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  1. It seems like they are co-leads to me. I don't think the story is about one or the other. One is trying to make a go of the restaurant and the other is trying to survive there. The descriptions all say it's a love story of three men and three women (the third man, I assume, is the gangster who falls in love). I wouldn't be surprised if there is a little triangle action between the three leads if there are problems in Junho's characters marriage, but I assume his love story is ultimately with the wife.
  2. Oh, I think I'm going to love JH's character. This is going to be fun. Now I get how the hotel and its characters fit in the plot. This must be my kind of comedy because the names for everything make me laugh: The Big Dipper, Hungry Wok, Debt and Shadow.
  3. By the way, thank you @lyd89 for the translations. Some interesting stuff. I would not want to be PD for anything in the world. So much hate, and I can't imagine the pressure, stress, relentless grind it takes to run such a show and the dilemma of trying to keep a 10 year old show familiar but fresh, pleasing the audience you have while attempting to attract new viewers.
  4. No, SBS and MBC break their episodes into two parts with ads in between. So it’s a 20 episode drama if you think of it in hourlong terms.
  5. The guys seemed to be having so much fun in the latest episode, and I was laughing as hard as they were. I agree with @katakwasabi that the worm game was creative and brought out the sneakiness in the members, which I love. I laughed so hard at JJY's dancing. Just a really fun episode.
  6. I was already excited about Jang Hyuk, Junho and Jung Ryeo Won and then they went and added more actors I really like to the cast. I can't wait.
  7. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Hmm, I was fine with TW being the killer. It made sense to me. MW taking the fall made sense too. Not thrilled with HR accepting it or TW committing suicide. HR was all about truth and justice in the news and TW couldn't live with what he'd done so I would have liked her and TW to do an interview exposing what really happened and it ending with that.
  8. Jang Hyuk, Junho, Jung Ryeo Won! Drama gods, what are you doing to me! One of my favorite actors, one of my new favorite actors, and the awesome Jung Ryeo Won. I like the writer too. Please be good, drama (and maybe change your title). The character descriptions already made me laugh. A gangster group called the Big Dipper.
  9. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Oh was the bus leaving the scene? I wasn't paying attention, I guess. I paid more attention to the taxi conversation which I think was coming and not going? You mentioned something that I had been thinking about regarding a woman not being strong enough to put Kevin in the driver's seat. That's why unless it was an accident, I'm pretty much down to TW and the steel company as suspects.
  10. [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    I don't want TW to be guilty, but I also kind of want him to be guilty because for me, it best fits the story they have laid out. I'm confused if the bus shot was real; a well-dressed man also took a cab that night to the site the "witness" described? IF TW did kill KL and then stage an accident it makes sense that he might have taken a bus or cab that night. IF they had a confrontation and KL was killed and TW decided to stage an accident to cover it up, I would think he'd have had to leave his car behind while he drove KL's car (with KL's body) to stage the accident. Then he'd have had to get back to his own car. I saw Unfaithful and even if TW turns out to be the killer, I don't find the plot all that similar.
  11. I didn't mind it. There was build up to it from the beginning, and while GD finally was happy and was excited about tomorrow because of MS that wasn't terribly healthy. I think he needed to face death again to truly want to live not just for MS or JY but for himself too.
  12. Yes, that's the rule in Korea. So JY isn't a match, but none of the other volunteers are family so they wouldn't be considered options whether they were a match or not. That leaves a little wiggle room with MS, perhaps, but I don't know if I see it being that simple. It would be full circle with them saving each other though.
  13. I'm not optimistic about GD's survival but scripts usually aren't shot in order. The last scenes of an episode may be among the first they shoot. So Junho leaving early may be something or it may be nothing. It may be further indication that GD dies or they may have filmed scenes including GD first and scenes with JW, YJ, YT, MR, MS and her parents, WJ and assistant last to accommodate Junho.
  14. I'm going to hang the little bit of hope I have on JY saving her brother because really, the girl had her dad die on her 13th birthday and has never had a happy birthday since, then watched her mom die and her brother leave her alone. It would be beyond cruel to MS and everyone if GD dies (including the viewers) but especially to JY. Losing the only family she has left and as both a sister and doctor, not being able to help? There's no healing in that.
  15. Yeah, I'm not saying he won't die, I have no clue, but they aren't going to show it in the preview IMO.