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  1. So, something that struck me when I rewatched episode 6. When BH and JW are opposing lawyers, discussing what constitutes violence, whether it's physical approach as BH was arguing or whether it included mental anxiety of knowing that there is a stalker out there as JW argued, at one point BH turns to JW and says something like "You actually already knew, didn't you? That I was stalking you. You're using the arguments of the case to tell me." JW just looks a little sad and gives a little nod. The judge then calls their attention to ask them to talk to their clients about a settlement agreement. I just realized that the exchange where BH asks JW if he was aware that she had been watching him and he acknowledged it probably never actually happened at all. It was in her mind that she said it and he acknowledged it. Anyone else think so? It's no wonder that he looked so lost and bemused later when BH was going on about how she won't approach him any closer than 100 feet unless it was work related or an actual coincidence. The epilogues make me sad for BH, btw. So far, she's shown losing her contact which severely affected her vision, getting flashed by a judge, and then having to apologize to that judge at the police station. Grrr. Abuses of power like that are so disgusting. You are so right. That was the tea BH gave him that he was drinking while listening to jazz and thinking about how she said that she had caught a glimpse of the culprit.
  2. I speak Korean also, though don't live in Korea. I hadn't realized that there were complaints about the way NJH speaks. She does have a unique tone to her voice as well as her pronunciation. Though, till now, I've mostly seen her playing a "country mouse in the city" kinds of roles for which her voice is well suited. However, when she's taken on a citified role, such as this one or Angel Eyes, it's unique enough to notice, but I didn't think there was any problem to it. There are a number of Korean actors and actresses whose voices annoy me far more, usually because it sounds as if they're talking through a mouthful of marbles to me. I went back to listen to that line that you asked about. I think my translation is more accurate, though I can see why they might have translated the way they did. JW literally says "To Eun Bong Hee, mistaken feelings have developed, so what to do about it." This is made harder by the fact that personal pronouns, e.g. I, is rarely used in Korean speech. So, I can see how they might take this to mean that JW has developed feelings for BH, but I think he's referring to the fact that he thinks that BH has mistaken feelings of gratitude towards him for love for him. This is my opinion, though, and we'll find out tomorrow what he really says since there will be more context versus a single line. So, Korea is a very hierarchical society based on the Confucian idea of relationships and the duties that are owed by each party, whether the side with more power or the side with less power. So, the idea of being someone's person usually indicates more than just doing a simple job for a simple wage. It implies a relationship of giving the other person your loyalty and to do as that person asks, while that person is now obligated to look out after you whether that's giving you some sort of protection or to ensure your livelihood, etc. It is a closer, tighter relationship with more obligations on both parties than a simple employer/employee relationship. There is also a romantic version of the meaning of saying "you are my person" as well which is the equivalent of saying "you belong to me" or "you are mine" as one might say in English, however, I don't think JW means it that way as yet. I do think the writer is aware of both meanings of saying "be my person", however, and while JW may mean it one way for now, he will probably mean it in a romantic way as well somewhere down the line. Hope this explanation made some sense. Not sure if you meant the question rhetorically or not. I haven't notice a particular fascination with a 2 year time jump, since I've seen time jumps usually of 1 to 3 years in a lot of dramas. In this drama, the 2 year time jump was necessary, I think, to show that BH is now also a lawyer, so on a more even footing with JW rather than when he was the mighty prosecutor and she was one of his investigators. However, I also hate that JW has been miserable for 2 years. Still, he also probably needed the time to cool off his anger and to become more receptive to BH. Plus, he needed to spend some time as a lawyer, wallowing in the depths that he doesn't really want to sink to. I thought it was interesting that despite now doing work that he clearly doesn't find fulfilling, he doesn't blame BH for the choices that he made in believing her innocence and not railroading her into prison. Plus, I expect that he's going to get a happy future that will make up for the two years of misery.
