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  1. I back skimmed some episodes, and this is a catch up summary from the week or so that I didn’t watch. JW’s mother proposes to DJ on JW’s behalf, saying that it was time that they got married. Everyone is excited and they start planning the wedding. However, JW’s mother was still having problems with SH. SH sensing this and being hurt by it, when as by his mother SJ to spend some time with her, asks his father to let him go stay at his mother’s for awhile. SH at SJ’s is immediately left alone by his mother and grandmother who are off on their various schemes. He is also yelled at by HY for spilling some juice on her clothes, and though SJ comes in to upbraid HY for daring to yell at SH, it’s clear that he’s not happy. JW’s mother misses SH, however, and finally goes to SH’s grandfather (SJ’s father) and tells him that her family will take SH since SH wants to live with his father JW. SJ is upset by this, and tells JW’s mother that she can’t allow JW to marry DJ, but oh well. SJ and her mother think that DJ is Chairman Shin’s daughter because JI planned it that way with DJ and JW’s collusion. JI is upset at how cavalierly SJ is using him when he loves her so much. He’s decided that what he has to do is to get SJ to wake up and admit to her mistakes, and thus now wants to work to bring SJ and her mother down. JI is the one who planted the idea that DJ is Chairman Shin’s daughter and brought the “evidence” that he used to convince SJ of it. Chairman Shin is also let in on the plan to make it seem as if DJ is Chairman Shin’s daughter. Because of this, I really don’t think that DJ is Chairman Shin’s daughter. DJ’s aunt also keeps referring to DJ as her brother’s daughter so DJ was probably not adopted. There were a couple of cues that YW, however, may actually be Chairman Shin’s daughter, though no one has put the pieces together yet. YW, who was nearly caught by SJ talking to DJ, was able to skillfully turn it around as if she was meeting DJ to threaten her, and getting DJ to sign a piece of paper saying that she won’t reveal that she’s Chairman Shin’s daughter. This is then supposed to be proof to SJ and her mother that YW could be trusted. SJ is still suspicious of her, however, her mother rightly points out that they were running out of people to do their dirty work for them. There are also some Jushin Group movements since SJ’s father becomes disgusted with SJ and her mother. However, SJ’s mother plays dirty politics to win the chairmanship anyway as was seen in ep 80/81. This is basically all I can remember of those episodes, and will start translating previews and writing up recaps when I can.
  2. Chairman Shin definitely does not think that DJ is his daughter. Neither does DJ. DJ being Chairman Shin's true daughter was a plan concocted by JI to fool SJ and her mother. I elaborate a bit on this in the next post.
  3. Btw, I thought it was actually very sweet and somewhat telling that Eun could identify JH just from the little bit she could see of the back of his head in the opening scene to ep 8 when JH comes to their door because he's afraid of the thunder. The other girls were amazed as well that Eun knew it was JH at the door just from seeing the back of his head. Eun is sooo aware of JH. I'm not sure which couple I find cuter: JWxSM or ExJH. They're definitely the couple lines that I find myself watching most eagerly though I do like all of the girls and their respective stories, romantic or not. SM vs. JH was also pretty epic. Not to mention, E and JH going to GDY's door, and JH telling E to smile prettily since it's better for a girl to ring a guy's doorbell (and thus being seen on the security system) than another guy. JH laughs at Eun's attempt, but then goes on to reassure her that she's pretty. Aww. Okay, now I'm just writing bits down that I thought was really cute about episode 8.
  4. Add and Subtract Game

    I took your advice not to go there @packmule3, so thank you for that. @phikyl, since you're still watching PWGH, have you made it to ep 83 yet? There is a really nice scene where everyone goes to a karaoke place, and SSW's character sings Don't Worry to his lady love. SSW has a really nice voice. I'm wondering when he'll sing a proper OST. I was kind of hoping he would do so in AoY 2, but I knew it would be a stretch. Btw, soompi lags for me all the time now. And, this new default mode seems to hang on me for no reason. It's why I preferred the soompi view for actually posting and reading when we had the option. Now, I don't post as much since I'm always in lag hell, assuming that I can even post anything. 458
  5. Add and Subtract Game

