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  1. @asyuki I saw some part in insgram post. Thank you for sharing <3 I hope someone upload it with English subs soon.
  2. no subs Todome no kiss ep 10 http://m.pandora.tv/?c=view&ch_userid=okonomi100&prgid=55912006
  3. last night I finish the ep 10 I can't speak out how I feel hahaha I got stunt ( =_=) the paralell have 2 ep Engsubs ep1 http://yamazaki-kento.com/subs/todome-no-parallel-ep01/ ep2 http://yamazaki-kento.com/subs/todome-no-parallel-ep02/ I got the Chinsesesub before but noting interesting , you should waiting for paralell ep 10. the movie version , I think it's possible but maybe the same story but different actors. the 2nd season I think maybe not. they like to endind like this. many Japanese fans complain about paralell because it's available only in HuLu and you need to pay about 1000yen to watch. paralell ep10 let us see a new life of Otaro after he have choose his future himself and change everything. all I need is more sweet scenes between Otaro and Saiko //CRY CRY CRY
  4. official post bts photos to make us confused. many scenes we have seen in aired episode. they make us " time leap " lol we will know tonight !
  5. I agree with you guys. I want to see more sweet scenes between Otaro and Saiko. ( ; _ ; ) and the Real kiss. I reading from somewhere . . we need to have a handkerchief to watch ep.10 ( T T ) oh please make the happy end. and today they promoting the last episode at Shibuya crossing !!! I wish to be there ! ps. I am shipper of Kento and Mirei ( Heroine Shikakku , Sukina hito ga iru goto ) but this time Saiko steal my heart already. XD
  6. They all finish shooting ? I didn't see Kento , Mugi , Mackenyu and Yuko got a flower bouquet. Today no post from ig. The official twitter only RT news from other site. about Otaro parents, I think their story was finish when they have met. No Saiki photos on ig and twitter ( T T ) I think ep will focus as Otaro his feeling when Saiko death.
  7. I just really want Otaro and Saiko will be happy at the end. //CRY
  8. I have no idae about the end of ep.8 but I am really looking forward to this scene https://imgur.com/a/kFtGY https://imgur.com/a/iG3Ad //CRY