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  1. Those are prolly just haters who didn't even watch the drama.
  2. It's gonna be too unrealistic for them to get into a relationship this early into the game. CSH will be under a lot of pressure and she knows her lifestyle wouldn't match with that of KJH. She seems like someone who would like to think things through. This is a realistic direction from the writer and I agree with that.
  3. Just looking at the updates on this thread excites me! I can't wait 'til the weekend to watch this! The visual in this series is no joke!
  4. Pilot episode this week!!! I'm looking forward to seeing their stories told! Let's pray for the success of this series!
  5. Teasers are awesome! They look great together!
  6. The visuals are unbelievable!
  7. I'm soooo stoked to see this! Lovin' the trailer!
  8. I will miss Wondeuk and Hongshim. They really look great together.
  9. Oh no! I'm gonna have serious withdrawal symptoms here. I will miss WD and HS.
  10. Episode 11 was filled with cute and sweet moments for our OTP but then the ending floored me. I can't watch episode 12 yet and decided to just read the transcript. It lessened the blow, but I still hurt for them. I saw the preview for the next episode and I feel like I'm gonna read through it too. I might just wait for it to end and rewatch the whole thing all over again.
  11. Now I'm torn if I should watch episdoe 12. I'll definitely watch episode 11 but I feel like waiting it out until it ends will lessen the pain of episode 12. I can't deal.