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  1. I believe in happy ending for this drama. But i though this drama was different from any other Kdrama i’ve watched so far. The first couple of episodes looks promising, but after halfway, this drama kinda lost the momentum, and it makes me stop on ep 12. I had this tiny hope that ep 13 14 writer would make proper development to the plot. But the break up after those hardship and the time jump, it’s just sooo korean drama. Well i kinda diasapointed. I’ve been following this drama for weeks and oh well Why JA couldn’t face JH in that stair on SH’s wedding, that tiny part broke my heart, how can a grown up woman, looks so childish. This drama surely ruined my mood today. How will the writer picking up all those messy details, and is it one last episodes enough to get satisfying closure for all. If it didn’t has strong start at the beginning maybe i won’t be this upset LOL.
  2. Hmmmmm gonna check out on ep 16 first, and see whether i need to watch the rest of episodes. It starting out good, getting slow in the middle, getting annoying toward the end, and if it will have silly ending, thats it, i’ll be forever watching until ep 6 or 8
  3. My version for the next two episodes LOL. Jun Hee goes to China for 3 months, it gives them some space for clearing head etc. While Jin-Ah fixing her problem in her company. And then Jin-ah comes to visit Jun Hee in China, get married and living in Jeju. After sometimes, in 2018, her mum finally giving in and wondering how’s their lives and decided comes to visit. Feel free with your own interpretations and expectations next week
  4. I wish i could make you all understand more about this asian culture in this drama LOL. We raised with ‘blood are thicker than water’ no matter what you do in live, family is the one who will come first to the rescue, you don't wanna mess your relationship with them. So i understand what Jin Ah character doing here, nope she didn't do anything stupid in my POV. She is stronger than before, she follows her heart but at some point she’s still her mother’s daughter, if little things can make your mum happy then be it. But she didn’t follow it all whole heartedly, she still has her own decission.
  5. The thing is, eventho the mum is so annoying, it’s not something uncommon in most part of Asia. I love the way they portray the mum, because back in my home country, aunties and mums love to brag about the kids, the in laws and they’re kinda nosy LOL (there are no term of minding your own business). And yes, if you’re not married yet, you live with your parents no matter how old you are, unless you work in different city. It will take times to tame her mum LOL. Jun Hee and Jin Ah need to be persistent and i would love to see them taking out the last card about Gyu Min. It will be like a punch in the face for the mum who care so much about background but less about attitude.
  6. Count me in, i’m so okay with Secret Garden ending, the mom dislike their RS until the end and only accept the grandchild. As long as Jun Hee and Jin Ah together, i’ll put my case to rest. PD-nim please don’t give us open ending whatsoever, open ending give bitter after taste for a long time.
  7. We could stand watching Lee Gyu Min until ep 8, we surely can stand watching this crazy mum for the next couple of episodes. Actually me crying in the corner, and blame myself why i watch another on-going drama. I hate the waiting game when the huge problem arise LOL. Thank you @stroppyse @carolinedl and @pad-hari for the trans, recap and video. Those pervert will totally be going down and drag SY if she keep doing things that only benefit her. this kiss for the next episode, so sadd yet so understanding
  8. today is April 13, and i’ve checked netflix but still not there. I think it’s not available in ME for the time being south east asia got it but not in middle east oh why
  9. When they were together in public places (restaurant) with many people around of course they’d only go for quick kiss. But when they were kissing in the beach, we watched how perfect their first kiss were, not to passionate yet not too light, just perfect for a woman and a man who just confirmed their relationship. the last time i was this crazy with a drama i think in DOTS or Goblin era LOL. A good drama when most people can spazz together in every forums, socmed comes once in a blue moon.
  10. Now that i finally found the good subs, i can understand this drama better. Can Jung Hae In be more adorable, he shows wide range of emotion here. Another fan coming for you gorgeous dongsaeng. You guys can check twitter acount whiterose8989 for the link
  11. They were super duper cute awwww watching the clip in bestkdramakimchi . I feel like watching someone else’s early stage of love life with all those rainbow and unicorn, giddiness and all.