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    Swimming, fencing, running. Love to watch K-dramas - current faves are Sung Hoon and Sang Woo - watch mystery/ cop shows like Endeavor, Wallander, Broadchurch, Happy Valley. Music - classic R&B like Otis Redding.

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  1. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

  2. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    So funny
  3. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    Will be able to watch this Oct 27th
  4. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    So happy that promos and articles for airing of Sound of Your Heart reboot have started
  5. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    new clips from I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street Working out today
  6. fashiondream

    Sunghoon 성훈

    A HD clip