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  1. I know she's busy with her wedding preparations and I'm so ecstatic about it but I miss her act so much at the same time Maybe 2018 ,2019 or 2020 before she gets a project comeback. Missing her is killing me,ugh * sighs* Ctto
  2. They'll be officially Mr. and Mrs. Song 3 months to go. Save the date 10-31-2017.Ayieee!!! This breaking news absolutely made my day. I can't help reposting Again,Congratulations SJK and SHK!! Stay in love and be happy forever! All pics credit to the owner
  3. Hi. @Bohmi Hope she considers that movie offer soon and I also miss her act on small screen at the same time. Really really miss her act that's reason why my dp pic is Kyo reading script (silluhuet) and post up random pics of her reading script from her previous work . Here's more Is this one a hint of her new project??? Anyone can translate this? Ctto
  4. A recent intrerview according to her fiancé SJK . Maybe that work in Kyo's mind is the movie offer about comfort women 'Homecoming' ???? Ctto
  5. D-1 07-26-2017 #TheBattleshipIsland #Goodluck #Fighting #SongJoongKi #ParkMoYoung #GroomToBe #SongHyeKyosFutureHusband Ctto ~~~ Congratulations SJK and SHK on their upcoming wedding! Save the date 10-31-2017. I'm very very happy for both of them.
  6. Hi to all. It's nice to be back here. What a great news( teary-eyed upon reading the news especially Kyo's letter to us) for all of us (Kyonatics) that our beloved SHK is finally getting married with SJK. After all 2 failed relationships , she's finally found her the one. It's been almost 2 weeks since the big announcement from Kyo, her agency, Ki and his agency too but I still can't believe it feels like I'm still dreaming but no... I'm not.... the right time has come and it really is happening on October 31st 2017, ( Omg!! Tell me how to move on. .. ) Big day is 3 months to go but I'm already nervous since July 5th, the day of big announcement which is SongSongs' marriage as if I'm the one who's getting married . I'm just over the moon with Kyo's decision on settle down. She deserves to have SONG JOONG-KI in her life and SJK deserves to have SONG HYE-KYO in his life. Congratulations SHK and SJK, soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Song! Meanwhile, Ki's BI movie is going have VIP premiere on July 20th and everyone looks forward to seeing her at the event to support her fiancé. Speaking of movie, on the same date July 5th, there's also news came out that Kyo offered lead role along with actress Go Hye Jung about comfort women 'Homecoming'. Hope she accepts it. I'm missing her so much in acting.
  7. Vogue like a painting feat. SHK Credit as labeled Ctto
  8. SHK for Laneige Cf screen caps Credit as labeled
  9. Another SHK's admirer is actor Ji Chang-Wook. Watch the clip.Here's the link below. Ctto
  10. I really HATE popping out ads/banners when I browse the net. It really annoys me easily but this time I LOVE it when I saw this ad while reading the latest news about SongSong. The ad caught me the attention more. It looks like the ad contradicts to the article. Ctto #SongSongKikyoForever Hi Mabz. Welcome to SSC thread! *confetti fall down* Btw, I'm familiar with your account on twitter.I'm a silent reader of your tweets about SSC.
  11. Another SHK's fanboy Joon Young of 2D1N 2015 #throwback ... Haha cute. Ctto
  12. Ctto ~~~ Ohhhhhh myyyyyy ggggggg!!!! SongSong's BALIcation ....Oops I mean vacation in Indonesia recently ... I'm screaming loudly outside like bonehead. One of the best SongSong's news I've ever heard. SongSong is definitely real
  13. SongSong's friendship through the years. They worked in drama 'Hotelier' 2001. Song Hye-Kyo x Song Yoon-ah Ctto
  14. Awesome fan arts SHK with actress SYA SHK with stylist Ms. Lee And with her manager Ms. Park Cr. as labeled