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  1. I know there was a lot of speculation that Dr. Mok was a killer also, but the ending shot of him killing a woman was chilling in the extreme, especially since SJ and JY both seem to trust him and confide in him. This drama just seems to ratchet up the tension further and further, making me wonder when I'll snap. Also, makes me wonder about wearing skirts... I think I watch this drama mostly for KH and his bromances with SS and SJ. Actually, now that both of them are in on the secret, they occasionally give off Three Musketeer vibes, though KH and SS sometimes slip in a joke or a reference that only the two of them will get. When that happens, and SS giggles, I have to say I giggle with him. I'm warming up to the romance between SJ and JY as well, mostly because the calm, cool, stoic SJ just seems to lose it when it comes to anything to do with JY. Plus that pleased little smile on his face when he saw his handkerchief still tucked into JY's purse. I'm not sure that JY sees SJ as a man yet, much less understand that he's interested in her. She's so emotionally closed off at this stage, however, I'm hoping that eventually, she'll find herself looking for SJ as well. Yes, the logic seemed flawed to me as well, though I guess I see JY's logic. When JY said that in order to build credibility, culprits usually confess to at least one truth, she was also tying in the possible confessions to JHY's desire to play games with SJ. So, in order to build credibility, JHY would tell at least one truth, but his gamesmanship may not have him telling just the truth. And, actually, SJ also seemed to be casting some doubt on that line of reasoning before KH interrupted by leaving them alone in her flat.
  2. Yes, DY did serve time in jail though it's not clear how much time he actually served. When his father, like the weasel that he is, claimed to have no knowledge of anything, DY had to pay for his father's crimes. However, DY must have served less than the three years since at the end when HJ comes home from her business trip, DY has clearly already established a routine of sorts with GO and HJ.
  3. Episode 2 was brilliant as well as it slowly shows the dynamics between KSW and YUG and his entourage. KSW does what he does best, anticipate everything, execute everything, and improvise on the spot to maximize his advantage. Plus, it's a limited time event, just until he's finds the first of the crosses at Chairman Victor's birthday meeting with YUG. And, then he'll do his usual thing of dying and disappearing. However, KSW is a big disruption in the way YUG has worked and in his relationship with those in his entourage, especially CDH who is feeling some jealousy at how YUG seems to be warming up somewhat to KSW who is taking care of his problems for him.the reluctant bromance between KSW and YUG has started, and it's hilarious so far, though the ending of episode 2 with YUG in actual jeopardy and KSW the only one who reacts quickly enough to save him may see another dynamic start between the two men. Strangely enough, CDH was a bit irritating to me in episode 2. In episode 1, I had actually marveled at how in tune she was to YUG as his manager and his fanatic fangirl, hyper aware of everything about him and predictive of his moves even before he's thought of doing them. In episode 2, though, as jealousy of KSW creeped into the equation, that obsessive proclivity proved annoying as she starts focusing on KSW and removing him from her oppa's side so that she can be the dominant one in his life. Still, I think this is all a prelude to KSW and CDH being in circumstances that they don't quite expect to be in and perhaps not being as in control of their worlds as they're used to being. KSW seems to have been caught off guard by CDH a few times already. And, whereas CDH has her suspicions about KSW, he is definitely more than the conclusions she frequently jumps to. I thought @Lady_Fay said it so well about KSW, that I'l just quote her here. As for CDH, I think @40somethingahjumma expressed how I feel about her right now. Anyway, I am totally hooked on this drama. It's completely stylish, with adrenaline fueling action, a dose of unexpected comedy, fantastic bromances galore and with a dark, dark evil at its center in Mo Seung Jae. The dynamic between MSJ and his wife is a fascinating one, especially now that we know that SME left YUG for MSJ at some point, though SME and MSJ definitely don't seem to be the coziest of couples, especially if SME is working to bring MSJ down. Given that MSJ has connections into the NIS, however, I hope that doesn't bring SME into too much danger immediately, though I expect that at some point, she will be in danger from her husband. Also, I just have to mention Jung Man Sik's character Lee Dong Hyun as the handler for Ghost Agent K. So LDH is an ex-NIS who is supposed to have retired and become a prosecutor, however, he's working in deep undercover as the handler for an agent who doesn't appear anywhere on the books, meaning he can't be anywhere on the books. And, he goes around talking about it relatively freely, especially with the director that he consults with from time to time since no one will believe it anyway. ROFLOL. I love this character, and the bromance that he has with KSW. He goes from comedic to deadly serious to black humor, because really, who would believe this stuff anyway. LOL. I'm also loving the directing and editing as well which keeps it moving, engaged, and effective rather than having me wonder why they did some things the way they did and wondering if they had not shot enough footage and was trying to camouflage it with fillers. I can't believe I'm this enthused about a drama based on watching just the first two episodes.
