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  1. thank you for sharing chingu!! I agree with you aside from the casting and having Park Seo Joon in my small screen soon I`m really loving the concept of the drama and the characters` discriptions!!
  2. preview is out with a bonus chingu!! thank you for sharing chingu!! let me share the rest!! cr: @dhakra don't depress me chingu!! I'll be waiting!
  3. a solo upright judge against many and many other currupted law forces who get buyed with money and higher positions!! but I'd be happy if he manages to fight without holding hands with Jung il, that's for sure!! my eyes pupped out when I read "innocent" word good thing you were kidding!! hhhh she better start her redeaming now or she'll end up in worst position with no way to go but severe punishment!! hhhhhhhhh yeah!! same here!!!i feel so sad to see her a prisoner!!!what will they do next?will she escape ?Dj is so tender...i hope we will have many otp moments!!! I'm sad she'sin prison but I'm happy Dong Joon is there for her and I know I'm out of my mind but I'm squeeing seeing him holding her hand and wiping sweat from her face thank you for sharing @nona88 I FOUND THIS!! it's a sneek peek + the preview!! Jung il thanked Choi CEO for helping him get his father's body and wanted it to give him a gift in return which is the same looking vase Choi CEO killed Kang Yu Teak with, in other way Jung il is telling him he knows he's the one who killed his father) so Choi CEO asked secretary Song to do something related to Dong Joon (maybe Dong Joon has already became Young Joon's attorney? ) and secretary song told Choi CEO he'll do it with Soo Yeon making Choi CEO losehis temper telling him that Soo Yeon will stay out of this but secretary Song replyed that he needs to live in other words pulling Soo Yaon in this mess will guaranty his safety!! and in the preview Dong Joon has met secretary Song on the rooftop and told him that he (secretary Song) is aware what kind of a person Choi CEO is (untrustworthy) so it can be that Song secretay acted that way because of Dong Joon whether because they teamed together or it's Dong Joon's way of turning Choi CEO and song secretary against each other to get the chance to bring them down when they make mistakes that are bound to happen!! @zagigirl @dhakra the preview isout with a sneek peek, look above!! yeah I'm sure he will!!
  4. I agree with you on that but it's just he'll be facing troubles more than Jung il would as her attorney since he have no power unlike Jung il who have his father`s power in his hands and Choi CEO who have Teabeak! I want that but how can he fight by himself? hhhhhhhh your killing me chingu!! how can she get out unharmed after all she did? no way! I believe him but I'm desperate! and yeah Jung il isn`t to be trusted and Dong Joon is aware of that! hhhhhhhh I`m a nice girl I won`thit you I`ll only glare at you chingu! see you all tomorrow hopefully!!
  5. hhhhhh thankfully we don`t have such twistd people around us no matter how our (love) life is twisted!! I go more with 1st possibility and yeah Dong Joon need to be careful of Jung il and he will for sure!! but if Dong Joon fights alone then he can use his own father`s involvement in the fake autopsy to prove Choi CEO`s involvement behind it as well and ruin his alibi!! and no the bad guys can make Young Joo`s motivation to kill Kang Yu Teak is for revenge against Jung il since she`s the one who gave the USB that points at him as the reporter`s murderer!! and you confused me with the 3rd possibility Soo Yeon for sure won`t change her testimony against Jung il since she need him behind bars for betraying her and for her father and Teabeak to be safe!! hhhhhhhh loved how we're not the only ones that laughed at Beak Sang Gu`s comment that it`s not the right time for their "flirtation", they were laughing too!!
  6. something like that? as much as I hate Jung il but he`s a smart man and seeing him and Dong Joon joining forces and outsmart Choi CEO, Soo Yon and secretary Song would be supper fun!! I think they would play with the date of death so Choi CEO would have an alibi at that time and no one would even be able to accuse him of the murder!! and they`d just say that Young Joo killed Kang Yu Teak out of revenge against Jung il who framed her dying father so she killed his father in return!!
  7. happy I helped!! don`t see Dong Joon trusting Jung il enough to let Young Joo`s life/future in his hands, they can make plans together and share informations to trick Song secretary and Choi CEO and make them go after each other to pull Choi CEO down and free Young Joo but not more than that!! and don`t think we`ll see Hyun Soo again from news we read hough I wold hav loved it if we had him help Dong Joon in savin her! I still feel sad that we didn`t det Dong Joon and Hyun Soo face-off after eaving him to die and Ki Young would have sent him daggers through his eyes for leaving his judge like that!! what a shame!! oh my!! that`s a full week of celebrations/holidays!! hhhhhh let`s hope for th best!!
