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    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me, 이리와 안아줘

    Hello. Does anyone know when they're releasing the full OST album with instrumentals? It's been more than a week since the last episode but still nothing except the special track. I desperately needs the background instrumentals. Thanks.
  2. When the PM group is created, please don't forget to add me too. I've only been lurking since the drama ended so you guys might forget me This ship is the only thing helping me deal with the withdrawal... I NEED MORE OF THEM
  3. @YourHighness . PLEASE PM ME TOOOOOOOOO I'VE ONLY BEEN LURKING HERE COZ I HAVE NOTHING. PLEASE PM MEEEE. Save my life?? I made it over a month ago. I don't know if you'll like it but here
  4. They were talking and laughing before the shooting actually starts. tvN cut off all the cute BTS like this and just showed us the serious ones... And here too. In the video, he said something like "Ok. ok. I got it.". At first I thought he was replying to the staffs but I watched it in slow motion and in detail and the scene was cut and he was actually replying to OYS. What I want to say is, LISTEN TO THE WAY HE SAID THAT. THEY ARE NOT DISTANT. Here's the video I'm so glad this forum exists. I'm having a really hard time dealing with the withdrawal and this helps a bit.
  5. I TRUST YOUR INSTINCT TOO. I normally hold myself back from shipping the actors but I just can't resist with LSG and OYS. All their scenes together look so real like there's something there. Something I've never seen or felt in any other Kdramas, not even in their other dramas before Hwayugi. The chemistry is SO REAL. I can't hold back anymore. I'm officially a trash and ship LSG and OYS SO HARD.
  6. For the last time, I just want to say that, despite that ending, Hwayugi still is the best drama ever because of LSG and OYS. This is only the second time I'm this obsessed with a drama till the end though I've watched countless dramas during the last 18+ years. With MDBC, the drama withdrawal that I've felt for the first time was so bad it took me nearly a year to heal. Even then, it still wasn't gone completely before Hwayugi. And the obsession was nowhere near this level. So, this time, how long... How long will it take. How long will this void in my heart last. I can't even imagine. It's like there's a black hole in my heart. So heavy, but also empty. I'm not gonna say Good Bye to Hwayugi. I'm never gonna say good bye to Hwayugi. It will always be in my heart. LSG and OYS, thank you. Thank you for everything Hwayugi. PS- I heard the new drama offered to LSG will be produced by OYS's agency SO PLEASE CAST THEM AGAIN?????? EVEN Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eun got reunited only after two years SO I BEG YOU. SAVE ME FROM THIS SUFFERING. GET MARRIED. BTW, The ost album though. The ones they released digitally aren't all they're gonna release RIGHT????? With that ending AT LEAST GIVE ME ALL THE BEAUTIFUL OSTS SO THAT I CAN BE SOMEWHAT HAPPY???????
  8. I normally hold myself back SO, SO HARD from shipping the actors coz they're real people with real feelings. I was just gonna be satisfied with the ending no matter how painful it is BUTTTTTTTTT NOW I NEED LSG AND OYS TO DATE, NO GET MARRIED AND HAVE A HAPPILY EVER AFTER TO GET OVER THIS ENDING. THANK YOU HONG SISTERS FOR THE BEST DRAMA EVER WITH THE EVEN WORST ENDING EVER. YOU GUYS ARE SO ON MY BLACKLIST. MY DEPRESSION GOT 9888798913487942374812871% WORSE NOW THANKS TO YOU. But seriously though, please get married?
  10. I made this MV while crying. But still, I'm glad I managed to finish this MV in time before the last episode. PLEASE HAVE A HAPPY ENDING. I don't want to say goodbye to Hwayugi, not now, not ever. The best Kdrama, actually, THE BEST EVER.
  11. OG: Jin Seon Mi. Jin Seon Mi? SM: I'm sorry. You shouldn't be here. Go. OG: I don't want to. SM: You have to go. OG: I don't want to. SM: You, didn't you do everything I asked you to? JCDS Son Oh Gong, go and finish it in my place. The truth is, I used to wish this love won't disappear but now, it's ok. I'm relieved that there's Geum Gam Go. When you are left alone, it's a relief that your love will cease to exist. OG: Jin Seon Mi? Jin Seon Mi?
  12. I finally finished the MV for this song I've been so busy the whole week but I'm glad I managed to finish this now since I have other MVs left to make. I'm hoping to finish at least two more this weekend. MV making is how I'm gonna deal with the withdrawal... I still don't know how I'll live on the weekends without Hwayugi. AT LEAST PLEASE HAVE A HAPPY ENDING AND DON'T RUIN MY LIFE? My mental state is depending so much on this drama it's unhealthy...
  13. Honestly, I think I'm enjoying it A BIT TOO MUCH. And TOO MANY TIMES. I'm OVER ENJOYING IT. And I will be ENJOYING IT REPEATEDLY till next week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. SM: She said I will have to empty something precious to me. That's why I tried hard to think of what it could be. OG: Why would you think of things like that? It's not like you're ??? What would you even empty out? SM: Must be my feelings. Since the only thing filling me up now is my love for you. Because of that, I worried a lot and I got sick. If I clear out everything, I think I'll be able to do the things I need to do. That's why I'm gonna clear them all. OG: It seems fair. My feelings will disappear and yours will be cleaned out. SM: I decided to believe the white heron's words that I'm special and can help people. Since I'm that great, I'll be able clear out my love, too. OG: So, you came here to tell me that you can clear out everything at once? Fine, just clear them all. Do the washing up well too. You, I don't mind you throwing them away on the street or at the corner, just don't do it in front of me. Since it's me who pour all my heart to even fill you up, pity me. Clear them out well at somewhere I can't see. They just keep on hurting each other and they're so good at it too... I thought it'd end when he saw her without GGG. THANK GOD THIS EPISODE ENDED THIS WAY.
