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  1. Yes, I will be watching the episodes this weekend, hoping that they don't go over a cliff and do something weird.
  2. Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem, thanks for the video of the actors and actress speaking English. That was interesting to watch. Of the three actors, CSW seemed to the most comfortable with English. Definite Asian accent, and word selection that speaks to his background, but he can definitely make himself understood and comfortably hold a conversation in English. PBG is adorable, and though he has a limited vocabulary, he really works it, doesn't he? GY sounds as if he's phonetically memorized that little speech that he says. Was it for a commercial perhaps? The real surprise for me in that video, however, was Han Ye Seul. I was thinking that she spoke English really well for a Korean actress. Then I went and looked her up to read that she claims to be born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, even attending a junior college for a couple of years. So, then my question changed, because she speaks English with a noticeable accent and struggles with some words. I think at this point, she's spent more time in SK than in the States, but I'm surprised at how her English languish skills have deteriorated then, since she no longer sounds like a native English speaker. 610
  3. Just saw it. I had thought that Joon had started having feelings for Hyuk, so perhaps she is just relying on JH as a friend or resolving her crush from a long ago? However, perhaps JH needs that resolution more since he's the one who hasn't been able to express how he feels to Joon. I'm okay if he does, as long as they decide that they are just friends rather than anything more. Actually, I had wondered if they might switch the leads because of the knets current feelings about CSW. If they do, though, that will totally ruin this drama for me. As you've said @triplem, for me, this drama has been all about Hyuk's growth as a person, becoming more explicitly aware of what his principles are, gaining confidence in himself as a person, and exercising his ability to affect change because he is in a position to do so. This is clearly going to be two interesting episodes this weekend, in that if the momentum does start swinging to the second lead, I won't be as interested in watching it. Not that the drama writers will care since I'm not the audience that they were trying to capture anyway. I hope it doesn't. Despite the physical contact, I hope that Joon is maintaining a friendship with JH rather than allowing for something more.
  4. HK and HS are just so cute. Their sibling love and their boundless affection for their mother was always fun and lovely to see. HK and HS looking out after their mother is just hysterically funny. Carpenter: Thank you DH: Go safely! DH: Take your time looking. HS: Oh, why are we going there? HK: I just want to see if he’s good looking. HS: I said he’s good looking. HK: That’s why…I have to determine it for myself. A man has to be seen by me in order to know. HS: Noona, you were always just rejected. HK: You…just “hwak”. Just follow me quickly. HS: Are you sure this is the right place? HK: Yes. I saw the business card in mom’s room. Wood Story. HS: When did you see that? Carpenter: Who…? Oh. HS: Hello. Carpenter: Hello HK: So, the first time you met, you save our mom from some hooligans? HS: Why? Carpenter: Well, that is…Because they looked dangerous. HK: You “pass” on the saving from danger test. HS: Our mother, raising the two of us alone, has had a hard life. HK: (to HS) Don’t go overboard. (to C) What do you like about our mother? C: I think there may be some misunderstanding… HK: Ahh, it’s still a “some”. (note: A “some” is a flirtation.) HS: Anyway, don’t hurt our mother. Even though she seems strong, you have no idea how sensitive she is. HK: You’ve passed the first round, and we’ll leave now. HS: Already? I still have things left to say. (to C) Actually, I’ve seen the two of you. You were giving her a ride on a rainy night. Even though mom says that you aren’t anything to each other, it didn’t seem that way to me. HK: He said it was a “some”. Hurry up, let’s go. Let’s go. HK: Goodbye. HS: Goodbye. (flashback) DH: It’s okay. They’re all usable. And, why would a carpenter sharpen a knife anyway? HS: Noona, don’t you have any saved money? HK: Of course, I don’t. I was fired within a month…No. I was the one who quit. HS: If mom is going to get married… HK: Don’t go overboard. It didn’t seem as if mom has even received a love confession yet. HS: Anyway, living together in one house will be a little much. HK: Well, if mom really should get married, then that will be true. HS: When mom goes into the wedding hall, she’ll hold my hand… HK: (gasps) Little brother, when mom actually starts dating, we can