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  1. My take on this is that Hyuk was never being redeemed. The problem with LH is that he's not fully a person yet. He's like a chameleon, taking on whatever characteristics of his environment. Or, in LHk's case, taking on the characteristics of the people he surrounds himself with. This is what a child does. When LH was growing up in the palace with his evil mom and dad, he became like them. When he was with Empress SH, he was a better person. Only, the ED got her hooks into him. Then he was the ED's puppet and he got together with YR. When he began to side with SN, he started to think or behave as she would. Now, he's the ED's puppet again. LH never grew up or developed into his own individual. Look at Yoon--he's his own person. He knows who he is and what type of person he is. LH has no idea who he is. If given a choice, I bet he himself would have no answer. If you think about it, he's always been surrounded by women telling him what to be: his mother, YR, even SN. He doesn't know how to be a person without someone telling him.
  2. I think this drama is about characters and revenge. And this is the flaw in Bin's character. He was never really a thinker as NWS and he's the same as CWB. As NWS, he was quick and hot to act, usually with his fists. CWB is still very similar. He takes a lot of what I think are unnecessary risks. He also seems to be focused too deeply on revenge. Yes, I understand that's why he changed in the first place, but then I was hoping that after becoming an integral part of the underground group, that he would see the big picture. It's not just his mom's death and the attempt on his life that is at issue here. Many, many others have died as well, but CWB still seems to ignore that. Yes, I understand that he is living on a limited timeline and he wants to see something tangible before he dies, but it seems selfish that he's willing to risk his team's right to revenge/satisfaction as well. Contrast to Sunny, who is trying to bring down or expose the entire palace. Sure, she's got personal anger towards LH and the ED, but she recognizes that there are more than just 2 villains in the palace. She wants to bring down the entire palace to shed light on the corruption within its walls so that she may finally get some justice for those who have died: her mom, the Grandmother ED, the Grandmother ED's secretary who died, all those palace employees who have mysteriously disappeared in the past... she realizes that that there is a far greater picture. CWB also wants to bring down the palace, but it's not so much to expose the corruption; rather, it's a form of revenge against LH and the ED. I agree. I hate it when shipping starts to ruin a forum or a drama. I think it can ruin a drama by wasting precious air time on unnecessary scenes. Although, in this case, I will disagree that LH's scenes are unnecessary. I think they are because it's not there to create a love line; it's there to show a different and perhaps changing side to LH's personality and character. Why? To pave the way for an eventual romantic relationship? No. It's to show how he became the way he is, how even someone with supposed ultimate power has no actual power, to show how he's not just a 1-dimensional villain, and to show how it's possible for someone to change. And yes, to pave the path to an eventual relationship for him. Personally, I think it will be a friendship for him and SN, with the hope that he will eventually find someone else to love, who will also love him back. Does this mean that I'm a passenger on the LH-SN ship? No, it's just that this ending makes more sense based on the story that this drama is telling. And, it also makes sense that CWB die. This drama is not about a LH-SN ship or CWB-SN ship. In fact, to me, both ships look pretty unfinished and rocky to me. They are poorly crafted, and seem forced into the story as opposed to being natural. But, some will see ships when it's actually just a little inflatable raft.