  15. HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. THIS IS THE FREAKING HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE I'M SHOOK THIS IS GONNA BE THE HARDEST AND LONGEST WEEK OF MY LIFE I WANT TO SCREAM AND CRY OUT BUT I ALSO WANT TO LAUGH LIKE A MANIAC I'M GLAD I WASN'T A NORMAL PERSON I'M GLAD I'M OBSESSED WITH HWAYUGI I'M GLAD HWAYUGI EXISTS IN MY LIFE THANK YOU WORLD I just want to say, I KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN AS SOON AS SHE WALKED IN SM: That's why I'm throwing it all on you. I'm not gonna throw them away on the street or at the corner while crying. I'm gonna pour all my heart on you. OG: Fine. If you really feel that unfair, just do whatever you want. Since I'll endure and listen all of it, do it. SM: I love you. I love you. I love you so much. I love you. I'm telling you that I love you. I love you. OG: If you're gonna pour all your heart like this, I'm not gonna stop. SM: I love you. OH WOW DAMN SHE ACTUALLY JUST POUR HER HEART OUT. IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME? Also, I will never be able to listen to that OST without thinking about this scene
  16. I made another MV Time is passing so slowly... I hope tonight's cliffhanger won't be too heartbreaking.
  17. I THINK MY PRECIOUS OTP HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH AND THEY DESERVE A HAPPY ENDING. THE HAPPIEST EVERLASTING ENDING. Also, maybe it's just me but the way he said "Now that I'm looking at you like this, you look even more beautiful" makes me think that HE IS NOT WEARING GGG ANYMORE AT THAT MOMENT. I want to say I'm ready for more angst and heartbreak coz I'm getting used to it BUT I'M NOT. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES, I'LL NEVER BE READY OR GET USED TO SEEING MY OTP IN PAIN.
  18. I think it's the moment she found out that OG decided to die in her place.
  19. OG: I'm telling you to not be afraid of calling my name. SM: SOG, are you really ok with not removing the GGG? I told you I'll remove it. If you just don't have that, you feelings right now will disappear. Then, you won't need to be in danger because of me. OG: Will they really disappear? All of them? You believe it like that too, aren't you? I believed it too. But I must be crazy. I'm liking you more and more. Even now, as I'm looking at you, you're getting prettier. But, will this all really disappear in just one moment? You really believe that? SM: It was really sad for me in the past but now I think it's rather a relief. Since it means you can let go of your feelings comfortably. OG: Right. Later, if I don't come even when you call me, I'm not coming because all my feelings disappeared. I'm gonna be busy for a while. Don't be surprised no matter what I do. I'll be going.
  20. OG: What do you mean MW's gonna cry? SM: I don't know in what kind of situation but I saw MW crying so sadly. MW: It seems SJ has the power to see the future now too. SM: Yes. Even though it's short, I can see the future. It seems you'll lose something really precious. MW: I hear that you're warning me to be careful and I will be careful from now on. OG: Yes, MW. You shouldn't do tragic things. MW: I heard everything from SBR. You should worry about yourself. SJ is getting stronger day by day. I should go drink some medicine too. SM: I'm asking if something happened with SBR. OG: It's nothing important. SM: After saying Fighting, you really went to fight? OG: Because I got pissed, I just messed up a bit in front of all those deities. I don't think I will be promoted anymore, you're ok with that, right? SM: I'm not ok. You should have taken me too. I also have many things to say. Now, I can break things and create chaos(?), when I'm angry. I want to mess them up too. OG: Ok. Then, let's go together next time. Creating trouble is a release. You should definitely break what you can see first. SM: Yes. I should break it all down. That I won't let it go if they touch my OG. OG: You sound reliable. SM: I now have this too. Call my name. OG: JSM. SM: Even so, I can't go to your side in a blink. OG: You want to try doing that? SM: Well, it'd be nice if I can. OG: JSM. Hey. Since I called you, you came in a blink. SM: You did that though. But still, I'm glad. When you need me, call me anytime. OG: Really? I can just call you anytime? No matter what I want to do anywhere, you're ok with it? SM: No, I mean, message me or call me first. SUCH A CUTE OTP MOMENT BEFORE THAT TERRIBLE HEARTBREAK...
  21. I'm translating this while crying. THIS IS SELF TORTURE BUT I'M DOING IT ANYWAY COZ I HATE MYSELF. It's so painful. I don't know what I did to deserve this pain week after week. SM: If there's something I should know, tell me. OG: There's something I got to know on the day I messed around (in heaven). When GGG disappears, they said my feelings will surely disappear too. I found out about the Death bell too. Because we are in love all this time, we were mistaken. SM: We were mistaken? OG: Didn't we have the fate of death from the start? The predator and prey. Actually, it would have been strange if it wasn't Death bell. It was the fate of death originally but rather, GGG has been stopping that. SM: That's right. I didn't think of that. OG: If you want to avoid the fate of one killing and one dying, when GGG disappears, you just have to avoid me. No matter how much of a bad guy I am, after loving you like this, I shouldn't eat you, right? SM: Then, you're saying we shouldn't meet again. OG: Yes. From now on, don't worry about things like I can die because of you. OG breaking his and SM's heart to protect her and by doing so, breaking all our hearts.