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  1. he deffinitely is happpy to know I wasn't the only one swooning over him at that sad and terrifying moment!! I'm waiting for the end of sunday, that's when I start feeling closer to wednesday... that's for sure, good side to the bad situation they are in!! true but he's not to give up on any which I love and admire though it's nervewrecking for him... yeah, Dea Mok told LeeSeon's guard how he gave him the real antidote but it's only useful to those poisoned or it will kill those unpoisoned...that was smart of him!! it was more Dea Mok's trap to turn against our King, the guard was a tool for Dea Mok!! I really don't know for sure but whether he knew or not he surely doesn't know how his body will react to the poppy poison!! not in his wildest dreams!! I know I said I have to go, which I really did/do but had to make this last reply for now!! off to sleep now, see you all later hopefully!!
  2. all Lee seon knew was how Dea Mok was our King's ennemy and tried to kill him before and so he'll try to kill him again the second he'll realise he's stillalive but he didn't know that Dea Mok wanted to have our King by his side when he was the CP and when he was known as the Chief Peddler and now he got his chance to do that using Ga Eun to force our King to do the initiation retual he couldn'tmake him go throw 5 years ago!! hhhhhhhhhh I want to laugh at Lee Seon's face now!! he just shot himself in the foot!! and yeah I can't wait for that moment too and I can see our King saving him which will make him see how low he went and how badly he wronged and did deeply hurt our King!! I'm waiting for these scenes!! hi chingu!! hhhhhhhhh I didn't sleep at all, I'm awake since 10:30 am and will sleep after morning prayers and just finished my suhur and in between I'm here in this thread!! that's being obsessed I think!! loved your list and I want the Queen being a low servant but really she committed high treason by trying to kill the baby CP, helpingin killing the late King and CP's mother and trying to kill our King again so it's hard she'll survive!! I think Hwa Gun can survive and have a peaceful life with her father if they don't go too dark and be on our King's side till the end!! Lee Seon can die for our King (don't think his parents will be in enough danger to need dying for them)!! sweet dreams chingu!! he'll relive his own betrayal to our King and regreat every second of it when it's tooooooooo late!! I'd LOVE to know that!! we'll we have it by the end of the drama?!! can it be an antidote?!!...but that can't be or she would've gave it to the late King already!! what is it then?!! hmmmmm OH YEAH!! this man and his presence and aura and confident firm gazes....swoooooon I believe so!! and yeah I noticed it after reading the comment about it!! our King left a strong impression on Dea Mok that he kept his guift till now after 5 years!! (sure think he kept changing the old flowers but he got the same kind of flowers) but wouldn't he know by realising how he only lost conciousness after drinking the poisoned tea?!! I'm suffereing from the entire episode and preview...ahhhhhhh Thank you for the translation @Christy Au Ah, so CP knew what was going to happen to him huh? Maybe he does have a plan. I cant believe LS is willing to let the world become fully under the control of PSH. How can you live in that kind of world. As much as I cant stand HG, she had every right to get angry and slap GE. HG worked so hard to keep CP safe and well, and now for GE, in HG's mind CP is throwing everything way. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH @Christy Au, I was dying to know what was said in the preview, you're my savior!! well I'll ignore Hwa Gun's comments because really I wouldn't expect something the slap can be wrong but it was needed for Ga Eun to get out from her sad and hurt feelings and start seeing things in a clearer way!! I keep loving our King more and more, I love how being a man in love doesn't affect his thoughts and believes as a King, he's both and will remain both and he'll act according to that and protect his people and Queen!! oh it because of our King taking the poppy wine so the Guisang thought he'll no longer be able to fight against Pyunsoohwe group?!! I think the Chief Eunch will take our King's side seeing him taking a different road than the bloody one for his peole's sake!! Lee Seon doesn't care how the world will turn: under the Queen's hands or Dea Mok's is no difference as long as he's the King and will have Ga Eun, that's how empty and self-absorbed he became!! TRUE!! maybe that's why he'll be a great King and she'll be his Queen but really sometimes I'm like "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T BE TOOOOOOOOOOO SELFLESS" but I love him for it too!! how happy I'm he has Chung Woon by his side!! they both deserved each other's friendship!! have to go now, see you all later, hopefully!!