  8. yeah I'm so excited and want the drama to start already but I`m trying to find a way to ease the waiting for me with the pused date of the broadcast!! *sigh* ok, this is torture!! how can they give us these updates then tell us to wait more?! cr: owner
  9. but the USB is already on the procecutors` hands and they can`t take it back!! I hope so too but don`t see him making a deal that will harm Young Joo`s father!! I know and who can stop Young Joo?! I think so too!! he may have sided with Choi CEO now but he won`t miss any chance to py him for what e did to him nd knowing Choi CEO he`ll end up pushing him where he`s left with nothing to lose making him helping his ennemies to bring him down with hm! I can live with that, won`t need big confessions or gestures, I can take their knowing and and accepting glances right, we were promised romance and from what I see we have hope for a happy ending not a tragic one! who is that kid? found these with with Young Joo`s voice: with Dong Joon`s voice: Dong Joon Choi CEO cr:
  10. he may not ask her but even if he`s willing to do that and hold hands with Jung il what will Jung il want in retun? saving Young Joo would bring troubles to him (Jung il) since she`ll go after him eventually and Dong Joon won`t make a deal that will let her father remain the murderer so how will that be!! I prepare for the worst. he didn`t preare to what would happen if she got caught by cops with no evidences against secretary Song like we sa happening!! *sigh* I didn`t wtch ny of the writer`s other projects but he better not go there!!
  11. sorry for the late reply!! but he didn't agree at 1st!! will he do it now?!! as much as I hate it, I'll take it if it will help get rid of Choi il Hwan ang get Young Joo cleared from the murder charges but what an irony would it be Jung il helping Dong Joon to get her out when he was the one who framed her father for a crime he commited!! no, I won't take any ending!! death for my OTP is a NO but an oppen/make your ending as you wish in your head kind of ending is a NO too!! give me a happy ending with loff confession and accaptance at the very least or I'll be really mad writer-nim!! owww thanks for the info chingu, let's hope for the best anyway!! cr: with.subtitles.please
  12. hhhhhhhh we'll be watching many dramas together chingudeul!! than you all for all the updates!! they look so cute together!! Nam Ji Hyun Beats Up Poor Ji Chang Wook in New Teaser for Suspicious Partner Posted on April 28, 2017 by ockoala
  13. take good care of us chingu!! hhhhhhhh we're all looking forward for the kiss(es)!! @mju1993 the airing date was pushed a long time ago and it's better this way!! if the drama started on 8 May the 2nd episode will be post-poned till next week since 9 May is the election day and it's not good for a drama to have its 1st episode then leave the viewers waiting for antire week for the 2nd episode, starting on 15 may is a right decision and hope our drama will have a good/great rating for sure!! let's hope for the best!! @athena22 really?!! maybe that's better so they can work with more ease before the start of the drama's broadcating!! hhhhhhhhh I saw him too!! I can find my boy from far away!! hhhhhhh thank you all so much for all the updates and pics!!
  14. 30April 27, 2017 Finger hearts in new stills for Fight My Way by tineybeanie You know what’s missing from the dramaland landscape right now? A good ol’ fashioned rom-com. Which is why I’m happy that Park Seo-joon’s (Hwarang) Fight My Way (previously titled Third-Rate My Way) is coming out soon. This upcoming drama is centered around the lives of two best friends in their twenties, who are struggling with realizing their dreams because of their third-rate stats on paper (e.g., college grades, test scores, awards, etc.). A few more stills have been released for this drama, featuring the two main characters played by Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won (Descended From the Sun). Park Seo-joon plays a former high school Taekwondo star who’s now a corporate drudge, although he still dreams about making it in the professional fighting world. He doesn’t live by others’ standards; he lives for his own values. So even in the face of temptation when everyone else is cheating, he still follows all the rules in the fighting arena because he keeps to his own moral code. In addition, despite all the difficulties that he’s had to face inside and outside the ring, he keeps an optimistic view on life. Kim Ji-won, on the other hand, works as a info desk clerk at a retail department store, but her ultimate goal is to become a news anchor. In a recent interview, she said that she chose Fight My Way as her comeback project because she was attracted to this main tagline in the script: “No matter what anyone else says, we’ll go our way.” She continued on by saying that the drama is “not about worldly success, but about living for yourself and about the obstacles and the love that follow.” Her character is the type of person who always does her best, and is brave about confronting the world around her. Kim Ji-won said that her character “takes joy in the little things in life, and expresses her emotions fully, without filter, which is far different from my previous roles.” She also liked that Ae-ra (her character) knows what it is to be hurt, but also knows how to recover from pain, and stay true to her feelings. So it looks like we have two solid characters, who are all set up to gain our sympathy and love. KBS’s Fight My Way, which tells the story of how two individuals mature through their life obstacles, work towards their dreams, and also find love in each other, will begin airing on Mondays and Tuesdays starting May 8. Via iMBC 1, iMBC 2 I get more excited the more I read about this drama!!