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  1. Ahh, thanks for the explanation. "Yeon-go" is a word that means ointment in Korean, but there are also other meanings plus it could have been a contraction, so I wasn't entirely sure. But, the gif you posted really clarifies it.
  2. @mimima, here is the translation you requested. “Oh, this is strange…Why am I crying? So embarrassing.” On the day that the YeonGo Couple separated, the actor Dong Wook who burst into tears. Jung Rok cried, Jin Shim cried, and we cried also. - tvN Wed-Thurs Drama <Touch Your Heart> Next week Wednesday (the 27th) night at 9:30, let’s meet then. Not sure why they are called "YeonGo Couple". Anyone know? edit: @lingkoo explained this one for me. Thank you.
  3. The CEO's last name is Yeon, and the word for a lawyer is "byun-ho-sa". Westerners tend to put the title before the name, e.g. Lawyer Yeon, but Koreans will put the title after the name, e.g. Yeon Lawyer. So, the CEO working as a lawyer would be called "Yeon Byun-ho-sa". However, Koreans will frequently shorten a title to its first character or to a single syllable when used with a surname, e.g. "ssaem" as a shortened single syllable version of "seon-saeng" or "seon-saeng-nim" for teacher or "bee" as a shortened form of "bee-seo" for secretary. So he would be called "Yeon Byun". This explanation is for anyone who isn't as familiar with Korean name and title combinations, btw. Anyway, "yeon byun" in Korean can be a curse word which I won't translate here since the forum filters will probably turn into "richard simmons" anyway. Thus CEO Yeon explains that's why he wanted to become a CEO. As the CEO of the firm, that is a higher ranked title than being lawyer, so he became Yeon Dae-pyo rather than Yeon Byun, and the word "dae pyo" btw is not shortened. I think the advice on kissing and skinship will happen during the "rehearsal" at the house as per the preview so that she won't be able to do the scene without thinking about him. I am so amazed at how much detailed analysis is going into the ending kiss. You all are fantastic! But, I can't read this thread at all any more without seriously turning red. Though... Watching the slow motion close ups, was this really lips biting or are they sucking??
  4. Here you go @Yeojachingudeul. A translation of the episode 15 text preview. Episode 15 Preview Having met again on an ardent night, ascertaining each other’s hearts, Jin Shim and Jung Rok. Jung Rok, unwilling to let Jin Shim go, asks “May I sleep over tonight?” and causes Jin Shim to become nervous…! Otherwise, Jung Rok who is finding it hard to see Jin Shim with her busy schedule, becomes the onset consultant for her drama… The two people take every chance at the shooting set and at the house to secretly date. While doing that, Jung Rok discovers from Jin Shim’s script that there is a kiss scene…! @Mydzblue0421 tagging you since you wanted a translation of this as well.
  5. Episode 18 thoughts More about how Healer and the Someday News team outsmarts the Elder and his minions to broadcast the tape showing that JH's father was the witness to the murder rather than being held for questioning as a murder suspect and broadcasting the Elder's face. JH is drugged by the Elder for his efforts rather than killed. I guess JH is drugged so that the Elder and his minions can get away without being followed? And, JH can't just be killed because Someday News had been broadcasting JH's meet with the Elder? For such a callous person as the Elder who is supposed to be powerful enough to get away with murder at will and has politicians, cops, prosecutors, and the news media in his service, what he did to JH seemed a bit tame to me. But, at least, it led to another sweet scene where JH wakes up to YS. It was funny that YS comments on how JH is sleeping all the time when she finds him, i.e. on the rooftop when JH was injured, at his home after YJ's murder, and now at the Elder's place. We also get a flashback of the events of 1992 and what their fathers went through. JH and YS smiling to each other as they get confirmation that their fathers had been partners and friends through the end of their lives was also a sweet moment. JH decides he wants to try to lead a normal life just like other people, though he doesn't really know what that entails. YS sounds like an indulgent girlfriend, though it's clear that she's not sure that he can do it. JH then learns about earning a regular wage and isn't that happy about the stepdown from his Healer paychecks. No way is he going to be able to afford any remote islands on a normal internet reporter's salary. YS and her father continue to be heartwarming in their love and respect for each other. Her father bemoaning that YS likes a guy who is so weak is funny. YS and JH's interaction in her bedroom as she asks for a birthday present and he gives her a