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  1. This article was posted in December but I'm still gonna post it here anyway XD better late than never lmao Choi Tae Joon Says His New Drama Made Him Realize How Amazing K-Pop Stars Are In a recent interview and pictorial for The Star magazine, Choi Tae Joon talked about his upcoming drama “So I Married an Anti-Fan.” The actor will be starring in a new drama adaptation of the popular novel, which was previously adapted into both a comic and a Chinese film starring EXO’s Chanyeol. Choi Tae Joon will be playing the role of Ho Joon, an A-list K-pop star who ends up falling in love with Lee Geun Young, a reporter who ends up becoming his most notorious anti-fan (played by Girls’ Generation’s Choi Sooyoung). While discussing his preparations for the drama, Choi Tae Joon revealed that he had recently developed a newfound appreciation for just how incredible K-pop stars are. “Because I’m not a K-pop star, let alone a top star, I have no confidence in my singing and dancing skills,” he said. “So I’m working even harder to practice and learn how to look cool [on stage].” Apparently, the training hasn’t been easy. Choi Tae Joon shared, “I realized just how amazing K-pop stars are, and I sincerely support them and cheer them on.” When asked about the similarities between his character and his real-life personality, Choi Tae Joon replied, “What we have in common is that we’re both celebrities.” He went on to confess that he wanted to emulate Ho Joon’s slick, polished manner, explaining, “Although I’m grateful for my fans’ love, I sometimes get really nervous when I feel like it’s more than I deserve. [However,] Ho Joon is smooth, and he’s a natural at reacting calmly in front of the public. I want to learn from the way he communicates with his fans.” As for what he would say if he ever met his own anti-fans, Choi Tae Joon remarked, “I think I would try to persuade them not to hate me. I would tell them that I’m not actually that bad of a person, ask them what it is they dislike about me, and argue with any points that I think are unfair.” Soompi Article: Source [190125-27] Some Instagram posts from @godinmedia; @baekseungheon_; @abyss_kim; @norinyy Seems like the last shoot was 2 days ago! I thought they were just gonna pre-produce 50% of the drama but no, they went on full blast 100% lol I hope they release more details + official photos soon (I say this every single time it's getting tiring, really hahaha) @mylovegyoza where are you my dear? I miss your posts here T.T
  2. Happy New Year guys! <3 Here's a late update uwu Source Hi~@ashbelle ! Welcome! :) Looking forward to seeing your posts here too! ^^
  3. “So I Married an Anti-Fan” Drama Showcases Personalities Of Lead Characters The drama adaptation of “So I Married an Anti-Fan” has released new stills of its four lead characters! The drama is a pre-produced romantic comedy between of K-pop star Hoo Joon (Choi Tae Joon) and a magazine reporter named Lee Geun Young who becomes his anti-fan (Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung). 2PM’s Chansung plays JJ, who was a trainee with Hoo Joon and Oh In Hyung. But when he sees Hoo Joon becoming more popular than he is, JJ decides to try and steal everything away from him. Han Ji An plays Oh In Hyung, a rookie just making her debut who hides a tragic past behind her idol looks. She switches to JJ’s agency but makes more trouble between him and Hoo Joon because she used to have a crush on Hoo Joon in the past. In the latest stills, each character makes their own statement with their fashion. Choi Tae Joon and Han Ji An, as idols, are dressed casually but with perfectly coiffed hair, while Chansung and Sooyoung embody their characters as working men and women in suits and jackets. “So I Married an Anti-Fan” is invested in and co-produced by Warner Bros Korea TV Production and is expected to air in 160 countries. Soompi Article: Source This is looking so good! But the wait is killing me! 2018's gonna end and they're still not announcing the airing date. T.T And oh~ have you guys seen the webtoon that just came out? It's so hilarious XD It's on the "Naver Series" app on the playstore ^^ I have (hardly) read up to chapter 3 coz apparently you need "cookies" to download a chapter in advance and cookies cost like 100 won or something T.T But I saw somewhere that we could it see it every week when it comes out. (It comes out every Wednesday at 12mn KST) Cookies are just for people who wanna see it in advance. ^^ and oh yeah, it's in Korean.. I tried searching for it in "Naver Webtoon" app (the english ver of Series) but nothing came up *sigh* so I read it ever so slowly and loudly so that I could understand it LMAO
  4. JUST IN!! He looks so hot in here!! He suits this style so much! Funny how whenever we talk about things here there's an update the next day LMAO BUT sorry to be that fan but i noticed that Taejoon brushed away Sooyoung's hair even before the director said "action" my heart fluttered hihi <3
  5. @mylovegyoza I was busy too huhu so sorry I haven't visited this thread for weeks T.T But I constantly get notifs for the updates from sooyoungnews and godinmedia so I'm well informed.. Tho we're kinda dry on the updates lol I wonder what percent are they on the pre-production.. I agree ^^ in my case I already watched the movie after it was released so I didn't have much of a choice to compare haha. But really? Omg where did you hear it? Sadly, yes T.T As I've said on my previous posts i don't get why they're not releasing news about the channel, maybe they really don't have one yet. But yeah it seems that they received a great amount of investments from international companies so it kinda eased my worries about whether this drama will push through or not. JUST IN: We have scenes from Japan everyone ^^ But we still don't have a picture (while filming) with our two leads in it.. T.T But it makes me wonder that majority of the scenes are taken from Who Joon's house hehe.
