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  1. Your amazing "heart eyes" post is giving me all the feels @Earth2KatyD!!! Mega fangirling now; thank you, chingu
  2. Thanks for your thoughts @carolinedl I totally agree that the timing of the phishing scam was a total flavor waster! We have all been dreaming of the moment that AMH gets to see DBS pink hoodie make-over. Haha! I am grateful that despite them not offerring us a preview for EP.9, at least they left us the still shots so we would have an idea of how things will shake out. Also @carolinedl I think you are spot of with your EP.9 projections. I am now officially dying for Friday to roll around...Pali pali!!!
  3. I have not posted in months, but I am coming out of hibernation mode because this drama is just so extra <3 <3 <3 first off, @Jstarr23 your most recent post really resonated with me; I really appreciated all of your insights. I haven't been able to read all SWDBS thread content posted since yesterday, so I apologize if someone has already asked this question, but here I go... I noticed at the end of EP.8 that DBS deliberately unearthed her infamous pink hoodie from a dusty purple box; she only did so after staring at her closet with a very pensive look upon her face. The dust on the purple box seems to be an indication that she does not wear this hoodie frequently...all of these observations lead to my question: Does anyone else think that DBS choosing to wear her pink hoodie was intended to be her subtle way of confirming to AMH that she is his "bus Angel" and that she is ready to take one step closer to him too? After all, she was on her way to meet him for training before she got the Phishing scam call. Also, when they were on the bus together and he was telling her about his "Angle" DBS appeared to have a look on her face that indicated that she knew he knew AMH was talking about her. It seems like she had stored that pink hoodie as a memory/reminder of the first time she used her strength for good. She is only now able to come to terms with her power, in great deal thanks to AMH and grandma's note didn't hurt either. Any thoughts, Chingu?
  4. Just want to thank all of my blessed Chingu on this forum for sharing magical spoiler GIFs, pics, videos, etc. You are my heroes and the protectors of my fangirl sanity!!! Chincha kommawo <3 Ja In and Dada are a wonderous OTP; they have bewitched me with their smoldering couples energy!!! Cannot wait for the final two episodes Looking forward to spazzing with you all! Haha
  5. My fangirl heart is oh so weak...I can't resist this ship <3 <3 <3 1% of Something seemingly came out of no where and is now sitting firmly in my top three favorite k-romcoms of all time list! The reason is simple, HSJ and JSM have smoldering energy as a pair! I have never seen a K-romance come off so realistic despite some of the outlandish plot points. I would love to see these two share airtime again in any possible capacity...another drama, a variety show appearance...maybe a soompi headline announcing that they have been dating on the low I am hoping that the upcoming fanmeet reunion will help them rekindle some of the "in love" vibes that they were feeling during filming
  6. @Daisy StrThis gif set is EVERYTHING Also, thanks for referencing the episode numbers! It's like the ultimate Yeonsang fangirl index
  7. Exactly, @browngirl, me too! I am wondering if the lift was adlib on SH's part because SHS went with it, but seemed caught off guard The Yeonsang couple is just too freaking perfect; they have given me so much joy over the past few months and had me fangirling in everyway possible!!! What I loved most is that their subtle moments of cuteness often created a greater impact than more heavy handed and contrived couple like scenes. SH and SHS have insanely organic chemistry and I wish I could watch them onscreen together all the time. I will miss them and this wonderful drama greatly, but I will remain hopeful that one day down the line...SH and SHS will "surprise" us all with the news that they are indeed a real life couple <3 <3 <3 Here's hoping!!! Thank you to everyone on this thread that has contributed to the dialogue that our squeel worthy pair inspired
  8. I absolutely adored today's episode. I asked for a Yeonsang couple's getaway a while back. Is it possible that this dream might come true? Maybe these glorious writer-nim's heard my fangirl plea? Sang Min was definitely campaigning for that trip in today's episode I have said it a million times already, but If they do end up travelling together I hope that Yeon Do packs that hand cream and a fitted dress Yeonsang fighting!!!
  9. Annyeong Chingu! After taking some time to reflect, here is my take on the "10%" controversy: Every time SH/SHS appear together on screen (drama and variety appearances), their flirtatious words/interactions and affectionate body language seem to indicate that they are VERY CLOSE and continually exploring their feelings for one another! Perhaps they are already dating or thinking in that direction. Sung Hoon has said in the past, however, that he never wants to go public with his romantic relationships, right? Perhaps his "only a 10% chance" comment was just an attempt at throwing the media off of their scent, so that they can duck under the radar a bit until some of the attention dies down. Or perhaps I'm just delusional?!? LOL Anyhow, I personally intend to keep on savoring each and every adorable morsel of YeonSang magic that we are gifted on Five Enough and I certainly plan on Shipping SH/SHS until given concrete reasons not to. My favorite moments from their Entertainment Weekly appearance are as follows: 1) SH dotingly feeding SHS BBQ and then sneaking abit of lettuce at random during the interview (what a mega cutie) 2) The two of them having a little "in our own World" moment while pretending to shoot the ramyun commercial. It looked as though SHS whispered something to SH that got him a bit hot and bothered and he told her not to do that here? @_@! 3) SH being asked to explain his comment about SHS being so cute that it made him want to hug her, kiss her, and MORE?!? He appeared equal parts frazzled and excited and the whole scenario was sending my fangirl imagination into overdrive! Their chemistry gives me all the feels and makes me melt!!!! I simply refuse to stop shipping at the time being Himnae Chingu!!!
  10. BTW, I thought it was interesting to hear that SH thinks that he is more of a Yeon Tae personality in real life, while SHS is more like Sang Min. Perhaps playing roles opposite of their natural tendencies made them more understanding of one anothers real life personas <3
  11. @Liza Hassan It seems as though SH did indeed admit to a double date! I still believe whole heartedly that something is happening/will happen between SH/SHS, despite all of the public and media pressure mounting on them!!! They will just need a little time and space, outside of the public eye; hopefully they can get exactly that on the cast/crew trip to the Philippines Meanwhile, the writers and director of 5 enough better bring the steamy and bring it hard because we only have 8 episodes left to savor the magical pairing that is our beloved Yeonsang <3 <3 <3
  12. Annyeong Chingu!!! So I got to thinking about other YeonSang moments that I really want to see in the last 8 episodes and here is one scenario I would die for: I want us to be there to see Sang Min have an epic fit of joy when he realizes that YeonTae falling asleep next to him, when he was in a drunken stupor, was not a figment of his imagination! He will LOSE IT when he realizes that he's already "spent the night" with his beloved YeonDo Also, YeonTae used tip number one from her dating book today, when she told Sang Min that he looked handsome! Up next, some hand cream and a fitted dress These two have me running a marathon in my imagination. LOL
  13. On a positive side note, I would like to mention how refreshing it was to see Yeon Tae initiate most of the skinship by the stream in todays episode She also boldly introduced herself to Sang Min's Mom at the school; I was totally not expecting her to do that! She is becoming more assertive and confident...I want to keep seeing her character move in this direction.
  14. @kdramamich AMEN!!! We know these two (SH/SHS) have what it takes to heat up our living rooms, so wrtier-nims' please don't get in their way!!! I demand more racy scenarios to fill our final handful of episodes and I will start a shipper's petition if I have to! HAHA