tracker necklace is played mostly with comedic beats, but there is the instance when YS keeps evading JH's attempts at skinship with her, and he asks "Am I being bothersome?" then at her denial of that "Then why are you pushing me away?" There is a clear note of confusion and hurt in his voice as he looks for a reason why YS is evading him. Even though they are totally in love with each other, there is still that hurt little boy inside Healer that still wonders if he's going to be abandoned. In the midst of the cute and the funny, that plaintive question had my heart hurting for him. Fortunately, YS was just trying to teach him the normal way to approach her as his girlfriend, including talking to her father first. Frankly, I thought that YS could have given him a little hug and still given him the lesson, but perhaps she didn't trust herself to just hug JH and not let it go further? Then the scene with JH and YS' father as JH immediately tries to fulfill YS' instructions on the normal way to date a girlfriend. JH stresses during his "meeting" with YS' father who is upset with the previous embrace and kiss. Then the part where YS' father finesses that JH had been the friend that YS had spent the night taking care of and becomes totally enraged. Hilarious, and even more so because YS sits back and eats ice cream while JH is being chased around the room by her father. As she knows, JH has to get through it in order to get permission to date her, so not much she can do anyway. Might as well eat some ice cream. Felt so sorry for MH at MS' sleazy move to steal MH's stuff and use that to polish MS' own credentials as a protector of freedom, democracy, and orderliness. Also, this is the episode that Myung Hee's suspicions about MS gain some solid evidence that MS has become a sleazeball. Episode finishing with the double threat of MH's kidnapping followed by the sleezy secretary being next to YS. I do remember being a bit tense during broadcast during this cliffhanger wonder which way they would take the story. The finale episodes are a little OTT, but I do enjoy them. Looking forward to rewatching the final 2 episodes. Btw, YS and Ajumma Hacker, or at least the actresses portraying those characters, are going to have a reunion in the drama Her Private Live where they will play daughter and mother. I was kind of tickled by that since I really loved their interactions in this drama, though there weren't that many. But, the mutual admiration society that YS and Ajumma Hacker form with each other was really cute here, and I can't wait to see how their chemistry translates into the new drama even though it will unfortunately be without Healer.
  6. Awww. It's a Healer reunion between Kim Mi Kyung and Park Min Young! They didn't have that many scenes together in Healer, but I loved the scenes that they did have. I'm going to enjoy watching them interact in this drama as mother and daughter.
  7. Hmm, just watching the start of episode 14, and the reconciliation conversation between JR and JG. It seems that 5 years ago, JR had been a lawyer with a different law firm. JR had been moved at the time to take a case for some victims against their employer, but his law firm had been on the side of the employer with the CEO of JR's then law firm involved in some way. So, JR had acted as a whistleblower as well as a lawyer for the victims, and had suffered censure and loss of his job for it. At that time, JG had gotten funds to start his own law firm from an investor, it seems, and brought JR in to be a lawyer for the new law firm. So, in the present day, JG tells JR that his biggest regret is not having been able to talk JR out of his actions 5 years ago which led JR to suffer so much, but his biggest satisfaction was in creating a law firm with JR. So, JG tells JR that without JR, what would become of his own life. JG tells JR that they should just stick together and get through whatever needs to be gotten through. Seriously, so much bromance. Btw, I loved SW's role in bringing JR and JG together as well. I guess JG went crying to SW about his fight with JR, so SW called JR to join them, saying there was someone who wanted to see him and couldn't just let JR go like that. JR actually thought it might be YS, I think, and went only to find SW and JG. Then, SW started scolding JR for his actions causing JG to defend JR, and scolding JG for his actions causing JR to defend JG. Finally, JG asks SW if he's there to help or to make things worse, so SW agrees and excuses himself so that JG and JR can talk it out. I totally thought that was a smooth move on SW's part to force JG and JR to defend each other which basically reminded each other of the other's POV. That then leads to the conversation that I summarized above. Cute episode, even when not focused on JR and JS. Though, I realize that nothing can top the "I love you" and the kiss.
