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  1. Starts with phone call ringing and it's ZE:A's Beautiful Lady and PHS says, "Ah, it's our song." Call goes through and when you make calls from the military, an operator first asks the receiver if he/she will accept the call. PHS' father accepts the call. PHS: Hello? Dad. Dad: Hyungsik? PHS: It's me, Hyungsik. Dad: Our son. Dad is leaving work thinking that our son doesn't even have his phone with him. (Bc you can't take personal belongings like that with you to the military.) PHS: Your son is calling from the military phone. (This is where he switches over to the formal polite speech. Prior to this, he's been speaking in regular formal speech.) Dad: Ah. Has your speech changed? (Also speaking in formal polite) PHS: Yes, it has. Dad: Da, Na, Kka. laughs. (da, na, kka are the usual endings when using formal polite) PHS: Father. I had guerilla training as soon as I came to the military. Dad: Even with this rain? (PHS's dad switches back to informal speech but PHS continues with formal polite) PHS: I'm really doing everything for real, Father. Dad: Son, it's hard, isn't it? (Not sure what he says next bc it overlaps with PHS talking.) PHS: (sigh) I can't even remember what all I did. Dad: Aigoo, our son. Dad's heart is hurting. PHS: I miss you, Father. Dad: Me too. PHS: Coming to the military, I've now realized. I'm sorry for not calling often in the past. I'll call more frequently from now on. Dad: Really? You promise? PHS: I promise. Dad: Ok. I love you. PHS: I love you, Father. Dad: Ok. Always be healthy. PHS: Be healthy, too, Father. Dad: Sure. Be careful with your body (don't get hurt). PHS: I will. Dad: I love you. PHS: I'll return healthy. Dad: Ok. Comment: so when you enter the military, you speak in the formal polite form, which isn't used too often. PHS in several of his variety appearances after starting Real Men commented that he began using it unconsciously even after leaving filming. Real Men is filmed for 5 nights, 6 days so essentially, they film for one week out of a month. After that, they return to their regular activities then return for another week. Anyway, PHS said that he wouldn't even realize he was still using the formal polite form and his ZE:A members would have to tell him to stop using it. Henry had difficulty when he started Real Men because of the formal polite form and other formalities of military life.
  2. For those of you debating whether or not to watch WHTMF, check out this short video. It's from a magazine shoot that he and Nam Ji Hyun did (I believe the drama aired) and it shows how sweet and cute they are. It was so long ago, but I imagine there was a HUGE Titanic-size ship during this drama as well. I know that the couple did promotions, ads and CF's during and after the drama. Just goes to show that all ships sink or sail away eventually.
  3. I don't think he smokes or smoked. I think during ZE:A's training period that someone in the group was caught with cigarettes and they were all punished for it because that was published in the ZE:A promotional videos. I believe it was Junyoung and Heechul that were smoking, although all the members were punished.
  4. Someone (I forget who) on the SWDBS thread posted recently that South Korean is practically a shipping culture and I would have to agree with that. And the media certainly plays into it. I personally don't like it because it reduces a drama into nothing more than the romance. BTW, the SWDBS thread is going crazy with shipping comments and PBY's fans' comments. Not really worth going there anymore now that the drama has ended and comments are all about this ship or that ship. Anyway, I've always been somewhat fascinated by South Korean dramas and how what happens in the drama actually gets reflected in the culture. It's a chicken or the egg question for me because I can't figure out if people in South Korea behave as they do because they watch the dramas and start to think that dramas are realistic, or if the dramas are a reflection of the culture in general. Again, the media is terrible. I wish that they would stop with the shipping interviews, or that when something is ridiculous in a drama, that they actually call it out. You know what South Korea needs are professional reviewers who review the good and the bad about Kdramas. Perhaps they already exist, but to me it seems that reviews are mainly done by viewers on forums and the production team bases everything on ratings. Problem is that ratings only reflect one thing and doesn't explain why ratings are good or bad. And forum reviews are often inundated with nothing more than fangirls' and fanboys' comments about a couple, or the reviews are emotion-based on what just happened in an episode. I think that reviews that actually review actors' performance, plot inconsistencies, plot weaknesses, and directing/editing issues would actually raise the bar for Kdramas. I feel you. I liked them while watching SWDBS. Now that the drama has ended, I'm so tired of the shipping.
