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  1. I just finished watching, and I have to agree that it wasn't as bad as I had feared. Most of the episode is actually rather warm and tender, with some very lovely couple scenes of SH and JH, and JH just being all melty and cute in his sentiments. How can he say some of those things and make them sound so moving and beautiful rather than cheesy??? So, many positives to the episode as JH and SH become ever more comfortable as a couple. And, all of those little kisses that they give each other. Plus, JH's father has decided to give them his whole-hearted support, as has SH's father. The end with the mother was sad because she objected, however, watching it, I didn't feel as badly as I might have. JH's mother's concern isn't necessarily for herself. What she's having a hard time with is to hear her neighbors cast aspersions on her son, in effect saying that he wasn't able to get employment by his own merits, but had to use his sugar mama to get into such a prestigious company. I think it would upset any mother to hear that. However, it wasn't just hearing and thinking that her son was going to be slandered willy-nilly, it was that the rumors would follow JH around for a long, long time, if not the rest of his life if he dates such a high-profile person as SH. And, finally, the mother is concerned that the relationship isn't going to go the distance. JH's mother can't imagine that SH would actually want to marry her son, even though they are dating. So, from JH's mother's perspective, her son who is the lower/weaker person in this relationship may get his heart broken, his name muddied, and have to live with the consequences alone after having given himself over to this relationship. Overhearing that her husband was not going to object to the relationship seems to have provoked her concern even more. I guess she thinks that her husband has also fallen for the pretty face that SH has in terms of giving his consent? So, there are definitely ways for SH/JH to tackle this without sacrificing their love. I agree with @yonaomi123 that JH and SH should stay together, despite JH's mother's disapproval and show her that their love is true and will go the distance. I do not expect that JH and SH will be completely happy until JH's mother gives her approval, but I feel that's appropriate to the culture. Of course, JH and SH could just get married. Talk about seriously causing a lot of talk then, however, it would neatly spike one of JH's mother objections that the relationship won't be going all the way to marriage. I think that SH and JH can continue to date without disrespecting JH's mother; it'll just be a little harder, a little more uncomfortable. But, first things first, I think that JH needs to become aware of his mother's objection. It's not fair to him to keep him in the dark. I can see why JH's mother doesn't want to approach it with him, but as his girlfriend, SH really should tell JH. I'm bracing myself for the possible break up scene in episode 14, though. Despite various issues, it's been a little too lovey-dovey for our OTP. I can imagine that they're introducing angst into the penultimate week's episodes so that the finale resolution will be that much sweeter. All in all, I'm still sure that SH and JH are going to be together. Perhaps since they've given us so much else, they'll actually allude to a wedding between SH and JH? Even if it's just a proposal scene rather than a full on wedding, I'm fine with an ending that indicates that the two will spend every together and live like that for a long, long time to paraphrase JH's own words. Btw, I found Director Choi's ouster from the company so satisfying. He's been a total worm throughout the drama. Now, SH just has to face down Chairwoman Kim, and the hotel is good to go as SH's. However, WS' role in the drama doesn't seem to have finished. Perhaps he and SH can finally clear up all misunderstandings and WS will do the gentlemanly thing and step down? Guess we'll find out tomorrow or next week.
  2. You know, I was all ready to like SK's mother for being so quick to accept SK's choice of OS as the woman he loves, not to mention that the mother goes to the grandfather, demanding that the grandfather accept OS as SK's partner if OS is able to cure SK rather than tearing them apart as he had done with her and SK's father. And, then she had to plan that party in SK's apartment to try to "shock" him into being cured. *sigh* Well meaning mothers, and all that... On the other hand, the aftermath of that trauma to SK is that he's determined to be with OS and she is agreeing to be with him. Nice kisses. I'm hoping that whatever the grandfather may throw at them to tear them apart, that they'll stand fast and take on all comers. Also, I'm not sure how, but SK needs to find out about OD's disciplinary problem being held as the threat over OS' head. I'm not sure what SK can do, and hope that it doesn't lead SK to bargain with the devil (meaning grandfather) to leave OD and OS alone.