talk then. Hurry up and come on. DH: Oh, it was fun, but it’s finishing. (me: love that she’s still talking about the drama. LOL) DH: That’s right. That’s right. Oh, it feels so good. DH: Where did the two of you go together? HS: Just…a little… DH: Oh, yah, Hee Kyung, try to find a backscratcher. Oh, it’s so itchy. Oh, my arm. (HK goes over to scratch DH) Oh, oh, that feels good. HK: Here? DH: Oh, that felt so good. HK: I agree. I whole-heartedly agree. DH: To what? HS: Me, too. If mom is happy, then that’s enough. DH: What are you talking about? HK: We met that ajusshi. DH: Who? HK: The man mom is having a “some” with. The wood man. DH: Why would the two of you meet that person? You’re crazy. Crazy. Crazy. HK: Wasn’t mom and that ajusshi having a “some”? DH: What are you…? Aigoo. I don’t know. I don’t even know his name, and I don’t know how old he is. I don’t know anything. HS: What is this? HK: Then it was just mom by yourself? DH: By myself? What did I do by myself? (at their looks) Oh, okay. Mom… mom felt some flutterings. What kind of man would shield mom with an umbrella and driver me in his car? Saying that a woman by herself was dangerous and things like that, it make one feel flutters. HS: Mom was really having a one-sided crush. HK: Go for it, mom. He looked like a good person. Just go for it, and do everything mom wants to do. That ajusshi looked nice, so if mom did that, I think he would accept it. HS: Ay, that isn’t that attractive. Mom, don’t be too much like that. Huh? HK: No! HS: That isn’t right. DH: Yah! Mom should stop drinking kimchee broth. (note: drinking kimchee broth means to unrealistically get ahead of oneself) Ay. He’s good looking, isn’t he? HS: Yes. HK: A little.
  5. Right after BS and YP are arrested. BS: Soo Gyum! Yeobo! JH: It has finally finished. SG: It has. SJ: Son! Did you receive my present well? SG: You left without even looking back, why did you change your mind? SJ: Ay, well, you were at least once…oh, I just did. Why? SG: Okay. Do you like it there? SJ: Yes. It’s a total paradise. Daebak! Huh? Son, study well. You can’t live like your mom, okay? SG: Don’t worry about me. Just please live your life right. SJ: I understand. Ok! Ok! SG: I got it. SJ: Bye! SY: Dad must not be able to come home. MS: Oh, Seo Yeon. Now, from your dad… SY: Do you as you mean to, mom. Now, there is nothing to hide and nothing to lie about. Don’t restrain yourself any more, and do as you want, live as you want. For me, that’s enough. MS: Seo Yeon. Mom is going to become stronger. For you and for me. MS: Seo Jin
  6. SG and SY / SG and JH I think one of the problems with the SG-SY pairing is that they just didn't have nearly the chemistry that SG had with JH. It struck me in episode 12 during the scene where SG and JH are talking by phone even though they were at home because they were still keeping up the appearance of distance between them, that they actually spoke with each other with a great familiarity and casualness. There was still some wariness on SG's side for the Great Madam, however, there was also clearly affection going both ways. If it wasn't such a serious taboo on so many levels, the thought crossed my mind that JH and SG were actually very cute together, especially because SG is such a mature child, while JH is such a childlike woman in so many ways. And, then it occurred to me that was why the drama pushed the SG-SY pairing, so that knets wouldn't get offended by the chemistry between SG and JH and think the drama was proposing a taboo relationship. I mean, even though SG and JH are no longer related at all, any relationship that they had other than as friends would be severely frowned upon by Korean society.
  7. Okay, I really, really loved this finale. It well met my expectations, and I don't even mean how they pulled off the revenge. I meant the aftermath which is what I was worried about. So, the rest under the spoiler.
  8. I think I may have read either you or someone else mention the Leverage connection. I'm actually a fan of Leverage, so thought that the resemblance was just superficial, though there are a lot of parallels that Leverage could have served as the inspiration for Mad Dog. The thing is though, it actually sounds more like Leverage when I'm reading a post drawing the parallels. When I'm watching Mad Dog, I'm not really reminded of Leverage very much at all. Though, if this was inspired by an American series, it's more successful in that it's more entertaining than some others I sampled. Btw, I quoted part of your post above, because I do agree that the main arc is really being drawn out, and yet with the reveals about it thus far, it doesn't seem to be as convoluted or even as earth-shattering as they seem to want to make out. Just my opinion, though. Anyway, I'm a sucker for a good bromance, and KW and MJ give that to me in spades in this drama.
