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  1. Most welcome for the translation, just my little contribution to the group here. I have also read ithat as a non active soldier, working hours are regular in public organisations and they will have free time in the evenings and during weekends. Basically a lot of private time, hence I hope he will catch on lost freedom, find time to appreciate mom's cooking, date, gather with friends, sleep and do nothing. However, I somehow think he will not slack but spend time with the management company to review opportunities or do things to enrich himself. May he enjoy doing what he is tasked and continue to be an exemplary example. Why am I hoping that the public organisation that he is serving in will engage him as the poster boy? Wishing thinking, I know! D-12 to 512.
  2. Credit: Weibo Get_It_K From Chinese translation on interview with Star1 Part 2 Q: We are all curious about "commoner" LMH's typical day off. LMH : Just do nothing. Hahaha. I would have found things to do last time, not now. I don't particularly have anything that I specially like or am passionate about. I tried looking for something that I like or cultivate a hobby. I don't do anything, it's chronic fatigue most of the time. Q : Do you have any food that you particularly like to eat? LMH : This is too classic a question... ok....I like to eat "Mummy's rice" (Mummy's cooking). That is why my ideal type must be able to cook. Hahaha. My mum is a model homemaker, I grew up seeing her take control of affairs at home. I prefer a girl that takes after my mum. Q : Another more classic question, what is the secret to upkeeping your looks? LMH : Hahaha.... beauty regime..really didn't do anything. Perhaps I don't even do more than what most men do. Nowadays, people are very concerned with managing their looks, right? This is an old topic, I am a very basic person, I just make sure I properly cleanse and remove makeup. Q : Like to go out and play or go for a vacation? LMH : Once I am out, I would feel tired. For example, I went somewhere for a meal, I don't wish for people to talk about it after that. Recently the social media is very advanced, if a picture was taken it would be circulated with useless remarks, and this caused me to be very emotionally drained. Although this didn't cause any major incidents to happen or hurt anyone, but people who don't know me speak about this and that of me really causes one's heart to be tired. Q : Albeit this way, you walked through these 10 years in low profile. LMH : I am more low profile...hahaha. I survived through earnesty and without any major catastrophes. Despite this, I did get lost along the journey and my thoughts changed. When I first debuted, I thought I will not hide my activities, but slowly and unknowingly, I wanted to hide myself in a corner. I am basically an extrovert, but I have since become more conservative. However when I am working with everyone, I still behave like an extrovert. Outside this time or in life, it seems that I have become more conservative (introvert?) Q : Without realising, you have many hoobaes. LMH : If there are opportunities, I hope I can be a sunbae whom hoobaes who need help can lean on. In reality, 80% artistes or singers in the entertainment circle are unable to start in a good environment. For me too. There are times when there are clashes and there is a need for an outlet which you can hear objective comments. When making any decisions ,may also meet some difficulties. I had experienced all these when I debuted at 20. Recently when I meet with hoobaes, I would also talk about these difficulties . Q : To not be an actor but a soldier, what would you like to challenge on? LMH : To me, living a routined life is in itself a very big challenge. Hahaha because when I was schooling, I had never got out of bed to be in time for school. I personally do not like alcohol and do not like to wander outside till late at night. Just by staying at home, I feel that there are many things to do. I like to stay up late even when I am home. I will only go to sleep after being frustrated with what I was doing. Q : What are the words you would like to say most to your fans? LMH : Actually I cannot 100% empathise with what the fans are feeling. Because I have not particularly liked or sought after someone (he meant idol I believe ). I don't have a favourite artiste and hence am unable to experience the feelings of what it is like to be a fan. Although I can't understand how the fans are feeling towards not being able to see me for 2 years, the sadness, regrets and encouragement, I have received them and could feel them. Everyone be healthy, do your own thing and if you live a full life, time will pass by very quickly. Wait for my return, I wish to use my works to cure (the painful waiting period?) **************** Translation of Part 2 of the interview as promised. It was indeed a very candid interview. Didn't give politically correct or sugar coated words. Just true to himself. Behind all that fame and glory, there were many sacrifices made on his personal life which commoners like us will never understand. On the other side, it is almost impossible for him to understand how it is like being a Minoz. Ironically, there still lies a beautiful connection between LMH and Minoz. D-13. Have a good weekend Minoz...