  3. You know, in a number of societies, and especially so in Korea, marriages are not seen as being between 2 people, but 2 people and their entire families. And, not just at the business conglomerate levels, but even at ordinary levels. I mean, it's definitely a range in terms of people now, and they seem to be going farther away from it since the extended family is breaking down there as well as it is in a lot of more developed countries, but a lot of people still hold onto that understanding of a marriage bringing 2 families together as well as bringing a couple together. When the in-laws can't stand each other, that makes for a whole lot of headaches for the couple as well.
  4. You raise some good points. I was just saying that I still see a difference between JH's mother and the other two mothers, WS' mother and SH's mother. I still don't think that JH's mother is at the same level of "bad". Also, since JH's mother really does want the happiness of her son, she's going to come around. Unlike the other two mothers for whom their children are just tools to be used for their own purposes. Perhaps rather than selfish love, JH's mother is an "I know what's better for you than you do" kind of love? It's still harmful, and it takes away JH's agency in thinking that she knows best for him. As for getting to know SH better first, JH's mother probably thinks she has some idea of the woman that SH has from all the media that SH gets. In a way, it's probably also a commentary on how we fans may think we know a star because we've read/seen so much about them, but really and truly, we aren't privy to the people that they really are. I find WS' mother and SH's mother's actions horrifying and incomprehensible while I can understand some of why JH's mother acted the way she did. Again, this is not to say that I agree or that I think she's doing the right thing, just that it's within the realm of normal mother behavior, as far as I know. And, most importantly for me, I really, truly believe that loving her son as she does, JH and SH's love will ultimately be able to win JH's mother over. Aside from their deaths, I don't know that there is anything that SH's mother and WS' mother might regret, and even then, the regret might be that they no longer have a tool in hand to use. *shrug*
  5. Another translation of the written preview. http://program.tving.com/tvn/encounter/19/Board/List “Since no matter what happens, I will protect the CEO.” Though she has come to learn that she is affecting even the regular lives of Jin Hyuk’s family, because she doesn’t want to let go of Jin Hyuk’s hand, Soo Hyun’s feels increasingly troubled. Meanwhile, Senator Cha, believing in Jin Hyuk who is protecting Soo Hyun, finally makes a decision that he had been hesitating over for a long time. Soo Hyun who is cutting off all remaining ties with Taekyung. To such a Soo Hyun, an unexpected guest comes to see her… I am so hoping that the unexpected guest is JH's father to offer some understanding and encouragement. (keeping fingers crossed) SH won't be able to tell JH why she's breaking up with him since he won't accept a breakup for his sake or his family's sake, so some external party will have to step in to let her know that she can take this chance with JH and it won't be the end of JH's world if she and JH love each other.
  6. I do think you may be being a little harsh on JH's mother. I don't agree with her decision to tackle JH's girlfriend, though I understand that she did it because she knows that JH won't be swayed by any argument that she might make. She knows how determined and true her son can be, so if the relationship is to end, it has to be ended by SH. Anyway, I think that there is a vast difference between JH's mother and the other two mothers in this drama. Both WS' mother and SH's mother use their children for their own personal gains without any concern for their children. JH's mother is acting out of concern for her children. So, JH's mother acting out of love for JH will also lead to another major difference. JH's mother is going to come to accept SH once she realizes that the love that JH and SH feel for each other is absolute and their relationship is a warm, positive, supportive one for each other. This is unlike WS' mother who has flatly said that she will not accept SH back under any circumstances no matter how WS may feel. Not that WS has a chance of getting SH back, but the point is that WS' mother is more concerned about the impact to the Taekyung Group and herself versus the feelings of her son. As for SH's mother, she was quick to try to get SH back into being the Taekyung Group DIL for the sake of SH's father's political career and her own ambitions and societal standing despite SH repeatedly telling her that she doesn't ever want to go back and even relaying how unhappy she had been there. I know that we're all rather upset at JH's mother for disapproving of SH and wanting them to split up, but I still feel the need to speak up for the one mother who truly loves her children in this drama.
