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  1. Hi all, greetings from Seoul! Havent been posting for a while and I promised @gtLmh0622 that I will drop a short note tonight before tucking in bed and recollecting the events of today. Happy to be back since FM in February. I was perhaps seated 10meters away then. With a very real chance of being up close to even shake his hands this time, got me really thrilled and nervous . Didn’t know if I was able to handle his aura but anyhow I told myself it is now or never. Both of of us were very early, first being unfamiliar with the location and of course wanting to get the best place. When we eventually arrived, we were the first 2 and there was no a single fan around. For the next one hour of waiting in the cold, we had wavering thoughts of maybe he wasn’t going to turn up for work today....and the rest of the whole knew about it except for these 2 ignorant souls.... Our fears were abated when more fans turned up one by one. Still not many enough to totally convinced us (me rather) that he was coming. Moreover, many vehicles were blocking the narrow road and it would take him so much effort to manoeuvre and the situation didn’t look good. That got me worried until one young lady (probably the most envied job in the world, luckiest girl to be MH colleague) came down and started to direct some traffic. Within a few minutes, the black car arrived and he got off the car. At this very moment, I was just a mess..he walked past me and I stretched out my hand for a handshake. With his hand full of pressies, I managed to grab 3 of his fingers and said good morning in English. He then went up the steps and entered the office. So much for a first close encounter. Extremely grateful to him for turning up today, the good weather, the few and yet very cooperative fans and of course the great company of our @gtLmh0622. Hope I have good stories to share tomorrow. Till then, I dream about seeing him again.... Goodnite all, nite nite Min Ho. xoxo
  2. Hi everyone, just a short note to add on to this morning's little boo boo. I have a friend who was present this morning and said that he was laughing at himself when he found out that he forgot to put on his mask. That's so cute! I am wondering it if was a subtle deliberate peekaboo treat for all of us. Okay, I think I am thinking too much! Oh happy day!
  3. 안녕여러분 Haven't been here for a while, quite a lot of catch up to do and am enjoying your recaps of BOF. Couldn't quite wait hence I watched one round last week...missing Mr Curly Hair already. @gtLmh0622 Sent me a Weibo blog last week and to enlighten her busy workload I am going to help wIth the translation. But will do it in parts. Cr: Minoz_Zoya 20/07/2014 I had come to your city, walked the paths that you had always walked. I had confirmed my itinerary about a month ago and after much preparation, I am now here. Listening to a song about crossing the ocean to see you, and I was even trying to practise my breathing when I next see you. At about 10am, we had met with an Ajusshi, got up the car and zoomed off with much expectancy in our hearts. Even the clouds in the sky looked like a heart shape. The driver was humorous and after a few minutes we had changed to calling him Oppa instead. He was advising what we should and shouldn't be doing and we were using Mandarin, Korean, English and Japanese and sign language. After a 4 hour drive, we finally reached Sunchon filming set. 1) first encounter. Confidentially when we were getting of the car, you (Minho) were preparing to have your meal. We were standing by the road and you assistant was sheltering you with an umbrella and was also blocking you at the same time. However you had purposely turned and bent lower to greet us. The first look, we were already feeling dizzy and couldn't think that it was for real. After you meal, you went back to your car and rested. The car was parked by the road and we decided to be with you while you were resting. Haha please don't think otherwise , there was a 2m distance away. You were in the car and we were outside the car. We were talking about you then and were wondering if you had actually eavesdropped. 2) You had to start work in the afternoon. You came out of the makeup room. Whilst we were still trying to get ourselves together, you actually walked towards us and I was shocked. I had actually wanted to say what I had been practising for a long time but all I could say in a hurry was "Minho-ssi, anneyong". Little did I expect you to reply "Neh". A focused gaze, a perfect smile and my heart melted in an instance. My heart missed a few beats and I actually blushed. After which, he started work in a serious manner. 3) You had ended work. Saw you from a distance again walking past and two Korean fans went up to present you their gifts. You accepted them with a smile and replied "Kamsahamida". We followed to present ours and you replied "Thank you". So gentle, so gentle that no one could ever resist you. 4) You went back to the room to rest, came out to greet before getting up the car to head to the hotel. Should be to get a change of clothes as the weather was very hot and you had a whole day of filming in period drama clothes. There were Koreans fans around that day and we got to know that you had not finished filming. We were then waiting by the road, one lady came towards us and asked if we had eaten. We said we were Chinese fans and we would wait for him and not eat. She then joked with the Korean fans beside us and said we need not eat as long as we could see Minho. To be continued....
