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  1. I do rather love this poster. They look so cute together and having so much fun. KYJ looks lovely and bouncy, while YKS looks appropriately smitten. I am so going to enjoy watching the germaphobe falling for the lovable yet messy woman despite himself. Plus, who knows, perhaps being in love with him will make her be just a little less messy herself? A good relationship should be about both sides willingly adapting for the other person after all.
  2. English being the most used second language in the world, I'm actually fine with adaptation of English words and phrases into native lingo that doesn't have that much bearing on English as spoken by primary English speakers. Plus, I can trace how a word may have come into service in Korean starting with an English or otherwise other Western language word. (For instance of a non-English word coining a common Korean term, "arba" for part-time work comes from the German word for work "arbeit".) They just aren't used the way we would use them in English. However, what bothers me is when they come up with a phrase that is total nonsense in English or has the reverse meaning in English from what it clearly intends. Titles of dramas are clear offenders of this, especially because so many dramas are based on puns made from the lead characters' names. Unfortunately, those names do have a meaning which when translated into English give it a different complexion or connotation. Of the words that you mention, however: "fighting" comes from the fighting spirit of competitive teams, but we tend not to just throw that word as an encouragement such as Koreans do; "scouting" also is a term more common in sports where athletes are scouted, though Koreans use it in a generalized sense to include what would be more commonly called recruiting or headhunting in the US; "specs" comes from specifications though the Korean version is more like a life's curriculum vitae; "condition" - I'm actually not sure how you're seeing this used? "lip service" - LOL. I think I've only heard this said rather archly to indicate kissing, which is a bit of wordplay. "schedule" - I didn't think this usage was actually that far off the way English speakers would use it. Do you mind elaborating? So, for those of you who have watched the first episode. Do you love it? Btw, I noticed that the English title to this drama has been changed to my suggestions for the title. @0ly40, did you change it? If so, thank you.
  3. Well, there are worse endings... While an ending like that would not be very satisfying, at least there would be a definite connection made at the end of the drama. It's not some random uncertain maybe-they'll-get-together-at-some-point kind of thing.
  4. Preview translation ON: From today on, I’ve started to make coffee here. JS: Even if he’s not a spirit wizard, is he able to read animal’s minds? G: You need wifi, right? ON: You haven’t gotten into something troublesome, have you? YH: (just yells) Jo Bong Dae: There may be someone who lives only waiting on one man for 699 years like you, but to that person, wouldn’t it just be another ripple on the lake? ON: On the lake? YH: Something is definitely going on. YH: Why?! Why?! Why?! Why in the world is that woman looking that way?! I haven't watched the first episode yet. Still looking forward to it, so this is a cold translation, and I may amend after watching the episode and possibly getting more context to the characters. @uglypearl, actually, this is just a translation of the 2 phrases you asked about and a quick note about it.
  5. @triplem, caption translation Tomorrow is the first broadcast! In the Spring, the project was decided. In the summer, shooting was started. And as fall becomes winter, the shooting is being finished. This is the project that I’ve spent 1 year with. I ask for much interest in it~^^ @triplem, it's not clear that the shooting has entirely wrapped up the way he phrases it. @uglypearl, did I read that the character descriptions you wanted translations of have already been translated? If that's not the case, then let me know and I'll translate the character blurbs for you. Though, I would be surprised if someone else hasn't already translated them.
  6. Do you mean when it says that he returns to school in the synopsis or do you mean in the photos? I assume the photos are supposed to show Bok Soo during his actual high school days when his life became a mess because he was labeled a bully and expelled. I thought that there would be at least flashback scenes in the drama which shows us his high school days. However, when he's goes back to the school to get his revenge, not sure if he does it by attending school or not. I wouldn't have thought that he would be a regular student or even pretending to be. I suppose he could be attending a night school that just happens to be in the same school as the regular high school, though there really isn't a hint of that. Now, I'm curious as to how he explains showing back up at the school for his revenge. And, whether he was able to earn a lot of money after high school even though he was kicked out. And, if he was able to become successful, money-wise anyway, why he's still so bitter about being expelled. So many questions!
