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  1. Finally saw the final episodes. I really liked it. I even liked their treatment of the supernatural elements of the story, e.g. the time travel and the doubled HJ, where they basically say that they don't know either, though HJ mentions as one point that he feels he belongs in 2017 after all since it's where he prefers to be, plus he also says that perhaps the sticker photo that WS put on his arm worked as a talisman to bring him back to 2017. I didn’t expect the finale to be so emotional. As the penultimate episodes were emotional with ST’s arc, this episode was really about HJ. I was especially moved by the scenes between 1994 HJ and 2017 HJ. As 2017 HJ tells the 1994 HJ about his future that he saw, and his son, 1994 HJ is rather emotional. It’s clear that the 1994 HJ regretted his actions of that night when the 1993 HJ splintered off him. As he put it, the night that everyone he was close to become distant. And, now someone is telling him the long term consequences of his actions on that night that he regretted so much. The 1994 HJ had matured as well, just in a different way than the 2017 HJ. I think it shows when 1994 HJ refused to take the chance to go to the future to become cured. 1004 HJ realizes that there are still things that he needs to do so that 2017 can happen, and he chooses to stay in his own time to do them and face his death on his own terms. Still, it probably gave him some comfort that a part of him is potentially alive in the future, looking over his son. While the 1994 HJ was still self-centered, in the time we hadn’t seen him, he had the love affair with BH, though he still may not have loved BH after all. And facing his mortality, he was already taking steps to try to rectify what he had seen as some of his mistakes. The meeting with 2017 HJ just confirmed and probably solidified the steps he had to take before he disappeared for good. I do wonder if 1994 HJ had gone into the future, whether 2017 HJ would have had to stay tin 1994 o finish doing all the things that he knew had to happen so that they could be found eventually. And, who knows if the storm would have allowed more than one HJ to pass through the wormhole of time. Not to mention the 1994 HJ would have been BH’s actual lover and JH’s father. The 1993/2017 HJ probably would have also died back in the 90’s from the disease if he couldn’t return. Anyway, it didn’t happen, so no point speculating about that, I guess. I appreciate that by bifurcating the HJ’s, it allowed BH to have her great love affair rather than having it proven a lie and father a child by HJ, without sacrificing 2017 HJ to have to live that timeline given that 2017 HJ is so in love with WS. The conversation between HJ and JH was also moving as HJ was finally able to tell JH about the man who had fathered him, as well as let him know that his father had wanted to know him and was proud of him. It gives JH a closure to the open wound of his father’s disappearance before he was born, and the question that every child who loses a parent probably has, of whether the missing parent would have loved him and been proud of him. The bracelet that HJ gives JH from 1994 HJ is a tangible token of a father’s affection even if he could never be there for him. Also, the conversation between HJ and GJ after HJ returns to 2017. HJ finally asking GJ why GJ was so nice to him, and GJ responding that he thought that HJ had mostly been acting out from loneliness, and so GJ could make allowances for HJ. It showed how much GJ really loved HJ, and HJ for whom GJ was possibly his only friend back in the 90’s really, truly understood how much love GJ had shown him. The final episodes also had some outright humorous exchanges. Plus, I’m now convinced that I’m a total pervert after having been on these forums for awhile. Watching the scene where HJ is suffering while listening to WS shower, it occurred to me that he was probably sporting a major erection which accounted for his various contortions of discomfort as well as the way he walked outside of the apartment facing away from WS. ROFLOL. A bawdy, visual gag was just one of the many humor elements that was in the finale to break up the deep emotions running through it. The x-ray proposal that GJ finally made to BH was also fantastic. Given their story arc, that was a cute and different way to do it with GJ realizing that he might as well do it now since the ring was clearly in view on the x-ray. After all of those years together, it’s sweet that GJ is still as solicitous and caring of BH, and that BH understands him well, able to calm his enthusiasms with some thoughtfully chosen teasings and sentiments. It’s right that GJ and BH be the parents of the large brood of children and the members of World Entertainment. Lots of additional humorous scenes, but this post is long enough as it is since it’s not meant to be a recap per se. Finally, I thought it was lovely that the final scene was of HJ and WS. WS is the main reason that HJ prefers to be in 2017, I think, even though not the only reason since HJ has discovered a family in 2017, not to mention being able to get treatments in 2017. I also about died laughing during the BTS of that final kiss when CYH comes in and tells HJ and WS they can stop kissing now. ROFLOL. And, this is how RL shipping is fueled. Seriously though, I am so happy that a reasonable actress who could act played WS, and that she was old enough that she and YSY could have kissing and skinship scenes. I'm going to miss watching this drama. I think I'll go through YSY's back catalogue of dramas now, and start hoping that he comes back with his next drama soon.
