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  1. Hi guys! Anyone can help me order bluray? I tried to create an yes24 global accnount but it's fault! I wrote exactly my addtress by English but the system denied it! If someone order it successful, pls help me! I can't create an account because of this! I really want to buy it huhu T.T
  2. The posted was deleted now! Can u tell me what did she share about them??
  3. This interview he praised BoYoung is so lovely! But I don't understand full answers. Hope someone will translate! http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000725727
  4. Hi guys! This is some HyungSik's interview is released today (relate to his ideal type & BoYoung) I hope someone can translate them! I'm curious about his answers. Thank you http://m.the-star.co.kr/view.html?contid=2017042002287&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter http://m.the-star.co.kr/view.html?contid=2017042002271&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003082213
  5. Hello! Anyone know Link of this wedding fanmde? I remember I used to watch all pictures of wedding from the link web but I didn't save it...And now I don't know I can find it from where Please share me that link if you know, thanks!!!
  6. Hi! Anyone can introduce me some suntaek fanfics please? I didn't take part in this forum since the beginning so I don't know if some fans share their fanfics...I searched google about suntaek fanfic but it's not much...I can't forget suntaek until now Please give me link of some their fanfic if you can. Thanks!!
  7. TVN Awards is collecting watchers's Ideals about best actor/actress for their event! Please nominate for our Bo Gum & Hyeri!!! This is not voting, just recommend for them but it's still important! I hope Bo Gum & Hyeri can be received a award about acting from tvn because they made good job in Reply 1988! How sad when they couldn't have any award at BaekSang last time. LINK: http://tvn10festival.interest.me/awards/stars/drama/recomm# 1/ LOGIN by your FACEBOOK/TWITTER/KAKAOTALK Account 2/ Recommend like this pic At full name sentences, You can copy & paste their korean name Park Bo Gum => 박보검 Lee Hyeri => 이혜리 3/ Finish
  8. [Pic] [160710] SunTaek/Taek photos during the broadcasting of Reply 1988 in China I think that Qiyi love SunTaek too XD I'm glad to hear that there are many SunTaek/GumRi shippers in China t Credit: aiqiyi weibo Via: Parkbogumbar
  9. Interview GumRi about Kiss Scenes Both told about it similar and their reaction is same too Specially I always love the way Hyeri calls "Oppa" to Bo Gum and her embarrassed emotion It's sweet and cute
  10. He was embarassed It's funny when I imagine the moment which Bo Gum call to Hyeri to notice their Best Kiss Award hahaha. I think she's embarassed too I also ship GumRi too so I'm very happy today
  11. Do u know about Reply 1988 DVD fancafe/tumblr/twitter/IG ? I heard that DVD R88 will be released soon include uncut scenes & some BTS but it's 2 months (a long time) they didn't update anything since they closed order DVDs. And Idk korean too...so anyone know the time DVD will be official released? maybe in this year? I'm looking forward to see it so much...I really want to watch BTS kiss scenes of TaekSun & some uncut scenes...!
  12. Oh thank u very much!!!! Bo Gum is so #precious Happy birthday our Gummy today
  13. Anyone know korean can translate this conversation of 2 videos help me please? I want to know the PD & everyone said what things about Bo Gum but Idk korean...