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  1. @roswarathank you your alternative story/ending makes so much more sense and has given me the peace to finally move on....
  2. Actually, I dont understand why JW had to suffer so much and not deserve happiness, I mean he did save SJ something that he promised HJ he would do...however for whatever reason, the writer decided to give SJ a chance to start over with a new life so why not JW? SJ was able to be given a company and has "adoring fans" and is called a Genius...even though he is the creator of the game who actually was partly responsible for creating the game that went out of control and killed multiple people however at the end he was viewed as a hero...and the other hero, JW who went out to save him and also was a causality of the game had to continue to suffer by continuing to be stuck in the game...whether by choice or by being held captive by the game...we dont know... So what makes SJ deserve happens and a fresh start while JW doesnt get that same liberty? As fans, I dont think anyone wants to spend 16 hours watching something and be disappointed so if the story had minor problems I'm sure the majority would let it go...but the fact that a lot of people feel "cheated", unsatisfied and disappointed it means these are not minor details that had problems but that the story in fact has very big problems that a majority of the fans could not just overlook....
  3. 1. Ok makes sense, but then why did he log in 145 times? if he was not leveling up, trying to help or was actually evil? I was waiting for some sort of explanation for him having so many logins... 2. I mean the only part I can justify is the money part...after a game was so lethal that it killed so many people...Park knows this info even though no one else does and even the creator of the game SJ has no clear explanation and JW the CEO of the company has disappeared I would not risk launching the game to the public no matter how tempting it is...Park witnessed how this game literally tortured JW and turned their whole world up side down....He's like I launch the game and I retire...whatever happens I dont care.... From what I understood, creating an instance dungeon is a special ability that a Master has...so SJ created it because he was a Master and now JW has the ability to create it because he is the new master....
  4. So Guys I usually avoid coming in and reading the live recaps until I've watched the subbed episode...and like many of you after watching the end...I couldn't believe it, I was literally asking myself Is this it? So I came here and reading all your reactions at least gave me a good laugh and kept my spirits up.... A lot of things didn't make sense to me like.... 1. I was actually surprised when CEO Park logged in the game...and it was his 145th login...what does that mean? he knew of the zombies and had also seen the zombies and NPCs? he could also see Dr. Cha? He also played the game? I was waiting for an explanation.... 2. After everyone had died as a result of the game, why would CEO Park accept for the game to be released???? what would ensure the safety of the users this time around? and what would ensure that the bug will not somehow appear again because of something between the new users like what happened to Marco and SJ? 3. If JW decided to stay in the game's dungeon like SJ what was his reason for this? SJ stayed there because it was too dangerous and he was scared of Zombie Marco...but at this point all the bugs had been deleted and it was now "safe" right? no more Zombie Dr Cha etc...unless he is somehow stuck in there and if he is stuck does it mean he is waiting for someone to come "rescue" him? 4. I know someone attempted to explain this but why wasnt Zombie Marco deleted as a bug? or were the only bugs deleted the ones related to Zinu? Now for my opinion...I really think the writer had a great idea but had no clear ending or resolution in her mind...she was just trying to piece things together week after week. I also think that she was trying too hard to outsmart the viewers with twists but in the end it was way too much for even herself to handle...I picture her thinking of all the explanations us viewers will come up with then coming up with something even more far fetched...I also think she wants so much to be recognized as a writer who does something outrageous and simultaneously breaks all the rules, a rebel, I think she identifies this with being creative and she is also trying to outdo each of her previous projects when it comes to the WOW factor of mind boggling experience...hence the endless use of flashbacks and the abrupt shocking open ended scene with no clear explanation...I don't think she is scared of the criticism of the viewers at all but is actually anticipating it and is probably what she wants to be known for... What I didnt like about ep 16...why she had to show HJ going to the church multiple times...after seeing her going there twice we get it, she is still looking for JW and is hopeful....she didnt need to drag that scene for way too long or perhaps she should've made it a bit fast... I know people didnt want to see the ex-wives but I guess she was trying to tie up all the ends of everyone's life EXCEPT she didn't tie the end/story of the most important person we've been following since the beginning JW...we actually just got to assume what happened to him, but no clear explanation from him..except in ep 15 when he said that was his end....also why didn't SJ tell us what actually happened from his point of view??? I mean the explanation we got thus far was from JW's assumption....or did he? but I missed it? As of the romance, I'm not going to complain much or criticize much because after the first kiss I had already given up on the development of the romance and when I saw the writer's final interview I didnt expect much...I actually think the writer did the interview then because she knew how disappointed we will all be...and decided to do her interview before we see the