  3. Loved episode 5,6. I felt for BH, being rejected by JW before she could even confess she liked him, being made an outcast by her classmates, and then even after becoming a lawyer, her clients came to her looking for advice on how to get away with murder. Poor girl. The way she would silently watch JW from afar from time to time when things got hard for her to give her fresh resolve to better herself so that she can appear before him one day as a successful person whom he might be glad to see was also rather sad and lonely. Still, I'm glad that BH is extremely resilient, enduring the threats of HJ's father to harass and destroy her, and taking the shoes from her classmate who had accused BH of murdering HJ in the first place since BH's shoes still needed to be fixed. When BH tells the classmate that she'll take her shoes as compensation for making her an outcast and harassing her all that time, I had to laugh. JW as well seemed so sad and bored and frustrated for much of this episode. His scolding of his rich kid client and his mother of how the kid's life is going to be disastrous with his mother having to take care of things all the way, but that the world was one in which money took care of everything, was both sad and funny at the same time. I translated his tirade at the lawyers dinner meeting already. Again, it was funny and sad, both at the same time. The only time that JW seemed to come alive was when he was arguing a case against BH. However, for BH, that case became a proxy judgment against her own actions of secretly watching JW from time to time, especially since JW seemed to have been aware of BH watching him. Though, it's not clear to me that JW is that aware of BH watching him. And, even though JW is the one that drew the line between them in the first place, he seemed so crestfallen when BH declared that she didn't actually really like him, even if it may seem that way. As for BH , when she realizes that what she was doing was stalking and harassing, even though she had not thought to cause him any harm, she resolves to give herself a restraining order away from JW. The reason that I'm not entirely sure that JW was aware of BH watching him from afar is that when BH is trying to reassure him that she doesn't like him, and that she'll be keeping a distance from him always unless they run into each other by sheer coincidence catches him by surprise. One other comment. When BH asks why JW is speaking formally to her when he had always spoken informally, JW responds that back then, she had been his person (meaning she had worked for him), however, based on their time back then, when they're meeting as near strangers now, to speak familiarly to her seemed not to be the thing. So, later on, when JW speaks informally to her again, as they chase after BH's stalker client, BH is delighted that JW is speaking informally to her. It was a cute beat in the middle of a relatively tense scene. I do love the chemistry and interactions between BH and JW. There is a density of meaning between them, not just in their words but in their eyes and their expressions. While BH has explicitly recognized that she's in love with JW while JW isn't really thinking about it. BH is carefully having to figure out whether her interest in him is a harassment of him, and having to modulate her interactions accordingly. Though, I personally think she presumes far too much, which causes her to act and say things independently to his bewilderment. JW isn't aware that he comes alive when he's around BH, but it's obvious to us that he does, and I think EH may also have a clue that BH is important to JW regardless of what JW says by the fact that JW acts out of character when it comes to BH. Finally, a comment about Ji Il Joo's cameo. I think JIJ is a good actor who has such a cheeky grin and demeanor that the role of a stalker is an interesting casting choice since his appearance is probably why everyone has a hard time believing that his ex-gf Nana is under threat from him. While I enjoyed watching him in the role of the stalker, I'm not entirely sure that the actor pulled off the menace aspect all that well. Or perhaps it's just that as a meta, it felt strange to watch Healer beating up his father. Anyway, glad the stalker was apprehended before he could hurt his gf. Hope to see JIJ in another drama soon.
