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  1. jaybs

    [OFFICIAL] Lee Min Ki & Jung So Min

    She totally does! In the BTS shooting the after breakfast kiss. It's quick, but she calls him Oppa right after the director gives him a hard time for his shoulders being too broad <3 (she says "oppa yo?" around 1:12 into the video)
  2. Annyeong First Lifers, I have been low key lurking on this thread since day one. I am super invested in this story and can't wait to see these amazing writers and actors bring us full circle tomorrow! Meanwhile, here is the episode title I'm hoping for tomorrow: "Because this is only the first season"... Chaebal drama Gods, please give us a season 2
  3. I actually prefer this situation...This explains why he stuttered slightly and had a look of complete focus on his face while uttering the name "Jiyoon". He was working hard to make sure that he didn't slip up and accidentally switch out the name "jiyoon-ah" with a close alternative that was on his mind ("Jihyun-ah") His management prefers no Freudian slips on live TV. LOL! Please excuse my high key delulu!
  4. @daloula, if only we could read JCW/NJH's minds and all of their suspicious expressions
  5. Annyeong Jiji shippers! I'm in the process of watching the compilation BTS that SBS Catch released today, 10 out of 10 recommend for those of you who have been watching the individual BTS clips as obsessively as me (my coping mechanism, since the finale). One particular moment that I never zoned in on before just caught my eye and I thought I'd share...look at JCW's expression after hyunnie prepares the drinks for their law firm squad. He looks so impressed and in awe, like "damn straight, that's my girl". It was a quick, but potent facial expression at 23:34 JCW just seems to adore everything about NJH...it's too much for my shippers <3 to handle, but I hope they keep it coming!
  6. JCW is correct!!! He is the clear winner because of the way his kiss is being reciprocated. All of the kisses were lovely, but his partner (NJH) responded best to his and that is what sets it apart and is blowing our minds!!!
  7. Annyeong fellow shipper Chingu Although I've been following along with this thread from day one (SPAZZING every step of the way), this is my first post here. Ever since SBS started blessing us with delightfully "suspicious" bts clips from SP, I have become a goner for this ship. This thread is moving at the speed of light, energized by JCW/NJH's explosive and undeniable chemistry! This ship has consumed my weak shippers heartu; all of your insights, observations, translations, GIFs, etc are helping me maintain my sanity as we await any positive news from this magical couple. Thank you all! Meanwhile, as I watched this BTS video for the millionth time (pretty sure 800,000 YouTube views are from me alone. haha!), I noticed that Ji Hyunie seemed to be whispering something in JCW ear at 1:30-1:33. Either that or she was kissing his ear; perhaps we can call on the byeontae squad to investigate further Any one else notice this rather intimate exchange, or is my delulu in overdrive? Meanwhile, at my workplace, I am lucky enough to have a fellow kdrama fanboy in my office. He has not watched SP yet, but after I was telling him about our ship and all the salon related "coincidences", he said "just wait for it, someday soon, after the relationship goes public, Dispatch will reveal photos of them from the salon holding hands while having their hair done in chairs side by side". I literally squealed out loud in the office when he said this and have been day dreaming about it ever since. LOL!!!