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  1. Hi @hi5hli5htslight! Nice to see you again. Happy Home brings back some good memories, especially of the rather passionate kissing scenes between Lee Sang Wook and Kim So Yeon. Plus all the teasing of that OTP in the BTS by the rest of the cast. I guess perhaps it was inevitable that they became a real life couple. Anyway, I've been kind of watching Shall We Live Together off and on from the beginning. It's a bit of an odd drama in that I like the cast, but the story is a bit dated and tired. Plus, the OTP is not the biggest draw in this drama. Rather, the ET-ES father-daughter dynamics have been really cute, and now that they are in a (parent-daughter) love triangle with CSW, that gives it an interesting spin where ES really longs for CSW who she has always thought was her father, and as a child, even if she is told that ET is her blood father (or real father), it may not have as much meaning to her at this stage when she is so young. JH-DY-MS is also a bit of a puzzle as the drama works hard to create a love triangle there, and DY has actually been shown to be wavering and softening towards MS, even as she's happy with JH though she's said statements to herself about being unsettled in her relationship with JH. I just hope that JH who has been so true and stalwart, albeit side-lined a bit in the recent episodes doesn't get upstaged by MS who has been written to be one of the most complex characters this drama has offered, plus the one character where we've seen quite a bit of backstory.
  2. Preview translation ET: Didn’t Eun Soo say that she was going to go with her dad to Gyeongju? HS: Yes. ET: However, she had said that she was going to fly on an airplane with her dad. HS: I cam because I wanted to see the passport application for my granddaughter. MS: I like you. And you responded to that by saying that you’re quitting your job. Then can you tell me why you dislike me so much that you are even willing to quit your job over it? DY: I have someone I like. Neighbor Lady: Eun See seems to have a heat rash on her. CSW: Please tell me about Eun Soo’s condition. With the disease, will you be able to determine her parentage through it? Hmm, I'm feeling unsure about DY and JH, mostly because DY seems to feel conflicted about MS. Then again, she doesn't yet know that JH and MS have a non-work relationship as well, and that would change how she handled everything. Hoping for some more cute moments between ET and ES. Is it wrong that I look forward to ET and ES almost more than the romance between ET and YH?
  3. stroppyse

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me 이리와 안아줘

    Did this drama finish today? And, I take it a happy ending was had by all? Yay! I guess I'll go back to where I had stopped and marathon all of the episodes then.
  4. LOL. As soon as I wrote that about MS' father, I saw this clip, and just burst out laughing. MS: I think I’m all out of ramen. Oh! Here, one ramen left! It includes some freeze dried dumplings, so if we make this dumpling ramen, I think it will be enough for both of us to eat. YJ: Dumpling ramen? MS: If it says here ricecake ramen, then it’s ricecake ramen. If it says cheese ramen, then it’s cheese ramen. YJ: So it suits different tastes. It’s definitely an instant food that is remarkable. MS: Why am I so happy right now? Actually, things like this was my fantasy. After coming home from work, making an everyday meal with my husband, and spending the evening that way. (giggles, but then realizes what she just said and starts to get up) Oh, why is the house so warm?! YJ: That fantasy, I’ll make it come true for you. Getting off work together every day, eating ramen together every day. Even if my body becomes full of msg (monosodium glutamate), it’s fine. YJ: I…want to be Mi So’s husband. I want to marry Kim Mi So. (at her lack of reaction) Why? Do you have an objection? (still no response from MS, so he leans over to kiss her) MS Father: (popping out of MS’ bed) I have an objection! YJ: Father-in-law! MS: The two of you marrying, I have an objection to this person!
  5. I'm so glad that MS' father's disapproval was a total troll. I laughed when I saw the bit where her father says that he had been acting disapproving for MS' benefit, because YJ as a chaebol probably never thought that he wouldn't be good enough to be accepted by any parent. It's lovely that the OTP are in no danger of separating or any noble idiot acts.
