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  1. A kiss between DH and SJ would have been nice. It's a tad unbelievable that a young, passionate couple like them would not be kissing as well as hugging. Still, their joy at seeing each other was lovely, and their hugging was fervent and holding hands was sweet. I would say SJ is such a smart man for finding DH, but then again, MJ figured out where DH was as well, so guess it wasn't too hard to track DH down after all once she sent that email. JE is annoying again. I'm not sure if JE is just poorly written or poorly cast, but she's really just not connecting. It's hard for me to believe that HW was ever actually interested in her, much less still interested in her now. The OTP seems to really be on the rocks. Anyway, right now, JE is annoying for her habit of forming and proclaiming an opinion based on not much at all. This time, it's that her uncle HS is a good guy who made a simple mistake. I actually really liked HW's response to JE that HS' simple mistake was not just vandalism or throwing a punch, but one that destroyed a family. Of course, to be fair to HS, he's not the one who actually hung up the tie and then hung HW's father from it. Though, HS' actions were really too over the top, and continues to be without really having learned his lesson. Given where it is in the episode count, it seems as if it's gong to be a rushed ending in the last few episodes which really won't be very satisfying, but seems to be the norm for these weekend dramas. Oh well. Sorry I haven't been on the thread much, but I am still keeping an eye on DH and SJ's romance which is still sweet, even if not enough skinship or kisses between them for being a couple. I so totally agree with @USAFarmgirl that DH and SJ's relationship doesn't seem very realistic. Anyway, I hope that SJ and HW are able to find some common ground soon, now that they know that they're brothers. And, it would be nice if SJ and DH could actually be together. Also, DH's "grandmother" really needs to tell DH the truth of her birth soon. The grandmother's protection is going to cause trouble for DH, as seen in the preview.
  2. So finally had a chance to watch episode 10 properly. Contrary to some opinion, I don't think the episode was filler at all. If anything, I think each of our three leads had epiphanies in this episode, assisted by conversations with a caring party, some of which I had not been expecting. Min Hyuk's was the one that caught me the most off-guard. I had been assuming that he realized that he was attracted to Bong Soon, and he had. It's just that he hadn't taken his attraction to her very seriously before. He was curious about her and her strength, and he had felt fondness and attraction, but it was a lightweight thing, not to be taken too seriously even as MH worried more and more over BS. It wasn't until Secretary Gong asked MH why the person that Secretary Gong knew MH to be would take a knife stabbing to protect BS that it caused MH to question it himself. This question had been asked of MH before, and he had not responded to it, just as when Secretary Gong asked, MH didn't respond to him. I guess I had assumed that MH wasn't responding because it was so obvious. However, I think I was wrong, and MH didn't answer because he didn't have an answer, and he wasn't even dwelling on it. It's only later as MH finally takes a minute alone to think of the question seriously himself that it dawns on him that it wasn't just a simple attraction to BS that he felt, that he liked Bong Soon and didn't want her to go to anyone else. It's this realization that haunts him in the night, causing him to go find Bong Soon to confess to her that he likes her. This screencap is of the moment that it finally dawns on MH what it is that he really feels for BS. I wish I knew how to do gifs, because the dawning understanding that comes into his eyes is not as apparent in a static picture. Bong Soon's epiphany comes to her in her conversation with her grandmother. Her grandmother gives her the diaries of the women who inherited and passed their strength on to their daughters. It's a record of their deeds. Her grandmother tells BS that instead of hiding and avoiding, that BS has to use her god-given strength to do good deeds now as her ancestors did. This is actually a true origin story that BS' mother subverted, first by misusing her strength and therefor losing it, then by teaching BS to hide her strength at all costs. Hiding her strength as a child was probably necessary in order for BS to grow up safely, however, her mother failed her in giving her any proper instruction, continuity, or context. While at first BS tries to refuse the diaries saying that she doesn't like to write in them, she finally accepts them. It's interesting that as BS tucks them away in her cupboard, they start glowing. This screencap is of the moment that BS accepts her grandmother's words. Last, but not least, Guk Doo. Guk Doo has felt alone as a policeman for being righteous, which was considered self-righteous by the