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  1. Btw, I like how the writer connect the red line between Nemesis and The Body in The Library.. I think that's very well written. Two bodies and two murders..
  2. Me too!! Yeay, the criminals is punished. And our Miss Ma gets her real identity back and live happily with Woo Joon and Eun Ji and Ko Mal as one happy 'family'.
  3. @celebrianna hi...I haven’t watched the latest episodes since I am travelling to China until next week. Tried wifi at hostel, but it didn’t work .. anyway, can’t wait to catch up with you all
  4. Mine is Shin Tak... but I ship Wang Sun too... both couple are adorable..
  5. just yesterday a friend of mine said how she waited months before watching another Kdrama after Goblin. But it is true, after Goblin, everything changed. I miss this OTP. Its soundtracks are still my favorite.
  6. I doubt it. If you re-watched the scene when the kidnapper picked up Min Seo from the school, you would notice the driver silhouette was a woman. My guess, she already met Min Seo before, because why did Min Seo follow her into the car willingly. Yup, I think Min Seo get in to the car without force. Actually, this scene confirmed my suspicion of her as the accomplice. And the using of our Miss Ma's car to pick up Min Seo made the husband as the real culprit. So we all agree that the husband and the prosecutor are in it together, but with the husband's personality (especially how nervous he was when he saw EJ), I think the real mastermind is the prosecutor. The husband doesn't have the gut to do the killing.
  7. @celebrianna agree with you. The real Miss Ma planned to back stabbing our Miss Ma, but in the end it turned out well for our Miss Ma. I have no concern with your point no 3 because, well, dental work and fingerprints are only for smart police and I do not expect too much from them in this drama. I am more worried if the killer or the husband check on real Miss Ma's phone and find the picture of her and our Miss Ma. The Killer and the husband will think that our Miss Ma knows something and try to get rid of her. I do hope our Miss Ma will keep Miss Ma's identity for good. Start new life with Woo Joon (and Min Seo, if she is still alive). PS: what is our Miss Ma's real name?
  8. @celebrianna do you think those ALL unreliable police officers is purposely written? to follow Miss Marple book? but even Miss Marple has the brilliant Inspector Dermot Craddock who happens to be my fav Miss Marple's sidekick btw What I am saying is, why do all police officers in this drama is stu... Inspector Bae has been bothering me too. Something about him sounds fake. Hmm..is it possible that he is actually President Jang's long lost son?
  9. my problem with detective is that I can’t get his logic. first he wanted to meet Jung Hee to confirm that she was indeed the witness who saw the killer. Then he convinced that Jung Hee was protecting Miss Ma’s identity out of guilty conscience because she kept silent for 9 years. Here, I thought he would start helping Miss Ma or at least starting to find the real killer. But no, he is still as obsessed as before in catching Miss Ma. Inspector Bae is lot smarter than he is. Just by seeing the real Miss Ma once, he figured out that she wasn’t the Miss Ma. @oktatwork the motive simply love affair between the husband and the woman prosecutor. they could’ve been know each other for years.
  10. me neither. already suspected her since the beginning. and that detective is soooo naive. EJ told him everything she knows, and yet he still obsesses to catch our Ms. Ma. Why? He's so stupid.
  11. so finally lee jung hee is dead.. I dislike her character tbh. She didn't deserve all the care from people around her. the story about what happened 9 year ago is getting interesting. and now the real Miss Ma has been surfaced. Hmm, wonder what would happen with our 'Miss Ma'?
  12. Yup, that's her.. that is if the drama didn't change the adopted daughter identity from the book.
  13. yes.. but at least the husband shows remorse. The wife Jung Hee is an egoist, no wonder her husband is so angry about her seeing the murderer 9 years ago but she kept silent.
  14. I am glad this drama has a happy ending even though it could've been better. It's been a fun ten weeks in this thread. Thanks chingus, see you in another thread. I am gonna miss our Ma-Beum couple. They leveled up the chemistry in K-drama land.
  15. @celebrianna I don’t agree with how she’s treating Woo Jon and yes she’s too harsh on him. Even Kol Mal is better than her in dealing Woo Jon. But imho, at the moment, she doesn’t know how..
  16. You should understand where she came from. She was raised by her strict father and tough love is the only one she knows. She raised her daughter that way too. She’s getting soft imho since she escaped amd meet people at the village..she’s opening up especially to Eun Ji even though she’s not fully trust her yet at the moment and she’s ready to make friends with her neighbors. I think Woo Jon has a huge impact on her..he reminds her of her daughter, he brings her maternal instinct.. but like I said, she only knows tough love and that is what she’s giving him right now.
  17. just finished watching subs and I like last night's episodes. Many were confirmed and I want to add @celebrianna 's post. The Detective has other motive by bringing The Husband to Jung Hee's house: to confront The Husband with Miss Ma. The adopted daughter wasn't 10 yo when Jung Hee brought her home. She was older than that, maybe in her early teens. From the hairpin, the child victim from 9 years ago was not Miss Ma's daughter, but Eun Ji's little sister. Btw, I am shocked to know that the child's face was crushed while she's still alive The real killer is a woman. I am sure of that. I am suspect the woman prosecutor. I don't trust Inspector Bae, something is off bout his dumb's facade. She's digging her own grave. smh.
  18. Thanks @supergal99 for recap.. I wanna watch sub before commenting. Congrats all.. Our wish for happy ending has been granted. I'll challenge myself to not ask any question bout the ending
  19. K-drama logic is not for us mere mortal viewers. So, he really lost his memories (again?)
  20. this will be my last guess : MS lost all of his memories in the last three years after the accident .. I can’t help it xixixi is that dr Yoon’s twin???
  21. why? I like 49 days ending oh you're right..btw, not only MS looks healthier, GB also looks chubbier in the preview. as far I am noticed from IG posts in the last weeks, I expect these scenes tonight 1) MS and GB at the market .. I remember saw a fancam about this. GB wears orange top and MS in white t-shirt+grey outer+grey jeans. 2) MS and GB at his house .. with GB wears that beautiful flowery dress 3) Wedding Someone jokingly said that it was MS's ghost that GB saw outside her window in last night eps
  22. tbh, I really don’t care whether they met as kids. whatever . agree with you @celebrianna @Mau_Cherry.. it’s so totally unnecessary. What we need is they meet NOW! I swear I thought MS was gonna have treatment somewhere with some famous doctors..but surprise surprise he goes to Hainan and what is he doing there anyway? My positive side said he knows a doctor there? But my negative said, I don’t care. He’s so..submissive (is that the right word?).
  23. I dunno how to think. The production team has a lot to answer tomorrow night. I sincerely bow to MS’s never ending noble idiocy..He’s very consistent in lying to GB. I humbly expected he would stop lying to her..sigh.. Btw, is it me but MS is looking healthier in Hainan?
  24. Gosh!! MS sure knows how to lie poor GB
  25. warning: just for spoiler's fan...