ending possibly her people told her to do that as a PR move to save her from the angry fans... nonetheless...because of my low expectations I wasnt expecting much but I do think she did HJ a very big disservice...I mean this guy was really leading her on...and now she has to just sit around and wait for a guy who she hasnt really dated and there is really no promise of commitment...if this was real life...she is really wasting her youth in the name of "Love"...I have said this a few times but I will say it again, I honestly do not see why JW deserves the type of loyalty that he is getting from HJ to me its very unrealistic but hey...and IMO this is due to the lack of bonding between the two....I know people will try to say they bonded when she took care of him etc, but IMO it wasnt enough of them actually getting to know each other, it was more of her supporting him while he tries to survive I'm more understanding after reading the writer's interview..she has no investment in this relationship and that's why it's really not realistic...so let's say that JW is stuck in the game somehow...and HJ puts on the lens..what will she do now? is she going to play the game and try to release him? will she ask for her brother's help? her character has been so helpless in this aspect...JW tried to survive to save himself and SJ but who will save him??? I guess that goes back to the Jesus symbolism? the writer is sure mixing a lot of religion theology from islam to christianity..I remember her using the church and cross in "Nine" as well Ok finally if I was told to describe MOA I would describe it as Memories = lots of Flashbacks, AR + Zombies, Thunder/Lightning and the tune of a guitar, A woman constantly crying for her lover Finally thank you all for making this forum a fun place with your theories and jokes... Sorry for such a long write up...I have been a bit quiet because I realized my views of this drama don't really align with most of the people who regularly post here so I didn't want to ruin the fun...but since this was the final episode I decided to do my final analysis... I usually don't post so much here unless a drama captivates me with mystery so for now I will say... annyeong chingus...until we meet again in another drama.
  5. I think the reason no one is complaining about his running is because he needs it for survival, it's obvious if he doesn't run he is DEAD...however, IMO the reason why people are complaining about the crying is because in some scenes the emotional connection has not been built up enough to justify the crying...Now I know that there are some who have said that some people are more emotional than others and will cry at the drop of the hat...but it's not about that, it's the story telling and the build up to the moment where she cries that doesn't make sense to some viewers...this is usually due to either writing of the character hasn't been fleshed out enough or the interpretation of the character by the actor, the character has to convince us that under all circumstances i.e the rules that have been established in the world where the character exists plus what we have been shown about the character so far justifies and aligns with their behavior...when those things don't happen that's when viewers feel a disconnect from the character and the story and it feels "unrealistic" or it takes the viewer out of the story and reminds them it's an "act"...if you compare to JW, it is convincing within the environment, the background, the story we've been shown and his character that he is required to run, therefore we do not feel as though it is contrived but it feels right and is believable.
  6. I just watched today's subbed ep and I kinda feel cheated when it comes to qn #1 in the poll, I mean I thought if HJ logs in she's playing the game, not just logging in and logging out kind of like Prof. Cha, but an active player...anyway...I got my zombie avatar up I chose Zombie Marco LOL otherwise I was so happy with how shooketh Prof. Cha was...for me that was the highlight of the episode... I'm not going to expect many questions answered I'm just going to assume it was somewhat magic and the game went crazy on its own...and there isnt a real bad guy but just victims of the said game.....
  7. lol thank you for doing the poll @Kasmic fun idea Question 1: No Question 2: SJ
  8. @sanika I agree, I also felt like the writer and director were like, it’s episode 11 and we still have no kiss so it’s now or never and since the viewers have been waiting and are kinda disappointed, let’s throw it in now… @imels it’s not that they need to wait longer for the kiss, or that he is supposed to finish the quest and find SJ first, IMO it’s the way the writer wrote out the romance, it's the writer's fault for not fleshing it out and building up the relationship, so now she realized we are in ep 11 and no kiss, and just gave it, so the impact was not as good, IMO it couldve had a bigger punch. It’s not about having more episodes but about building both the game/and the relationship simultaneously, so that the whole story is well rounded, well paced and realistic... @rita96 and to everyone who are debating me, I think you are all misunderstanding me...on paper because we know everything from JW's point of view and we know what he has been through, yes he has motivation, but it is how it was delivered by the writer is what made it have less of an impact for me... I'm not saying that he should've fixed everything and then came and find her I'm just saying that the moment and the build up to the moment didnt seem realistic to me...of course people build bonds when they are going through it and that is how you know if someone will be with you through thick and thin or not, he didn't have to fix everything to have a romance with her, but it was the build up to the moment that fell flat for me....it could've been written better taking account everything that had happened prior to the moment...as @sanika mentioned above, it was the timing... I know when it comes to OTPs