  6. @mylovegyoza sorry for the late reply, I was kinda busy these past few days too T.T yes! actually there's a backstory for that account LOL i'll just put it in a spoiler tag~ and about the godinmedia post actually me too!! I didn't really notice it at first but when I checked their account again I wondered why they uploaded the same post 2 times lol but then when I saw it.. It got me so freaking excited LMAO I even planned to crop and edit the video but as always, didn't have time XD UPDATE:
  7. @mylovegyoza Yup, I noticed that too. Though I would've liked a subtle bang better though.. The one she had at Someone You May Know, she looked really pretty there T.T Nevertheless she still looks so beautiful <3 Anyways, Sooyoung and Chansung both were at the 2018 SEOUL International Drama Awards yesterday (09/04/2018) They look so good
  8. And that concludes our height debate! LMAO Yes! I am from the Philippines ^^ Ohh really? I didn't know there was a "Warner TV" channel lol so sad coz even if they'll broadcast it here, we don't have cable XD But eh, surely there's gonna be a live broadcast online so yeah even if it's raw there's gonna be subs available after a day or two so we're good. Ah, I love living in 2018.. *flashback to when I would wait for a drama to be available in a pirated dvd with sh*tty subs* oh the shivers- i don't wanna go back LOL and omg yes! she has bangs now!! She's slowly transforming to Geunyoung And they already started filming!!! I got so excited when i saw this lol so cute! *EDIT: Casting News! Rookie Song Chae-yoon as Cha Yu-ri, Who Jun's no.1 fan in his fanclub, "Milky Way" <Source>
  9. @mylovegyoza that's exactly what came to my mind when I saw Chansung's casting news! I remember shipping them back then just because of that performance!!! huhu the feels! one of the legendary 2pm x snsd ships back then omg but yeah now that you said it it seems like she is wearing flats here XD i'm watching Suspicious Partner now and I was kinda surprised to find out that CTJ's taller than JCW. Chansung's just too tall compared to Taejoon so he made him look smaller than he actually is lol plus Sooyoung's such a tall lady herself too (i'm kinda tall so the height is such a big deal to me whenever i look at guys lol) Anyways.. i posted something on IG hihi (reposted from godinmedia <Naver link> ) My first thought when I found out that this is an OST from the drama was that, "Wow, they really invested in this" But then i thought, well this IS the FIRST drama that Warner Bros Korea invested in and it will simultaneously air in 160 countries. So... that's a lot to take in. o.o I'm curious as to how they will air this simultaneously in so many countries? will they add an english/etc sub automatically? what countries will be included (I really hope they include mine LOL) and if they already conducted a script reading then why aren't they announcing the TV Network yet? Did this happen before already? I'm just confused cause normally they announce the network first before proceeding with anything lol
  10. OMG you read it! Lmao right?? I totally agree with you! I really hope they'll tackle all of those issues Though the manhwa available was short of the last two books so the moment I finished the first two, I was kinda itching for more coz come on, they barely just got together! But yeah i thought it was probably for the best so that we would just have a sneak peek just to know what to expect from the drama. Meanwhile, the book's plot was kinda all over the place especially the ending.. that explains why that "airplane scene" from the movie just popped out out of nowhere. That's how they ended it in the book! Also YAAAAAY~! Soompi finally released the translated article! <Source> Also!! I was SO CURIOUS as to how tall Taejoon is compared to Sooyoung and now we have a side by side comparison!!! Wow I thought he was gonna be so much taller LOL but yeah i think Sooyoung is wearing heels here LOL and oh my god... Chansung is so dreamy T.T So looking forward to see how Han Jian is gonna act as Inhyeong.. She looks so young! Anyways IM SO FREAKING EXCITED coz it's really happening aaaaaaah <3 <3