  4. This is a translation for the scene near the open where after BH tells us how she fell in love with JW and goes to meet him as he's leaving the prosecutor office. JW tells BH that they're ill-fated, so they should never meet again and walks off. BH runs after him to give him a present. I've included a bit before the video clip actually starts since it kind of hints at how nervous BH is in speaking with JW. Before the clip: (JW tells BH that they should never meet and walks off. BH runs after him to give him a present. ) JW: Hey, Eun Bong Hee, you really… BH: I wanted to give you this. JW: What is this? BH: It’s a tea that’s good for insomnia. JW: How did you know that I have insomnia? BH: For two months, I was carefully watching prosecutor…I mean, I was working as your investigator, so how could I not know. I know prosecutor really well. However, it’s not that I stalked you or peeped at you or anything like that, so don’t worry. From the video clip: BH: Okay, so let’s say that you have insomnia, but your face is clear and you don’t have any dark circles, did you know? If one looks at you, one might say that you have been really sleeping “honeyed” sleep. So when one thinks about it, skin is really important. And, I’m in the middle of talking nonsense, aren’t I? JW: Yes. BH: I’m sorry. JW: You must be. But go ahead. Whether it’s nonsense or a specific point, this will be the last time. BH: Ah. The last time. There are too many things that I’m sorry for. That I misunderstood me to be your type. That because of me, you had to stop being a prosecutor. I’m sorry for everything. JW: Okay. BH: Also, thank you. Prosecutor, you’re a hero to me. I wouldn’t trade you for Iron Man. JW: Really? BH: Yes. Also… (thinks to herself) I like you. JW: Also? BH: Oh, what else? The real culprit. I think I met the real culprit. But, don’t worry about it. From now on, I won’t trouble you, prosecutor, or be a burden. I’ll take care of it. You had to quit being a prosecutor because of me. JW: Hey, whether I stop being a prosecutor or not, if you met the real culprit, you should have told me! BH: Well, that’s because it was a bit hard to explain. JW: Why hard to explain? BH: Should I say that I met him through a song? JW: A BH: The night that Hee Jun was killed, a song that was being whistled, I also heard it at the court house. I think that the culprit definitely came to the trial. JW: That. What is the melody. (BH tries to hum it) JW: Is this a third generation music? This is a little… How should I put it? I think it sounds a little peculiar. Try it again. BH: Again (She tries again) (Later, JW is listening to some jazz at home. Takes a drink of his coffee.) JW: Oh, bitter. It’s bitter. (thinks back to conversation before with BH humming) JW: Hey, that’s enough. That’s enough. That’s enough of the melody. What did he look like? Did you see his face? What about his age? BH: Oh, well that is… JW: Huh? BH: I don’t want to be a bother to the prosecutor any more. You’ve suffered a lot all this while because of me. I’ll take care of it. You don’t have to worry, prosecutor. (end flashback) JW: It wasn’t that I was worried. I was just curious. Really. That Eun Bong Hee, she doesn’t even know anything. I had to laugh at parts of these scenes even as I felt bad for BH who was flatly rejected before she could even say anything about liking him to JW. However, it's clear that BH is still on JW's mind, no matter what he tells himself as he continues to think about her.
  5. This was posted by @athena22 as a preview still for ep 5,6. I still haven't had a chance to watch the episode yet, but thought this was hilarious. JW: You people, have you seen the movie called Devil’s Advocate? If you watch it, a lawyer sells his soul to the devil. Huh. If it is for the sake of wealth and power, then one will even be a lawyer for the devil. Ahh, how should I say this. Should I say that it depicts a lawyer’s nature correctly or what? Anyway, lawyers are the ones that I really dislike. (EH places himself in front of JW and laughs.) Byeon Young Hee: Even the devil has a right to a lawyer. Look here. Here, we are all lawyers. Lawyer Noh, as a meeting that happens maybe once a year, it’s a precious dinner. EH: At that precious dinner, our Wookie has made it really special. What made me laugh was seeing JW's talking, and not knowing who he's talking to, but I guess I assumed he must be talking to friends or something until they show the shot of the table with all these lawyers sitting there. Also, it was so sweet of EH to try to defend him in some way. Not that JW cares about it or anything really. He's so dispirited. Awww. I assume that he'll perk up again once he meets up with BH.
  6. A translation of the preview for ep 7,8 BH: Someone came by and left. BH: It’s you, isn’t it?! BH to JW: Are you worrying about me right now? BH to JW: You insisted so much, I did come, but I don’t know if this is right. Jang Moo Young: You say that Noh Ji Wook and Eun Bong Hee were together? JW: It seems that Eun Bong Hee has developed some mistaken feelings, so what can be done about it. Cha Yoo Jung: The ex-boyfriend that I betrayed, I’m going to get him back. JW to BH: You become my person again. Come work for me. Bong Hee-shi. I haven't had time to watch the episode yet, but I think this preview will be much more meaningful after I watch the episode. It seems that today's episode had a lot going on.
