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  1. Sidetrack...share it cos it is recent near-death incident for a japanese girl group during public event.
  2. Pics from the water park ad. Some cute speculation...haha.
  3. From Hyesung's instagram...her latest pic. It fits the pic posted by Gong Myung....esp if place side by side (his eyes looking at her). Well....his was 6 days ago....haha....i know they are probably promoting the products. But can't help it when her instagram pic above tags words like it's TRUE, it's REAL...ok ok, i know it's about the drink. Interestingly...they cooperated on quite a few ads right after WGM. I know maybe not their decisions....probably the brands are interested in them, the Candy Couple label...so approached them. Do other WGM couples have such experiences...including those in the past? I didn't watch korean channels so i don't really know. I know some couples probably meet in variety shows....then just a few in same drama.
  4. From Hyesung's instagram: Multiple pics. Just read that she would join the KBS drama Manhole as supporting....debut in Aug...the main cast are JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong and UEE. New long trailer or preview of the Bride of the Water God. This cut is actually near the end where Gong Myung made a few short appearances...by comparison, even the water god's plump servant appear more.
  5. Sidetrack abit...MBC has internal problems recently. I dont know if certain decisions (including some halted shows) are due to the higher-ups or not. https://www.soompi.com/2017/06/22/mbc-variety-show-producers-join-growing-calls-companys-president-step/
  6. Article said MBC tricked the villa staff that they are travel agents, not broadcasters or reporters. Now it became a case of illegal filming. Then MBC tried to shift blame...saying their staff didnt go personally. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/06/section-tv-accused-of-filming-illegally-in-bali
  7. @pshop I can see. Green phone case. Haha. From same weibo, also share this pic. And again same weibo, a pic where she gave "heart" to a certain cat on 17 June.
  8. So it's singer Yoga Lin's wedding....wonder if she's envious or not....
  9. Came across this when i visited Choi Tae Joon's china weibo....which he set up not long ago. I suspect might be due to him being spokesman for JayJun, a korean cosmetic brand with china market. He appeared for the brand's event. http://www.weibo.com/u/6242780107 And in his weibo, he interacted with fans by short clips and giving out autographed posters.
  10. What's going on? wow...they got so many ads together recently. I realise this laptop ad and the previous water park ad are both under Gmarket, something of a korean online store.
  11. Sorry to comment this way...but i think photoshopped....esp if u also look at the other pics in this user's instagram.
  12. They uploaded so fast onto youtube. ********************** More of the baby pics. Is that baby Bomi or some kid with similar hairstyle? Take note of 2nd pic...haha.
  13. Someone in Candy couple thread asked about news on next season of WGM. I don't think there's any news, right? Actually i wonder if it's better to just end it. B'cos WGM means married...will still have that theme even with any changes. I prefer a dating or befriendlng theme...feel more natural. Just my personal feel. **************** Sidetrack abit....about MBC....recently there are some negative news. Think there is something "rotten" at the highest level of MBC. https://www.soompi.com/2017/06/22/mbc-variety-show-producers-join-growing-calls-companys-president-step/ And they now became like tabloid/gossip channel.... http://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/06/mbc-travels-to-bali-to-gather-more-information-on-song-joong-ki-and-song-hye-kyos-dating-rumors
  14. More pics from his upcoming drama....photo shoot for the posters. A clip on the photo shoot session. Gong Myung appeared and said something at the start and at the end....probably about asking to support this drama. Also from the drama.....the other actors also got hugged this boy....i wonder if he is meant to play a certain char's son or the child version of any char. The boy is ok with him. But not the girl...haha.