  8. Preview translation for ep 15. Here you go, @triplem. JS: I don’t want to go home. Because I keep wanting to see you. Yang: A lawyer consultant? (meaning an onset consultant for the legal scenes) CEO: Nobody wants to do it, right? JR: I’ll do it. CEO: Why are you being like that, so irritatingly?! JR: In order to protect Oh Jin Shim-shi, I think we’re going to have to more fervently date secretly. On script: JS: More fervently date secretly? JR: Even if he is your manager, there is such a thing as having a private life. Mgr: I’ll just use your bathroom. JS: Oppa! CEO: How is the mood between Oh Yoon Seo-shi and the male lead? JR: Kiss master? JS: Oh right, there was a kiss scene, wasn’t there? CEO: Somehow, I think that doing this drama, there is a chance that they’ll start dating in real life. JR: Since I agreed to rehearse with you, I’ll do it thoroughly. If this the way to do it? Cute. It looks as if the next episode is going to be a lot of fun with JR getting jealous over JS and her male lead. Also, JR agrees to be the onset lawyer consultant which means he'll have to be on set watching her film. Poor CEO, he had so wanted to be the lawyer consultant since he probably thought none of the other lawyers would want the gig, but JR volunteered to do it. Plus, another kiss scene albeit JR may be trying to show JS that he's the better kisser for her than the leading man who is supposed to be a kissing master.
  9. Ending scene with kiss. JR: Oh JIn Shim-shi, why are you being like this? JS: What did I do? JR: You know that we can’t be like this any more. JS: No, I don’t know why we have to be that way. I heard it all. Why lawyer-nim left me. There were several difficult things, but I was able to get through it all because I was with lawyer-nim. And, by doing that, I’ve become stronger. Rather than losing a chance because of scandals, I’m more afraid that lawyer-nim will disappear from my side. So…if it’s really for my sake, then stay by my side. Let’s start again. (JR is silent) JS: Are you really not going to hold onto me even when I’m being like this? Even if by letting me go like this, you may never be able to see me again? (JR is silent, so JS sighs. JR sighs.) JR: Oh Jin Shim-shi. I love you.
  10. Episode 17 thoughts YS waiting for JH’s call, but hesitating to answer it the first time, then waits for him to call again. JH afraid to call, but calls once, and when she doesn’t pick up, is still afraid and doesn’t call again. Both of them thinking of the other. JH feeling badly over Park Dong Chul who died and doing a death rite with soju in the dead chap’s apartment. Hacker Ajumma realizing that JH didn’t go to PDC’s apartment to toss it, but rather to perform a death rite for him with soju. JH has been feeling more and more, and now he feels badly even of a man who had tried to betray him for some money. However, JH understands that it wasn’t personal and that PDC hadn’t wished JH any harm. It’s just that PDC didn’t know who he was dealing with in accepting a deal from MS. YS meets her birth mother finally, and is able to talk with her about the things that had happened in the past. YS learns that her mother had been trying to protect YS when she had lost YS due to circumstances, and that her mother thinks that YS died back then. YS also learns that her mother doesn’t believe that JH’s father killed her father. YS takes one cookie from the death memorial feast of sweets that her birth mother had made for her. After the visit, YS walks with JH saying out loud that she hadn’t been abandoned after all. That her parents had wanted her all along. YS mentions that she had always been afraid that if she didn’t smile prettily, if she asked unwelcome questions, that the other person would become tired of her and abandon her. JH just quietly affirms that it’s not that way for him, giving her reassurance that he would want to be with her always. And, so YS asks him the question that she already knows the answer to, but wants him to answer. She asks whether JH had ever killed a person to which he simply answers “No.” I love this walk between the OTP, especially when after their talk, YS slips her arm into JH’s so that they can walk arm in arm. I had to laugh a little as JH mentions that of all the things he has to do, the hardest is to face YS’ father. It seems that it’s finally occurred to JH that he’s been very forward with YS in front of her father. LOL And, then JH and YS work as a team to be the distraction so that the Someday News team can get the witness tape from JH’s father’s site at the columbarium. This was a cute sequence all the way around. Love how much YS loves working with JH to defeat the bad guys and try to ensure that their info can be procured and aired. Actually, YS and JH's relaxed relationship by this point feels comfortable and cozy. MH airs the tape from the columbarium in an online broadcast, in support of the fact that JS and GH had both been killed, and that a coverup had been fabricated to make JS the murderer. The tape is actually the witness statement that JS makes about the killing of his friend GH. And, JH finesses his way to the Elder so that he can broadcast the Elder’s face. Such an audacious move.
