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  1. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    This is just awesome. Although I've sort of been taking a breather while it's quiet, not watching any dramas, either, this place has never been happier for me as it is now, since we have such devoted and insightful fangirls and fanboyz now. This is a seriously astute and observant post! For a noob fan of SHS, you hit it on the nail, and articulated for us all here what she's about! I felt she was like Seo Jian a bit in real life, but never thought that she might have taken the Seori role becoz she's making up for lost time like her! Makes sense! That's totally her! Thank you noob J-minion - you're already initiated, @jakey09!!! And I just love that pic with Seori lying on her back on the ground at the park - where did u find that, @immorethant?? And did u make all the 3 idol compare side by side pics? Such pretty pics of all the gals. Thank you for all the warm happy glowing gems you guys make here!
  2. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Hello and WELCOME, @jakey09 ! Yes I think if there's any questions about SHS, this here is the right place on the web for English speaking fans - @immorethant is a SHS savant. We're very proud of her freak-level knowledge of all things SHS, down to 2mm precision in all her answers. I knew you couldn't stay away for long @kokkuri33 with such gorgeous baseball pics of you know who. I liked that you linked her baseball backroom video clip on your post in @Lmangla's thread. The BB BTS, yes! @immorethant did you get her kayaking pics from here: https://theqoo.net/square/1005558946 Since we're doing all retro pics lately, here's a high fiving one from there. Yes, she bites often. Happy Valentine's Everyone!!
  3. Thank you @immorethant for all the updates, Chingoo! I love that Kim In-Kwon (the 'senior' actor on the YNK team) is on-board! And Kim Bo-Mi, while always in annoying roles, is a very fine actress too!
  4. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Hola friends, I can't believe this is like my first post here in February. Thank you all for keeping the place beautiful with all the lovely posts and thoughts! This long clip you found @immorethant is awesome! Love how complete it is. @kokkuri33 I LOVEd your post. You're such an able, most dedicated spokesperson for Shin HyeSun! Thank you! Extra points for Lee Tae-Hwan rubber glove pics from MGL, one of the only few eps I still would watch again over and over all with LTH and SHS. I can't find anything but reposts, but here are some adorables from 'She was Pretty' that I haven't seen much before. source All I can assume is how dedicated she is to her movie shoot right now, and she's so focused to bring us an amazing first lead performance on silver screen soon, that she can't be distracted with SNS posts and updates? Yes I definitely give our 믿고보는배우 (mitt bo babe - actress you trust and watch) the benefit of the doubt!
  5. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs-dtXvBNRS/ Wow the silence is deafening here. And I don't like one bit that she got pushed back to page 4 already. Remembering a timeless scene that I can watch again and again still. Stay warm, everyone, remembering that she's probably hard at work doing the Innocent movie shoot in the cold every day! Oori baby Shin Hye-Sun fighting!!
  6. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Partners in Crime for Life! Ye she really likes showing off all the times she met SHS in person. Good for her I say. We need more fans like her.
  7. Hola Fans. Someone posted this from the set of "Innocent" to SHS fanclub. Bae Jong-Ok looks so happy here, and Shin Hye-Sun, I didn't recognize her at first as the actress - I thought someone had dug up her old middle school pics. Love it! And I don't know if this obvious group pic was taken at the beginning or the end of the shooting, but I hope they're wrapping it up!
  8. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Oh, oh, oh my. This from her fanclub on the set of Innocent (movie 결백), apparently, but boy does she remind me of some of my actual middle school friends the way her hair's done. And her mom (Bae Jong-Ok) really looks like moms I know from countryside, tanned and earthy. I had to do a double take on that one. I thought it was some who dug up her school pics. This must mean the shoot is wrapped up or close to it!?? EDIT: Oh my @immorethant this person had the best high quality pics. Thank YOU, you wanderer of mother earth looking under every nook and cranny for SHS stories and artifacts. Bless you! copyright chmampiright, have to share at least just one....
  9. <<== Do these 5 sum up the story nicely?? Or is it a story of a cupid firing a boomerang'ed arrow and getting shot on his gluteus?
  10. That took long enough !!! Now we have proof that she's actually doing this drama. What a relief....
  11. meechuttso

    [Drama 2018-2019] SKY Castle, SKY 캐슬

    This is what the 5th Amendment is for. In other news... From http://www.rekorea.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=repu4&amp;wr_id=331 Love it. Surprise to absolutely no one, #1 brand reputation name for actors, above Hyun Bin and Song HK - Yum Jung-Ah! Congrats!!
  12. I hereby propose a new simple emoticon spelling of "Dan, Only Love". Dan-><- LYS (get it? the angel and the blind??) Plug for angeL http://asianwiki.com/L_(Kim_Myung-Soo) https://www.instagram.com/kim_msl/
  13. meechuttso

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    hello @hanniey Welcome to the thread and to the forum overall if you're new! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I for one will do my best to be L's fan in everything now that he's working with SHS. I think we're all quite open-minded about every actor/actress SHS gets to work with here. I did and still have objection to a particular character in one of her previous works, but nothing personal against any actors. I know that some of us may have seemed like we got carried away in the 'One and Only Love' thread (shall we shorten it as OAOL or OOL or DOL for 'Dan, Only Love'??) with speculations or wishing out loud who we want as the male lead in her next role, and yes, that's partly (mainly?) what we do here in this thread, spazzing out over male leads - but I hope you feel free to express yourself in anyway you feel here, in support of any actors or actresses who work with SHS, and also post in the drama thread since that one has lacked any input from L's fandom (which I understand to be pretty vast). One thing L and SHS seem to have in common, they don't update their Instagram much, do they?
  14. With the child actress to play the younger Lee Yeon-Seo's role. Maybe she's a ballerina. And L's sitting to the right of SHS, at the meal after the first script reading.
  15. Thanks @Ni Wen I like the spartan lines and pencil drawn sketch concepts. Makes me curious how that will translate onto the screen. The articles all say pretty much the same things already posted. No new info yet. I must be patient....