abilities she rose.

    02:41   For an actress, you see, if she's great at acting, that is what makes her look beautiful. And no matter how beautiful she might be (known as), if she can't act, she looks ugly.


    Voice:   That's true (맞아요...)


    02:48   In that sense, I am saying Shin Hye-Sun-ssi acted well...,


    02:50   And in the Republic of Korea, 1 in 5 have all seen the movie in which Shin Hye-Sun-ssi appeared.


    02:55   If I told you here which movie, you'd all say, 'Ah!'.


    02:59   9.7 Million people have seen - "The Violent Prosecutor".


    Voices: Wowoo


    03:02   Kang Dong-Won-ssi, in order to get information, the lady employee who works at the voting office, that lady was none other than Shin Hye-Sun-ssi.




    03:14   Therefore the one who spent the night with... role that was an object of many women's jealous rage... was Shin Hye-Sun-ssi.


    03:20   In the SNS search term: "Kang Dong-Won Kiss Female" was always there.


    03:25   Aaahh.... [LoL it's funny watching these people fake surprise.]


    03:27   So she "won big over and over" (승승장구), then rose to #1 on the actor brand recognition chart last February.

    03:35   This is a comprehensive and quantitative 'poll'***, you can say it's objective, so you can say not only for her acting but for her 'star power', she has been acknowledged.
    *** See posts about rekorea.net, gooddata.com, here on this thread January 2018 B) She swept all 3 then.


    03:40   (Kang Sung-Tae) Before coming to the studio too, I left my wife a (text) message - "what do you like so much about her," since she always says she loves her? I haven't got a reply yet, but. (laughs)


    03:50   "Why does she like her so much?", because as you know, there are many really beautiful actresses,... so I ask, is there really a special reason why?:crazy:


    04:00   Fundamentally, her acting is there, and she has a 'familiar' (easy to befriend, amicable) appearance.


    04:05   In other words, because she's not pigeon-holed into a particular 'image', she can do melo(drama), rom-com, really she can do a wide variety of roles, ... she herself knows this very well I think.:rolleyes:


    04:15   If you look at her face, her face is, what do you call it..   even if she were to put on quite a bit of make-up, looks young (childlike). And she looks cute.:wub:


    Voices:  yes yes


    04:25   Because of that image, those who think, "Shin Hye-Sun looks about 160cm tall," there are many, but in reality she's 172cm.


    Voice:   You can think of her as another "Park Chang-Sook" (height-wise). [I don't know who that is.]


    04:40   When she was on SBS (My Ugly Offspring), Seo Jang-Hoon (former basketball player MC) said this, "I didn't know she was so tall," and was surprised.


    The End




    The older one is almost 22 minutes about SHS. Will try and cover later.


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  10. On 2/14/2019 at 6:41 AM, immorethant said:

    Two more bites. :joy:


    On 2/14/2019 at 6:36 PM, jakey09 said:

    Here’s an other bite. :lol:

    This is just awesome. Although I've sort of been taking a breather while it's quiet, not watching any dramas, either, this place has never been happier for me as it is now, since we have such devoted and insightful fangirls and fanboyz now.:rolleyes:


    12 hours ago, jakey09 said:

    Was bored so just gonna share a random thought. :lol: Being a recent fan of Hye Sun and watching all her past work ... My first impression of hers is there seems to be greed in Sun Hye as an actor. Whatever role she got before achieving the lead ones ... it’s like whatever character she played before... she didn’t get to play enough of it for obvious reasons and wasn’t able to show enough of it to her fans.


    She played a ballerina in OMG, now got a full-fletched lead role, playing a ballerina again. 


    Played a prosecutor in Stranger but didn’t get to see her in court much or in action ... now she got a full-fletched role as attorney in Innocent. 


    Her dream of being a chaebol in MGL got snatched away :lol: and then she had a lil stint in  TLOTBS so now she can fulfill that as well in her new upcoming show.


    I guess what I’m trying to say is ... the woman isn’t afraid to go back and give her 100% to something she probably thought she wasn’t able to. I don’t see that honest quality in actors much. 


    Also it seems like she gives less attention to IG, random reality shows appearances when filming. The woman seems all about work. I’m sure she is busy doing a lot behind the scenes right now... but it’s hard to find updates. lol

    This is a seriously astute and observant post! For a noob fan of SHS, you hit it on the nail, and articulated for us all here what she's about! I felt she was like Seo Jian a bit in real life, but never thought that she might have taken the Seori role becoz she's making up for lost time like her! Makes sense! That's totally her!  Thank you noob J-minion - you're already initiated, @jakey09!!!


    And I just love that pic with Seori lying on her back on the ground at the park - where did u find that, @immorethant??


    And did u make all the 3 idol compare side by side pics? Such pretty pics of all the gals. :wub:


    Thank you for all the warm happy glowing gems you guys make here! :w00t:


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  11. 7 hours ago, jakey09 said:


    I was wondering what exactly is SHS’s height?