  2. Don't know if subs are up yet, but this is the rest of the conversation between 1994 HJ and 2017 HJ in the car in the rain, continuing from the previous translation that I had posted with the video clip of the start of it. Still amazed at how YSY is able to bring the two versions of HJ to life. Also, 1994 HJ's wistful longing to know about his son that he now knows he'll personally never meet. Oof. (1994 HJ and 2017 HJ conversation inside 1994 HJ's car continues.) 1994: How are those people living? 2017: Huh? 1994: You just said that you had seen the future. What about Bo Hee? And Gwang Jae? 2017: Ah. Ah. That is. Oh. Oh. It’s going to take awhile to tell it. Then again, I am a great speaker. So, where should I start. Ah! Gwang Jae, Bo Hee, and President Soon Dae were all living together. Young Jae, that guy, is very successful. (cutaway to see YJ spying on the car) 2017: Our fans, even though 20 years had passed were all still the same. They were as always great and awesome. They still remembered you. And, they were still enjoying our songs. 1994: Really? 2017: There isn’t much time left. 1994: What? 2017: Oh, nothing. 1994: About Ji Hoon, can’t you tell me a little more about him? 2017: Huh? Oh, I told you about him. He’s really a good guy. 1994: Of course. He must be really great. If he’s my son. 2017: That’s right. He’s really great. He’s upright enough to be frustrating. He’s smart enough to make one jealous. HIs singing and dancing is also really good. Totally enough for him to succeed on stage. For someone like that, they’re usually full of themselves, but he’s not like that at all. 1994: What about his studies? Is he good at school? 2017: He got into the best university in our country. 1994: He must have taken after me and been very smart. I want to see them. Gwang Jae also. Bo Hee, too. And, Ji Hoon. (lightning and thunder) 2017: Oh, such a surprise. Why is there so much lightning? 1994: it’s because of the storm. 2017: Storm? Perhaps, is this a twin storm? 1994: I don’t know. Actually, I heard that earlier on the radio. That’s right. It’s a twin storm. But why? 2017: What time is it? 1994: I don’t know. I left my watch at home. 2017: From here to World Entertainment, how long do you think it would take to get there if we go as fast as we can? 1994: Why do you need to know that? 2017: I don’t know what will happen, but let’s try. 1994: What do you mean? 2017: We can talk about that later. For now, go ahead and start the engine. (1994 HJ tries, but the engine won’t start.) 1994: Why is this being like this? 2017: I brought a car as well. We’ll go in my car.
  3. Previews can be misleading. However, my guess is that people are commenting about JH and MY's close relationship, and the agency director comes to hear of it. Given that he knows that JH and MY are supposed to be siblings, and that it's been publicly disclosed that JH's father is supposed to be Papa Byun, the scandal, regardless of the truth actually, might be enough to ruin JH's acting career if the public is sufficiently disapproving of the mess as well as the fauxcest. JH is probably having to choose the least objectionable of his options. Namely 1) disclose that Papa Byun has been living with a false identity all this time, and possibly putting a kink in his relationship with MY as well as completely upsetting the Byun family, or 2) just letting the lie stand, but then definitely putting a kink in his relationship with MY since it will look like incest even if it's not. I think that there will need to be full disclosure at some point, and Papa Byun will have to claim his own name and clear it. I assume that is what HY and Moon Ji Sang will be working on.
