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  1. The ending scene as JH starts to write his letter of resignation and is then hit with flashbacks. (JH looks at the note congratulating him for his return to the Donghwa Hotel. Then he writes his resignation, but he pauses when he has to write why he’s resigning.) JH: Reason (flashbacks) JH: Why does Soo Hyun-shi like me? SH: Because you’re Kim Jin Hyuk is why I like you. In the whole world, you are the only person who is Kim Jin Hyuk. SH: Kim Jin Hyuk-shi, why are you here? JH: I’ll let you scold me later. For now, just do as I ask. SH: Because you might get hurt, I’m afraid. JH: Don’t be afraid. SH: Do you think that we could do that? JH: You’re going to do that for us, right? JH: Whatever happens, I’m going to watch over Soo Hyun-shi, so Soo Hyun-shi just has to be happy. SH: I’ll do that. JH: Thank you. For running over here just because you want to see me. SH: What is there to thank me for? Jin Hyuk-shi has always done that for me. JH: Just in case there is something that we have to endure, just in case something happens, with the memories that we’ve made since Cuba and till now, let’s just try to endure it well. (end flashbacks) (JH strides into SH's office. ) So, it seems that JH has found some resolve in his memories. Perhaps it is that this is something that they will just have to get over as well, but in the meantime, he's going to agree to give SH some space. I think that in the text preview, when he says that she can leave him if she must but that he'll continue to love her may be what he says to her in her office. And then he continues to watch out for her albeit from a distance as SH tries to continue on her way. I still think that this drama will have a happy ending. Knowing that SH loves him still, and loving SH as much as he does, I can't see JH being content to walk out of SH's life. I think short of SH getting married again to someone else, I can't see JH accepting her edict that she's not a fit companion for him. Hopefully, the writer can bring a good resolution to this. I still haven't watched the episode yet. Too busy a day today to spend on being sad. Watching JH cry in the clips has already caused me to tear up and be unhappy with him. I'm sure that actually watching the episode may wreck me. Still, I'm looking forward to the final episode. I think I'll try to watch both episodes as a pair tomorrow after I find out how it ends.
  2. Another sad scene. JH begs with SH to not break up. SH: Your mother gave me a jar of seasoned tangerine preserves. It was so very simple and pretty. It’s something that couldn’t even be bought with money. How could I break that? I can’t, Jin Hyuk-shi. JH: Soo Hyun-shi SH: My family, if we even get together for breakfast, there is a news article. When I just only ate a ramen with Jin Hyuk-shi, it became noisy. (meaning there was a lot of press speculation) You remember, don’t you? This is how tumultuous it is in my family. Would I be suitable for such a simple and pretty jar of preserves? JH: Do you think that I love you because you’re the CEO of Donghwa Hotel? Was I interested in you because your father is a famous politician? That wasn’t it! That my family is different from your family, that can’t be the reason. Everyone is different. People who are different becoming more alike, that is love. Don’t do this. Please! I can’t let you go. SH: Just because of me, I can’t watch Jin Hyuk-shi or the people who are important to Jin Hyuk-shi get worn out. Rather than living without seeing Jin Hyuk-shi again, I think that would trouble me more. I’m sorry. I don’t think I can do that. (JH grabs SH’s wrist, but she breaks the hold and walks away, as they both cry and JH breaks down) I'm sad for both of them, but I really hate watching JH cry. It just grabs me there and makes me ache so much.
  3. It's a sad episode, so only sad scenes in the clips. SH breaks up with JH. JH: About your father, you’re finding it difficult, aren’t you? I understand. Because I can’t help you with it in any way, I’m too, too frustrated and upset. Still, I want to stay by your side and watch over you, and since I promised to do that. So, please don’t talk that way, and - SH: You said that you cherished me much, didn’t you? I also cherish Jin Hyuk-shi very much. That’s why, I want to stop this here now. Dad’s issues will, like everything else, just flow on. I won’t find it difficult and I’m not afraid. JH: Then…why…why are you throwing me away? SH: How could I…how could I ever throw you away? I’m letting you go. I’m sorry. I’ll get up now. (JH grabs her hand, but SH breaks his hold and walks away)
  4. @triplem, a translation of the teaser that you asked for. Having said that, translating this has made me throw up a bit in my mouth. This is why we don't always need to see and hear all the details of a cutesy relationship. YB: While I’m gone, you can’t get hurt anywhere. Understand? KS: Okay. You should go now. YB: It’s cold. So you should go first. KS: It’s because I want to see Top Star-shi go before I go. YB: I’ll leave after I see you go. So go ahead and go in. KS: After I see you. YB: It’s cold. KS: Aigoo. YB: What about Oh Kang Soon? What were you doing? Were you thinking about me? KS: Well… uh… YB: What? Aren’t you going to answer? KS: Oh… YB: (As for me,) I want to see you! KS: Stop it now. (hangs up) YB: Have you eaten? KS: Are you eating? YB: Yes, I’m eating right now. YB: Wow, grandmother’s seasoned abalone is as (fantastic as) ever. KS: It is good, isn’t it? YB: Yes. KS: Of course. YB: Oh, I wish I could eat Oh Kang Soon’s mixed spicy noodles. KS: I can’t. Well, it would be okay, but since I can’t go. Of course, I want to see you as well. Today, I have to help grandmother clean the room out. YB: Hello? KS: Yes? YB: Knock. Knock. Knock. Is Oh Kang Soon-shi there? KS: No, she’s not here. YB: I think that this is Oh Kang Soon-shi. KS: (lowering her voice) It’s not her. YB: I think that this is Oh Kang Soon-shi. YB: Oh, I’m almost there. I’ll call you again later. Okay? KS: Okay. Cabdriver: Your boyfriend must be having an affair. Just looking at you, it seems as if you’re having a long distance relationship, but… When the bodies are far apart, the hearts grow far apart as well. KS: Oh, there is a saying like that, isn’t there. Huh? (KS walking and sees YB hugging a woman) KS: Hey! You rotten people! You had better fall apart now!