  4. @triplem, nice to see you here as well. Thanks for the live recaps. This drama is too much, though in a good way. I have to finish watching episode 2, and then I'll be back with comments. I see @supergal99 already posted a good translated preview, so won't post another one. Have I mentioned how much I'm liking PHJ as Kim Sun Woo? I think I've had a bit of thing for PHJ since Bad Guys where he went so dark and stoic. Whew.
  5. HI @bebebisous33, as always, loved your thoughtful post. The above point, though, I totally agree with. It seems that regardless of how things started for SO, she's not appreciated by her husband and family now. It almost seems that she's expected to just stay quiet in a corner until one of the family needs to be served, and then it's SO's job to serve them. I can't imagine living such a life, especially for one as smart and knowledgable as SO. Even if there isn't a romance per se, I love that Officer Hong respects her and may have a crush on her. I want SO to become aware of it at some time as well to know that she can draw such admiration and respect. And, she's also winning over WS as well which is lovely. I want WS to respect his ajumma both for her talents as well as the person that she is, and if he also develops some romantic feelings for her, requited or not, I'm okay with that. I have to admit, as of right now, I want her to either leave that family or have that family have an epiphany of how much they really love and need her. Anyway, so far, it's been an easy watch as those around her develop ever deeper appreciation of her.
  6. Preview to episode 10 and translation KH: He killed another person and left the dots, that crazy bastard. JHY: You didn’t know this, did you? That I’m going to kill you, too. SJ: Actually, my mother, 30 years ago, was the victim of a serial killer. Dr. Mok: Why did God have us meet? SS: Even if you go around carrying it well by yourself, I can’t stand by to see that. Dr. Mok: I only gave the right answer to the question. JHY: What are you? JY: Among these, he’s probably the only person whose trusts your words. KH: It’s not catching the culprit that’s important, isn’t it the culprit that is important? JY: Isn’t it enough to just catch the culprit? Dr. Mok: Professor Shin is in danger. Anyway I think of it, she has to be careful of Jung Ho Young. So, there will be a one week delay on broadcasting episodes 13 and 14 to improve the show further, I see. So, we'll have episodes next week, and then a week break. I guess this means that they'll ratchet the tension up even higher. Not sure whether to be excited or worried. Haven't really heard of a successful drama taking a break to re-jig things, but this drama keeps coming back for more, so I'm nervously excited to see how the final run goes?
  7. Just caught the first episode of this drama. I thought it totally rocked, and I'm a bit surprised by how much I liked it. Park Hae Jin was marvelous as the intelligent, athletic superspy who has his own code of morals with a strong streak of pragmatism and a determination to get the job done. Definitely more Bond than Bourne as @40somethingahjumma called it. (Not that it matters to me much since I love both the Bond series and the Bourne series. ) PHJ's English was pretty good, also. The other actors were awesome as well, and so far I'm loving how deftly their characters were introduced, but also underlining how complicated their stories and relationships are going to get as they all play one large game of cat and mouse. Being a fake couple with the Hungarian mafia princess (by the way, I thought they were engaged, but not married yet) as a complicated way of breaking into a political prison in order to break out a prisoner was a convoluted piece of maneuvering that effectively shows how inventive Kim Sun Woo is, and how he doesn't necessarily use the direct line. Though he can also take a direct course of action, as with shooting the terrorist with the bomb jacket holding the little girl hostage. And, while he was punished for his insubordination, that wink and blink to the little girl who was safe basically said it all about how he felt about that. Also, blowing up the car to fake his death so that his Hungarian girlfriend won't feel scorned was a nice touch to wrap up a "relationship" with a potentially dangerous woman. Like I said, I think KSW is pragmatic to the max, even if his moves may be a little extreme. The action in this drama is also fun and engaging, both KSW's super military and super spy moves, but also Yeo Woon Gwang's stunt action moves. And, even though KSW and YWG haven't actually interacted yet, I'm so looking forward to their interactions. YWG's willful insistence on getting his way coming into conflict with KSW's ability to get things done. I'm giggling just thinking about it. The women in this drama also look promising from Cha Do Ha's fanatic fan turned manager, though she can't quite tamp down those fan feelings, to Song Mi Eun's society wife to the villain of this drama Mo Seung Jae who may be working with the NIS to try to bring her husband down. Speaking of her husband, MSJ may be as coldly, calculatingly menacing and is the only character without a hint of comedy or lightness in this drama thus far. Yeon Jung Hoon is so good at villains, I think I just assume that he's going to be a badass villain whenever I see him attached to a drama. So, this is a longish ramble to say that I really liked the first episode and can't wait to see the second. I'm cautiously hopeful given the amount of talent involved in this production. If this drama series stays as slick as its start, I know I'm going to fall in love with it. Oh, one last thing, all the DotS parodies are so funny and fantastic as was the use of the actor who played Argus in DotS, though his supposed Russian flavored English had me giggling a lot more than PHJ's English. I think someone mentioned a Song Joong Ki cameo. It would be so stellar if he cameo-ed as Big Boss. Perhaps KSW had been part of Alpha Team for a while before he was sent on overseas assignments? Just speculating.
