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  1. It's so unfathomable that dramas in Korea always have to make way for sports coverage. Don't they have a sports channel? My country is providing live coverage of the Asian Games too but no drama or programmes are cancelled because there's a channel for any live sports events. Sadddd... after waiting for a week we only have one episode . The preview looks promising though I'm looking forward!
  2. Wow thanks for this... l learnt something. Now I know why she's drawing a crescendo when she sees WJ!
  3. WJW and YSJ filming together... probably something to do with the violin professor too?
  4. You are so right... acquired! After watching her in Five Children for the first time and got captivated by her superb acting, I couldn't stop watching her ever since!
  5. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Yes these two was the best ever ship, never over the top, and so natural. And I have never stop wishing that one day they will meet again in another drama as leads or even best a movie like what @meechuttso had said! If that really happens i will be jumping for joy! Let's continue to hope for that to happen! Don't stop hoping! Yes @sunshine92 I shipped them so much then too and till now still miss them a lot. Will never forget how we love the YeonSang couple! And how I got to know and love these two.
  6. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    It's mutual, dear! Sung Hoon still and strongly remains my number 1 favourite co star of SHS too! I'm happy that both are doing so well now!
  7. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Although she was a bit childish there, there were moments throughout the episodes when she wasn't and those were gems. As a matter of fact there was only this one single scene i found her to be childish.... the one of her crying in the park and honestly i didn't like that scene. But the rest was not that bad, rather to say she's simply simple. This may be her silliest or most childish role to date but a good actress shouldn't just limit herself. I'm glad she took on this drama and displayed a different SHS. Yeah and thanks for the gifs! Love them!!
  8. This scene cracked me up. Seori is so cute here! To think she treasured a brown paper bag that this guy flinged to the floor like rubbish! Her expression is priceless, "that's my bag!" and I realised that's really her bag as she brought it to work the next day. After which Hee Soo gave her a bag. That's such small details that this drama is showing in every little scene! And I'm actually glad that the kiss had not happened yet. As always, they go into a nice romantic mood and SOMETHING funny is bound to happen. First the plunger then the onions hahaha! And Deukgoo must be laughing at her two crazy owners! They are obviously attracted to each other already and I love their "some" relationship (Korean context) now. They need to heal before moving on which is why I love the writer's pace slowly building up their relationship, opening up to each other before they can move on to their next stage and finding out Seori's identity. Love the train scene and that Polaroid pic. And absolutely loved that beach scene... Our otp showed what great acting skills is! And as always, Shin Hyesun never disappoints me.
  9. Oh i think I might have missed watching that part! Wow you are observant! Now, I'm so excited to watch how the story brings us back to this scene!
  10. Hmmm... the preview doesn't seems to shows that she saw the picture. I bet someone will call her or something else happened so she won't see it. So yes pd will troll us for sure Why @Mau_Cherry what's with Chan?
  11. New filming scenes? What's our Seori doing... moving house? No... i dont want her to move out!! And in new clothes again... I'm starting to miss the grey/pink outfit now hahahaha! Oh she's also got a bag now