  5. So much sadness in these final episodes. I guess we're paying for all of the cute and sexy episodes previously in this drama. This is a translation of the written text preview. http://program.tving.com/tvn/encounter/19/Board/List “You can leave, I’m going to love.” The choice that Assemblyman Cha has made in order to end the persistent fate with Taekyung causes a storm to descend on them, Soo Hyun endures as she has always done and pushes aside her happiness. Meanwhile, Jin Hyuk prepares a final gift for Soo Hyun… I'm not even sure how to read this as a finale preview. It definitely sounds as if JH is going to give SH a present of some kind, and let her know that she can part from his if she feels she must, but that he's going to continue to love her. She's made it clear that she's broken up with him for his sake and not because she doesn't love him after all. I just wonder if they'll show a time jump or not. And a translation of the video preview. JH: You’re afraid, aren’t you? Please don’t cry a lot. SH Mother: It would have been nice if he had at least eaten a meal before he left. HI: You are an amazing person. I’m cheering for your love. JH: I don’t have any intention of bothering you. I just wanted to take you home comfortably. JH: Please tell the CEO not to worry. Whatever news she may hear, it’s just a process. Okay, this makes me think that JH will go ahead and resign his position and they will be apart for awhile, even if not an actual time jump since JH is asking someone to reassure SH that he's okay no matter what she may hear about him. Is it too much to hope that they take care of the angst in the first half of the final episode and give us at least half an episode of happy, cute, sexy? Just saying.
  6. I have to agree with you. Whoever wrote the article may not have been watching her reactions closely enough. SN has decided as part of her revenge to get close to LH, and so she pretends to accept his apology. It's clear that she doesn't forgive him, though. As for LH wanting SN as a trophy, I don't entirely disagree. He thought SN was just another woman who fell all over themselves for his attention, but she's no longer doing that, so she's become a challenge, especially as LH sees SN being friendly with WB. But, I also think that LH have developed feelings for SN. He's a totally messed up, emotionally stunted man-child with serious anger management and self-control issues, but he seems to be somewhat sincere in what he thinks he feels. This probably wouldn't stop him from taking it out on SN the next time he's displeased with her. LH was in love with his first wife, SH, as well, but that didn't stop him from trying to kill her on the smallest of suspicions rather than actually finding out about it. Perhaps now that he knows what he did to SH, it'll cause him to treat SN more carefully, but it's hard to tell what's sincere and what is just a whim with him. Btw, just so that we're clear, I do not think SN should go back to LH at all. Heck, I know she wants revenge, but I"m kind of hoping that she dumps him and runs for her own sake.
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    Day 3 What hospital? What doctor? Where am I? All I see are abs, abs, abs.... Don't wake me up or take me away from this!
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    Guess for Day 2 But, who really needs the official game when there are so many abs floating around even without the game. Is it just me, or is it getting very warm in here... ?
  9. stroppyse

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    @LSGLMH_88, JCW looked so good in K2. Too bad that the drama was not worthy of his...erm...talents. The thing about being on this thread is that I start feeling...very warm... Do we need an antidote? I think I would prefer just to stay poisoned.
