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  1. I've noticed his styling to events seems to be getting better after 7DQ....LOL
  2. She sounded so cheerful and happy sending him the audio! He probably stopped by MY's cafe after the fanmeeting
  3. Now come to think of it...looking at the same BTS picture and the gifs above. I wonder if the kiss was also longer than what was shown in the drama. It looks like MY's left hand came up to YWJ's chest and in the drama gifs, it didn't...or the drama clip was just cut short by the editor...LOL
  4. I think both pictures are BTS..... The second picture MY looks like she was smiling and about to burst out laughing during the kiss. In the drama...she looked more shocked he's coming for the kiss...LOL
  5. Not me...hahaha. I could do without disc 1 and 3, but I need MORE of disc. 2. I wanted the REAL interaction between MY and YWJ and not just the actual filming the scene. They didn't give us their bloopers and them being themselves around each other.
  6. My question would be....why did he change clothes?????????????? And to not just any color, but the color that matches MY during the Golden Disk Award? LOL
  7. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......cr: paula_0911. I don't remember seeing this, will have to watch DVD again...
  8. Let us watch this video again Makes me miss them even more......
  9. Well...look what I found...LOL cr: woomin_for_real
  10. Such a good and wonderful wifey Refusing to go without her prince (husband)...LOL Maybe they prefer going on a romantic stroll along the river reminiscing their first date from the drama? LOL... I'm assuming her husband took this picture of her (just let me imagine it's him okay?...haha) From MY IG update: Happy 2018 Also, reminiscing the small village they've spent their times together as a married couple
  11. Of course the DVD not showing as many interactions of MY and YWJ was on purpose. I mean, they obviously know the real reason why fans were diligently pursuing the release of the Making DVD....LOL
  12. Ahhhhh....the scar scene. It blew me away!!!! We don't know how many actual takes it took them to film that scene, but we only saw ONE!!!! Or maybe it only took them that ONE take because it was near perfect as what was shown in the drama, from start to finish. In the drama, that scene was shot up close on their faces showing their expressions. At the very last scene after YK held CK's hand, we couldn't see MY (not even her head), so I was thinking...is she behind him still or did they just shot his face and made it look like she was behind him? Hope you guys are understanding what I'm trying to say here...LOL. In the BTS DVD, you see her whole body hugging ...like hugging him...it was just soo...sooo...sooo beautiful. Yeah...the DVD was very stingy. I was hoping to see more of MY and YWJ interact outside of filming which I'm positive they did but was not shown. The DVD showed more of them filming the actual scenes so they had to be all serious and professionals. Also wished they would have included the bloopers...
  13. I'll tell you this much. You actually see the lonnnngggger tender kiss up close. It's like the whole crew was in awwwww of the kiss and PDnm took forever to yell CUT! Like he was mesmerized by it as well...and forgot to stop them...LOL But of course MillyR is better with words and descriptions than I am....kekeke.
  14. Camera shutter eyelids (courtesy of MillyR's description). Okay...okay...could be just him blinking...LOL But this gaze though...