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  1. I must say i was quite disappointed in fnc cafe. I thought i would be able to see at least a sizeable poster of cnblue but nothing there. Even jung hae in's pics are bigger in the cafe. I was also walking around but i haven't seen a hjw ad. I must say i see alot of boy and girl bands around on posters though. Oh well, i might just have to play the waiting game a little longer.
  2. Tks for suggestion. I can try fnc cafe but i guess they won't be walking around out in the open any time soon!
  3. Hi everyone, apologies for the absence. I have been locked out of my account for some time. But just been trying frantically cos i am currently in Seoul now. Waiting for news of our couple. I wonder if any of our couple is in Seoul at the moment?
  4. I am so excited for his breaking news on dating scandal. Finally!!!
  5. She is so drop dead gorgeous. She is the whole package. And i agree with @hajiwonina1023 that these two are certainly up to something just based on their interactions in bts , award ceremony and kmh's ig. I placed my bet on them. If it doesn't happen this year , then i will eat up my money...
  6. You are so naughty!! Haha.. But ya, hb is ranking v low in my favour as well. I cannot compare with you though!! You are the best. You even chased down kmh to his fm and concert. I just am still hoping things will get along in the next few months so that i can be in time to soak in something big when i can there.. maybe buy something stupid like their wedding commemorative souvenirs or something like that...
  7. I can understand why people are obsessed with EK. You can literally see JCW falling in love in that drama. Like his eyes are studded with stars all the time every time he looks at hjw. @17ncbm and @icyphoenix haha... cutting onions and eye cleanser. I used to think so ji sub would pair well with hjw from something happened in Bali but now of course kmh has that spot. I thought so ji sub looks really good with son ye jin now. @icyphoenixyou forgot hyun bin in that list of single co stars with hjw! Their fans are going on an over drive in ig now.
  8. gosh in my stupor, i have clicked and bought airtickets to Seoul from end May to first week of June. So hopefully @lilowon, something would happen then.
  9. I am waiting just like everyone else and yes, in my craziness i am going to Seoul in June. I think that miracleyoom liking wedding venues is a good sign. I wonder which places are earmarked? Are these venues in korea? @lemonysnicket she has a very serene disposition isn't it? Like she has already find someone. There's no looking around anymore.
  10. If i have a gf who looks this hot like hjw, i would lock her up. No wonder kmh is couldn't peel his eyes off his phone these days
  11. Agree with you on this. Cos i don't believe so many pairs of eyes globally agrees that there's something on between the two and dispatch does not have anything about them.
  12. I suppose it doesn't matter if our couple is caught cos they might as well just get married. For psh and ctj, there is really no lead. Maybe dispatch just waiting to release but holding back like song&song. Dispatch didn't release for them cos they mentioned there was a wedding in the making and they didn't want to jeopardise their relationship. And sjk's boss cum good friend is friends with CEO of dispatch. Maybe same for hjw cos she's quite senior. They could be exercising goodwill.
  13. I am hoping he is not undertaking any projects for next 3 months. Then why is he working out so religiously? I hope he is preparing to look his best on the one most important day of his life in the next few months. And hjw hasnt confirm her movie offer so i'm still holding out for good news.
  14. I am so going to get green nail polish next. When i last put green nail polish on myself it looked like fungal growth invaded my nails. But the green polish look so chic on her. Uurrgghh.
  15. You know with hjw looking so pretty just with her side view, there's a certain happiness that bubbles within me. It's like saying now i know why kmh is so taken with her. No others can compare to her.