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  1. Looking for food/coffee truck supporting Yoo Ah In as same as Park Bo Gum beofre.
  2. I still keep visiting topic once a day... Really appreciate your all contribution to keep topic going on. But to tell the truth, pls do not post something edited vid/clip which are not real about SS. It is really something not valuable and meaningless that not only me but others also have to pass by. Actually all of us do not need such kind of imagination anymore. I miss sigang, JK, superbigcat, twt.., angie..,chewhoe, bambi...and others as well.
  3. Yeah, it seems 1 ID 1 vote only. So we need to create more IDs though.
  4. Pls teach me how to sign out as I have register some IDs? Thank you.
  5. My girls, please come back here. Lets unite and shine our SSC thread up. Lets give away all misunderstanding. Lets hold hand together, regardless religion, nationalities, ages, professional.. "There's a place in your heart, and I know that is LOVE" - Lets vote for our Goddess in the Beauty contest and LOVE our SSC wholeheartedly. I would like to see our topic moving on, not slowly-slowly as recently.
  6. Dear Joongkyo,

    I decided to register an account here and follow you as I am missing you so much. Since I am a silent reader from p1 to 1309, I felt my hear broken at least 2 times when you left. You are like my little sis, considerate, smart, active, straightforward, brave, sincere...

    We are here for you, beside you, as well as angieknows. 

    Take a rest,  relax, keep calm and forgive, Like our Goddess since 15 years ago up to now.

    All for our SSC.