  9. I really loved that MJ is finally becoming a part of the Mad Dog team and thought his interactions with the various members were cute. I'll agree with this assessment of HR and MJ's romance, and it is centered around the fact that MJ is emotionally stunted. He doesn't seem to know how to act around people in general, much less a girl that he's feeling something for, even though it's been clear for a while now that he really wants to belong. Unlike @Dhakra, I don't mind the fumbling romantic interludes as awkward as they are, because part of me thinks that is the point. It is awkward and it is portrayed as awkward because MJ himself doesn't know what to do. Unfortunately, I do agree with @Dhakra on one point about this drama though: For instance, despite the cliffhanger with Pentium getting stabbed, I'm not actually distressed because I assume that he won't die. Of course the drama could decide to do a number on me, and kill him off in the next episode, and then I will be a mess. However, there is a weird dissonance for me in that while I'm still enjoying the drama, there isn't the tension that I would expect in this genre of drama. It's almost too nice and too pleasant, and though HG is shaping up to be a proper villain, the stakes are perhaps not really high enough. The dead are already dead, so now they are looking to find out the truth of something in the past. I think the reveals haven't been handled well to keep my attention engaged on that question, especially regarding why Taeyang and Juhan are so hot for each other now. So, I'm enjoying the characters, especially MJ's interactions with his teammates, but I'm enjoying them at this point almost as if they were set pieces rather than because something critical hangs in the balance. Having said that, I think the Mad Dog team plus their cohorts are all really fun to watch. YJT is just such an emotive person that I almost feel his desperation as he tries to pull one string after another. WDH is also an emotive actor, where he shines in the emotional beats whether it's as he reminisces about his brother or in MJ's interactions with KW. I hope for the final run of the drama, it'll find a way to ratchet up the tension and the drama for this drama to make for an engaging finale. Anyway, I'll still be watching for the characters even if the finale is as uneven as the rest of this drama has been. Plus, I assume we'll get at least one cute scene of HR and MJ in their budding schoolyard romance.
  10. Hmm, this may actually be an issue of translation. Here is a closer translation. So, JH remembers how the woman put her earring in her ear and she says to herself "What's wrong with me? Am I crazy? Wow, now I'm even reacting to a woman's touch... Am I just consumed by lust?" So, she actually wasn't saying anything about women being attracted to women. She was commenting on the fact that she felt that woman's touch of her ear to be sensual, and wondering at herself for finding that to be sensual, and commenting if everything about herself is about lust right then. As for JH's purity, it's one of those things that kdramas like to do to make their heroines purer than pure, though JH having been raised in the countryside, and having heard the stories from HR and SJ who are both sexually active, isn't a complete innocent in that sense. JH knows about sex. She is flustered, however, because while she has flirted before, albeit not very well, she hasn't felt the same lustiness that she currently feels toward her husband, And, she's being held back by the fact that she's not sure that he reciprocates. Even after the kiss, she's not completely sure of how much SH reciprocates and the fact that SH isn't making a lover-like move on her is confusing for her, as she recounts in a voiceover on the bus when she wanted to ask someone to move so that they could sit together, but SH didn't want to put anyone out. The date that SH and JH had was also an interesting affair in that it was equal parts cute and awkward. First, it addresses head on their age difference which I was actually kind of happy for them to do since there is enough of an age gap between them that it can create some uncertainty. The date is childish, I think, because as someone pointed out, WS actually came up with it, and I think I've expressed that WS and HR feel rather immature to me in a lot of ways anyway. the childish date becomes sweet because SH remembers JH's words about her favorite animal being a snail and he becomes determined to win a stuffed snail for her. The sweetness is undercut with JH actually winning her own snail. The bit of oddity to me actually is that SH thrusts his gift box in JH's hands and almost runs off in his nervousness. This actually felt somewhat out of character for SH in a way that other things didn't. However, I took this to mean that SH is extremely not confident about the date, his gift, or his approach with JH. Later on, the date becomes more "adult" in the cafe, which makes me laugh though because young people date in cafes as well, when they have the money to do so. And, actually, it wasn't that the cafe date is more "adult" so much as it is a bit nostalgic since JH deliberately chose a place that SH used to go to. So, in a way, the cafe was supposed to be their bridging moment, I guess. Anyway, one of the things I was thinking as I read some of the comments on the thread is whether that might not be one of the few weaknesses in this drama. That so much is conveyed by the voiceovers which are just words and not actions, that a careless translation in the subs can easily lead to misunderstandings, so that later developments become surprises when I feel as if there have been hints all along of this or that. What I admire in the writing is that the hints are often small and quick, but the writer utilizes them eventually to flesh out the whole picture. Anyway, I'm still enjoying this drama a lot, and think it's great that there is so much healthy discussion going on around it.