other police officers. GD is inflexible in terms of not doing things that he knows are wrong, and absolutely having to do things that he thinks must be done. This had made GD somewhat of an outcast in a system which favors accepting hierarchical decisions even if one disagrees with it, and catering to your bosses may be more important than doing the job of protecting the public which was GD's motivation for joining the police force. This had come to a head as GD had insisted on going after the person that he thinks is the true serial kidnapper, even if it means that he loses his badge. However, the team leader of the Violent Crimes 3rd Team, GD's boss, takes him out for a drink, and tries to talk some office politics into GD. When that clearly won't work to bring GD to acceptance, the Team Leader gives in and agrees to try to do it as GD will, even without the necessary search warrants. GD realizes that he has not given his superior enough credit, and that he is not as alone and as outcast on his team as he expected, and that at least his superior is also concerned with finding the real culprit, even if he is approaching it in a different way. This is a screencap of the moment when GD realizes that his team leader is not reaming him out, but instead is planning on supporting him. Shortly, thereafter, it was lovely to see GD smile and joke about having the day off when the team leader tells him to come back to work starting the next day. I chose the screencaps that I did, because each one is at a moment of realization for each of the leads. Each person will change post-realization, I think. We've already seen MH choose to approach BS directly now that he thinks he knows how he feels. I think BS' realization will free her further from feeling as if she's disobeying her mother and disgracing her family for what she wants to do, which is to use her strength for good. Now she knows that she actually comes from a long line of women who have done what she is planning on doing, and that it's actually seen as a mandate from heaven for having inherited their strength. And, I think that GD will work more closely with his team leader and team members rather than feeling as if he's having to fight them as well as the culprits. The first time around, I was distracted by the various strands of romance to properly recognize what I think is going on. And, while it was good that at least one of the leads has come to a realization involving the romance, I think it's interesting that BS and GD had realizations that didn't have to do with romance, but rather with their senses of responsibility. Sometimes, I get blinded by the pretty, but I do really like all the elements in this drama, even the serial kidnapper elements which sometimes play as if it's a different horror drama rather than the rom-com of BS and MH's courting dance. Still, it keeps it multi-layered and interesting, gives me more to think about any way while waiting for the next dose of pretty.
  3. I really liked this shot of MH and BS from episode 10. The pleased smile on MH's face as he gets BS to wash his face before she runs off home. She's still somewhat clueless of MH's regard, focused as she is on his recovery, but he's so happy at a bit more skinship with BS. I really wonder how he was able to hold himself back from kissing BS when he had the chance to do so earlier. It's one thing to want her to have no regrets about kissing him, but another to keep himself from taking the chance when the slightest excuse for skinship makes him so happy.
  4. I'm confident in my translation of that line of MH saying to BS, "You...finish your one-sided love quickly" as he pulls BS towards him, however, not sure I'm quite parsing your conclusion about MH correctly. In the "When Harry Met Sally" dialogue, I thought that MH was telling BS that her friend likes her and has liked for a long time, and then he went on to a more general statement that it would be hard to be a man and be just friends with BS. The first half of that dialogue was definitely a reference to GD. The second half was nominally also about GD, but also about himself, though in a more oblique fashion. I don't see that his line today in the preview about her crush on GD obviates his statement to her about GD liking her. As far as MH knows, BS and GD are not a couple, so it's not a mutual love as yet, though both sides may have a crush on the other. And, that may be one of the confusing points of the language. In Korean, a "crush" and a "one-sided love" are the same phrase. However, two people can have crushes on each other, and never become a couple for whatever reason. Anyway, I took it that in the previous scene, MH does tell BS that GD likes her in an attempt to get her to look at what she wants. It may be a form of chivalry, but it's also a clarification that he's looking for. Thus far, whenever GD is around, BS' attention has been on GD, and MH thinks that is because of her crush. By getting BS to look at it as an actual potential relationship, she may get some of the stardust out of her eyes when