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  1. Korea TV Drama Guide Vol. 72
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  10. Finally some news... "STARS WITH SOLID ACTING PERFORMANCE AND LOVED BY MANY PEOPLE" Park Bogum together with Kim Sun Ah, Soo Ae, Won Bin, Lee Jeon Seok and Park Shin Hye
  11. For a lack of news I was reading past interviews and found one that I am reading and appreciating for the 1st time. Bogum should have a "Quotable Quotes Book" as he has a lot of them. Here's a beautifully worded one: 7 Things We Discovered About Park Bogum In Singapore Apart from the fact that he’s really cute. Hidayah Idris 17 Feb 2017 He's all about positivity. "I'm a positive man. On top of everything else, I think I am diligent in everything I pursue. So I try to put my best foot forward and put in a lot of effort and time into everything I do. I always appreciate everything that happens to me, as well as feel thankful to the people around me."
  12. Park Bogum has Officially Become the New Muse for Outdoor Clothing Brand [Eider] 2017.08.22 Park Bogum has been selected as the new model of famous sport and outdoor clothing brand, 'Eider.' The actor has recently worked with the brand to promote its latest collection for 17 Fall/Winter. For the camera, Park Bogum charms his smiles while promoting the warm clothes for the breezy fall and winter this year. 'Eider' is well-known for its top models; before, Lee Minho was featured for the brand, and this time, fans could see Park Bogum in the pictorial.
  13. Newly Released Mandarina Duck Pic credit: logo
  14. Newly Released Mandarina Duck Pic Credit: Logo