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  1. Hiya, I didn't have time to do a line by line translation, so here is a synopsis of their conversation. If you would prefer a line by line, then let me know, and I'll try to get it done over the weekend perhaps. Btw, I think it's so amazing that Lee Joon and Jung So Min are dating. Since their first photo shoot, I thought they were amazingly good looking together, and showed some pretty powerful chemistry, even better than they displayed within their roles. Anyway, I'm very happy for the couple, and all the shippers who have been cheering them on. Here is the synopsis of the segment above. Finally, the news about Lee Joon dating. They were photographed on January 1, and within an hour and a half, they, very coolly released statements saying that they liked each other. A lot of people sent them congratulations, but that also made them 2018’s first celebrity couple to go public. They met at Pangyo for a date and spent a happy time together, so she wants to call them the “Shim Koong Couple” meaning “Heart Throb Couple”, and the two people’s looks are too pretty. Without any reservations, they are always touching each other, stroking hair, etc, makes one think that even celebrities should date. It’s been revealed that the two people have been dating since October last year, and have been dating for about 100 days, and it seems to be the really good time in the relationship (meaning that they are still in the first bloom of love). Also, Lee Joon on October 24, went to the army, so now they are meeting as Korean women’s traditional rubber shoes to army boots (meaning that she is the civilian woman waiting for her army man). On his first leave (4 nights, 5 days), he came out and spent most of it with her dating. The rumors are that he held her tight and they stayed glued together. Lee Joon has not had any dating news or gossip at all. Actually, Lee Joon was followed around by a famous paparazzi, the one who had outed Rain and Kim Tae Hee, and Won Bin and Lee Na Young. also Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Hae Jin, a persistent person who had had a lot of exclusive reveals. He followed Lee Joon around once, thinking that there must be something. However, Lee Joon went to a casual restaurant in Kimpo, and just ate kimchee fried rice, and followed that with a strawberry milk and banana milk chasers, so he became nicknamed Kimpo Boy. The two people have pictures that they had taken together a few times. Even then, their chemistry was so good, that the staff would wonder if the two people were dating. This kind of atmosphere kept being show. Even in the drama they shot together, the two people were the leads. And, even when they were shooting promotional material. If you check their social media, there is a picture that the two of them uploaded. If you look at that, you start becoming a little suspicious. When he was watching the drama, he also got a little suspicious. Young people these days are too busy to date, so they get their dating satisfaction vicariously from watching dramas, so there are many times when the atmosphere or the skinship causes some excitement. But, these two people, when in the drama, they have to kiss or something, they kiss and then they slightly smile afterwards. That makes you think “Oh, this is it. This is real!” “This isn’t acting, and you become excited.”
  2. A translation of the Kiss Scene BTS for everyone who is pervy...uh, I mean, curious like me. @zvahl, I don't do subs, but here is a translation to tide you over until subbed versions come out. Video Title: [BTS] GangSoo Couple 3rd Level Kiss (heart) Things we like, let’s see them again ^^ caption: Only you~~ caption: Hoped for kiss scene BTS video broadcast!! caption: At Moon Soo’s house, a heart fluttering kiss scene shooting.. (heart) Staff: We’re going Director: attention, ready, 3, 4, shoot caption: Gang Doo’s entrance GD caption: (sounds of GD scrambling in) Director: Cut! Director: We’re going to do it again. caption: Having crawled in like a worm, Gang Doo K K GD: However, it’s a little…it doesn’t make sense that it would take Moon Soo only one pull…” Director: That’s right. GD: I think if I’m dangling, and then she says “come up” like this, then that might…” Director: Okay, let’s try it that way. GD: Otherwise, Moon Soo is a total superwoman. Director: Gang Doo, just go. K K Why do you keep going that way? GD: Bye~ caption: Another try! caption: (sounds of GD scrambling in, part 2) Director: Cut! Oh, that would have been good! caption: He came in well, but the curtain fell, so NG.. Staff: Otherwise, that would have been good. Director: That was good. That was good. staff: Yes, because of the B cam, you can’t be there. caption: Moon Soo’s Mother enters for a moment. MS: Does mother know… caption: A good relationship between mother and daughter Staff: Shall we go? Staff: Yes. Staff: Ready Staff: Yes. yes Director: 1, 2, 3 Cue. MS: I fell asleep Mother: Why did you lock the door? caption: Gang Doo hiding himself Director: Cut! Okay! MS: Go…go outside…mom… Mother: I have to check the bed MS: Where did my mom go caption: After the shooting is finished, having left, Yoon Yoo Seon mother MS: Has mother left? Mother..! Mother! caption: Mother-Daughter together Mother: This girl! Mother: Realize that it’s thanks to me GD: Your daughter is all grown up now caption: Mother has left work, the all grown up daughter is now going to shoot the kiss scene.. K K GD: Goodbye! MS: Goodbye! GD: Chestnut