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  1. I can't see how the CEO doesn't resign at this point unless he's the vindictive sort and is fine with dragging KBS down with him.
  2. That makes sense and I agree. I think they need to end the contract marriage which wouldn't necessarily mean a break up except I think both need some space even if it's only for a few days. They need a fresh start without the contract. That muddied things so much. They are landlord/tenant but also referring to each other as husband and wife to others (and both meaning it) but yet they aren't husband and wife and they are starting a relationship without talking about starting a relationship or what that means. Yeesh.
  3. I agree with both of you. I do think SH will tell JH about it and we'll get the full story and maybe learn more when he has scenes with his dad. I would like another scene between SH and JM though.
  4. I really like how the writer used JM. I also like that it seems like SH was pretty much SH even before the heartbreak with JM. And hey, he's experiencing lot of firsts with JH. First time beating up a motorcycle, first time beating someone up. First time confessing, coming soon.
  5. Maybe JM was a candy working part-time jobs to pay her way through college so it took her longer lol.
  6. SH doesn't know that JH knows about JM, but even if he was afraid of hurting her, he should have told her once he realized they were working together and once he realized the extent of his feelings for JH. I do think JH knows that SH feels something for her, but I think knowing about SH and JM's past and knowing that SH saw JM again and SH not saying anything makes her feel like he's keeping it to himself because he still loves JM. I can't blame her there, but she should have talked to SH about it instead of JM even if she was afraid of the answers. I get it though. Fear of hurting someone and fear of getting hurt is powerful.
  7. I'm wrong 99% of the time so of course I was right that SH and JH would be apart and JH being the one pulling away. I'm not really upset though. We know from yesterday and today's promo that SH will pull himself together and try to find the least cheesy way to propose a real marriage. I don't like that they aren't communicating like I want them to, but they do tend to misunderstand each other and then fix things by communicatingreally well.
  8. Can I ask why you expect that? I actually do think they might end Ep. 14 apart, but if so, I kind of feel like JH might be the one to take a step back.
  9. I think there might be an open ending for at least one of the couples, but I definitely do not think the writer will give JH and SH an open ending.
  10. Wow, this writer always manages to surprise me. I never considered pregnancy for why SH and JM lived together and were going to get married (They didn't get married though, right? It sounds like the miscarriage happened first?) but it makes so much sense for why SH only wanted responsibility over his house and cat for so many years. I like that per the preview, it looks like SH is all in. I wonder though if he'll confess and JH will be happy but need a little time? She's wise and understanding but she's getting hit with a lot at once, and I would probably need a little time if I were her. That would keep it a little angsty but not so much that it couldn't be resolved quickly and let us have light, funny moments too.
  11. Yeah, that's the cliché thing to do, but I can see it happening, and the show doing its thing where they take a cliché thing and make it their own. I think 14 and 15 will bring some angst; tbh I wouldn't hate JH going home because I'm pretty sure the intention would be for SH to do the following, and I could get behind that haha.
  12. To the magic off screen place characters go when something plot-related needs to happen? lol. IDK the writer is good about details but there's still little things you need to hand wave at times.I don't think he knew JM was in the café though.
  13. Yeah I wouldn't think too much about SG saying that. It was for comedy but I also think someone like SG would think 12 years without sex and no interest in changing that could make you asexual. SG has a very healthy sex drive, I think ha.
  14. I was going to comment earlier about SH "stealing" the date idea from WS, and why that made it work so well for me. Yes, the date was a little childish but like you said, WS and HR feel rather immature, and I felt there was the juxtaposition of JH and SH starting out, a little giddy, a little awkward while WS and HR are coming to an end. SH was determined to win that snail because he remembered JH's words about snails, while WS didn't remember the right play. I like how the writer does stuff like that.
  15. That was a great moment. Also, WS pretty much having everybody convinced that the name should change until they found out that SH was going to his wife's hometown to make kimchi was funny. I agree that watching WS interact with SG, SH and the company is enjoyable.