she sees GD whom she has elevated to a high pedestal in the 15 years that she's had a crush on him. However, at the end of episode 10, especially thinking that BS and GD haven't had a chance to talk to each other about their respective crushes, MH realizes that he wants to tell her that he likes her. He's also seen some favorable signs during the episode that indicates that perhaps BS may have some feelings for him after all, and frankly, he wants to get his confession in since he sees a potential opening. And, from the preview, I think it was probably the right move in that MH has a chance to let BS knows how he feels before BS hears a love confession from GD. As such, one wonders if MH had waited for GD to confess his feelings to BS first, whether BS might have decided to try a relationship with GD since she has crushed on him for so long, and then been apologetic to MH when MH confessed his feelings. As it is, having heard MH's confession, it probably made BS take a step back to reassess what she feels. And, it was MH's remark previously that GD did like her that helped in that case, since it meant she could recognize GD's confession for what it was and stopped it before he could finish it. Otherwise, as clueless as BS is about romantic matters, I doubt she would have seen GD's confession coming at her until he had laid it all out for her. As far as MH being overly chivalrous and brave, I'm not sure that I agree on the "overly" part. I feel that MH has been shown with layers to his personality so that he is charismatic and childish, caring and selfish, sophisticated and lost all at the same time. However, I do think that both MH and GD are chivalrous and brave and respectively trying to do the right things the way that each values and knows how. As happy as I am that MH will progress on a relationship that will help him find a woman and a family to love, I'm still going to be upset when GD's heart is broken. I'm just hoping that the final episodes will actually have more bromance, non-drunken, this time.
  5. My apologies to people who have already read a translation of this clip and didn't want to see another one, since I am positive that this clip has been translated and posted to the thread already. However, I was so busy squee-ing over it that I translated as I watched, and I'm posting my translation of it along with commentary. (MH tossing and turning in bed in a too silent room… then reaching a point where he has to do something!) (BS and GS in bed talking) GS: (to herself in the mirror) If only the scar fades, it would be perfect. (to BS) Anyway, you said before that you were wavering, didn’t you? So does that mean that you’re wavering towards your CEO? Are you wavering? BS: Oh. I don’t know either. GS: Why? BS: It’s just that, strangely, whenever I see that person, my heart starts racing. I think I really have no common sense. Little by little… GS: Little by little? BS: That is, little by little… GS: Little by little…what?! (BS just sighs in response as BS Mother comes in the room) Mother: Bong Soon! Bong Soon! You hurry up and go outside! BS: Why? Mother: Outside, Son-in-law Ahn is here. BS: What? Mother: Hurry! GS: Go and see. (In the front yard, BS and MH) MH: I had something to tell you, so I came. BS: You could have said it in the office tomorrow. MH: I think I have to say it now. MH: I am…quite hurt! BS: That’s why I said that you should be sure to take your medicine properly. Aii, really. You disdain the police’s words, and now you even disdain the doctor’s words… MH: That’s not it. (grabs BS’ hand and puts it on his chest!) This is where it hurts. (long pauses as they gaze at each other) MH: You…finish your one-sided love quickly. (pulls BS towards him- one step closer!) MH: Anyway I look at it, I think I like you. First off, awwwww. MH finally says it outright to BS that he likes her. Though, the way he phrased it totally made me laugh. BS has caught him a few times for being overly verbose, and in true MH fashion, he can't just blurt out "I like you". He has to dress it up with some play and extra words even when he's being deadly serious. LOL. And, BS, so, so clueless. She's trying to figure out how she feels about MH, but still doesn't seem to really clue in that MH likes her and has liked her for quite a while. She's literally telling herself that she's fallen for another unattainable guy when that guy comes to confess to her! And, even then, the strangeness of the sudden, late night visit doesn't strike her as more than he must need something and she gets ready to do their usual bantering. Her eyes wide open, deer in the headlights look! So funny and cute and sweet, all at the same time. Though that deer in the headlights expression had better turn into something more at the start of the next episode. After everything, MH deserves for BS to give it some serious consideration; which I totally think that she will given what happens in the preview when she stops GD from saying anything more to her and her words about wanting to save the lonely prince. So eager for episode 11 now.
