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  1. Thanks for the welcome. No fast forward of HG or HN scenes for me. Though, it was hard during the episodes when HN was being fooled by JE who kept saying that she was HN's friend, all the while trying to manipulate her into doing what JE wants her to do. Also hard watching HN continue to pine for DG. However, the scenes where HG comes to realize how he feels about HN are adorable, and then his persistence in chasing after HN. I have some ambivalence about such determined pursuit when HN keeps telling HG that she's not interested, but then again, HN does slip up now and again in showing HG some affection, not to mention the drunken kiss and confession to HG that she does like him after all. So, I can see why HG took some encouragement from that, especially given that this is a kdrama. Still, catching up. JE's mother and grandmother are really the worst. It makes me wonder if they are just really, really sincere in thinking that money is the end all and be all, and the only guarantor of happiness, as they are written. And, actually, I guess that's the thing, these characters are written a certain way. The villainy of JE and her mother SH are written to be so despicable, and JE's supposed tender heart that she keeps so well hidden doesn't excuse her actions towards her cousin SJ, and the actions that JE and SH have taken to hide SJ's identity from her mother JH who longs for her so much. I mean they even paid the men off to claim that SJ had died when they knew full well that HN is SJ. Anyway, it's still entertaining, even if some of it is getting a bit draggy. Also, I like the character of Leo. He's not being played just for comic relief which is nice.
  2. stroppyse

