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    Swimming, fencing, running. Love to watch K-dramas - current faves are Sung Hoon and Sang Woo - watch mystery/ cop shows like Endeavor, Wallander, Broadchurch, Happy Valley. Music - classic R&B like Otis Redding.

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  1. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

  2. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    Mom and son are so sweet Mom and son are so sweet Yay, new interview with photos
  3. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    Really loved this episode of I Live Alone
  4. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

  5. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    Guided Adventure - Mexico. You did it!
  6. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    He’ll be on next week’s episode too
  7. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    Clip from ILA - hope to see English subs soon
  8. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    Promo video for upcoming event for TMAK swimwear brand I Live Alone - with Henry SH’s legs are so long!