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  1. Yes! This is a major reason why I dislike Poong Sang so much. Planning to keep quiet about his cancer diagnosis was so cruel to his wife and daughter. What? He thinks if he dies they won't remember ever word he said to them and not feel incredibly guilty for not realizing something was wrong? Refusing to tell his siblings the truth about the mom to spare them pain might make sense if she were dead or had been MIA for 30 years but she's hitting them up for money and stirring up trouble and he thinks the answer is to tell his siblings "Don't see mom and don't ask any questions?" Come on. Wae Sang would have been hurt by the truth either way, but he ended up finding out in the worst possible way. Poong Sang was cruel to his siblings, but he was also a kid raising kids with no support and no role models. But fast forward 30 years and he still hasn't learned a thing. The siblings are adults, and while they have legit reasons to resent their brother, they are responsible for their own choices. So basically, they are all messes, and I dislike everyone. Jeong Sang may be the smart one but her plan to convince Hwa Sang to donate was both stupid and cruel. Hwa Sang was never going to agree to donate but simply asking would have been the better plan. I haven't ranted about the pregnant girl in a couple weeks, but I still want to throw things at the television whenever her name is mentioned. I realize Poong Sang doesn't know what she did, but it's not like it would matter considering that Hwa Sang knows and still likes and pities the woman. What is wrong with this writer????
  2. Well, it's over. I could have done with less Na Kyung and more Ji Young, HW and family in these last episodes, but overall I liked the ending. Ji Young's final speech in court was very true to Ji Young, but I didn't like it. All the adults had a hand in how things turned out but Na Kyung most of all and not because Ji Young didn't give Joon Seo up with a sincere heart. Na Kyung didn't deserve such grace from Ji Young. Ji Young deserved an honest apology from Na Kyung. I did like the honesty between NK and JW in the end though. I figured Joon Seo would stay with Jae Wook and his family and spend time with Ji Young and family until he's old enough to be told the whole truth. That's best for Joon Seo. I was glad to see Ji Young, Min Ho and HW happy and a genuine, happy smile from Jae Wook. I really enjoyed this drama and while there weren't many of us here, I enjoyed reading your comments. Finally, I'm glad to see the drama went out on a high note, ratings wise: #APledgeToGod : 14.7% | 17.5% | 17.8% | 18.4%
  3. This drama is super frustrating, and I don't know whether I can stick it out to the end. I dislike and/or hate everybody. While the siblings are awful, I actually dislike Poong Sang the most tbh. I hate the mom.
  4. @partyon@zenya22 I hope the scene of JW and NK watching the snow is a flashback. I can't imagine JW smiling and watching the snow with her after everything she has done, but this is JW so who knows. I have to think he will come through during the trial given his conversations with the lawyer; he's been so weak, I feel like he has to finally step up and expose NK. NK really needs to go prison, but I don't see it happening, unfortunately. Hopefully, the drama surprises me there. Otherwise, I think it will be a good ending. If NK gets kicked to the curb, I think both families can clear up misunderstanding and come together to do what's best for the boys.
  5. Oh! The promo is very angsty. Watching it made me wish that they had made Da Ya bratty but with at least one or two good qualities instead of an all out snotty, spoiled, immature brat with no good qualities whatsoever. I feel like we should feel horrible for everyone during/after the reveal that Mr. Kang is the man convicted of killing Mr. Jang, but Da Ya's been so horrible and thrown so many ridiculous tantrums (like the one in yesterday's episode) I don't know that I can muster any feeling for her even though the actress is very good. Go Rae, yes. Hong Joo, yes. Hong Sil, maybe. But I'm so sick of Da Ya and this is the point I should feel bad for her.
