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  1. the best karma for the aunt(s) and dr Yoon would be, they all suffer the disease MS is having now #evillaugh
  2. same here.. I figured out what happened in eps13 and 14 from this thread and short clips from IG. @stroppyse i hope you’re right. it will be too cruel and unfair for GB if MS leaves her so that he can die alone.
  3. hei @celebrianna .. we have Poirot & Miss Marple fan here.. You are right, our last hope is Sec. Yang. He has been proved very competent and acted as MS’s guardian angel in some way. I really like him.. and I ship him with GB’s sister..
  4. I will be very upset if they get away with their crime. They should be punished for what they did. Poirot wont forgive them whatsoever... hope the writer has something bad for them in next weeks eps.
  5. I have hard time deciding who’s the worst evil, is it the aunt or dr Yoon. dr yoon is a doctor and he should save people, not end it. and about the aunt, i can’t believe a woman, a mother could be that cruel to small children. and how they both lied to MS all this years is just despicable. MS is ill amd he has no one..literary, he’s an orphan.
  6. now I understand why people watch more than one ongoing Kdrama..so that when one gives you lemon, you can have coffee with the other.. oh well .. this is lemon, DJ..lemon you gave me this week
  7. I think that is the only theory that is make sense. even though I’m not a fan of time jump. sigh.. but it will too remarkable if MS is suddenly cured from his illness..
  8. oh come on, writer nim..we survived 14 episodes without MS or GB leave the other and now you seems like you wanna throw us that noble idiocy bomb?!!! Don’t you think it’s too much with only 2 episodes left? I am sure that we’re gonna have a happy ending, but I don’t wanna watch eps 15 with bitter feeling that MS gonna leave (even if it’s only temporary) GB. I want the last two episodes full of our OTP sweetness and cuteness and everything that make me watch this series since the very first episode..
  9. that’s all? I thought it was more complicated than that..I’ll later it later then. thanks a lot, chingu
  10. yes... I still dunno how to post IG in this thread lol.. thanks a lot... our OTP is so adorable, don't they?
  11. some posted another still cut for upcoming episodes. this one is better and happier. I wish our OTP live at the healing village though..but not as patients of course
  12. still cut for tonight episode is circulating on IG. it looks bad, really bad...hiks
  13. but the preview for tomorrow doesn’t look good for our MS .. I am gonna wait till tomorrow eps before I decide whether to watch eps 13 or not..
  14. this is a shock!! why so sudden? Hope they still air Devilish Joy on schedule...
  15. @celebrianna because the body was identified and confirmed as Miss Ma's daughter without any doubt, therefore they didn't need to undertake DNA test.