  5. So in some of the interviews--the very few that don't talk about chemistry and shipping--there is mention of a sequel. I don't get it. What would the sequel cover? Especially as the writer and director gave the viewers the mother of all epilogues in Episode 16. Personally, after watching the entire drama and digesting it, I don't want a sequel or a season 2. I think the writer needs more practice before trying to pen another chapter in this story. But more than that, I'm not sure what "new" aspect a second season could bring. I've mentioned this before and it's my personal opinion, but this drama was overrated and achieved the success it did because of the cast. With that in mind, I can't think of what a sequel would bring, other than more cuteness overload + doppelganger ad libs. And, I don't think many viewers would be satisfied with that. I'm still left feeling like I had more substance from the drama as it is, and I'm not very optimistic that even a mini-sequel (say 4 episodes) would fix the problems that this drama had. I want to see PHS do something besides the AMH character that we grew to love in this drama. I want to see PBY move on from the cutesy image that she's been typecast into. I want to see Jisoo playing something different from the almost-angsty roles that he's played so far. And a second season of SWDBS just won't do that for any of them. Anyone else have any thoughts on a sequel? Is this just a standard question that reporters with no creativity ask? Because they think it's more original than asking about shipping questions?
  6. Eunsoo should have sued Cranky Granny for assault and battery eight years ago when Cranky Granny slapped her. I imagine it's too late to sue for that now, though. I guess Cranky Granny's "punishment" is that she'll be all alone. No way that Beechna is going to ask to move out of the Yoon household now. And if Dr. Kim really does go to Africa (which he totally should), then Crank Granny will be left all alone.
  7. It's a misconception that lawyers are in court all day or even everyday. Unless you're a criminal defense attorney--those are usually in court frequently. Others, even top litigators, are not in court that often. Lawyers do their job behind their desk writing motions, drafting and responding to discovery, and negotiating settlements over the phone. And, to be honest, what Kdrama ever effectively wove in the workplace with the plot to create something believable? My personal rule that I try to stick to is to leave all rationality behind when I tune into a Kdrama as nothing is rational or logical or even researched on a basic level. All kdrama workplaces are nothing more than a venue for the personal dramas to occur.
  8. Except that he's a method actor. Perhaps he should take on a different role if he's going to continue being a method actor.
  9. Cranky Granny is something else. I understand that she's upset that her Beechna princess is in the hospital, but to be rude to Eunsoo? Beechna has finally learned her lesson and seems to be genuine about turning her life around, but Cranky Granny still needs to learn her lesson. In a way, I'm ok with Beechna's redemption because I knew it was coming. Dailies always have their kumbaya ending so I knew she wouldn't lose her baby, Eunsoo would forgive her, and Smiling Idiot would eventually come to love her. But, I'm not ok with Cranky Granny getting a kumbaya. She's (also Dr. Kim) really the source of Beechna's personality and she still hasn't learned any humility or anything. Even when she realized that her money wasn't going to save Beechna from a civil suit, sure she was willing to beg Eunsoo's Grandma, but she didn't really learn her lesson. Unfortunately, the drama doesn't seem to have any plans to make Cranky Granny suffer.
