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  1. If only they divided the screen time equally, so that we can see more of their happenings in Taiwan. Obviously, a lot of locals there are following them all around. As for Jong Kook's team and the guest, I also pity them 'coz for sure they worked very hard to give entertainment for fans and viewers. Didn't they noticed also that the Taiwan team has the most number of likes on IG?
  2. A lot are complaining regarding the latest episode of Running Man. It's because of the unfair screen time (80% Japan, 15% Taiwan and 5% Jeju). As a fan of the said show, that makes me feel very disappointed towards the PDs. Better not to watch that whole episode and just check on Ji Hyo's scenes there.
  3. cr. chenzi_8183 Instagram cr. k_popped Instagram
  4. cr. foreverjihyo Instagram Yes, I find her very pretty in this picture. Hehe
  5. cr. kunta_sb Instagram Stolen shot when Ji Hyo attended a wedding. cr. kunta_sb Instagram More fan meetings to come.
  6. @bcy635 and @mary-ann All the BTS photos during Ji Hyo's shooting for VIDI VICI are all gorgeous and classy. She looks so sophisticated. Very different from her image in Running Man. That's another thing I love about Ji Hyo. She can change from one persona to another.
  7. I think it's because she's a beauty icon in Korea and for many women. Plus, she so popular all over Asia, so that makes her a big influence to K-beauty. I'm so excited for the outcome of the photo shoot. Hope there will be cf too.
  8. I've read from a beauty blogger that VIDI VICI is a cosmetic line owned by the most well-known make up artist in Korea. So happy that Ji Hyo finally got another product endorsement.
  9. So when is her fan meeting? Sorry, I can't understand Korean words. Hehe
  10. I think so too. Seems like the one who uploaded it is a director & producer for commercials.
  11. I'm reading a blog article on how to get the verified badge on IG. I think Ji Hyo must post more photos 'coz of this one very important step. 4. Stay Active You’ll never be verified if you don’t use the platform. If Instagram admins were to come by looking to see if you’re worth verification, and they see you haven’t posted in a month, they’re going to pass you over. They don’t care if you’ve been impersonated before. They don’t care how active you used to be. They especially don’t care how much you want verification. If you’re not actively using the platform, there’s no reason for them to bother initiating the process for you. It goes the other way too. Why would you want verification if you aren’t actively using the platform? It does nothing for you just to have it. There’s no reason to get verified if you’re not using the site, full stop. via
  12. Lots of people are asking if Ji Hyo's ig is legit. I think it's time for Ji Hyo and MY Company to get the verified badge.
  13. @pinsc As always, Ji Hyo will always be Myuk PD's favorite. Love their friendship.
  14. cr. princessmongji_ Instagram