and kiss/romance scene's people can be a little too protective, like a mother and her child...so we can agree to disagree... EP12 was much better IMO and I'm looking forward to the next few episodes I'm happy they gave us a little bit of a background on Su Jin and Dr. Cha's relationship...I don't know why Su Jin agreed to marry him, especially right away after her divorce to Jin Woo.... I'm more excited for the upcoming episodes now that we know for sure Prof. Cha has nothing to do with the game going rogue, because if he was behind all of this he wouldn't be so shocked when he saw zombie Cha!!! I was surprised that it looked like some guy went to get the lens for him, so he had the lens as well? but never played the game? at that moment, I honestly thought something will go wrong for Jin Woo and zombie Cha wouldn't appear...especially when he kept telling him to prove it.... but he appeared and Prof. Cha was shocked therefore it means he is no longer a suspect... I liked how JW told him to basically leave the country and let him continue with the quest if he wants to survive... New suspects, CEO Park and Su Jin... I think they knew that Prof. Cha is ruthless when it comes to the company and therefore they used him to get everyone out of the way while they take over.... aaaaand finally, Emma meets Emma....I can't wait to see how all this will unfold to help JW finish the quest and finally find SJ
  9. @imels I watched that scene a couple of times to try to understand why I wasnt comfortable with the scene and while I understand he was trying to ask her to prove her loyalty IMO she has already proven it to him many times over and he was the one who has been pushing her away...she ran after him at the train station, she looked after him all the time he was sick, she trusted him to the point of forsaking her own brother...to a man who has not really shown very much interest in her...and in fact had been pushing her away... I think at this point he needs to prove to her why she should be by his side and continue to trust him... I mean we know he is not crazy because we see his side of the story, but why does she trust him? a stranger who hasnt been able to find her brother? and who has conned her? just because she likes him?, has some chemistry with him? and he is attractive? is that reason enough??? @rita96 I dont think people who are going through a rough time do not need love, they do, I just didnt feel that he convinced me enough that he wanted her, because of how he has been acting so far...we know he secretly has feelings for her, but since he is a man of ambition and so far has not been able to be successful in finding her brother, which he promised by the way, and he has been kicked out of his company, as someone says he is jobless...there are so many things against him right now....realistically, if he really loves her he would try to sort things out first....I dont think his character would think about romance, because he would feel like he is not worthy of her yet, he would want to protect her ...until he finishes the quest and is able to regain normalcy again, then he would pursue her. I know they are trying to give us a, "us against the world" kind of romance, but just a few hours before he was pushing her away...on her birthday!!! what made him want to kiss her now? the fact that he is now a murder suspect? that is the only thing that changed...there was no indication or build up that he wanted her, it was rejection rejection rejection, oh poor me, my story is so tragic, prove to me that you trust me...but she has been proving it all this time!!! he was the one who has been pulling away...as someone said she was the one who was supposed to kiss him....IMO they didnt build it up well....
  10. Just finished watching the ep 11 subbed...and I have so many questions, I feel like I was watching an entirely different drama from the first 10 episodes... 1) I feel like they trolled us with the explanation that he wasnt just defeated but he found some kind of key....so when did that happen? because we clearly saw him defeated after he saw zombie sec seo and then the zombies ambushed him and he had no more energy to fight, so at what point was he able to get back up and go look for the key 2) Why did he have to go all the way to korea to ask them to switch the server back on? why couldnt he do that via phone? 3) so all this time the solution for him no longer being "delusional" and seeing things without the lens was to simply switch off the server? Because ever since he came back to korea he hasnt seen any of the NPC anymore... 4) for how long did they switch off the server and when are they planning to switch it back on? it looks like from the time they decided to switch it off and the the time HJ found him in that room drinking that it has been a while, at least days have passed Finally, this is my personal opinion, I'm sorry to say this especially to the fans of the romance, to those who are happy the ship is finally sailing and to those who are excited by the kiss, but I felt like they had to just throw that in there somehow but it didnt really fit the mood or the flow of the story so far... I really dont think someone who has lost everything and is in such a mood would be thinking about romance, that would really be that last thing on his mind, plus I felt like HJ was the one trying to convince him to do everything he seems like he has no motivation to do anything, which rightly and understandably under the circumstances After everything he has gone through....I just don't see the romance believable at this point, It feels forced! Almost like a pity romance... The preview also looks to me like they have shifted from the game part of the story, which was the most appealing IMO to the relationship part...which again makes me feel like I'm watching two different dramas, it feels a bit disjointed...and I love, love, love romance dramas, but I just couldn't buy it here and because of this I couldn't enjoy the kiss...but then again that's just my opinion.