  7. Actually @UnniSarah, I'm here for one more day. So, starting tomorrow, I won't be around to do any writeups or translations. Anyway, today’s episode I totally liked. Now, I’m going to really miss watching this drama while I’m away. It only takes one good episode to draw me back in sometimes. Things I especially liked about this episode: MA taking NG with her to see Madam Oh, despite being told to come alone if she wants to meet. ING warns MA not to go saying that Madam Oh was probably putting a trap t was so refreshing for MA to actually include NG in her plan. MS trying to use the button which MH and HJ found in the chairman's clothes from the accident, which for some reason she thinks is NG’s, to try to frame MA as the chairman’s hit and run culprit. It was really lovely when that backfired on her with MA’s reveal that the button was DH’s, and further reveal that DH wasn’t her real son, but a fake planted by TJ, with a little DNA test as proof. Preview translation for episode 104 MS: With that brazen face, you’re going to fool me? MS Secretary to MS: Among the people around the chairman, the top people have turned away. MS: Do you have any food allergies that can kill you if you eat it? NG Mother: What is she talking about? That someone might put poison in it. NG: Are you afraid someone may put poison in it? MS to DH: Do Hoon, exchange soups with me to eat. So, next episode, MS is convinced that DH isn't her son anymore , and is probably trying to get her shares back from him. Also, it seems as if she becomes paranoid about being poisoned. It's actually not a bad guess since the man she believed was her son tried to kill his "father" so why not try to kill her as well. I'm not sure who MS is addressing when she's asking about food allergies. Now that all the principals know that DH is a fake, I wonder what happens next. I think TJ needs to find out that the chairman knew that DH was a fake. That should make TJ suspicious of DH's involvement in the chairman's hit and run again.
  8. Thanks so much for the update and the videos of Sung Hoon modeling Lashevan. I think I wasn't paying attention to SH's modeling before, though I knew he had done some modeling. I think I could just keep watching those videos over and over. That man is smoking hot! Okay, I have to go take a cold shower or something.
  9. Episode 15 is so good! One of the things that I really appreciate about this drama is that it's not inane, depending-on-luck-since-no-one-actually-has-any clue-or-any-brains kind of plot development. It's engaging to watch them attack and counterattack, each time thinking of something new that can be used against the other person albeit some of it they find opportunistically. Still, it's believable rather than eye-rolling or head-shaking at how huge a coincidence or how random the development may be. So when JI starts to panic and make plans to leave the country, then to find out about the last slush fund that he can then utilize to try to make Choi bring SY to heel for him so that he can act as if he has it all under control, it feels exciting rather than tiring. Then, it's even more satisfying to watch YJ figure out a way to bring JI down anyway. Btw, is there a one episode extension for this drama for next week? Not that I'm going to be around next week to watch it anyway. I love DJ and YJ. They feel like mature adults who think before they act, and are also willing to give each other the benefit of free agency without doing things for the other's person's own good. DJ knows that he's going to serve time. In addition to the bribery charges that he went along with in order to bring the corruption down, they're going to review his judgment of SCH and realize that he had "sold" his judgment as well. DJ is fully prepared to pay for his rimes, even though he's sorry towards his mother and his lover. And, YJ doesn't fight him on it. She gets on with what she has to do in order to expose the corruption and bring down the perpetrators of the corruption as well as bring JI to justice for her father's friend's murder. The romantic beats in this episode were not as obvious as in episode 14, but I appreciated the quiet moments between the OTp still. I loved DJ's face as it lights up whenever he sees YJ. He's clearly so in love with YJ, and so delighted to see her. Btw, I also appreciate that there is no drama about whether YJ will wait or should move on with her life while DJ is in jail. Yep, I've come to accept that DJ must spend some time in jail, especially given who the writer is. Though given how much help DJ was giving the police in bringing the villains to justice, I hope the prosecution service is easy on him. YJ isn't as expressive with her feelings for DJ as DJ is towards her, however, her concern for her lover is clearly written in her face, as well as in her speech when she's speaking with DJ. She continues to do her work, ,even more so since DJ is involved, so that he can end his involvement sooner. However, she's not happy about the price that DJ will have to pay. Her gaze as she looks at DJ when it's the two of them together is also the gaze of a lover, all tenderness and affection. I think the one thing that I'm missing from the OTP may be some hint of passion. I'm not expecting a kiss or a bed scene or anything like that necessarily, but I would think that they were still at the stage where there should be some passion in the way they feel for each other. Actually, DJ does a good job of teasing YJ as in when he tells her to arrest him quickly if she wants to see him so that he can spend time in the interrogation room with her. Perhaps that is a proxy for the passion? Then again, I shouldn't complain, I think we've already had much more romance in this drama than is usual for this writer. I can't wait to see what JI pulls in order to avoid arrest now. I don't know what he has left when DJ is clearly fine with going to jail and SY has made her choice to protect her mother rather than JI or the Taebaek. Unfortunately, I'm not around to watch the final episodes next week, so I'll be a week behind everyone else. I won't have any access to the internet for awhile so I won't even be e able to read about it, but I'll look forward to everyone's comments, analyses, and reactions to the finale. I hope it's good.