  3. I think this is more of a continuation of how Korean MILs treated their DILs rather than an accurate reflection of how it actually is today. In the past, sons stayed in their parents home after marriage. This is fairly rare now in Korea, at least in "normal" or "regular" families as opposed to chaebol-level families. In fact, more and more sons are leaving their families and joining the wives' families. Not that they necessarily move in, but the once a couple marries (and especially after they have children), they tend to be closer with the wife's extended family. My mom's friends all tell her how lucky she is now to have 3 daughter and how their sons are all disappointments who have abandoned their parents and just do what their wives want them to do. Back in the day, my mom's friends all pitied her because she didn't have a son. Anyway, the Brat definitely looks down on DR because she is poor. And WDR's mom doesn't like just because she's poor. It's a different dynamic there. She raised and expected her eldest to carry on the family business and take it up a notch by marrying someone with the social and economic connections necessary in business. And, DR was just a secretary. We know that she was smart and studying for law school, but who in the family actually knows that? All the WDR's mom knows is that this girl is poor, she's not even well-educated so that she can brag to her friends that her DIL is really smart and also holds an executive position at the company, and then the final straw? Her mother. DR's mom is like Mrs. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice--incredibly ignorant and lacks complete class. She's brash and harsh, even her voice, and no one who meets her actually likes her. Yes, it's wrong to look down on someone for their economic class. But, from WDR's mother's perspective, DR is fulfilling all the prejudices that she has against the lower class: uneducated mother, ignorant behavior from her mother, no dowry brought into the marriage, the money the Wang family lost, DR herself isn't highly educated, ex-driver for a father... Really, the only thing that she can say about her DIL is that's a good girl, and while that should be important, that is outbalanced by the fact that ever since DR joined the family, there has been one instance after another. I agree that forgiveness and acceptance are different. Also, even if everyone else in the Wang family accepts him, there is no way that the Brat will. And, I don't know if I can blame the Brat in this instance. She is still a Brat, but she also grew up stigmatized for not having a dad. Kids are so mean like that. One can argue that she never even knew her dad, so what is she really missing. After all, I think she was just a baby so she has no memories or actual emotions attached to him, just an ideal in her mind. But, even with all that, I know that if I were in her shoes, it would be really difficult for me to accept this man who I know killed my father. Every time I see DR getting excited to see her dad, or every time I see or hear that her dad did something nice for him, I would be mad and jealous that I couldn't ever have that, and DR and her dad doing it in front of me would seem like adding insult to injury.
  4. Assuming that the writer is going to introduce a twist and he did not commit the second murder... he would have taken the blame for it because he thinks he did it. The flashback shows him crashing into the Brat's dad and the fruit knife stabs the Brat's dad. This is probably what the prosecution argues happened. At this point, Kang himself is in shock. His wife died, he may have thought he killed the loan shark, and then he finds himself arrested. Looking at the flashbacks, I think he was in a zombie-like state and didn't really participate at all in his defense. He probably didn't even defend himself. I'm not sure why you think it is quite clear that he is not guilty because everything that we've been shown so far shows that he did it. Of course, I think the writer will change it to him being framed, but for now, what we've been shown is that he did it. Even if he didn't mean to and it was an accident, he did it.
  5. LH is creepy. I seriously think he has some serious mental issues. But, when we see flashbacks of his childhood, it's hard not to see him as pathetic. No one should have had his childhood, and in a way, it's understandable why he turned out the way he did. It's as though his mom wanted to create a psychopath. I think what she meant to create was a weak and timid king, but she ended up creating a sociopathic coward/mama's boy. He has no sense of sympathy towards others, but perhaps that's because he has never really known what it means to have been loved unconditionally. I actually like the fact that the writer is trying to make the characters more complex. A villainous character that is just all bad all the time would be rather boring after a while. Personally, I'm not sure why anyone is really trying to push either of the love lines. OSN had a one-sided celebrity crush on LH. That was really cute. She found out he was a complete jerk. That jerk, then starts to like OSN. In the meantime, there is NWS/CWB in the background. But, at the end of the day, is the love lines what this drama is really about? Sure, the original tag line was about a common girl marrying the emperor, but I think that from the first episode, we all knew that this drama was really about the mystery of previous Empress SH's death and all the palace intrigue that goes on. It's about the corruption inside the palace, and most likely a commentary on how power corrupts. The love lines, to me, are just filler that is thrown in there. Almost like how on Running Man, or any other K-variety show, they always insist on creating some sort of love line. Okay, admittedly, a very bad example here, but do you see what I mean? The love lines are secondary and not even necessary. I'm still curious to know who killed Grandma (the Great Dowager Empress). I don't think that's really be shown, or has it? I thought at one point they showed LH, but then there are so many flashbacks and it's unclear whether one is real or another villain just telling how it could have gone down.
  6. I think that DS is their son. I think she originally rejected DS because he was a reminder of how weak and ignorant she was. I'm imagining that she was a stereotypical naive country girl who went to Seoul and fell in love with a palace guard. Next thing she knows, she's abandoned by the guard and hears nothing from him. She probably thought he just used and abandoned her. I think she also always felt stifled by her circumstances of living in the country. She was forced to return home when it became clear that she was abandoned and about to give birth. Then, she just accepted the "lie" that DS is her "brother" because her "mom" adopted him. But, in her mind, he's not even her real brother since she doesn't really consider the mom to be her mom. And, she has wanted to cut all ties with NWS's family, which to her, includes DS. I think at this point, it's about a twisted sense of revenge. She already started off thinking that NWS's family were chains around her that kept dragging her down when she was ready to move on to a Seoul girl. Then, she thought she had everything set with LH, only to find that NWS was trying to expose her. Right now, she blames everything on NWS. She's forgotten that the ED hated her and would never have let her live, bc she honestly thinks that LH could have protected her.
