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  1. Make it happen please I want to see her back in K- dramaland so bad! Or the rumor news "Ships passing in the night" PS @Ngoc Chieu Nguyen Hi. Aside from Daesang (Grand prize) for KBS drama awards 2016, Hope you update SHK thread with Best Actress of the year, Soompi awards 2017 beside her heading name if you have time. TY! Ctto
  2. Aw so sad to hear that but it's alright. Wish SSC made TYSV
  3. Congrats SHK, SongSongKiKyo and to (SJK x JG and KMS) as well. Waiting for their thank you speech video Ctto
  4. Congrats SHK and to her co-stars (SJK, JG and KMS) as well . Waiting for SHK's and KiKyo's thank you speech video Ctto
  5. Yeah I agree with you. I'm SHK longtime fan here. Why all of a sudden change her answer ? She used to say eyes whenever she asks her fave/love part of the body most. Why lips now? I'm a bit surprised
  6. Commentary days of DOTS cast last year Ctto
  7. Commentary days of DOTS cast last year Ctto
  8. SHK x YAI together in one magazine cover is definitely Daebak! Hope they will work again in a great drama. SHK should return to small screen soon. Excited to see her in Burberry event tonight (LST) and another upcoming event which is Laneige on Feb. 23rd in Taiwan. For sure it'll be flooded with photos and videos of her from Kyonatics and SSC fans.Can't wait !
  9. When SHK is in hush hush mode it makes me .Kyo, ya! Make a projects again soon, pali pali!. Don't take it too long like 3 years and more. It's really ugh...Please do give us a follow up projects after the pan-asia hit DOTS . In my opinion, I want her to see her again in small screen and then movie.
  10. Yes, In-Sung's killer gaze at Hye-Kyo in TWTWB was totally. JIS was smitten to SHK. I love the way he did it to Kyo . So sweet and caring.They really had a perfect chemistry in TWTB. TWTWB was a successful drama in 2013. The drama itself was DAEBAK! It won 11 awards like Best foreign drama series at Shanghai International Awards, SHK won the highest award which was Daesang (grand prize) at APAN and etc. JIS and SHK deserve a reunion.
  11. Soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Song will definitely Wahhhhh patiently waiting for the confirmation of their wedding As SHK long time fan, I super duper approve SJK to be her man for the rest of her life. I really really think SJK is Kyo's Mr. Right.
  12. I strongly agree! Same here I was upset about the result of Best couple category at APAN and SBS awards 2013. O2 couple should have won at least one. Hope 2x Daesang (grand prize) winner SHK will consider a drama soon.And ohhh DOTS will turn one year this Feb. 24th. It's good to know SSC and DOTS won the online voting poll in France. Will they have an award ceremony ? Hope they will.
  13. I miss O2 couple . Looking back at SBS awards 2013, I wonder why O2 couple didn't win Best couple at SBS awards last 2013 . They chose only 1 one couple won instead which I thought O2 couple deserve to win too. Was it because SHK unable to attend at the event? But Kyo won 2 awards which were one of the top 10 stars and top excellence in a miniseries for TWTWB. Only JIS attended at SBS awards 2013 and he also won one of the top 10 stars and SBS special award. For 02 couple, I hope they will work again in drama someday. JIS is one of my favorite leading men whom SHK had worked with in the past.