  7. SH outs Director Choi's nefarious doings against the hotel at the Board of Directors meeting. SH: Before that, there is one important thing that has to be taken care of. Director Choi Any other business can be handled after the voting. SH: It’s not something that will take very long. (nods to Sec. Jang who nods back) Sec. Jang: Please come in. (Lee Jin Ho enters.) LJH: First, I will offer my apologies. For a moment, because I was so short-sighted, that I did something very wrong. Regarding the Cuba hotel email incident, I’m the one who convinced Assistant Manager Kim Jin Tae to send it. I told him to send the email that caused the construction at the Cuba hotel to stop and then to flee. Director: Why did you do something like that? LJH: It was Director Choi Jin Chul’s order. All: What?! Surely not! Director Choi? etc. etc. SH: Thus, I demand an apology from Director Choi Jin Chul. If you really admit your wrongdoing and are truly regretful of it, then this issue can be ended here. Director Choi: Are you thinking that was my intention, CEO Cha Soo Hyun? SH: I’m giving you a chance. Director Choi: If I’m the one who gave the order to Manager Lee, then who do you think is the one who gave the order to me? SH: A sincere apology, that one phrase, is that so hard? Director Choi: I am just one person among all those hired. SH: Who is the employer? (Director Choi just looks at WS) SH: As to what to do about Director Choi Jin Chul, I will follow the wishes of CEO Jung Woo Seok here and all of the Directors. Please convey this to the other Directors. (meaning those who didn’t make it to the meeting) (SH leaves) WS: Since this is something that happened before I took office, the Directors should take care of it. My agenda item is probably best left to the next meeting. (leaves) So, Director Choi has learned that betrayers can also be betrayed. He's been abandoned by both Chairman Kim and by WS. And, SH has left it to the other Directors to determine his fate. He is so toast. The other Directors aren't going to so understanding that he was sabotaging the hotel business for Taekyung Group's personal vendetta.
  8. When JH gave SH the pretty bouquet from the photo shoot before, telling her how pretty she was and how he hoped they would be together for a long, long time, SH was fidgety and uneasy and not really responsive. So, this time, JH presses for an answer. And, again with the beautiful reassuring speech from JH that provides some comfort to SH, at least temporarily. SH: I cook Italian really well. JH: See. You’re avoiding it again. SH: I can cook Chinese as well, and some Japanese, too. While living with Taekyung Group, I learned all that. JH: So what? Cooking well is a good thing. SH: Jin Hyuk-shi, after having gone to Jin Hyuk’s house, I keep dreaming a dream. That in that house, I want to be happy with you as well. JH: That will come to be. SH: Something keeps holding me back; my memories, my past days. Holding such a pretty bouquet like that, and standing in front of Jin Hyuk-shi, I think about that as well. However, whether that s really something that I can even dream about… It feels as if I’m being too greedy, so I feel uncertain. JH: In Cuba, I met some woman, but I didn’t know her name, and I didn’t know what kind of person she was even. But, on that day that I first met her, “Does this person perhaps have a boyfriend? I wish that she didn’t.” The person named Cha Soo Hyeon is that person on that day. For the first time, the person who came so deeply into my heart. The times that Soo Hyun has spent in the past, those aren’t important to me. Since I love the one person, Cha Soo Hyeon. With that person, I want to spend each and every day. Each and every day, I hope for that. SH: Will we be able to do that? JH: You’re going to do that for me, right? SH: Do that for me.