  3. he needed to ruin our King's image for her so she'll see him and lean on him but he won't have his wish and he'll seeit reaaaaally soon!! that's how much he loves her, enough to make her his concubine instead of his Queen!! pathetic scumbag!! I think he knows about it since he realised he only lost conciousness after drinking the poisoned tea but he doesn't know how far it will work against such poison!! owww I'm waiting for it!! I bet Lee Seon is feeling happy and releaved thinking he got the throne and Ga Eun after guetting rid of our King, I can't wait to see his face seeing our King back to his palace as he should with Ga Eun by his side!! don't worry chingu, he'll never be a puppet, this is our King we're talking about!! I think so too, Dea Mok can think he's controlling our King and can't find out he's not untel our King reveal it to him!! I'm sure we will!! he made up maaaaaaaany lies to go unnoticed by Ga Eun!! I'm waiting for him unable to look her in the eye when she face him with what he did!! I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! I thi nk seeing they are Dea Mok's men made her realise she needs to lay low to find a way to help later since trying to kill them will be useless and won't help no one!! they met in the bureau of trade chingu!! she was a Guisang there remember? they must've met before there!!
  4. I never thought that I'd swoon through my tears but I did here!! I was crying for him but he too handsome to not swwon!! I'm not crazy no?!! chance my mother was talking to me and told me how days fly by really fast and I was "ahh it's not flying fast enough, I want it to be wednesday already" how can I wait till wednesday? and the unsubbed preview will kill me.... I believe she will, the shock and pain has understandably stoped her from seeing and thinking clearly but our King's actions and love for her will make her see again who he is and why she loved him!! I agree with you, it's hard place to be in!! Yeah, she is going to get slapped. BUT at least this slap, i hope would wake her up! hmmmm, interesting theory it could be possible, pretend to be under control with the intention to destroy them from the inside. But, I am having difficult envision how it would happen. But it is possible. yeah...that's a wake up call!! I think he will, no one knows nor will know about his immunity (other thanthose he trusts the most) and Dea Mok can think he's in controle of our King but he's not, now how long will that last is something I can't guess especially that our King will never let Dea Mok do as he please in the cost of his people's safe and peaceful life!! one more thing, I guessed that the antidote the maid tested was only for those already poisoned, like a poison to defeat a poison, and I was right. I feel smart all of a sadden!! now I have more relieved knowing that there is an antidote for the poppy poison after all, now our King and his team need to know about it!! can Hwa Gun help with that?!!
  5. MV of our OTP for OST 12 it's said though feel envey for who ever can understand vietnamese!! want english sub!!
  6. hhhhhhhhhhh I hope so but will we? from what I know/saw of Yoo Seung Ho, I don't remember seeing him with his shirts off, did he?!! thank you chingu, I need them all to break them on Lee Seon's skull PLEASE SHARE IT WITH US WHEN YOU FINDE A SUBBED PREVIEW!! *begging* frying pans more practical for me as if he kept sanity in me...all I was doing watching him on my screan is crying for our King and OTP and glaring his way saying over and over again how I'll never forgive him for what he have no idea I'll enjoy watching him realising how his trusty guard was the one who betrayed him he didn't even tell her the truth, the only true thing he said was how our King is the real CP but other than that it was all made up: our King made him wear the mask? wasn't he the one who suggested on him and insisted on taking his place when our CP gave him many chances to change his mind? our CP run away to save his life and left him to Dea Mok's threats? was he there when the palace was attacked and our CP was almost killed and was buried before his eyes? and really he just risked his life to bring him the healing pill risking his own life and he dare our King run away to save his life? that without mentoning how our King killed her father when he was among the croud devastated and screaming for the one holding the sword to stop from killing her father and Lee Seon saw that and how our King was locked in his room and kept crying and begging his father to not kill Magistrate Han!! if I wanted to find any way to forgive Lee Seon he made sure that there is none and to hate him even more!! hhhhhhh we're all looking for something to ease our pain, aren't we?!! now I see that the Chief Eunch didn't only hate the late King for being a puppet King to Pyunsoohwe group but for knowing about him killing his brother to take the throne...I really don't want our King to know about that...what if Dea Mok told him/will tell him about how he helped his father become a King by killing his brother?!! that will be too much!! our King always believed they were chosen to be Kings and protect their subjects but he kept having blows since the day he knew about his father creating the Bureau of Water Supply to save him and now knowing he wasn't chosen to be a King but he became one through shedding his uncle's blood will be too cruel for him!!
