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  1. Seems like this is an old pic. cr. gapiplus Instagram cr. foreverjihyo Instagram Playful Ji Hyo. Hahaha
  2. Wow, thanks for the info. Good job too.
  3. cr. spotv YouTube Channel cr. Nexen Heroes Baseball Club YouTube Channel
  4. cr. katiacho_official Instagram Future collaboration? I hope so 'coz they have great chemistry.
  5. They have chemistry. I don't mind if they will do a drama together, or perhaps a cf? I like this part too.
  6. cr. gapiplus Instagram
  7. cr. bum._j Instagram cr. 2l_kjh Instagram cr. sowonseong Instagram
  8. cr. mycompany_official Instagram cr. gapiplus Instagram
  9. Here's a post with English translation of Ji Hyo's fan convo with her. cr. rmxgallery Instagram
  10. cr. 817_kimlo Instagram
  11. cr. hyeri_0820 Instagram cr. nanaya_0309 Instagram
  12. I just saw it on different Chinese articles.
  13. @mary-ann Four Koreans made it to the top ten. Im YoonA, Tae Yeon, Song Ji Hyo and Park Shin Hye. I'm a lil bit surprise Song Hye Kyo was not included given the fact she's number 1 last year.
  14. @mary-ann In China, Ji hyo is in the top ten of Goddesses of Asia 2017. Even without the help of international fans, still she made it to the top ten.
  15. cr. CELDERMA 셀더마 YouTube