  9. A happy scene, a light-hearted phone conversation between JH and SH about a camera. (JH calls SH) JH: Did the camera break in some way? SH: This is a camera that came from the past. JH: Hm? The past? SH: In order to find a camera that was the same as the one that Jin Hyuk had given to me, it took some effort. Do you know that it was made in the same facility? I’m very satisfied. JH: Oh really. What is this? The master (of the topic) should examine it for himself in order to know for sure. Stay right there. Since I’m going to come over and look at it for myself. SH: I’ll show you tomorrow at the office. JH: Aii, this is the worst thing. When a father brings a present home and shows it to you, then says just look at it for now, and play with it tomorrow instead, then is sleep even going to come at all that night? SH: I never said that I was going to give it to Jin Hyuk-shi. JH: Then what are you going to do with two of the exact same camera? Jeez. You keep teasing me. SH: Because when I tease you, you react immediately, so it’s fun. SH: Okay. You must really want to see the camera. JH: Do you think that I want to see the camera more or to see Soo Hyun-shi more? SH: Where are you? JH: The office. SH: Still? Ahh… You must be working overtime. Then the CEO should go to cheer you on. JH: Then I had better wait here.
  10. Translation of the twitter bed scene. @triplem caption: (Showing off her frog fan. k k k) caption: This scene as well is from the as yet unbroadcasted ep 10 (displaying their comfort, whispering between themselves) caption: (affection) caption: The aegyo that we don’t get tired of no matter how many times we watch, let’s watch it for a moment. KS: Let’s talk a little. YB: What talk? caption: In this scene, Kkang Soon is too pretty. p p p What to do. KS: It feels as if we’ve jumped completely over getting to know each other first and started with kissing instead. YB: Huh? caption: Waking the dating cells which had been asleep, the bed scene. KS: I don’t think going too fast is a good thing. We should start again from the first. Then slowly, slowly go further. KS: It’s too hot… (cry) KS: I’m sweating. Staff: (Kkang Soon) fighting! Videographer: You’re very warm, aren’t you? KS: I’m too warm. KS: But, it’s much better than being cold. KS: Compared to Kkang Soon’s house, this is heaven. Heaven. KS: Who knew that it would be so hot when it’s winter. KS: And since this is a little… hot scene. k k k KS: It’s a hot scene… I’m even warmer. caption: (having said everything, she’s now embarrassed. k k k) caption: If this scene is seen as being very sexy, that would be good. (giggles) caption: Having gone completely into his arms. p p p p Director: Okay! caption: (It’s hot) caption: Both taking care of each other, the SoonBaek Couple KS: Oppa should (fan yourself) caption: (It’s too hot, but I’m going to stay lying by your side. o^o YB: (When I’m brushing your hair away), I really don’t know how to do it. caption: (no idea) caption: Is brushing Kkang Soon’s hair to the side too hard to do, Top Star-shi? Staff: That looks a little funny. YB: Really, I don’t. KS: Oppa, you can’t look at me when you’re doing that. caption: The filming starts. caption: To be remembered as a legendary tale, the 10th episode will broadcast this Friday.
  11. Translation of the preview. JH: I cherish the CEO very much. SH: These flowers, how long will they continue without withering? JM Friend: Why? It’s because I’m envious. JM: It’s not because of hyung, so don’t misunderstand. SH: If Jin Hyuk-shi’s family’s normal happiness is shaken because of me, then there is no answer for that. SH: Thanks to Woo Seok-shi, I’ve also learned, how I should separate. Oof. So, JH is still protecting their love, but SH is folding. And, she's folding because she wants to protect JH and his family from forfeiting their happy lives. And, while JH was able to convince her that he was willing to be with her regardless as being the best choice for him, his family is another matter, which she was able to see for herself, both with JM's brother getting into a fight over JH and her relationship, and JH's mother coming to see her. And, it's true that their relationship could continue to bring negative consequences to JH's family. As for JH's mother, I can kind of understand it. She's afraid for her son and for her family. This is also another interesting twist to the usual chaebol romance tale, btw. Most mothers are scheming to do anything and everything to get their child married off to someone wealthy, regardless of whether the child is a son or daughter. JH's mother as an ordinary mother, though, knows that true happiness is in the small, ordinary moments of the day shared with a person you love without the censure of society constantly beating down on them. What she doesn't perhaps appreciate is that JH and SH have created their own bubble world where they are sooo happy. And, that they are strong enough to fend off society, if need be. Anyway, JH's mother is a sharp contrast to SH's mother and WS' mother, and the cliche of an ambitious Korean mother in kdramas. It's a sad preview, and given that tomorrow's episode is only the 14th episode, it might continue with the separation story line. Seeing JH during the separation may be the only thing that brings his mother around, to see her usually sunny son being so sad. However, I refuse to believe that this drama will end with JH and SH walking away from each other permanently. On the other hand, I wonder if SH's last statement in the preview means that she finally finds out that WS had separated with her for her sake, just as she's about to separate with JH for his sake. I haven't watched ep 13 yet, so will probably be back with more comments after I watch it, though I'm also tempted to leave it until ep 14 is broadcast.