  7. I just finishe the episode(s) with subs and nothing really worked to ease my pain for our King and wrath for Lee Seon
  8. there is preview chingu I feel like begging for someone to translate whatever he/she understand from the preview!! @jakey09 didn't find any english sub for the preview chingu!! I just broke my fast so I came here before jumping to watch the episode(s) with english subs Lee Seon's nickname... cr: owner I don't know how I'll hold on my anger everytimeI'll see Lee Seon on the screan I'll try reminding myself of our OTP's sweet moments (I'll need to do that the entire episode I believe ahh) with hope we'll have more of them soon... and speeaking of sweetness... cr: mommy_zahkhan hhhhhhhh so cute!! off to watch with subs now!! *bracing my heart*
  9. I agree with you!! Ga Eun had to face all thruths at once and the pain of realising who her young master was is understandable but now she knows (will know) how our King wasn't to be blamed and Pyunsoohwe group is her true ennemy and how he's surrounded by ennemies for being the King her father and she hoped for the people and she'll start helping him starting then!! despite her understandable unger towards him I loved how she was worried seeing him in Dea Mok's place and when he took the poison!! why do they do this to my heart?!! hhhhhhhhhh I and our chingu @vangsweetie637 were thinking about it the last time our King got poisoned but we got nothing *boo* will we get one this time?!! let's hope so!! comon, why would he bothe saying those words? he have better things to say blaming her father's death on our King...I need to calm down... YAAAAAY I'm waiting for the rating!! Ruler, Fighting!! hhhhhhhh I turned to frying pans actually!! happy you feel that way, same here!! it's so fun enjoying the drama with many chingudeul here!! ...I was in lively threads other than Ruler (W, Goblin were the busiest I was in, you leave for couple hours and you have a dozen of pages to back read hhhh, SP thread is pretty active too but I still didn't check on it yet being still here hhhhh) I agree on that!! at least be man enough and accept your share of what happened/happens and tell the truth as it is but no it's all our King's fault!! hhhhhhh why am I not surprised?!! I'm waiting for him to see how she will still keep loving our King after knowing the (half/made up) truth he told her and how she'll never look at him as a man but only a friend!! and he lost his only friend in our King and he'll come to regret it for the rest of his life!! he's their puppet...good luck with explaining your actions to her Lee Seon-ah!! seriosly guys, I have to go now but couldn't catc up to you yet?!! hhhhh see you all later with more pages to back read!! from me
  10. I hope so too!! and really what point is it to be a King who protects his people but fails to protect those he loves? aren't they (isn't she) one of his people as well?!! I hate where he is now but I love him for the person and King he is!! my heart hurts... hhhhhhh the only time to like the Queen is in the BTS!! and our Guisang is really a fan of our King isn't she?!! reading your words made me feel better...still feel pain remembering our King's look/face at that moment but I'll keep remembering your words to go through it... oh, right...I don't remember seeing her wearing this hanbok before is there another ceremony to come?!! that's the good side of all of this...and Lee Seon will have the slap of his life as well!! whether he really believed or just lied to ruin our King's image in front of Ga Eun about our King running away and leaving him to be poisoned in his stead to escape Dea Mok's threats he'll see how what he believed or his lie didn't stand longer than a short time and that our King never feared Dea Mok's retual nor would his people and those he loves and cares about be harmed for him!! yeah, the agony of waiting for subs is still there!! hhhhh if I can know how I can hang in there till wednesday...we're still in thursday and I want my next episode NOW!! ahh I'll just wait for him realising how low he went and enjoy his pain!! I find it interesting how Ga Eun was shocked and worried (?) as a reaction to Hwa Gun's slp instead of being mad at that behavious as if she knew something wrong was happening with our King!! I believe from what I understood from her conversation with Dea Mok, he told her how he made the CP kill her father so she knows half of what happened (we still need Chung Woon or Woo Bo to tell her the other half of the truth) and our King not stopping her from killing him and enetring his ennemy's place knowing it's a trap for him to capture him (even kill him) only to try to save her is enough reminder for her to realise that he's not the kind of person Lee Seon kept feeding her lies about!! andreally Lee Seon is her sweet friend as she remember, she can't really think he'll lie about such thing, though really remembering his crazy outrage actions can make her see his no longer the one she used to know!! ok this is me being unstable...wasn't he heartbreakingly handsome?!! cr: @Kasmic
