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  1. @SeGafanlady totally daebak! you hit it all. My friend and I will be in Seoul on the big day. I will be on the lookout for for that one big shout out! lol
  2. @USAFarmgirl well said chingu. As this point in time, DOTS is definitely way beyond polling votes. It had serve fully as far as viewership is concerned and the accolades that came with it just validate its status as the finest Kdrama to beat in recent times (IMO).Not that it would not matter had DOTS tops the contest, tho. Any additional recognition now is just an icing on the cake, so to speak.
  3. @joongkyo1031 thanks for all the info and the translations. your posts here on your translation are all over IG. good thing they give credits to you. am so proud of this thread . it is becoming now a source of reliable SSC news updates. daebak!
  4. @joongkyo1031 yes. i read it in the local news that VIVA International is trying to bring SJK here in Manila. Nothing's final yet. My shipper's heart wont give up hoping LOL. Still can't contain myself with this wedding news until now. It's been three days already. I;m so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support for SSC, especially in this thread. Kudos to you and the rest of veteran comrades who have started it all ( too many to mention) and have come back to share the happiness for our beloved SJK& SHK. I can't wait for 10.31.2017.. My friend and I have been planning to go to Korea since last year and booked ourselves ticket scheduled for late of 2017, and we totally freaked out when when the wedding date coincides with our Korean travel. Totally a dream come true for my shipping life.
  5. @kyooo929 could not agree more chingu! What happened in Bali, should stay in Bali. If their agencies chose to deny about the vacay together, I chose to believe what I feel about them since the start of this ship. Indeed, shipping is not for the faint heart. Shippers need to be ready for anything. Your precious time is not your own anymore. Sleep deprivation is normal. High roller coaster ride of emotion is a regular occurrence. Ultimately, your patience would be tested. Doubts would start crippling in. Are they real? Are you sure they’re dating? Have you seen them together? What are your proof? My God, he calls her Noona! Anyways, she is just her hoobae who would treat her to a food party (or vice-versa). Hence, if you can't take the heat, might as well leave the kitchen.
  6. A beautiful lady is having a fun time tonight, this time with her much beloved hair stylist, Ms Lee.