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  1. Siwan showed "Because of you" OST again Remember when he sang it to tease HS was embarrassed Maybe the best friend knows something special about this song
  2. Oh...they showed kiss scenes from different dramas but it was only DBS drama which was showed fully when Min Min kissed Bong Bong already p/s: Since this is FM personal of actor & fans so we won't have too much couple hints, you know
  3. No, I mean he mentioned it in interview before! A thailand fan came to his FM today & she shared some infos NO.1 scene is sofa scene. However I still don't see pic about sofa scene until now... (Not sure if this was voting from fan or not) Maybe we should wait after FM end & fans will share more pictures next day!
  4. The different... No.1 scene is sofa scene when he atmits "it's REAL me" I'm curisous to watch his reaction in front of piano deep kiss if they show it on screen I hope overseas fans (Japan, taiwan or thai) will vote for this scene next time
  5. I don't think (I'm not expect) that BY can be a guest in PHS's fanmeetings because it's easy makes everyone keep their eyes on couple while they want avoid rumors ( his company & BY herself, I guess). But I hope he will give us some hints since he's straightfoward person (if there are any questions relate to puppy couples/BY at his FM) I think the only way we can see them together puplic if they get nominated at some awards drama events this year (Ex: Seoul drama awards, Apan awards etc...) Because I follow another couple, last year they also got nominated at 2 this events so they could appear together! I hope I can see our puppy couple also can come this events & receive awards together (I'm sincerely pray for this!!) Since they become ninjas at the presents, it's difficult to see them together puplic, I just can keep my mind that I'll wait patiently till I can see the official new from both (about the relationship) p/s: First of all, I'm expecting my Bluray will be come to my house, so I can enjoy other precious moments while waiting for them Have a good day, guys!