  10. So, will episodes 10, 11, and 12 be shown next week? As it is, I will be cut off from cell and internet for a about a week and a half. I thought I would be able to catch the finale at least, but if it's this weekend, then looks as if I'll miss that as well. Okay, that will give me something to look forward to when I'm reconnected. Perhaps by then, the wedding will have happened so that I won't have to wait even longer to see JW and YM be happy. I want JW to have his own happy family. Btw, I think it's fantastic that JW is the chaebol of a company that makes underwear! So refreshingly different from all the chaebols of fast food or outerwear franchises. It's times like this that a lack of product placement is a win for the viewers. Otherwise, we wouldn't have gotten all the shots of JW modeling his company's underwear. And, that would have been such a loss! It think that since JW has been so open and vulnerable with YM, I hope that she is able to hold onto him and not let him go when he starts with the break up in order to protect YM stuff. I hope that YM values JW more than she values her pride. I hope her embarrassment over her mother's profession doesn't make YM do something stupid and hurt JW any more. As so often happens in dramas, I think the chairman and YM were talking at cross purposes. I think the chairman was talking about YM having DG's child, but not feeling the need to state it as such. Where as YM took it to mean that the chairman was referring to her relationship with DG itself.
  11. This is a translation of the episode 9 epilogues. Note the (caption) persist on the screen through the scene, while the hash tags change, so I’ve only written the main scene caption once per epilogue. Ice cream date epilogue. (caption) Dealing with a ’family restaurant’ Director Cha details: Waitress tells them about the family ice cream set menu. YM tries to deny that they’re family, but… #One more #Not just two # Ordering a set #This is the first time for this situation! JW orders the family set. #Not a meal for one, a couple set #And a child? #Okay, it’s decided! #Family set #Totally like it! JW says "You’re not alone any more." He gets a bit of ice cream, acts as if he’s feeding it to YM, but then eats it himself. #You’re not alone #In the future #Places like this #Come together with me JW looks over at DG eating. #Ooh-jjoo-jjoo (Sound that an adult makes to a cute kid) #Kid # He won’t eat anything. #Our Dong Goo #He resembles me. JW: Seems as if he doesn’t want to eat. YM expectantly waits for JW to feed her ice cream. But JW just teases her again before eating it himself. #This time #Really #Are you going to give it to me? #Waiting waiting YM watching JW fawn over DG. #Threesome #Date #Today is #The last time, right? JW finally gives YM an actual bite. Epilogue of YM talking to DG about his day with JW. (caption) What did you do with ajusshi? DG: Ajusshi at the playground went “waah” so the children went “waah” #Ajusshi #At the playground #Waah~ #He said DG: In the bathtub, ajusshi went “taah” and I went “taah” #Listening carefully #Right? #What is he #Saying YM: (to herself) What is he saying he did? (to DG) Was it that fun? DG: Yes. When is ajusshi coming back again? #Ajusshi is fun #Ajusshi is the best #Ajusshi #When will he come again? YM: Not sure. #Is he my man #Is he ajusshi #Just the two of us #I want to see him #Surely not again #With Dong Goo? YM: Hurry and eat Epilogue of JW and DG at the playground. (caption) Director Cha Jin Wook’s method for dealing with his hangover JW and DG walking through the playground. JW pushes DG on the swings. #Swing #Pushing #Director Cha #Ajusshi JW leans against the swing set as he pushes DG on the swing. #The day after drinking #(going to a) Playground #This is the first time JW: (to DG) Aigoo, you’re riding it well. #Ouch #Head hurts #Hangover cure #Needed JW lifting the children to the top of the slide. #Endless #Human ladder #Has appeared JW climbs to the top of the slide. #Hey hey #I also #Slide #Will go down JW slides down. #Where is this? #Who am I? #Self introspection is starting #My woman #Lee Yoo Mi, where is she? When I was watching the episode, I was too caught up in the pretty and the cute to remember that JW is actually supposed to be completely hungover. Realizing that makes the scenes of JW's day with DG even funnier. I've also translated the captions more literally from the Korean. So, it feels a bit awkward in English, but I thought eveyone will be able to figure out what the captions are saying anyway, plus some of the humor is in the word order that they use.