  7. I know that the drama is setting us up for a divorce, but I just don't really see it happening. I think there are supposed to be 106 episodes or so and we are in the high 70s right now. Yes, even with only 20 episodes left, they could be divorced and meet new people. After all, they already have the new "partners" ready. But, there are so many other loose ends that need to be tied up, too. HongJoo and DR's dad's relationship. Honestly, I think that HJ should just move out. It would be sad for MR, of course, but I doubt that HJ's goodness will rub off on her nasty sister and her even nastier niece. Better that she make a statement to them by moving out and saying she can't stand to be contaminated by their nastiness anymore. DR's dad's situation--did he murder the Brat's dad or not? I'm going to guess he didn't, otherwise, the bum guy would not look so guilty. I think earlier in the drama they made it seem that DR's dad killed 2 people, but obviously that's just what he thinks happened (because I think he was kind of a zombie and didn't really pay attention to his own trial). There is no way that DR's dad would have been accused of murdering 2 people when 1 of his victim's actually survived. He could have still been accused of attempted murder or something less than that, but I still don't see why the bum guy would act so guilty then. The Brat. Everything about her. Her relationship with YR (I wish he would actually threaten to leave her or something), her attitude, her secret scheme to become the madame of the house... There's actually a lot of episodes that need to be devoted to the Brat and her comeuppance followed by redemption. Her character is so lacking right now that the writer has to devote a serious portion of the air time to her. DR's mom--I think they need to pair her up with someone else or something to give her something to do. It doesn't make sense that they would leave her all alone (except for her sister) because even though she is slowing changing, that change isn't coming along fast enough. She still causes trouble for her daughters and neither of her in-laws like her. These family dramas usually end with everyone singing kumbaya together. Grandma. Honestly, I'm not sure how they are going to end her storyline. Will she continue to just live with the family, but she no longer hates her DIL and the Brat? I don't see how she can get over her dislike. Whenever she has her episodes, she is living in the past and reliving past events. That's how people IRL that I've know with Alzheimer's behave. They remember appointments that they had 30 years ago and think that they need to go to that appointment. You can't "explain" to them that their perceptions are wrong. So, even if the writer tries to resolve it by saying that Grandma had the wrong idea about her step-mom, I don't think that's really going to fly. I purposely didn't add the DR/DR couple because the above are just the plots that need to be resolved even assuming that DR/DR divorce.
  8. I think that's what the main theme was originally, but I also don't think this drama has the guts to actually go through with it. If the main theme is really about prejudices and how to live with them or overcome them, then I think that DR's dad would have to have murdered (even if it was accidental) Daya's dad. Otherwise, it's almost a cop out to then say, nope, he didn't murder someone; he was just framed for it. And, with the bum/ex-loan shark's appearance, I think this is where this drama is going. I call this a cop out because I don't think it will have as much impact. There is a big difference between society and WDR's family, and Daya's family accepting a falsely accused murderer versus accepting an actual murderer who has repented. The latter requires real forgiveness and an openmindedness that WDR's mother, the Brat, and the Brat's mother do not have. Never going to happen. Oh, I know that they'll have their kumbaya moment in the last few episodes, but not enough to actually forgive the person who murdered their husband/father. And I'm not saying this lightly. If someone killed my husband or father, I would have a very difficult time to forgive and then accept that person. And I think I'm much more open minded than the Trio. I'm 50-50 here. I hear what you say about how when a couple marries, they are making that commitment to support each other and start their family. However, family is about family--everyone in that family. Getting married is essentially about learning to compromise and giving a little here and taking a little here. It's about learning to accommodate others and not put yourself first always. Same with parenthood. And this is essentially about what a family is. And it's important because imagine a society where no one knows how to compromise or think of others first. It would be a miserable society. Part of the problem with Korean dramas is that it deals in extremes, and we are doing the same here. Is one extreme better than the other (parents and extended family vs cutting yourself off completely from the extended family)? And this problem of extremes is I think a genuine problem with K-dramas. In this chicken or the egg argument, I honestly think that the extreme behavior displayed in K-drama is reflected in actual Korean culture and attitudes. In real life, Koreans talk about yelling at their DILs and telling people to kneel. Honestly, what kind of behavior is this? I wish that drama writers would stop showing this kind of behavior so that Koreans in real life will stop thinking that this is normal and acceptable behavior. Finally, please, can we see more of Hong Joo? It was such a breath of fresh air to have her tell the Brat off. She hit it right on the nail. And, really, finally, this drama makes no sense. The Brat is acting like she likes the chaebol girl, but the reality is that the Brat doesn't want WDR marrying someone like that. Right now, with DR as her SIL, she already feels threatened. How much more will she feel threatened if WDR were to marry a rich chaebol girl, who is also educated enough to run her own business?
