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  1. Add and Subtract Game

    Probably. They both sound interesting, but mostly, I really like the actors, so they'll both get at least 4 episodes to hook me. 850
  2. Add and Subtract Game

    I'm becoming interested in Life on Mars, though will have to wait for the initial episodes to see if I actually watch it. For the moment, I'm just chilling since the dramas I was watching are all finished. Everything right now seems melodrama heavy. I think there are only 2 dramas I was really looking forward to for the remainder of the year, 1 of them set for later this year and the other one possibly pushed back even further. @Jillia shares my pain on that one. Thanks for the shoutout, and even if I don't watch, I'm happy to help translate if you need it and if I have the time to do it, so feel free to tag me. 842
  3. @stargazer187 caption: Hammer work? That’s fine. caption: Today’s shooting, a scene rescuing Lucky who has been put into a steel cage. caption: During rehearsal, having broken the lock, Na Moo Director: This. This is it, but… Director: There is another one of these, right? NM caption: (flustered) caption: Having really busted it and so flustered, Na Moo Staff: This isn’t because of Na Moo. Director: As this is broken, it’ll fly away, so your hand… caption: Today is the first day of Lucky’s stand in caption: This time, using a rubber hammer to practice, Na Moo Director: Oh, this will work. Let’s use this. Director: Let’s try it. caption: Starting the filming ogether with Lucky’s stand in caption: Not breaking on the first time, so continuing the shooting. caption: This time, having perfectly smashed things up, Na Moo JY: Lucky! Are you okay? Lucky, let’s go. Lucky! VJ: When you were smashing the lock with the hammer, weren’t you afraid? (captioned) NM: Ah. When I was smashing this? (captioned) NM: I wasn’t afraid/ (captioned) VJ: You weren’t afraid of getting injured? (captioned) NM: Yes (captioned) VJ: If you had made a mistake, you could have gotten hurt…? (captioned) NM: It was fine. (captioned) @stargazer187, I wasn't planning on watching this drama, but we'll see. I'm going to be away for a couple of weeks anyway, so won't be watching anything for awhile. Hope you enjoy.
  4. Add and Subtract Game

    Did Team Add win yet again or something? I see the score is still Team Subtract 21 to Team Add 37, but actually that hasn't changed in awhile. If there is a win, btw, you need to tag @angelangie @CamelKnight @phikyl @Ais1ing or @triplem to update the score count. It wasn't that long ago that it seemed Team Subtract was steamrolling win after win, so this is probably temporary until some more Team Subtract members return. Having people change sides does make it confusing, especially when trying to correct the account or if new to the thread. 790
  5. @jeijei, thanks for the mention, but it was definitely a team effort. So, big thanks to the Subbing In The Rain Team: @yaselin @samecut123 @cawaiimonster @ysaputri @jadecloud @Bissu @leesja @Harukogirl @daydreamer115 @mandy77777 @semplice @SennaR @blitz06, and of course, our fearless leader @jeijei! And a special thank you to @mandy77777 for also subbing the BTS! It was a lot of fun.
  6. Add and Subtract Game

