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  1. I didn't mind it. There was build up to it from the beginning, and while GD finally was happy and was excited about tomorrow because of MS that wasn't terribly healthy. I think he needed to face death again to truly want to live not just for MS or JY but for himself too.
  2. Yes, that's the rule in Korea. So JY isn't a match, but none of the other volunteers are family so they wouldn't be considered options whether they were a match or not. That leaves a little wiggle room with MS, perhaps, but I don't know if I see it being that simple. It would be full circle with them saving each other though.
  3. I'm not optimistic about GD's survival but scripts usually aren't shot in order. The last scenes of an episode may be among the first they shoot. So Junho leaving early may be something or it may be nothing. It may be further indication that GD dies or they may have filmed scenes including GD first and scenes with JW, YJ, YT, MR, MS and her parents, WJ and assistant last to accommodate Junho.
  4. I'm going to hang the little bit of hope I have on JY saving her brother because really, the girl had her dad die on her 13th birthday and has never had a happy birthday since, then watched her mom die and her brother leave her alone. It would be beyond cruel to MS and everyone if GD dies (including the viewers) but especially to JY. Losing the only family she has left and as both a sister and doctor, not being able to help? There's no healing in that.
  5. Yeah, I'm not saying he won't die, I have no clue, but they aren't going to show it in the preview IMO.
  6. Yep that was my first thought when I realized it was his liver. Their relationship needs healing: Jae Young was helpless to save her mom or her dad or even help her brother in the past, really, but she can do something now, hopefully.
  7. Aww, that's sad for Junho, but I can't say I'm surprised. It seems they've lived apart the majority of their marriage, and long distance relationships are hard. To be honest. I've kind of suspected their marriage was pretty much over but for divorce for a while now.
  8. I agree. I'll miss Grandma, but I don't want a coma and her death will move story line forward.
  9. That's a good thought about Grandma's will. I'd say that GD has gotten instructions + money from Grandma at this point because he couldn't afford two new suits and coats and a briefcase on his own. Last week the preview pics ended up being for Ep. 10 so these could be for Ep. 12.
  10. Yeah that's my guess as well. KD looks so broken in the Grandma part of he promo. I don't know how we get to dating, but maybe Grandma's letter?
  11. It's super frustrating but completely in character which for me, weirdly, makes it both easier and more painful to watch. It's easier because I totally understand why GD is doing what he's doing but more painful because I totally understand why GD is doing what he's doing lol. I like this plot turn for MS because she's being assertive and fighting instead of meekly going through life.
  12. Happy to see the ratings! I kind of thought that last week many viewers didn't know the episode was new since the announcement was made pretty late. I did see comments last week on other sites about 1N2D going to random countries, and thought that was silly. Obviously the countries weren't picked out of a hat. Now, I do understand if this isn't what some fans were expecting from the 10th anniversary. I would have preferred to see the members all together, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of the trips and the connections to Korea.
  13. I think the memorial plotline will continue after GD and MS get over this bump in the road. I agree about helping them both find closure. I don't want Grandma to die, but now that GD's left the accident site, I especially think the land is going to be a factor.
  14. I thought it was a fishing boat in the promo; makes sense that GD would take a job working on one. I suppose how long he might be away depends on what kind of boat. I'm glad to see this in the stills for Ep. 9 and not Ep. 10 like I was half expecting.
  15. I've only heard 10 years from Grandma and Ma-Ri in regards to how long they've known GD. Like Ma-Ri picking GD up off the street and saying it's been the same for 10 years. So the accident would have been more than 10 years ago since GD needed quite some time to even get up on the crutches he was using when he borrowed money from Grandma.