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  1. Yeah me too, i love watching drama when it still airing. Maybe if the writer have another good review for her drama, i will watch this writer’s work after it complete.
  2. This is a post production drama, they filmed it for 7 months and they give us this open ending with A LOT OF FLASHBACK AND NOT NECESSARY SCENE about ex wives. So everyone who involved in this drama already knows this shitty ending far before we watch this drama right?
  3. I want to cry, i hate open ending, it’s better if it sad or happy, not open ending. I hate it, i really really want to cry.
  4. Seriously, what’s the point of killing Prof Cha????? It will only make Jinwoo’s life harder... I mean if Prof Cha still alive, at least he could take all the blame, not Jinwoo. Then how they will solved it? Suspecting Jinwoo all over again? Gosh i’m so stressed out.
  5. IMO, there is a tiny reason they had to kill Seo. The reason is to develop love between JW and HJ. After Seo dead JW felt so sad and had no one to rely on but there was HJ coming to his side and said she believed him. It’s a classic reason.
  6. I think because he was log in into the game all day long so he can reach Level 100. He wasn’t limping whenever he log into the game. (Remember when he was with Prof Cha to make him an ally? he threw his stick right?)
  7. Still wondering how it will end with 2 episodes.??? I wish they will shoot another scene in Granada/Alhambra again (on a happy scene of course, not fighting with NPCs) Just to wrap up there and shoot a beautiful landscape.
  8. OMG, those ex-wives are giving me headache. LOL I'm still wondering why JW would married Yura?????? This richard simmons deserves a bad luck
  9. I just finished watching MOA on Netflix, finally they linked the history of Alhambra into the storyline, i love it. Well, it’s raining outside my home, i’m afraid i will hear a guitar playing Alhambra and Dr. Cha appears somewhere near me with his sword
  10. OMGGG I CAN’T CONCENTRATE ON MY WORK RIGHT NOWWWW AAAARRRRGGHHH but thanks to share this .gif Well, sorry this is a little bit out of topic, i watched Shinhye’s in Doctors, her first kiss in that drama was in the middle of rain. It seems she love to do a kiss scene while it rains
  11. Be strong chingu!!! I feel ya, It’s hard not to ship them in this drama because they look so good together. But yeah if they are not together in real life at least it means they are a good actor and actress. Well, i always got my ship sank everytime i ship a couple in drama (it feels so sad LOL), so now i’m trying not to ship anyone in real life, eventho it is soooo hard.
  12. Yeah it is a suicide quest. The fact that JW only travel with SJH, maybe we can accept this since no one believe and understand what they see that CHS is still alive inside the game and will haunt JW forever (and the theory that CHS died because of this game) but yeah JW should be more smarter not to fight alone. Or at least once JW and SJH arrived at Granada CYJ should monitored them from Seoul. So if anything bad happen to them he can help. It seems that CYJ is not taking this seriously. For example when JW and SJH are separated and SJH crying for help, CYJ can help him from Seoul, maybe giving a health booster or candle fire that he invented and can use for any level because SJH still in level 50. So at least SJH can survive. LOL that's just my idea how to save SJH, i'm so sad because he died.
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