bread. I want to eat chestnut bread. MS: Chestnut bread? MS: (Earlier at the baker) I picked up the chestnut bread, then I thought “I should eat a baguette” and I changed it. GD: I’m curious how you ate the baguette by yourself. MS caption: Sincerely explaining MS: Took the baguette and spread it with strawberry jam MS: It’s awkward… GD: Are we doing it now? caption: Finally, the start of the kiss scene rehearsal GD: Hold here. Smack(?) Director: Smack. Okay, it looks good… okay GD: Smack (?) Director: Yes Director: 3, 4, Shoot! MS caption: Startled MS caption: mother’s force MS caption: pulling back quickly MS: You might catch a cold GD caption: Not paying attention to any little thing like a cold, Gang Doo Director: Cut! captions: embarrassed embarrassed Director: We’ll do it one more time. GD caption: Doing that to the covers for no reason caption: Squirming around (me: GD and MS are just talking and playing around while waiting) GD caption: Omo, that’s funny (me: MS apparently said something funny to GD) Woman Staff: Okay, we’ll start again. Director: On the first kiss, what were the positions? caption: Automatically resuming Director: Okay, that’s good. Okay. We’re going. Staff: Yes. caption: Hold it in your heart, and feel the 3 level kiss scene caption: Shyly - 1st level caption: shake shake (no no) (me: when she's saying no because she might give him her cold) caption: Forcefully - 2nd level caption: Last blast - 3rd level caption: A good thing, if you see it more slowly, how much better is it~~ ^^ Director: Cut! Okay~ MS caption: Dripping (me: MS has tears in her eyes) Director: Okay. We’ll go to the wider angle. GD: Why would something like this cause tears? caption: As much as the tears shed, a heart fluttering and explosive kiss scene shoot finished!
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    Good news! No surgery for me, even though the fracture was worse than it looked at first. Walking bootie and crutches for the next 8 weeks or so, though. Plus, the doctor said that I can go on my trip after all albeit with a number of precautions. Still, it may turn out that I'm still spending most of my time in a hotel room with room service, but it'll be decent Korean food, I'm sure. All the food that I've been craving for so long. Though, watching kdramas, I should be firmly convinced that the only delicious Korean foods are ddeokkbeokki, fishcakes, dumplings, bean buns, jjajjanmyun, and lots and lots of ramen! Anyway, I have 3 weeks of focused healing to do and then we'll see. Thanks for your concern, everyone! 344
  4. I agree that while JA was in the Choi household, she really tried to embrace the family including all of their various rules, and worked hard at her Haesung job, proving herself. I don't think she acted in any way as an opportunist or a gold digger. However, what JA feels shame about is that she chose to go to the Choi household as quickly as she did because of money. She wanted the money and the power that came with it that ensured that their scions got opportunities at life that she couldn't access no matter how hard she worked or how talented she was. And, it's how quickly she decided to embrace the other family versus the family who raised her that her father feels bitter about, because he takes it personally that his daughter would so quickly choose to go to the wealthy household. So, I think it is that decision that is causing her so much grief and shame, rather than what happened subsequently in the Choi household. I think her time in the Choi Household is mostly triggering antipathy rather than anything else. However, I also hope that there can be some lessening of her guilt, as well as acceptance that during her time in the Choi Household, she was still herself. Actually, if anything, I think that JA may have somewhat naively thought that she could have both when she decided to go to the Choi's, both her (supposed) birth family and the family who raised her without fully realizing the hurt that she would cause. And, of course, if JA had been the Choi daughter after all, I'm sure she would have manage to re-establish relations with the Seos in love and appreciation for raising her, much as I expect JS will do as well once she is over her hurt over the "betrayals" by the Seo family.
  5. @piekeboeboe, thank you so much for the amusement park, dumplings, and ice cream! I would have enjoyed them very much. I'm glad that you are enjoying the translations I post. True, but it was their first kiss... After being pushed away so often, I think she's shocked and surprised whenever GD initiates skinship, though she seemed to get used to it quite quickly. And, she definitely likes to hold hands. I can kind of see your points, but I am one of those that like GD and MS's chemistry together. It can be a little awkward, but for two people who are coming together after trauma, and who have somewhat unexpectedly found each other and are trying to decide if they can be together, and how they can be together, it feels right that there are some awkward moments. Plus, GD's kisses taking MS off-guard seem rather cute to me. And, it seems that they still have some challenges facing them, namely MS' parents, who for various reasons of love, concern, etc., would like to see their daughter with someone more socially and financially better off. Though, I agree with the auntie that if MS' mother could see MS smiling so freely after being with GD, surely even MS' mother would want that kind of happiness for her daughter.