  7. Preview translation AR: That person killing my husband, you saw it, right? Yoo: The reason that Bon started getting involved with Ae Rin-sshi’s family is because your husband was a witness to an assassination. AR: Why in the world didn’t you tell me?! Bon: I’m sorry. That I couldn’t tell you. I’ll take care of getting revenge, but I can’t let Ae Rin-sshi be involved. JYT: In Kim Bon’s secret Swiss bank account… Voice: Secret bank account? JYT: I’ve heard there is an important piece of evidence turned over by Candy. I’ll turn that over to you. AR is upset about her husband being killed, and she's probably feeling betrayed by Bon as well, not just for withholding information about her husband's death, but also finding out that Bon had an ulterior motive in getting close to her and her family. Trust Yoo to be the one to tell AR the truth just the way that Yoo wants to see it, meaning that the only reason that Bon is hanging around AR and her children is for that ulterior motive. I wonder if AR will recognize that it's become more than just about the job to Bon. Still, it's good that the husband's death is coming out into the open now, so it can be addressed. Though, I suspect that the nascent romance is now dead without some kind of time jump. As for JYT, I definitely think that he's setting up the bad guys with this secret Swiss bank account stuff. I just hope that JYT and Bon reconnect soon so that JYT isn't flying solo and uncovered.
  8. Interesting. So, "heodang" does literally mean "empty-head", but if I may elaborate on the concept a bit. Also, I would not make it synonymous with innocent naivete. "Heodang" is used to describe an unexpected awkwardness or foolishness about a person whom one wouldn't have expected that from. It typically applies to social situations or to a lack of physical prowess. So, the example used about someone who speaks without thinking and thus says something silly or funny that doesn't make sense is an example of being heodang. But, so is YSY not being able to play table tennis on 2 Days and 1 Night which was seen as a streak of heodang in him. Or someone who makes the "perfect" plan which is then completely undone because the battery dies on his phone, that person would be considered to be a little heodang. Hmm, not sure that I made it any clearer. Sorry if I didn't. Anyway, looking forward to this drama. Yoo Seung Ho is amazing at every role he plays, even when it's just fluff. Jo Bo Ah has been a bit more variable for me since her impressive turn in Shut Up and Run, Flower Boy Band, but I think she's been getting better all the time and she is so very pretty. And, I've been waiting for Kwak Do Yeon to be in another drama that I actually want to watch. So, I'm excited to check this drama out.
  9. Would you mind finding the YT clips and posting to this thread? I'll translate them as I can and post the translations back here.
  10. I'm fine with Geum and Jeomsoon being close since they may be father and daughter. It's just @triplem wondering if they're being set up to be together that made me go yuck. Not having read any of the webtoon, I guess a large part of the mystery will be who the Fairy's husband had been before as well as who she may end up with now, and it looks as if some jealousy will develop between Geum and Yi Hyun as they both develop some feelings for the Fairy. I can already see that they're taking license with the original fable since the husband has left the Fairy rather than the Fairy leaving the husband. I've always liked twisted fairy tales, though, so it'll be interesting to see how they subvert this one.