  11. From @Alice Mendoza's post, a translation of the clip. JR: This will be a lot of exercise. caption: Exercise that is a little(?) exciting. (JR bounces around a bit) JR: He’s looking at me with eyes that say “Why is that person doing that?” JR: Ay, it’s so hard! I can’t do this! It’s too hard. No idea what he's doing, but he seems to be having fun jumping around on the trampoline, at least until he decides it's too much work. I think that the Always law firm people decide to call JS and ask her to help JR maybe?
  12. Translation: Completely disagreeing over Park Soo Myung’s case, Jung Rok and Joon Goo. The Always office is unable to do any work because of protest phone calls… Jung Rok who has been watching this happen goes to Joon Goo and submits his resignation. Meanwhile, Jin Shim finds it heartbreaking to see the abundant nasty articles about Jung Rok. To Jin Shim who is frustrated that she can’t help Jung Rok, there is an urgent phone call from the Always Law Firm!…
  13. A translation of the longer preview for ep 14. This preview is slightly different to the 15 sec preview, a bit more content and slightly different editing of the sequence. JR: I may have destroyed someone’s life even, so I have to do whatever I have to in order to set it right. JR: This is my resignation. CEO: Do whatever you want! I don’t need anyone as irresponsible as you any longer either! So do whatever you want! SW: You’re not even middle school kids, you’re fully grown adults. So, why are you fighting? JS: Are you going to work now, lawyer-nim? JS: If I want to see you, I’m going to come see you. JS: Lawyer-nim, do you want to have a meal with me? JR: Really, why are you being like this? CEO: It’s in order to save a person’s life. Who do you think I mean? It’s the nation’s most hated person, Lawyer Kwon. (meaning the CEO has a plan to help JR out) JS: My wish is that lawyer-nim doesn’t waver. (meaning she hopes that he stays the course and doesn't waver from his purpose) I believe that you’re going to handle it amazingly well.
  14. @triplem, here is a quick translation. Choi: Lawyer Dan, I was wondering if you are perhaps totally forgetting about the terms of the contract, so I will inform you about them once again. (takes out contract) 1. Duration of dating will be 1 week. Dan: There is still 5 days left. I haven’t forgotten. Choi: 2. During the dating time, any interest in dating someone else or even flirting with any third parties is forbidden. Dan: Of course! Other than Lawyer Choi, there is no one else right now! Choi: 3. During the dating time, we will have a meal together in the same room at least twice in the week. Dan: That’s why we are eating Chinese food together… So, what in the world is the problem? Choi: There are the terms which void the contract as well. 1. Skinship is forbidden. Dan: Then, have we perhaps voided the contract?
  15. Preview translation JR: This is my resignation. CEO: I don’t need anyone irresponsible like you either, so do whatever you want! JS: Lawyer-nim, would you like to have dinner with me? JR: Really, why are you being like this? JS: Just as you have all along until now, you’re going to do well with this. I believe in you.
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