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  1. As much as i like SYJ and JHI together....i am fairly relaxed on this if things don't work out. What is more important is their individual well-being. https://www.soompi.com/article/1296687wpp/son-ye-jins-agency-clarifies-dating-rumors-hyun-bin
  2. No. I remember seeing the cast list in chinese....not the same actor.
  3. From ep 5. Haolan was accused of stealing a pearl. Note the maids in blue and pink....both familiar faces from Yanxi, the girls from Weaving dept. "Mingyu" as a doctor.
  4. The prince who rebelled in Yanxi. What i understand is he and Haolan were lovers at the start of the drama. At the start he was showing concern to Haolan....then when the other sister appeared, he changed face and accused Haolan of saying bad things about her sister, trying to create misunderstanding btw them. Haolan then accused him of betraying her feelings and now marrying her sister instead. Again this actor is a villain...haha. A cut from Ep 16 (just sharing what is avail in Youtube now)....but it's the same cuteness when these 2 bicker...haha....while being imprisoned.
  5. Youtube got some cuts. No subs. I link them just to showcase some familiar faces. I think they are sisters with different mothers. Haolan was begging her for the location of her own mother's grave while the sister disliked her for being well-liked by their father, grandma and teacher....over her since young. Think probably their 1st meeting. She was thanking him for saving her. I won't translate the rest. But do take note of the male servant appearing on the left....the same actor as the eunuch Xiao Quan Zi in Yanxi...who served Yingluo. Think here, he was the servant of Lu Buwei.
  6. The schedule from official weibo site. 62 episodes....over 3 mths. Currently they are showing 2 episodes per day (for iqiyi VIPs, they got a headstart of 10 episodes on Day 1)...from sat-tue 8pm (china time). But i predict they would increase the numbers of days per week later on. * u can expand the pic below.
  7. End Credit Song. Yue Chu....translated as The Moon Appears. It's a duet....the male singer is Lu Hu, the same singer of Yanxi's title Song Kan/See...and one end-credit song Sounds of The Snow Falling. The last scene when the golden chars of the title appears....remind me of Yanxi. No eng sub for the song yet.
  8. Even if this drama has some different interpretations, the time of death will probably be as accurate as history records. Yingren was indeed the 1st to die (281–247 BC, around 34yo) then Lu Buwei (291–235 BC, around 55yo) last was Haolan (280–228 BC, 52yo) Think better don't speculate too much based on trailers. They only show some parts.
  9. The further back in history...the lesser the info in historical records. I don't think anyone would know for sure on the emotional aspects of many historical chars. As most historians would only record either the good deeds/accomplishments.....and bad deeds/scandals...they wont know the motives behind, or why they do this or that. Anyway already know this drama is more of a dramatized type...so dont focus too much on how accurate it is.
  10. Interested due to Yanxi Palace. Initially thought will be year end of 2019. But still, will decide to follow or not after watching the 1st few episodes.
  11. I understand what u mean. Working together can have different effects. For example assume they aren't dating but do have good feelings for each other....working together is a way to spend time with each other openly (compared to meeting up secretly)...and getting to know each other better. But if they are already dating then the drama project isn't necessary to strengthen the relationship, instead it might put too much stress on them. Naturally they would not want to work with each other at this stage. Anyway currently they are just considering....and i suspect they didn't receive the offer at the same time (I might be wrong). If there's any reason one or both choose not to take the offer, don't read too much into it. I won't think negatively about anyone. Actually now i might understand why the traffic in this thread seems to drop since December. And looking at the lukewarm response towards this drama news.....guess some people don't look fondly upon this "couple" (either reel or real). And esp with the rumors of SYJ meetup with Hyun Bin (more than once already).
  12. Oh my...JHI is also in talks for the same drama. Hope they would pair up again. https://www.soompi.com/article/1292591wpp/jung-hae-talks-reunite-son-ye-jin-new-romance-drama