  4. Translation of the ending scene to episode 41. Hope this is what you wanted. (JH and MY in the car, having driven somewhere) JH: Get out and let’s talk. (JH gets out, and opens the passenger door) Go ahead and come out. (JH and MY standing in the grass talking) MY: What are you doing right now? I already asked you. To leave me alone. To pretend not to know! JH: You have to act so that I can pretend not to know in order for me to pretend not to know. You said that it was so difficult for you to get into this company. Then why give your resignation? MY: Is anyone quitting because she wants to quit? Even if it’s this way, I’m trying to make things right. (JH sighs) Oh, can’t you please just pretend not to know me?! Right now, what feelings I have, how difficult it is for me, how I’m trying to grit my teeth and try with everything I have, Actor Ahn probably has no idea at all, but… JH: No. I know. Those feelings, i know better than anyone else. MY: How can Actor Ahn know those things? (starts tearing up) I want to die. “How could this have happened?” “Am I really crazy?” “Am I pervert?” It seems as if everyone in the world is pointing their fingers at me. Still, whenever I see Actor Ahn, my heart races. Like a broken metronome, several times a day, it just races on its own, so that I really just want to die. (pauses for a moment and resumes more quietly) So, I turned in my resignation. And, I’m going to move out of the house. So…so, please…can’t you just pretend not to know? I’m asking you. (turns to leave) JH: We’re strangers. We’re not siblings. MY: What does that mean? (having turned back) JH: Your father…is not my father. @eylrx, it helps if you want me to translate something, if you could actually tag me. The way to do that is to use the "@" key and then type my name. Once you type in the "@", it should give you a drop down box of various members, though you can also just type the rest of my name. If you tag me like that, it'll send me a notification which means that I'll try to check out the tagged message sooner than when I'm just perusing the thread. Sometimes, it I'm just mentioned, and especially if I've been away for a bit so there are a lot of pages, I may miss the request. You're also welcome to PM me with any requests.
  5. YJ (that's her name ) does admit to MY that she had known all along how horrible she had been to MY back in school, but that she had not wanted to acknowledge it even to herself. Probably because she would have to face how horrible a person she can be if she did. LOL. I'm with you on the catharsis of the moment. As for MY suffering, I can see what you mean, however, if MY had suffered any longer, I was worried that she would be nothing but bruises from head to feet. I think the tradeoff to MY having a shorter time of mental angst over the fauxcest is that MY suffered from physical cuts, scrapes and contusions during her period of angst: she scrapes up her elbow and her back falling on the stairs while carrying a heavy box when she took the stairs to avoid JH in the life and she face plants on the road as well as scraping up her knee and losing her shoe running away from JH in this episode.
  6. Preview of ep 42 translation MY: Why is dad and Actor Ahn continuing to hide this fact? Papa Byun: Go ahead and report me, Joong Hee. Don’t keep making it difficult and painful for yourself. HY: This is something that can’t have happened. HY: Because I’ve asked you for a difficult favor, I’m sorry. Jung Hwan: Moon Ji Sang? (me: It’s a Come! Jang Bo Ri character crossover!) Jung Hwan Father: Aren’t you really being too much? Jung Hwan Mother: As per your wishes, I’ll agree to the marriage graduation. TB: From tomorrow, for a week, please take over as Ahn Joong Hee’s manager. MY: I’ll do my best to serve you well. JH: Lean back and sleep. Man: The two are of that kind of a relationship after all… (making a sly innuendo) JH’s Agency President: Are you crazy? Do you want to end your acting life?! JH: What should I do now? More about the character crossover in the spoiler.
  7. Yes, I've corrected my previous post for it. However, just FYI, though 라 is technically Ra as you pointed out, it is frequently pronounced "Na" by Koreans, so I just translated it that way. But, thanks for the info. I'm not as familiar with Cha Tae Hyun's work and didn't watch The Producers, so didn't get the joke. Thanks @Yongzura for the clip. It helps to know the character reference.