  11. we all hope so...*gasping for air* hhhhhhhh you made me laugh through my tears chingu!! hhh don't think so chingu!! he won't fool Ga Eun and let her worry for him if he can hold on the pain!! the stills of our King taking the poppy poison...the look in his eyes...I knew I'd be in pain but can I ask for less pain please!!...ahhhh this poison is different than all other poisons so we can't tell how our King's body will react to it!! and I want to believe that it's the red poison coming out from his mouth not blood... oh yeah, right!! there must be a way..right?!! right!! add frying pan from me chingu happy you did chingu!! they weregreat indeed!! hhhhh I'd love it if they make a rom-com together...but will they do rom-coms at all let alon together?!! don't know much about Kim So Hyun doing rom-com's before or not but if Yoo SeunG Ho will EVER make a rom-com that will be the happiest moment in my life!! hhhhh I think she could talk that way to him since despite him being the CP she never saw nor treated him according to that status!! unless she talked down to him in a way that is even lower than she used to talk to him as Chief Peddler/Book Seeker Chun Soo!! totally agree with you!! they were really great!!
  12. hhhhhh I'm with you in that!! hhhh I have no need to tables can I hitt his stupid brain with frying pan till he forget who he is?!! I knew he'll find a way to save his woman but not this one!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?!! true!! I love and hate him going there, I wanted him to go save her and let her see/remember who he is and she did but DON'T LIKE THIS!! wait what?!! our King run away to escape getting killed by Dea Mok?!! REALLY?!! then who was fighting against Dea Mok all this time? and who risked his life to bring you the healing pill? I'm going to kill this ungreatful.... but she'll see that it's not true since the supposedly selfish CP who let people die to save his own life ended up entering his ennemy's place to save the woman he love and one of his subjects!! (just trying to not remember our King drinking the poison...and I failed ) THANK GOD FOR THAT!! his help came in the most needed time!! I always love strong Ga Eun!! she just need to calm and see the truth to be on our King's side and not be mad at him any longer!! I really can't breath... I agree on that!! I can understand her madness and anger but she never really tried to kill the fake King so why try to kill our King now?!! that was so heartbreaking to see but thinking about it, it didn't really make sens!! I can bet he'll NEVER tell her himself!! that's our King who see everything as his mistake being the CP and the one who should've protected his people no matter what, good thing we have Chung Woon and Woo Bo to tell her the truth!! that was great scene and it broke my heart!! I'm dying, like really dying!! I know he's immune to poison BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS POISON?!! THIS POISON IS DIFFERENT AND HAS NO ANTIDOTE YET, SO HOW WILL HIS BODY TAKE IT?!! did she really endager him?!! it was Lee Seon who did it and Ga Eun was kidnapped so can't really be mad at her (at least now that I still didn't watch the full episode yet) thinking about it, it can make sens!! the hurt and betrayal by the one you loved and trusted to be believed to be the person who killed your father (who liked him) and lied to you for all this time can push her to act on killing him!! it was great scene for sure!! and I want to forget that moment but I can't... but did we need to get there for her to forgive him?!!
  13. i'm sorry I just saw our King coming to Dea Mok and the preview.;;;;;; I need to calm down to be able to write
  14. he won't our seja if he gave up on his friend would he now!! thank you Chief Eunch!! I needed you at this time!! YES!! FINALLY!! phew OH MY!! he kidnapped her to get our King?!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO hhhhhhhhh watching many korean dramas help chingu!!
  15. I just watched the naver video of her facing our King!! WHY DIDN'T HE TELL HER HE'S NOT THE ONE WHO KILLED HER FATHER?!! but I think she can/will know he's not the one since he didn't try to stop her from killing him!! how she showed regreat and frustrated for saving him with the knife she wanted to kill him with!! Lee Seon betraying our King!! Lee Seon told our King to run away before Dea Mok coming with his men and this is his last favor he'll give him!!