  12. I might buy that line of thought except for the fact that she threw away TO and her daughter. Literally. If it was love that she was hungering for, there were two people there who loved her, wanted her, and needed her. So, why she then decided to throw them away and go search for love with IJ doesn't make sense to me. What does make sense is that IJ was a prize to be had in the way that TO at the time she was with him wasn't. So, I still don't buy that she felt loved by IJ. I can see him being respectful to her and acceding to the arranged marriage because that is what people at their stations did, but that is far from being love. And, we saw very early on that he really did not give her that much regard. I feel that at the beginning of the drama, she was in total possessive and jealousy mode over him, but that he didn't really do much to encourage any such possessiveness from her anyway. Frankly, not sure what to make of it. Btw, on a slightly different note, the actress who plays SH in this drama, So Yi Hyun is apparently famous in South Korea for being such a kind and dutiful daughter-in-law, wife, and mother. So, despite the nasty character of SH in this drama, the actress is much beloved, and receives plenty of encouragement and fan mail praising her performance in this drama.
  13. @Kasmic, it looks as though there are enough translations of SSJ's interview. I'll take a read of it later and see if there is anything more to contribute that hasn't already been picked up on and commented. I had a feeling that my issue with W was going to be my issue with MoA, and I think Writer SSJ has just confirmed it. It's that the "fantasy" aspect is used to wave away anything that can't be explained, including how things evolve or devolve. Also, the idea that the game because of the interaction with the lenses to view augmented reality becomes a virus is far-fetched enough that I don't think many, if any, of her viewers understood that as the intent. Personally, I think that is a flaw in the writing when a key point is missed by all the viewers. As for the romance, I don't think I appreciated how much of it is down to PSH and HB to interpret the romantic angles. It is their personal chemistry that has elevated the romance to something more than the afterthought that it seems to have been. Given that the gameplay isn't that engaging really, one would have thought the romance would have at least received more of a serious treatment. I think I'm most disappointed in the HJ character. There was a real chance there for it to be something more than the girlfriend who sits on the sidelines and cheers her men on kind of thing. Oh well. The actors still make it all viewable for me, and I expect then that the actors and the director will have greater say in bringing the romance to a satisfactory conclusion even if the writing on it was parsimonious. I can hope anyway since they are all veterans who will have a say as long as it doesn't mess around with the writer's central points of resolving the relationship between JW and HS. Anyway, come rain or shine, the finale is this weekend. And, frankly, the fact that there is nary a CGI gorilla in sight in this drama makes it a huge improvement over HB's last drama.
  14. I actually thought that was unexpected for her to ask that. Nothing in the drama actually led me to think that there was any love involved, nor was any expected. Rather, IJ was seen as being the right man with the right family, money, and looks that SH wanted for herself. I thought SH had gotten rather possessive after deciding that she wanted IJ, but she never even treated him with any respect really, much less love. It's hard to understand what motivates SH, though I have to admit that I haven't watched every episode, just a few episodes now and then, so might have missed something. I mean, she's a woman who is capable of throwing her daughter away, and acting like a cold-hearted harridan to the man who had loved her and their child (TO). Does she really know what love is, versus her pride being hurt which it clearly is? And, now that she's proposed to TO that she'll give their daughter some of her heart if TO kills HR, it puts TO in an interesting conundrum, especially if SH means to literally kill off HR. Will TO be ready to sacrifice another's life for his daughter's?