  11. His father had said that, and he has already offered to do so, but SH turned him down and just told him to stay out of his business. But, perhaps with a baby on the way and as expensive a proposition that will, SH will reconsider his father's financial help?
  12. Okay, last clip translation that I'll post for episode 11. This is MS and SY moving into DH's house, and I just thought the interactions of HS, HK, and SY were cute. (YP goes on a rampage, screaming and breaking things.) HS: Mom, who is coming here at this time of the night? DH: Oh, Mi Sook. HK: Who is Mi Sook? DH: Oh, that is… You know Seo Yeon, right? It’s Seo Yeon and her mother. HS: At this hour?! Why?! HK: Marital fight. She was chased out, wasn’t she? DH: Be careful of what you say. Just act normally, do as you always do. Okay? DH: Come on in, Seo Yeon. We welcome you. MS: At this time of night, I’m sorry, unnie. HK: Welcome to Hong Do House! HS: Me, too! DH: Come in. Come in. HK: Oh, Seo Yeon, you know “Teach”, right? Oh, I guess I’m not “Teach” any more. You can just call e unnie. Come sleep in unnie’s room with me. Then. Let’s go. HS: Please rest comfortably. MS: Okay. DH: Let’s go in. MS: Thank you, unnie. DH: Oh, what for? Stay here comfortably. I’ll only accept $300. Just $300. (joking) HS: Why? Can’t you sleep? SY: Just because. HS: I haven’t even thanked you properly. Thanks to you, my noona was able to cast off the false charge. SY: Oh that. That was just because Soo Gyum sunbae told me to do it. HS: Anyway…thank you. SY: I’m sorry. HS: Hm? SY: That time when you were injured, I saw it. HS: Ah! I heart it from Soo Gyum hyung. That if it hadn’t been for Soo Gyum hyung, that you probably would have saved me. SY: That sunbae really has a loose lip. HS: Oh, it’s probably going to be very cold here. You should make sure to cover yourself well with blankets when you go to sleep. SY: Mm. HS: Sleep well. SY: Mm. DH: Do you really think it will be okay? MS: The only way I have to make him stop seems to be this. DH: Ay. I’m just worried that it’ll become harder for you. Once you’ve revealed all of your scars, this person and that person will running around talking as they will about you. MS: For me, I have Seo Yeon and the Avengers Club. DH: That’s right. You have us. Sleep. MS: Unnie, too.
  13. Preview to the final episode 12. I just translated the longer version. BS: If we let it end like this, then we all die. YP: Do you think there is a way? BS: We have to stop them! YP: How? YP: My wife, because of that shock, right now is being treated with significant psychiatric drugs. SY: Now, there is nothing to hide and nothing to lie about. Live the way you want to. BS: Now, no matter what those women say, no one will believe them. SG: I will show you an exclusive. YP: Avengers Club, do you think that things will happen the way you want them to? JH: Now, there is nothing to be afraid of, and nothing that I won’t be able to do. BS: Talk separately with me… JH: You. I told you that I wouldn’t just let you do what you want, didn’t I? I'm both eager to watch the finale, and sad that it will be the finale.
