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  1. What would OJD have been w/o Uee? (Her) Colorful & Moving Acting*** *** Moving, as in 'her acting moved my heart'. *** Colorful, as in 'Indian Pitta' Bird - 팔색조, . Pitta brachyura From http://m.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201803110819420410&r=1#07pz Excerpt: To KKW, while acting tough on the outside, showing her soft inside filled with fears, to Park Min-Jee and Jeong Eun-Soo showing her frank and pitiful side, from the dangerous Choi Sung-Jae (Oh Byung-Chul role) feeling acute fear, etc., (Uee) morphing into a huge range and variety of emotions, commanding an unparalleled screen presence.... I would have to agree that she's doing a great job so far. Ep 3, like Ep 1, was a bit overdone on her part and also her friends' over-reactions, but Ep 4 had much to like. The hicky accent dialog between Uee (HSJ) and KKW (OJD / Hyuk) at the supper table after she comes back to find him humming and cooking was my favorite, just so grateful he hadn't left. She tries to imitate his accent (Korean word for accent is 'sah-too-ree', for those interested) at one point, and it's very well done. So is the scene next morning where she finds herself flustered over his oozing masculinity and she yells at him, then once out of her house and the gate shut behind her complains under her breath about how he's not properly dressed for the cold weather, then walks off, with a mischievous-est grin - that was just golden. Well done, Uee. You're improving at age 30, although not so convincing as a 35 year old in this role. I'll overlook it. LoL
  2. Yes so I don't know why I didn't notice how obvious the accents were in the first couple of eps, but it's clearly supposed to be Choong-Chung (or spelled Chung-Cheong lately) province accent by all the ajummas and the kind and trustworthy grandma. The Goo-Ra Village they mention is also there, although not a well known place as far as I know. It's the same version and severity of accent used as in Uee's early work, Oh-Jak-Gyo brothers, and she must be quite happy to be doing OJD with all her fond memories of that work (OJG Bro), the accents and the country-side nostalgia. I say supposed to be because if you go visit that province lately nobody has that extreme an accent, including people that were born there long ago, ha ha. Overlooking it as artistic license to make us city slickers feel all the more of that 'sympatico'. Sold me on it. The other more important thing is that when Hyuk messages his old buddy to pick up the latest Gayageum he just finished overnight while Uee snored, his accent drops again completely - he talks like a 'yankee', ha ha. I hope this friend stays a true friend and doesn't turn on him, but I bet he'll turn on Hyuk at least once before he comes crawling back - that actor seems to have been typecast into that kind of role, iirc. I kind of liked KKW just fine with the hair and the scruffy hair. He looks like he's trying to put a spell on Uee without mercy now. Hyuk have mercy! She's already a goner. And the preview for next week looked really great, no angsty conflict, just the mellow rom-com melodrama. I had no idea how much I'd missed this hackneyed old genre!