  9. Lee Hyuk is a very needy person. And, he is a bad person. No arguing there. But recently, I have been having some sympathy for him. Regarding his need for attention, the fact of the matter is that it probably stems from never receiving true parental attention and affection in his youth. Yes, as the future emperor he needs to be strong and self-sufficient. But, his mother nor his father ever gave him the foundation of love that a child needs to grow into a self-sufficient and strong person. instead, they made it worse. Look at how Ari is raised. She is raised to study all day and do nothing physical for herself. She is how old? and yet still being spoon-fed. In a way, all LH is doing is looking for someone to just love him or accept him for who he is. NWS, on the other hand, was raised by a mother who loved him whole-heartedly. He wasn't very smart, but he knew his mother loved him. Sunny also knows that she was loved. That love and unconditional acceptance gave them the confidence to grow up strong. On top of that, we know that LH's parents had a screwed up moral compass. Grandma seemed to be good, but it also seems that she didn't have much interaction with LH in his youth. I would say, given what the ED is like, I'm surprised that LH isn't worse than he is right now. On a side note, so is the sapphire necklace that Sunny has a fake? Was the real one buried with Empress SH? If so, that would explain that cheap, plastic noise the necklace that Sunny wears makes. I know it's fake in real life, but every time they move that necklace, it rattles and sounds so fake. I keep laughing and wondering why they don't mute the volume on the drama, or even better, why are they even moving it? Just have the actress wear it, or showcase it in its box.
  10. I think AR loves Sunny and fixated on her bc Sunny is the Empress. In her child's mind, when she became the Emperor's daughter, it was a given that her mother would be the Empress. After that, I think she realized that Sunny was the only one who actually had any real affection for her. I believe Sunny already knows. I think the late Empress SH's father explained everything to Sunny. And Sunny has that locket that shows NWS, MYR, and little DS. And the old man explained WB/WS's history so I think she already knows. A part of me thinks that the Nanny doesn't really love AR, and only sees her as her way to power. I have doubts over whether AR is really LH's daughter. But, more than that, I think that the Nanny now regrets that AR doesn't recognize her as a mother. But someone as wicked and ambitious as the Nanny--I think her main concern should something happen to AR would be that she has lost her position.
  11. I LOVE Hong Joo! I especially love her style. I also love how she's such a consistent character. She was naive and completely open in her youth, which caused her to be used and dumped by a Richard Simmons. Despite that, she isn't bitter and she's still naive and open in her love now. She is genuinely kind and trusting, but not a complete airhead (like Madame Oh). Although her ex is trying to get back into her life (probably bc he knows that she's rich), she doesn't automatically believe his lies. She also sticks to her principles, like when her nasty sister opposed her relationship with Driver Kang. I agree. Did anyone else notice how Grandma has an episode whenever something goes wrong for DR? So DR got kicked out and Grandma had an episode that lasted until DR was allowed back home. Grandma's episodes were never that long before in the past. I think I read somewhere (perhaps someone else's post here and I'm sorry to not remember and give credit where due) that the new handsome guy is supposed to be married already? Hopefully that plot arc will be interesting, but if it's just to add a few episodes of more drama, then I can do without it, despite the eye candy that he provides. There is enough drama without having to add that as well. I know that you're new to this forum, but are you new to Kdrama as well? And I don't mean that to be offensive or anything, just honestly curious. Because this is something that is almost necessary in a Kdrama. No one, and I mean no one is ever good enough for a mother's precious son. The rich moms are particularly worse, but even the moms that are not doing so well financially never think that their son's gf or wife is good enough. Unless that gf or DIL happens to be a rich chaebol herself. Welcome to the world of Kdrama. And, as MR's mom said in the most recent episode: "you don't know how dirty in-laws can be."
