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  1. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Yes I saw those but they were like some time back and after she rose up the ranks this past year I haven't seen her in any such CFs. Agree on the drama quality and lots of screen time. I think that's a old clip of the bag she designed
  2. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    I can't describe how happy am I to hear that she will be the MC for the awards! Thanks for the good news!!!! I'm elated for her when she used to be just a jealous second lead in SBS's Lotbs and didn't even turn up for that year's SBS awards. Forward 2 years later, she leads in two SBS dramas and scores one of the highest double digit ratings for one. What an turnover for our queen Hyesun! Errr.. no thanks please. It may be funny but not funny at all when those ajjummas wants to pair her up with him. It made me cringe though! HAHAHAHA! I rather see her with the young soccer guy lol I agree on this. I couldn't feel their friendliness off screen though I could feel their chemistry as an on screen couple. From the bts they seems so happy and close! Wonderful filming atmosphere! Thanks for sharing the CFs. This is probably my first time seeing her in such a CF! Happy for her! She's on a roll!
  3. I agree with you all about the story though. Not exactly as tragic or in-depth that I had expected. I have to admit I watched and love this drama solely for the leads.
  4. It was a beautiful short drama. Standing ovation to Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun who once again proved their acting prowess. It may be short but it has left the most impressive impact of what a good production should be. And I'm so proud of Shin Hye Sun who yet again nailed whatever role that is given to her. The praises we see in those naver articles may all be for Lee Jong Suk, but I know there are many others out there who appreciate Hye Sun's excellent acting as well.
  5. I wished it was a full drama too. This pairing and their chemistry is amazing.
  6. I'm enjoying this drama and love both the leads acting. As a fan of SHS I'm utterly sad to see such comments on her acting. These people are making such senseless comments. Are they the director? Do they think the actors act as and when they like without the director approving the scenes. There's no rule that people in historical drama must speak slowly. Based on her character, Yoon Shim Deok is supposedly different from the typical female in those times and i feel SHS had done well. I'm not siding her as a fan. In fact I do agree on the part of the obvious lipsync. She could have done better in terms of how she carry herself to sing. But there's no way she can sing like a soprano and unless you find an actress who can sing like a soprano there's no way except to lip sync. Hearing things like she cannot act breaks my heart when she's in fact such a good but underrated actress. I have always enjoyed her portrayals of all her roles. If LJS's acting is daebak according to these netizens, SHS is as superb and on par. All I can say is I really enjoyed the first episode and is looking forward to the rest of the episodes. The acting chops of these two and their indescribable chemistry touches me so much that I can literally feel their pain and tears. To these SHS haters and netizens, shut up if you can't act better than her.
  7. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Yes someone please do a gif of her stuffing herself with the noodles and talking with her mouth full as if Kim Woojin knows what's she talking about SO cute!
  8. Yes!!!! One more day to go before the premier. FINALLY!!! Looking forward so much!
  9. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Just hearing her narration gives me goosepimples. I can't wait to see her excel and impress even more people with this role. This drama is definitely going to be VERY GOOD! Like I always say, and I'm not tired to repeat, her acting never ever disappoints.
  10. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    I can already predict that she's going to do VERY well in this movie after reading what the movie plot is all about. Plus, Bae Jong Ok is a good veteran actress and is a very worthy co star so this movie is going to bring her status as a lead actress further up. BECAUSE Hyesun's acting never ever disappoints.
  11. Yes you are absolutely right! 3 good episodes beats 50 tortorous ones. My gripe was only that these episodes were added at the expense of her other drama then. I agree it is sort of quiet in here. Hopefully it will liven up when the drama premieres. Seems that no one is promoting this drama including the cast and the tv network
  12. Ni Wen

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Can i also steal this above gif. She's so cute here and totally owned this scene. She really looks like she's eating that very hot snack. If CG of the same food is added to her scene