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  1. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Yes! @immorethant you got it right. He wants to date her. Hey you can't beat a soccer player for stamina. What he might lack in stature... And she can become the "Pretty Noona who < buys > me < insert double entendre word of choice here or in the verb >". But this is almost too good to be true. You mean I can flip on netflix anywherre and binge 3hrs of her beauteous bounties, or flip on sbs awards on new year's eve and just soak in 3 more hours of her gabbing with the other MC and get to see what else she can surprise us with? Nah, you guys are pulling my leg. Go back about 50 pages and I used to count her screen time on sbs by not minutes, but seconds!
  2. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    The ending was most abrupt, like death itself. Wow, episode 3 was nearly perfect. I wanted more of her singing, was all. Put together as a whole, these 3 brief, subtle and understated, even somewhat spartan dialog episodes with very little fat, brought so much focus and attention to the raw magnificence of the beauty of Shin Hye-Sun the actress and of course to the artist and flawed human being Yoon Shim-Duck, that I can't imagine a better way to have presented this deeply tragic tale. Bravo to Shin Hye-Sun. This work will stand the test of time. She should be so proud of it. And I am so proud of her yet once again, feeling so privileged to be watching her now, truly moved by this experience and not as mere entertainment.
  3. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Thank you guys, for all the updates and beautiful sentiments for our girlcrush. I found ep 2 quite subdued and a pall was hanging over the whole story, as it should. Overall I loved the understatedness and the minimalistic approach to the story-telling, juxtaposed with Shim-Duck's fabulous frilly dresses and couture overall. Definitely a gif bonanza for sure. But that will have to wait for my RL to let me breathe.... So happy to see so many facets of this gem of an actress each day.
  4. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    That's so awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome. Wish I could go. Good one. This hauntingly doleful, lovely image is a keeper - another in a long line of iconic SHS moving images. @immorethant thanks for all the previews.
  5. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Thanks @kokkuri33 Waa, so many pretty gifs. Can't do 'em all, so I start with one. You all join me please.
  6. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    This, your post, was reply number 2000! Congrats @immorethant !!!! I'm just so happy to be watching her blossom in every way as an artist. Thank you all you chingoos on this happy thread. Viva Shin Hye-Sun!
  7. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Oh so many beautiful Korean actresses on so many screens. Yet just as I felt in early 2016, this one, I keep staring at. This one, so different and stands out. Transporting me yet again to another place with each new story.
  8. Their first encounter - "난 별로" (meaning 'meh')
  9. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Took time out of work to find a stream live. Never has Shin Hye-Sun glowed radiantly like this on screen. Every scene she sparkled and gleamed and took my breath away. I am astonished at her genius. Her continually surprising new revelation with each new work she takes on. Her Japanese, too, sounded wonderful to my ears. Move over, Go Ae-Shin, here's Yoon Shim-Duck who slays us with her vocal cord.
  10. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    In terresting take @immorethant. Thanks, to you and @kokkuri33for all the updates Next post is p99, so enjoy posting ur fav pix.