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  1. I noticed that too...but I thought the contest is only open to students? did I misunderstand that part? I'd love to see the disney ending...It was so odd and awkward that KT had to tag along to their meetings and lunch celebration while he knows for sure he wont be hired....honestly Id feel uncomfortable too if I were in his shoes...
  2. I was sad KT didn't get the job for some reason I prefer him over KH but I think it was kind of fair since he didnt even really attend the interview the first time around.... plus it makes sense to advance his plot with JN and to see how KH will become more independent from his mom. JN was sweet but for some reason I want them both to move on from each other, I think they truly need to grow as individuals and I think JN would be better off with someone else and not because KT doesnt deserve her...but I just think they are incompatible and will run into the same issues in the future...but I commend her for trying and for finally seeing what a good man KT is.... I cringed when KT said she is too good for him, I think he needs to realize what a good man he is...nobody is "too good" for anyone, that shows a lack of self esteem....he needs to understand his value even if he doesnt have a job or future at this very moment...it doesnt mean he isnt valuable.... Ms.Cho was the real MVP, love how she stands behind her decisions and position to WJ and made him see the other type of unfairness that is not so obvious to him... HW's brother is so cute and I loved his interactions with WJ I want bower gone...he is annoying me to no end!!! he really does these type of characters well in all the dramas I've seen him in...(police squad 38, innocent defendant, shopping king Louis) I love that HW stood up for what she believes in and you could see in WJ's eyes that he admired her for that!!!
  3. just saying hi chingus...just finished catching up on the first 4 episodes and I'm hooked, this is my new crack
  4. WOW @packmule3 thank you for a very detailed and insightful write up...but I have to agree with @bebe1989, @CatchMine_ID and others I really dont think its his alter ego...or rather I dont think that would make an interesting plot, as mentioned above how could that explain JS's friend seeing the ghost and also JS herself experiencing some supernatural activities such as the door opening for her (unless HSJ opened the door himself) when she visits HSJ or the earthquake that they both clearly felt... But what you said about the fighting scene in the first episode does make lots of sense...could it be that it's both? he is having a split personality and also there is a ghost? cant wait for the back to back episodes hopefully we get subs early today
  5. OMO OMO OMO @CatchMine_ID love that FMV so damn HOT!!!! I subbed your channel!!! wow holding hands!!! @bebe1989 @supergal99 can friday get here any closer?!?!
  6. hehe it's not only you, I've been checkin out that richard simmons too LMAO...and I'm not even into richard simmons on men like that... My theory is the same as yours...but @bebe1989 pointed out that when Su Yeon was shooting Jin Oh she didnt look angry(an emotion she would have if she thought he betrayed them...) but rather sad and worried...but I like your explanation that it could be because they were close, that's why she had that expression on her face...
  7. gotcha!!!! you're right she looked unsure, sad, scared when she pulled the trigger rather than betrayed or angry....I'm sure the writer has a surprise twist for us when it's revealed what really happened back then...I cant wait!!! but I'm enjoying the ride... I know some people are complaining that the scenes from the past are slow at progressing, but I think that's because the whole key of the mystery is hidden back there...I also think the writer is trying to give us the scenes in parallel to the release of the online novel in 2017....so the reluctance of SJ to writer the novel means we dont get to see more of the story yet... I'm also curious about the mystery character and when will that character be revealed...will there be another ghost showing up? perhaps that's why Bangjin can see ghosts?
  8. @CamelKnight I recommend 1% of anything (2016) if you haven't watched it already
  9. Thank you , will add them to my list of to watch
  10. Finally been able to catch up with this week's episodes...guys I'm afraid at this pace there will be no romance in this drama or at least no physical intimacy...perhaps the OTP will realize their feelings for each other in ep 16, high five each other for a work well done of getting rid of boss Jerk and Mr McMeanie/McShady have a quick hug, confess to each other...THE END @mrdimples love your fan fiction though, sounds like one of those Harlequin/mills and boons novels I used to read as a teen hehe McShady is a narcissist, he can not perceive of anyone else's feelings but his own, everything he does is for himself and he lacks empathy and the ability to put himself in other people's shoes, even when he realised that his actions will hurt HW he found a way to justify them and he thinks the trio should be thankful for what he's done for them I love that HW stood up to McShady but I think, that actually impressed him and now he probably is going to fall for her UGH!!! like @dhakra said, I dont think Ji Na has changed...rather she just realized that she had a good thing that she let go...in the scene where she was talking to KT about getting close to Dr Mc Shady she didnt seem like a loving girlfriend whos trying to inspire him and support him, rather she sounded like her opportunistic self... unfortunately @dhakra I used to think like you...that as long as you love a person that is reason enough to chose to be with them....and to make things work, however in my own personal experience I have learnt, you can not control how the other person thinks/feels or reacts to the challenges and hardships that come up in the relationship...you may chose to stick around and work it out because you love the person but the other person may not be strong enough to endure the challenges and love may not be enough for them.... therefore, I agree with what someone else said...whatever challenges KT and JN are facing now...if they decided to get back together they will surely have the same issues in their marriage...them simply getting back together will not solve or fix anything... I think its ok for people to want different things and if you think the person you're with can not provide for you what you need then it's best not to waste their time and to let them know as respectfully as you can that it's not going to work....staying and trying to work it out will only cause more pain and heartache down the line.... I think Ji Na wants more than KT can offer her and that's ok she shouldnt settle if that's what she needs to be happy...she should wait until a man who can offer what she wants comes along....that doesnt mean she is necessary a bad person it just means she has different things that she needs in a relationship and KT can not give her what she needs... KT is a good man and I'm glad that he realized that love is not enough to satisfy JN and that if he wants to be with her he needs to get his life in order... there's a difference in dating for fun/companionship vs dating for marriage...if you're with a person and know you want to marry them down the line, then both of the people in the relationship need to prep themselves for the responsibility of being a Husband/Father or a Wife/mother...honestly I dont even think JN is ready to be a wife/mother herself....honestly both of them aren't ready for that...I think women have this innate need to want their significant other to be stable enough... that way if they have children he will be able to provide and protect them.... As far as Jerk Park he needs to go, I hope Ms Cho finally has the guts to abandon him...when Han Jang Tae went crazy that was scary but a realistic reaction...good thing he didnt come back with a gun!!! For some reason, I'm starting not to get good vibes from Mr.Heo, I didnt like how he went behind WJs back to talk to HW and what is really his motive? why does he like the company so much? ....I mean if the chairman was such a good man why didnt he take care of his sons? to the point at least one of his sons (Dr McShadey) turned out so damaged!!!! and why is the company filled with incompetent corrupt managers...this shows that there is an issue with the company and the higher ups in the company itself!!! I'm kind of confused as to where the writer is trying to go with this show now.... sorry for the super long write up...have a wonderful weekend and waiting for wednesday, RO fighting!!!