  3. I feel guilty posting here, kind of like I'm pulling a DK imitation coming back after goodbyes, but all you guys' excellent insights and posts make me at least want to acknowledge how helpful your efforts can be to some of us, to wrap things up and somewhat rationalize or justify our energy spent on this drama as not having been completely wasted. What we post here is purely for our sanity and satisfaction and is also a bit of patting ourselves on our back for having had some insight into what the writer may have tried to do although it feels she failed ultimately. Maybe more important to applaud her in her efforts than to condemn her too harshly for trying at all. How the story ends in the last 2 episodes is irrelevant now, since I feel like much of your insights help us get to the crux of the story, or the writer's intent. So I can post opinions here without any worries of feeling completely foolish regardless of what the writer does now. I thought the 2 eps extension was simply to accommodate or appease the general public by giving the 1 week dating scenes since there may be too much outcry if even that much isn't allowed of the OTP by the writer, who had in mind a tragedy from the beginning. But, alas Your insight here seems plausible, and perhaps the writer was able to do both these things, make a stronger case for Jian's desperate attempt to salvage something for her torture, and somehow the 2 eps extension wasn't simply for sadistic fan service and shameless ratings grab. So that's one of the weakest parts of the writer's story line. I never saw any real hint of her 'greed' that made her blind in the early goings, and there was really no justification that it was greed that drove her to the quick move-in to the rich house. The other, bigger weak part of the story of course is that she had to fall so much in love for such an unworthy character - this never looked convincing, and it was the story's big undoing. No grounds for her or anyone to feel it was a 'shameful' anything. She hadn't abandoned anyone. So the reason for attempted suicide was weak, and the reason for her behavior in falling for kokoschka after the miraculous rescue from death was even weaker. She really has no one to blame for not rejecting the cluelessly bad man sooner. I think the writer is trying to pin some blame on him for being so forceful, but really, she smiled way too much and give him way too much quarter even after the outburst of Ep 26 (see what she does at the beginning of Ep 27, where she calms down seconds after that epic rage and takes the check and even thanks him again), etc. So unfortunately, brilliantly acted portrayal of an insane person who keeps going back to her poison can't help me admire the actress, I am realizing. Learned much about my limits. I hope SHS does take her time to select her next project, very carefully. Sorry I have nothing really positive to add, but reluctantly I feel I should add that the writer had other goings on in the SK political realm that she had to also be careful to negotiate around, like the former president's heavy sentencing, tied to chaebol conviction and release, and the metoo movement raging in the SK news every day for the last few weeks, etc. It seems in hindsight like a particularly bad timing to have chosen this drama subject matter which was always going to be tricky anyways, and her insistence on the particular casting didn't help matters either. Everything we had feared in July and August but had hoped for the best.
  4. Actually Hyuk's accent isn't clear enough to tell where he's from. He has a rather kind and slow disposition and seems like he can't hurt a rodent, so he could be from Choong-Cheong province, but so far it seems like a mixture of different accents, possibly hinting at his faking of it.
  5. Yes for sure. And to tell the truth, I don't think the master craftsmanship matters as much for the sound quality of this particular instrument (gayageum), as compared to the violins or cellos with a sound chamber. Frankly I never thought about it but will do some reading to find out if there's something real there. Important point is that whether in astronomy or music, Koreans are very proud of their unique traditions and long standing history in these fields and will thoroughly exploit every little tidbit from their historical elements to make really good just-so sounding stories to the average soompiers and fans the world over. For that I am grateful.
  6. Aaah the wordsmith strikes again. Sorry I actually kind of broke an unspoken rule here plugging another thread so blatantly. Please allow me my coping mechanism, friends, this whole thread has been our coping mechanism hasn't it? Funny how that name 'Hyuk' has grown on me, and my endearment to the other Hyuk I found was from the sum total of all the warm fuzzys of our original Hyuk here before the loca damsel started rejecting him to her own demise. To me, it's no small consolation that there's at least one more Hyuk to root for now. I find him worthy, and hope he doesn't get weak-legged and vacillating between his old love and his new love too much - but there, I see no conflict no matter what happens - mgl, it's been all conflict every exhausting step of the way. @mglthrw8 I gif'ed the ugly scenes from Ep 37, 38, 39 and all that, but I couldn't see the point of uploading them (I did put one in SHS thread, but it's too ugly to look back on - it was more of a gravemarker).