  11. I think this is the BTS that you were looking for. I tried to make out as much as I can, even if not captioned, though the audio isn't always great, so when they caption it, it's really helpful. Anyway, if this is not the one you had in mind, post the clip and tag me, and I'll do a translation when I can. Video Title: Terius Behind Me, 19. Set of acting from personal experience AR: No laughing (captioned) AR: No laughing (captioned) AR: Everyone, no laughing! caption: Trying to control the laughter, middle school student Ae Rin scene AR: (bursting into laughter) Oh! Why are you shooting? caption: Everyone is unable to restrain their laughter. k k k caption: * Now everyone is in a state of embarrassment ^^ * AR: Omomomo (covering her mouth) Bon: Where is your mom? k k (captioned) Bon: You’re aware of what you’re doing, right? Bon caption: Once upon a time, a gang boss -> AR: Yes, of course. Bon: You’re a middle school student. (me: middle school is junior high school) AR caption: Middle School Student caption: Resolutely holding back the laughter for rehearsal caption: Truthfully, the more you watch, the cuteness >_< AR: Do I have to move in more? AR captions: Earnestness Focusing Director: You’re too far in now. AR: What kind of expression do I have to have? k k (captioned) caption: THIS KIND OF EXPRESSION Director Yes~ Again~ (captioned) AR: Why? Why? Director: We’ll go again. AR: This isn’t Candid Camera, right? (me: Candid Camera or Secret Camera was a tv show which secretly filmed people being silly or getting punked, etc.) Director: No. Staff: Okay, we’re going. Director: Cue~ (captioned) caption: Appearance of a flower smile Staff: She went too far. Director: Cue! caption:Frequently crossing the household (?) Acting Master AR caption: (pitter patter) caption: A leaping heart k k (me: as in leaping with joy) Director: Yes. It’s done. caption: Diligently extracting the flesh from sea conchs, Bon J: No, this one is bad. caption: For Joon-Joon’s benefit, preparing ahead of time. Bon: Joon, since I’ve pulled this one, just use this one when we’re filming later. (me: Bon seems to just call both children “Joon”.) Bon: Joon-Joon, after grandfather pulls his out, then you pull yours out. (captioned) Bon: After seeing grandfather pull his. caption: Joon-Joon control tower, copy. Bon: Here Director: We’re going again. One… JS: This one is too far in. caption: Today as well, the affection is limitless… (heart) Director: Cue~ (captioned) Grandfather: Here. Like this. caption: Demonstrating how to do it, Grandfather Grandfather caption: Tik~ (me: sound of hitting shell) caption: Because the sea conch wouldn’t come out of the shell, NG (cry cry) Grandfather: Oh, it wasn’t boiled already! JS: Sorry. Here’s another one. caption: Thus it was decided to do it all beforehand! JS: (me: sorry, not sure what he’s saying. Something about soy sauce, I think.) Bon caption: Shelling them. Shelling them. caption: Who is doing it for them?!!! caption: Not a thing that he can’t do, Bon-sshi ajusshi. caption: Thanks to Bon, shooting which is going well. Grandfather: Okay? Okay. Bon caption: (emotional (star) ) Grandfather: Oh! Bon: This is fun. Grandfather: Yes, it’s fun. caption: Not knowing when to quit, repeating over and over, the task. caption: Like this, as they continue, it appears… caption: ??? A mistake.
  12. The highlight video is very cute, and makes me curious about this drama. However, I really can't root for anyone with anyone until I know who the husband is. If the husband is Kim Geum (SJH), then I don't want him to end up with Cat Girl since she's his daughter. If the husband is Jang Yi Hyun (YHM), then I'm fine with Kim Geum ending up with Cat Girl. In any life time, I'm a bit disturbed by incest. But, it seems that YHM is the husband both in his first life time and in the modern life time? So, perhaps they've made some significant changes to the webtoon. I guess I'll have to watch to find out. Anyway, it looks cute and playful, so hope there will be a minimum of angst.
  13. I'm really not fond of either the of the English offerings as the title for this drama. The Korean title is more accurately "Move Over, Fate" or "Get Out of the Way, Fate". So, of the two that's being claimed as the English title for this drama, I suppose that "It's My Life" is the closer sentiment. "Leave it to Destiny" is the antithesis of the Korean title for this drama. Don't think I'll be watching it since I'm not sure I have it in me to start another daily drama right now, but it does look intriguing. I'll be peeking in from time to time to see how people are enjoying this drama before I determine whether I'm in, I guess.