  14. MS' mother-in-law's passing and the funeral afterwards. YP Mother: My daughter. My Mi Sook. Now, don’t become sick… MS: Mother! YP: Mother! SY: Grandmother! MS: Mother! YP: Mother! Mother… MS: Mother. Mother. YP: Sir, you must be so busy… Man1: Your grief must be great. Man2: You must also be so busy. YP: Oh, it’s just my nature. Please come in. DH: Even here, he’s campaigning. DH: Mi Sook, try to eat even just a little bit. JH: Unnie, You seem as if you’re going to collapse. MS: At a time like this, it seems that I’ve found people whom I can call. MS: Thank you. JH: Unnie, hurry. DH: You’re going to collapse. Just eat at least a little, okay? SG: Your mother is with the ajummas. Your grandmother will have gone on to a good place. She was like an angel, wasn’t she? SY: It would be nice if she would meet oppa. SG: They’re already together. SY: Like this…that she would go so fast…I should have visited her more often. SG: Still, at least you saw her final face. It hasn’t been that long since my grandmother passed away. Suddenly, while she was out working in the field. However, because I was stupid things, I didn’t even see her pass away. SY: Did you live with your grandmother? SG: Yes. My grandmother and grandfather raised me. They raised me well, didn’t they? DH: Eat. You’re going to collapse. So, emotional, this clip. MS finally drops the honorific to call her mother-in-law just plain "mother", even as her mother-in-law's last words were for her daughter Mi Sook to be healthy and not get sick. And, MS' gratitude to DH and JH that she has friends that she could call to come help her at this time. Serving the funeral meals to everyone is a lot of work which DH had completely in hand, with SG helping as well and JH there to worry about her. However, it was actually SY and SG's exchange that broke me. SY's regrets for taking her grandmother for granted and not visiting her enough when she could, and SG comforting her by saying that at least SY was there for the final passing. Also, SY wishing that her grandmother could be with her deceased brother. Though what they don't explicitly say is that because SJ's brother committed suicide, SY is concerned that SJ didn't go to heaven where she is sure her grandmother went. SG blaming himself for not being there when his grandmother passed away, even though he put it so matter-of-factly spoke to his deep pain and regret. To Koreans, though probably to other cultures as well, being with a loved person at their moment of death is considered a very big deal. So, SG's regret and self-blame cuts very deeply. And, it is a comforting thought that he offers SY.
  15. The victory ramen! DH: With this, we can definitely send him off, right? SG: Since grandfather saw, it’s finished. JH: You saw the chairman’s face. MS: The mission this time was completely to my taste. DH: Avengers Club! MS/JH/SG: Fighting! HS: I’m home! JH: Hee Soo! HS: Hello. JH: Here! HS: All of these? (JH just smiles and nods.) SG: Shall I help you? JH: Don’t do it. JH: I’ll help you. HS: Yes. JH: Ramen needs green onions. Should I put another one in? (HS looks dumbstruck.) Why? DH: Come stay here. You can’t just continue to stay at the hospital. MS: Hee Soo and Hee Kyung will be uncomfortable, too. DH: No. Hee Kyung says she is going to go to Noryangjin (area of Seoul known for studying) soon. Since there will be an empty room, bring Seo Yoen and come stay here. MS: I’ll talk it over with Seo Yeon. DH: Mi Sook, think about it carefully. When you first came to the Avengers Club, you said that you were enduring it for Seo Yeon’s sake. But, look. Seo Yeon is getting hurt, too. MS: So, I’m very sorry to Seo Yeon. DH: The way you feel, now Seo Yeon will understand it as well. If there is anything that unnie can help you with, just tell me whatever and whenever. Okay? SG: Please eat the ramen. DH: Let’s eat. Let’s eat. Let’s eat. JH: I will eat well. SG: What’s so special about this? All ramen are pretty much the same. (takes a bite) It is delicious anyway. DH: Oh, Jung Hye, you’re going to burn yourself. You’ll burn. Burn. Oh! He can make more… oh, your hair…oh. Put some more water on the stove. Oh. SG: Wow, that’s a total sweet potato, sweet potato. HS: Yes. JH: What is that? SG: What a sweet potato is… DH: Here are some sweet potatoes! Here. SG: It’s about time for the cider to come out. DH: Hee Soo, there some cider in the refrigerator. JH: Why do you keep laughing? SG: Cider tastes best after one has eaten a sweet potato. HS: (laughing) I’ll get you some cider. JH: What is he saying? DH: He must have had a bite go down the wrong way. DH: Oh, this has been really fun these days. Definitely, there has to be a proper slap. Awww, poor SG is so jealous over how much JH is fawning over HS. Poor baby. As @alleram95 explained in her summary, a "sweet potato" is a euphemism for something being frustrating. As anyone who has taken a big bite of roasted sweet potato knows, it can sometimes can feel as if it's filling one's whole mouth and become a big lump possibly getting stuck in the esophagus going down. "Cider" which is actually a soda drink like Sprite or 7-Up is considered a refreshing beverage, but it also helps with clearing food from the mouth and esophagus, and it helps with digestion afterward as well. So, the whole sweet potato, cider references were meta for this drama. That there had to be episodes where the Avengers were frustrated in their attempts and faced setbacks in order for the denouement to then be satisfying. And, then DH gives a little plug to their drama, referencing how satisfying MS' slap of YP is. ROFLOL. I love this drama.