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  1. @solovemina Mina looks so gorgeous in those jestina pics!! Too pretty that I'm in tears...
  2. Shin Min A 신민아

    New Jestina pics... Soo pretty Mina...
  3. Loving my new lock screen so much !! Thanks Canon! Wishing both of them all the best ! Hope that they can both find their happiness.
  4. Mina's LG event on 17 April @Reyko @szne09 The phrase 'dinosaur face baby' cracks me up... What a funny description... @szne09 I noticed that u have been posting in Mina's thread since very very long ago (2005)... Wow, u're really a loyal fan of her... Btw any idea where the rest of the fans go?
  5. Yes indeed. She is shy in front of strangers but very cute and funny in front of her close friends. I think she has shown her cute side to LJH since she seems to be comfortable around him.
  6. Kang Dong Won 강동원

    @glee77 @oceanluv Ya, it's not the one...
  7. Kang Dong Won 강동원

    I can't find it on YouTube... Do u have the link? Thanks!
  8. Mina's bright smile on cloudy day. (Updates from motherent official) Cr: motherent official
  9. Shin Min A 신민아

    Updates from Motherent Official Mina playing piano... Cr: motherent official Cr: Canon Korea
  10. Ooppss... My bad.... LJH: I only have SMA on my mind now...
  11. Haha... She means they are sitting much closer to each other now..
  12. Hope someone who understand Korean can sub or translate this...
  13. Really?? I'm from Malaysia but I know nothing about it... Edit: I've checked and it will be aired in Malaysia on 21 April