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  1. Shinhwa only won one game because Defconn burped. But the 1N2D boys still did better at the relay with the time. But that was sooooo funny! The 1N2D boys worked pretty well in this trip and it was funny how Donggu has improved in ball games. And ChamChamCham while sleeping was funny too!!! How Shinhwa kept on losing was very entertaining. They even went hiking. Super loved this episode.
  2. I'm sad that there's no episode this week. But, it's understandable. It's just that the last episode ended when KH lost his consciousness. Waaah!!!
  3. I really don't mind the age gap. I've seen A secret Affair and the leads' age gap there is monumental compared to this one, but the chemistry was there. It worked well with the story. I'm excited to see their chemistry and the story.
  4. The latest episodes were really touching. The scene between KH and his mom, when he visited and slept over was bittersweet. It showed that their mom might have favored SH more, but she also loved KH. They would prolly explain this at the latter part of the series. Also, the scene where KH was preparing to meet-up with SE then changed his mind was sad. He looked excited one moment, then torn the next. He's falling for her but he knows that he's living a lie and she will be hurt and afraid that she might reject him if she finds out the truth about him. It breaks my heart.
  5. allythefangirl

    [Drama 2014] Misaeng 미생 Incomplete Life

    I just recently started watching this. But I can't seem to get past episode 7. It just hits close to home. This is such a relatable office drama. I vow to finish this and prepare myself for the rest of the drama.
  6. I want to know SH's back story too. I have judged the mom and SH for their treatment of KH. I feel for KH as he lived a hard life. But I love that he is street smart and as a judge, he may need SE's assistance but his experience has helped him in making decisions too. YSY's face when he was sentencing the drunk driver was priceless. It sent chills down my spine. He may act silly as KH most of the time, but his range of emotions is unending. Ddabong!
  7. I'm excited to see this week's episodes. I normally wait until the all the episodes are done and subbed before watching. Seeing your reactions, I'm more excited to see it. I really like the chemistry between the cast. And all of them are good at their designated roles.
  8. ^Right?! Because it seems like SH was a judge bought and paid for. And it would be such a waste if those scums that KH convicted get a free pass because of that. Another thing that bothered me is the fact that SH just let KH be and thought that it will be better because KH will definitely end up dead. Can't believe that a twin can think like that. That scene where KH found the family registry and only saw their mom and SH's name on it was heart breaking. And somehow, I felt sorry for the mom. She tries so hard for SH but he ignores her. She takes KH for granted, but despite all that, KH loves her and will do everything to protect her. Aaahhhh! There's a lot of notable things happening in this drama!
  9. I'm just wondering, if the truth about KH comes out, what would happen to the sentences that he has rendered as a judge in place of SH? I know that I shouldn't be worried about this. But the last case of the drunk idol who killed a pregnant woman really got to me and I was pissed. Great acting from all of the actors, especially the one who played the idol. She was so convincing and I wanted to strangle her neck. LOL! I love how KH's character is evolving. YSY is such a brilliant actor. I understand why he was over the top at the start of the drama for KH. It was needed for the role.
  10. Super enjoyed the trip with shinhwa! Plot twist after plot twist! From the relay to the games in the museum. And Junho is just sooo extra in this episode. Poor defconn, though. He got the most slaps. I wanna know who will sleep in the abandoned school. Can't wait for the next episode!
  11. Reply 1988 Descendants Of the Sun It's OK, That's Love A Secret Affair Six Flying Dragons
  12. ^They were prolly dating by that time. I still can't believe that they're married. I smile to myself when I realize that all of our speculations before were true.