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  1. In@excitedgal salute for your 0917 mission!!! It was great!! Don't know how to appreciate it... And @luvforever did you start the fire? Coz I really feel hot in the morning... And ladies, should we plan Busan trip? Coz seems everyone here curious about visiting Busan... Lets go!
  2. Jiji are really a magnet for shippers and haters....... In a different way, of course....
  3. Omooo... Should i call this kind shipper with.... Stubborn?? Ahahaha.. Aaah lets just ignore them... I wanna happy sail... Happy shipping... Brighten my my day
  4. They just hurt their own heart by lurking here.... My suggestion , dear lurker/hater, lurking here is not good for your heart, just mind your own business, cherish your own ship, even if you ship JCW with your self... Stay away from something that could hurt your feeling.. Shipping for fun, to make some friend, and share happiness.. Peace
  5. @achinawa haha... Yes, we love our sailing boat... But, what happened with all those removed pictures? Being reported? Chinca.... What are they protected? Maybe they (sbs) shocked with our finding... Shipper have sharp eyes you know, with all our curiosity, it could not be denied.. Hahaha... Keep spazzing and spamming ladies!! And @pauliza your post are
  6. Seriously, ladies. Today or yesterday were not SP anniversary, rite? But when I come here, it feels like we are celebrating something... Maybe Hyunni new drama, Wookie musical, their updates here and there, made us miss them more and more. So we all starving of them... Haha... Thank you my fellow shipper who post a lot about Namji, pictures, gift, etc. Really made my day, really cherish my heart, and make me more confident being one of Namji shipper.... Kamsahamnida....
  7. Hi, chingus!!! Miss you all.... It's been a while since i visited this thread... I haven't back read, yet, but I'm sooo happy seeing a lot of update from our OTP... our soldier picture here and there (waaah its beyond my expectations)... And I love Hyunni's beautiful solo pictures on hEr IG... daebak!! She is really pretty... How could her orabeoni not miss her?? He must miss her badly and... A little bit jealousy will good for him (delulu)... I'll back read soon...
  8. Orabeoni, chincaaaa praise Hyunni a lot Love love love....
  9. @achinawa : aaah they always "forget" to take a picture, they save in their own memories...
  10. Hi chingus!!!! Miss you all, miss this thread... Its been a while since I came here... Waaah I just drop by, and saw their smiles picture... And.... Their butts!!! What a day!!!
  11. Yes that is her dress style, i think... And wookie need to check it...
  12. Heol.... Daebak!!! @midorinokerochan..... You described them completely... You are jjjaaang.. Thank you
  13. He is meticulous if it's related to Hyunni... Good namja chingu
  14. Hahaha... Yes, dear, we found that Wookie always find a way to "play" with Hyunni, he like to tease her all the time. Playful couple... I notice the whole from the sbs catch bts, and if I'm not mistaken, maybe there was a lose ribbon or button, that's why Wookie could touch her bare skin, then it was fixed by her stylist (?)..
  15. Happy Birthday uri handsome soldier... Be the best always...
  16. The difference is feeling their hands can see each other part to touch their eyes can talk to each other to share the feeling
  17. Wooooow those milestones are DAEBAK!! one more (don't miss it) He will tear up when his wife delivering their baby, while holding her hand tightly.... Too sweet to handle
  18. @pauliza and @midorinokerochan : I just realize their gazing day... 25th May... Ok, for know on, it will be their D-date At least in my shipper heart... Happy first anniversary, my JIJI COUPLE ALL THE BEST FOR YOU TWO
  19. Its been long time not to drop by in this thread... Since their marriage .. Hi, chingus... Miss you all Miss Kikyo
  20. They chinca forgot how to behave as co worker... They felt too comfortable... Hahaha I think this is the beginning of their closeness Love it....