    Picture cards

    Oooh, actually, this could be good. From some angles, it's hard to tell exactly who the people kissing are.
  3. They didn't have specific official positions who were crime investigators, but the king could appoint a special investigator if he wanted/needed to. Crime was normally handled by the magistrates who were basically the king's government representatives appointed to a region to handle any issues that came up, including criminal investigations. As for the "overseer" title, your idea of having him be an investigator is a close reference, and the region that he's in charge of are the ancestral hills of Hanseong. I'm not sure that he's the baby daddy, but the assassin is HS' brother. That was in episode 4.
  4. Just got through watching the scene of HG's mother going nuts when HG had gotten injured in high school, ending his promising baseball career. The way she carried on about how she had spent 10 years of HER life to make him a professional baseball player, and how unfair it was that that career would not materialize even as HG is bedridden in a body cast. So, now I can say that I really do loathe HG's mother. At least HG's father is normal in caring for his child's health and well-being first is normal. But, that explains HG's stoicism. In his young mind, he must have felt so diminished and betrayed by his mother's relentless persistence in making him and his sister fulfill her dreams. HG said it best when he talked in an early episode of his mother living vicariously though his sister and him, and thus not allowing them to live their lives. HG needs HN so much! I have to take a break for awhile, but I hope that HN realizes that she likes HG as well, and that it happens in a sooner episode. I'm stopping after episode 53. Btw, I've now taken to fast forwarding through some of the scenes and that makes it go faster. Given my complete lack of sympathy for JE and her mother, I didn't want to watch the various scenes of their breakdowns. And, my, those ladies to like to screech and cry a lot.
  5. Hi @UnniSarah, it's nice to see you on another thread. DG hasn't gotten to that point yet where he's protecting JE, even going as far as hurting HN to do so. That's really sad. Not sure if you read it, but I added a bit of a rant against HG's mother and JE's mother in my previous post. I don't know how much I can stomach JE pretending to be HN's friend while trying to manipulate her. I also hope that the OTP actually get together some time sooner rather than later. I feel HN and HG really need each other. How could I not love HG? He's using every means he can to have HN by his side, and acting uncharacteristically to do so. I just finished the episode where he uses the Wish Coupon that HN had sent him much earlier to have her "pretend" to be his girlfriend and meet his family. It's so obvious that he really likes her, even if he's pretending that he needs her to pretend to be his girlfriend. HN is just so cute.
  6. There was so much talk on this channel that I was tempted to watch some of this drama, and I'm currently in the middle of binging it over several days. I'm about midway right now, ~episode 50, and I'm really disliking JE. I thought she had a fairly complicated character for a second lead, but I wasn't expecting her to find out about HN being her long-lost cousin, doing a DNA test to confirm it, and then working to keep the knowledge from being found out by anyone. Plus, her mother becoming complicit in it. I think with that one action, both she and her despicable mother are not salvageable as characters for me. Prior to that act, I could see them as flawed characters struggling with their own issues, but still having some good sides to them, despite occasionally doing petty, stupid, even evil actions. But, their deliberate withholding of information to suit their own selves, despite knowing the pain that they're perpetuating, and smugly telling themselves that it's for altruistic reasons rather than their own true selfish reasons was too much for me. Ugh. I do like the OTP in this drama. HN and HG are pretty cute together, and their romantic arc has a nice rhythm to it. The four-way romance between HN-HG, DK-JE is interesting in its permutations and development, though not with my antipathy towards JE, I don't want her to have the inevitable happy ending, even though she will. Anyway, it's too bad that HN had a crush on DK for so long, but it's sweet that HG comes to truly see HN and fall for her without any diversions into liking the second lead or any other woman. I thought it was interesting that HG tells JE that he would never consider her because she had dated a friend of his. If HG had already developed feelings for JE, I could see him changing as JE tells him to do, but the fact that he's not willing to do so really should have told JE that he has absolutely no feelings for her and never will. Anyway, I think I'm hooked on the OTP in this drama. I can't believe that I'm watching another daily again, even if I started late in its broadcast run. So, hope nobody minds if I write up some thoughts as I finish catching up to the current episodes. One of the good things about starting late and having to catch up is that on days when they don't broadcast an episodes, I don't notice it since I'm still watching the older episodes. Btw, I really, really dislike HG's mother and sister. HG's mother is a materialistic cow, and his sister is rapidly becoming as gross as their mother. I really hated how HG's sister treated her husband, trying to get him to quit Ha Nui Apparel and accept working at a large company so that she could have a "successful" husband, and wouldn't listen to him, no matter how many times he asked her to respect his choices and that he wanted to do the work that would make him happy rather than just being another worker in a big corporation. JE's mother is a materialistic cow as well. I'm actually not against materialism, but the way HG's mother and JE's mother worships money and status above all else, including the happiness of their children, and the disgraceful way they treat their spouses and children who don't measure up is just disgusting.