  8. @bongsoonie, thanks for your translation. I liked reading your translation of this interview, but the last paragraph confused me a bit. I went back to the original and translated it, and it came out slightly differently. I'm posting my translation of that last paragraph. I hope you don't mind. Additionally, Park Hyung Sik relayed what ‘Do Bong Soon’ Baek Mi Kyung said to him “Your eye gaze is of a different level”. He said “While we were broadcasting, the writer told him ‘Not an obvious melo, but do a melo with a story about something that shouldn’t be done’. Because she was so complimentary about my eye gaze, I’m very grateful. Park Bo Young noona’s real sister apparently told Bo Young noona ‘Hyung Sik’s eye gaze is good’ and she (PBY) told me about it to raise my confidence. Saying also, ‘To an actor, isn’t it a good thing to have a good eye gaze.’ And, I’m very grateful to her for telling me that.” Two quick notes about this paragraph. First thing, when Koreans talk about a "melo", they don't necessarily mean a straight melodrama as an English speaker might. Rather they seem to be referring to a romance drama. So "Romeo and Juliet" (without the second Romeo and without a Team Leader Oh showing up) is referred to as a melo. So, the writer was talking about PHS' range and intensity of expression in his gazes that would make him a good romantic drama lead, but telling him to do one with a complicated plot where he could put his range to good use rather than a simple, obvious plot which might be a waste of his talents. Second thing, saving (or raising) "ki" while the words translate literally into "saving energy", it actually means to raise their spirits or to raise their confidence. In this case, I think PBY may have told PHS about her sister complimenting his eye gaze as a way of reassuring him since he was so worried about doing well as an actor.
  9. Actually, I ended up liking the finale. It deals out some measure of justice to everyone involved. And, it wasn't all happiness and light for everyone, however, there are notes of possible redemption for all the characters, even MH and her mother who may have only each other to rely on after all. MH cries over the letter from HR which said that she's going to study hard so that she can grow up to be an amazing woman like her mom, and that when mom comes back from her business trip, she should come see her. DY is arrested after Mdm Seo gives the secret contract to the prosecutors. DY tearfully tells HJ that even though it was cowardly he had perhaps hoped that things would just go quiet so that he could still be with HJ and GO, but it wasn't to be after all. Saying his goodbye to her, he leaves with the police. HJ goes to JW to ask what happened, but JW says that other than DY's father telling the truth and claiming responsibility, he doesn't know how DY can escape jail time. His father is a weasel to the end and denies knowing anything, so letting DY take the fall. Mdm Kim and her husband are completely ruined since their money will be taken away. JW takes HR away to America with him. DY's mother locks away her shares into a charitable trust, I think. (Sorry, I'm writing this from my memory of this episode, and I can't completely recall it.) Anyway, the point is that DY's father will never have control of the shares and thus will never be able to regain the chairmanship. There is a three year time jump. Mr. Park and HJ's mother walk in the park, talking about how they view time. HJ's mother claims she has all the time in the world. Mr. Park says he lives as if he's dying every day, so that everything seems so much more precious to him including the person he's next to. Mdm Kim is out of jail early and goes to visit MH who is still serving time in jail. Mdm Kim asks MH why MH never thought to bargain with her with the secret contract. MH states she hadn't failed to think about it, that she could bargain with her own mother. Mdm Kim tells MH to come see her when she's out of jail. MH asks whether Mdm Kim still has some use for MH then. Mdm Kim says she does. Without money, Mdm Kim has lost her connections as well, showing that her power didn't amount to much after all, however, she can still provide MH with a bed. SY has finally finished school and gets a job with LK where TY still works. JW has been named the chairman of LK. He answers a phone call from HR who is still in America, telling her that dad will see her soon. So, JW has finally managed to tell HR that he's her father. The mistress and DY's