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  1. This scene..... Mr. Park Seo Joon talking to Ms. Park Min Young...NOT Lee Young Joon to Kim Mi So (he looks and sound choked up for reals) "Thinking that I can see you here only for a few more days... Is making every moment even more special."
  2. Published in Hong Kong "Oriental Daily" today (07/20/2018). If we didn't know any better, this looks like a sex scandal tabloids...
  3. MY in a wedding dress. This must be in her earlier days, not sure for what though...drama or photo shoot?
  4. Goodness Gracious... I think he worked out more for this scene....at the beginning of the drama, we saw him shirtless but his abs weren't this yummy....kekeke. Breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...*sigh* I would not be able to handle it too...just like MY...LOL
  5. Best to keep your expectations low on this one. Have not seen a single picture of her and male lead in any wrap up party. Aside from group pictures anyways (but it's better than nothing...lol).
  6. Do you remember this "I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF" look? Mr. Park as the New World Duty Free spokesperson
  7. There was some event showing on TV the same time, that's why all the dramas went down. It's normal. They are still number 1 drama in the time slot...and the rating still considered high for Tvn.
  8. Me too...I LOVE that part..it's soooooooooooooooo sexy and alluring. I remembered people complaining on their very first kiss...why MY was so reserved, why she didn't open her mouth enough, why her arms are not around his neck...blah blah blah. Hope they are satisfied!!! I know I am more than satisfied....they gave me more then I expected... And the pushing against the wall! Soooo hot and erotic! Him pulling her tighter and tighter....ahhh.
  9. I'll be fine everybody....don't worry about me, just save yourself. I just need somebody to give me CPR and an oxygen tank. HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT!
  10. Official Stills.... And to think...we thought this kissing scene was HOT (little did we know...LOL)