  6. Arrghh! Too many interruptions today, so won't be able to finish watching the episode until later. However, a couple of things from watching the first part anyway. When GD reads the book from Grandma, he remembers her reading to him before he finishes reading it. This is what was read. GD remembering Grandma reading to him: “My poor children, sorrow is your strength; troubles, tears, regrets, those are exactly your strengths. I pray with those strengths... GD: ...I pray with those strengths, that you in this cold and frightening world will somehow find a way to live. Somehow. It’s so like Grandma. Also, this is the conversation between MS and JW about her designs for the memorial park. MS asks JW what he thinks about her design for the memorial. JW: Isn’t this too open. Not everyone wants to show their emotions like that. MS: That’s true, but isn’t this a place made so that they can cry as much as they want to and don’t have to worry about how it looks to other people? I wish that this is a place where they can be as sad as they want. (JW remembers MS’ father attacking his father about the accident) JW: Will it be possible for it to just be for sadness? MS: Excuse me? JW: Victims are just sad. Poor people are nicer. Handicapped people are always weak. Aren’t those all just stereotypes? People may be poor, but be full of ambition. Handicapped people are capable of running scams. Even victims can become perpetrators at any time. MS: CEO JW: The people who will most seek the Memorial Park, if you look at it in one way, may be the people who live nearest to it. It’s not that I don’t understand Moon Soo-ssi’s point of view, but right, that rather than a victim, that you’re the one who has to build it. Don’t forget it. I’m sorry. I said I would entrust it to you, but I seem to be talking a lot about it. Finally, without having watched the entire episode, @Mau_Cherry, my favorite parts so far are when GD was feeling down and calls MS, wanting to see her, then looks up to see her in front of him, and then later, he tells her what a relief it was for him that he got to see her. I also really liked it when GD was walking MS home, and he raises their clasped hands to the sky so that Grandma can see that he's happy. There is just something so sweet and affectionate and loving and couply about those two scenes. But, really, I think I love all the scenes of GD and MS together. Anyway, I'll probably write more later once I have had the chance to properly watch the episode in its entirety.
  7. Add and Subtract Game

    What a cutie! I miss him after watching him in the Avengers Club. There was just something so sweet and sexy about him, even if he was a high schooler in the drama. Haven't seen podiatrist yet. Will do in a couple of hours, and then I'll have the full story. Trying to stay off my feet as much as possible. Nonunion would really, really suck, not to mention, possible surgery then to correct that. Even more time and more pain. Still planning on going to Korea for the mo, we'll see if I have to change my plans. 346
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    @Jillia,yes, it was for the first week of the Olympics. However, in the state that I'm in now, I may just end up going to South Korea, sitting in a hotel and getting room service. 346
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    @Jillia, still broken, but at least I'm over feeling sorry for myself about it. Trying to figure out what I'm going to do about my trip in 3 weeks to Korea. I've been planning it for so long, and don't really want to cancel it. Talking to the podiatrist today to ask about weight on my foot, and whether I can get around on crutches or not. Thanks for asking. So, did the darkened area on your hair pop after you went through all that trouble? 346
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    346 I used to have very long hair, and then I decided to cut it all off and dye it blue. What I didn't realize is that for Asian hair, in order to dye it any color, I had to sit with my hair in bleach for hours. Blech. Now, I look at those kpop stars with their colored hair and realize how many hours they must stay in hair salons in order to get the look, and then maintain the look. Soooo muuuuch tiiiime. I am not patient enough to get it done again, I think, even though it looked really cool. A friend of mine called it mermaid hair because it was a combination of royal blue, teal, and indigo, and glowed a bit in sunlight whether I was in the ocean or not.
  11. Translation of the preview for episode 15. Pervert: Where has Athlete Kim Jae Hyuk gone? Pervert: Kim Jae Hyuk, he’s the athlete that I like the most. Joon Ho: He’s such a perverted bastard, you have to really be careful. Okay? Jae Hyuk: I’ll be careful. Dolmani: He’s coming. Paeng: They say that everyone has gathered, so let’s go together. Joon Ho: Looking into it, it seems that Min Chul hasn’t caused a single problem in all that time. So, this time, he really has to be able to leave. HY: Hyung, as this happens, maybe you’ll get to leave before I do? Jae Hyuk: Of all the inmates here, he is the one person who has sincerely acknowledged his crime and has repented. MC: …I beg of you. All of a sudden, I've become worried about Min Chul. They keep stressing how MC has been such a good convict during his time in prison, how he's never caused trouble, has truly acknowledged his crimes and repented for them. I wonder if all this stressing MC's demeanor till now is a prelude to MC causing some trouble, possibly to protect Jae Hyuk from the pervert, or some other thing, that will mean that he won't get his release after all, but stay in prison. Or even worse, that it leads to MC's death in prison. This is just a feeling that I'm having though. I so hope that MC gets out of prison and is able to live with Jean Valjean. I guess we'll find out shortly. Can't believe that it's the week of the last episodes already. I'm anticipating the next episodes, but regretting already that they're the final episodes. Ohh, that would make a lot of sense if they set the next drama in the series in a female prison instead of a male prison. A whole host of different problems to tackle.