  6. Just caught the episode 11 preview. Oh my, next week is when GD's heart is going to be totally crushed isn't it? GD tells BS he doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. That he also... and then she cuts him off as he seems to be about to confess. I think by next week, BS becomes more sure of her heart since she's saying that she has to save the lonely prince. MH concurs heartily with BS needing to save the lonely prince, because the prince is lonely after all. Awww. So, conflicted feelings for me personally. It's never good when a character acted by Ji Soo gets his heart broken. However, the contemplation and realizations of episode 10 seems as if it will bear fruit so that the romance between MH and BS will finally be going full bore, and as cute as they are already, I can't even imagine how charming and fun it will be once they decide to really explore their attraction for each other. Not to mention a kiss or two (or ten perhaps?). So, I thought that there would be an accidental or unreciprocated kiss in episode 10, and even though I lost and had to actually put up a profile picture of BT for a week, I'm actually glad that didn't happen, and that their first kiss will be full of intent by both MH and BS. And, now, I'm convinced that my original call of having a reciprocated kiss in episode 12 is correct. However, I'm not willing to enter the bet again, even if it were to be allowed, because I would prefer not to have to show a picture of BT on my profile. I'll just wait in anticipation for next week. Maybe there will be a BTS or two to whet our ravenous appetite for the Puppy Couple mid-week? I expect them to be sizzling and full of skinship with all the heat and tension generated in this week's episode, even if there is not actual kiss as yet.
  7. So, I'm not going to translate the whole thing since @ferily already did it and I happened to see it. However, I've translated the two lines that weren't so clear in the above translation. Secretary Gong: President, there is something that I’m curious about. Someone, like the President, who takes care of his body so fiercely and for whom the world has to go to your will in order for you to be satisfied, why did you let yourself be stabbed instead? You made a mistake and slipped, didn’t you? BS: Oh, you know the new employee welcoming event. Next time, after your sutures are out. You can’t drink yet after all. So, this was another scene that I thought was rather lovely, full of more quiet moments as BS is trying to sort out her feelings for MH. Her overhearing the conversation between Sec. Gong and MH, and the expression on her face is half hopeful and half fearful of what she might overhear. And, her embarrassment at being caught out by MH isn't full on embarrassment though, even though MH has this somewhat quizzical expression on his face, because even in that brief, sudden encounter, there is a tension there between them that BS is now aware of. And then, as she's following MH around trying to sort her thoughts, MH is allowing her to do so with his gentle responses rather than going at her with his full on teasing as he had been wont to do. And, the little smile on MH's face at the end of the scene seems to indicate that he can kind of guess at her uncertainty, and he's uncertain of where it'll take them, but he's pleased that she's not just solely fixated on GD any more, but is uncertain of herself and of him as well. edit: Btw, I've edited my profile photo. Ick. So, a whole week that I have to look at this, hmmm? I may be shy about entering any more bets.
  8. So, it's true as you say that a parent is usually referred to as her/his eldest child's mother or father. However, it may also depend on how that person knows you. So, people who know Bong Ki or about Bong Ki, may refer to the mother as Bong Ki Mother, if they are not as familiar with Bong Soon or don't know Bong Soon. So, Bong Ki's teachers or the parents of BK's friends, for instances, would refer to her as Bong Ki's mother. People who are familiar with the entire family would have called her Bong Soon's mother. However, there are two reasons why the mother's friends would call the mother Bong Ki mother rather than Bong Soon mother. The first is because BK is the eldest son even if not the eldest child. The eldest son has a special position in the family, and so in some families, the eldest son supersedes the eldest daughter regardless of who was actually born first, and how they are addressed by their families. The second may be because BS' mother talks about BK so much more than BS, so they've become accustomed to identifying her with her successful son and the stories that she tells about them rather than her daughter of whom she probably doesn't say very.
