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  1. Cheers to the 2500 page achievement! Thanks @hwonhwon_stv, @rossy79 and all for keeping this thread alive!
  2. Lol! Alright then, 203 + 117 + 195 days Soohyun in Army it is! 203117195+ Hmm, I’m catching up with @yuzu16‘s sophistication in no time here!
  3. @yuzu16, you’ve just given me an idea, my number won’t be as sophisticated as yours, I’ll start with 203 + 195 days Soohyun in Army. It’s going to increase everyday with @hwonhwon_stv‘s daily counter!
  4. Thanks, @hwonhwon_stv, for brightening up my weekend! It’s such a heart warming news @yuzu16, I’m impressed with your creativity in your # of reasons to love him, took me a good 5 seconds to digest it! Totally agree with your take too, @klky007, he is the unique, one and only KSH!
  5. Welcome back @hwonhwon_stv, LOL at those KSH kitty pics! @yuzu16, love that KSH reaction pic as well! How fitting!
  6. @babe19, I’m missing @hwonhwon_stv’s postings as well.. Glad to hear that she is on vacation . This thread is so quiet with her absence ...
  7. Ok.. can’t hold it anymore.. gotto delurk and comment that I am truly impressed by the action of a certain random visitor ... Back to lurking mode now...
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