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  1. cr. love_jihyo815 Instagram
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  4. cr. love_jihyo815 Instagram Such a beauty.
  5. cr. gapiplus Instagram Hope this too will be aired in my country. cr. gapiplus Instagram
  6. cr. gapiplus Instagram
  7. cr. songjihyoonly_ Instagram She is so cute here. Looks like a little girl.
  8. If not for the THAAD issue, I bet Song Ji Hyo will be having lots of projects in China.
  9. I think so, or maybe she really loves to wear Nike shoes and apparel.
  10. cr. ismahanis_kjksjh Instagram
  11. cr. chenzi_8183 Instagram She really knows how to enjoy food.
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  14. cr. joesone_7012 Instagram So she's wearing a Nike white dress. I love it!
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