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  1. Good luck and hope for a successful rating with WJ's new drama "Nothing to Lose" premiering November 22nd.
  2. I have to hand it to this Chingu and other Woomin shippers for digging up stuff...hehehe. I remember us (or myself) complaining. Why aren't they taking pictures together or why was YWJ taking selfies by himself. Or maybe they did take pictures together, but we would never know because they wouldn't release it!?!? Remember YWJ taking this selfie? This was from when they were filming the promotion teaser and they haven't start filming the drama yet. At the time of this selfie, we didn't know what color YWJ's phone was, now we know his was black. So, whose phone do you think this was that he was taking the selfie with....LOL. Taking a picture of himself and saving it on MY's phone???? So, could we conclude they've been using each other's phone since the BEGINNING???? LOL cr: owner
  3. It's not because she doesn't have access to her phone that she's not picking up phone calls from friends/families. It's because she'd rather watch something with her hubby than talk to anybody....LOL cr: owner
  4. They must have removed the curtain...I don't remember seeing it in the drama. It must have gotten in the way when Yeok was pressing CK against the wall...LOL From WJ's script reading picture...it appears he gained his weight back (or just my imagination)...his face looked rounder. He must have been vacationing well...hahaha
  5. Sign if a guy is into you.... Avoiding eye contact It may seem contrary, but someone who is into you will avoid eye contact, especially if he is shy. You may notice them looking at you from out of the corner of your eye, but when you look straight on they find another focus. When you try to talk to them they retreat and appear distracted. But at a distance you can tell they’re interested. Okayyyyyyyyyyy WJ....the curtain wasn't THAT interesting...LOL
  6. As if she knows the first kissing teaser will be released...LOL
  7. As if her one hand intertwining with his was not enough...she had to hold with her other hand as well The hand intertwining was so tight (unnecessary)...you can see both their hands turning pink/red...kekeke cr: owner
  8. Counting down the times Yeok was afraid of what CK/his wife will do to him. #7 I have to act like I'm indifferent....but I couldn't stop being mesmerized by her.. P.S. I have yet to make gifs sequence of this scene, but I will....kekekeke
  9. This and the above is what happen when WooMin give shippers something to work with cr: owner
  10. They're looking like they're talking to each other here...LOL cr: owner