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  1. thank you to all the live recappers OMG what a sad love story...I wonder why she thought she shot someone while she didnt? and why her mom said about repeating fate?
  2. thank you guys for the preview and the stills....OMG when I thought HY can't get any sexier, there he is in that all black outfit!!!! from the preview it seems like the present and the past are mirroring each other...I wonder how he survived that fall from the building in present time...and wow the action in the past is just killin me!!!
  3. thank you for the new stills, the men look dashing in their suits and she looks stunning in her white dress... cant believe next week is the last week!!! this one went way too fast!! It feels like the story just got started
  4. OMG I cant!!!! please NO.... btw thanks to all subbers EDIT: I meant recappers saranghae fighting!!! cant wait for subs
  5. Yoo did send Sejoo to the past...he did that in one of the earlier episodes, where Sejoo thought he was hallucinating, he heard someone calling him outside, there was fog and then he first appeared in the 30s scene and then he woke up at his desk...
  6. the moments that won my heart this episode were Seol and Yul....Yul's reactions broke my heart. I really think @evok and @CatchMine_ID you guys made some great points...the motivations didnt make sense for the gun scenes, however maybe we still don't have the full story...let's see how this will end... I have a feeling Hwi Young killed Yul or even ordered Seol to do it because he/they thought Yul betrayed them...and was working with past Taemin.... I think the writer is trying to mislead us....by revealing that scene with Seol and Hwi Young I still dont understand where the writer is trying to take us with stalker's sister story, it seems like she's the fan who became anti-fan...and I dont understand Seol's mom/ carpe diem madam story either Yul's story is so heartbreaking...he gets killed and get's stuck in the typewriter for 80 years and cant get the girl....is this his punishment? did he really betray his friends? Even though we know he loves Seol, its quite heartbreaking to see him like that...I mean what did he expect? he is a ghost? he cant really be with her in this lifetime either way... But why did I get 2nd Lead Syndrome at that point while I know for a fact he is dead and she's alive and he has no chance whatsoever? Bang Jin's mom's words were kind of scary....that he may end up being an evil spirit with a grudge? and also Seol's mom...that the ill fate will keep repeating itself...is there going to be another misunderstanding among the three? It was funny seeing HSJ getting jealous over Yul the ghost and after he wrote his part of the contract he's like ok that's it...and didnt really let the other two finish their contracts LOL I was happy that Seol can see Yul herself because HSJ wasnt representing Yul well LOL 4 more episodes to go....
  7. thank you for the recaps everyone...I havent been contributing posts(been overly busy) but silently lurking and enjoying everyone's posts and theories... @salz thanks for letting us know what show that's from... @supergal99 I look at people's profile pictures because that's how I remember everyone hehe..but yassss hot stuff fanning self!!! thank you as always @Ahmad Kamil for eng sub fighting
  8. LOL thank you for asking about #1 I've been curious about that for a while now... but just couldnt ask LMAO
  9. Good catch...I was thinking she may be Baek Sera who is still yet to appear....but I think your theory is more inline with the story.... Baek Sera is supposedly Tae Min's sister so I assume he would recognize her...unless they never actually met for some odd reason... I thought when she said her brother knows everything.... she was playing with words meaning her brother he himself Tae Min knows everything...
