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  1. Thanks. I'm going with the truth coming out in Ep. 9-10 then. Episode 10 of rom-coms are usually good for OTPs.
  2. They moved the timeline around? I imagine they'll keep the major moments in order. Is there any kiss before the truth about the past is revealed?
  3. @joyue_1You put into words what I've been thinking and feeling. I agree about the writer being kind of lazy. JI could be frustrating but the male breast cancer story was good and tied into both the relationship and workplace parts of the drama. SP getting revenge and building a successful restaurant is fine but it's a bit simplistic for a 16 episode drama much less a 20 episode one. We're almost halfway through and not much has even been done with it. JRW's character frustrates me the most though. Not because I don't like her but because so far she's just a tool for the romance. GHJ's character frustrated me so much in JI in regards to the love triangle but she did have a dream and worked hard to achieve that dream. Does SW have a dream? She's working as SP's "ladle" and I get she doesn't have many options right now, but I'd like to see her trying to figure out what her dream is and how to work toward it. I don't know. I feel like all of the characters are so underdeveloped and it's a shame.
  4. I agree with @stroppyse and @bebebisous33 that HM is JY's stalker and the reasons for it. We are heading toward a showdown between the brothers, for sure. HM still shows feelings toward his stepmom. It was nice to see that she has been sending him letters in prison even though she never received a reply. I wonder if the serial killer could be a kind of groupie of HJY.
  5. They had me at Seo In Guk. I read about the original version and whoa. Not sure how Korean audiences will react but here's hoping they can get a good writer to adapt it.
  6. I don't see how they can continue a love triangle after that conversation but the writer will probably do it anyway. DCS didn't really factor into her feelings which is why I was WTF when she asked for time. Let DCS move on now; I'm sure the husband will show up before long and they can do a love triangle there. I'm so confused by the story or lack of it. They set up some conflicts (recipe book and DCS vs CEO) and romance/triangles with supporting characters which I don't care about at all but most of the characters feel like they are just standing around, especially the gangsters. Are they ever going to become chefs? All the promotion talked about it and they'll probably get to it but in the meantime they are just examples of characters not really doing anything.
  7. Normally I don't care much for time jumps, but I'll be glad for it here, I think. There was so much misery with the book release and their identities being revealed and just starting out in their professions. I like the idea of them meeting again after they've had some success and the fervor has died down though it looks like danger is lurking.
  8. I've watched a lot of kdramas and DSC is far from the most pitiful 2nd lead. At least he has friends and things he cares about besides the heroine and isn't a perfect guy who is inevitably going to lose her to a complete jerk haha. @MrsSoJiSubThank you. I was caught up in my JI PTSD for a moment (A good but frustrating watch that made me take a break from the boards haha), but I agree with your post.
  9. I think SP and SW are the OTP. I doubt anything has changed there. I don't love or hate love triangles, but I think this particular drama would be better without one and it makes me side-eye the writer since JI had a full-fledged love triangle that lasted the majority of the drama and there are other similarities as well.
  10. I agree. I just finished episode 9-10. I see chemistry between SP and DSW, and I want to root for them as the OTP, but they went from 0 to 100 and it feels weird. They have a bond; I wish they would build on that organically. I just can't every time SP thinks of the fortune cookie. And how SP was acting in the scene in the car felt weird given what transpired before it.
  11. My Ajusshi makes all currently airing dramas look sucky lol. I generally like rom-coms but WOL is a mess. I expected more from it based on the writer's past works. Maybe JH and his agency did too. I don't know what the writer or PD are thinking.
  12. I definitely recommend Prison Playbook although it took me a few episodes to get into because of the long episodes. Definitely try My Mister. I just finished the finale and I have so many feelings. Truly one of the best k-dramas I've seen although it too took me a few episodes to get into.
  13. Given that DCS is second lead, comic relief and a Jang Hyuk spoof, I don't anticipate much character development. It is what it is, I guess. I do enjoy his parts of the drama, but I really need the story and editing to get better. I give shows four episodes to get it together so hopefully there is some improvement next week, but I don't know. I'm not impressed with the PD and they don't seem to be that far ahead in filming which doesn't give me much hope that the editing will improve.