  12. Now that you mention it, during the kiss scenes, I was probably imitating my baby Kermit jumping up and down in joy. (Well figuratively since I won't be doing any jumping for a long time.) But heck, bouncing in my seat and squealing in happiness counts as joy for now. Good point. At least, they are going to give us more candy before any objects of doom type cliffhangers. And, I refuse to believe that MS and GD will ever be apart again. Absolutely refuse to believe it.
  13. Translation for episode 13 preview. Not sure if I feel happy or sad... WJ: Oohh, how did you know that Moon Soo likes a man who eats carrots? MS: I did? MS: But, isn’t it nice? WJ: Can’t eat chicken feet, can’t drink soju, I don’t want an unbalanced diet then. WJ: Love can make a person so peaceful like this. MS: I’m really okay. I don’t have anything I need. GD: Yes. You’re okay. No matter how clueless I am, would I make you choose your own present? MS: When did you buy this? GD: When you weren’t watching. Female colleague: You must be happy. You’re working, and you’re even dating. GD: You thought I didn’t see you, didn’t you? When did you get here? MS: Just a little while ago. Female colleague: Aigoo, the two of can meet and eat fishcakes (on sticks), then after walking for a bit, childishly ride some swings, and then like a gentleman, he escorts you home. That’s not everything, is it? (noticing their expressions) There are suite rooms in motels, you can watch a movie there, and if you feel sexy, then you can even go that far. (me: GD’s face- LOL) MS: There are places like that? That’s fascinating. (me: GD’s face - ROFLOL) GD: Stay here. GD voiceover: If it wasn’t for that incident, everything would have been so good. So, we diligently, more than others… MS: Gang Doo! GD voiceover: …have to be happy. So, this preview is killing me. It's all happy, joy, cute, making me giggle... and then it ends with GD about to be hit with a massive metal object falling on him from above a truck. What?! How much more suffering does GD have to do anyway? This had better not be anything! *shaking fist at the drama writer* And, it better not be a cliffhanger for episode 13 or 14! I'm going to go finish watching episode 12 now and all of it's sweetness, and refuse to think about next week for now. Also, this is the last bit of translation I was planning on doing for this episode, so if anyone has any scenes that they are curious about, go ahead and tag me, and I'll get it done since the subs for this drama seems to be pretty slow to come out.
  14. Can GD and MS get any cuter? Holding hands as they walk, and exchanging glances and smiles. GD: It was not that big a thing after all. MS: What wasn't? GD: Happiness. (me: He means that it didn't take that much to make him happy. ) (GD goes to the railing, raising their held hands up towards the sky) GD: Grandma, are you watching?! MS: Aunt Woman: Are you coming in just now? MS: This is good. I was wondering what I would do if you had already left. (handing a bag over) dumplings. Woman: Who is that? The one you walked up together with? MS: You saw that? Please don’t tell mom. Woman: Why? Young people being sweet together, it looks good to just see it. MS: Not yet. Mom isn’t going to like it. Woman: How many people do you think there are in the world who can make you smile like this? Even Sister, if she saw your face now, probably wouldn’t be able to say anything (to oppose it). Aigoo, aigoo, aigoo. You like it so much, you’re dying of happiness! Aigoo, it’s cold, it’s cold. Let’s go in.
  15. Bus stop scene. (coming out of a victim’s house) GD: Why? MS: Isn’t it the same for you? You just want to forget it all, but isn’t it hard working? GD: Why are you talking about it as if it’s someone else’s story? Isn’t it hard for you? MS: I don’t know. Whether I can do this well, whether I can make something. GD: Is there a right answer in something like? All we can do is work as diligently as we can with what we can do. (holds out his hand for hers) Let’s go. You said that you had to go back to the office. (at the bus stop) GD: It’s cold. I said we should take a taxi. MS: This is exactly the time for the traffic to become blocked up. I can get to the office in one bus ride, so why do something else. GD: A person who does things like that goes around dressed so lightly? MS: I couldn’t wear just any old parka to go visit a stranger's house. GD: Oh, geez, really. (starts taking off his parka) MS: No, I don’t want it, I don’t want it. Don’t you take it off! GD: Why? MS: You’re going to be cold as well. Seeing you being cold is worse for than being cold myself. I really don’t want it. GD: Okay. I won’t take it off. Instead… (wraps himself and his coat around MS) Just until the bus comes, let’s stay like this. MS: What’s this? You’re heavy. GD: Just endure it. GD: Is it because of the bathhouse? (that her mother runs, and MS and her mother live over) You have a nice scent about you. Just, awwww....