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  1. Thanks for the info about the FIN.KL song. I was looking for it and wondering what it was. My Shazam app messed up and told me it was a Sech Kies song, which I knew was wrong since it's clearly sung by girls. For anyone else who liked the song, it's called "Ruby."
  2. I believe that Eunsoo and Sooho moved out. I thought that Papa Yoon was saying that both grandmothers look well now that Sooho and Eunsoo are taking care of them (as in living with them in their old age). It actually makes sense. Since Eunsoo does not seem to be pregnant (although that was not explained other than to say that Papa Yoon's dream couldn't have been about her), it makes sense that she and Sooho be the ones to move out. That makes room for Sister Yoon and her brood. Eunsoo and Sooho probably live in the upstairs area where Webtoon Park and his twins used to live. Before the ending, I always thought that everyone would move into Bitna's grandma's house. That would make more sense to me since it's empty and large. Then Sister Yoon could move into Eunsoo's mom's house. All I know is that it was rather ridiculous that it was supposed to be Eunsoo's birthday and her mom was nowhere to be seen. Or even mentioned. I understand that perhaps the actress may have been signed on for another drama, but it was very strange how they didn't even mention her to say that "mom" was running late or something like that. I wonder if they had a falling out or if the actress was really just too busy with a new project.
  3. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    Technically, CDD is an area within Gangnam so you're all correct.
  4. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    SKJ says "Seoul-ee." He's basically calling PHS Seoul, which is the character that Nam Ji Hyun played in WHTMF.
  5. I know that Beechna has been getting a lot of hate, but I think I have to stick up for her--a little. Yes, she's still selfish and immature and says things that perhaps she shouldn't. However, some of that comes from her just not knowing any better and no one taking her to task for it. She was raised to think better of herself and only herself since she was little. Cranky Granny taught her no manners, and Dr. Eunuch has no individual thoughts. Her behavior towards Mother Victim after the wedding is uncalled for and that is where Dr. Eunuch should have said something. I really place a lot of the blame for Beechna being what she is on Dr. Eunuch because he never did anything. He had his big epiphany moment and he did his one act when he talked to the prosecutor. However, he felt so much guilt for that and ever since he's been a castrated robot just walking around with an idiot grin on his face and burying his head in the sand any time the wind starts to blow. Anyway, back to Beechna's recent behavior. She's already sensitive about the marriage, she's pregnant, and she's always been spoiled. Then she finds out that Dr. Eunuch ordered her mother's piano be put in storage. Sure, she hangs up on Dr. Eunuch, but he also just takes that sitting down. All he does is sigh and then lets it go. In this day and age of text messaging and other apps, he could have texted her (he certainly knows how) and explained why he ordered the piano be put away. Instead, he knows she's unhappy with him and does nothing to clear the air. Then he gets the call during dinner and runs out without telling her why. Sure, he didn't want her to worry about Cranky Granny, which she will do. However, Mother Victim TOLD HIM TO EXPLAIN TO BEECHNA. Maybe that's what he tried to do when he brought her dinner, but then he messes up again (and why is he trying to act like he has any balls or sense or opinions?). He leaves her a little note that only says, "I never hated you," but again doesn't try to clear up any misunderstandings. It took Cranky Granny to explain to Beechna what really happened. And quite honestly, if I were Beechna, Granny's explanation wouldn't make it all better. Because Beechna is still left wondering why Dr. Eunuch couldn't even tell her that. Next, she finds out that HER dad calls ES over to deliver gifts. Yes, she's mad at him, but she's also always made it pretty clear that she is looking for his approval and love. Is it really so hard for Dr. Useless to call her or text her and say, "I want to have dinner with you" or "I have something to give you?" He's supposed to be the adult. And, he's the adult that allowed Beechna to be the immature and clueless (in terms of social interaction with others) person that she is. So I don't care if he's tired, or whatever. He needs to suck up whatever attitude Beechna is giving him and try to smooth things over. Why is he hiding behind Mother Victim and Cranky Granny and Corporate Jerk and Eunsoo?
  6. [Drama 2017] Whisper 귓속말

    I was a little surprised that the secretary/lawyer who is SY's sidekick actually gave up the video. Other than the fact that this drama will end soon and things need to be wrapped up, it was an opportunity to keep things going a little longer. And, it would have been in line with what the drama has been giving us so far--one twist after another. The reason I was surprised is because the secretary/lawyer had previously stated to both SY and CIH that she needs her security to be assured. In other words, she needs assurance that they will have her back and won't let her future go down the tubes. In order for that to happen, she needs Taebak to survive. DJ hit it right on the nail when he explained that the only ones remaining at Taebak are the ones who cannot leave--they are not just lawyers working there who can get another job elsewhere. Rather, they have too much invested in Taebak. The secretary/lawyer's face also said it all when they were in SY's office and SY was contemplating saving her mother. Her expression was like, "what are you thinking about? how could you possibly even consider letting Taebak fall?" So, a part of me was thinking that the secretary/lawyer would say that she emailed the video, but YJ doesn't actually check it only to find out later that the secretary/lawyer jumped off of SY's ship to see if she could find refuge in JI's boat.