  9. I think all the video clips have been translated already, so cool. However, there are a few clips that stand out for me, and I wanted to post and discuss, so adding a translation with them. This is one. BS: So why did you discharge yourself (from the hospital)? You should have gotten the sutures removed before you did it. Are you okay? MH: Yes. BS: Then, go ahead and rest. I’ll be going now. (MH pulls BS down on to the sofa and puts his head on BS’ lap) MH: Let’s just stay like this for a moment. (BS allows it, then later, she goes to MH’s closet to stare at his painting of the girl in the pink hoodie.) BS: Oh! Then this is... I like this scene because of the quiet intimacy of the moment between MH and BS. MH wants this connection and comfort from BS, and she provides it willingly. And, she stares down at MH in something between contemplation and fascination. Then she goes to the closet door to his lair with the painting of the girl in the pink hoodie. She's been in his lair a number of times, but never looked at the painting properly. This time she looks at and realizes in wonder that it's herself that MH has painted on that door. Even more than the comedy or the outright romance, it's these quiet beats of understanding, connection, and realization that I love about this drama.
  10. In Korean families where establishing family hierarchy, usually by age and birth order, is the norm, twins generally acknowledge the older one as older brother or older sister and call them thus. It's rarer to see twins call each other by name. It's reflected in the family referencing dynamics as well where the children are frequently called by their birth order. So, it's usual to hear the first one referred to as "First Child" or "First One". As such, even with twins, because of their birth order, the one birthed first is called "First One" and the second child birthed is "Second One", and the older one is frequently treated as an older child, meaning the older one may be held more responsible than their younger twin, but also get preferential treatment. While children who are not family tend to call each other by name if they are the same birth year peers, that's not the case with twins or even siblings who are born only 9 months apart in the same birth year. Even cousins in the same birth year usually refer to the older one as older brother or sister rather than by name, though it is more usual for cousins, especially remote cousins to refer to each by name if they are peers rather than by the family orderings. Hope that made some sense. It didn't strike me as odd that BK calls BS "noona". It would have sounded stranger if BK had called BS by name. However, that BK got the preferential treatment also made some sense in light of gender preferences for children in South Korea, not that I condone such behavior at all; anyway, that was a topic which we discussed many pages back.
  11. Unfortunately, RL is interfering with my viewing/translating activities. Hopefully @snowglobe147 and @ferily are here to provide more translations. I'll check back later and write some more if needed. Sorry. Not to mention, I'll have to change my avatar. *sighs*
  12. BS gets a call telling about her new position, then calls MH. GS: I have the same position as your mother. BS: What are you talking about? GS: I’m saying that I’m going to support you and Son-in-law Ahn. BS: Ahh. Don’t you be like that as well. I’m getting really confused. GS: You’re confused? BS: Hey… I have to go. Anyway, you, don’t go anywhere and just stay home since the real culprit hasn’t been caught. BS: (on phone) Yes, hello? Yes, Secretary Gong? Really? Really?! I’m going to the Development Team tomorrow?! Oh, thank you! How could the CEO touch me so much like this? Yes, thank you. (hangs up and starts screaming and dancing with GS) MH: It’s about time that she will call me….5…4…3…2…1… (phone rings) That’s right. You’re in the palm of my hand. (answers phone) Hello? BS: CEO, I really thank you very, very, very, very much. MH: Okay. Promises are meant to be kept after all. BS: Oh. I’ll work hard. So hard that my teeth will crumble. MH: Of course. BS: CEO, what are you doing right now? MH: What could I be doing? I’m waiting for you. BS: Oh. In that case, I’ll be right there. However, if I want to be ready to go to work tomorrow, I have to go to the hospital right now and then come back home in the early morning, and I think that’s what I will have to do, but… MH: That’s your personal life. BS: However, I feel that CEO is going to tell me to just rest at home, that since I have to go to work tomorrow, how will I have time to go back and forth from the hospital, that CEO isn’t that kind of man (to need BS to go running around for him, that is). Anyway, I’ll go. I think I’ll be tired tomorrow though. MH: No. Don’t come and just rest at home. BS: Oh. How could you say that? How could I do that? I’ll be there quickly. MH: That’s fine. Don’t come. I don’t know what kind of preparations you need to do to go to work, but go ahead and do it. If something does go wrong, it won’t be anything more than the wound breaking open. Ahhh, sssss. (sounds of pain) Do as you will. I’m hanging up. BS: CEO! MH: Yes? BS: I respect you. (hangs up)