  6. Na Kyung is a deeply disturbed individual, but I think I'm more angry with Jae Wook at this point. Na Kyung forced Joon Seo to go through an unnecessary and painful procedure and caused HW immense pain and suffering that could have resulted in his death. How could Jae Wook not tell Ji Young and Min Ho after he found out? How could he not tell his parents? The Chairman would have stripped Na Kyung of all her rights in a hot second. How could he leave Joon Seo in that house with Na Kyung? He should have gathered Ji Young, Min Ho, the grandparents and a lawyer, told them what Na Kyung had done, and they could have made a plan together. Instead, he's playing puppet master behind Ji Young's back while Ji Young prepares to get dragged publicly. Now, I do suspect that Jae Hee going to Ji Young may have been at Jae Wook's direction and that Jae Wook is working in the shadows for a reason (maybe because he doesn't think his father would agree to give custody of Joon Seo to Ji Young and Min Ho?) but again, he should have gathered everyone and told them that Na Kyung messed with the donor ASAP IMO. Ji Young probably should have talked to Jae Wook after hearing from Jae Hee, not that I think it would have necessarily made a difference. Jae Wook's in full self-loathing mode. I can understand if she doesn't trust him too much at the moment though. I'm glad that Min Ho is supportive of Ji Young fighting for custody and it seems like the looks between Ji Young and Min Ho during the trial were nothing but maybe both feeling bad for what the other is going through. I wonder if she told him about Na Kyung messing with the donor offscreen? Like I said above, Na Kyung is a deeply disturbed individual. I can't believe she thought Ji Young would give her a pass for what she did. @zenya22 My guess is that JW told the lawyer that he has evidence of NK's wrongdoing and will use it in court. When he confronted her about messing with the donor, JW mentioned something about NK covering her tracks. I don't think Ji Young will be able to prove anything on her own, but I could see JW or JH producing a recording of NK admitting to it or something like that.
  7. Just had to comment after watching Episodes 17-18. While I find the characters frustrating, I do mostly enjoy this drama. But the drama took a major nosedive for me with the scene of the pregnant girl giggling about how she got pregnant because recounting how you assaulted a guy is just so hilarious. SMH. Hwa Sang, at least, mentioned that she could go to jail for that but still, the whole thing isn't being treated seriously, and I don't want to watch it. Say she lied and get rid of her ASAP but I find it disturbing the writers even went this route.
  8. I went back and watched the trial too. HW appears to be in Seoul (or “running” away from Seoul) since he ran out of the station when he saw the news. His treatment must be over since JY promised to send him after it was completed. JY was going to send him anyway, but JS did donate so I suppose the contract she signed with NK holds even if he ends up needing another donation. I’m curious about the trial too. It must be about custody but JY feels so guilty, the only way I can see her fighting for custody is if she finds out that NK caused the 100% donor to back out. But if that is the case, shouldn’t it be NK on trial or JW and NK at divorce court? I suppose she’s smart enough to cover her tracks though so even if they “know” she did something, they might not necessarily be able to prove it and knowing JW, he would promise to destroy her and then do nothing.
  9. I’ve given up on JW ever truly standing up to NK. I hope he does but he’s been so passive for 17 years, letting things get to this point. I want JY to be the one to really give it to her anyway.
  10. If Mr. Kang did indeed accidentally kill HJ's brother-in-law, I don't see how either HJ and Mr. Kang or Do Ran and WDR can be together unless they cut ties with their families which is not going to happen in a Korean drama. Neither family is ever going to approve. Perhaps forgiveness is possible but accepting Mr. Kang as a member of the family is a whole other issue. But I suspect that Mr. Kang will be exonerated.
  11. I wish they would have listened to Jae Hee and revealed everything and then thrown her out. I get that they were focused on saving HW in the short-term, but they should have at least consulted another attorney regarding their options, both in the short-term and long-term. I also hate that when JY told JW that NK asked for the dissolution of adoption per the Chairman's orders, JW didn't tell her that his father hadn't even known about HW's relapse and NK did that on her own and why. I wouldn't trust NK if I were Ji Young, but as far as she knows, NK has been a good mother to JS and everything is fine between JW and NK. JW could at least ask her to consult with him about matters regarding HW and JS instead of NK but nope. He makes all kinds of promises but his big plan is to live with NK in misery forever.
