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  1. No...think they give allowance when your 1st child is a daughter. Also for ethnic minorities. Anyway the one child policy has recently been lifted...last yr.
  2. From Singles Magazine.
  3. End of the drama Bride Of The Water God. Read that Gong Myung will not be acting as lead in new drama Mad Dog, it's about solving crime....initially news about him being considered. Well, there will always be other good roles. Even not as lead, he would still stand out. https://ahjummamshies.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/gong-myung-out-woo-do-hwan-in-talks-for-kbs2s-mad-dog/
  4. Happen to read some trivia on Zhao Liying,..can guess who is the guy? Lin Geng Xin should be single child. I didn't come across any sibling info at all.
  5. Shang Bai's weibo title or profile name is Shang Bai Xiao Shu Er...and he also called himself your Xiao Shu when replying to his fans. As for 2nd season...i also no info. Actually for Xie Yan...was he in the original novel? I havent got time to read the novel. If only appear in this drama version...then this char felt really appear as cameo only.
  6. My wish is for 11th prince YuanChe...
  7. Article with pics...about his volunteer work in Vietnam. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/08/super-juniors-siwon-travels-to-vietnam-to-volunteer-immediately-after-discharge Think age is still bein nice to him.
  8. Someone has been busy. Henry will release new song "That One" on 30 Aug. Described to be R&B hip-hop style. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/08/henry-to-drop-new-digital-single-that-one Sidetrack to mention Gen Neo. He is a friend of Henry and Amber...appearing in their videos sometimes. A chinese from Singapore. He was invited by Henry to live and work in S.korea composing music. But he also sang some covers and also his own compositions, ranging from korean to chinese. One is korean he wrote in 2015. I quite like it. Think About Us. This clip though slightly lower in audio quality contains eng sub.
  9. According to chinese wiki....when activated, the Ling Long spell actually broke up and reconstructed the current world/reality into new one. Too ridiculously and irrationally powerful. https://zh.m.wikipedia.org/zh-sg/醉玲珑 But common views are that this is alternative reality...think one news article involving scriptwriter...the idea of alternative reality is mentioned also...and that.... As in why she wasnt "remembered" by anyone...possibly Feng family did have a lost daughter in both realities....in the 1st one she was found and taught by the Witch Clan. The 2nd one...the original "Qingchen" was still lost somewhere as a commoner or maybe already dead. One cute idea that came to my mind was...remember the Ling Long stones being scattered in the new reality? Perhaps each stone "enter" that reality at different times...changing history even b4 Qingchen entered it. So one stone could have fallen on the child Qingchen (of the alt reality) when she was 1st lost and killed her already...haha. Interestingly her magic is shown as butterflies. Reminds me of the Butterfly Effect. The above chinese wiki when listed the 3rd prince actually described him as someone very crucial to the storyline and the 2 leads' relationship. Even the 7th prince wasnt described in this way. Mmm..now in drama, didnt see anything yet. Last time i forgot to mention one more prince. 5th Prince Yuan Xi acted by Wang Ruo Ling 王若麟.
  10. I don't have much info in english. This is about the drama in chinese with list of the actors. https://baike.baidu.com/item/决对争锋 Btw the 2 leads....the younger Gao Ming as Yuan Yang is quite unknown, can't find any info...perhaps this is his 1st drama. His weibo. http://www.weibo.com/u/5367073537 The older Shang Bai is abit more experienced. Interesting name...Shang = Up, Bai = White. Born in 1990. Well, he's not those typical handsome type...but this type of look might be versatile enough to play different roles. https://baike.baidu.com/item/上白/19940992 His weibo...think he got a nickname...Xiao Shu, meaning little uncle...guess imply his mature look? http://www.weibo.com/zhaojunshitaiyang?refer_flag=1005055014_ A fanmade clip on him.
  11. Happy to see Henry's mum and sis are with him...think in HK. So sweet. The cat is more interested in his...haha...backside...than the treat/toy in front.
  12. From Gong Myung's twitter....the pics are of his previous short drama Brain, Your Choice Of Romance L/R. I wonder what's the Sundance label on bottom left means....are they showing this at that film festival?
  13. See 2nd pic in instagram...mmm....does Bomi got any "big cardboard" stand? haha. Not sure which ep, but upload was yesterday. I rather like to think he is remembering someone's sexy dance during their virtual wedding...haha.