  4. Hi, Please help to vote for Min Ho (name in Japanese - イ・ミンホ) as the male actor to look out for in 2017. He is currently ranked 2nd and the fight has been very intense for the past week and it is hovering at the same position. Unlimited votes, hence do exercise your fingers whenever you are free and bring our boy up to the top as another gift for his birthday. Poll ends June 2017. 2017年注目している俳優は? - 韓流ぴあhttp://t.cn/RJsVss5
  5. @alovebof Thanks for your help! I bought it from someone over the web and I am just wondering if it is authentic cos it says Made in China.
  6. Hi, May I ask for those who ever bought a Minomi from Joanne Bear Museum, if the doll is made in Korea or China (verify from the tag sewn on the doll)? Please help. Thank you!
  7. D729 @Latifah Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they greatly resonate mine. I didn't get to see Korean fans' comments and didn't know there was so much backlash. Everyone has different views and I think the greatest struggle is to find a fine balance. The entertainment industry is often harsh and only reports the extreme to achieve a high readership. If there weren't any fans yesterday, they would have reported that Minho's popularity has dipped etc. It was a good boost to his morale. I personally think it was a good send off and do agree that most were overseas fans. It will not be a scene which will happen in the days to come. Fans were generally well behaved. In fact, I feel the office people were causing more distress when he entered the building. It was my greed to want to see glimpses of what was happening yesterday and was happy to see all the pictures circulated. If he is stressed or uneasy, I have better restrain myself and be satisfied with just him posting instagram about his life. I wish you well, Minho
  8. D-0. Hope the day started well for you. You can now put away the weighty responsibility of a public figure and put on the civilian cloak. Enjoy the freedom and take time to smell the flowers. All the best to your first day of work, hopefully with little pressure from the press, paparazzi and fans. We will continue to watch you from afar. TGIF.
  9. D-1 to 512. It is the final countdown. What come may, we still need to face it. I have a heap of feelings all jumbled together. it's indescribable at this very moment. How is everyone feeling?
  10. D-4 to 512. According to Gangnam District Weibo, our Gangnam poster boy will be deployed to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. This is one of the 15 governmental organisations. The Ministry will take care mainly of population census, public healthcare and also assistance to the less privileged of the society. Looks like he is going to be an effective ambassador for the next 2 years....and doing lotsa of good work while being exposed to the different strata of life. This will definitely make him more reflective and mature as he faces these realities of life. I believe this will also grow him into an even more qualified actor. In the meantime, not looking forward to Friday for once.
  11. @gtLmh0622 Thanks for sharing. Wow the Japanese fans are really very supportive! A very simple way of showing support, away from the usual social media platforms. They have chosen very nice pictures. Handsome and stylish!
  12. D-5 to 512. Time passed so quickly towards this day. Life is filled with ironies - the day that we dread often arrives so quickly and the day that we look forward to always seem so far away. This week is going to be a difficult one. Need to huddle with all the chingus here.....
  13. @pixie0622 Thanks... Oh I see.... I thought this is only for Japanese fans.... Ok so I should not pine over the possibility of seeing him appear for the next 8 days..0 D-8 to 512
  14. I wonder if he will release an official video to biid temporal goodbye to all Minoz... D-9 to 512
  15. @pixie0622 that was exactly what caught my eye?!! I thought nowadays he would wear rings only during official events..hmmm