  6. For what it's worth, I actually really enjoyed the contrast between the OTP's earlier kisses which were a bit awkward, and their ending kisses in episode 13 where both were totally committed to each other and to being there, doing that at the same time. This is the first relationship for both of them, and for differing reasons, they haven't even had time to exchange physical affections with anyone else. I found it believable that it would be slightly awkward for them as they both discovered kissing. And, YJ was clearly more willing to express his love than MS was. He was fine with revealing it at work and elsewhere, he took the initiative in going to meet her sisters, he wanted to meet her father. It's MS who for various reasons had some misgivings about revealing it, partly because of YJ being the CEO and Vice Chairman of the Group, but also possibly because she expects her family to disapprove of their relationship. Though I trust in YJ's ability to get her family on his side ultimately. What was very cool about the ending scene in episode 13 was that MS initiated it, even after YJ had backed off trying to give her some space. She's the one who shows up at his door, wanting to spend the night. She's the one who walks through his door despite his warning that he won't be able to control himself and all that it entails. She's the one who unbuttons his shirt. I really dislike it when the heroine basically lets the guy make all the moves and do all the work, so I was actually okay with the couch kiss not culminating in anything, even though it was kind of sexy that YJ unties the bow on MS' blouse. That scene was clear that it was YJ who wanted it, and MS was going along with it. The precursor to the bed scene is in total contrast to that scene especially. It's been established that YJ is totally going mental in love and lust for MS. It was nice to see MS reciprocate rather than just accept. Also, I totally loved how YJ says "I love you." and MS reciprocates with "I love you, too." Earlier in the episode when YJ was teasing MS about their lusty, passionate, erotic night that could have been, it went from funny to sweet in a heartbeat as YJ says completely unself-consciously that the best way to describe it was that it had been a loving night, following that up by saying "I love you" to MS. The quote of the episode though has to go to Bong Se Ra when she tells MS, as she's describing all the things that she and her beau are going to do on their date, including a long night of kissing, that they are adults who are dating, not saints. Perhaps MS needed that bit of wisdom to get her to see what she really wants with YJ rather than worrying about how it may look to others all the time. Though, my favorite still (other than YJ's abs, of course) is this one that @Kasmic posted: The scene of YJ being petty in his jealousy was just too funny and too cute. Though his seriousness in wanting to be with MS as much as he could, and wanting her to want to be with him, was expressed in such earnestness that it moved me. For YJ, MS really is the only person in the world for him. He said it all when he said that as horrible as that kidnapping had been, he would go through it all again as long as he could meet MS. They are so going to end up together. I'm not even worried. I am curious about how the next 3 episodes will go, and eager to see the chemistry between the OTP as they move from the slapstick to the deeply emotional to the erotic.
  7. More sweetness overload with funny bits. YJ comes back and sees MS at the office. YS: Let’s go together, Young Joon! An already long-legged guy like you is moving very quickly. YJ: I have to go quickly so that I can quickly see Kim Mi So. YS: Uh! Oh really? That’s the way it is. That’s the way it is. Expediting all the meetings to finish early and walking like a competitive athlete like this is all because you want to see Secretary Kim. YJ: No. It’s because I want to be apart from you faster. YS: What? Do you think I liked it?! (at YJ’s look) Of course, I was so happy. YS: Anyway, Secretary Kim must have been waiting for you for awhile. How much must she have wanted to see you. YJ: Of course. This addicting face, that I couldn’t show it up close to Secretary Kim for a week, it was too rough a situation to put her in. YS: However, she hasn’t come out to meet you? YJ: Because she didn’t know that I was coming back early. I wanted to do a surprise event for her, so I didn’t tell her. Suddenly seeing my face appear, how brightly she’s going to smile is already obvious to my eyes. MS: (smiling) Did you already finish organizing the files? GN: Because my hobby is work and my specialty is also work. (both he and MS laugh) Oh, is the air conditioning right here turned up high? Why is it so cold? (sees YJ’s face and gasps) MS: Vice Chairman! MS: You said you would be back on the 20th, so how…? GN: Hello. I was transferred from the Planning Department to- YJ: I know. GN: Yes. Intern: I’m an inter- YJ: Intern. Bae Hyung Son? Please do well for us in the future. GN: I will also try to do well. I don’t have a lot of expectations. I just want to be like the salt in a seollungtang (beef soup). Even if I don’t receive recognition, I want to be the type of employee who does everything that needs to be doing. YJ: My understanding is that seollungtang only has two ingredients: beef and salt, but you want to be the salt? Your ambition is a little much. GN: Yes? YJ: In the future, I will expect performance from you befitting the salt in a seollungtang. GN: Thank you. YJ: Secretary Kim, please see me for a moment. MS: Yes. (they both go into his office) GN: Salt. MS: What happened? If you had told me, I would have gone to the airport to meet you on arrival. YJ: Don’t smile! That pretty smile! Don’t show it to men other than me. YJ: Because I wanted to see Secretary Kim even one hour sooner, I didn’t even eat and just worked. And then flew 12 hours to get back. Thinking that when you suddenly saw me, you would smile so brightly for me. However! You were smiling brightly at that guy who wants to be salt in a seollungtang and that chick-like intern. I’m in a terrible mood about it. (MS just smiles at him, so he kisses her) MS: What are you doing, (we’re) at the office? YJ: If you don’t like it in the office, should we immediately leave work? MS: That’s not what I’m saying. YJ: I wanted to see you. As much as we were apart, let’s be together. (me: meaning he wants to spend as much time together just then as they had had to be apart) (YJ pulls MS by the hand out of the office) MS: Where are we going? Just a couple of scenes from YT that made me laugh at the sweetness. No time to do more scene translations right now before the subs come out anyway, but this one was just so YJ-like and so funny. Plus, YJ being petty and jealous is just cute to me.