  8. Haven't watched the episode as yet, but watching some clips. This is the scene when 1994 HJ and 2017 HJ meet. I'm amazed at how YSY brings these characters to life who are similar, and yet have become different entities. (1994 HJ is ill and coughing in his car, and taking some meds. 2017 HJ gets in the car.) 1994: What are you? 2017: There really was another Yoo Hyun Jae. Wow. Dda-bong! 1994: What in the world are you? 2017: There’s no need to be so shocked. Since I’m also you. No. Should I say that you’re me? 1994: What? 2017: This may be hard to believe, but I’m 1993 Yoo Hyun Jae. 1994: 1993? 2017: The time that you wanted to go back to so much, 1993. Because of a strange storm, I did temporarily go to the future before I came here. When I was going through it, it was such a huge deal, but now that I’m talking about it, it just sounds really strange, doesn’t it? (laughs a little) That is…Uh…1994: (make sounds of being in pain) 2017: Anyway. The reason you came here were mom and dad’s ashes, huh? Well, in that case, it wasn’t the worst case scenario that I had imagined anyway. 1994: What are you talking about? 2017: It’s recorded as if you disappeared from here. So, I was going to absolutely not let you anywhere near here, but…wow, that I would meet you here, I didn’t know that. Really. There must be such a thing as a fate that can’t be changed. 1994: (checks 2017’s face and teeth) 2017: Yah! 1994: So, you’re saying that you’re me? 2017: Ay, that’s what I’ve been saying. At first, I wondered what this was all about, but reading the note that you left in the bank, I started to realize. 1994: Note? What are you talking about? 2017: I mean the note and money that you left in the bank security deposit box. Those things, you meant to give them to Gwang Jae, didn’t you? 1994: I was thinking of sending them to Gwang Jae. How did you know that? 2017: I am you as it is, and I told you that I came from the future. Wait. No, that’s not it. Originally, I came from the past. Oh. Anyway. It’s like that. Yes. 1994: So, you’re saying that you’re me from 1993. 2017: In 1993, the night that we received the Golden Cup at the Gayo Hotel, that night that you wanted so much to turn back time to. 1994: No. That night, I became distant from all those people. I thought it was all my money, but I guess that wasn’t so either. (coughs) So, how do all those people live? 2017: Huh? 1994: You just said you had seen the future. Bo Hee? Gwang Jae? 2017: Ah. Ah. Oh, the thing is… ah, it’s kind of a long story…Then again, I am a great speaker. Where should I start? Oh. Gwang Jae, Bo Hee, and President Soon Dae are all living together. And, Young Jae, that guy, is really successful.
  9. Here are some of the comments. I think new ones keep getting added, but these are the ones on the page when I looked at them. - Really at today’s developments, had goosebumps at one point and surprised once again at the chemistry…The Best Hit is honey jam! - Heol~~~~Go, Dong Gu!!! - In reality, please there couldn’t be a man like Dda Bong. - Dong Gu, you were great!! - K K K G It was fun - Yoon Shi Yoon~~!!! U U Completely funny during 1N2D. You are the same person, but you’re able to express different persons so well. Playing 1994 Hyun Jae, you were so fantastic,,,and now that you’re done with Hyun Jae, what will you do - It seems the writer has written a very lightweight work.. However, the actors’ abilities are all able to shine brightly .. I may not know for sure, but this may be a life’s work. Dong Gu who is able to show a completely different 1994 Yoo Hyun Jae is a genius actor, and though it’s his first work, PD Ra and PD Crayfish also did a good job. (My note: Not sure what this comment is talking about wrt PD’s. As far as I know, this drama’s PD’s are PD Yoo and PD Cha, unless the commenter is using nicknames for the PDs?) - It was just a work which the actors carried. From the beginning when Yoon Shi Yoon started 1N2D, it gave me gooseflesh. I knew that he was a good actor, but that he would be this good…Hurry and come back to another work. - The character Yoo Hyun Jae is too awesome, and this is the drama where I’ve fallen for Yoon Shi Yoon! What do I do. U U Yoon Shi Yoon, please hurry and return with your next drama~~ - They’re the same looks, but between 2017 Hyun Jae and 1994 Hyun Jae, I’m not sure which man to make my ideal type.
