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  1. I'm always greatful to you chingu for the updates and your hardwork on introducing Yoo Seung Ho's projects to those around you!! hhhhhhhhh that's good to know!! he's now their biase like us!! we'll wait for your update about their opinion about him in Ruler then as well!! oh you're like me!! I'm so waiting to start reading casting news for him!! I'm sure he'll be great in whatever role he takes!! hhhhhhhhh we all want that but speading love and get more people to know of his great talent and love him is way better!! oh, I forgot that they air more than 2 episode per week in tv broadcast unlike our suffering while the drama is ongoing!! good good, they'll end up missing him after the drama ends when they used to see him every day!! hhhhhhhh I think every project of him I watched is special in a way: Jeoson Magician: my 1st project of him!! Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River: my 2nd project but 1st time I knew Yoo Sung Ho can make me laugh outloud beside breaking my heart!! Ruler: my 1st drama of him and through it I became a yoopie and broke my resolution to only have sakura pics as my avatar as you can see!! actually this drama's casting news was the 1st step to me jumping to be his fan as stop waiting for a rom-com from him to do so and I went to watch Jeoson Magician just then!! Remember: the drama I would've never ever never watched if it wasn't for Yoo Seung Ho!! that's too much pain for me but he's Yoo Seung Ho so.... IANAR: Yoo Seung Ho's 1st rom-com and healing project where I can see all his cuteness and adorablness and swooning all the time ...plus crying for sure!! we can't forget that part with Yoo Seung Ho!!
  2. I think there is higher chances he comes to Philippies especially that his new drama IANAR will be airing soon there!! hhhhhhh Yoo Seung Ho will get it back to you but in his gentle way still!! cr: walnutgrove0817
  3. [유승호 플레이리스트] Yoo Seung Ho playlist • 1. 김진표 '미안해서 미안해'(Feat. G.NA) ~ Kim Jin Pyo 'Sorry That I'm Sorry' (Feat. G.NA) . "It's a song I usually enjoy, why do I like this song? It's too sad to say "Sorry That I'm Sorry" (laughs), I feel that sad feelings." • 2. 빈센트 '띵킹 어바웃'(Thinking About) ~ Vincent 'Thinking About' . "It's my favorite song. I'm so excited about racing nowadays, but I like to listen a song when I drive. I like cars and I decided to go to the club after finishing 'Ruler'. It's a hobby, it's a ride, not a contest, but it's a ride, so when you listen to this song, your stress will be gone. "Racing is enjoy (laughs)." • 3. 듀크 두몽트(Duke Dumont) '오션 드라이브'(Ocean Drive) . "I would like to recommend this song, which is a bit of a dreamy feeling in the Electro genre." • Translated by YSHbiased Source: http://sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=199489
  4. don't think the ones I posted are related to his elle magazine photoshout or is it?!! but we'll get to swoon alot for sure!! awwwwww that's great!! I'm so happy!! keep introducing him to more chingu!! hhhhhhh now you're to keep us updated about how IANAR will be received in the Philippines when it starts ending!! oh BTW, did your parents/father start Remember yet?!!...oooook, I got my answer!! ahhhhhh I'm so happy!! yeah Yoo Sung Ho is that good!! now let's see if your father will tear up at one of the remaining heartbreaking moments that's to come!! ...awwww that's great!! your family are officially Yoo Seung Ho's fans now!! you're most welcome!! I'm waiting for more to come!! uhhhhh MY HEART!! really, we need to have him in an action role!! soon, please!! oh, so it's Remember's writer that's writing that drama?!! I only read Lee Jun Ki and the PD's part not realising who the writer is!! why my heart stoped for a second?!! could it be the fear of the heartbreaks the writer would put on us?!! add Yoo Sung Ho in this and I guarantee you we're doomed!! but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! what am I supposed to do if Yoo Seung Ho is a villain against Lee Jun Ki?!! I love them both and having them work together would be a dream come true and we have action as well so but my weak heart can't hate Yoo Seung Ho nor handle seeing him a villain against Lee Jun Ki!! don't do that to me!! hhhhhhhh or should they do?!! hahahahaha great job chingu!! well that drama has action into it you know!! hihihihihi but really Yoo Seung Ho still taking some rest so we need to wait a little longer I think to hear som casting news for his upcoming project!! I really want him to take a rile that showcase another charm of his like action or villain role!! he'd do great!! thank you for the interviews chingu!! though I got sad reading the 1st one!! people really say hurtful things not realising how much it affects the other person!! worst their words are just mean to hurt others not a building criticism!! and as we can't shield him from all those hurtful comments, sadly, we can still spread our love to him from our position as his fans!! hhhhhhhhhhh I really hate dubbing myself!! and to do it to an actor who I ADORE his voice?! you're basically killing me!! but we need to look to the good side of this and that is more people we'll get to watch Yoo Seung Ho's drama and fall for him!! how he took off his hanbock and covered her with it in an embrace!! his emoting eyes, his deep voice and his manly aura!! cr: ysh_persianfanpage
  5. I thought I posted this yesterday but I didn't apparently!! @justlove me too!! !w00t: and from the peek we got we will have great pics to swoon over!! @Berou answered you regarding that!! but thank you for the pic!! lucky the fan who was there!! yaaay great news keep coming!! Yoo Seung Ho's popularity is rising as he deserve and I hope/'m sure he keeps winning more ad more hearts and fans!! cr: ysh_is_miracle
  6. @Berou I know!! I'm really thankful to him having mercy on our poor hearts making our wait more bearable I'm waiting impatiently for his magazine pictorial!! are these new?!! I don't remember seeing them before!! cr: iloveyoo__
  7. thank you so much for sharing chingu!! he's so smexy cr: ellekorea and this means we ill have more updates
  8. oh yeah!! oh, thank you for the info chingu!! yaaaaaay it's great news indeed!! happy the drama is reseaving much love that compensate for the low rating!! awwww that's so sweet!! it can be true since they stayed close since their movie Unforgettable 2008!!
