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  1. I totally agree with you @grake and @avondale16 There is this one scene at the kitchen which Dani gave EH a long look after he confessed that age, kid and the divorcee status do not turn him off at all. She questioned him that he would date a divorcee and told him to come to his senses? I think she kinda known what was coming but like you said above, she was thinking the best for him and brushed him off telling him to come to his senses. And that annoyed and frustrated him further. Yea, hopefully today, we see him revealing MORE. Please do, Cha Eun Ho ... you are making us suffocating too ...
  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you @ibru Just wanna say to you - what a LOVE-ly edit ! Thank you - please do MORE
  3. Yeaaa @Rania Zeid @ibru has been very, very, very hardworking - really appreciate her continuing effort here! Kamsahamnida We are so bliss and blessed to have so many photos , updates and news of Jong Suk-ssi lately - did not expect the ESQUIRE OMEGA Video - hehe! Soon, we have the HighCutStar and God knows, what else he has on his sleeves ... way to go, Mr Lee!
  4. no wonder she has been missing for some days ... praying it's just a glitch and that she come back here soon.
  5. Thank you @_gillianne19_ for sharing the clip on the - from "I am in this book" to "I made this book" real quick - this is really GOOD! And @frozentundra Eun Ho won't do what Kang Chul did ... he is a Chief Editor - he knows the hard work, just like you So blessed of late that Jong Suk - ssi has been posting and updating a lot , including his AManProject2018 team. And thanks @ibru , @Rania Zeid @lanieqp0415 and others who have been constantly updating the pages - my heartfelt appreciation to all
  6. Not sure these news have been shared here , anyway, great news of our Jong Suk- ssi Many thanks to @rcnwann for her edits
  7. Thanks @ibru for the 100th anniversary "The life of Kim Woo-jin, a genius playwright" feature documentary - interesting ! 100 years ! Wow! And to @frozentundra - well said! Was initially apprehensive when I heard about the negative elements that were inevitably unavoidable in the HOD drama because these are pretty sensitive issues. For the drama to be comprehensible, these factors, including filial piety and being responsible towards parents / ancestry, propelled the real pair to do the unthinkable - some would say foolish but who are we to judge, considering the circumstances. The feelings of loss, despair, deep anguish and love. Well, as you said, we need to be kind, if not, be more tolerant., with our words and actions. Thanks for the reminder, Frozie. We don't know how certain words can hurt or heal people. Everyone we meet has a story to tell. Very well made drama despite the short 3-hour story-line - smooth flow of plots, neat and easy to understand for non-korean like me. I hereby salute the PD-nim, writer-nim and crew for their hard work , of course, with the brilliant performance of the actors that bring the drama to life, touching the hearts of many. Even now my tears flow when I see certain clips coupled with the soulful OST 1 song that is still echoing in my mind. Have to switch it off , else my parents will wonder why my eyes are red, welling with tears .. haha! Well, back to real life - i hope to laugh more at JS's new drama with Lee Na Young. My heartiest congrats to Jong Suk-ssi and Hye Sun-ssi and HOD production team!
  8. Thanks @ibru for all the teaser clips. Oh my .. there is one where Yun Sim Deok was trying to cover her blushing smile by the beach? How one can avoid not being so! Just look at the clips by the bench, by the beach - the way Kim Woo Jin looking at her, his smiles were so tender and endearing. Geeeez ... am melting
  9. Thank you so much @lanieqp0415 for the clarification. Glad to know that he and his team would be in good hands. Media being media, they kinda put up or quote in such a way to ensure high viewership. The news spinned such a way that they have brought positive publicity to Jong Suk-ssi and his management company. Wishing him, team and the fans, best moments to come! Enjoy yours too @lanieqp0415 - the moment is like a gift, as he put it.
  10. Well said @lanieqp0415 and thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures .. would agree to your 2nd line that have shaped him fabulously beautiful and humble, in view of his endurance and patience.
  11. Thanks for the translation @ibru Cant help feeling so proud that the email address has his name in it - it proves that he means business, a formidable one, in that aspect. LIke the facts that he and team recognise that we as netizens feel concerned about his and his team's affairs. Very thoughtful indeed. Way to go, Jong Suk-ssi !
  12. Hello Hello! Just saw this and thanks for all the first! I am feeling excited too .. u know , the kinda feeling like how you would be seeing your crush for FIRST time? imagine after so many years, you finally get to be so close, close to her or him
  13. Thanks @frozentundra for the update on DF and Viki. And @ibru I truly love your captions ... just to re-cap the few below -- Jong Suk -ssi truly shined yesterday at the AM F/W Collection Event Lee Jong Suk, sculpture is walking ... Lee Jong Suk, Fluorescent Visual Shine Lee Jong-Suk, a man more beautiful than a rose Lee Jong Suk, Three buttons are basic Lee Jong Suk, the A-"Man" amongst the roses , slaying us with his gaze and moves ... and there are not enough words to describe him
  14. Thanks @frozentundra for sharing the beautiful video with the right anecdotes at the right moments. Credit to the owner. Missing the couple much