  13. BS and MH conversation about whether BS still likes GD as well as MH's preference for woman. BS: Are you angry? MH: You don’t have any reason to see In Guk Doo again, now that the culprit has been arrested, right? BS: Well. He’s a fake. MH: What?! BS: He’s not the real culprit. MH: You've almost become a police person. BS: Doesn’t that hurt? MH: It hurts. Still, it’s better that I’m hurt than that you’re hurt. However, you. Do you still like In Guk Doo? Anyway I think of it, I can’t understand it. How can you leave a man like me, and… Perhaps, is it like that? You know, that thing. (imitating BS) Omo. How could such a perfect, with a good heart even, man who has everything actually like me? He can’t possibly like me. A girl like me, how dare I? Hmph! (end imitation) A thing like that. BS: Tch. He’s playing around again. However, didn’t you like men? It isn’t that? MH: Jeez, really. Okay, you said that you wanted to work at my company, didn’t you? BS: Yes MH: Look. In order to make an office that someone like you can fantasize about, do you think I would have had time to date women? BS: Omo. Then why did you let that rumor circulate? MH: Well, that was noise marketing. If I should say that was part of the business plan, I don’t know whether you would even understand, but you’re so simple that this isn’t going to make any sense to you. Don’t understand. I’ll understand for you. BS: If you say so many words, doesn’t it hurt? MH: Ow. Ow. For some reason, it does hurt. Ow. Aish. Anyway, let’s speak about it properly and be done with it. I am crazy about women. When I see them, my eyes just flip out. (at BS’ gaze) What is that, that gaze? BS: This hotel gown really offends the eyes. MH: You already know, that I really don’t like anything that is ordinary. BS: Of course, I definitely know that. After all, CEO is who anyway. (MH makes a satisfied gesture of acknowledgement) Does this sound like a compliment to you? (BS drops to informal speech in imitation of MH) MH: Did you just copy me? When did I do that? Are you crazy? You thing… (Note: When MH says "Did you just copy me?" and "Are you crazy?" to BS, it sounds very similar in word choice and intonation to when BS had said "Does this sound like a compliment to you?" So cute. )
  14. Conversation at police station between GD and BS. BS: Guk Doo, you said that person’s name was Kim Jang Yun, didn’t you? Tell me his address. GD: There? Why? Do you want to go find him? BS: Anyway, just tell me. GD: No. That’s something for the police to do. It’s not something for you to do. BS: I’m asking you as a favor. Tell me. GD: No! Hurry up and go home. I’ll take you. BS: I’m okay. I’m not going home. GD: Are you going to that person’s hospital? (BS nods) Are you going because you’re his bodyguard or because he got hurt because of you? Or else, you… Do you have to do that? Do you have to be by that person like that? That’s something that you don’t have to do. BS: I’m going to do it. I think that’s what I should do.
  15. I don't think it's necessarily a Korean cultural belief. I think it's more of a guarding against potential reactions in the body. In any case, even if it wasn't totally nothing by mouth for MH, I don't think the spicy, loaded bibimbap would have been approved versus some broth, light toast, or gruel as being the initial meals consumed post-op when they're still monitoring his recovery. Speaking of which monitoring his recovery, even though his recovery was amazing and so obviates any need to take him back to surgery, if they did have to go back into surgery, than he needs to not have any solid foods in his system anyway. However, kdrama recoveries are always so miraculously fast, I'm sure that MH will be up and running about with BS in no time. Btw, that's interesting about dark foods, and chicken causing wounds to itch. I hadn't heard of those beliefs before. Why no cold water? I had heard people speak of drinking room temperature water for better absorption into the body. Is that why? Btw, anyone know who is singing the song when BS was fighting the gangsters? The one about "Super power girl"? I don't think it's a released OST yet. It's so catchy though, and the singer/music sounds familiar. Maybe Every Single Day?