  7. Add and Subtract Game

  8. Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem , so Mountain Man and his PD know about (temporary) long distance relationships, and yet JH and JA, both of whom are supposed to be sophisticated world travelers don't? Gosh, if only the writer of Mountain Man could have taught the writer of Pretty Noona about writing endings that are in touch with modern times. Still, a bit bitter over the inane ending even though I'm traveling to find good part. Personally, I feel the PD threw in the extra flashback sequence with JHI topless because he knew he had to do something to salvage the drama. Without it, the whole episode is more angst fest with the OTP finally getting together in the last few minutes of the episode. 710
  9. Okay, this is a pretty sweet BTS. Translation in the spoiler as usual. @mandy77777 Title: Goodbye, Jin Ah and Joon Hee I think this may have been the most comfortable I've seen JA and JH in a BTS together. They are a good looking couple with loads of onscreen chemistry, but I have to say that I was not as sold on their offscreen chemistry. I appreciate that by the time this BTS was shot, they had been living as their characters for 3 months, with JH being just such a cheeky, charming man. JA who usually came across as being the more serious, opinionated, and more forceful person in the BTS, relaxes more in this BTS. Their kiss from the happier days flashback was actually cute, but even cuter when watching the BTS. Plus, JH does have a very lovely body. Anyway, I think this may be my last post to this thread. Or not, if there are any good discussions going on about this drama. However, I do want to say my thanks once again to everyone who shared this thread and made it so much fun to spazz about this couple. And, just as time clarified and sharpened things for JH and JA, I think with time, I may come to appreciate episodes 13-15 more. (Though that time is not yet.) Anyway, I'll watch this drama again, I'm pretty sure, and at least bask in the the earlier scenes of JH and JA irrepressibly falling in love. Take care, everyone, and see you on other threads! Thanks again!
  10. I'm not even sure where to start writing my thoughts for episode 16 now that I've finally finished watching it, so let me start by saying that episode 16 wasn't as bad as I had feared. That could just be a reaction, though, to episode 15 which was so much worse than I had imagined. So, perhaps I should phrase it as, given episode 15 is what it is, episode 16 wasn't that bad. And, it did put the OTP together at the end with a viable chance for them to make it together this time. Possibly the only thing that really caught me by surprise in episode 16 and gave me a bit of a laugh is the reason that JH gave to JA for chasing her down to Jeju Island. JH asks JA where the umbrella that she had given him was. That would be the green one that SC had made JA take when she left after yelling at JH. It caught JA by surprise as it did me, and yes, I thought it was cute. JA who still doesn't have that much a sense of humor, though, understandably under the circumstances, pushes the yellow umbrella she had been holding into JH's hands, but JH rejects it saying that it's not his umbrella. So, why viable this time around? 1. They've both lived apart and tried to move on, including trying to date other people. But neither of them has really moved on. Neither of them have been able to forget each other nor any of their time together. Despite JA's speeches about how fate only granted them so much time, she also admits that it's just an explanation so that she can continue living when she really feels like dying without him. JH is still as angry and as hurt as he was when they had separated, despite vehement protests that JA doesn't mean anything to him any more. 2. Her family will probably not put up a protest. Even her mother can see that it's insufficient just to remove JH from JA's presence. That's already been tried, and JA did not marry a suitable man and pop out little children while playing the grand madam as she had hoped. JA is nearly 40 now and clearly independent. There is no longer any intention of living with her parents or even being influenced by them. And, any parent would rather that their child had a loving partner rather than being alone for the rest of their lives. Even JA's mother will have given in the towel given her failure to get JA to comply with her wishes to marry suitably. JA's father clearly regrets having opposed JH back then. JA's father even seemed happy to see JH at SH's wedding, and his gratitude seemed sincere. SH was already on board with JA and JH's romance, and given that he's the one who told JH that JA was at Jeju Island, I think SH will be cheering the couple on again. 3. KS has also come around, even to the point that she tries to give JH and JA time to themselves to at least be able to talk. KS has seen her brother since the break up not being able to come to terms with having broken up with JA. Given how long and how much he's suffered, KS expresses regret for her opposition as well. So, doubt there would be any opposition to JH and JA trying to be a couple again. 4. And, ultimately, it's about the maturation of both JA and JH. JA had to grow up, learn to be independent, learn how not to always be trying to please people, but she also had to learn what was really, really important to her. And at the end of the day, it wasn't her job or pleasing her parents or living up to anyone's expectations from her. It was about her and the person who she loved and who loved her. With JH, his love was so unwavering and constant, but he had reached a breaking point as well. And, he had a temper. He had to learn that love wasn't enough. For a lasting relationship, there has to be compromise and trust and open communication as well. Okay, the open communication thing, frankly, both JA and JH needed to take some lessons on. Anyway, with time showing them how hellish life was being apart, I think it gives them more incentive to try to stay together, regardless of what sacrifices and adaptations one or the other needs to make. So, possibly my biggest criticism of this drama is the arrested development of these characters. Especially while watching JA's interactions with her mother as well as episode 15, I kept asking myself if these characters really were adults in their 30's. At 35, JA was already pretty long in the tooth as the English might say, and I find it hard to believe that her mother would still be so vociferous about JA meeting the right kind of guy. JA has had over a decade of meeting and dating the right kinds of guys with no success in actually going to the marriage, so why is JA being treated as an immature 20-something year old who doesn't know anything about men or life? Also, why is JH written to be so all or nothing kind of guy all of sudden? I can understand that given he had requested the transfer back to the US that he couldn't then not to when the transfer