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  1. Siwan showed "Because of you" OST again Remember when he sang it to tease HS was embarrassed Maybe the best friend knows something special about this song
  2. Oh...they showed kiss scenes from different dramas but it was only DBS drama which was showed fully when Min Min kissed Bong Bong already p/s: Since this is FM personal of actor & fans so we won't have too much couple hints, you know
  3. No, I mean he mentioned it in interview before! A thailand fan came to his FM today & she shared some infos NO.1 scene is sofa scene. However I still don't see pic about sofa scene until now... (Not sure if this was voting from fan or not) Maybe we should wait after FM end & fans will share more pictures next day!
  4. The different... No.1 scene is sofa scene when he atmits "it's REAL me" I'm curisous to watch his reaction in front of piano deep kiss if they show it on screen I hope overseas fans (Japan, taiwan or thai) will vote for this scene next time
  5. I don't think (I'm not expect) that BY can be a guest in PHS's fanmeetings because it's easy makes everyone keep their eyes on couple while they want avoid rumors ( his company & BY herself, I guess). But I hope he will give us some hints since he's straightfoward person (if there are any questions relate to puppy couples/BY at his FM) I think the only way we can see them together puplic if they get nominated at some awards drama events this year (Ex: Seoul drama awards, Apan awards etc...) Because I follow another couple, last year they also got nominated at 2 this events so they could appear together! I hope I can see our puppy couple also can come this events & receive awards together (I'm sincerely pray for this!!) Since they become ninjas at the presents, it's difficult to see them together puplic, I just can keep my mind that I'll wait patiently till I can see the official new from both (about the relationship) p/s: First of all, I'm expecting my Bluray will be come to my house, so I can enjoy other precious moments while waiting for them Have a good day, guys!
  6. HyungSik's fansite confirmed it's him who came CNBLUE's Concert with his manager today! (The girl next to him is a staff at the concert)
  7. @gems_luz Hi chingu~ Thanks for your love! You can copy my link video (from youtube) & pasting it at this website. Then, click "enter" & you can download my FMV! (use it on your computer) This is the website to download all videos from youtube/FB/IG: http://en.savefrom.net/1-how-to-download-youtube-video/ Have fun!
  8. This is my small gif for shippers! Their precious moments during 5 months filming here (Because of copyright of songs, maybe fmv can't be played on cellphone next time. However, You can watch it on your computer/laptop. Enjoy! p/s: Like BoYoung said "Love is Timing!" My possitive heart will wait good new from both!
  9. @/Nuraeni: But the manager even didn't follow jisoo, after baeksang day he followed hyungsik. I don't mean compare both here but I mean he is really notice/likes/close to hyungsik & so he click like many puppy couple pics on-off screen / their video BTS. Just like his feeling when seeing them look good together & then click like. Everything will normal if some fans don't cross the line / tagged him / bashed him (from anti). So now he becomes be careful before click like a picture (sadly) @bongminhyuk: Hey girl, just because he posted boyoung pic at baeksang (include in jisoo) to explain about his action when liked photos so now you're really think that she & jisoo have something? Come on, jisoo & her just like bro-sis, the way he treats her is totally respectful her like a sister , it's not touchy/crush action like the way HS did. He also can post selca with her on his IG while HS also close with BoYoung but he even can't post any couple pic with boyoung? I hope you know what I mean here. Also, hyungsik is shy because he confessed too clearly in his interview about his feelings for her, or maybe they are really have something. Boyoung enough to smart to know about rumors / hyungsik's feels but she tried lead him during event, smiles to him, makes him can comfortable more since he's not the type who can control his real feelings. I really thanks to boyoung a lot about this! And please re-watch ONE STEP CLOSER SCENE, hyungsik is too shy even can't look anyone, he just knows look down to paper, BUT do you see HIS SMILE on his face at same time? It is happy smile, not negative here! You can say i'm delulu or whatever, but AGAIN, shipper is not for weak heart! You have to understand what will happen since you decide to come to couple drama ship. It can be real or sink/delulu, but it will affect to others mood when you always think negative while I & some possitive shippers came this thread just to see negative comments here! I'm not judge anyone but I hope all can think possitive more since you decide to be SHIPPER!
  10. Hi guys, I want to explain more clearly about accident yesterday. Atually, there is a crazy fan of boyoung left bad comments on his IG (because he liked many puppy couples pics in this days) She is a chinese fan / saesang fan / anti puppy couple / anti park hyungsik. Since the manager liked many couple pics, specially is the pic a fan tagged him yesterday & he liked it, she got mad & bashing him that he's making rumors become louder, he's delulu, shippers delulu blah blah...Since manager read it, he posted jisoo & boyoung pic & wrote the caption like that. I mean he wanted to reply that crazy fan, it's not some youngsik shippers who tagged him. Many youngsik fans / boyoung fans on weibo really angry with this girl, that's why you can see many comments on his lasted pic now. They sorry him because that girl made chienese fans image become worse, and hoping him doesn't mind to the crazy fan & he can like anything he want Secondly, I'm confused why he posted jisoo & boyoung pic to reply her but not HS & BY? Maybe if he posts youngsik pic, everyone can misunderstand him again (since he can't write english). But I think he can posts a boyoung pic instead of couple pic...So, my delulu mode on that BY & HS are really be together, that's why! Third, I saw he is not only liked couple photos , he also liked some youngsik bts VIDEOS on IG. When he said he liked it because they're pretty / boyoung is pretty, I really can't understand this because it's not relate to video bts & the article pic boyoung said about kiss scene with HyungSik that he liked it from fans. Fourth, after baeksang day, he followed hyungsik & yesterday he also followed a manager of hyungsik. I mean it seems he is really close/notice to hyungsik & staffs (happy to see this) Anyway , the fan who tagged him to ask about dating rumors / his action when liked couple pics is rude! Some shippers shouldn't cross the line & respect his privacy (also protect HS & BY too) . I'm really sad about the accident yesterday, I even think that singapore FM is the last stage of HS & BY can appear together puplic (But hoping we can hear good new from our couple is really will happen in the furure )
  11. It's good to hear DVD is accepted to release Anyway I ordered bluray already! Now we should suggest them put a commentary disc (interview couple) in bluray/dvd
  12. Hi! Can you give me link video of this moment in Singapore fanmeeting?
  13. I wonder if BoYoung's managrer is YoungSik shipper like us? Hahaha!~ And this! HyungSik liked fan's tweet when he looked BY with honey eyes + full of hearts around! And the fan even didn't tag him, maybe he searched something and seeing this! Although It's old hint but I want to share it (if anyone don't know this)
  14. Hi guys! I made FMV of YoungSik in SG yesterday! Enjoy it, they had lots of interesting reaction XD