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  1. hhhhhhh I was thinking the same thing!! cr: by_yooseungho hhhhhh I'm smart like that!! I'm so excited thinking about it!! let's hope so!!
  2. happy I'm not the only onre who felt that way!! yeah I noticed that too!! it's like she's telling Se Hee before hand that she'll only be his wife for 2 years then their contract will end but we know it won't!! I agree with you!! she keeps getting mad on her own and wait for him to ask for her forgiveness which I don't like!! she took him for granted enough that she no longer see his good traits and keep asking or actually wanting for more and get mad if he doesn't do what she wants from him without telling him directly!! she has the right to want to get married but being mad that he didn't understand that when she never said it is totally wrong plus he kept telling her over and over again that rich people can afford to buy all they want and get married and she knows he's looking for investors so he doesn't have enough money to get married so why get mad when she already knows his dinantial situation?!! he even brought the saufa she kept obsessing over thinking she'll be happy but instead of seeing his gesture she kept yelling at him in front of her friends!! she needs to give as much as he's giving her which she's not at this point and learn to talk directly instead of wanting him to understand what she wants on his own!! hhhhhhhh I'm enjoying him losing his mind being ignored by her!! I'm sooooooooooooo loving this man that I'm wondering about my sanity!! he's emotionless at the surface but he's the most caring and supportive person Ji Ho ever had!! in a wierd way his logican/nonsense/crazy way of thinking comes out as the most caring, comforting and encouraging words and gesture that helps her at the most needed time!! and I love how she's just as unusual person like he is to be able to communicate with him and have that understanding!! sooooooo love it!! hhhhhhhhh good reason to be home!! Just some reasons why I have to be home cr: http://dramatroll.tumblr.com/
  3. maybe he thinks deserves Hyun Soo more than Jung Seon being the one by her side for 5 years as a friend and supporter while Jung Seon was away?!! still it's stupid way of thinking because giving love doesn't come with a payback price and loving her on his own doesn't mean he deserves her love more!! let's hope he gets back to his senses soon because I don't like hating him but he's pushing me to!! my only wish is he doesn't reach his goal to break our OTP's happiness and fail in seperating them!! thank you so much chingu!! sadly naver doesn't work for my country anymore apparently!! hhhhhhhhhh I was reacting litteraly like Yang Se Jong seeing the PD getting closer to him!! hhhhhhh "avoid if you don't like it" totally avoid it as we saw!! waaaaa finally I got to wach the full BTS!! thank you so much chingu!! it does in a way but if that ended in sad note then it doesn't!! that's me saying "give me a happy ending for my OTP!! that's all I want!!" hhhhhhhhh even our CEO is wondering about the same thing!! cr: http://dramatroll.tumblr.com/
  4. @hiriena02 thank you so much for the pics/video!! the fangirl in me went crazy!! at 1st watch I was a pure fangirl watching him with hearts in my eyes, he looks really handsome and his shy smile is a killer , at 2nd watch I was analysing what was he doing at the university but then I saw that his outfit wasn't fit to be a student so I'm still wondering what was he doing there and why was he wearing a short sleeved shirt when it's starting to get cold already!! (good thing he had a coat on him though ) hhhhhhhh I saw it too I predicted as much from the car accident's fan-still and I turned out right and so it can be right that Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho)'s allergy to people is due to a trauma (losing one of his parents or both or entire family including a sister maybe?)!! well we can see this is Yoo Seung Ho's drama for sure rom-com or not let's hope he won't cry much in this rom-com drama though we can be sure that we will see his tears at one point with no doubt...which I'm not against actually!! maybe I'm crazy but I love how he breaks my heart with his tears though I hate seeing him in tears/pain, crazy I know!! hihihi maybe, it can be!! or his sister who died too?!! hhhhhh but it's on the set of his drama me too!! can't wait to see their paring on screen no not yet!! I'll tell you the second I know it, you can bet on it!!
  5. episode 4 videos!! preview have to go again now!! will be back later, hopefully!! @bedifferent @bebebisous33 happy to see you here too!!
  6. you bet I did!! you're too innocent chingu!! you really believed she's worried for her son's career and becoming like his father (abusive to his wife) if he got married young?!! no!! that's what she said but not what she meant!! she's worried for her son's career but not for him but because him being successful guarantee her good living and her useless boyfriends will have a reason to date her (her son's successul reputation and money)!! and her being worried he'll end up like his father is actually her telling him in other words to not get married blaming it on his similar genes with his abusive father but she's fully aware he's nothing like his father being the one who always protected her and took good care of her and that's the real reason she doesn't want him to get married, not then not now not even later, she needs him to only love and care for her and Hyun Soo is a threat to losing his love and care!! can you imagine what she did to her young son that he ended up running away from her coming back to Korea and not even buy a phone so she can't contact him?!! what good-caring mother would keep trying to use her son's reputation and money to have new boyfriends and even use his friend's money when she can't get her son's?!! she's no mother to me!! wait so I thought I was late for today's episode but we actually didn't have one?!! is that good or bad for me now?!! hmmmmm thank you so much for the translation chingu!! 1/ yeah for research reasons!! who is she fooling?!! 2/ hope things will get better with his restaurant!! don't want Jung Woo to use it against him too!! 3/ he can feel bitter all he wants!! no more sympathy for him from my side!! hhhhhhhhh he's already handsome but good thing to have some rest for sure!!