    456 Me, too. Glad I didn't follow that drama.
  6. Recap ep 81 SJ kidnaps JW’s mother to try to stop DJ and JW’s wedding. SJ even reveals that SH’s father is MG as a reason why DJ and JW can’t get married. Instead, JW’s mother tells SJ that they can both die rather than stop the wedding, and tries to wrest control of the car, forcing the car to stop by the side of the road. JW’s mother jumps out of the car, intent on getting back to the wedding hall. In the meantime, JW finds out about the kidnapping and chases after them. He arrives in time to take his mother back to the wedding hall, yelling at SJ at how she could act so low. JW and DJ finally get married. There is a nice montage of DJ and JW moments from their first meeting, including a kiss that is actually very nice by daily drama standards. SJ shows up at the wedding intending to make a scene, but is prevented from doing so by YW who pretends to be there to keep SJ from creating another scandal. Meanwhile, JJ tells his father, the ex-chairman that JW had included SH in his wedding to DJ, and that there was a rumor going around that DJ was Chairman Shin’s daughter. SJ’s mother calls the major shareholders of the company, tells them that she has evidence of their illegal dealings, and threatens to expose them if they don’t select her to be the chairperson of Jushin Group. One other thing, YW has led SJ and SJ’s mother to believe that DJ thinks of herself as Chairman Shin’s daughter, but that DJ had signed a contract promising not to reveal that she’s actually Chairman Shin’s daughter. Afterwards, JW, DJ, SH, and HS leave for their honeymoon trip, though DJ is reluctant to go given how worried she is about JW’s mother. YW tells SJ that HY has been going through SJ’s safe. SJ goes to her room to find HY going through her clothes. SJ accuses HY of taking things from her safe, which HY denies. YW has actually stolen the paperwork, and calls someone to take all the property documents and give them to DJ. DJ and JW call the family from their honeymoon trip in concern, but is told by JW’s mother that everything is fine. DJ’s aunt and uncle make jokey suggestions about their “first night” together. Everyone tells DJ and JW to have a good honeymoon trip together. After they hang up the phone, JW asks DJ to go get some snacks for the kids. DJ is surprised that he’s sending her by herself to get something, but JW says that he has to stay and watch the kids. While DJ is gone, JW and the children decorate the room for DJ with balloons, etc. DJ’s aunt and uncle are having a drink together. DJ’s aunt wistfully talks about how even though she’s happy that DJ has found another partner, how DJ’s husband MG might feel about it all. MG’s father and JW’s mother are talking together separately as well. MG’s father says that he has to wait, however, until the children are back, and get their permission before they can properly discuss what he wants to talk about. So, they just drink instead. JW and the children have set up balloons, candles, flowers, and a cake for DJ in celebration of their new lives together. There is a nice GA-rated hug for the newly wedded couple since the children are watching them. They all also sleep in the same bed together, so no first night for the newly wedded couple then. SJ calls DJ in the morning, threatening DJ with what she’s going to do to to JW’s mother in revenge for DJ daring to take SH with her on her honeymoon. SJ’s mother calls a directors meeting, declaring that she’s now the chairman. She fires everyone who has cooperated with JW and AG Group, and tells the rest that if anyone don't like what she's doing, then they're welcome to leave as well. Chairman Shin goes to see JW’s mother to ask what SJ had done to her on the wedding day. As they are talking, JW’s mother gets a delivery from SJ. It contains the DNA report on SH, showing that he’s MG’s son. JW’s mother reacts in shock. Chairman Shin and JW’s mother go to see SJ. SJ confirms again that SH is MG’s son. SJ tells JW’s mother to tear the marriage apart. However, JW’s mother doesn’t react the way that SJ expects. JW’s mother tells SJ that this must be why she’s been so afraid that this information will get out, and have been harassing DJ to cover up for her own sins. Not to mention setting up her son and DJ both to take the fall as a cover for SJ. Chairman Shin is also disgusted. DJ bursts into the room then, asking Chairman Shin to escort JW’s mother out. DJ tells SJ that she had said that the day JW’s mother finds out the truth about SH’s parentage, that was the day that DJ would give the ledgers showing SJ’s illegal deeds to the Prosecution Service. SJ sneeringly says that she has the ledgers back. DJ says that there is enough evidence even without those specific ledgers. DJ calls someone to tell him to turn the files on SJ over to the Prosecution Service.