  12. You aren't the only one who wants Min Ho and JY to stay together. I feel like too much has happened for JY and JW to get back together, and yeah it sucks that NK robbed them of a life together, but it is what it is. It resulted in MH and JY building a life of affection, companionship and devotion to HW, and that life is meaningful. I think the last few episodes have shown that JY, MH and JW could work together well to do what is best for the kids; I think it would be realistic if HW and JS grow closer to JW and JY, respectively, but don't necessarily regard them as "dad" and "mom." I think the scenes between NK and the TV director have foreshadowed NK's ending. Personally, I'd like to see her locked up, but the gist of the conversations, IIRC, were that NK is an unhappy person who won't find happiness until she stops holding on and finds herself blah blah blah. UPDATE: Finished watching this week's episodes. That evil wench. Na Kyung got to the perfect match, didn't she. Now HW is having side effects. That donor better come back into the picture somehow and expose Na Kyung. Hey, Na Kyung! You and Min Ho are nothing alike. MH loves HW and is willing to give up everything for him. NK is willing to use anyone and anything, including her son, to keep her position at the company. She's no mother. I don't think she even has a soul. I'm disappointed that the Chairman didn't give NK hell. I know everybody is desperate to save HW, but I really wanted the Chairman to tell her where to go, not apologize and give her everything she wanted. At least he put in that clause. Go Grandma! She's been annoying me but at least she's not going to cater to NK now that she knows the truth. Poor HW. He's such a sweet boy. I hate seeing him suffer. We know he's alive as of the trial, but he better survive the series. I feel like Ji Young and other characters share my thoughts about JW. Whenever he makes a promise I feel like they are thinking "That's very nice but we both know you'll be right back here with a pained expression making the same promises again and again and again." I feel like Seung Hoon is heading for a fall.
  13. Wow. I didn't like LH, but he really couldn't trust anybody. How tragic. On one hand, I think there is so much story they could have mined from LH. On the other hand, this twist made Secretary Lee so much more interesting. He could end up being one of the most complicated characters in drama land, and I'm here for it.
  14. Thank god for the Chairman's reaction at the end. I was about to throw things at the television thanks to Jae Wook and Na Kyung. Jae Wook, you idiot. He vows to take away Na Kyung's rights to Joon Seo but then does nothing as usual. He should have immediately told his parents and Ji Young and Min Ho that Na Kyung knew that HW had likely relapsed and said nothing because she was planning to use his life as leverage. Let everyone know how despicable she is and cut her off at the knees. The thing NOT to do is stay silent and give Na Kyung the chance to get what she wants from a desperate Ji Young. Why in the world would he believe that Na Kyung would agree to donate Joon Seo's stem cells without any conditions from Ji Young? He's an idiot to still give Na Kyung the benefit of the doubt after everything she has done. Na Kyung was dripping with hypocrisy. Pretending to be a loving mother who would never agree to donate Joon Seo's stem cells when she was freaking waiting for Ji Young to call. I was so glad to see the Grandmother go off on her in the preview. When the Grandmother said that Na Kyung was so kind and considerate I gagged. Grandmother also said Jae Wook was not a pushover. Clearly, the Grandmother can be as dumb as her son. Ji Young, what did you do? I know she's desperate and feels all kinds of guilty and probably half thinks she should give everything up as some sort of punishment but trusting Na Kyung is dumb (though again, she wouldn't have if Jae Wook had freaking told her what Na Kyung did. It involved her son, after all). Jae Wook will tear up the dissolution of adoption papers, I'm sure, but now Na Kyung has the written promise from Ji Young to not claim her rights to JS and not see either JS or HW. So THAT must be what the court case is about. No wonder Ji Young and Min Ho exchanged that look in court. He can't be too thrilled that she didn't tell him about the promise to not see HW. While the characters can frustrate me, as seen above, I really like that aside from Na Kyung who is just mental, the characters make decisions that are varying degrees of selfish and selfless just like most human beings.
  15. Ji Young never signed the papers. Na Kyung ripped them up for reasons i.e plot point lol.