  12. Episode 9 also had some of the cutest and funniest moments, including the scenes of JW and DG at the playground as well as the threesome date of JW, DG, and YM. On the playground, I loved when JW gathers an entire crowd of children around him wanting to be lifted up to the top of the slide. And, he’s such a sweetie that he continues to do so as ever more children gather. Awww. That and when he and DG are blowing bubbles while the children around him laugh and try to catch the bubbles. He’s like a benevolent Pied Piper. Bits from the threesome date that made me laugh: YM grumbling to herself as she watches JW carry DG about how JW had said that he wanted a date with her. Just as she’s grumbling, JW grabs her hand to walk hand in hand with her. He transfers DG to his shoulders so that he can hold YM’s hand better. JW then runs and swings YM around by the hand to cause all of them to laugh. At the ice cream parlor, after JW orders the family ice cream set and then feeds DG instead of her. JW: What is that? That gaze? YM: What is it? This feeling? As if on a date between two men, I’ve cluelessly inserted myself, so embarrassment. JW: There is nothing to be jealous about, so (you’re taking issue with) nothing much. YM: Is it delicious, Dong Gu? (still jealous) Later on, when JW gives DG the present of dad-son couple underwear, YM glances at JW’s underwear region saying “But, if these are couple underwear…”. JW half turns to hide his nether regions from YM’s gaze saying “Hey. There is a child here.” The date was funny, but still tinged with a bit of sadness for me as JW is bonding with DG who he thinks is his son that he can’t acknowledge for YM’s sake. It also tells me that JW doesn’t quite know YM well enough yet that he thinks that YM would continue to hide such information from him. then again, YM is secretive, and JW has noticed it, so it was easy for him to make the wrong conclusions. And, because he’s still trying to be respectful of YM’s decisions, he can’t just come out and ask her point blank if DG’s his son for fear that he’ll mess everything up with YM.