  10. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    I finally got to watch ep 15 and 16 this weekend...partly because I had a busy week but also because after reading all your thoughts I wasnt as enthusiastic to watch it...but I was pleasantly surprised.... I guess everyone has already left and recovered from the drama... honestly when there was no kiss till ep 14 I wasn't even expecting one anymore....I had settled that this was an office drama first and foremost and the romance was just a sweet addition to the main story...(kind of like Chief Kim-which was an office drama with no romance at all...just hints here and there) I actually loved it when SWJ caressed EHW's hand at the playground right before he told her he resigned..for me that was more intimate than the kiss at the end...but now that he's director I wonder how their little romance will blossom... I guess the writer didn't want the romance/kiss to take away from the focus of the office politics...I really think that peck was just put there as fan service as "unworthy" as it may have been...they tried to keep it as innocent as possible.... why is it believable that KT and JN are a couple although we didnt see them kiss or get physical but at the same time we wanted to see SWJ and EHW kiss to signify the beginning or progress in their relationship? I think we have been "conditioned" to believe that romance must start with physical intimacy or that physical intimacy should progress at a fast pace...but there are also other ways to connect intimately with a person without being physical...some people for whatever reasons ( religious reasons mostly ) who do court each other without physical intimacy that doesnt mean the relationship doesnt progress...some may argue that having emotional, mental and spiritual intimacy developed before the physical actually makes the relationship stronger...I'd like to actually see dramas that explore this....It would be interesting and refreshing to see a drama about a woman who wants to abstain from physical intimacy before marriage and how the couple navigates the challenges associated with this while still growing their relationship and progressing as a couple using other means...physical intimacy can sometimes be used as a crutch I loved the little reveal of SWJ taking the director position at the end and of course everyone's reaction... KT's story broke my heart and begged the question why do bad things happen to good people... JN redeemed herself in my opinion...I didnt like that he went there to suffer alone and didnt say a proper goodbye to his precious friends HW and KH they didnt even know that there was something wrong with him... I like that HW went to say goodbye to Dr SEO regardless of what he did to them..that was sweet of her I like that Ms Cho was promoted to general manager dont care for MR Park or the fact that MR Lee got to stay in the company....he would of been the first to go if I was given the chance to restructure...although they tried to justify it by saying at the end of the day theyre all struggling in their personal lives... at the end of the day this was a sweet little drama I truly enjoyed thank you everyone for making the ride fun
  11. thank you so much @Ahmad Kamil excited eng sub came early!!! Loved ep 9 especially the reveal that HY was actually the leader, while he was acting like a writer who now writes "useless" things...and seeing that Yo was not their leader but actually second in command...I loved the dates they had with the invisible ghost...and I love that SJ's character has mellowed down... ah and I love that they sneaked in the ghost watching Tomorrow With You 6 more episodes to go...I wonder what the big reveal will be
  12. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    I noticed that too...but I thought the contest is only open to students? did I misunderstand that part? I'd love to see the disney ending...It was so odd and awkward that KT had to tag along to their meetings and lunch celebration while he knows for sure he wont be hired....honestly Id feel uncomfortable too if I were in his shoes...
  13. [Drama 2017] Radiant Office 자체발광 오피스

    I was sad KT didn't get the job for some reason I prefer him over KH but I think it was kind of fair since he didnt even really attend the interview the first time around.... plus it makes sense to advance his plot with JN and to see how KH will become more independent from his mom. JN was sweet but for some reason I want them both to move on from each other, I think they truly need to grow as individuals and I think JN would be better off with someone else and not because KT doesnt deserve her...but I just think they are incompatible and will run into the same issues in the future...but I commend her for trying and for finally seeing what a good man KT is.... I cringed when KT said she is too good for him, I think he needs to realize what a good man he is...nobody is "too good" for anyone, that shows a lack of self esteem....he needs to understand his value even if he doesnt have a job or future at this very moment...it doesnt mean he isnt valuable.... Ms.Cho was the real MVP, love how she stands behind her decisions and position to WJ and made him see the other type of unfairness that is not so obvious to him... HW's brother is so cute and I loved his interactions with WJ I want bower gone...he is annoying me to no end!!! he really does these type of characters well in all the dramas I've seen him in...(police squad 38, innocent defendant, shopping king Louis) I love that HW stood up for what she believes in and you could see in WJ's eyes that he admired her for that!!!
  14. [Drama 2017] My Secret Romance 애타는 로맨스

    just saying hi chingus...just finished catching up on the first 4 episodes and I'm hooked, this is my new crack
  15. WOW @packmule3 thank you for a very detailed and insightful write up...but I have to agree with @bebe1989, @CatchMine_ID and others I really dont think its his alter ego...or rather I dont think that would make an interesting plot, as mentioned above how could that explain JS's friend seeing the ghost and also JS herself experiencing some supernatural activities such as the door opening for her (unless HSJ opened the door himself) when she visits HSJ or the earthquake that they both clearly felt... But what you said about the fighting scene in the first episode does make lots of sense...could it be that it's both? he is having a split personality and also there is a ghost? cant wait for the back to back episodes hopefully we get subs early today