  7. I think so, but I hope it's not too creepy like in My Suspicious Partner. Just enough for KKW to kick the perp's a** , rescue Uee, help her heal, and drive the OTP closer together. His old buddy who almost turned him in at the flea market told him to go underground since he only refrained from snitching on him this once for the sake of their master teacher / gayageum maker, and doesn't feel like he can keep from blowing his cover the next time. I have to say Uee's always been best at roles where she is the underdog. @larus THANK YOU for this thread! You are very busy creating lots of great threads, aren't you? And hello to everyone here. I am here officially as a refugee from the My (not at all) Golden Life thread where I've been deprived for 6 months. I don't even know how I stumbled upon ths drama but 2 hours later, here I am, unable to contain my enthusiasm for the first time in a long time. I agree with all the comments here, and there's so much to like here in this story. I think 16 eps would be just fine, and not sure if 24 might make it worse (after 50+ in MGL, shorter is better), but just glad I can look forward to the next week instead of dreading it. I've always liked KKW, but had wished to see him in a real 'good guy' role, so I am very happy to see that in OJD (Oh Jak Doo). One thing that makes his character, Hyuk, more interesting which may not be obvious to the viewers relying on subs is that he has a strong Kyung-Sang province (southern) accent when he acts like the country bumpkin in the woods. Turns out when he was fighting in the back alley with his old buddy who almost snitched, his accent goes away, so he doesn't actually talk like that to people who may know him from past. He sure acts as though he's never been to Seoul or any big city, so it waits to be seen when and under what circumstances he decided to go into hiding (sounds like after the death of his master, when he decided to devote his life to the instrument making and one fine one a year at that). But in his wood shop working alone on his instruments, we can tell he is not at all the simple country bumpkin that Uee presumes that he is at the moment, rather a serious artisan and a lover of music and wood - the thoroughly masculine mountain man that has probably gone extinct on the Korean peninsula long ago and is all the more attractive to us modern humans. Very good point, @Lmangla, and I hope the 24eps develops this point and presents a balanced approach with both sides of the perspectives presented well. Most of all, for me, this drama is such a breath of fresh air because of the simple scene of the two in his cabin where Hyuk is every bit the chivalrous, decent, respectful, unassuming, humble, man, absolutely not full of himself, the absolute antidote to the clueless ChaeBol buffoon I've been scarred by for the las 6 months. I offer you, the scene from Ep 2 near the end at the street crossing where he proposes: He had me on 'I woants to doo it'.
  8. Chingoos, I tried to compose something worthwhile to say in the other thread, but just got too nauseated reading the other posts even now. I gave up. This drama is not worthy of our contribution because when we start to reason thru and say something positive, we end up sounding as crazy as the writer has made these characters, wasting breath on absurd characters that do whatever the writer wants totally opposite of expectations every 2 episodes - it's the most insulting thing to your intelligence. I've come to despise all the characters, including Jian, believe it or not. Yea, watching MGL is toxic and just makes me seriously meechuttso (loco), so I don't think I can muster up the energy to write even one more post there. The Ep 51 preview with more scenes of getting down on knees, crying and saying so sorry, sorry just makes me cringe even harder now. However, in a strange twist, I have found a Hyuk! You have to get to episode 2 before you realize his name is Hyuk. I probably would not find this drama so refreshing if not for 6+ months of deprivation on MGL, my godawful life. The contrast was amazing. Although Uee had flopped on her 'hole' drama after turning Jian's role down, I think she is the smart, lucky actress after all, steering clear of godawfullife, with this new role which is bit of a twist on contract marriage again. I won't give it away, but I swear, just a bit of ep 2 where this new Hyuk shows chivalry, respect, decency and real concern for the female stranger, a damsel in distress, yes, was such a balm to my parched soul looking for some human kindness and selflessness from the male lead in a story (which I have yet to find in all 50 eps of godawfullife combined). I don't care for the strong woman beginning of godawfullife because since ep 26 she's degenerated into this inexplicably vacillating and unable to keep herself from 'loving' the kokoschka character that nobody respects anymore - I am finding that at least in a drama, I need a man who speaks and behaves tenderly to a woman than a strong woman who doesn't need anyone or goes back and forth 25x in 50 episodes.
  9. Congrats! Yes beyond badly stumbled, but she's trying to do something in spite of her failings. I feel a gif coming on for the first time in a long long while. Well said for the umpteenth time, but can't be said enough no matter how many times repeated. I can't say I kept the faith. I had given up on the writer. JiAn alone is sufficient for me. I shall take up these points in the main thread where they belong now, but will take some time to compose the thoughts properly. I encourage you guys more articulate than me to also feel free to express your thoughts there again, even if in short summary.
  10. Wow, @mglthrw8 , your crystalline gems of thoughts and ideas introduced here deserve my going back on my goodbye to at least give a 'like', it's so novel but helpful to me. Thank you and @titania1000 for your thoroughly enjoyable exchange here.