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  1. Ok, the translation is bad and i don't really understand some of the comments but I see these words "not beautiful", "not a goddess" and "ugly". These are indeed absurd comments. There are always people who have nothing better to do and go around saying ridiculous things. Nah I'm not upset or bothered, because anyone can see for themselves how beautiful she is in and out
  2. Finally... our Yeon Seo! This should be her in ballet training though. Although what I really want to see is her being seen filming on the streets like L... those fancams. Still waiting...
  3. I hope it keeps to its original plan to air as a Mon-Tues drama. But KBS is always so unpredictable. Hoping it would be 20 episodes too. Always want more of Hyesun. Was so upset when 30 but 17 became 16 episodes instead of 20, its ratings was good at that time too. Well, things always don't go as we wish
  4. Thanks for the translation. At first, I thought it was the two second leads filming in the mountains. So it's a teambuilding trip instead? I have to agree that KBS marketing and promotion of this drama is less than desired. Probably fans can do a better job than them. Cannot understand why it's so difficult to post a script reading pic. And definitely can't understand why they like to post then delete a few hours later. Like they never think before posting? Or they decided to post later? Ok whatever. Wow, such massive ad space... L fans are very rich Our dear Hae Sun girl is very busy training for ballet and to walk in the dark. No time for mountain climbing lol
  5. Kbs IG just posted on the drama but I don't see our HS . Anyway hope they don't delete the post again later Hyesun and her manager is tagged in this post. Dialogue in the Dark is an experience and guided tour where everything from eating to walking across a river is done in the dark. Could she be doing some training to walk in the dark for her blind ballerina role? Or i think too much?
  6. Yeah she's standing beside Tae Hang Ho. I hope this movie will screen in my country and I can watch her in the cinema! I think she's at her skinniest now especially her at the edaily cultural awards. Which is why I think she's keeping herself too busy going from one movie to a drama. I kinda miss Yeon Tae's cute chubby cheeks Thanks @jakey09 I really hope to see her new drama image soon. This sort of gives out some real cold vibes of an intense ballerina
  7. For a moment I thought u mean Sung Hoon as in SH. After reading the whole thing it doesn't make sense if it's Sung Hoon. I think you meant HS right? I can't wait to see her filming pics too!
  8. Yes I'm still waiting to catch Yeon Seo in action. All but the female lead is still missing! When can we ever get to see our "very busy but stingy with fan service" Hyesun girl. If L fans or Lee Dong Gun fans in korea happen to stumble upon their filming, please do us a favour and snap her photo. We will be ultra grateful
  9. We haven't seen her in any filming yet so let's wait in anticipation! That was just the first script reading. Hope someone post her filming photo soon so that we can get to see her Yeonseo look!
  10. I agree so much with this. The vibes he gives out is just so aloof... no wonder that body expression at that meal gathering after the first script reading. Maybe because he's an idol?
  11. Sorry! We posted the same thing at the same time Did you see the Facebook link!? So exciting hee! Please post more still photos. I like that scene of the two leads saying their lines! May... May, when are you coming? Oh I didn't notice the change of title. What a long title this is
  12. So happy seeing her updates at the Innocent wrap up party. Good to see her cheery face! Please eat and rest more dear Hyesun! And finally some updates of Dan My Only Love!! From KBS World facebook. This is different from the above clip. But I'm upset they only mentioned Kim Myungsoo in that post. https://www.facebook.com/171137272905826/posts/2331952770157588/ Getting excited yay!
  13. Awww, you are making me miss Yeontae-Sangmin couple again! I still wish I could see them reunite in a drama but this round as leads. These two are already in lead status now anyway. I still feel they have got the best chemistry in all of Haesun's dramas.
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