  10. I really don't think the father knows that WS fixed himself. Rather, he loves CW because he recognizes that CW has worked hard and done her best for the family despite his own family being terrible people. Also, when he went down to the farm, he knew that he was leaving CW to basically take care of the family. I took a deep breath and I've started watching the early episodes of this drama, and there was a conversation between the father and CW where he apologizes to her for leaving her to take care of the family by himself. He knows that his wife is a grasping harridan, and that of his two sons, one is a lazy bum while the other is so full of himself. Their mother raised those boys to be that way, however. It's clear that she lionized the one who got good grades in school and became a lawyer. The family's living expenses, including rent, etc. all come from his earnings as a lawyer. I think the father's farm was something he did on his own, but their city apartment/house were all from the lawyer's earnings. And, even the one who is a bum, it's clear that her fawning over the younger, smarter son affected the older son who decided that it's not too bad being a leech and not trying to actually do anything. Plus, their mother won't let anyone else yell at her boys or take them to task. I still hold the brothers accountable for their actions, though, because they're adults and should be able accountable for their own actions, but I can see the mother's upbringing in them pretty clearly. The mother and the two sons are all pretty reprehensible as well as foolish. The stepmother gives me the chills btw. What she may have told herself is that she did it to find JY a father, but it's clear that what she really wanted was the inheritance for JY. In the early episodes, the grandmother resolves to start a new search for her granddaughter and asks to remake her will to leave provisions for the lost granddaughter just in case she passes away before she's found. JY, as good natured as ever, helps his grandmother, but the stepmother when she hears about it gets a scary look on her face and vows that no one is going to take away what is rightfully JY's. I'm glad that JY is thwarting his own mother's evil plans by helping his grandmother. I'm happy that CW finally remembered the stepmother as the one who abandoned her. I'm curious how she'll use this information now that she remembers. I just hope that she doesn't just shake it off as her mistaken thoughts or anything lame like that. As for JY and CW, I do hope that they get together. So, CW really has to lose her husband first. It's clear that JY still has feelings for CW, and not just because CW was his first love, but CW isn't going to let herself go there until she's free of her husband. And, even then, it's going to be messy until they sort out the registries. Btw, I agree that once JY realizes his mother's crimes in trying to secure the inheritance for him, he'll take himself off the registry. I just hope that it doesn't also cause him to leave CW and the rest of the family as penance for his mother's crimes. I think YY being younger will stay with JC even after the reveals, but JY is going to have a very hard time with it. Especially since JY remembers the younger CW as having welcomed him into her home and helping him to settle in, not to mention that he's aware of how hard a life CW has lived after being abandoned. He's going to be dealing with the guilt over his mother's actions for a long time. Still, both of them being such decent people, I do hope that CW and JY eventually make their way to being a couple.
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    guess the abs

    My guess @triplem, thank you so much! I couldn't find a drooling emoji, otherwise, I would have posted a bunch of those as well. Just realized that I haven't watched Fatal Encounter, so that is next on my watch list.
  12. In this case, I really do think it's the writer. Her other works have had similar issues with the final episodes being big fails, though I know other productions have had similar lackluster endings. It's as if, all of a sudden, they lose creativity, though I think the bigger issue is that they get all excited about creating the story, but have no idea how to finish it off. Btw, I was going to leave it alone, but came back because I realized I still had another peeve to vent. Why so little JW except in flashbacks in these final episodes? And, heck, other than the silhouette of him as the gaming guardian or whatever at the end, it was all flashbacks for the final episode. Grrrrr. We got closure for all of these random side characters who I didn't care that much about, but JW doesn't even make a true appearance. It's just everyone worrying about him. I'm sure this has been raised by other people, but my misplaced faith that the plot will give us something was just soooo wrong. I'm getting grumpier the more I think about it, so I've been trying to distract myself with other things, but had this one last vent. Done now. I think.
  13. I feel as if there is hope for JW and HJ in reel life. HJ is holding fast to the idea that JW will return. And, when another player reaches level 100, finishes the master's quest, and becomes the new master, JW's corporeal body should be released from the game. Even if it's not logical, since that was the ending premise, I would say that is the one that gives JW and HJ hope that they'll be reunited. I'm bitter about the ending in real life, but I acknowledge that in the drama world of MoA, HJ and JW still have a chance to be reunited some day. And, frankly as popular as the game Next is supposed to be and as crazy addicted as gamers can be, it probably won't be too long until there is a new master, so that JW can go home to HJ.
  14. Totally agree with this. I think CW was too mature and too strong for him. It seems his gf being a victim makes him feel more manly or something. Whatever. I can't wait for CW to get a divorce from him, the sooner, the better. I have to say though that WS' mother makes me laugh even if she is a total harridan. She's just so openly ambitious and grasping. Too bad her sons are thwarting her plans. This is just so evil. To send a little kid off walking on a road by herself. It's basically an intention for the child to die or otherwise come to a bad end without actually having to dirty her own hands with it. I feel bad for YY and JY, but their mother has to face the consequences of her actions. She's been a "good" mother for YY and JY all those years, I guess, but they need to understand that it came at the expense of her making a human sacrifice of CW. I have no pity or sympathy for her character. None. One other thing, so CW's grandmother is actually her maternal grandmother rather than a paternal grandmother. That will make things interesting when all of this comes to light since from the grandmother's perspective, her son-in-law's second wife did such a hideous crime to her only blood grandchild, since neither JY nor YY are of her blood. So, I hope the healing part of this drama starts soon. I could use some healing about now.
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    @bedifferent, thanks! So, HB's post-army body is actually much better than his pre-army body. I just forced myself to watch his torture scene in Confidential Assignment, and his body is rather wow. I couldn't find a still showing it though, so I'll have to try to grab a screen capture later to show you. Thanks in advance @triplem!