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  1. A beautiful lady is having a fun time tonight, this time with her much beloved hair stylist, Ms Lee.
  2. BEWARE: " Hounds follow those who feed them." Kindly ignore the post. Don't mention the name. It's not worthy of our precious shipping time.
  3. OMG @Bambiina I. have yet to read your Yellow Tiger report but i to need say this first, I MISS YOUUUUUU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCCCCHHH. I long for your presence in this thread esp. now that our SSC are in hiatus LOL. Now i go back to reading that report
  4. Goddess Kyo is at again.. thank God. Her much-awaited and eagerly-anticipated Friday IG update. Hoping for more
  5. @angieknows i really appreciate you, coming out, speaking and standing up for SSC shippers. it may not the best of the circumstances, but the timing calls for it. such a shame for people to come to this thread on day1, read and spazz silently, and suddenly became an expert on interpretation, decided to delurk and belied everything what's this thread is all about. am trying to have an open mind here, but to speak ill (yes, you did, IMO) of SJK and put a bad picture on him based on what was seen on videos shared publicly is just plain unfair and narrow-minded. this ship had weathered turbulent storms in all sizes and forms, thanks to one troll, the believers remain, and some came home .
  6. a parade of IG updates... seems like a beautiful lady is missing someone today hmmmm
  7. Before the year ends, and before all of us get glued later in the awards ceremony , I wanna wish all of us shippers a blissful and happy 2017. Thank you for sharing your time and love on this ship. This thread bring me so much joy, more than I can imagine. I open this daily, patiently waiting for updates, lurking on any tidbit news, pictures, videos of our SSC just to jump start my day. Please continue to do so. As we are entering a new year, let the SongSong be our source of inspiration for bringing hope and goodness to each other and to people around us. From the bottom of my heart, kamsahamnida, chinggus. Happy New Year, from Manila with
  8. OMG! What a good Monday it is. BigBoss is coming to Manila. Prayers answered! Crossing my fingers this is true So, SJK's Manila FM is fan made only. Waaaaaaaaaaah. No bad feelings,tho. It did make me smile for quite a while LOL
  9. thoughtful boyfriend she always got his back ctto
  10. @superbigcat i feel you. i cried while reading your post. indeed, we have a lot to be grateful to SHK, for just being herself. always with a humble heart despite her success. truly a gem.
  11. @miranda711 in this drought season of SS news, your post fill the vacuum. that was a long read, but I relish every word in it. looking forward for more.
  12. SHK's FM is a one true dream for her fans. But the free admission comes as a bonus. It is not surprising, tho. She's got a huge heart. A beautiful and humble heart. A heart that is grateful to all the blessings and the love she got from her followers. She's a cut above the rest. A one true gem. No wonder BigBoss is so smitten of his Beauty. I can't wait for the day. I can't be there, but am sure this forum will not fail in updating for the event. Happy sailing guys!
  13. @Zaine @vanderwoods This is the pic you both are talking about ctto
  14. To say it's a major disappointment that SHK did not win is an understatement. A total rob out is more like it. Why are they doing this to her? She's not only a pretty face, but her acting talent is undeniably shining to all the roles that she portray, and that includes her KMY character. SS shippers are not whining, we just know when an injustice (again) has been done to our Kyo. To Kyo, please know that you are loved so much, not only by BigBoss (of course,SS shippers cannot surpass that ) but your fans all over the world. Be happy always