  7. Preview of ep 82 translation SJ Mother: Anything that AG’s Chairman Shin and Han Jung Wook might do, find it all out. Whether it’s legal or illegal. JW Mother: How can you keep this to yourself all this time? You should have said something. DJ Aunt: What are they saying? SJ Father: Seo Jin has been arrested? SJ Mother: We have to get her released. Convince Han Jung Wook immediately. JJ: Do you think he can be convinced? JW: This is a contract saying that Jushin will become subordinate to AG. If you want to save Park Seo Jin, sign this. YW: Search their rooms and offices completely and find the black box video quickly. HY: It’s you, isn’t it? That I searched through Park Seo Jin’s safe, you’re the one who lied about that, aren’t you? This is actually kind of hilarious. So, SJ's mother uses all of the info that she has on the other board members to get herself elected Chairman of Jushin Group, only to be faced with a choice of either saving her daughter from jail by giving over control of Jushin to AG or watch her daughter be convicted of kidnapping and spending time in jail. LOL. Not sure what SJ's mother will do actually. It's true that SJ is the light of her life, but SJ's mother is also such a greedy lady, she may decide to just keep her power grab, justifying to herself that she'll take care of SJ even better once SJ gets out of jail. Hopefully, both SJ and her mother will end up with jail sentences by the end of the drama for all of the illegal maneuvering that they've pulled, including murder and attempted murder.
  8. Wasn't sure that there was a sub for the first teaser yet, so here is a translation. WDH: Drivers implicated 4 persons WDH: Family members deaths expected WDH: Only the driver surviving. Additional caption to last comment: Insurance $700,000 YJT: Jeju Airport, attempting a landing YJT: A pilot’s suicide flight YJT: Large number of deaths expected Additional caption to last comment: Insurance $3,400,000 WDH: Do you think you can handle this? (spoken informally) (YJT winks at him in response.) Final: KBS 2TV new Wed-Thurs drama, Mad Dog, October 11, first broadcast. Each line spoken is also captioned, with the insurance amounts in the captions but not spoken by the characters. I think what I like best is the noir-ish feel of the teaser with WDH's character sitting in a room bars at the window like a depiction of a pawn shop or loan shark office or something, plus the two hander of YJT and WDH. I am so looking forward to this drama.
  9. Add and Subtract Game

    @triplem, yes, it's true. I am competitive once I agree to compete in something which is why I usually refrain from competitions. I'm fine with losing in what I would consider to be a fair way, but not with agreeing to changes in outcome which I think further disadvantages me. Even when we're just playing for a DP change. It's the game that matters as much as the outcome. If Apostle Jo dies and SM's father doesn't, then I'll change my DP to whatever @Dhakra wants without a peep. Not sure if I'm a true fangirl since I don't know if I can bear to watch anything just for the oppas. I rather admire you and @kokodus for your dedication. 456
  10. @OppasSlyFox, I'm not sure that I agree with your assessment of Detective Lee. I think his character has been pretty consistent. If he was such an ace detective in Seoul, then he must have pissed someone off there or been on the wrong end of a power play in order for him to be sent to the countryside like Muji as he was. In Muji, he's shown that he's decided that he might as well play it for what he can get, even if it means that he's throwing his conscience out. It's not that he doesn't know that it's wrong to send an innocent person to jail. He's commented on it rather cynically that Muji is the kind of place where even an innocent man can be sent to jail a number of times. It's just that he had decided why fight the system that's already in place, especially for the sake of a punk kid. So, he put his conscience on hold, and just decided to get in the right line (as the Koreans put it when talking about getting in with the right power players). Plus, in terms of letting punk kids who he thinks are probably going to be troublemakers anyway, or gangsters who will fight each other anyway, he probably doesn't think it's worth his time trying to be upright. However, the thing with the dead girl was too much even for his level of cynicism which is what led him to go to Guseonwon and demand to talk to SM about her previous statements to him at the police station. SM, herself, recanting her previous statements and telling Detective Lee that she was there of her own free will put him off again in terms of pursuing that, at least. However, the investigation into the dead body is not closed by any means. I think SH going to his knees in front of Detective Lee was yet another push that things were seriously beyond normal wrong in Muji and Guseonwon, with seeing SH's father going into Guseonwon as he was leaving furthering the