  7. I've really been liking Auntie Yoon these past few episodes. I really like she's there for SooMin and has even been covering for her, too. She's grown and changed a lot since her earlier one-dimensional comic-relief-who-isn't-funny character. Last night's episode, when Corporate Jerk asked for Tenant's contact info, I thought for sure that Aunt may have given it away. Perhaps not intentionally, but because she does tend to blurt things out. But, she stayed firm and didn't. Even if she doesn't know exactly where he lives, she does know that he often comes to her cafe. And when she let it slip that she knew that SooMin was dating the Tenant and Papa Yoon asked her about it, she didn't just try to defend herself only; she still stuck up for SooMin's ability to make her own choices. And I like how she confronted her "boyfriend." He was so straight-forward with Mother Victim, but he is being a bit of a player with Auntie Yoon. I'm glad that she called him out on it, and that she just laid it all out for him. So what are the chances that the Twins' birth mother will show up before this series ends? Frankly, I was a little surprised that they just revealed the Twins' situation like that in a less than 1 minute line. I don't know about you guys, but I've been really curious about the Twins' mother. And they were dragging it out like it's a big secret and then we get like one little footnote on it. Perhaps more was revealed in today's episode, which I haven't seen yet. Anyway, I could almost see how in one half episode it's revealed that the Twins' birth mother was actually really sick and that's why she dropped off the Twins with their dad and they've had no contact with her since. Or, perhaps, she secretly gave birth, gave the Twins to their dad, then returned to her family (after pretending to be abroad or something) so no one in her family knows about the Twins, and then she died in an accident or something. Her having passed away would actually neatly tie up any loose ends. The Twins won't always feel abandoned because they'll know that the reason their mom never looked for them is because she's dead, and there won't be any worries over custody issues in the future.
  8. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    So another movie project that I hope to see PHS in is the sageuk/zombie fantasy movie that Hyunbin is going to be in. Apparently, Jang Dong Gun is also in talks about being in the movie. The reason I would like to see PHS in it are: (1) it already has 1 top star and potentially 2 so that's where all the pressure will be; (2) PHS would only have a supporting role so it would be a good career/publicity move for him; (3) it's sageuk (although I do think he only looks good when his hair is pulled off his forehead); (4) it's action; (5) it's zombies. Now, this is just a wish that I have. I know nothing about this movie other than that Hyunbin has signed on, Jang Dong Gun is in talks, and it's a sageuk/zombie fusion fantasy movie. So, I don't even know that there would be an appropriate role for PHS. But, I think I want his first movie to be as a supporting role with some known top stars. That way, the top stars will bring in the audience, and even if the movie ultimately doesn't do well, the finger-pointing won't necessarily be at PHS. Quite frankly, I think that his acting is at a level where no matter if the project doesn't do well, the audience and directors will realize his acting talent.
  9. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    Technically, he was in a hit KBS drama--WHTMF. He wasn't the "lead" per se, but that drama had several leads and he played one of the main roles. It was a weekend drama that earned over 30% in ratings. That helped him get the HS role, but he did take quite a break after HS. Not sure what happened--if it was bad or poor management by Star Empire or what, but he took a break for a while, and then suddenly had a jam-packed schedule again--musical, Hwarang filming, SWDBS. I read in one interview where he said that he is always happy to do variety programs but they hadn't been calling him for a while. Quite honestly, I'm a little confused by his lack of greater popularity and opportunities. Im Siwan just took off as an actor and has never really looked back. It's like people all forget that he was an idol and he's doing dramas and movies. Then there are those other alleged acting-dols who cannot act, and yet have gotten both drama and movie roles. Sure, they are minor and small roles and it's not like they're receiving praise for their roles, but they are still getting them (or they did get them). As much as I want to see PHS doing another drama (for purely selfish reasons), I really, really want him to get a good movie role because that will raise his star rating and earning power.
  10. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    I don't think he drives a BMW. I believe there were some articles when The Racer first came out bc he was driving a BMW in that show and PHS had to clarify that yes, he was driving a BMW for the show, but it was not his own personal vehicle. In Celebrity Bromance, you can see that he drives some sort of SUV, but the make is blurred out so I can't tell, but it doesn't look like a BMW to me. After he moved to UAA and after SWDBS ended, PHS stated in an interview that he still wanted to continue singing. In fact, he wants to release a ballad album. He enjoys singing and until his album is released (bc it won't be any time soon since he admits that he needs more training) he'll greet his fans through OSTs. There was also another interview where he talked about how he likes singing in OSTs and he wonders if perhaps its his own greed to want to sing them, but luckily, the SWDBS director also wanted him to sing the OST.
