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  1. @mulder9999 Im using PC too and works. Try to refresh perhaps ??
  2. @mulder9999 @li.michelle0831 Try this~ Just scroll down abit.
  3. Finally I find it @joongkyo Starts from 6:40 when MC asked him " Will you still wanna act with SHK as couple in the future ( 30 years later ) ?? "
  4. @joongkyo starts from 12:50 <3 When he talked about donation~
  5. Thanks @smoky1671 for the video~ Start from 11:45 when MC said " YSJ is such a mesmerizing guy till lots of female viewers wanna change boyfriends and husbands ( since YSJ is national husband ) ." Then SJK responded with " No. You can't change husband. And point is I am not married yet. " Then MC said " So you mean we ( fans ) still get a chance ?? " And I find it SO ADORABLE when he replied with a bit hesitation " Errrrrrrrrrrrr ...... Dui ( yes ) dui ( yes ) dui ( yes ) " - Just look at his expression starts from12:30
  6. Hii~ I think we can watch it in Youtube. Here is the link for RM China channel : I hope this will be helpful~
  7. " We're all travelling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride. " - Tim, ABOUT TIME - Lets spread love in this lovely remarkable ride, SS shippers~ Do not let anyone ever dull our SS ship sparkle~