  15. I hesitate to offer this since my sageuk speak is relatively weak, but here is a translation of the preview anyway, plus some comments. Lee Kyu(?): Though you’ve taken the long way around, the time has now come. So Woon: There is no way for me to hide it, the reason my heart is trembling as it is. Lee Kyu: The world that the Elder and the Gaewon had dreamt of, it’s time to try to make it again. Ha Seon: If we had received it as rice from the first, how good that would have been. Man: Having the talent of the secret method, there is one person. Lee Kyu: Will you work with me? Ha Seon: I had thought too lightly of the work that the king has to do. Lee Kyu: The Minister should step down from your position. Man: To have a good time viewing the next world is what he asked me to convey. Still getting used to voices as well, so not sure I got all the voices right, and some of the voices I just used generic identifiers. Anyway, from the preview, it seems as if SW is going to make a move on the man she thinks is her hubby, the King. I really hope that she gets clued in about HS soon, rather than causing her more heartache, either by being rejected by the "King" or by being allowed to fall in love with someone who isn't who she thinks it is. Lee Kyu also seems to have some ideas of creating a better country, and may use HS' time on the throne to bring it about, it seems. Not sure who the talented man that he offers to work with him or else is, but looks as if there is something to do with money. He seems to be challenging Shin Chi Soo to step down from his position, which makes me wonder about the last line in the preview which may have been said by an assassin who stabs LK. Hope it's not fatal. As for HS, he is learning how difficult it is to be king and how much a king should know in order to rule a country properly. Though speaking of which, how many world leaders even in the real world really are able to do that. (Yes, I'm in a bit of a bitter mode.)
  16. I was actually hoping that she would get a divorce from him and take him to the cleaners. I agree that she actually seems pretty smart when not beaten down, plus she was originally from a wealthy family before her family went bankrupt, so she's probably well educated and able to deal with the backstabbing of that world. She seems to be collecting evidence against her husband and his family anyway which is why I was thinking she might go for the divorce. Ditch the loser, take the money, and be happy, I say. If in the settlement, she gets shares of the company and is then able to help save the company, right on. However, the stepmother and the half-brother need to go down into friendless, utter poverty.
  17. Aww, thanks for this. At least we get a semblance of a happy ending for all three in another lifetime? I've actually translated the whole clip for you since there are other little 100 Days easter eggs in it. HS: Oh, you’ve come! WD: Hello. MY: Hello. HS: This is my husband. And, over there is the one who is doing our interior, the designer. WD: Oh, nice to meet you. MY: Nice to meet you. I’m called Seo Yoon Seok. WD: Have you finished your discussion? HS: Yes, he was really nice to me, just like a real brother. WD: Oh, thank you so much. MY: I thank you. HS: Do you want to take a look? WD: Yes. MY: (Comments on the various features to be added to the house. Sorry that I didn't bother to translate his comments here. ) WD: Oh, it’s so nice. (as they are leaving) HS: The interior is really going to be pretty. Don’t you think? WD: Yes. But that person. Was I the only one uncomfortable? HS: Why? WD: Just a feeling. And, I feel as if I had seen him before. In addition to HS commenting that MY had treated her nicely, just like a real brother might, and the comment from WD that he had found the designer to be uncomfortable and someone he might have met before, MY introduces himself as Seo Yoon Seok. To refresh your memories, HS's original name was Yoon Yi Seo while MY's original name was Yoon Seok Ha. So, the name he introduces himself as is a mashup of MY and HS' birth names in 100 Days. I don't know. I got a kick out of it.