  11. Thank you so much to all the recappers, @bebe1989 as always your analysis is FANTASTIC!!!! @Ahmad Kamil thank you for the early subs, I live for them every week!!! ep 6 was AWESOME!!! I laughed so hard at SJ's reaction to Yoo being a ghost...especially when he started praying, "Our Father...." I love how Yoo was playing games with him!!! like when the eyes on the painting kept moving and SJ knows he's in there somewhere but couldnt find him... So entertaining!!! I hope this is the beginning of an awesome bromance between the two... I was laughing so hard when they showed us the montage of SJ interacting with Yoo and everyone thinking he is talking to himself because they couldnt see Yoo.... I'm wondering why Yoo just followed SJ and didnt tell him that he was a ghost so he doesnt embarass himself lol he just let him do what he is doing At this point I know that Yoo likes Seol, him being a ghost I understand he knows he cant possibly be with her but you can tell there's this admiration and longing for her, like he just longs to be around her....now we we know why the dog leapt into her arms and not SJ hehe He was so cute when she came to SJ's house!!! He doesn't seem jealous of SJ's interaction with Seol....it seems like he doesn't understand why SJ is being hard on her... I feel like he just wants the three of them to go back to the old times... I'm very disappointed that Tae Min's character turned completely evil....I didnt really have any feeling towards him as a character but now I'm worried for Seol especially since she has decided to work for him... I really love the 30's scenes this week I really liked the scene when Seol was singing she looked absolutely stunning and the last scene when the three were playing around with the champagne...I guess since we've seen the happy times...we're going to see the painful moments between the three soon... Does anyone else think that SJ in the 30's looks so young? like younger than Yoo's character? @bebe1989 I'm a bit confused about your theory....If SJ is the one who's having nightmares about the cliff, why do you think Seol is the one that committed suicide on the cliff? So far I think SJ's character in the past feels betrayed by someone...possibly Seol's character in the past and that's why he also doesnt trust people in his present life...could it be SJ's character was pushed over the cliff because he was betrayed by someone and Seol thought Yoo caused it and killed him with a gun while he was typing on the typewriter so his soul got stuck in the typewriter.... I think Yoo doesn't know what happened to him and why he died and that's partly why he wants SJ to complete the novel...I think by SJ completing the novel all 3 of them will finally heal and be able to let go of the past... for those who are confused about Bangjin seeing ghosts...I think she is unaware of her ability to see ghosts, when girl ghost came she thought she was one of her mother's clients who came for a reading...I think Bangjin will play the a role of helping Yoo talk to Seol... As usual I'm lovin CEO's character!!! I laughed so hard at his reactions at the conference and when he called the psychiatrist for SJ... thank you everyone offering all the wonderful analysis of all the small details, you really make this thread fun and you make watching the drama even better!!!
  12. it's ok guys just because they were seen eating out together doesnt mean they are still dating? it could be theyre just friends...anyway nothing is definite untill she gets married...so keep the hope alive
  13. Thank you so much for the recommendations, I haven't tried jdorama yet but which ones do you recommend in this genre?
  14. I want that heavy duty laptop too.....but I think he got a new one though...poor laptop has to survive banging keyboards, being thrown on the floor and other abuse... I know she only read a piece of paper at the subway but I was curious why she didn't recognize "Fate" as Se-Joo's first work.... His house is such a dream!!! It makes me wonder what kind of rich people in Korea live like that?! Is that really someone's house? or did they get the books from libraries LOL...has he "read" all those books? I know I'm always shaking my head at how expensive the clothes are...but I think they get sponsored...are there really people who wear clothes worth that much???!!!! But CEO is not a writer right??? so maybe it's either Baek Taemin or his father???
  15. oh ok I see RE the red beans... you make an interesting point about him using SJ as a portal or energy source...so far we know for sure that there was something between JS and SJ romantically in the past, however we're not sure what Yoo's part was in all this...was he also entangled in their romance? at least we know for sure that SJ had some sort of a crush on her....we're not sure if she felt the same way...so far we see that she kissed him because they were being chased....but we're not really shown how she felt about him...as a romantic interest...of course because they are the leads we assume so.... was Yoo and SJ competing for JS? is he back for some sort of revenge? so far he seem's harmless but of course it's still too early to tell and we don't have all the information.... could it be he was actually evil and he's back with a sinister intention? mmh....