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  1. I hope they'd have a reunion project soon.
  2. Their first anniversary is nearing! I wonder if they will get to celebrate it together.
  3. That's what I thought too. Anyhoo... Funny result on our YSY's lie detector test on 1N2D.
  4. Same here. Never felt like what she did was justified just because the crown prince didn't even want to touch her. She had him assassinated just to keep her stature. She's a lowlife living the life of a royal. Nope, no deal.
  5. Been looking forward to watching this as I have been a fan of YKS since seeing him as Moohyul in 6FD. I feel bad for him though, seeing how he is not being warmly received for the role. Anyhoo, hope this will be a success.
  6. ^Oh, so they just visited and it's not part of an episode. Gutaeng is missed.
  7. I super love that curly hair on him. He looks so young and fresh.
  8. Our YSY is up for an APAN this year! He's up against other great actors. Let's cross our fingers!
  9. The production of this drama is very mysterious. From the script reading, to the filming. I love how Kyo looks with her short hair and how Bogum looks with his long hair. I'm super excited to watch this.
  10. The latest episode was a roller coaster ride. It was funny and heartwarming at the same time.
  11. It's October 1st! They're about to spend their first year anniversary!
  12. I'm missing our couple. Watching their moments on YT. Anybody doing the same?