  18. OS hears about SK from DH, followed by a rather sweet OTP moment. (at the hospital) DH: After I got out of jail, there isn’t any work that I haven’t done. For a man with a conviction of assault, it’s not easy for him to get a job in the first place. As I worked wherever I could, I ended up working as a cleaner, and that’s when I met the CEO. Even after hearing my story, he said that we should try working together. From then till now, he’s treated me without any discrimination. No, he’s the first person who has ever been on my side. The CEO, to me, he is really like a life saver. (OS sitting at the bus stop, SK drives up) SK: You’re going home, aren’t you? Get in. OS: Oh. (in the car) SK: Why are you looking at me that why? OS: Huh? Oh, I thought that you had left first. SK: Well, I had some things to do, and I thought you would be uncomfortable. Is Dong Hyun… OS: Ah, he’s still at the hospital. He said his grandmother is doing well. The surgery was successfully finished. SK: (sighs) That’s a relief. You were very taken aback because we met so suddenly, weren’t you? OS: No, well, a little. I heard about it from Dong Hyun oppa. That you had helped out with the grandmother’s issue. SK: The one who helped her wasn’t me, it was Dong Hyun. SK: Since you’ve put some make up on, you’re pretty. OS: Yes? SK: Though without make up, you’re even prettier.
  19. Aww. SK trying to convince OS to give him a chance while they're at the aquarium. Previous to this scene, OS had been talking about a documentary that she had been watching about how sea animals guided themselves by starlight, but because there was so much artificial light, they sometimes end up far from the sea and thus die. She goes on to say that she's not sure whether she's looking at starlight or an artificial light, and asking SK whether he had given her consideration about that. She had also talked about how one can't do everything that one wants to in life. That sometimes, one has to do things one doesn't want to do, or to give up on something that one does want. Anyway, that is the conversation that SK references in his latest attempt at persuasion. OS: Wow. Wow. It’s really like being inside he sea. It’s pretty. SK: Whether it’s starlight or an artificial light, couldn’t you go together with me? If we search for it together, we could go a little more easily towards the sea. If even that’s not possible… I could just take you there. Try trusting me this once. If it’s together with Gil Oh Sol-shi, I think that we could go wherever.
  20. Good suggestion. Thank you! Since those were auto-generated captions, they're frequently wrong, so I had given up on them. The Korean captions seem to be wrong on this clip as well, but I was able to figure out close enough what the grandfather was saying from them. So, I've modified the translation. Honestly, it doesn't change the preview sentiment that much, but it's still nice to know. Thanks again for the suggestion!
  21. Unfortunately, the conversation goes from cute to unhappy. SK: Last night, didn’t you definitely say that you were sorry that you pretended not to know how I felt? OS: Oh… When did I…you must have been a little, a lot drunk. (SK brings OS’ hand to his face) SK: What you said while you were touching my face like this, I can remember that clearly. Let’s date. Properly. OS: I can’t. SK: You can’t? OS: I mean, that is…. Please call me after you’ve finished breakfast, and I’ll come clean up. (running away from the table) SK: No! Gil Oh Sol-shi! Gil Oh Sol! Gil Oh Sol-shi! OS: Huh? (starts to fall, but is caught by SK) SK: Are you okay? OS: Yes. Yes. SK: Don’t just run away and talk to me. It’s not because of that doctor, and it’s not because you dislike me, so why in the world are you being like this? OS: Oh, I… right now, not just the CEO, but other people as well, I have no desire to date anyone. SK: Saying that you have no intention of dating. What does that - ? OS: The CEO also said it that time. That you have no intention of dating. SK: Well, that is… that is, then… OS: I’m also like that. So, my rash actions from yesterday, I’ll apologize for them. I’m sorry. (OS walks away) I'm glad that there is a kiss at the end of the episode so that this unhappiness is only one episode long. Though, still worried about the grandfather's shenanigans to separate them.