  10. I actually don't think that the drama is referencing a real disease for HJ, though the Alzheimer diagnosis that the ST got is a real disease of course. The fact that ST's diagnosis was specifically named while HJ's disease wasn't is one of the reasons why I don't think that the drama is referencing a real disease for HJ. I think they are making up a disease to suit themselves, probably modeling it on HIV, rather than an actual disease. I think it's probably modeled on HIV in terms of the impact and fear associated with it in the 90's in a way that has all but disappeared in the 2000's. However, I think that they'll make something up to suit the drama's needs. Just as the viral epidemic in Descendants of the Sun resembled various flu stains and was considered similar to ebola without actually being ebola. I've noted other dramas do this as well in terms of making up diseases that are vaguely similar to a real disease without actually being that disease. That way, they can have the disease manifest and possibly progress as the drama requires it without having to actually account for the way a real disease would behave, such as having an amazingly fast and complete cure that just requires a little outpatient surgery. Just my opinion of course. Also, the doctor fan called the disease incurable and fatal in the 90's. I agree that HIV is incurable, as is Hep C, however, I don't know that I would call either of those, or any of those diseases on the list of lifestyle diseases, fatal to the point that a young man would immediately give up his career and make plans to disappear while waiting to die. The fact that she says that the disease is treatable and even curable in the 2000's is another point that makes me suspect that they are not referencing a real disease. Both HIV and Hep C which is manageable with treatments are not curable, as far as I'm aware. Then again, most medicine in kdramas are suspect anyway. For instance, the advice that if one has a cold, one should go to the hospital for some shots. When a character does that, they're usually better immediately after. Or a wet towel on the forehead which apparently can cure any fever overnight. Still, I think the main takeaway is that if HJ with this disease stays in 1993/94, he'll die since they haven't discovered the treatments to manage and cure it yet. HJ has to come back to 2017 in order to not die from his disease. So, I'm betting that HJ does come back. Assuming that the final scene of the empty red sled coming out of the stairwell without HJ is supposed to mean that he somehow went back to the past.
  11. Thanks for the amendment. I'm really looking forward to this next round of submissions, and the thumbnails will be helpful. There has been some interesting analyses on the different threads on all sorts of things, so the integrated presentation from the hardcore fans discussing their dramas should be amazing. As for joining a team, I'm sure all of the groups would be welcoming of any members who want to work on the submissions, however devoting enough time to it is a bit problematic for me for the moment. Plus, there are at least two of the dramas in the short list that I really like for differing reasons, so I don't know if I would be able to pick just one to cheer for. As it is, until I read the submissions, I don't know which drama I would pick since it's not a matter of doggedly liking a particular drama only. I'm very impressed with the amount of effort and dedication put into the first round, and the second round seems it will be even more intense. So looking forward to it. I wanted to thank you and the other staff at soompi for putting the contest together, and the four teams for very enjoyable and moving presentations thus far.
  12. Okay, finally managed to watch the episode. Oh man. So, HJ did go back in time after all if the red slider coming out of the stairwell without HJ is anything to go by. Plus, if HJ hadn't disappeared, then WS wouldn't be so despondent, looking for him. Okay, show, now you had better show me that HJ sorts everything out in the past somehow, planting everything as needed for 2017 HJ to figure things out as well as for various people to get what they need as he had discovered it, and then have him make it back to 2017 so that he can be cured and have a long life with WS. Still, not sure how they're going to deal with the JH's birth story line. At this point, I'm willing to accept something completely nonsensical in order for JH not to be HJ's son after all. Yep, I'm not too proud to admit that I'm a simple person when it comes to this drama. I want my happy ending without any ick factors. Pretty please.