  14. A translation of the BTS in the spoiler since it's a tad long. This clip is a bit of a grab bag since it shows a bit of Bon in his lair, then a scene with Bon and JH, and then a few NG's. For the lair section, the audio was uncertain enough that I mostly just translated captions. Otherwise, I tried to capture some audio bits even when not captioned. I always enjoy seeing the interactions between Bon and Joon-Joon. I think it's probably set a new bar for the actors depicting J-J in terms of their interactions with adult actors. I can't imagine that they get nearly the amount of attention and affection in other acting jobs since the relationship with the children aren't usually so integral to the drama/movie. Still, the lovely, gentle manner that SJS has with his young co-stars has definitely caused his fans to look at him in a different light. He's going to be such a lovely daddy. It is the dichotomy between being smooth, cool super-agent who becomes the gentle caring man for AR and J-J that is really the heart of this drama.
  15. @TheMsChelsea91, here is a translation of the BTS ep 15 clip. I think you said that ep 13 clip was nearly done elsewhere anyway? If you're still looking for a translation of it, I can do it. Otherwise, you said that no one had provided a translation for this clip so I just did this one, though perhaps they have by now since I only just got around to it. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Video Title: 100 Days Husband, - Episode 15 Back Story- Director: Let’s go. caption: Having gone into Kim Cha Eun’s room, Yul LY: You’ve come. caption: Hearing from somewhere, the sound of a cellphone KCE captions: dancing dancing caption: Having drawn the sword out, he has to give the invitation… LY caption: practice Eunach: Your Highness caption: Having come to see Yul, the palace maid?! Eunuch: a woman from Seoyeonjun has brought a letter to deliver to you, and so has been waiting for some time. HS caption: dancing dancing Woman: You’re very similar to a child I know. (captioned) HS: That is exactly me. (captioned) Woman: What made you come here? (captioned)) HS: In order to come see Yul secretly, I dressed like a court lady and came. This is the first time I’m dressing up as a court lady. caption: Yeon Hong Shim (28)/ (the rest of the caption is HS’ answer as above) HS caption: Excited. HS: Totally. caption: Able to meet thanks to Jae Yoon’s efforts, Yul and Hong Shim Yul: I have to talk with this lady. Yul: I’ll do that again. (captioned) caption: Even stating the NG in a courtly way, the Crown Prince. K K caption: Clearing his voice. caption: Clearing his voice, going again. HS: Tell me. I’ll grant you everything you want. Yul: Everything… (captioned) Yul: Why does it come out so strangely like this? (captioned) Yul: Everything? (captioned) Yul: Everything! (captioned) HS: If you have anything you desire, tell me. I’ll grant you everything you want. caption: Willing to grant Yul’s wish, Hong Shim Yul: Everything? Yul: In that case… Director: Cut! Yul caption: sheepish grin caption: While lying on Hong Shim’s lap, speaking sincerely, Yul Yul: If I had really been Won Deuk instead, it would have been good. caption: In order to allow Hong Shim to gather her emotions, waiting for a bit by her side, Yul. HS caption: overflowing (with emotion) Director: You’re doing well~ (captioned) HS: Yes? Director: You’re really focusing. HS caption: Embarrassed HS captions: stroking stroking Yul: Perhaps, should I be looking at Hong Shim while doing this? (captioned) caption: Holding a walkie talkie and discussing the scene… Yul: I understand. (captioned) caption: For the sake of a beautiful scene, looking at the ceiling while acting, Yul. Yul: Instead if I had really been Won Deuk, it would have been good. Yul: One Two Three (clap) caption: Having spent a summer Yul: Three (clap) Yul: One Two Three (both Yul and HS clap) Staff: We’ll do it again. Yul: One Two Three (clap) caption: 100 Days Husband, tonight at 9:20, is the final broadcast Yul: One Two Three (HS claps) caption: Please watch us until the very end.