  8. Quick scene translation of YJ and MS, though I may go into sugar shock. YJ: The weather is nice. MS: Because you were gone for 5 days, a lot of your work has piled up. I don’t know if it’s okay that you’re out here like this. YJ: Secretary Kim, when I was going to school, I didn’t play hooky even once. I, who lived so diligently by the rules, am playing hooky for the first time ever in my life. Because I want to play with Mi So. YJ: While watching the women cross the Parisian streets, i thought to myself, I have to quickly return to Korea because I want to go on a date with Mi So. I was only able to endure it by thinking that, so please allow me to do this today. MS: Then just for today, since I also missed you very much. The sweetness of this scene is only marred by the unseen photographer taking a secret photo of the OTP. Wonder if he's a private investigator or a paparazzo.
  9. It would be fantastic if MS finally accepted YJ's proposal, even if he proposed in such unromantic ways previously. However, his words of telling her to let something go doesn't really match up to a proposal. It's more that he's telling her to stop holding onto something, and to let that something (or someone) go away/leave her. As long as there isn't any actual OTP separation, it'll be fine.
  10. Episode 14 preview translation - 30 sec version YJ: I have lived with perfectly handsome looks, health, and talents. Now, I’m thinking of adding consideration for others to that as well. Since I’m the type to be overflowing with blessings, it’ll be hard to watch out for me. MS: Will you open this for me, oppa? YJ: If you want, should oppa carry you? Should oppa piggyback you? Oh, oh, oh! Should oppa get rid of your anger? MS: Appa! YJ: We are in a dating relationship, father-in-law. MS Father: I’m opposed to this relationship. YJ: Secretary Kim, why don’t you let it go now? (me: this sentence could also mean “Why don’t you let me go now?” Hmm, so MS' father will be a roadblock to the OTP's true love? Though, it's cute how YJ addresses MS' father as "Father-in-law", only for her father to choke. The tears in YJ's eyes concern me a bit. The way the preview is laid out, the last phrase he says could be taken to mean that YJ doesn't want to come between MS and her father, especially if her father is sick, so he decides to bow out, but I hope that is just us being trolled and YJ is actually recommending that MS let something else go. But what else could put tears in YJ's eyes? Given that it's only episode 13, we should expect a last minute curve ball to cause our OTP to struggle, but I hope that MS' stubbornness kicks in to prevent YJ from being a noble idiot of any kind. In a tizzy over the images and videos of the ending bed scene.
  11. My point is that other than trying to withhold ES' inheritance in some way by alluding to an affair, Haea Corporation really can't do much to ES or YH. The biggest issue is going to be teaching ES to accept that ET is her new dad. Regardless of what an uninvolved jerk CSW is, ES had thought of him as her father as this while. And, I'm not commenting on the reality of the situation, just the perception that can be bought with money. It wouldn't be the first time press was purchased, and that ET and YH were geographically in the same area at the same time, plus (much) later on got together, would be enough to raise doubts in some people's minds, and possibly in the minds of a judge who would overturn the inheritance terms. Anyway, once ET claims ES as his daughter and wants to put her on his registry, that'll be the end of the connection with Haea Corporation. Though, if CSW is not cooperative about removing ES from his registry, then ET may have to sue CSW in order to get ES removed from CSW's registry so that she can be put on his.