  13. Translation of the final preview: HJ: I think you have to help me again. YJ: How can you have absolutely no interest in me? GJ: Who do you have to find so quickly? GJ: What? Drill: Oh. Here it is. Drill: Bro, you’re ready, right? I’m going to trust only you. GJ: Even though I know I’m nothing, I’ll make you happy. (Yay! GJ finally proposes.) WS: Dda Bong! Dda Bong! Dda Bong. (WS had written on HJ’s arm: Woo Sung’s slave Hyun Jae) Dda Bong. Okay, so it seems HJ did go back to the past. But, he's coming back, right? Right? Right?!
  14. So, I still can't find a copy of the raw that will play cleanly without giving problems. However, some clips are up, and a couple of things already. 1. I had a typo on the note that HJ writes on his notebook paper. It actually says "I want to remain a star to everybody" rather than "I want to remain a star to the two of you". Sorry. 2. In the conversation with the doctor fan, she doesn't actually name the disease, but she confirms that the disease was a fatal, terminal one in the '90s. But that in the 2000's, they found a way to manage it and with proper treatment to cure it even. Since the doctor had been a superfan of YHJ in his time, and immediately marked on his resemblance to HJ oppa, HJ may have told her the story of who he is, and whether it was possible that HJ had contracted the disease back in 1993/94. So, I assume that HJ is the one who told the doctor fan about HJ's disease since to the public, HJ remains a mysterious disappearance. So, I wonder how HJ finds out what disease he had since the note just said that he had an incurable disease. Anyway, I guess he figured it out somehow and then checked with his fan who happened to have become a doctor. So, my theory for the ending remains that 2017 HJ stays in 2017 after all. Though, his conversation with WS made it sound as if HJ goes back, so maybe he does try to go back. However, today is for today, so HJ finds that he's still in 2017. I hope. 1994 HJ was actually not as bratty as everyone made him to be. We now know that he was actually a lonely guy as well as self-centered, but ultimately thoughtful, just doesn't know how to express it and he was . He's also a prideful guy, and he realizes he has a fatal disease, so he's planning to hide himself away until he dies. So, it's believable that he would take everything, but then after reflecting on it a bit, give some of it back to ST and GJ at World Entertainment via the letter. He may have left the safety deposit box key in the hope that someday someone would find it and learn the truth about him after all, leaving a puzzle for whoever found his notebook and knew him to follow. Actually, this last bit would make more sense if 1994 HJ knew that a version of himself jumps to 2017, so he prepares everythign for 2017 HJ to find. It's just that in that version, in order for 1994 HJ to know about 2017 HJ, 2017 HJ would have to go back to be 1994 HJ and put everything in its place for 2017 HJ to find. And, it does seem that 2017 HJ goes back to 1993. If he does so, I hope that he's able to figure it out so that JH is actually GJ's kid somehow after all, set everything up, and then find a way back to 2017 so that his disease can be cured.
  15. Preview July 24 translation Man: Come to your senses, President Park. SJ Mother: Let go of her! JW: Why are you disturbing Oh Min Gyu? What is he to you? SJ: It’s because of you all! DJ: This is what my younger sister had been looking into. I stopped her back then asking her not to make it worse, but now, this man, I think I have to find him. YW: What are you going to do with this? DJ: I’m going to spread it everywhere. I’m going to find this man who has been hiding himself, and thus clear my name, and make that woman pay. MG Father: Must you really do this? DJ: What are you saying? MG Father: Min Kyu was in that kind of a relationship with Park Su Ji. RY: The man is…Park Su Ji’s man. JW: Who is that man? Woman: Son! Son! The man who grabs SJ in the beginning looks like the man who is her secretary, then becomes her partner for some reason (maybe due to blackmail since he has info on SJ?), but I'm not sure of his name. Without watching the drama, while I know who the leads are, I'm a bit shaky when it comes to the other characters, my apologies.