  13. Episode 9 tender moments. I was hoping there would be clips for this writeup, but I couldn't find clips actually, so sorry about that. Anyway, I translated some of the dialogue that I really liked in episode 9. This scene is from when JW asks to speak with YM. They drive in the car, and then JW turns to YM and asks her to tell him everything. She plays dumb and gets out of the car saying she’s leaving. JW goes after her and this is their conversation: JW: Lee Yoo Mi. As if I were dead, I lived only working. Because I thought that was the only way I could live. Because of you, Lee Yoo Mi. Because of you who disappeared without any words, I couldn’t meet (other) women, I couldn’t eat or sleep properly, I worked crazily like a crazy person. Not even for one minute did I forget you. So, tell me. How you were. How you’ve been since then. If you don’t tell me, then there is no way that I can know! JW: I was afraid! That I would look easy. That I would be seen as easy. No matter how much the world has changed, one nights, things like that, no matter how small, there can’t be anything like that for me. However, it happened. These words may sound stupid, but whether it does or not…in my life, such a happening, such a person, there has only been you! (HT and HR overhear. HR is about to go confront them. HT drags her away.) (JW hugs YM.) (JW then drives YM home. Getting out of the car, JW holds out his hand, and YM places her hand in his. JW caresses her hand.) JW: That’s enough. Go ahead and go in. YM: (nodding) Director as well. (JW watches YM go in as she turns for a last look, smile, and a bow before she goes in. JW leaves.) So much I love about this scene. The moment of stark honesty that JW and YM give each other. That HT overhears and understands that JW and YM have been longing for each other so much, enough that both of their behaviors had changed in a way: JW ever since, but also that JW was the one who caused YM to act unlike her usual self by having he one night with him. Then after they get out of the car, I love that JW puts out his hand rather than just taking YM's immediately. He’s still giving her an option rather than assuming. He waits for her to choose to put her hand in his, and then he caresses it ever so tenderly. There is also a tinge of sadness to JW that becomes clearer in the aftermath. He feels the pain that YM felt then, and thinks that she still doesn’t trust him enough to tell him about their child DG (not realizing that he’s mistaken). So, the aftermath for the two are different: Later as YM remembers what JW said to her, she says to herself “I wasn’t the only one who was like that” and she feels comforted. Back home, JW watches the kittens while petting their mother and thinks “So, you all must be so happy. You have a mother. The blanket is warm. Also, you can be together.” Then he flashbacks to playing with his mother and then having his mother disappear on him while his father won’t answer where his mother went. JW then goes on to think to himself “Cha Jin Wook, let’s stop hesitating. Is family all that much? If I just stay next to them, then that is enough. That is more than enough.” JW breaks my heart in that scene as he thinks to himself that he’ll just accept what he’s been given rather than hoping for more. So, rather than hoping to become a true family with YM and DG, who he still thinks is his son, he’s going to just stay next to them and try to be there for them. One other time in the episode that alludes to their conversation that night. This is the ending scene where YM is asked by HT if she’ll be okay when they are from different worlds, and YM thinks back to her date with JW and DG. This is the conversation in that flashback. JW: (looks over at YM’s top then says) Going around every day with it buttoned completely up, doesn’t it feel suffocating? YM: This is more comfortable for me. JW: You are definitely not an easy woman. I’ve never thought about you like that even once. In my life, there is no more difficult woman than Lee Yoo Mi. So, you can open up a bit now. At least to me. YM: (thinks to herself) Me, too. To me, a man like you, there is only you. YM then comes out of her flashback to tell HT that at least for now, she’s going to go where her heart leads her. One other note, when JW addresses YM in the flashback, he uses the word “dangshin” to talk to her in the second person. Dangshin isn’t always an affectionate use of the second person. However, in this case, he is totally using it as a term of familiarity and affection. JW is just such a sweetie to YM right now.
  14. Actually, I really disliked today's episode. In order to get enough plot for the next 18 episodes, they're still having the supposed smart people doing stupid things. Plus, I don't understand MA's thinking any more. I'm with NG on this one. Revealing that DH is a fake son would go a long way towards having DH come under suspicion regardless of the text from NG's phone to the chairman's phone. That one text alone while it would put NG under suspicion is insufficient evidence to put him away for attempted murder on the chairman. So, I don't understand why MA is so against revealing that information for fear that NG will go to jail based on one text message, and that's she's willing to sign the shares back over to DH. This is just too stupid and simplistic so smacks of lazy and bad writing. Not to mention the writing regarding putting DH in as chairman since no one wants to get into a chairman's fight. I'm fine with having DH take the chairmanship right now, but it's the way that it was executed which just makes me tired of the drama. So, in case the chairman is in a crisis like this, what happens would be to appoint an acting chairman, not to pick