father are still living in DY's mother's guest villa. The mistress comes out to see DY's father sweeping, and tells him that she knows he's only doing that to try to get a bigger allowance. DY's father whines about getting more allowance money since a man can't do big things without money in his pocket. Sheesh. DY's mother comes out and has somewhere to go, and tells DY's father to get the car and driver her. DY's father protests, so DY's mother tells him that if he doesn't want to be her driver, he can start paying rent or move out. The mistress tells DY's father that since they live there for free, he should be more grateful as she hustles him off to go get the car. There are also some acerbic comments towards DY's father for pushing blame on his child and so it being right that he's ashamed whenever DY is mentioned. DY's mother calls DY to see how he is and what he's doing. He's at an outside sitting table in the yard of a house playing with GO's dog and tells his mother so. (Yay! The dog makes another appearance.) She tells him that she'll visit with food the next day to which DY protests, but his mother says that she has to do so since she finds it hard to see him living like that. DY basks in the sun when HJ comes home from a trip. HJ asks after GO and is told by DY that he should be home from school any minute. DY tells HJ that he'll have dinner ready shortly to which HJ replies that she's asked him not to do that (cook their food that is), because that's what DY's mother doesn't like. HJ says that she met JW who is now chairman of LK. DY gets jealous asking why she's meeting him. She says she also got some news about HR to which DY still grumpily says that JW should have contacted DY directly with the news about HR. She tells DY that JW has asked whether DY was ready to come back to work yet. DY says that he actually likes being unemployed for the time being since he's never had a chance to rest and spend time freely like this. HJ tells him that she'll earn plenty of money for them so he can rest for as long as he wants to. They go inside. GO finally comes home from school, running in and announcing that he's home. He stops for a quick pet of the dog then runs into the house also. So, I guess a good ending makes a lot of things forgivable. I think the endings were somewhat appropriate in that those who had money and power before and were willing to hurt others for it, are left moneyless and powerless now. Everyone else sort of has to figure out an ongoing life. The time jump didn't irritate me since it was necessary for DY to resolve his predicament by serving time in prison since his father hung him out to dry. Not that I've commented on fashion in this thread, however, Mdm Seo gets my vote for most consistently looking polished and elegant without weird accessory malfunctions. Thanks to everyone on the thread. It's been fun and interesting. Hope to see you again on other threads.
  10. Preview of episode 106 and translation SJm: Don’t you know how desperate a person must be in order to try to die? It’s because of you. Because you’re harassing her! JK Mother: Oh, that’s okay. GW Father: Making food, really… JK Mother: He has an eye for women. Really. (She thinks she could make a play for GW’s father. Eeek.) GW: When it’s just the two of us, let’s please talk about us. EH: What do we have to talk about? KS: Truthfully, doesn’t Eun Hee seem more like a savior than an actual person? (this wasn't that clear, so I may edit once I've watched the preview with the episode if I get a clearer audio) Man: Hello, Im Eun Ha-shi, I’m that nurse who gave you the toothbrush. GW: A fiancee who is always looking far away like this and thinking of something else is a little hard fo take. EHa: You called me in order to meet. Your bait has been caught by me. LOL, SJm is blaming EH for his mother's dementia. How about all of her crimes coming back to haunt her? That would be the more likely candidate for the PTSD that's exacerbating CA's dementia. Also, EH does seem to be taking GW for granted. However, GW's goalposts have moved also. Once upon a time, he acted as if only EH would allow him to be with her, that's all he could ask for. Now that has happened, GW is clearly wanting more attention from EH. I think that would be healthier though for EH to pay GW some serious attention rather than not having any time and energy for him since she's so preoccupied with anything and everything else, including CA's dementia. Loyal, loving GW needs a little loving himself.