  12. stroppyse

    [Drama 2018] Come Here and Hug Me 이리와 안아줘

    Translation of the preview HM: That night, were you really trying to kill Father? DJ: Why did hyung throw away my hammer back then? HM: I didn’t want to acknowledge it, that Father was a monster. MW: We are looking thoroughly into everything concerning Yoon He Jae and Jun Yoo Ra, but nothing has been turned up yet. DJ: Jun Yoo Ra called saying she will confess. She said that she’s readied the body. YHJ: It’s been a long time, Gil Nak Won. DJ: Yoon He Jae., I’m warning you about Nak Won. YHJ: If you die now, then Nam Woo probably really become like me. JY: Even if you kill me, Nam Woo will definitely never become like you. DJ: If you lay one finger on her, I will kill you. My apologies. My translating duties came to a screeching halt for awhile because of other responsibilities. I also am behind again on watching this drama, but it seems to have gone into very tense territory if YHJ has kidnapped NW into trying to provoke NM to become violent like him. NM and his father have a very twisted relationship, for sure, and I wonder what led to YHJ's obsession with his second son. Is it because NM was smart, kind and righteous? All the things that YHJ himself is not? I was hoping to come back to lovey-dovey scenes between NW and NM, but it seems I've come for more scary, creepy bits instead.
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  14. ET already considers ES to be his daughter, so that won't change at all. I agree with you on that. However, Korea is a country that where adoption is still a bit of a scandal, and bloodline is considered to be so important. Given the number of dramas which deal with adoption of either orphans or the children of one's spouses and blended families as well as presenting characters who are orphans in a more favorable light, I think they're working to try to change the perception of adoptions and orphans in general. This drama seems to be a bit of a throwback, however, in showing the coincidence which makes ES actually ET's daughter after all. Then again, perhaps it's still progress showing a divorced woman who is able to keep her child against her husband's family's wishes? That used to be rare as well that the mother would be able to get custody of the children if the legal father wanted the children. As for the "real" parent, the term itself "chin" which usually translates into "own" or "actual" carries with it connotations of bloodlines. So, one's "chin" relatives usually indicate your father's side of the family, since the children are considered to belong to the father's bloodline. And, then there is a separate word "wae" that indicates the maternal side of the family. It's because children are considered to belong to the father's bloodline that it's a bigger deal for a man to accept children who aren't his birth children while more common for women to raise children that they may not have birthed, especially through a second marriage or other circumstances. Though, mothers tend to not want their daughters to raise children that they haven't birthed. The saying goes that children are hard enough to raise as it is, so why raise someone else's child. And, yes, this is grossly unfair to adopted children and blended families. However, I have noticed that more dramas are touching on this topic and showing adoption relations and blended relations in a positive light. The pull of blood, however, is still referenced. MS actually presents an interesting character in the sense that while he most wants to be close to his adopted mother, he still has hopes for the birth father who abandoned him; and even though he doesn't want anything to do with the birth mother who abandoned him, he's still been giving her money. So, in that sense, MS seems to start as a more traditionally written adopted child character. It's his relationship with HS, however, that pulls him from the usual character to something that has a more modern look to it. If he can really cast of the pull of his birth father in order to form a parent-child relationship with HS, that is a much more modern outlook on the choices an adopted child might make. Btw, I can see YH's in-laws taking away ES' inheritance once they find out that ES is ET's daughter by claiming that YH must have had an affair with ET while their paths briefly crossed in the US. However, I think the most they can do is withhold ES' inheritance and try to raise a stink in the public about it. However, I think once ET's sister realizes that ES is ET's daughter, she's going to want to embrace ES, and possibly even hope for more children between ET and YH. And, then ET's sister and MY are both pretty high-powered in their own right, so should be able to give ES some protection so that she can be a normal child since both women will be vested in a happy, healthy ES.
  15. stroppyse


    Oh, sorry for answering so quickly. I was just perusing this thread, came across your question and replied to it. Perhaps @Lmangla could still use it in a future birthday announcement? Next time I come across a question on this thread, I'll leave it alone to be used for future announcements.