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  1. This got me in disbelief! CJH as a male lead not appearing in the extended episodes is as ridiculous as when a overweight average looking Na Wang Shik turned into a handsome suave lad. After planning for so long to get into the palace for revenge, he disappears suddenly in the emperor's dream and we are told that is his last scene!?? Can't believe this. Have he got his revenge? Is there even any ending or closure at all for NWS? If ep 24 was to be his last episode, shouldn't his story be given a early wrap up and leave other none NWS scenes to be told in the 2 extended episodes instead? Have the writer gone crazy seriously? I am dumbfounded. To the writer, pd and SBS, thanks for wasting my 24 hours of time watching such an absurd drama with the crucial male lead gone just like that. Edited: To add on, I'm not a CJH fan, however it doesn't make it any less absurd in the story development of the drama, from the viewpoint of a drama fan. @Prueksachittham No matter from which standpoint, it makes absolutely no sense for a crucial role to be cut off from the ending just like that.
  2. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    According to the typical k drama filming patterns (based on my own observations), filming for a drama usually starts two months before the premiere date and first script reading happens way before filming starts. Maybe, she's about to wrap up for Innocent now since earlier reports says it's due to finish by Feb. Judging from this, i doubt she will have any break in between since she's moving straight on from movie to drama. Cow mode in full force. Ermm... from that pic it seems like the angel is in Faraway Land and oblivious or uninterested in what is happening around him. Maybe he got summoned back to Heaven and that's just an empty shell sitting there Updated: KBS reposted this after deleting it a few days ago BUT with a pic of the cast in a different order. I wonder why that even matters
  3. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=213&aid=0001083171 New cast Kim Bomi joins in. But why has it suddenly became JTBC drama? Hmm... is that why KBS deleted their post? Or is it just error reporting? New updates:
  4. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    It's weird. KBS IG deleted their Dan My Only Love "coming soon" post few hours later after posting. I hope everything is ok... because I don't get why they would delete their post within a few hours for no reason. This is funny! The person who posted this is a genius! Never realised they were in the "same drama" before their mv collaboration LOL! Actually I don't really remember this scene because I have erased unnecessary memories of mgl haha.
  5. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Latest post from her manager. Getting excited! That ballerina pic on the script looks just like hye sun shii @immorethant I think that's from Secret Forest
  6. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    I agree with you that she's not at that top popularity list yet. At least we all know she's going positively in that direction because she's winning more and more fans with her good acting. This is exactly what I'm thinking because I felt strongly that a good co star with on par acting as her will create better synergy and sparks to do well in their respective roles. It's like a butterfly effect, and this in turn can bring the best out of each other. Like how SH and SHS did so brilliantly in FE; and how SHS and YSJ impressed with their excellent acting in 30 but 17. I'm not worried at all about her but the co star can't get too bad or I fear it might somehow affect the cast or drama. I hope my worries are unfounded because I want her drama to do well too. Please don't mind my occasional rumblings because sometimes I see this and that casting news I get greedy hoping she can do everything . At the end of the day, I will still watch and support her every work Anyway just like you said, and what I've always said, she never ever disappoints P/S: By the way, I love those aqutop visuals too. They are by far my most favourite among all her endorsements to date.
  7. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    I'm seeing so many new dramas casting news e.g. jisung, lee sang yoon, and I immediately wished for a moment she hasn't took up that role opposite L hahaha. Just saying anyway . I'm still excited to see HER in her new role. She should be busy with her movie filming now. But no updates from her as usual or any filming sightings...
  8. https://www.soompi.com/article/1294009wpp/lee-dong-gun-joins-infinites-l-shin-hye-sun-upcoming-drama Lee Dong Gun Joins INFINITE’s L And Shin Hye Sun In Upcoming Drama Jan 17, 2019 Lee Dong Gun will be joining INFINITE’s Land Shin Hye Sun in the new KBS drama “One and Only Love” (working title)! “One and Only Love” is a fantasy romance drama about the love story between an angel and a ballerina. Last month, the drama confirmed that L would be starring as the accident-prone, unwaveringly optimistic angel Dan, while Shin Hye Sun will play the role of Lee Yeon Seo, a privileged heiress who is forced to give up her dream of becoming a dancer after losing her eyesight in an accident. On January 17, “One and Only Love” announced that Lee Dong Gun would be taking on the role of Ji Kang Woo, the youngest artistic director in the history of his ballet company. With his discerning eye and remarkable ability to realize dancers’ potential, Ji Kang Woo is not only the artistic director of a foreign ballet company but a celebrity amongst dancers. Notably, the upcoming drama will mark the reunion of Lee Dong Gun and producing director (PD) Lee Jung Sub, who previously worked together on KBS’s 2017 historical drama “Queen for Seven Days.” “One and Only Love” is currently scheduled to premiere in May.