  10. I'm not too worried because shippers have been around for a long time and as you can see PHS (and his agency) knows how to deal with them. Even when the articles try to skew things around, PHS knows how to just ride the wave until the ship sinks. Again, say what you want about idols, but you certainly have to give them credit for knowing how to handle interviews and publicity and such. From what I hear, Star Empire wasn't the best agency, and yet they still knew how to take care of their top stars. I imagine that UAA will be doing an even better job. I think if anyone should be worried, it would be PBY and her fans. I think she earned some negative publicity for not showing her face in Bali. I know that I felt that way because I don't think Bali was a vacation. She's also giving a lot of interviews and comments about her insecurity, but I feel like that is more a ploy than PHS giving his fans fan service. After all, what is PBY really supposed to say, that she thinks she's at the top of her acting game? Only gag comedians get away with complimenting themselves. So I personally find it disingenuous that she's stating in interviews that she doesn't know why she has this certain image, and all along she's perpetuating that same image in her interviews. She's a talented actress, but I think she's had horrendous luck with agencies. There was the lawsuit that she was involved in that took her out of the business for 2 years. Then she signs up with a new agency and there was the whole Law of the Jungle fiasco. I don't really follow her work so I don't know how she and her agency handled post-publicity after Oh My Ghostess, but it just doesn't seem that they are handling the post-publicity for SWDBS very well. I wonder if after her first agency scandal she had difficulty finding another one and that's why she's with an agency that doesn't seem to take care of her. It will be fine. PHS will do another drama (or movie, I'm thinking with his move to UAA) and the public will start shipping him with someone else. That'st the way that most of these ships sink, I believe. Of course, some of them never seem to sink even after the actor or actress marries someone else. Hence, why I believe some shippers are obsessive and a sasaeng fan in their own way. I think it's worth watching because the plot is actually pretty good. I will warn you that you will be seeing a different side to PHS than what you saw in SWDBS or High Society. In both SWDBS and High Society, he was a successful, rich, confident guy. In WHTMF, he is a down-on-his-luck, college grad with no job prospects, who keeps messing up. Quite a few cringe-worthy moments. Very different character, but his role was one of the viewers' favorites because the Dalbong-Seoul coupling was so cute. It's a different cute from the Puppy Couple because it protrays young love in its essence. The rest of the cast is also really superb (i.e., Kim Hyun Joon (who plays his older sister), the actor who plays his father, Yoon Park (who plays his older brother) and the plot isn't too ridiculous since it's a weekend drama and not a daily. The cast for WHTMF also got to go on a reward vacation to Jeju Island so I'm not sure why one of PHS' recent interviews said that the Bali trip was his first one. Perhaps he meant this is the first one that he felt he earned. Anyway, WHTMF is definitely worth watching and you can watch all of them on youtube with KBS' official English subtitles.
  11. Is anyone else liking Smiling Idiot's new hair style? I like it so much more than the one he had before. I think I would be somewhat happy if they were to end the drama close to where we are right now. ES is not pregnant yet, but Beechna and Smiling Idiot will re-unite, Sister Yoon will marry Webtoon, and Aunt is finally get her boyfriend. I know that the drama description says that ES mom and Beechna's dad will marry, but I feel like that ship has sailed and sunk, never to be recovered from the depths of the ocean. As an interesting trivia note, I think "Battery" (i.e., Jessica Jung-lite as someone on this thread was mentioned) is a former Miss Korea. Fairly recently, too. But, it's hard to tell because she doesn't really have any type of internet page and it was even difficult finding out which actress was playing her. I was looking her up because I was watching High Society and thought this same actress was playing a cameo in High Society.
  12. The Hwarang thread was closed because of comments based on personal feelings revolving around couple pairings. And I think that's part of the anger over at the SWDBS thread, as well. Personally, I really don't understand the obsession (yes, obsession) that some fans and the Korean media in general have over couple pairings. It's as though the Korean news media has nothing else to report about a drama or movie other than the pairing. Shippers are born and start to go crazy. One of my pet peeves on forums is where it's a drama thread and yet it gets inundated with comments like, "date in real life," "they must be dating," "they are so cute together,"... Yes, they can be cute together, but shouldn't a drama be more than that? Shouldn't the discussions on a drama forum (not a shippers forum or actor/actress forum) be more than that? Isn't that why Soompi has specific forums? I know what the previous poster means about the negative comments over in the SWDBS thread. Personally, I think those negative comments came from PBY supporters who were upset that PBY didn't really show her face or anything. And instead of just acknowledging that, they picked on PHS. But like others have noted, PHS has always been friendly with his fans, especially when he knows to expect them. I've seen glimpses of him on Real Men where he seems very awkward with his fans so perhaps he needs to kind of work himself up for it? But, I also think that this reward vacation is really not so much a vacation and more of a publicity wrap-up obligation so to me, it's only natural that PHS will be giving his usual fan service to his fans and the public in general. I love how in one of the photos, he is completely bare-faced and his hair isn't done and he looks like such a little boy. Lastly, I've started to have more respect for idols these days. Before, they were like a joke to me, but the more I watch interviews and how actors and actresses behave, I've realized how much work the idols actually put into their overall image. I think that may be one of my favorite parts of PHS's interview where he talks about how he lived as a machine as an idol. You see these idols appear on variety shows and think that they're just good in front of the camera, but then you realize that there's a lot of work that goes into it. They're asked to show a talent and they do it without fussing that they can't, they're asked to sing on the spot and they do, sometimes they even endure snide comments by the MC or other guests. His interview highlighted the difficulties of idol life that I think the public tends to forget or overlook. I've certainly been guilty of doing that. I'm sure that all of the cast from SWDBS were tired, and yet you see PHS still doing his round of smiles and waving and taking pictures and I think some of the credit for that goes to the idol training that he had. In addition to just being a nice guy. Not meaning to take away from him being a nice guy because I really do think that his ability to be so fan-friendly is a combination of his personality, work ethic, and training.
