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  1. Hear that Gong Myung might be casted in a new 2018 tvn drama "You Who Forgot Poetry"....about medical staff in hospital (not the usual doctors). Another article from allkpop said confirmed but i prefer to wait abit. http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/12/new-tvn-medical-drama-you-who-forgot-poetry-begins-casting/ Hyesung's variety show“Photo People” will debut on 18 Dec (mon, 9pm kst) on Naver TVCast, with 12 episodes. https://www.soompi.com/2017/12/12/jyjs-kim-jaejoong-samuel-jung-hye-sung-transform-photographers-photo-people-preview/ Wonder who/what is she thinking of? The words in caption seem to be loosely translated to dating?
  2. Henry Lau ---- Violin Boy's Official Thread

    Live ver of "It's You" Showing skin in "I Live Alone". No longer as built as the Men's Health magazine cover...but many comment Henry's fair skin and body make him seem younger than his actual age. His sister appeared in the show too. He's in another korean variety show "All Broadcasting In The World" Besides these 2...think he's no longer in the Master Key. And i can't wait for his china dating show "Perhaps Love". Think more promotional pics and clips would appear soon. No broadcast date yet but will update again.
  3. @rezzman I don't recognise the ppl in the photo and clip. Also no news on WGM since now MBC strike is over and operations are back to normal.....or other related themed show. Actually if not marriage or dating....merely getting to know each other is also interesting eg My Ear's Candy. Sidetrack abit....Henry will be on china dating show Perhaps Love season 4....partnering 24yo actress Chen Du Ling. Occasionally some celebrities would be asked about their WGM experience...or some mention. The most recent is Jo Se Ho. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/12/kim-hee-sun-asks-jo-se-ho-if-he-really-dated-his-former-on-screen-wife-cao-lu Or some moments of Bomi and Choi Tae Joon are shown in a recent show Outrageous Roommates.
  4. Wow....they might travel to the South Pole soon. But....Law of the Jungle...what jungle in the South Pole? haha. https://www.soompi.com/2017/12/13/law-jungle-may-first-korean-variety-show-travel-south-pole/ Earlier article....Bim Byung Man is back. https://www.soompi.com/2017/11/30/kim-byung-man-opens-returning-law-jungle-spinal-injury/
  5. Some reporters caught Hu Yi Tian auditioning for the lead role of Zhang Wu Ji in the martial arts drama Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre...don't know how much versions by now....last one was in 2009 acted by Deng Chao. Final bts, eng sub. *update : in above clip, the bgm/song is 年少有你 (loosely translated as My Youth has You) by 李易峰 Li Yi Feng, an actor, he sang it for a 2015 movie.
  6. In case u wonder, the earlier pic of Taejoon with cardboard....he was showing support for the upcoming drama "Bad guys : City of Evil" debuting on 16 Dec....thus D-4 (days). Pic during Star News interview.
  7. New bts...at 3min...is HYT acting like he want to steal a kiss...or...? They like to eat... Playful...
  8. Another kissing bts. The clip bgm is abit messy. Haha..how they reduce the height difference. And Hu Yi Tian seems to become playful during these scenes....maybe to reduce the awkwardness?
  9. Think taken during his Revolutionary Love drama. Pic with fellow member Lee Tae Hwan who is friends/schoolmates with Hyesung and Namjoo as mentioned b4. I still wonder if they ever meet up in a group...or at least talk about each other with mutual friends. BTS for Mediheal mask ad dated nov. The ad itself : And Hyesung would fit right in the ad...like this recent pic.
  10. One egg for u, one egg for me...haha...and they drank the soup from same pot. He said the soup/cooking taste good, gave him the same satisfaction as if his own son has gone into Beijing University....mmm...son? A clip dated 4 yrs ago when he was still a student. He was caught on camera at those outdoor match-making venue and interviewed by 2 hosts who noticed him for his height and looks. He said he was there to accompany a friend. I think they pasted personal info on the wall behind. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av16745702/?from=search&seid=10336316305813955837#page=2
  11. Shen Yue 沈月. Shen is surname. Yue means Moon. Not sure official or not, her fans are called Yue Bing or Mooncakes. Born on 27 Feb 1997. 20yo. From Hunan. She studied media broadcasting and initially wanted to become editor in TV station. She likes photography (coincidentally her char also handled cameras in some scenes) and one day when a model MIA, she stood in and her photos when posted online caught attention of an agent and got her into acting career, debut in 2016. Her weibo. She started filming for the new drama...so can see a few pics already : https://www.weibo.com/u/5331040243 She wrote a long article in nov about her audition for this drama. At that time, she drank some red wine to boost her confidence but her face turned very red and she went in like that. Her agent said "wan le" (meaning sure fail). Hu Yi Tian was already chosen and was present to do some dialogue with the candidates. Actually she was glad the wine helped, she finished it w/o any problem. Then some time later, she got the part. And later on, Hu Yi Tian told her he "helped" by giving some suggestion. Guess she left a good impression on him. Chinese article : https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404171872223790850 Some makeup clip :
  12. A clip meant for ChocoTV, taiwan streaming app. Using BTS scenes. Hu Yi Tian 胡一天 is his real name. Hu is surname, while Yi Tian means One Day. His fans called him Hu Lao Shi or Teacher Hu b'cos he suggested it once during interview/webchat. His fans are called Ma Jiang or Mahjong....ya, it's the chinese tile game. B'cos his surname Hu means Win in Mahjong and to win for one whole day is a good thing. Born on 23 Dec 1993, so reaching 24yo soon. From Hangzhou. Debut acting in 2016...mmm....he didn't start as early as some young actors (eg 19, 20yo). Read that he did modelling b4 this. He isn't from any acting-related school but studied tourism. Weibo : https://www.weibo.com/1993hyt
  13. Regarding the last part of the post above, I also notice the same scenario in recent china award ceremonies, the male leads of several net dramas got invited but not the female leads, the males got more attention etc. Besides Hu Yi Tian....also same for Xing Zhao Lin from the other current drama too. I understand there are more female fans who are attracted to the male chars...but we need both leads to make a good show, shouldn't ignore the other.
  14. Their bts are all so sweet. Here is where they often couldnt stop smiling when staring upclose into each other's eyes or face. So they challenged each other but still fail..often just held for 2-3secs
  15. Apink's solo concert "Pink Space 2018" on 12 and 13 jan with outer space theme. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/12/a-pink-announce-their-4th-solo-concert-pink-space