  3. Credit: Weibo Get_It_K From Chinese translation on interview with Star1 Q: Getting enlisted soon, what have you been up to lately? LMH: After LOTBS, I was trying to look back and digest all the different events accumulated during that period. I am currently waiting to be enlisted. Q: What are you thoughts and emotions regarding enlistment? LMH: Actually there is nothing special. During this time, I came across a lot of other people's sadness and strange feeling towards enlistment. However, I don't have such state of mind, just have some regrets. Compared to enlistment, I have more emotions and regrets towards coming to an end of my 20s phase. I have already stepped into my 30s and have regrets towards increase in age (looking back) and also my acting works ....hahaha Q: What does it mean to lose the "commoner" in LMH? LMH: As an artiste, there is a degree of control and restrain on personal life, or the life of LMH. Seems like I have forgotten what I was like before. The period of enlistment seems like an opportunity for me to think about what are my pursuits in life, values etc. Q: Seems like your enlistment is later then it should have been. LMH: As you know, I had a major car accident when I was 20. The time between 21-22 years old was very difficult...state of mind, work, I had ever thought of enlisting during that time. However, my parents and management company convinced me to stay put. Actually, I was not physically fit at that time, I could not have made it even if I had wanted to. Q: That is why you had the opportunity to work hard and become what LMH is now LMH: I will always think, if I was enlisted then, I would not have taken part in BOF and not have completed a blessed 20s phase. Hence, I will think that not enlisting earlier was a good choice. I worked on dramas for the past 10 years, experienced and tried what I was able to. I don't have regrets towards dramas. I acted a lot at a good age, received a lot of love from overseas fans. It seems like I have contributed to promote hallyu, feeling very blessed. Q: Have not seen you in movie in a long time after Gangnam 1970. LMH: Yes. I had actually wanted to make a movie before my enlistment. However, the shooting of LOTBS started later then scheduled and so it was difficult to find time for a movie. I long have thoughts about making movies when I am of a more matured age. So please look forward to the future. Let LMH as a person settle (more matured?) and LMH as an actor grow and by that time, I think by then it will be better for me to make movies. With that change, I have the ambition to make different genres of movies and work with many producers. Q: What genre/ subject matter of movies do you want to act in? LMH: A challenge to reach out to the entire Asian market in the likes of James Bond and Mission Impossible type of movie. The earlier Hong Kong type of sentimental ove stories would also be something I wish to try. We are in a generation that straddles between film and digital era, hence that is a lot of nostalgia towards movies in film. Wish to take part in movies which reflect the era's societal happenings and values. Just like taking part in MBC's documentary DMZ, it can reflect some of my thoughts, is an area of interest to me. Just like Sunbae Gong Yoo's movie Silenced, as an actor to let the audience know what was of concern to him, it is a very meaningful job. ************* This is only part one of the interview. Will work on Part 2 tomorrow if nobody has done it. Night night Minoz. TGIF D-14 to 512
  4. @willenette thanks for that! Phew I read someone's post and it mentioned 28 months. Although 24 months is only slightly better but at least is of some comfort. Countdown of 23 days....:(
  5. @CarolynH It's a relief that I can still see humour in this thread! I have mixed feelings towards the confirmed date of his enlistment but I guess it is better than just hanging around and prolonging the waiting period altogether. Many have also commented that he will be the most handsome civil servant in Gangnam office (but of course?!!). Many also felt that it is too much a risk to have him carry out any frontline duties as it will be too disruptive. I can almost imagine many suspicious people lurking near his office just trying to get a glimpse of him at work. May I ask if the enlistment period is actually 24 or 28 months? I think it is time to return him the freedom that he has given up for the 10 years. In the recent interview he mentioned that he has been living a restrained and controlled life and I felt kind of sad as we often won't understand the sacrifices he has to make. Afterall any young chap in his 20s will still be wilful enough to want to laze around, play computer games, date and hang out with friends etc. Hope the 2 years will give him enough personal space to enjoy his loved ones, do nothing, refresh, take stock and chart his next 10 years. I still wish to have him update his life occasionally over Instagram and meanwhile will just rely on every Minoz to keep the love alive!