actually happened. However, as adults, why did it mean that they had to split up because JA didn't want to go when JH had to go? Why did JA even have to go with him from the get go anyway? Why couldn't they have stayed together, albeit a few thousand miles apart, while JA figured out how and when she could go? Or at least, gone to visit him to see how she liked it, and whether she wanted to live in America or not? The reason they give for the break up also seems to be that JH drew a hard line in the sand: Go with me or else! That also doesn't ring true with me from what we had seen of JH up till episode 15. If JA had said, I really love you and want to be with you but I need some time to figure this out, is he really the guy who would kick her to the curb rather than give her some extra time? Especially since JA had actually counter-proposed that they live together in Korea? I'm not saying that he would be happy about it, nor that he wouldn't miss her like crazy and probably try to talk her into coming to him while he was in America without her. Maybe they would have broken up anyway from the stresses of being apart. But to do the breakup the way they did in episode 15 is just very strange to me. In this global age, it just seem so false that a relationship would break up that way, because they aren't in the same geographical space 24x7. This post is running overly long, so I'll stop here, though I could probably go on and on. One other quick thing, I do like BR and KS. Sorry about the wall of text.
  11. Well, the first red brolly was memorable. The others, not so much. The writing failed to make them relevant. If anything, it compromised the significance of the first red umbrella. IMHO anway.
  12. JH goes looking for JA again, but she's left. (JH hears the old message on his phone) JA: Joon Hee. Joon Hee, it’s me. While I had your handphone, I suddenly thought of something I wanted to say. Thank you. For cherishing me so much and for loving me. I didn’t know that I would ever receive love like this. You probably don’t know. What a grateful and happy time I’m having right now. I’ve also learned a lot. Love is without limits and without reservations, pouring everything for one person. So, when I love, like Seo Joon Hee. Joon Hee, I love you. Very much. For a long, long time, I’ll love you. Man: Who is it? Did you come to see the apartment? JH: Doesn’t Yoon Jin Ah live here? Man: No one lives here right now. Man: Excuse me. What are you doing? JH: Seung Ho, where’s your sister? Where is Yoon Jin Ah?! I guess JH realized that JA had loved him as much as he loved her? Anyway, since I already translated the final clip where JH goes looking for JA at BR's, these are all the clips for episode 16. I have to go watch the episode now so that I can actually make more sense of what's going on. I'll probably be back with some final thoughts later about this episode and this drama, but wanted to just say thank you now to everyone on this thread for hanging in there through the good, giddy times as well as the weirdness that was episode 15, though episodes 13 and 14 weren't that much fun either. So, thank you, and for those who are already decamping from this thread, hope to see you again on other threads! What's Up With Secretary Kim seems relatively angst free and humorous, so I may end up there in a bit.
  13. Not sure what led to this reconciliation scene since I haven't watched the episode yet, but it's the reconciliation between JA and her mother. JA: Mom? What? Mother: I’m sorry. JA: So suddenly. Why is Mom not acting like yourself? Mother: As a parent, there are just some things that a mom had to do. One can’t just watch a child doing something she thinks is wrong. JA: Well, I…since I can’t live the way Mom wants me to, so I understand. Mother: If you know, that’s fine. JA: Oh, really, why are you being like this today? Just do as you always do. Mother: I hate the sight of you, so just go. JA: Mom, let’s hug once. JA: Mom JA: I’m fine now. Mother: As you live, if things get hard, come back any time. JA: Mom and I don’t really get along together, so I think it’s better if we live apart. JA: I’ll come for visits whenever I have time. Go on in. I’ll call. Mother: You’ll be late for your plane. JA: I’m going. Not sure how to feel about this scenes since I'm not sure what led up to it. I guess I'll have more thoughts about it later.
  14. JA finally gets fed up and yells back at JH. JA: It may be hard, but I had hoped that we could see each other with a little less discomfort. Then, I thought it would be a little less difficult, a little less painful. Is that so wrong? Is that something that you should call me evil for? JH: I got it. You did well. JA: What did I do so wrong? What did you do so right?! If you just suddenly insist that we should leave no matter what, then what was I supposed to do?! It was because you couldn’t endure it and you were fed up with it all! That’s why! That it was all for me was just your excuse! If not, then tell me! Tell me what it was! JA: You just left like that, and do you think that I lived comfortably afterwards? At the end of the path,…I stood alone. With all those people looking at me in pity, I felt crazy and despised you. Still, the me who was holding on so tightly and enduring it, I hated her. That me, every day, hating her and blaming her, I got through it. JA: Since this was the price for hurting you and Kyung Sun, I figured I deserved even worse. I’ve been living just thinking like that. That hellish time, do you even know? Are you even aware of it? JH: Why do I have to know?! Yoon Jin Ah… How Yoon Jin Ah lived, what does that have to do with me?!
  15. JH goes drunk to JA's door to ask whether she is able to just view him as a little brother again. JA: Why are you here? JH: Were you being sincere? You said you wanted to go back to how it was before. Were you being sincere about that? JH: Like in the old days, do you hope that we can be like an older sister and little brother? Do you want it to be that way?! As if nothing had happened, can you look at me that way? JH: If I were just a little brother who begged you to buy me food, would you like that?! If I did that?! JA: Why are you being like this? JH: I asked you… if that’s what you wanted?! I’m asking if you can really do that, right now! JA: Outside. JH: Let go. Let go! JA: You’re too drunk right now. If you have something to say to me, say it when you’re sober. JH: I am drunk. I am very drunk. But, I would ask you the same thing. And, I want to hear your answer. Tell me. Can you return to that state and look at me as if nothing had happened? Can you do that? JA: I said wouldn’t it be better if we could be like that. JH: That’s why I asked, for whom? Not for me. Even if you hit me until I died, I can’t do that. Yoon Jin Ah can do that? You can? JA: Why couldn’t I? At first, it’ll probably be uncomfortable. But as we kept doing it, we’ll probably get used to it. Don’t you think? JH: You’re evil. You’re really, really evil.