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  1. cr. itsnew_movie Instagram
  2. Chun Jung Myung also declined the drama. https://www.soompi.com/2018/04/10/chun-jung-myung-song-ji-hyo-decline-roles-absolute-boyfriend-remake-yeo-jin-goo-talks/ My personal opinion is that I think between the two, Ji Hyo will choose the movie offer. Also, she's very busy with two shows, adding another one is indeed very tiring for her. What more if she will accept the drama. It's okay if she declined it 'coz for sure there will be better drama offers in the future.
  3. I've read some articles regarding the offer and this movie entitled "Raging Bull" is like the Korean version of the hit movie "Taken". Who knows after this movie, Ji Hyo will be offered a lead role portraying a spy.
  4. Wow, if she will accept the movie offer, Song Ji Hyo will surely be busier with her tight schedule. My only concern is her health. I watched some clips during their stage greetings last Saturday and it was noticeable that she coughed a few times. Hope she will take enough rest before she start filming either for drama or movie or both. Yeah, the movie's story line reminds me of the Hollywood movie "Taken". Surely interesting even if her role is a kidnapped wife. Yes, Showbiz Korea confirmed it, but I saw gapiplus' reply to one commenter that there's still no confirmation.
  5. Would be glad if she will accept this offer. Btw, I was just wondering why there's no direct confirmation from MY Company that Ji Hyo really accepted the drama offer for "Romantic Comedy King".
  6. cr. itsnew_movie Instagram