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  1. The latest Mina.. Elle: Ohui:
  2. Hahaha.... This is so funny... This is really a big mystery to us haha... So sad that the drama is wrapping up this week... Anyway, finger crossed for happy ending.
  3. So SJ disappear into the future with a stabbed wound and MR waited him for 2 years until 25 March? And there's a car accident awaiting her... I'm heart broken DS should tell them the truth earlier.. Once again, they can't fight the fate... The more they want to avoid, the more they're following the fated path. How m I going through another week.. I already can't move on...
  4. Shopping spree.. So sweet! He bought her a DSLR.. Can't wait for tonight. There are so many secrets to reveal. Please give us a happy ending.. Finger cross... I don't want this drama to end so soon too... Will be having a hard time to overcome the withdrawal syndrome...
  5. @lingkims @Mailelei @sakura2016 Hugs for u guys.. 2 more weeks to go...
  6. Lol... Poor KWB.. He must be preparing his weapons now.. BTW, in the preview, So Joon promised not to go to the future anymore. Supposedly he won't disappear if he don't go to the future.. Unless the future has changed.. Or he don't keep his promise. Gosh.. I just don't want him to disappear..