    Hello and WELCOME, @jakey09 !  Yes I think if there's any questions about SHS, this here is the right place on the web for English speaking fans - @immorethant is a SHS savant. :P We're very proud of her freak-level knowledge of all things SHS, down to 2mm precision in all her answers. :P


    1 hour ago, kokkuri33 said:

    Time to change the desktop background...

    I knew you couldn't stay away for long @kokkuri33 with such gorgeous baseball pics of you know who. I liked that you linked her baseball backroom video clip on your post in @Lmangla's thread. The BB BTS, yes!





    @immorethant did you get her kayaking pics from here: https://theqoo.net/square/1005558946

    Since we're doing all retro pics lately, here's a high fiving one from there.


    12 hours ago, immorethant said:

    And biting !  :joy:


    Yes, she bites often. :w00t: 





    Happy Valentine's Everyone!! :love:

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  12. On 2/2/2019 at 10:17 AM, immorethant said:

    All Shin Hye Sun's works (credit to owner) ^_^.

    I think it's quite a complete list so far.


    The date DEC 3, 2012 marked on the calendar was the date of her debut which the 1st episode of 'School 2013' was aired. 




      Reveal hidden contents

     Seo Ji-An 을 거예요 Korean language lesson.  :sweatingbullets:

    Probably the next lesson will be "네가 뭔데?" :joy:




    Hola friends, I can't believe this is like my first post here in February. Thank you all for keeping the place beautiful with all the lovely posts and thoughts! This long clip you found @immorethant is awesome! Love how complete it is.:w00t:


    On 2/8/2019 at 4:38 PM, kokkuri33 said:

    Made a post in the Love Fest Feast thread, on Page 10!

    @kokkuri33 I LOVEd your post. You're such an able, most dedicated spokesperson for Shin HyeSun! Thank you! Extra points for Lee Tae-Hwan rubber glove pics from MGL, one of the only few eps I still would watch again over and over all with LTH and SHS.:wub:



    5dfa85175cf59be51ab60e45708963bc.jpg8fc604817e8bee2fbdce7a7780232433.jpg I can't find anything but reposts, but here are some adorables from 'She was Pretty' that I haven't seen much before. :rolleyes:source

    All I can assume is how dedicated she is to her movie shoot right now, and she's so focused to bring us an amazing first lead performance on silver screen soon, that she can't be distracted with SNS posts and updates? Yes I definitely give our 믿고보는배우 (mitt bo babe - actress you trust and watch) the benefit of the doubt! :innocent:


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  13. 18 hours ago, immorethant said:

    at least I got my co-defendant now :P

    Partners in Crime for Life! :naughty:

    18 hours ago, immorethant said:

    So envious and admire of this real fan, I wish I were in Korea so that I can get those collections and her autograph too. :rolleyes:

    Ye she really likes showing off all the times she met SHS in person. Good for her I say. We need more fans like her.:thumbsup:

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  14. Dx5KbCkU8AE4zLd.jpg:large


    Oh, oh, oh my. This from her fanclub on the set of Innocent (movie 결백), apparently, but boy does she remind me of some of my actual middle school friends the way her hair's done. And her mom (Bae Jong-Ok) really looks like moms I know from countryside, tanned and earthy. I had to do a double take on that one. I thought it was some who dug up her school pics. This must mean the shoot is wrapped up or close to it!??





    On 1/25/2019 at 6:00 AM, immorethant said:

    This below link got lots of beautiful & high quality photos from a fan.

    Oh my @immorethant this person had the best high quality pics.

    Thank YOU, you wanderer of mother earth looking under every nook and cranny for SHS stories and artifacts. Bless you! :rolleyes:

    copyright chmampiright, have to share at least just one....




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  15. 7 hours ago, Auntie Mame said:

    However, I have no delusions that any parent, watching this drama, will identify him/herself with the characters.  Even if they are an exact replica of one of the characters, they will disavow any resemblance  to it. ("That's not me." :lol:)

    This is what the 5th Amendment is for.


    In other news...


    From http://www.rekorea.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=repu4&wr_id=331




    Love it. Surprise to absolutely no one, #1 brand reputation name for actors, above Hyun Bin and Song HK - Yum Jung-Ah!  Congrats!! :w00t:


    Really love it. Goes to show - drama productions are team work - highest paid lead actors and actresses do not a championship produce!



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  16. hello @hanniey Welcome to the thread and to the forum overall if you're new! :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I for one will do my best to be L's fan in everything now that he's working with SHS. I think we're all quite open-minded about every actor/actress SHS gets to work with here. I did and still have objection to a particular character in one of her previous works, but nothing personal against any actors. :w00t:

    I know that some of us may have seemed like we got carried away in the 'One and Only Love' thread (shall we shorten it as OAOL or OOL or DOL for 'Dan, Only Love'??) with speculations or wishing out loud who we want as the male lead in her next role, and yes, that's partly (mainly?) what we do here in this thread, spazzing out over male leads - but I hope you feel free to express yourself in anyway you feel here, in support of any actors or actresses who work with SHS, and also post in the drama thread since that one has lacked any input from L's fandom (which I understand to be pretty vast).


    One thing L and SHS seem to have in common, they don't update their Instagram much, do they?







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