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  1. Do not be sad, chinggu. it does not mean he does not care and do not want to know too. it's easy to follow and find out someone on IG. we do not even need to follow it, as long as SY does not privatize her account, JH can visit whenever he wants. and especially now that IG have the latest service, we can even follow hastag (# ) .... Actually for what he followed, if not able to leave comments and even just "love". and could have, he stopped following her, because he is afraid, if one day he can not control his fingers to leave a comment or press "love" ... (but just with a moment .... why is he afraid ??? he even often leave comments on account of his other friend ? what they're dating? #lol ... hehehe sorry for my joke... ) and also as we know, our SY is not an up-to-date artist on her IG account. we even often see it upload activity that she did in the previous day. and she also seldom interacts in his IG account. so again, life is a choice. many positive things that we can if we think positive. and let's choose to live happily by thinking of positive things. do not let us be like haters filled with negative thoughts. love you and big hug. sorry for my bad english.
  2. I do not know why IG is so important in determining that someone loves or does not love anymore, likes or does not like anymore, be friends or not be friends again ??? we know, that before JH also unfollow his mother, can we judge he does not love him anymore? Our PDN is also one of those he unfollowed, but yesterday we saw them engaging in a familiar conversation on his IG. yesterday we see the picture of JH with his friends gathered in a Spa or restaurant, whereas JH and his friend lee hyung even not follow each other. so what is so important about this IG ???? I think IG is only a small part that we can deduce from their lives. I still wish they had a good relationship, no matter what form. so let's think positive and keep supporting each other and give support for us each other... Love you guys... big hug..
  3. hi ... chinggu ... good afternoon. Two days yesterday maybe some of us feel sad for "disappearance" photo of SY from IG JH. I'm a newcomer, just two months into Gonglee lover. a few days ago I read some of the sheets in this forum, not all, just a few sheets randomly. I think JH has also done it, (removes things related to MOLS) and in fact a few months ago we saw him leave a comment on IG SY, not once but twice. I want to say, "deleting photos on IG" does not always mean anything. could mean nothing. if he had any intentions, I'm sure he had a reason in his mind. so let's appreciate that. how much we love them as idols, we can not manage their lives, or even make them act our way. they are also human beings, who have their own desires and thoughts. whatever happens, I love them. I thank them. they gave me a sweet memory, I was comforted and felt the joy of seeing them. WGM and also MOLS. so let's hope, that these two people we love are happy. and I'm sure they still have a good relationship. life is a choice, if we choose to think positively, then we will definitely find positive things. if we choose to think negatively, everything can be negative. and ...... so let's choose to stay happy and spread a lot of love. I hope you guys are happy too.
  4. Hi chinggu ... good morning. I also heard some haters, and I've also reported them. but I think they're funny, maybe they're just the little kids who just stepped into the world. Their minds are confined in a small box. especially when they see them post a photo of SY that is not good expression. This makes me laugh more. They think the idol is what? who? they are human too, of course they must have been in bad condition. the photos look very childish. because if you want you can take a picture of anyone in that state. Then let us shout that all humans on earth are bad. #lol. perhaps they forget, that at WGM, she is not even ashamed to show herself in a state of not being beautiful. and JH keeps saying she's beautiful. To be honest I like this girl, this girl is an honest girl. she did not bother to think to be should always look beautiful. Because that's precisely she's so very beautiful. Have a great day everyone!
  5. @cebpdmd hai.... chingu... you are not alone, chinggu. reading your post I like to reflect on myself. I'm having the same process as you. from being just a drama lover, then hit with this couple and to this day I'm still repeating their video. and if you know what kind of drama I usually watch, then maybe you'll be surprised too. I'm a lover of mystery drama, crime drama, or detective. such as secret forest, wanted, etc. can be said, the drama of that type even show very little love scenes. but gonglee couple makes me almost crazy. spreading their videos to my friends. some of my friends even told me. "Did your head just hit the door?" "Are you being possessed by something?" hahahaa... now I still watch them before I sleep. it's like a beautiful irony. be a stalker, elute with some friends. sounds crazy but it seems to give life passion. anyway... I'm really happy to read your post. welcome and best regards.
  6. I'm a little confused with that assumption. I think every agency from artists in WGM has the same goals when they include their artists. they want their artists more in the populer. I think JH's agency might be that way too. if not, why should they involve him in WGM? there must be a purpose. and the issue of SY using JH, this sounds unreasonable for me, especially when people say SY is not anyone before, she is not famous and no pupuler. so how can someone who is nobody, not pupuler, she can have the power to choose and determine? even if the agency has, should not it also be with the approval of JH and his agency?. whoever decides they are together at WGM. I believe that it was decided to see the chemistry between them. the reality of their chemistry from the first meeting has made anyone eager to see the rest of it. I say this because I feel it. I fell in love at the sight of their conversation, their gestures, it's flowing naturally.
  7. as he told SY's father at WGM episode 272. Father in low : Jong Hyun, do you have any dreams for the future? JH : " I want to be a happy husband" "since I was a kid, my dream was be a successful artist. To do that, I need to be a blissful and happy persen first." to be a blissful, he want to be happy husband first ... LOL ... hahahha... why this guy make me always think about WGM ?? his songs even his interviews. how can I move on if he keeps it this way ?.