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  1. I think I am too late to be here . . . but I like this drama so much ( and Hiroine Shikakku ) it's very hard to find the translation about Kento and Mirei I Love them , I ship them. I love their chemistry. and I wish they will have the new project together again in the future.
  2. emmm !!! He said he was nervous and he knocked her room to make a chat at night ?! so she let him come over her room, give him a cup of tea and said that she was nervous !? He say nothing about his feeling and hugs her with saying 大丈夫だよ OMG !!! so cute !! ....... she said she sleep very well because of him !? OMG OMG ! my head .................. XD so he hugs you and say " no problem , good night " and go back to his room ?! or .......... give warm hugs all the night ? emmm sorry , please ignore me .................... XDDDDDDD Thank you for sharing @junerain7 and @niq8803 for translate
  3. [ FULL ] Bromance FM Tokyo 812 from cpopTV 2.08 Hours , Youtube
  4. share this to you. time to work , I will be back tonight.
  5. Hi everyone ~~~~~~~~~ I am here, Thank you for calling me @jbying7 . sharing some clips & photos not a good quality taken from mobile phone @junerain7 always LOVE your story
  6. Bromance will rerun in Japan 7.23 Start アニキに恋して Bromance Asia Fan Meeting in Tokyo Trailar Megan musical this December
  7. @junerain7 Thank you for giving <3 and thank you @niq8803 & @amyam01220 for the fast translate
  8. Hi everyone I am really happy that our friends still post update here ! Tomorrow 523 !! is a BIG DAY for us, press conference for Tokyo FM ! River and Megan will meet again ~~~~~~~~ wooooooooooo Tomorrow you can watch LIVE from Showbiz and Star Ritz facebook I not sure Bromance official facebook will LIVE or nor so please stick in front of your computer or smartphone XD . . Bromance official facebook start LIVE the drama 90 mins VER. no ads. from 5/17 Ep. 1 was LIVE on 5/17 9p.m. Ep. 2 was LIVE on 5/19 12.30p.m. Ep. 3 was LIVE on 5/22 9p.m. they deleted the video after the end. but today they have special part after the end of Ep. 3 This is the special part. Q&A from River Megan mostly of question answer by Megan at last Megan said " Did you ever play role in Bromance ? " she said to River XD The next Ep. will be on Wednesday please notification the LIVE streaming of Bromance facebook in your facebook account. . . . . photo sharing from Jun ig back to the press conference topic there have a fans line a queue since 5/22 7p.m. at the place of the press conference XD >> http://www.setn.com/E/news.aspx?newsid=255207 . . This month Megan will released two magazine BEAUTY TAIWAN JUNE BELLA TAIWAN
  9. @amor07 welcome <3 the bachelor was end filming since October 2016 He choose one girl but she refused him. now River is filming the drama in Yunnan, China, Good fan vid want to shared with you guys
  10. Nana's room was removed from 八塊畫室 . You can still visit the cafe. ======= Today just finish watching Because of you ( 2010 ) I think River and Megan have something sweets since that time. My friend said to me, they like each other since that time but after finish the drama they was separate at that time River do nothing to keep his contact with her. after that they dating other boy/girl, they doing his/her own work. ( It's just my friend opinion XD ) ======= I finding the BTS of Because of you but really hard to find in youtube. Luckily, someone upload the TV program that they was attend to promote the drama. 陳楚河 賴雅妍 2010@power星期天 Part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo6DX8IY2t0Part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vdzxC1J8zU They chemical really match =====