  13. My concern is that I just don't think it's healthy for actors and actresses to take on the characteristics and behave as their written character. I keep thinking about Christian Bale, who is perhaps an extreme case and how he would even move out from his family home (he's married with children) in order to get fully immersed in his role. I think it's especially unhealthy if you take on a dark role.
  14. The Happy Together episode with SooHo, Shining Idiot, and Smiling Idiot has now been released on youtube with English subtitles. It's pretty easy to find, I think if you even just do a search for Happy Together it may pop up first because it's a recent release. There are periodic ads, but they are either really short or you can skip after a few seconds. The interviews are cute because Smiling Idiot still comes across as being awkward, Sooho talks about his resemblance to Han GaIn and how her real-life husband even commented on the resemblance once, and other personal stuff. It's actually better watching than the actual drama right now.
  15. Completely agree that at times this thread has turned into a shipper's thread. Which, is understandable and to be expected, but sometimes goes a little too far. My take on this is that PHS has always been a method actor--he even admits so. I wish he'd stop because I personally don't think it's healthy. But, whatever, it's his life. But he has always, always been really careful with his image and such. With Nam JiHyun from What Happens to My Family, he was young and still being very careful. He knows that he has to play to the fans that shipped them as a couple and he did. Same with LJY, who he did seem to friend zone (bc while fans liked them as a couple on the screen if for no other reason than bc it was more interesting than the main couple, I don't think his fans really supported PHS being with LJY as a real couple). I also think he's playing to public demands right now. Yes, he said he loved PBY in the interview, but he also said he loved her because she was DBS. Soompi isn't lying, but for me the tone of the original Korean article is a little different. Not quite the shipper's dream statement that the Soompi translation makes it seem to be. He knows (how could you not) that the Puppy Couple is what was driving the ratings up. If he were to come out in an interview and say, "naw, we were just friends," that wouldn't come across too well. Especially in view of the character that he played. While he did so in the past, the difference now is that he's older, he's no longer an idol, and he's a guy. Unfortunately, fans are for some reason okay with a male actor saying that he found his female costar to be charming, but those same fans can turn around and call the female co-star names if she says the same thing. If he were to friend-zone PBY now, he would probably get more negative than positive publicity. Also, the positions that they've taken in their interviews kind of mirrors their relationship in the drama: AMH loved BS and wasn't afraid to show it, whereas I'm still having my doubts about what BS felt for MH. Personally, I don't understand the intensity with which some fans will ship a couple. It's almost it's own form of stalking--dissecting every body movement, every interaction, every glance, every smile. For all the good ratings it gets them, I bet it's the one question that each actor/actress hates to get but knows that they will and they prepare for it in advance with their agency. I don't like the question when it's asked because it's irrelevant and it puts the focus on the couple as a whole as opposed to other aspects of the drama, including the actor's acting ability. Take SWDBS for example. The couple scenes were cute, but I think that PHS' best acting moments came from his solo scenes, such as when he learned that it was his brother that was threatening him. PBY's best scenes for me were when she cried, because she seems to cry with her whole heart. Even some of the "couple" scenes, from the bts videos that JTBC released, some of the most poignant scenes were the actor staring into the camera. When edited, it's as though the character was looking directly at the other character, but in reality the actor/actress is playing straight to the camera. If I were an actress, I would want to hear comments such as, "oh that drama was so good, the plot, and your acting really improved..." and not so much, "you and your co-star are so cute together, you should really start dating in real life."