  12. About CEO Park's logins... you don't log in just to play the game. As the acting CEO and the actual CEO after JW was deposed, he would need to log in to the game to see how it's progressing. When the coders create a new something or other, he would need to log in to see how it actually looks. Logging in also allows you to see or find other players. HJ was never an active player or an ally, but she logged in when she wanted to find JW. Oooh, so insightful. I never thought about it like this. Probably bc I was too mad about the ending and I had too much going on irl to really think through this drama and its ending.
  13. OMG, yes! I think this is part of what bothered me, too, only I didn't realize it until you pointed it out. Why is one of the main characters missing in the last episode??? Perhaps, they ran over budget and couldn't pay him? Just joking here. Please, no one take this seriously. I have no idea what this drama's budget is, or what they paid each actor.
  14. I am one of those who is getting frustrated and bored by where this drama has been going recently, and I think it's incorrect to say that our boredom is due to us focusing only on the romance. I'm bored and frustrated because of DR Long Face. She's no longer the spunky girl she was in the beginning. Yes, I agree that her situation has changed now that she's married, but it's a little too exaggerated and too much. More importantly, it's not going to change for a while. We know the drama has to somehow reveal and then resolve DR's dad's prison term and murder so no blue skies ahead in the immediate future. Also, while DR's situation has changed, it's not like she's ever had an easy life. The DR of recent episodes is like a black hole that seems to suck out all energy. I'm also bored and frustrated because other than DR Long Face, none of the other characters have really developed or changed. On top of that, the plot seems to just plod along. It's one big problem after another. I know that we are in what I like to call the "hump" part of a longer drama series--that section where nothing goes right for the main character and it's one drama after another. But, with the pace that this drama is taking, I feel as though this hump is going to take a long time. If this were a daily drama, the hump wouldn't take as long and it wouldn't feel so laggy. However, we only get 2 episodes per week, which makes it seem to drag extra long.
  15. 1. CEO Park can't see the zombies and NPCs because he was not Zinu's ally. Only his allies see his buggy enemies and are in danger. 2. After the bugs are deleted and the game is reset, CEO Park lets the game be released bc it's actually safe now. For one, Emma is deleted as well. Emma, according to JW (and I'm assuming he explained this to CEO Park at some point) is what caused the bug in the first place when Marco stabbed SJ. Without Emma, the bug/virus can't be created again. Second reason for the game release? Money. JOne spent 1 year on developing the game. And, they knew it was going to be such a big hit that I think they expended a LOT of resources to develop it. Without releasing it, the company would have gone bankrupt. 3. I'm guessing that JW is trapped in the dungeon. 4. I also don't know why Marco hasn't been deleted as a bug. I think JW is trapped and not so much that he actually created an instance dungeon as a safe place. I don't think he's running from the police because he would know that once the bugs are deleted, that there would be no proof of anything. He's known all along that the police had no proof that he killed his friend so I don't think he was ever worried about that. The only reason he was worried at all is because he knew that Professor Cha was up to something. And, my reaction to this the ending is, "that's it?" Seriously? That's all that we are left with? Nothing is really clarified, and there were way too many flashbacks in this last episode. And all for what? Just to hear that JW is trapped somewhere? And, how would he have even known how to create an instance dungeon? Correct me if I'm wrong, but he was an engineer and I don't think his specialty was in gaming. Remember, it's Team Manager Choi who does all the coding and has to explain the game to JW in the beginning. JW only learned the game by playing it; I don't think he knows how to actually code a game. I just hate it when dramas end with a big dud. It happens so often with Kdramas and I don't know why. They do such a great job, and then the end is a big, fat dud. It's like the entire production suddenly lost all funding and budgeting and they had to just wrap it up last minute. I mean, we don't even see trapped JW and HJ meeting. And, it still makes no sense. SJ was trapped (or I guess hiding?) in an instance dungeon. JW, it seems, can leave it to help other players? Again, makes no sense.