  6. @adamfever Rewatched the documentary today and thought I will translate a short extract which I found pretty lighthearted. After a maddening day with the birds at Yeonpyeong island, things began to settle in at the end of the day. Minho narrated that such battle-like life has caused him to be more rugged. Answers to nature's call were often done at the side or at the sea (came with an embarrassed expression). Three men were snuggling in the tent and our friend was carefully inspecting his stubble from a mirror image on this phone. Pillow talk began.... MH: There will be stubble growing tomorrow. What should I do? Member: I love stubble. MH: *laughs* You like a stubble? Member : Yes MH: Wow... haven't slept like this in a while (camping in a tent) Member: It's my first after marriage Member: You are right. I did that when I was in the army. MH: When was that? Member: Seemed like 10 years ago. MH : I can play songs now. Member: You can also sing very well. MH: *laughs* My singing is not very good. *plays a song on his phone and start to sing along*
  7. Hi, to those have been affected by geographical restrictions and are painstakingly searching for the entire documentary, you can use the following link but translation is in Chinese. http://www.helloidol.com/23984.html I can finally enjoy the entire documentary with complete understanding. Enjoy! Yay!
  8. I do have mixed feelings towards another project. As much as I would like to see him, it would also mean that his enlistment is not that soon. I would rather him go now and come back sooner. My projections is if he gets enlisted in mid year, we are unlikely to see him back on screen until 2020. 2020 seems like eternity. It's unthinkable and I am having a very hard time dealing with it. Each time I see him these days, the feeling of an impending loss just overwhelms me.
  9. The documentary is like a mini reality show and such a treat for all of us. The many candid footages which are so precious just put a smile on my face when I watch them. How often does one get to see him brushing his teeth and struggling to concur a flight of steps? Sleeping in the cold with unkempt hair and dodging the flight paths of birds in horror? Agree that has had made a good decision to set aside time to commit to this documentary. It puts down the image of a heart throb and presents another side of him not known to many, including myself. Looks like an outstanding piece of work which we can chew for a long time. Yumz.
  10. I having been watching Minho's Japanese FM videos and realised that his Japanese pronunciation is almost perfect. Am wondering if he has any formal training in the language, does anyone know? He delivered the Japanese version of <My Everything> and <Milk Tea> really well. Couldn't pick up a hint of Korean accent. Impressive!
  11. @CarolynH Haha I had a good laugh at your post. Lee Min Ho's wild life (if any) will definitely draw a lot more interest than the flora and fauna of DMZ! Having said that, I feel it is really a praiseworthy attempt as a presenter to deliver the documentary show. It does display a different facet of this talented young man; that is not always about good looks and viewership but someone who cares enough to put aside time and opportunities to stop and smell the flowers. A great ambassador for the country's rich nature. I believe it will also open up to a lot more new viewers who has yet to know him. I read that there will be 4 episodes airing in June. As much as I am very intrigued by the wildlife living in the mysterious DMZ, I am also all eyes over the presenter who is delivering these untold stories.
  12. @adamfever To you question on he thinks "...I should change through love and relationships...". I am not sure if there is a typo in the translation as the Chinese translation is that he thinks he should NOT change through love and relationships but keep to his real self. The latter is easier to understand in the context of his answer. It has been a month since his FM in Seoul and many have been posting how time flew by and yet paradoxically time crawled too. It does sum up how I am feeling. 24 or more months sounds like a long time and the thought of it is quite daunting. Have not started rewatching the dramas as there are many months ahead for me to do so, don't want to exhaust it as yet. But have been looping his songs. Watched Re:Minho and am beginning to feel that he is really talented in singing. Despite singing alongside backup tracks I do think he could hold up a tune pretty well; not to mention his bashfulness when intermittently breaking into a dance was the most playful and charming. So much for an amateur. Live performance is always candid and can show one's real self and ability to stir up the crowd. He did mention during the FM that he feels that he is singing a lot more natural now but his dancing hasn't improved at all as he could see it from the responses of his fans (probably chuckling each time he attempts to dance). But I want to tell him that he is more charismatic than he knows. I can watch it over and over again and hopefully a live concert one day.
  13. @nika94 I think there is no other way but to wait patiently and count on one another to keep the chat going. We all know said is easier than done. I often question myself what will it be like 2 years later when he starts a new chapter in his career. There is always fear that things won't be the same. However, I do believe he can only get better; he is already endowed with many talents and with more life experiences as a "commoner" and time to enrich and recharge himself which he didn't get to do in the past hectic 10years. It is time to give him back the hiatus which is long overdue. I do wish he returns sooner for my own selfish reasons. Fans come and go and only the true ones endure the test of time. Will we be at the original place waiting for him then? We had better be.
  14. Ottoke It has been only a few weeks since FM and everyone seems to be missing him like crazy. I guess the lurking expectation of him being enlisted anytime now is not helping. Actually I do hope he gets enlisted now and returns soon. These 2 years will seem like eternity though.
  15. <Always> is at 17th place for all genres worldwide. Fighting...please purchase the song if you have not!