  11. @Kasmic I was just browsing the page really quick and I almost had a heart attack I thought Hyun Bin was the one getting married mid January... I was like what?! Where?! and to Who?!! until I took a double take and read it again LMAO
  12. In episode 9 I felt cheated because half of it was JW narrating what he thinks happened to SJ and Marco, we all know that is just his speculation and redirection for us not to figure out the what happened, but then I let it go hoping ep 10 would have more to offer. In ep 10 I was extremely disappointed that by the end no progress at all, we lost Sec Seo, the only person who can vouch for his sanity and give him hope and it looks like once again JW is going back to be his defeated self and in the preview it looks like still no SJ and he has gone back to Seoul to try to live again!!!! So what was this all for? we only have 6 episodes/3 weeks left how are they going to resolve all this mess?! Sorry to say but I don't think we will see any sort of action from HJ or Emma, after how dangerous the game is I dont think JW will let her play unless she rebels and tries to do it behind his back...I dont think that's the direction of the writer....Im pretty sure now this show is about the game and JW, everyone else are secondary and revolve around these two the romance is just part of JW's story but not the key or a huge part I think he will go back have to deal with all the mess of him being kicked out as CEO, mourn for SEC SEO and possibly start a romance with HJ...perhaps think about another strategy? Because we started with the game I know the ending will involve him going back into the game, but now he cant do the quest again so how will he save Master? It just looks bleak...not sure what the writer's plan is now...JW is the highest alive player apart from SJ so if he doesnt play to the end we wont know what happened...it also feels like to kill Sec Seo the writer had to drop the rules so far you cant die for real if you're killed with NPC only another human but that's only from Dr Cha and JW's fight unless of course there's someone else controlling the game and killing people he wants to kill Has anyone been keeping tabs of the rules in the game from what we've been shown so far? In last week's previews they made us believe that the meeting they had was to discuss JW being removed as CEO of the company but instead we got Prof Cha telling Sujin and JW to get back together? How is this significant? Somehow I dont want to trust the previews anymore the kiss could also be him longing for HJ in his head LMAO just jocking In Ep 10 I missed MJ at least she was a highlight in ep 9. I guess one of the highlights for ep 10 was the programmer meeting Emma for real As much as I want Sec Seo to be alive I dont want the ending to be it was a dream or all in his head, I want real explanations for this MAGIC
  13. Guuuuyzzzz I dont know about this anymore....how could they kill SEC SEO I was hoping he survives seriously!!! This episode left me like... WOOOOW I dont want to try to guess theories or anything anymore...I feel like sitting back and letting the writer tell her story..... don't wanna try to hurt my pretty head trying to figure anything out!!!! The game as someone said is a death trap.... after loosing Sec Seo I just wanted JW to finish the quest and find SJ I didn't want them to shut down the server or save him because Sec Seo will be dying in vain!!!! I guess the villain of the game will be found outside the game and not inside playing it!!! You know who I suspect now? Director...especially when Prof. Cha said that he is checking DNA of the grandchild and the way he said it it was almost like he was telling Director that he was suspecting him....if Director is really involved no one would suspect him since he is friends with both JW and Dr. Cha these previews are simply the writer trolling us, I can't believe still no SJ....and it was all a dream sequence. so to comfort us from Sec Seo dying the'yre giving us an almost kiss scene in the preview!!!
  14. Okaaaay, I just got done with ep 9...and here are my thoughts!!! I wasnt even paying attention to JW's narration to what he "thinks" happened to SJ and Marco, because that's just what he thinks, I'm pretty sure that is not what happened...I think after someone reads his will, the writer will give us another timeline of the real events that happened perhaps when SJ comes back and explains and then at the end when the real bad guy/mastermind appears, so I'm waiting for that account of the story!!! As usual MJ killing her scenes, I loved how JW walked in on SJ and played along making her fluster because he didnt come back with a ring there's seriously something wrong with KB and I have a feeling Halmoni is playing dumb but she knows way more than she is leading on I dont think she is as clueless as she pretends to be...I think either they did a really bad cut/edit or they will show us a scene of the three after Halmoni interrupted the touch and them having a conversation....I kinda felt a teeny weeny bad for KB when JW just pushes him with a cane and there's nothing he can do LMAO speaking of the touch...I need to go back and watch that reaaaally slow tender touch who knew a tear wipe could be so romantic...melting!! SEC SEO seriously heartbroken I hope that doesn't mean he's killed in real life coz he's one of the sweetest and so devoted to JW, I wouldn't want anything to happen to him. Why do I think someone let out all the bad guys on him so that JW can go on the quest alone... So does SJ coming back mean JW is now stuck and lost in Granada? But what if the bad guy is the game programmer, I mean he can see everything and has been working on the code?!!! I guess at this point everyone is suspect!!! HJ is like a military girlfriend/wife waiting for her love to come back from battle. If this is her only role to stay in Seoul and wait then they really have lost an opportunity of making her more interesting by allowing her to play the game and be badass I could see them side by side fighting, I mean there are plenty of girl gamers...is that why they had to kill off Sec SEO so that JW can have a new ally? crossing fingers
  15. @wenchanteur@stargazer187 Interesting conversation, you two are having, I wanted to add in my own two cents but since it's a bit out of topic I have added it in the spoiler below: