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  1. Want to see them in Happy Together and Infinite Challenge. I think it would be a breath of fresh air to see Ji Hyo in other terrestrial tv stations aside from SBS.
  2. Hello everyone! The video is out already. Just go to the link I just shared earlier. Don't forget to press the finger heart icon many times to show our support to Ji Hyo. <3
  3. I feel you. I'm so excited to see her on the red carpet, but sadly, only the K-POP idols and hosts were present. Also, while she was presenting the Bonsang for Super Junior, I think there was some camera delay or problem. She was talking but the the focus was not on her. Though it's worth the wait, still her appearance is very short. Anyway, I find her interaction with Hee Chul plus Shin Dong very cute. Hihi Like you, I also love her hair and outfit. She looks young actually.
  4. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. Love all the pictures. Can't decide which one is the best 'coz all are stunning. Seriously, Song Ji Hyo is getting more and more beautiful. Btw, is this her new endorsement?