  7. I think LY is getting some of his memories back, but doesn't have them all back yet. At this point in the story, if he had regained all of his memories, he would probably make a hasty return to the Palace to claim his rightful place, especially since he's so uncomfortable where he is. However, he is getting used to being with HS in the reduced circumstances. So, when he finally recalls his memories of the assassination attempt, he'll still probably stay with HS while he is figuring out who ordered the assassination. When he does remember and starts to investigate it, that's when I think HS will work with him to help him find the answers. So, I expect that they will be together, at least for awhile, even after he finally regains his memories. The question then will be when he lets HS knows who he is. Yes, it's set in the House of Joseon. The big tip off, by the way, if you're not quite familiar with the costumes and culture which are also clues, is that the Crown Prince's name is Lee Yool. Lee was the royal house during the Joseon Period. Also, Lee is the same as Yi in Korean, so even though the spelling are different in English, in Hangul Lee=Yi. So happy that you're here to watch the episodes with us! But, the rest of us should brace ourselves for MAJOR second lead syndrome emanations. J/K Actually, Jong Jae Yoon (Mr. Dimple's character name) is very interesting and poses a bit of a mystery as well in terms of how he knows HS since she does not recognize him, but he was waiting for her. I think NJH is doing well also. I've been a big fan of hers since her childhood role days, and since she's blossomed as an adult actress is WWWTF. I agree that she's doing a lot of heavy lifting in this drama, including with the humor which can get a bit awkward at times, but is clearly the writing. However, I'm not sure I agree with your assessment of DO's roles as being in tune with his real personality. One of the things I admire about DO is that he's taken some risks to do some roles that took him away from his polished idol persona. Another is that, rather than trying to jump quickly into a lead role, he's taken time to do supporting roles first. (In that sense, I probably put him in a similar category to Lee Joon who also has had an interesting and well managed acting career arc, IMHO anyway.) DO still needs more experience and seasoning, but I don't know that LY is a reflection of his true personality or not, and I don't care. What is more interesting to me is whether he handles the character of LY well. In that sense, it's still a bit of a mixed score card for me. I think he's been good in his scenes, but it feels as if he hasn't been given a lot to do as yet, other than be stoic as a reaction to his horror and unhappiness during his palace scenes, and then be uncomfortable and lost, though maintaining his innate arrogance, in the amnesia scenes. So, in the sense that he's been able to convey those emotions, I think he's been good thus far, but I'm looking forward to what he can do with more material in the upcoming episodes. Plus, the chemistry between LY and HS has been on a slow burn, so hopefully, it'll fully materialize and become something special. Otherwise, I might have to join @triplem on the SLS since I did feel a spark when JJY met HS on the bridge. Also, I was also sad to see Do Ji Han killed off so quickly. But, it was still nice to see him, even if only in a cameo. I was pleasantly surprised to see him in the early episodes.
  8. It's clear that the father lied to HS about who WD is. At this point, the father is the only one who has an inkling about WD being from an aristocratic family. HS just assumed that her father had brought WD to marry her since arranged marriages were the norm, even in the non-aristocratic families. As for the Crown Princess having a baby by another man, that would be considered a betrayal of the country. As such, it would mean death for the man who fathered the child once they figure out who he is. She would also most likely be put to the death as a traitor to the crown while the baby was still in her womb.. I agree that if the Crown Prince had only cooperated with her to give her a son to secure her position in court, that perhaps she wouldn't have resorted to desperate measures. If she had just failed to have a child, she would be deposed which would mean living a secluded life, with her family's subsequent loss of power in court. Still, it's pretty nefarious that she has hatched this plot. In effect, she got herself pregnant with a child, thinking that she could convince the Crown Prince to at least lie with her at least once so that she could claim the baby was his. A slightly early birth would have occasioned no comment, but she couldn't guarantee that she could become pregnant quickly if she waited until she had bed the Crown Prince first. I do think the Crown Princess is more layered a character than the silly, petty Queen. I don't think it's just the CP's lack of cooperation with her either. I think the Crown Princess has inherited her father's lust for power and ruthlessness as well as his intelligence, so the Crown Prince would have been in a sorry state anyway. I definitely think if the Crown Princess had birthed a son, the Crown Prince would probably have succumbed to an illness shortly after inheriting the throne from the King. Then she could rule as Regent and have ultimate power as had other Queens in Korean history who held regencies for their young sons.
  9. Preview for episode 5 with a quick partial translation. Won Deuk: What kind of a past do I have? And, with you? Tell me. What kind of a man was I. King: Don’t you hear the storm? Kim Cha On: (Not entirely sure of what he said. Will listen again later and edit this. ) Jung Je Yoon: I came to grant you a wish. If the lantern goes safely out to sea, they say your wish will come true. Won Deuk: I really feel as if I’ve desperately waited for someone my entire life. Hong Shim: Won Deuk. Who in the world is he? I think the father was referring to the lecherous old man who had wanted Hong Shim to be one of his concubines since she was unmarried, thus had her whipped when she refused to be with him, and was furious when "WD" showed up to save HS from becoming one of his concubines. The whole concubine thing, btw, can also be translated as being a "lesser" wife in the sense that a concubine is exclusive to the man who keeps her as well rather than being a "free agent" as a gisaeng or a prostitute would be. Anyway, I think the father doesn't realize that LY is the Crown Prince, but thinks he's aristocratic. So, perhaps your line read on the concubine comment was correct since HS in her current state wouldn't be of high enough birth to be acceptable to a noble family. Okay, now I have to go back and watch that section of episode 3. Also, haven't watched episode 4 yet, but from the preview for episode 5, WD/LY is definitely having feelings for HS.
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    Picture cards

    Well, if you look on the previous page of this thread, @Sejabin posted a lot of very apparent guesses. You could take advantage of her largesse to look up some of the dramas that she mentions. Otherwise, you could just keep thinking about dramas where you might have seen him in. He's been in a drama this year and a drama last year that were pretty popular here in the forums, though not sure what their broadcast ratings were like.
  11. stroppyse

    Add and Subtract Game

    Hi @lynne22! It has been a long while. How are you? My leg is fine now, thanks for asking. It’s just been a bit hectic in real life, so I’ve been a bit spotty about being around. +2
  12. stroppyse

    Picture cards

    Yes, you are totally welcome to google the drama in order to get the actor’s name if you recognize his face but are unsure of the name. So, it looks as if you recognize the actor then. :)
  13. stroppyse

    Picture cards

    Congrats! It is really a good drama, and he was a scary villain. I would totally recommend the drama as well.
  14. stroppyse

    Picture cards

    No, he wasn't in Empress Ki.