  22. Cute opening. It starts where it left off in the previous episode. OS: We’re almost there. CEO. why are you so heavy? OS: Here. Here. Lie here. That’s right. (both fall on the bed where OS takes a good look at SK) OS: I’m sorry…for not knowing the CEO’s heart. For pretending to not know. (SK opens his eyes, then grabs OS’ hand as she’s about to pull away) SK: If you’re sorry, then I would like it if you would recognize it starting now. (SK goes to kiss OS, but is rejected) OS: Oh, look at the time! It’s already so late! (runs out of the room) OS: I’m ruined. Then the next morning: SK: Are you looking for me? SK: Oh, where are you running away to? (grabbing OS who had turned around to go back into her room) OS: Uh, I left something in my room. SK: Your room? But, I’m really hungry. OS: I’ll get your breakfast ready. SK: Yes, get breakfast ready. (OS puts breakfast on the table) OS: Enjoy you meal. SK: Why don’t you sit down for a minute? (OS sits) SK: I’ll enjoy the meal. (takes a sip of soup) OS: Excuse me, yesterday… SK: You’ve fallen for me, haven’t you? OS: Excuse me? Fall…fall… what did you say? SK: I’m right. You have fallen. OS: Oh, it seems as if there has been a misunderstanding. SK: Let’s date, Gil Oh Sol. OS: Date? SK: Today is Day 1. OS: What? Day 1? SK: Why? You don’t want to? OS: No! It’s not that I don’t want to… I mean. I mean. It’s not like that. I’ve told you before, that I have no desire to date you. SK: I think you do have the desire to date me. OS: I don’t. SK: You do. OS: I said I didn’t.
  23. Translation of the preview. OS: I can really just go by myself. SK: Yes, father! Association with your daughter, please permit it! (me: SK is asking for permission to date OS, but he uses a rather formal word meaning more along the lines of associate or socialize with. Such a cute dork he is.) OS: He’s handsome, isn’t he? He’s the person that I like. OS: If I think about Oh Dol, I really shouldn’t be doing this. SK: What do you mean that Gil Oh Sol’s little brother is going before a disciplinary panel? SK: Your little brother’s issue is all going to turn out alright. Grandfather: My Sun Kyul, he’s of the age where he should receive support. They are not appropriate partners for each other. Find out about some people that I can place on the disciplinary panel. So, the grandfather definitely doesn't approve of OS because she doesn't provide SK with the support that he thinks SK needs, meaning any financial or powerful backing. So, the grandfather wants SK to make an advantageous marriage.
  24. Translation of the kiss scene, though really, is a translation even necessary. SK: Gil Oh Sol! Gil Oh Sol! OS: Oh, CEO, you’ve woken. How does your body feel? Do you feel okay? SK: I had worried so much…that something might have happened… I was so scared. OS: CEO. SK: From now on, don’t even go one step away from me. 24 hours a day, you have to stay by my side. Okay, Gil Oh Sol? OS: I’ll do that. I won’t go anywhere. 24 hours a day, all day long, we’ll just stay together. (kiss - he’s so tall and big while she’s so petite) SK: Don’t go anywhere. You’ve promised me. OS: I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay by your side. (more kisses)
  25. Here is the translation for the written preview. Finally having started their love, Yoo Baek and Kang Soon. Yoo Baek, for the first time, opens up and tells Kang Soon all of his inner thoughts… and his mom whom he had hated for so long, he’s able to find the courage to meet her. Yoo Baek and Kang Soon, in order to gain permission from her grandmother, return to Yeojook Island… but they come up against an unexpected opposition. At the reason for the astonishing opposition, Yoo Baek loses his mind. Meanwhile, Ma Dol starts to put away his feelings for Kang Soon, but… Yes, it seems that grandmother is opposing the union, but I'm curious as to why. According to the preview, it's going to be for an unexpected and astonishing reason, so I'm sure it's going to be something rather outlandish and ultimately hilarious. Plus, perhaps MD meets up with a lady admirer that he's now open to meeting since he's trying to get over his fixation on KS? One can hope, because it would be lovely if he can find someone who will love him as passionately as he could love her. He's a good, lovely man, and deserves that.