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  1. Sigh. I said after last Tuesday's episode that the one thing I didn't want was a separation/breakup because I totally saw this coming. Oh, I know they'll end up together, but I hate how writers love to separate couples going into the finale. At least this doesn't involve someone going to a foreign country and forgetting how to text, call, skype, email but it's still a bummer. Wonder if there will be a time jump? Oh and I'm glad we know for sure the Landlady is Ae Ra's mom, but still not crazy about it. Don't think the show needed a long last parent, and Ae Ra isn't going to have any time to properly react.
  2. @dubuqueenOjakgyo Brother is one of my favorite family dramas ever, but the mid 30's -40's dragged due to the eight episode extension. I think the probable 4 episode extension has impacted the pacing, but at least it's not eight? Looking at the bright side. This was going to be bad no matter what, but good lord Mama Byun made things so much worse. Geez, woman.
  3. Thanks for the translation. The last few episodes have turned me around enough that I'm okay with JM and SH getting back together though I hope she makes him work for it a bit. I knew the DM and AR stuff was coming. She did say after the fight that she didn't want to see him or date him if he kept fighting, and I get it, but man, this is not what I want to watch.
  4. I had a feeling DM was going to get hurt given AR's worries the last couple episodes. Just don't use it to lead to some sort of separation, show. You're better than that, and I hate that trope SO much. I'm a little worried too about how they are going to wrap this all up in two episodes. If it wasn't for the Landlady stuff, I wouldn't be worried, but who's the real NI is a big deal if it's AR or DM, and I can't see how there is time to deal with the fallout. This show's been so good though, so I'll trust in the writers. Why are all the guys in AR's orbit (other than DM and JM, of course) so darn creepy. I was worried about the PD guy, but now there is NI who is scaring me.
  5. Thanks for the preview. I think from the preview, Mom and Dad Byun will spend the episode debating telling JH and everybody the truth but in typical drama fashion, JH's mother will show up and JH and the siblings will find out that Dad is not who he says he is in the worst possible way. In any case, looks like there will be movement this weekend.
  6. I actually think we're fairly close to the big secret coming out. Yes, the focus has been on HY and JW's story the last few episodes, but we've seen JH and the Father doing the things JH wanted to do with his dad growing up, and JH fitting in more with the family. Is it JH's birthday in the preview? That convinces me even more we're getting close. The situation with MY aside, JH is accepting the family, and they are accepting him. That's where things need to be for the secret to come out IMO; my guess has always been that it will around Ep. 30. We'll see.
  7. I'm so happy Defendant ended on a high note. Thanks to everyone for the great discussion.
  8. You're not the only one. I can pinpoint things in the last couple of episodes that likely wouldn't have happened without the extension, but they were all scenes that didn't change the overall story, if that makes sense. IMO Sung-kyu was set up as a tragic figure, and I always knew he was going to die.
  9. Happy they passed the 25% mark in the ratings. That was their ratings promise, right?
  10. That preview ..... Dang, this show always surprises me. I knew the knife would go bye-bye and I thought for sure it would mean a tough retrial, but JW's out (SG's testimony?) so I guess it will be JW trying to bring MH and others (JH) down? I actually like that better though I really wanted SEH to rock a retrial.
  11. I figured they'd take the knife out of the equation. It has to be a tough fight for JW and SEH for drama purposes and the knife makes exoneration a lot easier.
  12. Wow, sounds like a great episode with tons of things happening. Can't wait to watch! I'm so glad HY is back with her family, but I'm really kind of surprised JW on the run only lasted two episodes. I'm surprised they didn't choose to use up some of the extension time with more of that.
  13. Poor JW again finding someone stabbed and HY missing.. I've kind of expected SK to be a casualty, but it may be too early? Guess we'll see. Sounds like another tense episode.
  14. Heh. I'm just glad Subway didn't factor into JW's escape plans (the old joke about baking a file into a cake; file in a subway sandwich, anyone lol) or that JW (so far) hasn't dreamed of eating Subway with Ji Soo and HY in happier times.
  15. Wow, the escape actually happened. If these episodes hadn't been written/filmed before the extension they probably could have gotten another episode out of it as escape plots usually don't work the first time, but this is good! So excited to see them on the run!