idea of the intertwined connection leading to abuses of power since Detective Lee knows how ruthlessly and corruptly SH's father operates. Still, Detective Lee is consistent in his answer to SH that SH's father has to approve anyone approaching Guseonwon, leading SH to realize that he's the one who is going to have to report his father for wrongdoing, thereby gaining press attention which will hopefully mean that it won't just be covered up again if a son reports his father. As well, I think Detective Lee is at the limit of what he is willing to look the other way for and still be able to live with himself. While he couches it as the Guseonwon case potentially being big enough to get him taken back up to Seoul, which is also another line of argument proposed by SH as to why Detective Lee should start an investigation, I also think it has to do with the moral ambiguity and Detective Lee's cynical yet bothered attitude towards his own moral ambiguity. This is just my thought, however. I think I'm in the minority in being able to accept Detective Lee's more recent moves without thinking that there is a sudden change of character. I still think he's scum for letting innocent DC just go to jail, but I have also seen the cynical comments that he's made about Muji as being in somewhat of a moral quagmire and knowing that he's in it. He doesn't revel in his corruption. Rather, he's always seemed to be rather bitter about it, which hasn't stopped him from participating in it in order to better himself, but still makes it believable that there is a limit to waht he'll look the other way for, and that limit may be in the killing of those he considers to be true innocents.
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    @Lmangla, good luck with City Hunter. As you've already noted, as long as you don't pay attention to the romance, the rest of it is actually good. The father-son scenes are still so memorable. edit: Just read your vet comment. 458
  12. Add and Subtract Game

    @TRaNz, just recently started watching episodes of 3 meals a day. Talk about watching a show where so little happens, but it's strangely entertaining and relaxing. @triplem, sorry to be a pain, but if JA ends up with DS, I think I still win the Manhole part of the bet as per my previous logic. It's only if JA doesn't end up with either DS or GG that I think I tie. But as you've said, let's see how SM ends this weekend. 466
  13. Oh my! I love the moody teaser with YJT and WDH trading info, and WDH talking informally to YJT despite YJT clearly being older. Not to mention YJT's wink back at him. It already seems to indicate that WDH's role will have some attitude and sass in this drama, and their relationship will be entertaining to watch. Then again, when doesn't WDH do attitude and sass in his roles thus far? Also, I can already imagine the set off screen where WDH is probably almost stuttering over himself at talking down to his sunbae. LOL and awww. Thanks @triplem for calling me here, and thanks @Go Seung Ji for posting the teaser.
  14. Add and Subtract Game

    @phikyl, so what episode of PWGH did you stop at? It does get better between GW and EH somewhere in the middle of the drama after EH gets "divorced" and they start flirting with each other leading into their romantic relationship. Then it just becomes utterly sweet. @triplem and @Dhakra, I'm sorry, but for Manhole, I can't accept changing it to just DS and JA. I would be giving up a definite tie or win as it stands now to change it to a possible loss. I think we can take it for granted that the OTP will end up together. ST and JS also seem as if they're going to be a clear couple, so I have my 2 of 3 couples that I proposed with 1 uncertain versus dhakra who will be 1 right and 1 wrong with 1 uncertain. Of the remaining people left in the show, I proposed JA and GG while dhakra proposed JA would not end up with DS or GG. So, if JA ends up with GG, then I win. If JA ends up without either DS or GG, then dhakra and I tie since I would have 2 of 3 right and so would dhakra. If JA ends up with DS, then I would suggest that since both dhakra and I were wrong about the JA couple, then I would win the bet given that I had correctly matched 2 of 3 couples while dhakra would still only have 1 of 3 couples correct. So, since I have better odds of winning as is and no chance of losing on the Manhole bet as it stands, I would prefer to leave it as is. This is assuming that dhakra and I tie on the primary Save Me bet anyway. I'm fine with having an ultimate tie, and having to pick a new bet instead. +2
  15. Add and Subtract Game

    @bedifferent I would be okay with Father Baek dying as well. I was thinking that the only SM's father could make it up to her and his wife would be for him to die saving them from the cult somehow, so that they could think of him as their protector and someone who loved them above all, rather than the monster he's become who does anything and everything bid of him by the cult. 432