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  1. thank you soooo much for the text preview translation chingu!! I'm soooooo excited!!
  2. happy you loved it!! for the dialogues you mean?!! I think I memorised the drama enough (our King and OTP dialogues) enough to not need subs any more!! chingu!! right!! our OTP's love was there from the start till the very end nothing wavering it!! ...but don't blame other girls and OTP for not being like our OTP sometimes being confused is being part of the fun!! (if it's done the right way for sure or it will be frustrating!!) cr: owner
  3. cr: seungho_0817 Yoo Seung Ho playing guitar?!! were is this from?!! cr: yooseungho_gallery
  4. yaaaaay finally I got the pic I wanted of Yoo Seung Ho as my new avatar!! there is many gifs I wanted but ended up with bigger size than it's allowed but finally I got my wish even if not as a gif, a pic would do too!! cr: owner
  5. ayyyyyyyyy soooooo happy for the news!! hope it keep on increasing!! and thank you so much for the great news!!
  6. FINALLY!! off to watch it!! thank you so much for the info chingu!!
  7. hhhhhhhhh I'm not really blaming him!! he was wounded himself and Hyun Joon is more than capable to deal with the criminal on his own!! but really one in action and one in emo road!!
  8. don't know really!! cr: seungho_0817
  9. yeah I know!! I'm excited for these cases as much as I'm terrified!! poor Hyun Joon!! he's terrifying me!! can't he die instead of getting caught?!! that's the only way to feel at ease or I'll always feel scared of him running away again... I can trust so!! it will be really sad but needed, they need to get closure to that case to heal their wounds!! @vangsweetie637
  10. yeah it looks him without his sageuk look hhhh but he's a riminal here?!! ______ ahhhhhhhhhh they are kidding me!! they can't end it there!! and the Reaper is back?!!