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  1. "I can feel his love and i can also hear my own heart. From now on we will walk together & I look forward to our happy future. " So, I guess we'll get our daily dose of SongSong sweetness until the big day on Oct. 31st. Credits as tagged. Love is definitely in the air.
  2. Done back reading. Hello comrades, It's been a while. One nagging question here is if this thread shall last until October 31st. If not, please, please make another one with the Mr. Mrs. tag up there. Everything still feels surreal and it's good to see the pioneers posting here again. Literally, we've gotten full force celebrating the big one. Congrats to our Songs, since Day 1 I've never doubted that we'll sail on. Thankful for the bumps and tough roads for it made the journey towards the destination all the more worth it. I am happiest for the shippers here who continued to spread happy thoughts through and through. I hope one day we'll get to hear their story straight from the two themselves, how it all began, how it deepened leading to what and where it is now. Until then, let's be happy spectators waiting eagerly and patiently for D-Day. I'm getting all excited after reading all the articles, the countdown and everything that surfaces in between. Things turned out like a perfectly written fan fiction but the best part is that, this is REALITY!
  3. I really don't want to say much as I know emotions are riding high but I hate seeing fellow comrades down. It is understandable that some of us might be feeling down or disheartened as we already have set our own expectations the moment our Indonesian friends release clips of them leaving the airport. But if I may and I hope I'm not disrespecting anyone but then if anybody wishes to leave, then by all means dramatic exits, at this point are already unnecessary. As it is, we already have enough drama to deal here with, it is as if it's not yet that obvious. Dear comrades, let's stay calm and not get ahead of ourselves and be carried away by our emotions. This morning, I really cannot reckon why Ki is getting all the hate, it's not for us to jump at any conclusion, given that we really do not know what happens in the confines of let's say a board room where all management meetings take place. It is even harder when careers, endorsements, friendships, all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears are on the line. Personally, I'm okay with them denying it after I saw all the hate comments thrown at Kyo. I could not fathom how a human being can carelessly say that to another human being, It's rude, unfair and clearly something she does not deserve. Those K-nets are really something else. What upsets me the most is the inconsistent statements of the agencies. I expected better. i feel bad for those I-fans being accused of making up stories. It is easy to say that if it is just one person or an account but if a bunch of people points at the same place and the same time, then there must be some truths in that, but as they say there are reasons for all these and that I guess we should just respect. I agree that there are lessons to be learned from this brouhaha. At the end of the day, let's just keep loving them whether as a couple or individually. That wouldn't be too much to ask, right? Ahh... I miss soompi.