  11. You are correct, PHS did not refer to PBY as noona in the BTS from what I remember. However, I think I read somewhere that PHS was a bit of a method actor and liked to stay in character when he's filming, so perhaps that's to be expected since his character AMH is the same age as DBS. After the drama is finished, however, and they completely have to revert to being themselves rather than their characters, I can see PHS using "noona" to indicate PBY. "Noona" is actually sweet in acknowledging their familiarity to with each other and PBY's slight age advantages. It's better than if PHS called her "sunbae" which he could do since she is his senior in acting. Park Bo Young-shi wouldn't be entirely respectful given their relationship. And, just calling her by name would be frowned upon in Korean society.
  12. @mirela, I ended up reading the entire article and translating it, so I'm posting the whole thing. Another very sweet interview by PHS. I think the final paragraph is especially sweet as he talks about how uncomfortable it could have been to spend so much time just looking at each other, but says that it wasn't since they created a private space for themselves where they could be comfortable and talk even without words. Aww.. ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ Park Hyung Sik reveals how it feels to work with Park Bo Young. Park Hyung Sik was met in a cafe in Seoul in the neighborhood of Gangnam, Nonhyungdong for an interview to commemorate cable channel JTBC’s ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ (director Lee Hyung Min, writer Baek Mi Kyung). At the interview, Park Hyung Sik said “Park Bo Young noona had been working with Cha Tae Hyun, Song Joong Ki, Jo Jung Seok, and other sunbaes, but she hasn’t worked with newbie actors? Since I am a newbie actor, would she have to work that much harder with me (to get a good performance)? Whether I could match her performance well was a big burden.” Saying, “Bo Young noona said ‘Don’t try to carry your burden by yourself. A drama is not made just by oneself, it’s created together. Get rid of feeling burdened, and go do what you want to do.’ The director also said to do everything that I want to do. He gave without stinting. This was the first time that it was this much fun shooting.” as he told of how it felt to finish ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. Also, “The script was originally very fun. Basically, the Do Bong Soon character is a very strong hero, so she stops a bus and sends people flying, which is funny. And seeing that, causing Min Hyuk to fall (for Bong Soon) is also fun. That he calls it ‘sexy’ made me laugh.” he explained. About a scene that remains in his memory, “There is a scene where I’m saying to Do Bong Soon ‘Look at me. Love me.’ That scene, while we were shooting, there really became a space with just the two of us. Lying there without saying even one word, it can become uncomfortable. It can become apparent that it’s awkward. Without any words, we were just looking at each other, however the air wasn't awkward. We two were still conversing. That air and that feeling is something I won’t forget” was his recollection. edit: I changed the translation slightly. I originally used the word "atmosphere" instead of the word that he actually used "air" because I thought atmosphere would be more understandable. After thinking about it a little, I actually changed the translation to use the word "air", but then decided to add a comment. So, actors often use a term which translates to "matching breathing" when talking about working with another actor. So, they might say "our breaths matched well" if they felt they performed well together or they might say "we were trying to match our breaths" if they have worked together for the first time. In English, we would probably say it more in terms of being in sync or in tune with another person. It basically comes down to how well or how difficult two actors may find working together. So, when PHS spoke about the air, I think he was referring to the air being breathed between himself and PBY and not just the atmosphere. That they were so in sync, so comfortable with each other that the air being breathed between them was well matched, and that it was unforgettable to be like that with another actor/person. I don't mean to add fodder to any shippers as such. I think PHS was just happy and grateful that he was able to work so well with such an experienced actress as PBY.
  13. Well, Mdm Kim is in prison, and since she didn't file her appeal in time, she'll be serving her full sentence. Though she does still seem to be in contact with her husband enough to make major decisions, like the one deciding to unadopt MH. Which means that MH when she comes out of prison, whenever that is, will have no family and no money, though also no debts thanks to the deal with DY trading her debts for a divorce. So, MH will be at JW's largesse in America, I guess, where she'll go to be close to her daughter. I can't even imagine that she turns over a new leaf and becomes a family with HR and JW since JW will remember exactly how treacherous MH can be. However, for HR's sake, I can see JW taking care of MH as well which will make them a de facto family even if JW never marries MH since what woman would be wiling to take on a man who is supporting his daughter and his treacherous ex-gf? CDB's punishment may be to not get his chairmanship back, though I'm thinking that if MH does use the secret contract that incriminates DY, that CDB will have a miraculous change of heart and take the blame on himself so as to give his son a chance at life. Of course, this would be totally against his nature, but it's the final episode and that would be a way to bring CDB back into the family fold as he serves his penance and after. Of MH decides not to reveal the secret contract after all since she'll have the change of heart which leave CDB deciding to retire permanently anyway since his mistress won't give up her voting shares for him. Like I said, this would also be against character for him, but it's the final episode so they have to do something, and they've been trying to show that he's like a toothless tiger now without his power base. I'm not actually expecting a lot from the finale other than that DY, HJ, and GO will finally get to be a family, though we got a preview today in the penultimate episode with the picnic and the inline skating. @maribella, I'll be watching and commenting on the finale, though I haven't commented very much on this drama for the last few weeks. So, see you at the final episode.