  9. @justlove yeah!! I believe Yoo Seung Ho has an army of fans who are just like Ji Ah willing to beat whoever thinks of harming him!! it's sad but a celebrety's life and especially who was on the entertainment industery since his childhould years isn't that rosey as we may think!! there is those who feel bitter and jealous and would enjoy hurting him to feel better themselves beside other different cases where he's not and can't be treated nor live as other people because of his celebrety status but I'm happy he still have good friends and loving family by his side whenever he needs them!! and he have us his fans as well who'll always support him and protect him as well from our position!! you're most welcome chingu!! more of "Yoo Seung Ho in Uniform" fantasy!! I'd die of swooning when that day will come and he'll do a project with a uniform!! not that I'm not swooning over him all the time!! cr: owner awwww wonder where was this taken!! cr: kkobi.kkobi
  10. just want to share something with you, not that it matters but still!! this channel is one of may favorite channels of Yoo Seung Ho's MVs!! as everyone knows, or mosteof you do , I joined Yoo Seung Ho's fandome with Ruler thanks to my weak heart that couldn't join before as we know Yoo Seung Ho's heartbreaking projects but still even though I couldn't watch his projects properly I still kept looking for his MVs (and scenes) and watched them and go back to reawatch them (and cry over them over and over again) whenever I miss him and JHJ's channels had moste of my favorite MVs of him!! ok I'll stop here all I'll end up sharing all JHJ's MVs of Yoo Seung Ho here!! I'll keep looking forward to her/his future MVs a well for Yoo Seung Ho's upcoming projects as well!!
  11. more interviews of Yoo Seung Ho!! cr: yooseungho_world I'm feeling down now!! ...but seeing our love for him cheer him up, right?!! WE LOVE YOU YOO SEUNG HO-SSI!!
  12. he should!! maybe I'm crazy but before becoming Yoo Seung Ho's fan (aka while I was waiting for him to do a happy drama for me to jump in and start watching his dramas ) I used to keep going back to his MVs and scenes from other dramas and cry over and over and over again!! crazy I know!! there is many painful moments in Remember actually but beside Jin Woo's loss moment of his father my most hateful look (position) of Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) is when he's lost or/and smiling innocently not realising what's really going on (when he called In Ah "noona" again telling her he's waiting for his "dead" father ) or forcing a smile behind his tears to assure his father his fine and this is their 1st encounter after graduating when he's been through that pain many and many times that was torture!! if you want to kill me just make Yoo Seung Ho smile through his tears or when he's lost!! hhhhhhhh he got there?!! they finished the drama in no time!! happy for that!! yeah Yoo Seung Ho was so great in there letting us see through Min Kyu's struggle with all those different emotions!! and one thing for sure we can't stop swooning over him no matter wht kind of emotion we and he's going through!! I even swooned over him when he was thrown away in a field in Ruler!! yaaaaay more interviews!! thank you so much chingu!! ... he's so funnily honest but I really felt bad seeing how he was hurt by people but he deals with it by just keeping on going on as sad as it is but he's right "drama is draman and real life is real life" but hope and pray he's always surrounded by those who loves him and protect him from whoever wish to hurt him!! We Love You Yoo Seung Ho!! Always Be Happy!!
  13. hihihihi I knew it and I'm so happy Yoo Seung Ho is winning more andmore fans through you and your parents as well!! that's great and he totally deserve it!! ...I'm waiting to find out as well if your father will cry as well or not!! at the very least I bet he'll cry at the scene where Seo Jin Woo was crying over his father's dead body!! even the actor playing the father's role cried when he's supposed to act dead you know!! that's how great Yoo Seung Ho was there!! I want to add his outburst scene at episode 26: we can see the battle of emotions inside him: anger, hurt, betrayal, crushed hope over her lies, anger at himself for still hoping that inside those lies there was sincere emotions towards him add to it the pain and anger of not being able to blieve it and the need to let it all go even if he doesn't want to!! and angry Yoo Seung Ho is SEXY!! can we have more of that in his upcoming projects!!