  11. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    I actually prefer You're My Love from High Society. At first, I didn't really like it, but it's really grown on me. It features his voice in his higher range and it's a happy song. I think that I'll be Here was more officially produced than Because of You. The reason I say this is because you can hear his lack of breath control in Because of You whereas in You're My Love and I'll be Here, it's been edited out quite a bit. Or perhaps, it just the versions of Because of You that I've been able to access. It still isn't available on iTunes in the U.S. so I can only listen to what's available online, and it's not the best quality. I have to crank up the volume for that song because the quality just isn't very good. My real favorites are actually some of his live or lip-synced "live" performances. I love his duet with Kwanghee (Don't Say Goodbye), Cherry Blossom Ending (too bad he doesn't sing it all the way through), and Gift from his Healing Camp appearance. His Some duet at the KBS awards ceremony was cute, except for the fact that Nam JiHyun is tone deaf (which she admits).
  12. This drama often makes no sense. First, what's with ES's grandma asking Cranky Granny if she wants to move out together? I get that ES's grandma is nice and practical, but really? Next, I'm surprised from @maribella's comment that no one spoke up in ES's grandma's defense. Of course, I don't expect Mother Victim or Dr. Eunuch to speak up, but even SooHo didn't say anything? He's so good at handling Beechna that I thought he would say something. And, quite frankly, what's the big deal? After all, Cranky Granny is in the same position. Why should Eunsoo's family take care of Cranky Granny when she injured herself? She has no blood relation to Dr. Eunuch so by their own logic, shouldn't he have cut all ties with her when he re-married? I also found Mother Victim scolding Beechna for not serving her injured grandmother to be strange. Did Mother Victim suddenly get a personality transplant, which was obviously very temporary? Bc while I agree with what she said, it was completely out of character for her to say it. She's been bowing and scraping to Beechna's rude behavior and lack of manners, but now she suddenly tries to correct her? And in front of her granny, no less? I never thought I would say this, but recently, my favorite characters in this drama are Smiling Idiot and Auntie.
  13. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    Here's another little gem that I found. Apparently, after WHWMF, PHS and his on-screen rival Seo Kang Jun held some fan meetings in Japan. They end the meeting with the two singing the main (or one of the main) theme songs. Only it's a girl's song so I think the key was off and both guys are singing in a range that is too low for them. Then suddenly, PHS--our tenor--goes up an entire octave and belts it out. Unfortunately, the camera was focused on Seo Kang Jun at the time, but you see his little shock and the camera then pans out to show them both.
  14. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    Why is it that there are talented young actors, but no actresses that fit PHS' age group? You'd think it would be the opposite because of the males going to the military. Or perhaps that's the reason why--the age-compatible actors are in the military so they pull younger actors. Although, I don't think that's it either. I honestly can't think of many actresses who have actual acting chops. And perhaps some of that is because of this newish trend of pairing older actresses with younger actors--the younger actresses just don't have the opportunity to play more roles. Actually, oh probably about 5-7 years back, it was the trend to have dramas about "cougar" pairings--older woman, younger man. The only one that specifically comes to mind is Oh My Lady with Choi Siwon (of SuJu) and Chae Rim. I watched it bc I was a fan of Chae Rim (bc of All About Eve) and how can you resist the pretty that was Choi Siwon back then. Off topic, but it makes me wonder if PHS' looks will start changing too as he gets older. Anyway, Oh My Lady is about an older woman and how she ends up getting together with a hot younger man. Around the time of that drama, it was the trend to have these older woman-younger man plots. For some reason, these days they are just pairing older actresses with younger actors, but the plot is that they are of equal age, or the guy is even maybe a year older. For example, Moon Embracing the Sun, You From Another Star, Legend of the Blue Sea, The King 2 Hearts, etc. I still don't understand why they do this bc I don't care how good the actress looks--I still know how old they are. It was like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. It didn't matter how good Demi looked at her age bc we all knew that she was still old enough to be his mom. I'll protect you if there are any shooters. For some reason, I didn't like Full House. Actually, I know the reason: I didn't like either Rain or SHK. With Rain, it was an appearance thing--I think he (with his baby face) was miscast for that role. With SHK, I think it was her acting--she was too green and I couldn't get over the clothes padding. Bc I didn't like her in Full House, I didn't watch anything else that she was on. When DoS came out, I just wasn't interested in watching it after realizing that it was her. The age difference between her and SJK also bothered me. They're actually not too apart in age, but she is older and bc she had been acting for so long, I presumed that she was even older. And I remembered SJK from his Running Man days (soooo long ago) that I thought he was younger.
  15. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    I'm linking to a Twitter account that I found that has some pretty good pics and gifs of PHS. They don't seem to follow any particular timeline, but it includes other baby photos, screen caps, etc. https://twitter.com/hyungsik_ph?lang=en