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  1. Congrats. Their son is born today. Feng shao feng just posted the baby footprints on his weibo.
  2. Sort of a timeline of the HIStory series from 1st story to near future. The official facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HIStory.CHOCOMedia/ Still no debut date announced.
  3. JHI is voted as no5 male celebrity which women want to give chocolates to on this Valentine’s Day....after others like Kang Daniel, Park Bo Gum etc. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/top-5-celebrities-chocolate-valentines-day/
  4. Just to say History 3 - Trap had finished filming a few days ago. Even 2 actors from Crossing the Line (the leftmost and rightmost guys) had visited the set to show their support. Multiple pics.
  5. Just announced. While Jung Hae In will act in Spring Night, Han Ji Min will be the female lead. She is best known for Rooftop Prince, Familiar Wife and film Miss Baek which she won many awards. To premiere in May via MBC. https://www.soompi.com/article/1300051wpp/jung-hae-confirmed-new-drama-pretty-noona-buys-food-writer-pd Well perhaps this will not add more stress to JHI and SYJ. While JHI can gain experience with another good actress. But still JHI and SYJ can work in future projects...eg variety show, action-themed movie etc. Just feel something different from the same romantic theme (esp so soon after the Pretty Noona drama) will be better for them.
  6. Just sharing his pics. He is cast in a new film Ignition. Mentioned here: https://www.soompi.com/article/1297309wpp/yum-jung-ah-talks-join-jung-hae-park-jung-min-new-film
  7. As much as i like SYJ and JHI together....i am fairly relaxed on this if things don't work out. What is more important is their individual well-being. https://www.soompi.com/article/1296687wpp/son-ye-jins-agency-clarifies-dating-rumors-hyun-bin
  8. From ep 5. Haolan was accused of stealing a pearl. Note the maids in blue and pink....both familiar faces from Yanxi, the girls from Weaving dept. "Mingyu" as a doctor.
  9. The prince who rebelled in Yanxi. What i understand is he and Haolan were lovers at the start of the drama. At the start he was showing concern to Haolan....then when the other sister appeared, he changed face and accused Haolan of saying bad things about her sister, trying to create misunderstanding btw them. Haolan then accused him of betraying her feelings and now marrying her sister instead. Again this actor is a villain...haha. A cut from Ep 16 (just sharing what is avail in Youtube now)....but it's the same cuteness when these 2 bicker...haha....while being imprisoned.
  10. Youtube got some cuts. No subs. I link them just to showcase some familiar faces. I think they are sisters with different mothers. Haolan was begging her for the location of her own mother's grave while the sister disliked her for being well-liked by their father, grandma and teacher....over her since young. Think probably their 1st meeting. She was thanking him for saving her. I won't translate the rest. But do take note of the male servant appearing on the left....the same actor as the eunuch Xiao Quan Zi in Yanxi...who served Yingluo. Think here, he was the servant of Lu Buwei.
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