  14. Hi @nonski unni, here is a translation of the original article that you included in your post. I've copied my fave of the pictures from your post for this post. And, I've put your original post sans pictures in the spoiler at the end. I know that there have been other translation requests on this thread, but I think those were already done by other posters, so this is the first article I've translated for this thread. Hope you enjoy. PHS sounds pretty sweet and almost puppyish in the article, to me anyway. Maybe it's because he refers to Bo Young as noona in this article? “That Park Bo Young was my leading lady, that entire thing was a burden” In the JTBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, the ‘actor’ Park Hyung Sik’s performance was judged to have risen a level. It is the first work where he was able to cast off the title of being an idol and was considered to be a true actor. And so, he is now known as ‘new actor’ Park Hyung Sik. “ From the very beginning, ’Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ was a very burdensome work. The director took me in that state and basically had to raise me. It was to such a degree that he had to drag me out like that. (Comment: He means that he was very nervous, and that the director had to provide a lot of guidance to get his performance.) Having acted while hearing ’try it as you want to do it’, for the first time, I realized that I was able to act like this. It was because there were many seniors actors and a good teacher like Park Bo Young with me. This is the first time that it’s been so much fun while shooting.” During the interview, Park Hyung Sik used the phrase “feeling burdened” several times. During the broadcast run of ’Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, his response to reporters’ questions was to confess to feeling burdened. When asked “What was such a burden?”, Park Hyung Sik answered “That the actress Park Bo Young was to be my acting partner, that entire thing.” “Those whom I respect so much, Jo Jung Seok, Cha Tae Hyun, Song Joong Ki and other senior (actors), Park Bo Young acted with them. How could someone who was able to match performances with such good actors now be matching her performance to a newbie like me… it wouldn’t be right if I became a big problem for the production, so I felt very burdened by it. And then on the day of the script reading, I also made a mistake. Everyone was very worried, but (Park Bo Young) said to me ’Why are you trying to do it by yourself. Trust the director, trust me, and let’s do it’. Since she grabbed my hand like that, I was able to be more comfortable.” (Comment: He’s talking about PBY metaphorically grabbing his hand to steady and guide him rather than actually taking his hand.) Once his body was able to relax, as if taking to water, Park Hyung Sik was able to start becoming the slick leading male actor Ahn Min Hyuk. Park Bo Young also said in an interview complimenting him “Park Hyung Sk was entirely Ahn Min Hyuk”. “In about the middle of the drama, I gained some confidence. I think I was able to start becoming more confident when I started going to the director a little less. At the beginning, because of my worrying about the character, I really went to the director a lot. However as I became more confident, without hesitating by myself, I was able to “Go”. (Comment: This means that instead of deliberating and hesitating, not knowing what to do, he was able to take the character and act his scenes out.) In truth, even after that, I asked Bo Young noona once. Whether I was a little better now. Noona answered me with a smile ‘Are you still worrying about things like that’. I liked that matching of our performance very much.
  15. Don't get me wrong. I'm not happy with the way SO is being treated by her husband and his family now. They definitely don't appreciate her nearly enough for everything that she has done for them and continues to do for them. And, I'm highly suspicious of them anyway. Even if SO stays with her husband, I'm hoping that he's not really a corrupt prosecutor regardless of his reputation with the detectives, because SO deserves better than that. Actually, I'm wondering about a scenario where SO solves a case which her husband as prosecutor then refuses to prosecute because of lack of evidence, and she goes and gets irrefutable evidence which her husband then does away with because he doesn't want the case to be prosecuted because he's taken a payoff or something. Or maybe this is actually lighter fare than that, and her husband is just what he seems. A bit of a jerk prosecutor who is full of himself with respect to his career, but still cares for his wife and family. Who knows.