  7. you mean "his" mother right?!! his mother is actually sick chingu!! didn't you notice her disturbing behaviour around him?!! she can't accept having him loving and caring for another woman other than her!!
  8. another monday-tuesday drama I'm really enjoying!! hhhhhhhhh cr: http://dramatroll.tumblr.com/
  9. I'm really enjoying this drama!! hhhhhhhhhhh When people bother me during my personal meal time. not really!! I can't eat in quiet place, I need at least tv or music playing while eating!! this! cr: http://dramatroll.tumblr.com/
  10. the mother was acting nice in front of Jung Seon to not lose him but she would never aprove of any woman to "steal" her son from her!! cr: @dmtroll
  11. hhhhhhhh I'm looking thoroughly to have a glimps of the filming set behind her!! cr: @soobinms
  12. I think he's worst now!! Hong Ah is all bark and no bite where is Jung Woo is making smart moves to get his goal acting innocent!! I never thought, or actially really hoped he won't use his hyung-dongsaeng relationship against Jung Seon but he did sadly!! like you said Jung Seon isn't blood related to Jung Woo but still he was closer to him than his real family ever was and Jung Woo knows that and is using it against him to blackmail him emotionally to my dissapointment and heartbreak!! still don't think Jung Woo had a hand in the restaurant's incident!! (he can do later on but not this one at least) as we all know the maknae chef is still too green and keep making many mistakes at every task he's given!! can someone please at least keep him in controle in such important cases?!!
  13. but Jung Seon told him not to give up on the woman he loves not make a fool of her boyfriend!! Jung Seon's advice is a valid one but Jung Woo twisted it in his own way!! I can see her counting then recounting over and over again to make sure she counted them the right way (and for other reasons for sure ) hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh I'll repeate this tease kiss as much as replying the kiss scene(s)!! I so love his teasing smile!! I think he just wants to guilt Jung Seon to give up on Hyun Soo for him looking as if he had no idea of their feelings for each otherwhich I hate!! let's hope Jung Seon won't allow anyone or anything to pull them apart from each other this time!! I know!! I kept hoping he won't go the wrong way but he did worst then I thought he would!! OH YEAH!! out cute-hot chef won!! I used to feel sorry for him too but no longer!! I was happy he wouldn't be put in a bad place if he realised the truth when he was proposing to her but he kept on pushing it to harm them and especially Jung Seon?!! I'm no longer sorry for him!!
  14. hhhhhhhhh I'd never say no!! I love his tease!! hhhhhhhh yeah we know the reason now!! I don't know but she's aware that Hyun Soo is Jung Seon's girlfriend so talking about marriage only means she's to marry her son!! but she can be telling her that she's getting old and needs to marry soon while her son is still young and can still wait and so in othe words "find anothe man your age to get married to him and leave my little boy"!! I just hope Hyun Soo give her the answer she deserves!! but I'm sure Jung Seon didn't meant to propose to the woman before the eyes of her own boyfriend in his workplace and make him help him for his proposal to his girlfriend unknowingly!! that waaaaaay too cruel!! hhhhhhhhh it's her fantasy place!! he ruined her fantasy last time and he fulfilled it to her this time!! thank you so much for the translation chingu!! Jung Woo has totally lost me now!! so he didn't only make Jung Seon prepare for his (Jung Woo's) proposal to his own girlfriend at his restaurant and make the cake with his own hands he also told him to bring the woman he loves that same day to introduce her to him stepping on Jung Seon's sincerity towards him wanting to share his happiness with his hyung like a real dongsaeng?!! he needs to work hard to win me back now!! and the mother is just telling Hyun Soo "you're too old for my young son, find aother man to marry since my son is in no harry to" silly useless shameless pathetic woman!!
  15. oh my heart!! this is really not good for my weak heart!! thank you so much chingu!! I'm giggling and swooning and fanning and dying here!! the mother is acting to be nice, I have no doubt about that!! she needs to keep the act to not lose Jung Seon but we all know she doesn't want any woman to be near her son especially not a woman who can make him happier than he ever looked around her!! I really can't tell myself but he's really worrying me!! will he slap Jung Seon's words at his face reminding him how he told him that the woman will chose him (Jung Woo) over any other men and so Hyun Soo should chose him over Jung Seon or he should give up on her for him, his hyung?!! and at his restaurant?!! that's cruel!! he actually stoped Hong Ah as well not only Hyun Soo!! is he trying to pretend that nothing happened to make things less awkward when he proposes to her?!! so he'll keep them both and try to make them feel sorry for him and give up on each other for him?!! I really don't get him!!