a new chairman. This is enough to pull me completely out of this drama again. Especially when the evil people aren't that smart, so they have to get lucky time and again in order for their threats and antics to be believed, plus the good guys have to be a little brain dead. Oh, and the good guys for various reasons have to not share any information amongst themselves, because that seems to be de rigeur for the good guys in kdramas. Apparently, if one is a good person in a kdrama, one don't tell anything to anyone because it's better that the evil guys vil to run rampant and do serious damage to whomever they want, usually the family and friends of the hero/heroine who decide it's more noble not to share critical information. I'm not sure which of the virtues this is supposed to be other than the virtue of extending a nonsensical plot. Enough ranting. Here is a translation of the preview for ep 103. Chairman’s lawyer: to NG The chairman had said that if anything happened to him, that I should give this (the bank safety deposit box key) only to Nam Goo. MS: Now, my son is the chairman. NG’s friend(?): Shin Min Joon? A scar on his arm? MA: Wouldn’t it be similar to the scar on Nam Goo’s arm? MH to HJ: This fell from the chairman’s clothes. Might it not belong to the hit and run incident driver? HJ to MH: I feel that I’ve seen this somewhere before. MH to HJ: Isn’t it Do Hoon’s? I'm actually going to go on a trip in a few days and will be away for about 10 days in a place without cell phone towers or internet connections. So, I think that means that I'll be back for finale week. That sounds about right timing. Maybe they will have gone past all the awkward plot points to try to extend the bad guys seeming victory, and the plans of the good guys might start having efficacy. In some ways, I'm kind of mad that I watched a drama where the bad guys held sway for 100+ episodes, and the good guys will get the last two or three episodes to set things right. There have been some cute moments between MA and NG, for instance when she was helping him study for the high school equivalency exam, but frankly, there haven't been enough of them to sell me on their romance. The OTP shouldn't be the OTP just because we're told that in the plot synopsis at the beginning of the drama. They should show us an evolution of their relationship which this writer has failed to do, as far as I'm concerned. Mostly, it's been one of them keeping some information from the other. Plus, the stories away from the OTP and the revenge have been even more boring and silly. I think NH should just give up on MA's uncle. His mother is a rude, selfish witch, and that's not ever going to change since she's been like that all series. And, that witch apparently prefers for her son to live and die as a single man rather than be with the woman he loves who loves him back. Lagging too much, so I'll stop now though I had more to say about the preview and the episode. I'm so negative in my comments now, that's probably a good thing to stop anyway.
  15. @supergal99, I hope you don't mind, but looking at the Korean hash tags, I translated a little differently, so I thought I would post using your images. Top frame: #Prankster #Director Cha #Were you worried? (cutesy tone) #Cute Bottom frame: #Without any warning, he kisses her #This is definitely #The kiss master Top frame: #Playing around #Lovey dovey #This is what they say love is Bottom frame: #Rented out the entire swimming pool #Waited 3 years #Time just for the two of us Btw, I was actually really happy to see this epilogue, and not just because it gives us more sweet kisses. It gives us a lead in to the passionate kissing that JW and YM do, and why YM all of a sudden is confident enough to kiss JW albeit on the cheek. Episode 8 was such a cute episode as YM and JW do their cautious dance of trying to figure out how far to confess to each other and to figure out how much the other one likes them. I felt sad for JW when after he had told YM how he would think about her and that night, and he was so surprised that she deserted him like that and was about to say that he had thought they would start seeing each other, only for YM to blurt out how much she regretted that night and how she had never expected to see him again. It was kind of funny to see JW backtrack on the whole missing her and thinking about that night thing, but it was also sad that something that had meant something to him was being refuted by her. I'm glad that YM was able to tell him later on that she did enjoy being with him and he had made it special for her because it was with him. And, I know that I and others have remarked on this time and again, but good lord, how cute are JW and DG?!! JW and DG are even more adorable than the OTP. Loved the playground scene where JW lifts DG up to the top of the slide, and other little kids come up to him wanting to be lifted up as well, and JW does so. My heart just went awwww and became a puddle of goo watching that scene. And, I totally approve of JW taking DG to the playground rather than letting DG stare at screens indoors. Fresh air, exercise, and an attentive adult are all good for DG, and JW just looks so handsome and comfortable playing with him and the other children. I enjoyed episode 9 as well when I was watching it on fb, however, in some ways, knowing that a separation is coming in episode 10, it casts a bit of a pall over it. However, I saw the stills of the wedding scene, so I know that this is firmly going to be in the camp of a paperback romance novel as someone alluded to in an earlier post. I'm okay with that. Plus, each time JW saves YM from falling and has her bent over in his arms, it looks like the cover of a romance novel anyway.