  11. Another casting news! (As of 08/23/18) Newbie Ji Ho-Seong cast as Kang Ji Hyuk, Hoo Joon's cute junior who believes and follows Hoo Joon like his own brother. Looking forward to him and Choi Taejoon's bromance ^^ <Source> Kim Hyung Min cast as Roy Ahn, Lee Geunyeong's ex-boyfriend who is a chef (LMAO our shikshin Sooyoung really can't resist being related to anything about food XD) <Source>
  12. @mylovegyoza Yes so far it is his first drama as a main lead.^^ but omg you've read the novel? where? is it in english?? btw, the link i gave previously wasn't complete too.. only the 1st and 2nd edition were available but they didn't upload the rest (3 &4) So far I tried to read the raw manhwa and at some point I gave up at parts that have so many dialogs and just skipped to Geunyoung and Hoo Joon's parts LMAO But so far I was entertained XD After reading some reviews of the book and the fact that I watched the movie was of great help and oh! the manhwa had some kissing scenes (I could count up to 3 XD) and I felt so giddy when I saw it LOL but I'm not gonna expect too much from the drama coz I don't want to be dissapointed. Anyways.. JJ's character (Chansung's role) is such a d*uche bag and I'm kinda confused as to how they will portray him as a 2nd lead that gets entangled with Geunyoung.. Given his attitude in the manhwa, he abuses his gf (and Hoojoon's first love) Oh In-yeong (Han Ji Ahn).. I was so shocked when I saw it o.o that's why I'm worried coz I love Chansung and i think we'll hate him in this drama >< anyways his company announced that he himself wanted to take on a villain role for a change, so... that's about it. We are gonna hate him here lol omg! they already started the script reading!! I'm just gonna wait for the news lol
  13. LMAO!! Did you really? XD I'm touched LOL Acually the moment they confirmed this I immediately lurked here in Soompi but I only saw a post, and I haven't seen this thread yet so I just posted in my status XD I went AWOL after I dropped MWSTT and I feel really bad up until now T.T (I really miss Squad 38/Police Unit 38 days where everybody was active and was streaming together T.T) but yeah work also got it the way so.. But I'm really glad Sooyoung got a romcom now I LOVED her in melodramas but it's been a while since she's cast in a romcom and now with an actor her age! I also loved Taejoon in the dramas I've seen him in.. also I shipped him with Bomi in WGM so even tho he played a villain in Missing 9 I can't really hate him deep down but instead I was so impressed by his acting, he really gave me chills. o.o I haven't watched Suspicious Partner yet but now I will ^^ I watched "The Undateables / Handsome Guy and Jungeum" coz I REALLY LOVE THE LEADS and I was rooting for them from start to end so I really didn't have Second Lead Syndrome LOL buuuuut Taejoon's character was so lovely T.T I wasn't expecting him as the lead but I'm growing more and more excited as time goes by. I'm following her as well and the moment I saw this tweet I searched for the "blog" but sadly I couldn't find it also T.T I'm gonna try to ask for the source later Also when I search for "그래서 나는 안티팬과 결혼했다 JTBC" posts from JTBC News just pop up up but nothing with them being the production company so I'm not really sure if this post is legit or not. Someone please help us LMAO Yup there are reports for 2015 that they were planning to make this into a Kdrama but in 2016 it was made into a Cmovie instead tho I didn't really know why. In my opinion, webtoons should really be turned to dramas instead of movies. Like CITT (despite with the issues and all) I enjoyed it so much unlike with the movie ver it felt so fast and cramped. But what am i gonna expect for a 1+ hour long movie? LOL good thing I watched the drama first that's why I know the things that were gonna happen. BUT NOW.. the movie came first and it wasn't really that good so now they have the chance to make it better by adding more scenes from the actual manhwa. And about that.. I searched everywhere for the manhwa with english trans and I only found the one in netcomics but only the 1st chapter is free, the rest you could rent for 0.40 dollars / buy for 0.80 dollars :((( I found a site where they uploaded the RAW SCANS so I downloaded it *sigh* I'll just see if I have the patience to read it and understand it thank god there are pictures.. XD Goodluck to me LOL here's the link to the site~> https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=71968
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