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  1. Vogue like a painting feat. SHK Credit as labeled Ctto
  2. SHK for Laneige Cf screen caps Credit as labeled
  3. Another SHK's admirer is actor Ji Chang-Wook. Watch the clip.Here's the link below. Ctto
  4. I really HATE popping out ads/banners when I browse the net. It really annoys me easily but this time I LOVE it when I saw this ad while reading the latest news about SongSong. The ad caught me the attention more. It looks like the ad contradicts to the article. Ctto #SongSongKikyoForever Hi Mabz. Welcome to SSC thread! *confetti fall down* Btw, I'm familiar with your account on twitter.I'm a silent reader of your tweets about SSC.
  5. Another SHK's fanboy Joon Young of 2D1N 2015 #throwback ... Haha cute. Ctto
  6. Ctto ~~~ Ohhhhhh myyyyyy ggggggg!!!! SongSong's BALIcation ....Oops I mean vacation in Indonesia recently ... I'm screaming loudly outside like bonehead. One of the best SongSong's news I've ever heard. SongSong is definitely real
  7. SongSong's friendship through the years. They worked in drama 'Hotelier' 2001. Song Hye-Kyo x Song Yoon-ah Ctto
  8. Awesome fan arts SHK with actress SYA SHK with stylist Ms. Lee And with her manager Ms. Park Cr. as labeled
  9. Ugh, I miss SSC . *crosses fingers* Kyo will attend Ki's VIP movie premiere which is "Battleship Island" showing next month.
  10. New or old ??? No idea (sorry) ~~~ It says SHK's name was given by her grandfather. How sweet! ~~~ Surprisingly,Kyo joined in her Bff/Brother's live chat on his ig yesterday. Haha good thing she did it anyway.Hope she does it on her own for her fans globally someday. Cr. as labeled/ Ctto
  11. Indeed she is. Not only her face but her as well. ~~~ Patienly waiting for her future drama/movie Ctto
  12. This Kikyo edited picture looks real in my eyes Ctto
  13. DOTS screenwriter KES is going have new drama called "Mister Sunshine" which is set to air in first half of the year 2018. In the previous news, KES said she wants WB or KDW to play in the male lead role. Hoping for WB to accept the role as his comeback to small screen after 16 years and of course I want SHK to be his leading lady in the drama. *miracle please* If ever this will be their reunion in the making of these two after AIMH 2000. WB, seriously pleeeeeaaaasseee put an end being a ! PS: There's also a news came out previously reported that WB consider to do a movie called "Still Life". After that there's no follow up for the said news. In my opinion, I want to see WB back in drama and work with SHK again Urghhhhhh, really hope 2018 is the right time for the original WonKyo reunion,18 years after!
  14. Congrats! Road to 5M Aww.Look who's her newest follower on IG Anne Curtis is a talented Filipina actress-TV host. She's famous celebrity in the Philippines. She's currently watching DOTS Here's some of her screen caps! She tweeted ~~~ Details on Kyo's upcoming SDF event Cr. as labeled