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  1. I'll grant you this one wish (minseojoon and mimixemix) Added bonus... You like?
  2. Sorry, I was busy strutting my stuff...couldn't make it If I show you my handsome face, will you forgive me? (though, I prefer your behind Mr. Park )
  3. Apple or Peach, doesn't matter..... Describes the same delectable "fruit" But I would advise not to stare at it too long.... Somebody might give you the evil glare Relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ms. Park. We all know it's for your eyes only, but we can't help it We are just giving him more of an EGO boost
  4. Shouldn't you be missing this face more? (What am I saying....of course you do...LOL)
  5. What is Wrong with Mr. Park? So Deep in Thoughts... Don't mind me, I'm just observing cr: oh, riony
  6. The Dashing Mr. Park @ 2018 Seoul International Drama Awards Congratulations for winning Best Actor for Hallyu Dramas
  7. Did I hear we are also called..... "007 Couple"? (I thought we're more like Ninjas .....NO? ) cr: heezroly
  8. This is not entirely true. SHK went through two very high profile public relationship with two famous actors. She's been hated for more than 10-15 years by their fans, being called so many names. If anything, she had it just as bad...if not worse than MY (IMO).
  9. I think she was at the dinner....but avoided being in the picture. She looked tired at Incheon Airport fashion photos (not giving her usual bright smile)
  10. Muahahahahahhaha...I'm not one to diagnose craziness and insanity to others I am not good with words and cannot put my thoughts in writing, so I'll just keep my observations to myself...thank you very much I told you...she's knows nothing
  11. @kitkatrmjung Arghhh...I'm also going crazy hiding around. Can't wait til we become "official"
  12. I will tell you, when I'm ready (minseojoon.....knows nothing...) In the meantime... Please..... just appreciate my handsome face cr:oh,riony
  13. Hmmmm..... Let me think....if I should tell or not Nahhh....I'll let you keep guessing cr: dr.moa